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Mess is mine - Bucky Barnes

Summary:  “You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU.

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Bucky had been out working the late night shift again. He was ready to come home, hopefully, catch you before going to bed, and relax in front of the TV. He opened the door, keys jiggling, smiling when he saw the light in the living room still on.

The sight that met him though wasn’t what he had pictured in his head. You weren’t half asleep on the couch snuggled up in a blanket watching the latest episode of your favourite show. A dishevelled head of hair, flannel pyjamas and a mess of a room was what he saw instead.

“Oh hey, Bucky. Don’t mind the mess, I’ll clean up later.” You gave him a tired smile returning to your book, fingers scrawling notes down faster than he had seen you write before.

Papers were strewn across the room in what looked like a frustrated rage and in the eye of the hurricane you sat. Multiple cups of coffee stood on the ground next to you as an ironic trophy of your accomplishments and a half-eaten bowl of ramen you forgot about.

Your notebook was full of your increasingly messy handwriting and random doodles when you got distracted. In between other classes and assignments, this exam had been left in the bottom drawer of your mind. You were paying for it now.

He knew he should convince you to get some rest knowing that this all-nighter cramming session would do you no good in the long run. He was, however, unable to move and let his mind wander past the thoughts of how cute you looked. His fingers were itching to reach out and move that fallen piece of hair out of your face. Even as a complete mess you looked beautiful and he hated you for it. Falling in love with his roommate was something he had promised himself he would never do. He wouldn’t be part of another cliché story but somehow you made him break his promises without even trying.

“Are you gonna stand there all night?” You didn’t look up from your book but you could feel his eyes on you. If you hadn’t been running on your last energy and only using that to study, your body might have felt the effect of him giving you all his attention.

He blinked surprised noticing he was stood at the same spot staring at you. He coughed embarrassedly before plopping down next to you.

“What are you doing?”

“Helping you study, so you can go to bed.” He grabbed a book and mentioned for you to grab one, too.

Bucky spent the next 2 hours cramming with you and even with his own body screaming for sleep he kept going for you. You’d laid down on his lap after about an hour with a smile hoping he didn’t mind, and a book raised over your head. He definitely didn’t and after a while, he noticed he had absentmindedly been playing with your hair. He blushed a deep red but since you hadn’t said anything, he continued.

After a while of not hearing you softly singing along to the playlist you put on, he realised you had fallen asleep on him. Gingerly he put his book down contemplating how to get you to bed.

He tried gently lifting your head up but the position made it difficult for him to do it without waking you.

“Doll, you need to wake up so you can go to bed.”

Your eyes fluttered open and you sat up in a panic.

“Did I fall asleep? I have so much to do,” you began gathering your books and opened your notebook, “I don’t have time to sleep.”

Bucky gently grabbed your wrist, “You’re done studying for tonight,” he could see you were about to protest, “I’ll help you study tomorrow, okay?”

Your features softened at his words and you nodded. Was he really willing to spend all this time studying with you when he could do literally anything so much more interesting?

“Thank you.” You threw your arms around his neck hoping he could feel your gratitude. He was caught off guard but you soon felt his arms encasing your waist and holding you close. You could almost swear that you heard him sigh contently into your neck.

You drew back slightly, arms still wrapped around his neck.

“I really do mean it. Thank you.” You searched his eyes hoping he understood.

He brought up a hand to caress your cheek and you subconsciously leaned into it. Emotions flickered through his calm blue eyes and he seemed to be battling himself.

“Tell me to stop if you don’t want it.” He leaned forward stopping just as his lips were about to touch yours. You could feel his warm breath sweeping over your skin and with no hesitation, you closed the distance.

You always hear people talking about feelings sparks and fireworks when they have their first kiss and with Bucky that feeling was magnified. His lips were soft but behind the sparks, a  feeling of comfortableness was transferred through the kiss. There was no rush between the two of you and time seemed to go on forever.

When you had to break the kiss to breathe he rested his forehead on yours. He smiled laughing slightly in disbelief at what had just happened. He would have never guessed that the evening would have gone this way but he was definitely not complaining. He stole another little kiss from you just because he could. No words were spoken, neither of you wanting to break the little bubble you had created together.

