i just want you to like me again

I went to Princeton University which is super cool and all but instead of taking classes me and the other like 30 people who got accepted had to do these Deadly Mind Games™ where we had to solve puzzles and the like and if we failed we DIED. Then at the end me and the others who passed were in this like beautiful patio and the host guy was like “depending on how well you did in the trials you guys got your degrees! You don’t actually have to take any classes. That’s just what everyone thinks. But the only reason you guys came here was for the degree anyway so there ya go.”

I got a PhD but idk if i want to play an elite university’s death games again :/

He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.

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I am very understanding on when Lauren stands with all of this, and she's said this — idk, feels like 2014 again lol. But I hate it when she's so rude about it. Like, if you're gonna call out shitty stans for what you see at least call all of them, not just shitty cs that make us all look bad i dont know!!!! ah!!!!! anxiety!!!! Sorry if any of this sounds selfish or whatever, but it just hurts me. I was doing just fine, but I HAd to look up camren on youtube that 2014 fml

It’s okay I get it - I think she just wanted to shut the haters down and didn’t really think about the non-crazy fans who obviously got very disappointed and felt accused of something they’re not responsible for - she put us all in the same basket without thinking that it might hurt some. The fact is, she never embraced the opportunity to make Camren something positive (I think the main reason for that is that Camren was indeed real). Lauren has always been at war with CS, not once did she say anything positive about it - even though it helped a lot of people - I mean it was understandable when she was younger and figuring herself out but now she’s 20, she’s out, and still she couldn’t find a way to end it on a better note - I get that she’s mad and probably tired of it all, and that she had to be direct and blunt, but I think she could’ve used other words.

You know what??? I’m done with having to hate my body just because someone doesn’t like it. I know I’m beautiful and other people think so too. I’m sick of being torn down right when I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin!

All of my life I hated how I looked… my voice (too deep), my body (too skinny etc), my face, etc etc. I always wanted to be someone I wasn’t just so my family and strangers could be happy with it. People I know to this day still claim that I hate my body and that when I was skinny I looked great and “how could you ever hate being thin???? U looked good!!.”

Time and time again I say that I hated it and tried to conform to something. Like why do I have to beg people to believe me? Why do I have to beg people to believe that I’m healthy? (I was told that I’m gonna end up struggling health wise eventually and that I’m destroying myself) Or that my boyfriend finds me attractive? (I was told that if I was a certain weight then I’d have less and less chances of someone loving me)

And you know that shit really hurt and I think about it a lot.

BUT WHY DO I HAVE TO CONVINCE YOU THAT IM HAPPY? I shouldn’t have to do this. I love who I am as a person!!! I love my weight!! I love my face!! And BOY, I will not let anyone convince me otherwise! So from now on I’ll try and move past it and do what I want. It makes me sad when people I know or even strangers struggle with body image issues/eating disorders. People should be happy with who they are because everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way!! 💖 I’m not saying that just to say it. It’s true.

I’m done ranting for now but now you all know how I’m feeling. Thanks for listening. 🐱💕🌸

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In Asylumtale,Frisk x Sans is cannon? (I ship it :3)

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umm, I mean I am a Frans fan (don’t judge me, that pairing is cute as hell!) but I didn’t actually wanted it in the comic. Frisk here is just a fucking kid, they are like 12-13 years old. but when they are older, I think it’s … okay??? (again, don’t judge, I know I’m disgusting, but anyone who ships the skeles with someone, are just as insane as me … don’t judge) but if you want, live your dreams! if you want to ship them: JUST DO IT! (insert Shia LaBeouf move)

don’t let me stop you! at least I won’t judge you, I thought of this thing too, but wanted to stay with pure thoughts for the thing … heh


Here's how I imagine and WANT Bellarke's first kiss to happen.

Bellamy after everything that happened, finally arrives to the island. He enters the house and everyone greets him. Clarke appears and doesn’t hesitate to run and hug him. He hugs her back, relieved that she is there, that she is real. He hugs her tightly and Clarke instantly knows that he is in pain. To try to ease it, she says this:

Clarke: I told you you would see me again.

Bellamy after hearing those words, half smiles. Clarke pulls away from the hug, just enough to look at him straight in the eyes, and when she does, she notices that he’s more broken than she thought. She has that one special freckled guy that she cares about so much in front of her, in pain, and that hurts her more than she wants to admit to herself. Seconds later, she finally says:

Clarke: Come on, you look like someone who could use a break.

She takes his hand and guides him towards her nice bedroom. They walk in and she closes the door. She let go of his hand and walks toward the bet to smooth it a little. When she finally looks at Bellamy, she sees him standing in the middle of the room, eyes lost on the ground. She frowns and asks:

Clarke: Bellamy… what’s wrong?

