i just wanted a con roommate.

City Love (Part 1)

summary: You attend one of Natasha’s office parties against your will and end up meeting a charming stranger who turns out to be the person who runs the company. (AU; CEO!Bucky)

characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader (F), Natasha Romanoff
word count: 928 
warnings: none
A/N: I just really wanted to write some shameless, pointless fluff… and I really missed writing for Bucky. Enjoy! Let me know what you think if you want to.


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“Natasha, you said we’d only be here for an hour.”

You whine as you pulled the hem of your body con dress downwards to make it seem longer than it was. Your roommate convinced you to wear this dress that one was size down your usual so that it would “hug your curves in all the right places”, and though you didn’t think of it much before you left your apartment, about two hours later into Natasha’s office party, you were beginning to regret your decision.

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Ok so last night I had a dream where me and my roommate were orcs and we worked under some evil overlord with a bunch of other orcs. Today was our day off, though, so we were sitting around in our fancy apartment drinking wine, eating chicken, and bitching about the little yellow minions who were throwing a party downstairs. We were discussing the pros and cons of going to said party, but one mention of the bananas and lack of booze, we firmly decided not to go.

The thing was, the other orcs had heard about the party, and being as minion-hating as we were, decided they didn’t want to go either. But they still wanted a party. So, they all started pilling into our apartment with alcohol and food and turned on some loud techno music.

My orc roommate and I were like, uh, ok. I guess we’ll just… have a party. In our apartment. And basically spent the rest of the night drinking our wine while ragging loudly on how annoying the little yellow minions were and wondering why our overlord even kept them around.

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Hey! Was wondering if you could write a Stackson college au where Danny and Stiles are roommates and Jackson is immediately interested in Stiles when he visits his best friend but Danny refuses to give him his number or help at all. Thank you. Much love

Much love to you too <3 I hope you like it. There’s mild nsfw (like a sentence) and mild hurt/comfort.


Stiles likes Danny as a roommate. He doesn’t snore, or blast music loudly at four in the morning or steal Stiles towels. They’ve gone clubbing a few times, Danny is teaching Stiles how to pick up men without making a complete fool of himself.  It’s nice to have a gay friend, someone to talk to about his blossoming bisexuality without judgment or fear.

Danny’s great. His best friend Jackson is… well. Jackson is really fucking hot. He’s kind of an asshole, a frat bro pledging for Alpha Delta Mu. He stops by the dorm room on occasion, sometimes when Danny’s not around.

Jackson is a flirt. He taunts Stiles playfully, gets in his space, and makes either lewd suggestions or teasing offers of dates.

Danny is like a fricking homing beacon when Jackson starts flirting, even when he’s not around. Stiles will be teasing back, working up his courage to take up Jackson’s offer and bam, Danny’s there, ushering Jackson from the room.

It hurts a little bit that Danny doesn’t think Stiles is good enough for Jackson, but Stiles never brings it up and Danny pretends it’s not happening.

Stiles will get over it.

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Hey Grune, are you doing okay?

hi anon! yeah, i’m okay.

i stepped back from dragons for a bit because of a lot of things:

  • im not really feeling tapir/striation (there are some good combos but eh)
  • i dont care about more gene releases. i want content that’s not just art-based.
  • i get tired of people ignoring certain behaviors in the fr community, and not really realizing the impact toxic people have on others. it’s so tiring.
  • my con was a pretty big bust because of a shitty roommate. it was so bad i left on saturday and he wound up owing for room damages.
  • pokemon usum is coming out soon. i was so hyped for new alolan forms + national dex and now neither of those is happening so… i’m still wanting to play it for the extended story and new clothes, but like… i’m really :| about it in general
  • depression + being sick hit big to the point i called off a lot and stayed in bed and got nothing done in my life which the rest was needed, but made things worse
  • my disappointing as fuck dragons didn’t give me a male heir on the most important date so i got really disenfranchised with the whole thing i had planned and i mean, i’m still gonna do stuff, but it was like an RNG slap to the face
  • god eater 2 collab came out for tales of link and the struggle is real bc grinding these weapon sets is brutal (35 stamina for a 1/3 chance of getting a weapon drop, and stamina regens 1 point per 5 minutes. on top of that? you need to limit break each weapon with itself 6 times AFTER upgrading it, so it means, essentially, 60 weapons if 5 in a set, each needs 6, and i want 2 sets).
  • life

i will try to be around more! because i really want to work on my dragons and lore and everything else, but i’m feeling down in general and lack of enthusiasm over pretty much everything is real


I was aching for it, aching for him, to feel his hands on my hips as he pulled me back to fuck me harder and his fingers move on my clit until my walls throbbed for him.