Summer Lovin’

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (kinda)

Words: 1.3k (y tho)

Warning: nada de nada, some shitty writing

A/N: Since I can’t seem to be able to stop joining writing challenges, here’s another one. This is my entry for @nataliarxmanxva Season’s Change Writing Challenge. I hope this doesn’t suck as much as I think.

Prompt: “You look amazing”

Summer was almost upon you. The flowers began to blossom and temperatures were getting higher everyday. Summer had always being one of your favorite seasons; going to the beach with friends, harvesting strawberries and going stargazing at nights. Unfortunately, you hand’t been able to enjoy it the way you wanted to since you joined the Avengers. Of course you missed the peace and quiet of a mundane life but you wouldn’t change your superhero life for anything in the world.

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Stay High - Auston Matthews #15

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about/request: a auston imagine where it’s his 20th birthday and you throw him a massive party. + i’m sorry that i hijacked this request and turned it into my high birthday sex idea but it happened. 

warnings: this is genuinely probably the dirtiest thing i’ve written and i’m sorry there’s so much cursing and everyone is drunk and high like pls stay away if you are young or do not like things that aren’t pg af this is gross as hell oh my god sex so much sex ok

authors note: just read the warnings again

word count: 2271

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Old Flames, New Sparks - Part 7: Just the Three of Us

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Danneel Harris, Jensen Ackles,

Pairing: Danneel x Reader x Jensen

Warnings: Smut (soo bad - sorry guys but I was struggling with this for some reason), threesome, fingering, oral (male and female receiving), penetration, unsafe sex (wrap it before you tap it kids)   

Word Count: 3400ish

A/N: We are closing in on an ending here. One more chapter and an epilogue to go. Thanks to all who has stuck by me for this one. It has been a lot of fun to write

This series is written for my free square in @spnpolybingo

Thanks to my amazing lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing this series for me.


Your few weeks alone with Jensen had been magical, especially the last few days where you had barely left the house - or put on clothes for that matter. Jensen made you feel loved and he made you smile. A lot more than any man had ever done. You didn’t feel as if you had to try to be someone else around him like you had with Keith. You didn’t for one second feel as if he wanted to change you or that he loved you for anything else than exactly who you were. The only other person you could remember ever feeling this relaxed around was Danneel.

Even if you loved your alone time with Jensen you missed her and you knew that Jensen did too. According to Jensen who spoke freely about her around you, they hadn’t been separated for this long since they started dating. As much as you loved hearing him talk about her with as much love in his voice as you felt for her in your heart, this whole situation was still weird to you. Being alone with Jensen nonstop had made you almost forget that there were anyone else in the world. Except for when you talked of the woman you both loved, of course. Still that felt different than the thought of having to face her and the world. There was still so many things the three of you needed to figure out. Jensen and Danneel were getting married in a few months and you had no idea where you fit into that if you fit at all. A part of you couldn’t help but fear you were just something they wanted to try. Something that they would get over soon and probably be tired off by the time their wedding came close.

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Season 4 Trailer Analysis

Here it is, if you haven’t seen it yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtGxLvrMGbo


So, the first thing you notice here is probably that Keith is mysteriously missing from this discussion of the Coalition. I’d suspect it’s highly likely by this point that the Coalition is the ‘rift’ between Keith and the Paladins that we’ve been warned about, hence why he has gone-possibly in a fit of temper. However, there are also a few other points I’d like to bring to attention.

First of all, the timeline of when this scene takes place. Have a look at the background. Recognize it from anywhere?

Here we go. The backgrounds match up exactly; a barren, yellow, possibly sandy planet with technical-looking beacons; I think there might be a bridge there too. Since Keith is in the latter screenshot, but not the former, I think it’s likely the Coalition Debate takes place after Keith and Shiro are discussing arguing over Lotor. Therefore, Shiro has probably shot down Keith’s plan to look for Lotor, and Keith has now stormed off.

