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God I really need to know how the conversation about moving in together went. Who brought it up first? How? Did Eskild jokingly say, "if Even is going to be basically living here, he should pay rent too so at least one of you is on time." And then they were just like, huh, you right. They're too much.

hehehe, i love this 💝  

eskild would totally tease them like that, these darlings he actually cares about so much. but when isak tells him he’s moving out, eskild grows serious, and he puts his hand on isak’s shoulder, and tells him “you know i was kidding about even paying rent, right? he knows he’s always welcome here, right?” and isak leans his head to the side, a little smile on his face. and he seems happy, genuinely happy, and he tells eskild “he knows, he knows. but we’re just…ready for this? it’s something we both really want” and eskild sighs, and there’s this understanding look in his eyes as he nods 

and the next morning, isak and eskild find themselves alone in the kitchen, and eskild is about to make some tea when he tells isak “you guys let me know if you need any help with moving out, okay? i’m not working a lot this week so i have a lot of free time” and isak smiles at him, tells him “thank you, eskild.” and there’s a short moment of silence and then isak’s brows furrow a little before he starts saying “thank you, really. for…everything?” he looks up and his eyes meet eskild’s and he continues “i’ll always remember that night at the…gay club. when you came to see me and you brought me here because i didn’t want to go home. you didn’t have to do that, but you did and it helped me and”. he takes a deep breath, and eskild remains silent, lets him say what he wants and needs to say. “you were there for me a lot and i know i wasn’t always the best roommate and i know i said some things that hurt you at some point, but i’m so fucking thankful? i don’t know where i’d be right now if it weren’t for you” 

there’s so much sincerity in his tone, and eskild is speechless for a while. but then he’s quickly wrapping his arms around isak, and squeezing him, and he tells him “why are you talking to me like this is the last time you’re seeing me? i’m not going anywhere, kid. i’ll still be here, and you better come and see me, you and even, diner here at least once a month, okay? at least” and isak lets out a sigh as he hugs eskild back, replies “i’m just really thankful for everything, and i know i haven’t said thank you enough and i know sometimes i’m just bad with, like, words, but i just wanted you to know” and so eskild lets go of him, his hands still on isak’s shoulders, so he could look at him, this boy he had seen grow, this boy he is so incredibly proud of, and a smile spreads across his face as he says “i know, isak, i know” 

Confessions | Peter Parker

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Peter Parker
[Y/N] = Your name
Word count : 1023

this imagine is based off three prompts, “What do you mean you don’t like Disney movies!?”, “Would you like to explain why you showed up at my window covered in blood?”, “What if I told you I was in love with you since we were kids.”.

You leaned against the ugly bright yellow lockers of Mid-town High. You fooled around on your phone, as you waited for your best friend Peter Parker. He has been constantly busy, his main excuse being his stark internship, and you wanted to spend time together. It’s been ages since the two of you’s last hung out and it was killing you, you missed your friend.

“Peter!” You called as he came into view with a crowd of students who had just finished their final class of the day.

He accompanied you by the lockers, uttering a simple reply. “Hi, (Y/N).”

“Since you’ve been so busy recently with, well whatever you’re doing for Tony Stark. I thought it would be fun to start doing movie night again! It would be a nice distraction from your hectic life and we’d get to spend more time together. I was thinking we could start tonight and marathon a couple Disney movies!” You explained with a cheery smile.

Unlike yourself, Peter was wearing a frown. “Uh, well I don’t really like Disney movies and-

What do you mean you don’t like Disney movies!?“ You exclaimed. You noticed a few people turn their heads towards you and Peter and you realized you might said that a little too loud, oops.

Peter shrugged. "They’re not my thing. Also I don’t think I can make it tonight, I have to do the Stark Internship.”

Your smile vanished and you grew upset. “Oh. Whatever, it was just a stupid idea. Your Stark Internship is more important anyways. I’ll see you around then Peter.”

The disappointed, hurt look on your face made Peter feel horrible. He hated seeing you like this and he hated how he was the one responsible.