It was torture to know he was just an apartment away, probably sprawled on his bed, naked and sweaty with his hand palming himself slowly. I imagined the outline of his cock as it strained against his boxers and his fingers running down the length so he could feel the friction of the fabric against the sensitive swollen skin.

Thinking about him was enough to spark an eager fire in my tummy.

In which pancakes are promised, or something like that.

Part 1

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Everything you DO NOT WANT in a con roommate

So this happened last year. it was at a PNW convention. I know I shouldn’t still be dwelling on this but when you experience the things i have and STILL have to deal with her making fake accounts just to contact me/ Yeah I’m still gonna be salty about it! the Phrase “it gets worse” will happen A LOT

At the time, my online friend was gonna spend the con weekend with me, my girlfriend, and her best friend.

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221B con memories

Things I never want to forget ever.

  • The large group of people that stayed up late to wait for me when I got in really late on Thursday night. If I had known they had been waiting for me instead of just happened to all be hanging out, I’d have cried right then and there.
  • my roommates are some of my favorite people @cousincecily @traumachu @archiaart, so sweet and beautiful and happy
  • The entire con was just nothing but love and warmth. Everyone sort of just accepted that last year was full of vitriol and tension and decided to not let hate win this year. This is OUR con, we as a fandom family are not going to allow anything to ruin our home.

  • All the costumes everyone did were amazing!
  • JOSH! #joshcon2017
  • David Nellist was such a laid back and nice guy. Every time he wasn’t in a panel or doing something specific, he was hanging out at the bar and just talking to people. I talked with him briefly a few times and thanked him for being so available to people and such a good sport about our goofiness.
  • Damn, Mrs. Hudson, back at it again
  • All of the cute little babies I love
  • The con com are forever and always the most wonderful dorks. Every year they give me a hard time about the fact that I forgot to give them my shirt size, so they jokingly gave me a 5xl. It got switched to a medium because they actually needed the larger shirt, but I totally would’ve worn that shirt anyway. But I finally updated the info.
  • I already have some schemes for next year and I’m excited for it.
  • At the Diogenes Club strangers room, we were all discussing how we got into Sherlock Holmes and then Crystal decided David Nellist needed to hear how she met me and hear about the fictional SashaCon that was going to happen in my old studio apartment. I love Crystal.
  • The following people made this con wonderful: ALL OF YOU THAT WERE THERE
  • I really hope Diedra posts a picture of the telegram I sent her.
  • The last night pool party was a great success. Nerd soup was particularly thick this year! I also got to play Mafia, which I love because I so rarely get to show off my pokerface in context.
  • The Kingsman fandom was strong! it made me so happy, this was EXACTLY what my trash heart needed.
  • I got to whipstitch @cousincecily into her dress when her, @timestitcher, and @spockspeak did their Hamilton dresses. That was fun, but they ended up looking flawless
  • Getting to hang out with people I have not gotten to hang out with much. Getting to hang out with people I already know more. People!
  • I accidentally missed one of my panels! Oops!
  • Saying goodbye is always harder each year
  • Nobody goes to 221B Con for the first time. You might think you’ve never been before but, like the Overlook Hotel, you’ve always been here.
Magic Fingers (Ziall)*

Masseuse!Zayn/College Student!Niall. Niall is an incredibly stressed college student and his roommate Louis sends him to Zayn, a masseuse who may just be the most attractive person who ever or will ever live. 

warning for slight sexual content and self-serving yoga teacher Harry because it is my Kryptonite (aka I want a fic of Harry as a yoga teacher)

I made a real effort to make it clear that everything in this story was consensual, no dub con or anything mmkay 

Enjoy! xx

Niall wouldn’t exactly say he was stressed. He was a little high-strung. Just a tiny, itsy-bitsy bit, not hugely, just a touch. 

And it wasn’t like it was out of the ordinary, if he was honest. Everyone gets a little tense around finals week. He’d had all of them on the same day, on Monday of finals week, which seemed awesome at the time until he had all of his finals on a Monday. Being a music major, most of his exams were sheet reading and performing songs, song writing, singing, playing, but then there were some of his gen eds he still had to take care of, like Astronomy, which he had stupidly taken under the pretense that it would be about planets and stars and oh, the sky, how pretty and easy, no. It was about black holes and the process in which stars form and despair. So yeah, he’d had a lot of studying to do, considering his first two exams were less than stellar and he needed the final to tip the scales in his favor. So he had two new songs to learn to read, one to play, an entire star cycle to memorize, and then some.