In this scene, Allura is standing under a bright blue light, closing her eyes. She is in Paladin armour. Therefore, this Blue Light scene may take place before the Coalition Debate. It may therefore be that the Coalition does not take place straight away in s4; there are a few scenes to get through beforehand.

The third point I noticed is Shiro’s positioning. He is at the head of the team, with them fanning out around him. It reminds me of a flock of birds; Shiro is the leader, guiding them where to go-suitable considering he is now actively guiding them towards a coalition. Even Allura is standing beside him, rather than at the head of the team. This may point to either two ideas; A), Shiro is still accepted as Leader by all the Paladins, or B) Shiro is accepted as Leader by all the Paladins except Keith, further forming the rift between them as they try to decide who will be the best leader.

I think Shiro may be holding a remote in his hand here, or-just thought of this-using his Galra hand to create a hologram of planets. The hologram is roughly the same purple/pink colour as his Galra hand. Could this be yet another piece of data installed in his arm, rather like the co-ordinates leading him to the Blade of Marmora? I definitely think there’s more to Shiro’s Galra hand that we’ve seen so far, but the way he is willingly showing the team a hologram he has created may suggest he is starting to view his prosthetic as a help, rather than a hinderance.

Coran: ‘Oh! Does that mean more Voltron events?’

More’ Voltron events. Evidently, Coran has been to one or two of these before, and has also enjoyed it greatly. There are two situations I can see from this quote.

A)     Like I said before, this Coalition Debate scene takes place late in the series, from after we see the Paladins do their first Voltron event

B)     By the start of s4, there has been a timeskip. This is supported by Keith saying ‘Lotor hasn’t been seen in months’. Could it be that when we rejoin the Paladins, they’ve been wandering around for months already, and have consequently set up Voltron events at a lack of anything else to do? This would be pretty cool and finally a way of measuring time in this series, but it’s odd a timeskip would occur halfway through a season (remember: S3 and S4 were meant to be all packed together into one big S3. That’s how they were developed; they were only split into two separate seasons once the episodes had been produced. It strikes me strange that, if we view S4 as being ‘part 2’ of S3, there’d be a timeskip. Makes more sense to put it between S2 and S3, or S4 and S5.)

Could it be that the Coalition Debate takes place at the end of the season, rather than the beginning?

That’s a pretty packed stadium. Don’t have much to say about this shot except I love the composition and the cool music that starts playing.

I’m not sure what these are, but I’d strongly suspect that they are linked to Quintessence, considering that they’re glowing, and also going towards what looks like a Galra base. The fact they’re travelling along a very deep rut seems to suggest that this is being done in secret; could there be some kind of underground Quintessence dark market, or something of the sort? Furthermore, they seem to be either robots, or sentinent beings, considering they are too small to be piloted by someone.

I for one am VERY happy to see Rolo back; I was rewatching his episode the other day and realized just how much I like him. It seems that Rolo has evidently redeemed himself in Hunk’s eyes, too, since they both seem pretty happy to see each other. I wonder if Rolo has the chance to play the hero, possibly saving the Paladins from trouble, or if Hunk simply has become more sympathetic to his former enemies?

Some people who don’t look too happy about this though are the ladies. Nyma is behind Rolo, almost glaring at his back; her mouth is set in a thin line, possibly disapproving. Remember that whilst Rolo seemed sympathetic to the Paladins, calling them ‘nice guys’, it is Nyma who convinces him that their personal gain is better than the overall safety of the Paladins. Is it possible Nyma is set up to betray Rolo at some point?

Also, Pidge looks wary about this. She is off to the side, as if she doesn’t want to shake Rolo’s hand in turn, and her arms are crossed, implying suspicion and a desire not to get sucked into the conversation. Her gaze flicks to how Rolo and Hunk are holding hands, which seems quite a particular animation choice.

I’m so happy to see Rolo and Nyma back, because I did like them. However, I’m not holding my breath that they’ll be good guys. Also note that their segment appears exactly when Shiro mentions ‘friends’, rather than when he mentions ‘allies’. Allies are someone you can trust. Friends can always stab you in the back.