Bellamy lifts his head up, eyes fulled with pain and answers:

Bellamy: I failed, Clarke. I couldn’t protect my sister, I couldn’t protect anyone. I failed. I don’t want to live anymore…

After those words, Clarke slowly approaches him to the point she’s standing right in front of him, just a few inches apart. She now notices that a tear is running down Bellamy’s cheek. She slowly places both of his hands to each side of Bellamy’s face and slowly wipes the tear away. This tender act makes Bellamy to look at her, shocked by the kind of affection she is giving him.

Clarke: Bellamy listen to me. You didn’t fail, okay? You didn’t. You did your best. You tried to save them. You wanted to save them. That’s what matters. You know in what else you didn’t fail? In protecting me, in keeping me alive. You are worth it. Please don’t say you don’t want to live ever again.

Bellamy: My best wasn’t enough.

After those words Clarke doesn’t know what to say. She knows that words won’t make him feel better, sho she decides to show him how much he means to her. She carresses his face and slowly places her lips in his. She feels like something is burning inside of her, she feels alive. She wants more, but instead she just kisses him slowly, barely, kindly, because she wants him to know what she feels. She needs him to know.

Bellamy is shocked. He never expected that. All those times he imagined how this moment would go, he always imagined that he was going to be the one to give the first step, not Clarke. Seconds later, he kissed her back, too kindly, too slowly, almost like he believed it was just a dream. Well, he felt like it was just a dream. He moved his hands slowly to her waist, with not bad intention, just tu give himself a little support. But then, too soon, Clarke pulled away.

Clarke looked at him, shock reflected in her eyes. She was just as shocked as he was.

Bellamy didn’t know what to say, words couldn’t describe how happy he was. He could barely breath. The kiss wasn’t heavy, at all. It was because of the fact that it happened.

Clarke just gave him a small smile and said:

Clarke: I know you are exhausted. Take a nap, you’ll feel better afterwards.

Bellamy nodded and walked towards the bed. He lied down, feeling comfy, but he knew that something was missing. Clarke was about to exit the room but he stopped her.

Bellamy: …Clarke?

Clarke stopped and turned around to look at him.

Clarke: Yeah?

Bellamy: Would you… would you stay with me tonight? Please?

He was begging her. He needed her in that moment more than ever and she knew. She closed the door and walked to the bed and lied on it at his side, close to him but not close enough. Bellamy pulled her closer, and she didn’t complain. She snuggled against his chest and closed her eyes. They stayed like that for several minutes, and just when she felt she was finally going to fall asleep she heard him say something she didn’t belive he was going to say. Not now. But he did. In a whisper that was barely audible. He said the three little words he was dying to tell her for a very long time.

Bellamy: I love you.

She knew it. And she also knew she loved him too. But she was too tired and all she wanted to do was sleep with him hugging her.

After saying those words, Bellamy closed his eyes and hugged Clarke a little more tightly, because for the very first time in a very long time, he felt safe again.

“Naruto never loved Sakura because of his rivalry to Sasuke.”

I literally hear that almost every time since after the movie came out back then. Since it’s canon, we “have” to accept it. But it’s not possible because in the manga we just got told over and over again that Naruto indeed had feelings for Sakura.

It’s a bit of a long rant, that’s why I’ve put it under “read more”.

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OK, so I was doing @morshmalliver ’s b-day present and I realized the image was gone (like, shit, first the contracture now this) and as you can see the universe wants to kill me, so I was sketching again and I just couldn’t do it right and somehow it ended up in sad shit.

do you ever have people add things to your posts and it’s like. they mean well, but you kinda want to light the post on fire and never see it again now, because you can’t Argue with them over it but oh my god Not On My Post?

in completely unrelated news, i just realized that  the post-cacw anti-tony people don’t bother me nearly as much as the post-avengers “loki has done absolutely nothing wrong and if your fave is rude to them they’re a Bad Person” people

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Hi J! My new grad school just sent me an email and addressed me as Sawyer and I just feel so amazing and on top of the world right now. I'm also waiting on my first binder to get here in the mail and contemplating new haircuts (I'm think baby!Leo from Titanic)! I just wanted to thank you again for helping me get up the courage to accept myself and beginning to live my life the way I need to. Thank you so so much for all your support. You are an amazing human being and I love you. Much love <3

I am screaming inside with happiness this is amazing you are amazing holy shit Sawyer I am so fucking proud of you and happy for you like omg omg omg omg omg yessssss I love you so much!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Hey, Madara you dumbass. Why did you shame me publicly you piece of shit? I'll curse you I promise, I asked you about your porn preference. You idiot, I won't ask again.