So he finished his exams, but then he’d decided a while back to take a whole week’s worth of extra shifts at the diner he worked at because he figured he’d love the extra money before his last summer before his senior year, and he did. Just. Not while he was working his ass off during the lunch rush while his workmates were studying their asses off or taking their exams after just having taken his own and wanting nothing more than to collapse on his bed and cry/snore into his pillow for the rest of the week. 

And then his mother decided to visit over the weeked, which was fantastic, because he hadn’t seen her in a long time and he missed her horribly, but that also meant he had to clean up the entire flat, scrub every surface until he could see himself in it, move around Louis, who was frantically studying for his own exams, clean up his mess as well, because if his and Louis’s flat wasn’t spotless, he would get an hour long interview about his college life, if he was eating well, why his flat wasn’t in top condition, because obviously if he hadn’t vacuumed his couch, something must be horribly wrong. Luckily for him, he had Louis’s boyfriend, Harry, around to help him with his tidying, because he’d finished his exams earlier in the week as well and figured that he was around their place so much that their mess was his mess as well.

So he worked his ass off at work then worked his ass off at home to make sure the place was pristine, but it was all worth it when his mum walked in, gave him a hug, looked around, scrunched her nose a little, and went, “Oh, love, I can see finals week is hitting you hard.” Figures.

Not only that, when he was finally able to go out with his friends after such a long, hard week to celebrate the start of summer, who should be at the very same bar as them but his ex, who was looking cozy and tickled pink with some new guy he’d never seen before. But that didn’t last long, of course, because Josh had decided it would be a novel idea to introduce Niall to his new boyfriend, Sam or Sal or something like that, he wasn’t really listening because he was sort of trying not to combination vomit everywhere and burst into tears. 

And like, he was over him, really. The thought of getting back together with Josh wasn’t at all appealing to him, he didn’t wishthey were still together, either. It just sort of sucked to think about Josh already cuddled up with someone new, after only about a month after he and Niall had been dating for nearly a year. So, yeah. That was fun.

And no one could blame him when he went on FaceBook to do a little digging on this new guy, because what does anyone do after seeing their ex with some new person, he wasn’t acting out of the ordinary, really. Sure, Harry had warned him not to (Louis had told him to report him for terrorism,) but before he even remembered walking in the door, he was on his page, reading status after status about how much he loved his new beau, how sweet and smart and cute he was, which sort of sucked a lot because Niall had had to practically beg to ever get him to publicly admit his loved him, or loved him at all, he always said that three months, four months, five months, was still too early to say it. It was only around six months that he finally told Niall he loved him, and now this random kid had him saying it and he couldn’t seem to stop saying it. 

And then the rest was a blur really, but he did remember calling Josh and slurring miserably into the phone and when he woke up the next morning, he realized in horror that he’d been one of those queens that left embarrassing messages on his ex’s machine and this was a new low for him. 

Then, on Monday morning, a string on his guitar snapped.

And so did he. 

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Bow Down to the Devil Part 18

Summary Part 18: Lucifer chats with Sam about the real reasons behind wanting to marry the reader. 

Characters: sister!Winchester x Lucifer, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester 

Content: Drama

Word Count: 1136

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11  Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

A/N: Poor Sam is all I gotta say :( 

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The Weeb Spy
(This story includes a lot of people, so to avoid confusion, I will just call everyone by the characters they cosplay.)

This story happened quite a few years ago, 2010 to be exact, so this is just as much as I can remember of the incident and it may be a bit off. I used to have this large group of friends of about 14 that I was fairly close to despite the fact that there were so many of us. (I’m still friends with all of them, but less close than I used to be). We had all met a year prior to this when we all attended Hetalia Day (We were all really big fans) and formed our own group away from the HUGEEEE mass of weeaboos who showed up to the event. We discovered we all had some mutual friends and began hanging out outside of cons and cosplay events.

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My experiences as a trans woman cosplayer.

(This is a very long post that I’m crossposting here from Facebook. Please give it a read.)

Ten years ago, I first took an interest in cosplaying. On the surface, I made it seem like I was just looking for a way to express my love of my favorite nerdy stuff, as I had done with Star Trek in my early childhood. In reality, I was doing so because I wanted to explore my gender identity.