Lotor has presumably just left the spaceship we can see in the background, and is now entering another room. Narti is in tow, with Kova on her shoulder. The thing that promptly jumped out at me here is Kova’s expression. She is licking her paw, almost in satisfaction, with her eyes half-closed. Has Narti just overcome an ally with Kova’s vital help? Secondly, Lotor looks…I’m not sure. Worried? Subdued? Guilty? He looks like the bearer of bad news, about to return to his Generals to break something they really don’t want to hear. It’s a far cry from his usual arrogant, smirking fashion. Something has happened here to shake Lotor up, and he’s not happy about it.

Keith: Go!


Sounds either like Keith’s barking an order at someone, or trying to encourage himself to do something dangerous. Judging from the black and purple background, I think he’s still in Black.

Oh hey, it’s Red. When I first saw this scene, I assumed Keith was back in Red and shouting ‘GO!’ to encourage Red to fly faster. Now, though, I think it’s most likely it’s Lance in Red, and Keith is shouting at him to fly faster. Red is evidently being chased by the Galra, shooting at her. It could be this was a tactical decision on the Paladin’s part, since Red is likely the only Lion fast enough to dodge these blasts. Could she be being used as a distraction whilst the other Lions attack?

This kind of looks like the giant talking head from Night at the Museum¸ ngl. What is it? Is it the head of a Lion? You can kind of see a snout and a muzzle there. Is it the Castle? Is it Rolo’s ship?

In this scene, this presumed-ship lands, sending a flurry of smoke and a notable shock of force to the ground, but I chose this snapshot because I want to point out a few things.

A)     The tower. It almost seems to be slightly glowing. Is this aboard a Galra ship, only this time on top of it, like a balcony?

B)     What is that orange smear in the distance? Is it a meteorite, the Sun, or another ship crashing?

C)     My most important point-the central Galra seems familiar to me. Almost like this guy…

And just for the record, I loathe this guy for hurting Shiro. But he may be closer to re-capturing Shiro than we think.

This seems like a practice run to me; showing their defenses and weapons to the audience as an AI or something like that attacks them. They lift the shield rather slowly, so I don’t think they’re in any actual danger. Most likely it’s just a show.

I’m not going to comment much on this since other blogs like @radioactivesupersonic have already commented on how scared Lotor looks, where is Narti, etc etc etc. What I will say is two things. One; why do the trailers keep showing us this scene? Evidently it’s EXTREMELY important to them that we see this. Why? Second; it occurs as Shiro says ‘We all knew this moment would come’. This, in the context of Lotor lashing out at someone in supposedly a state of fear or panic, screams ‘betrayal’ at me. Is it possible Lotor has just been betrayed by someone close to him, someone, a moment he should have seen coming?


Seems like the Paladins got themselves a whole fleet of new ships. With the colour of grey, brown and green, I’d suggest these come from a planet of growth and greenery. Maybe there’s a connection to the Green Lion there somewhere?

New villain! I don’t think we’ve seen this guy before, have we? Note that Pidge appears to be on her own, here. Is this someone she encounters trying to get to Matt?

Black. Black, Black, Black. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! It seems to me like her Paladin is in danger; if so, is it Shiro or Keith? Is Shiro a clone, if so, has she found Real!Shiro? Has Keith buggered off somewhere and she has to go save him? Are the Lions capable of their own consciousness and she’s finally communicating with her humans? PLEASE JUST TELL ME.

Shiro: Let’s do this!


Strange that this voiceover occurs precisely when Black starts leading the team into a supposed battle. Could this hint that Shiro is once again piloting Black, encouraging his Paladins that they can do this? Also, the purple glow at the floor suggests to me this is at a Galra base. Also also, the Green Lion isn’t there. Is this occurring when Pidge has flown off on her own to rescue Matt? Are the Paladins about to storm the base and rescue her? This is such a fascinating scene for me, and I am so so hoping it’s Shiro piloting Black in there.

Things really aren’t going too well for Lotor, are they? Evidently something has really caught him and his Generals off guard; seems to me, judging by the slight earthquake effect, like their ship has crashed or been hit. You can see all four Generals here; Narti and Kova are in the background.