Peter landed a punch to one of the thug’s face, the force had him stumble a few feet backwards, however he was fighting back with strength in the matter of a minute. Another one snuck up behind to attack ‘The Spiderman’, only to have Peter turn around with impressive reflexes and punch him hard in the gut. He fell clutching his stomach, leaving Peter with time to tie him in a series of webbing. With only one thug left to worry about, Peter was assured he’d be done here in no time.

Peter approached the thug ready to swing a punch, until the thug pulled out a pocket knife and knocked Peter to the floor. He figured the knife must have slipped because a small part of his bright red suit tore, revealing a large bloody gash on his forehead. He sighed, he definitely didn’t need this cut with the addition of the various others scattered on his body.

Before the thug could inflict anymore harm Peter sprung up and knocked him out cold. He tied him up in his famous webbing and left him to lie beside the other wrapped up thug. He disappeared from the scene, swinging from building to building.

Once he reached the alley he dumped his bag in, he grabbed it and began swinging to your house without even bothering to change out of his suit. The sad look on your face today, and from every other time he bailed on your plans was haunting him. He felt so horrible for disappointing you constantly. He decided it was time to finally tell you where he was really running off to.

Once he reached his desired destination of your bedroom window he removed his mask and tapped on the glass loud enough for you to hear.

You jumped up from your bed where you happened to be reading a book and darted to the  window. Your eyes widened in shock once you saw none other than Peter Parker in a Spiderman suit, his forehead painted with blood.

You opened the window before speaking. “So, would you like to explain why you showed up at my window covered in blood?”  

“Wow, you didn’t even mention the suit.” He joked.

You smiled. “Well sorry for being more worried about the gigantic gash on your forehead.”

“Is it really that bad?” He asked. “Aunt may is going to kill me.”

You laughed. “Come inside.”

Peter entered through your window and you dashed to your bathroom to grab a first aid kit. You sat Peter down on your bed and began to wash any blood off his face before proceeding to clean his cut. There was a comfortable silence, the only thing audible was both of your breathing.

Once you finished you finally spoke. “You should probably change.”

Peter nodded. “I have a pair of clothes in my bag.”

Peter began changing and you turned away awkwardly. Once he finished you initiated a conversation.

“So, you’re Spiderman.” You said.

“Yep. This is the reason I’ve been so busy recently.”

“That explains so much. Although, never in a million years would I have thought, my best friend Peter Parker is The Spiderman.” You smiled. “This is crazy, does your aunt know?”

“No! And it’s important she doesn’t find out.” Peter answered.

“Okay, Okay. Anyways, now that you’re here, how about movie night?”

Peter grinned. “Of course, let’s watch some Disney movies like you suggested earlier.”

Your face lit up. “Really!”

The happy expression on your face made it impossible not to make Peter smile even more, if even possible. “Why not. There’s just one thing I want to say before we start.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

What if I told you I was in love with you since we were kids.

“What?” You questioned.

“(Y/N), I uh, I’m crazy about you. I love you so much, and I definitely regret not telling you earlier.” Peter said with nerves to a high extent. When he looked at your shocked expression he quickly added. “If you don’t feel the same, i-it’s okay I understand.”

“Oh my God Peter, this is great! I love you too.” You exclaimed.

Peter regained confidence. “Really?”

“Yes.” You nodded. There was silence to accompany this until Peter spoke.

“So can I uh, kiss you now?”

You laughed. “Of course Peter.”

You both leaned in sharing a sweet, soft kiss.

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Too Stubborn


Prompt: 26-”Come over here and make me.”,
12-”Quit it or I’ll bite.”

Summary: Bellamy and reader have feelings for each other, but are too stubborn to admit it so they instead keep pissing each other. However Octavia and Clarke wouldn’t just let it go and send them on a mission hoping it would force them to admit what they feel for each other.

Word count: 2020

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“Put it down before you hurt yourself,” I rolled my eyes at the sound of Bellamy’s voice in which I could practically hear him smirking.

“Shut up before I hurt you,” I retorted not bothering to look at him because I knew exactly what I would find, him standing there with folded arms and amused look on his face.