I figured these conventions were the perfect safe space for me to explore this aspect of myself. I was wrong.

See, this was 2005-2007, when the “it’s a trap” meme was… extremely prevalent. I’ll admit to taking part in this charade, if only because I wasn’t sure how to truly express myself. By the time 2008 rolled around, I completely abandoned the term and resented any time someone said it to me. I regret ever using it to describe myself.

In early 2009, I finally adopted the name “Sophia” and started presenting solely as myself at all cons I went to. I thought things were going to look up. I was wrong.

If anything, the bullshit continued and got worse. I’ll never forget, when I did the mecha panel with my crew in 2010 at AnimeBoston, we’d invited two newcomers to join us on it that year. I remember introducing myself, saying how long I’ve been a fan, and one of those two chucklefucks said, “and he’s been a trap for just as long” to an audience that laughed at this horrible joke. I remember Doug turning to me, the one who runs these panels each year, with a look on his face of “oh my god, sophie, I am so sorry.”

Later that year, I finally started hormones. I said to myself, finally, I can be who I was meant to be. I’ll look better in costumes and people will always know to gender me properly. I was wrong.

I learned that there were people, ones I considered friends, deliberately misgendering me behind my back, including one I looked up to due to a shared resemblance. She was incredibly horrible about it, saying things like “she didn’t want to look like a man”, because apparently saying you look like a girl who happens to be AMAB means you look like a man. Nice covering for your transmisogyny there, honey.

In 2012, I got into Homestuck. I’d noticed the fandom was filled with transgender men, nonbinary people, and all sorts of other weird queers. I figured I’d finally found my safe haven from the bullshit I deal with every time I put on a costume. I was wrong.

I was called “boy Terezi” while I was cosplaying her, despite my breasts clearly being visible in the tight shirt I was wearing. I had someone ask me, “are you… a guy?” minutes into my arrival at a meetup while I was cosplaying Roxy. It was soul crushing and frankly humiliating.

In 2013, I briefly moved to California, hoping I’d find safe haven in their cosplay community. I was wrong.

At AnimeExpo, I was working some boring event at the con because I wanted a free pass. My roommate and I did Touhou costumes for it, because, why not. Before we’d even arrived at the con center, I was misgendered by another guest in the hotel we were staying while we waited for the shuttle. Once we got to the event, one member of its staff misgendered me as well, and I lost it, running back to my hotel room to change because I just couldn’t take it.

In 2014, I returned to my homeland of New England in an attempt to get my life back on track. I ran a panel on gender identity in convention culture with one of my best friends, hoping we might just change some minds among the con’s unwashed masses. I was wrong.

While the panel was a success, with a line so long they couldn’t let everyone into the room, it did nothing for those who were not in attendance. After the concert Saturday night, I was hoping to meet up with my (cool) Homestuck friends in the bar at the Hilton. I tried getting in through the side door, but it was locked. There was a man next to me, who only heard me say “goddamnit” muttered under my breath. As he walked away, he yelled out to be, “You’re really attractive from behind even though you’re a guy!” I yelled out a few choice words to him, as you’d expect.

Look… all I can say is being a trans woman who cosplays is extremely tough, and there are so many factors that work against us, like the existence of male crossplayers doing it “for the lulz”. Some of them tend to be incredibly transmisogynist… I speak from experience. If you do know a person who is, as far as you know, an AMAB male, who wants to cosplay a female character, ask them why. It could be they’re just a big jerk who wants to make fun of trans women, or maybe they themself is a trans woman coming to terms with who she is. If the former, advise them that it may just be a terrible idea. If the latter, do what you can to support them. God knows we need it.

This happened! 

I never know whether I should post my experience, or leave it to others because they tell it better or have better stories to tell. I’m still not sure whether to post this, but here it is.

I went to Wizard World two years ago, and had VIP for Anthony Mackie, while my roommate had VIP for Norman Reedus. I learned just how to make Comic Con work for me, from the mistakes we’d made two years. ago.

I got to Tom’s 10am autograph session at 9:30am, when the floor doors opened to VIPs. (I wanted to go to the Civil War panel, but it was at the same time. *frown*) I was very close to the front, probably within the first 30 or 40 people in line. He waved to the entire crowd waiting for him when he arrived and immediately got to greeting everyone. From what I could tell, he shook everyone’s hand and made eye contact and gave his full attention. He allowed each person to say whatever they wanted, and he responded in kind, with thoughtful and engaging responses. 