Two things;

A)     The Castle’s Particle Barrier is falling apart at the back

B)     Their attacker has seemingly elected to ignore this fact and target them at the front instead

There’s fucking breadstick men behind him. Breadstick men.

Very different from these aliens we see now. As I said before…this isn’t the first Voltron performance they have done. Two different audiences means two different shows.


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Hiya! Can I please have a bangtan reaction to you biting them to keep quiet during sex/ wanting them to bite you ? Thank you ❤️

Credit to gif owners.

Requests are closed!

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Somebody, or just you?

I just want somebody to take me on a date. Go with me to the cinemas and hold my hand in the dark. Take me to a bookstore and leave notes in our favourite books for future readers. Go on a walk with me on a sunny late summer afternoon, when the air is crisp and almost chilly and the leaves have just turned red and yellow. For someone to hold my hand and snuggle up with me while drinking hot cocoa as we rewatch old disney movies. For someone to laugh their ass out with me at dumb puns. For someone to shine up the way I do when I see them. To great me with hugs and forehead kisses. To hold me close in their arms. To make me feel safer by a simple touch. Forehead touches, warm hugs, laughing, soft kisses, and looks that say I love you. Hand holding in the dark, slow dancing, spontaneous singing, safety and home. I want somebody to just be there.

@katsudeku-week day 2: heroes

it feels like yesterday (i ran away)

Summary: “Aw, dude,” Eijirou pouts, closing his eyes, “Watching you two dance around each other without making any moves is slowly killing me!”

“Then die faster,” Katsuki deadpans without missing a beat.

Read @ AO3!

Katsuki finally gets his provisory license.

During class, he turns back and tells Izuku he wants to talk to him after class. The boy startles, but ends up agreeing anyway. Staring back at the front of the class, Katsuki runs over and over again in his head what he’ll say.

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Tell us some funny drunk story.

oh my goddddd the first one that comes to mind is actually so awful but its kind of just funny in retrospect. it was when i was in first year of uni and i was still so new to drinking and didnt know how being drunk would affect me, so i absolutely drank past my limits one night and went to this party and felt so disoriented that i just went up to like 7 random people (many of whom are now close friends of mine) and asked them to ask me my times tables??? like literal basic multiplication questions like 7x8 or whatever, in order to see if i could remember them bc i was rly freaked out by the sensation of being drunk. and then i wanted to leave and couldnt find my coat so i ended up crying in a corner and THEN my roommate and this dude she was hooking up with had to stop their hookup in order to walk me home and THEN i wouldnt let them leave and decided what i rly needed to do in that moment was read them excerpts from my high school journal, which i did in a very dramatic voice while they just sat there patiently bc they are lovely humans but obvi all they wanted to be doing was returning to their hookup hahahaaha … it was … v awkward for everyone involved oh my god. like actually absurd and so cringe-worthy in retrospect but also so funny. uhhhh observe ur limits when u start drinking for the first time kiddos, getting absolutely wasted is incredibly overrated 


“This is my room. My brother will be home soon.”

“So you help him pay rent?”

Jimin collapsed on the bed. “It’s something like discipline and not a free hall pass to whatever we want just because we’re away from our parents.” Jungkook collapsed onto the bed next to him. Jimin turned, straddling him.

Jungkook pushed against Jimin’s chest when he leaned down for a kiss. “Why would I kiss you after you talked to me about responsibility, and your parents and brother?”

“Shut up, you’re so annoying.” Jungkook sat up, and gave Jimin a peck. Jimin leaned all the way back, closing the door with his fingertips.

Jungkook flipped him over. Jimin’s legs stayed hooked at his waist as Jungkook grinded down on him. There wasn’t a part of their bodies that rested. Their hands were everywhere on each other, their breaths hallow and their tongues swirled.

Jimin’s hand roamed from Jungkook’s solid shoulders to his chest, and down to his stomach. He snuck his hands under his shirt to feel his abdominal muscles flex every time he grinded down onto him, skin to skin. Jimin laid back and enjoyed feeling Jungkook’s hard bulge against his own.