You know Anon, a good friend of mine, @csisui, recently told me that she thinks you may just be a very tsundere person who’s looking for attention, specifically my attention, and she actually found it rather cute. And you know, after reading this, I think she may have a point. You calling me a “dumbass” and all the rest of it kinda just seems like it’s your best way of getting my attention because you want me to talk to you, lol.

What also makes me think this is the fact that I received no asks regarding my porn preferences, lol. But don’t worry Anon, Senpai has noticed you :)

The Kiss of Life

Prompt: how about one where reader and Keith visit that crazy altean pool and reader almost gets drown and Keith has to give her ‘the kids’ and when she comes to grips he’s like “ if you wanted to kiss me you should have just asked” and they kiss again? by anon

“What even is this place?” Y/N asked as she and Keith entered the room. The pool was absolutely beautiful…. Except it was upside down on the ceiling. “How do you even get in?”

“I am honestly not quite sure. Lance and I were in here a while back and it just sort of scooped us up and then dropped us again.” Keith said as he laid their towels in one corner of the room, hopefully well out of the splash zone.

Y/N stepped forward and suddenly was pulled upwards. She didn’t expect to be submerged so quickly, so she had not taken a deep enough breath. She flailed a bit and coughed. Keith quickly moved forward and was also sucked up by the pool. He pulled Y/N close to him as the pool quickly dropped them back to the floor.

Keith panted as he held an unconscious Y/N in his arms. She wasn’t breathing and her eyes were closed. He quickly laid her down on the floor and began to perform CPR on her.

What seemed like an eternity later, she rolled to her side and began to cough up water. Keith gently rubbed her back until her body stopped shaking.

Y/N rolled back over to face him and smiled at him. “If you wanted to kiss me you should have just asked. You know, instead of almost drowning me in this crazy space pool. ”

Keith laughed and kissed her forehead. “I’ll keep that in mind for the future.”

k this is gonna sound stupid so please don’t judge me, but i’m so excited to be a mom. like i can’t wait to take care of someone and love them with my whole heart. and i know being a mom isn’t easy all the time and stuff, but i’m so excited! and i’m obviously not gonna go out and get pregnant right now just because i want to have a kid. i’m 18. but part of me also wants to have my kids young. again, i won’t go out and get pregnant because i really want to be a mom. but i can’t wait to get married and have kids and just do things as a family and stuff!

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This is not a request, but I'm wondering if you plan to update your rec list some time in the future? Like adding new ones to the soulmate au, time travel au, parents au etc. or do we ask for that specifically when requests are open again? Thanks and great job on the blog!

Yes!! I plan to do that very soon, thank you for the reminder! You don’t need to send in a request, per say, just send me an ask of which list you want to be updated!

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Hey ya!!! okay so im super confused with all the new dst lore (i guess its lore???) and wanted to know if you could help? i took a break from the game a little bit after the first update when we got charlie as the puppet master, and had skins added. the last thing i was here for were the shadow skins being released... and i wanted to know if you could give me a run down on everything thats happened since then; like all the new stuff and what not

ty anon i would love to help but i hope you can forgive me for being dreadfully busy and tired, and currently blogging from mobile - as a preliminary measure i hope you will forgive me for first just pointing you to the DST version history changelog : http://dontstarve.wikia.com/wiki/Don’t_Starve_Together/Version_History

and when i have free time again i will be happy to summarize the major changes that have come up and pare out, like, the lil bugfix reports

Some bitch, pointing at the feeder goldfish: how many of those can I put in a two gallon?
Me: Zero.
Her: No, no I mean those. *gestures to the feeders again*
Me: Yes.

And then she huffs away all pissed before I can even start to gently tell her how much space they’ll actually need if you want one as a pet.

Like you know what you can get for your two gallon? A Marimo. Just a marimo. That seems within what you can care for.

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Hi! I've been really concerned about my mental health recently (e.i. the past few months, maybe a year now?), and I really want to talk to my mom about getting me a doctor's appointment so I can address it. The thing is, she apparently doesn't like putting labels on things and brushed me off. This was months ago. Should I ask again? If so, any idea of what I should say to convince her? I don't want to get any worse than I am now (I grew up in a mentally abusive household, so....)

tell her that you wanna go talk to someone and it has nothing to do with labels. just talking doesn’t require labels

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Hey I just wanted you to know that your it's about not cutting really helped me. I'm 100+ days clean and I almost broke tonight. It's been a fucking shitty day. But that post just made me swear not to for another day.

Hi, beautiful soul! You are amazing. I’m proud of you, please, keep going, I love you so much and you deserve all the happiness in the world! If you feel like you want to cut again, just please, distract yourself from this feelings. Promise me. You are strong enough! Take care.