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my playlist

You know without music this weird world would be so quiet and lame. I wanna share “some” of my kinda all time favorite songs with you. I´m a person who loves to find new music maybe so are you. Music says a lot when words or your mouth can´t . Listen to them and feel free to tell me if you like them or not. Just tell me your opinion and feelings about them. Some of these songs are happy songs or sad songs or just songs you can listen to in every situation.Check them out if you want and maybe you´ll find your new favorite Song. Who knows :)

  • Couple of kids - Maggie Lindemann
  • The great escape - Boys like Girls
  • Cliche - Christina Grimmie 
  • Body Say - Demi Lovato 
  • Acid Rain - Cimorelli
  • Intro - alt-J
  • Eyes Closed - Halsey
  • Imagination - Shawn Mendes
  • True Disaster - Tove Lo
  • Unsteady - X Ambassadors
  • Holding On To You -  Twenty One Pilots
  • What a Girl is - Dove Cameron
  • Feeling myself - Will.I.Am ft Miley Cyrus etc
  • Message Man -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Bad At Love - Halsey
  • Breezeblocks - alt-J
  • Heart Attack - Demi Lovato 
  • Rude - MAGIC!
  • Higher - Maximillian 
  • Wasted Youth - FLETCHER
  • 1-800-273-8255 - Logic ft Alessia Cara & Khalid
  • Home - Lena
  • All to well - Taylor Swift
  • Hit me up - Riff Raff ft. Lisa Cimorelli
  • Colors - Halsey
  • Someone to chase -  Cimorelli
  • How would you feel - Ed Sheeran
  • Bad Things - Meiko
  • Hymn - Kesha
  • The run and go -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Inner demons - Julia Brennan 
  • When you´re gone - Avril Lavigne 
  • Dreaming with our eyes open - Witt Lowry 
  • Forest -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Sorry - Halsey
  • In my head - Jason Derulo
  • Cool kids - Echosmith
  • Love myself - Hailee Steinfeld
  • Never let me fall - Cimorelli
  • Believe in me - Demi Lovato
  • Black Widow - Iggy Azalea
  • Midnight Memories - One Direction
  • Somebody to you - The Vamps
  • Can´t hold us - Macklemore 
  • American Dream - MKTO
  • Trees -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Same love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  • Hey Porsche - Nelly
  • What if - Jason Derulo
  • Everybody talks - Neon Trees
  • Empire - Lisa Cimorelli ft. Stravy 
  • Uncover - Zara Larsson
  • Roman Holiday - Halsey
  • House of Gold -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Wouldn´t change a thing - Demi Lovato
  • Kill em with kindness - Selena Gomez
  • Wherever I go - Hannah Montana 
  • Cruel - The Veronicas 
  • Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld
  • We don´t believe whats on TV -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Wings - Cimorelli
  • Never been hurt -Demi Lovato
  • Hopeless - Halsey
  • Nobodys Perfect - Hannah Montana (also the Cimorelli cover)
  • Learn To Let Go - Kesha
  • I Almost Do - Taylor Swift
  • In my head - MAALA 
  • Cruise - Florida Georgia Line (also the Cimorelli cover)
  • Hold me down - Halsey
  • Take me home -  Cimorelli
  • 90 60 90 - Ismail YK 
  • I found myself - Anna Clendening 
  • Not Today -  Twenty One Pilots
  • One more Night - Cimorelli
  • Praying - Kesha
  • Bad Liar - Selena Gomez 
  • I´ll show you - Justin Bieber
  • Car radio -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Alive - Cimorelli
  • Please don´t go - Joel Adams 
  • The first time - Boys like Girls
  • Bad for me - Megan & Liz
  • Polarize -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Confident - Demi Lovato
  • Hope for it - Cimorelli
  • Hands off my Heart - MKTO, Mysto&Pizzi
  • Fetish - Selena Gomez
  • Devil in me - Halsey
  • Migraine -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Worth the fight -  Cimorelli 
  • Stone Cold - Demi Lovato
  • Heaven - Troye Sivan 
  • Save Myself - Ed Sheeran
  • Ghost - Halsey
  • Animals - Maroon 5
  • Priceless - for KING & COUNTRY cover by Cimorelli
  • Love the way you lie - Eminem ft. Rihanna
  • You don´t know me - Jax Jones ft. Raye 
  • I´m a mess -  Cimorelli
  • At My Best - Machine gun kelly ft. Hailee Steinfeld
  • Fairly Local -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Hurricane - Halsey
  • Good enough - Cimorelli
  • The Night We Met - Lord Huron
  • Warrior - Demi Lovato 
  • Flashlight (sweet life mix) -  Hailee Steinfeld
  • A Lot Like Love - Cimorelli
  • Doubt -  Twenty One Pilots
  • My happy ending - Avril Lavigne 
  • Unsaid things - Cimorelli
  • New Man -  Ed Sheeran 
  • Replay - Iyaz
  • Kissing you - Miranda Cosgrove
  • You´re worth it - Cimorelli
  • Make you believe - Lucy Hale
  • Airplanes - B.o.B ft Hayley Williams 
  • I´ll always remember you - Hannah Montana
  • Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield ft. Cimorelli
  • Strangers - Halsey
  • Chasing air - Cimorelli
  • Happier - Ed Sheeran 
  • Guns for Hands -  Twenty One Pilots
  • Cool for the summer - Demi Lovato 
  • Fight Song - Rachel Platten (cover by Cimorelli)
  • Worst in me - Julia Michaels 
  • Heaven in hiding - Halsey
  • Kitchen Sink -  Twenty One Pilots
  • One more night -  Cimorelli