The eye contact between the two were so intense that the room could’ve been on fire and they still wouldn’t have looked away from each other.

Their labored breaths filled the room as their bodies moved to the same rhythm. Jungkook pushed Jimin’s legs against his chest, readjusted so that his bulge rubbed between his clothed cheeks, causing Jimin to purr.

The door flung open and Jungkook scrambled off of Jimin, standing beside his bed. His brother was adorning a police officer’s uniform, and had a gun strapped to his belt. Jungkook instantly paled at the murderous look on Jimin’s brother’s face.

It was easy to see what was going on. Jimin was still on the bed, their lips were swollen, hair a mess, and Jungkook looked like he was going to shit himself.

“And who the fuck are you?” The man asked, although by the tone one could argue that it was a demand to know who he was and not just a question.

“Yoongi-hyung.” Jimin calmly stepped off the bed and stood beside Jungkook. “We’ve talked about this, remember? I’m 20. Not just a kid. Also, the whole knocking but coming in without permission to assert your authority thing. Remember that?”

“I remember telling you to be careful about who you trust and let into our home.”

“And I told you I’ve been dating Jungkook for months, now. He wants kisses and dick, not murder.”

Yoongi turned his attention back to Jungkook, who stiffened at the fierce gaze of a powerful man. “And what do you have to say to me?”

“I-I’m Jungkook, and I am terrified of you, but I will certainly make sure Jimin is happy and safe. I’m not planning to hurt him, ever.”

Yoongi picked up his giant bag with ease. “No fucking out loud. And limit it to your room only. I can’t stop you, but I don’t want to hear or see that shit. Matter of fact, just trick me into thinking you don’t even have sex. Understood?”

“Yes, hyungie.” Jimin said as Yoongi walked away.

Jungkook dropped to the floor. “You didn’t tell me your brother is a cop.”

“I didn’t?” Jimin  got up to close the door. “In hindsight, I probably should’ve locked the door too.”


“Wanna keep making out?”

“I can’t. I lost my dick.”

I’m so fucking annoyed. My friend who was showing us around Glasgow had a meeting the other day that would “only last 30 minutes tops” and had us wait for her so she could continue showing us around. She ended up just hanging out with her friends (friends whom she sees on the daily) for an hour and a half instead and was gone for over two hours, so by the time she was done, everything was fucking closed and I wasn’t able to get ANY biscuits and now I’m in Dublin where they’re fucking four times the price and I’m so pissed off I’m going to cry

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Ok you know what? That hc is gold. I'd like to see how everyone gets along when they bring their cat counterpart for a walk tho!

A/N: I mean, unfortunately we won’t be able to see Delilah, Granny Rags, or Daud confront their cat counterparts, because… they’re kinda dead, but enjoy!  Also, to any confused readers: yes, walking cats is a thing, and yes, you can buy a harness to walk your cat with.  Just be aware that there are guidelines for it.

Keep the prompts coming, people!

“I’m sorry, you want me to what?”

The Outsider didn’t look up from his desk, where he was scribbling at a piece of paper.  “Could you take Emily outside for a while?  She’s been restless today.”

Emily opened her mouth, then closed it.  Her eyes traveled to the aforementioned feline, who was licking her paw while sitting on the settee.  The cat paused and met Emily’s glare with one of her own, as though she knew exactly what the Outsider wanted and was telling her, “Don’t you dare.”

“Can’t I take Daud out instead?” Emily asked, folding her arms.  “Also, why do you even take your cats on walks?  Isn’t that more of a dog thing?”

The Outsider, still without looking up, pointed at the remains of a shredded pillow on the floor.  “Daud doesn’t get to go outside today.”

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Sorry I can't tell if your taking requests so if it's not just ignore this! But could I possibly get Tamaki as a new father headcanons?

okay requests are closed but i can’t resist this!! so I’m gonna write up a couple real fast right now because there isn’t enough suneater around here


-He is, obviously, a very nervous dad initially. He never wants to be alone with your child at first, always insisting that you be present and he’s very hesitant to hold the baby at all. At the beginning, every time your child cries it sends Tamaki into a mild anxiety attack, and you end up having to calm both of them down. But he eventually settles into his role as a father. He’ll urge you to stay in bed while he goes to sooth the baby in the middle of the night, and he’s always shushing your friends when they’re over if the baby is sleeping.