I nervously mumbled about meeting him in London to see Coriolanus. I don’t really know how I got through any of it. He does try to make everyone feel comfortable and respected, so there’s a calming effect….  but it’s still TOM HIDDLESTON!!! And it’s unnerving. He thanked ME for coming and seeing him and complimenting his performance. He asked where he’d like me to sign the script….  and I stammered through a bit. He told me that he’d sign nicely on cover, which I thought was incredibly sweet.

I didn’t feel cheated or rushed in any way. I had my moment, and it was more than enough.

The Thor panel was scheduled for 1pm. I originally planed to get on line around 12:30 to get inside (after the previous panel ended). Luckily a friend already up there sent me a message and told me to be there ASAP. I quickly changed my plans, and got online. I was about 6 rows from the front on a gifted 1st seating tier ticket. The start of the panel was slightly delayed, but not by much. I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos by now, but what I took away from it was how much Chris and Tom enjoy each other, this franchise, the chance to do Wizard World Comic Con, and how excited they both are for the next film. They’re both charismatic in their own way, and I do have a new appreciation for Hemsworth after seeing and hearing him in person.

The only true snag for my experience of all of Comic Con this time was the photo ops. Tom’s solo VIP was scheduled for 4:45, and WW recommends that you get there 30 minutes early. I was probably there about 30 minutes before that! Unfortunately, because WW and Tom were running entirely behind schedule. The volunteers placed us in line, and left us there with very little word or explanation for why there was a huge delay. Once they began around 6pm, they were quick and painless… and amazing!!

Tom was available and open to just about anything and he kept his excitement up after a full day of autographs and photos. From talking to some of the others in the queue for the photo op, that they had to go back for an unplanned autograph session after that… that happens at nearly every Comic Con. The schedule is so tight, and the organizers don’t leave enough time for each thing, because these photo ops/autograph sessions/panels can be unpredictable with so many people involved. A domino effect happens, and it’s really hard to regain that lost time. (It happened with Norman Reedus two years ago, and he stayed till about 9pm, honoring every VIP.) I have no doubt that Tom did the same. 

I feel bad for any of the fans that were made to wait or missed something because of the planning. It’s unfortunate. Every year, they make some improvements (The layout and check in process were a lot smoother and nearly painless overall) Hopefully in the years to come, they’ll schedule things a lot better.

#RetROspective #5 - Epilogue/Dedication

I want give my unending gratitude to just a few people without whom I could not have done this or it would just not have been nearly as fun to do!!!!

@existingcharactersdiehorribly, you listened to me cry about the con, and rant about poor scheduling and express a litany of insane, insecure, emotional thoughts, and let me oscillate a thousand times, you promised me you wouldn’t hate me if I ditched, and told me I was awesome, and were my roommate, drinkmate, and crazymate throughout all this wackiness. We had a dual breakdown when we stopped breathing saturday night, but you saved my ass there too, however dirty we felt afterwards. I knew you would always answer if I gchatted you. BASICALLY, I WOULD HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY LOST WITHOUT YOU.

@idontfindyouthatinteresting, pulling off massive stunts is difficult, especially when you can’t plan properly, and you can’t time right, and it all comes down to pulling out the stops at the last minute. I don’t think anyone could have organized the London end of the skype like you, and it was SO WELL ORGANIZED, IN MY OPINION, on top of all the other incredible things you were already doing for this con. There would be none of the wonder of what happened without you, and even though we were both stressed and crazy, we kept it together and we pulled it out. You’re fabulous in every way, I’m glad I got to share the heavy lifting with you and make it all happen.

@sherlocks-freebitch and @vi0lentquiche - I think you were the people who I was looking forward most to meeting, who also got the brunt of my SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’T I dithering before the con. I know it was even harder for you guys to listen to because I know this trip was so immense for you both, and I appreciate that you were there for me all the same. I CAN’T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW AMAZING IT WAS TO FINALLY MEET YOU BOTH FOR REAL. AND HOW ANNOYING IT IS THAT WE ARE SO FAR AWAY FROM EACH OTHER. YOU WERE MY CREW AND I LOVE YOU (And husband cardboard Mads). <3

@docnickie, @wiith-my-hands and @drinkbloodlikewine, Though we live anywhere from 2 hours to 20 minutes apart, we mostly see each other when we’ve both travelled across great expanses of land or water. Which keeps a friendship interesting, I think. I had a great time hanging out with all of you and falling into each other’s orbits naturally even without really planning our next moves. I’d say I’ll see you at home, but I think we’ll all be somewhere crazy instead.