  • He is just smiling the whole time his daughter is on stage 
  • Like the biggest goofiest smile 
  • If one of the parents next to him asks witch one is his he just tells them “The one doing perfectly” 
  • He got her a ton of flowers and everything. He is just so proud 


  • “Look! There she is! Thas my girl!”
  • He will stand up and clap. Like loudly 
  • Dose that crazy loud whistle too. 
  • He will not admit he was crying when he totally was 


  • He films the entire thing 
  • “Are you her grandpa?” “No screw you. I’m her papa. Now shut your trap and watch how well my kid dose” 
  • If you ask him she was the only good part about the performance 
  • So many happy tears. He is just so proud 


  • He put off a meeting for this and damn dose he have 0 regrets about it 
  • He loved watching and helping her practice so seeing the final product is amazing 
  • Absolutely adores her passion. Most kids on the overwatch base want to be agents. But he is more then fine with you perusing something that makes you happy 
  • “Sweetie? If you want I could find some classes and whatnot so you can do this more”
Regarding Jealousy

Hey Guys,

okay so… there has been some developement at the Jealousy front. 

As you might remember, we had a hard time finding a translator. Jealousy is pretty hard to translate. Thankfully Madamelepoo volunteered and started working on Ch 4. But then real life things happened. She tried to keep translating, but I really don’t want to burden her any more. 
And since it’s so damn hard to find translators, I decided to drop the project. 

Just kidding. *blep*
A dear friend agreed to help us out with Jealousy. She’s awesome and I’m extremely happy that she joined our team. Welcum Sumai!!! And thank you so much!!!

Madamelepoo is basically done with the script of Ch 4, but it will take more time to finish everything up. I’m sure we will get a shitload of bitchy and rude Anons, but tbh, I couldn’t care less. There are things that are wayyyyyy more important than manga scanlation. 
But I can promise, that what we will release in the end will be beautiful.
So just hang in there for a little longer. :)

Thank you Madamelepoo for your hard work on chapter 4!


Nine Times

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Prompt: “I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched in the face nine times by now.”

Words:  2800

Summary: You and Lin have never gotten along. But then you’re Eponine and he’s Marius, and things start to change.

Warnings: swearing, arguing, kissing. i think that’s all of them - if there’s more please just let me know. 

A/N: hi!! one of my lovely friends requested this and it was v fun to write. hope you enjoy it – Skye x

“Does he always talk this much?” you groaned, throwing your bag down on an empty seat.