-Amajiki is a lot more affectionate as a father. You don’t notice it at first because you’re spending so much of your time taking care of the baby, but after the two of you establish a routine you’ll see it. Tamaki’s always leaving gentle kisses on your temples and wrapping his arms around your waist if he comes home to you holding the baby. He even remains affectionate when you have company over, giving you real kisses in the presence of others while he talks about his little family.

-His quirk is like, really good for entertaining your child. While you were nervous that Tamaki’s quirk might scare the baby, there’s something your kid finds infinitely amusing about Amajiki’s tentacle fingers. At first you’re grateful because it helps your husband bond with the baby, but as your child gets older you’re thankful because Tamaki’s quirk helps encourage your kid to eat a larger variety of things that kids usually refuse.

Hey guys! Just put up the fourth chapter of my Stuckony fic, A Second Chance. You can read it here on AO3.

Here’s a little snippet of the chapter!

They gasped as the kiss broke, panted for air as they looked into each other’s eyes. Tony smirked, obviously delighted, and then he laughed. It was the best sound Bucky had ever heard.

“Finally! You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” Tony admitted with another small laugh. He brought Bucky close for another eager but short kiss. “God! This is amazing. Think of the sex. I mean, I have been thinking of the sex, trust me. You make it really hard not to, what with all your…muscles and sexiness and just…” Tony sighed happily. “I’m rambling aren’t I?” He asked, but he didn’t seem overly bothered with his own realization.

Bucky laughed, a low, soft sound that he was still getting used to himself. “Yeah. You are, but it’s adorable,” He placated. Tony lit up at that, delighting in the compliment and Bucky secretly vowed he’d compliment this man every single fucking day.

Bucky kissed him yet again, wanting more. It was a little slower this time, as they memorized each other’s lips, how the other felt and tasted. He heard a soft little sigh come from Tony that made his blood rush straight down. Wasn’t there supposed to be a rule about not doing this on the first date? Bucky decided he didn’t really care all that much, honestly.

“Oh.” There was a third voice, coming from across the room. Really, Steve always had the worst timing. Bucky looked over to his friend, eyes shining. Steve looked a little uncomfortable, shifting. “Am I…interrupting something?” Steve asked, glancing at them, and then at the floor.


Sugar: Although it’s possible they just gave up on CC and are planning to focus on your new baby instead. You two should be careful.

Apricot: Ugh, I don’t want to think about that. Especially on my wedding day!

Sugar: I’m sorry, you’re right. You look beautiful Apricot. So happy and glowy.

Peppermint: That’s mostly due to the pregnancy, but I’d like to think I had something to do with it as well.

Apricot: Ha!

Sugar: Yeah, yeah- ah CC! Don’t get too close to the fireworks!

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What are some things you have learnt about people? Especially toxic people

Well, about toxic people… specifically someone that you’re close to. Toxic people aren’t necessarily evil and malicious with their intentions. I think sometimes two people just click in the wrong way. They end up draining you with their negative energy and their presence feels more like a burden than something which makes you happy or uplifts you. Often toxic people can have a troubled life or mental health issues which makes it so difficult because you feel really guilty for not wanting to be around them anymore. These people project their own insecurities and limitations onto you and end up dragging you down into a dark place with them. At the end of the day though, you do have to be a little selfish with your own happiness and peace of mind. Sometimes you have to cut people off or let them go for your own sake. As long as you aren’t overly cruel about it, of course.

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297 Steph saying it to Jas

hope this is okay :)

“I think you might be pregnant.”

One of the most amazing parts of marrying into Anthony’s family meant that Jasmine had gained the sister that she always wanted, someone who she could confide in when things were difficult or she just needed some girl time away from all the stresses in her life.

Steph and Jasmine had become close fairly early on in the relationship, and there were so many things that they had picked up on about each other over the years that both Jasmine and Steph were grateful for.