@confusedkayt, @wolftrapqueen27 and @radioxsilence. MY NYC FANNIBAL STALWARTS. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY STUFF, CARRYING IT, MAKING SURE IT DIDN’T GET LOST, MAKING SURE I DIDN’T GET LOST, and bearing with my loopy plane mind. I knew I could depend on you when I pulled the NYC part together and I appreciate that so much.


@bonearenaofmyskull - I’m pretty sure your “You have to now because I want to watch.” comment really clinched my decision. You know I love a challenge, ;) I hope you enjoyed the show.




Prologue | BTRDC | Bryan, Janice and the Skype Heard Round the World | Paley Fest Fannibal Domination & Hugh | Epilogue

Anon Requested: Can you do an Exo gif reaction of how they would act if they were on roommates with you, their crush and one of the members who teases him all the time about his crush?? Thank you!!


Xiumin: Can you not tell me Y/N has left or entered the room or left the room?


Luhan: Tao, I’ll buy you all the gucci you want, just don’t say anything


Kris: Pros: sharing a room with Y/N    ~  Cons: Sharing a room with Y/N and Chen


D.O: I really need to stop baekhyun from talking… but how would I get away with murder?


Sehun: Hyung, heard you said Y/N had a nice butt

Y/n: *looks at Suho*



Lay: Luhan will just continue to tease me all the time, won’t he? How unfortunate for me…


Baekhyun: Well s/he’ll like me anyway. Everyone likes me. So Tao can tease me all he wants. 


Chen: Get. out. I’m not being your room mate


Chanyeol: Ah, what do i do? I share a room with Y/N, but Sehun knows I like her/him. What if he tells them?


Tao: Hyung, just don’t say anything!


Sehun:  Talk shit, get hit


Kai: Is this a game to you?

elsannaheadcanon  asked:

I just reblogged a pair of awesome Anna & Elsa cosplayers, dressed like Star Wars characters, at it got me thinking: Convention AU! Specifically, something like Comic Con. But I can't decide what to focus on first. Anna waiting in line to get Elsa's autograph? Anna and Elsa waiting to get someone else's autograph? Who would like sci-fi more and who'd prefer fantasy? Would they argue about it? Anna convincing Elsa to cosplay? Vice versa? Perhaps a little cosplay seduction in the hotel room?

YES! I love it, and all versions of it! Consider:

  • Anna being a Trekkie, even down to knowing how many pips should be on the collar of the uniform and giving somebody cosplaying as Captain Picard hell for only having two
  • Elsa being dragged along to the con against her will by her roommate Kristoff, who’s a hardcore gamer and just wants to compete in a Halo tournament (and maybe buy random merch), so she wanders off to find something remotely interesting
  • They meet while standing in line to meet somebody from a Marvel movie (maybe Scarlett Johansson is there, who knows), and Anna’s asking who Elsa is dressed as because her outfit is really put together and most people at the con are either cosplaying or in jeans and hoodies
  • When Elsa just says, “I’m… me?” Anna misinterprets this as meaning she’s some celebrity and stars asking all these weird personal questions because she’s a huge loser
  • Fortunately, instead of wanting Anna to go away, Elsa is actually really amused by how enthusiastic she is - and just straight up asks if she’d like to get something from the concession stand after this
  • Anna still thinks she’s from the d-list and blushes, which starts Elsa blushing, and then it’s a huge blushfest until the bouncer clears his throat and tells them it’s Anna’s turn
  • But they go up there together, get signatures together, and get their picture taken with Miss Johansson together on both of their phones
  • Because they’re both awkward turtles they only ask NOW what each other’s names are, and Anna’s all “woooow that’s such a cool unique name” while Elsa practically has a giant anime sweatdrop
  • Them both laughing at how each other eats pizza (Anna tries to smoosh an entire piece into her mouth, Elsa actually uses a knife and fork like what the hell) and discuss the Marvel movies, Elsa admitting that’s as geeky as she gets and Anna explaining some of the glaring inconsistencies between those and the original comics
  • Elsa asking if she has any of those comics with her
  • Anna admitting she does but they’re back at the hotel room
  • Elsa still wants to see them
  • Anna chokes on her pizza