Jasmine had been feeling off for the last few days, and while she had chalked it up to a cold and just being rundown from everything she had been working on, Steph was beginning to wonder if it was more than just that. She had picked up on how Jasmine seemed to only really feel sick in the beginning of the day, despite refusing certain foods all day that she would normally love to snack on.

“You seem to be feeling better now,” Steph comments as they sit down to lunch, Jasmine still avoiding certain foods.

She just nods, shrugging as she takes a bite of her salad. “I’m just guessing that’s because I just woke up. But don’t worry, it’ll be back full force tomorrow morning, too,” She rolls her eyes, Steph sighing.

“But then you’re fine after? And you don’t have a fever?” She asks, watching Jasmine shake her head.

“Look, I don’t want to know or even think about what you and my brother do together,” Steph laughs, but Jasmine only looks concerned. “But I think you might be pregnant.”

Jasmine’s fork drops into her bowl, stunned at what her sister-in-law had just said. “What?” She asks, really dumbfounded on what else she could say. “Why do you think that?”

“You’re only sick in the morning, you’re avoiding foods that you love normally because they make you sick. You don’t have a fever and the longer the day goes on the better you feel. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. But it kind of just seems like you might be pregnant based on some of the symptoms you have,” Steph shrugs, but Jasmine is only worried about the possibility of that being true.

She thinks about it in her mind for a moment, taking a deep breath as she nods. “I mean, I don’t know if that’s what it is, but it can’t hurt to take a test, right?” She asks, and Steph just smiles, shaking her head.

They find themselves in the convenience store down the street buying pregnancy tests, Jasmine’s heart pounding the whole time. Steph is trying to be supportive, but she knows that there’s nothing she can really say to calm Jasmine down. She can’t even begin to think about how Jasmine is feeling.

“If they’re positive, we’ll deal with it then and find a cute way to tell Anthony,” Steph smiles when Jasmine walks out of the bathroom, pacing the bedroom floor. Jasmine just nods, although she really can’t comprehend anything her sister-in-law is saying.

When the tests show positive all at the same time, Jasmine is both scared that this is real and relieved that she now knows why she’s been feeling like this. Her life is now forever changed, and as unplanned as this was, she has a feeling she and Anthony are going to embark on the best journey of their lives from this.

She just hopes he’s as excited as Steph is.

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i have a crush on my friend. she super amazing and beautiful. she's very closed off and shy and socially anxious so even if she likes me back we probably wouldn't be able to date. she wouldn't want to anyways. she likes girls, she once talked to me in the car about how she wasn't sure if she was bi or just gay but i was so happy she opened up to me i actually almost cried

Aww that’s so sweet! I still think you should tell her and you could always take thing slowwwww

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Hey!! Not much of a question I just wanted to share something positive tbh! I'm so close to top surgery, I'm just waiting on my insurance company before I can set a date! I'm so happy and excited and hoo boy am I impatient! I'm almost there and i can't wait!! <3 I have a playthrough of Persona 5 and Dangan Ronpa 1 all lined up for when I can't move my arms for three days, hahaha. Wish me luck tho!! <3 <3 <3 -Joker

Ah good luck!!!! My surgery is in 2 weeks so Im queing up some movies and shows lol. Good luck, im so excited for you!


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Unpopular opinion? I want to see Alec fight with a seraph blade or his fists more. I really don't like how he pulls out his bow and arrows for close distance combat. (I love Alec's trademark weapon but it just doesn't make sense to use for something up close to me)

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

Please, give me Alec with seraph blades like f.e. in 2x10 because duh. Yes?! That was simply amazing and I am so here for more. Like you said, Alec and his bow and quiver is my aesthetic (and I will cheer for every single scene because the aesthetic is so strong and I just love this, bye!) but I also appreciate it to see him fighting more roughly? More… I dunno how to say it? Raw and archaic? If that makes sense?

Basically, just give me Alec and Magnus during a hand-to-hand training where Magnus is handing over Alec his smug ass and I am a very happy camper. Bye.

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