It was Thursday, and Thursday’s meant longer rehearsals. You loved theatre. A different cast album blasting through your headphones every week, imagining yourself in all the different roles before finding yet another to obsess over. Recently it had been Les Misérables, which worked perfectly, because the theatre was performing it for the next show.

Mandy laughed next to you as you sat down next to her. Even though your characters didn’t interact at all, her being Fantine and you being Éponine, the two of you had grown close over the few weeks of rehearsals that had already passed. She’d quickly become one of your closest friends.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, Y/N, we’re in theatre club. Everyone talks like their lives depend on it.”

“Yeah, I know. But that doesn’t stop him being irritating when he does it.”

You were glaring at Lin. A few rows in front of you he was sitting with Chris and Karen, talking so loudly that you could hear him perfectly. And he did this all the time. Every single Thursday.

Mandy was looking at Karen, the two of them biting back smiles as they watched you glare at Lin like it was your favourite to do (and it probably was). You and Lin had met a few years ago, and you’d been arguing and glaring ever since. At first, you hadn’t minded Lin, but as he got bigger roles he’d gotten cockier and cockier.

Actually, at first you’d thought he was kind of cute. You weren’t alone in that, nearly every single girl (and probably most of the boys) thought Lin was attractive. He was. You couldn’t deny that no matter how much you wanted to scream at him on a daily basis.

Now, he had a big role again, and you had the role that was madly in love with him. Typical. Because of course Lin had gotten Marius, and of course you had gotten Éponine, and of course you had to be in love with him for an hour every night.

Éponine was one of your favourite roles. You had been thrilled to get her part, and even Lin-Manuel Miranda couldn’t dampen your excitement. Her character was devastating, but she was strong. At the beginning she wasn’t very important, just a friend of Marius’ who couldn’t seem to leave him alone, but then she came and performed one of the most heartbreaking songs in the entire show. There was no way in hell that Lin could take that away from you.

“Y/N! Time to do On My Own.”

You grabbed your bottle of water, taking a final drink before going up to the stage. You didn’t have much choreography after act one finished, since you weren’t doing anymore ensemble roles, but you still showed up to rehearsals in leggings and a tank top and one extra bottle of water. Just incase they decided to do songs that weren’t on the schedule.

Standing on the stage in front of everyone didn’t bother you, of course it didn’t, but some of the people didn’t like doing it when it was just the other cast members and not an actual audience, so there was always the option of going to the hall. When the stagehand asked if you wanted stage or hall you mumbled a quick ‘stage’ before finding your mark.

“Hey, Lin?”

“What do you want?”

“Woahhh. Think you need to calm with that tone.” He glared. “I just want you to stand closer to the front of the stage so I can get more in character. Since I’m, you know, in love with you.” You could’ve sworn his eyes flickered with happiness before switching back to their usual annoyance.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

Lin put his script down on his chair before making his way out of the row. He took his time walking to the bit of floor right in front of the stage, where some freshman kid playing Gavroche would jump down during The Death of Gavroche.

“Take your time, Lin. It’s not like I have a song to sing or anything.” You said, an impatient tone pairing with the words as you began to tap your foot.

“Okay, is this where you want me?” He asked, standing on the mark for Gavroche. You nodded, turning to the stagehand to let him know that you were ready.

As the music began you quickly ran the lyrics through your head to make sure you definitely had them.

And now I’m all alone again nowhere to go

No one to turn to

Without a home, without a friend

Without a face so say hello to

And now the night is near

Now I can make believe he’s here.”

You looked out at the room, watching Mandy silently cheering from her seat. Trying not to smile, you looked down at Lin instead.

Sometimes I walk alone at night

When everybody else is sleeping

I think of him and then I’m happy

With the company I’m keeping

The city goes to bed

And I can live inside my head.”

You walked closer to the front of the stage as the more recognisable part of the song began. Looking at the Lin the whole time you found your mark, a small ‘É’ on the stage in pencil, and listened for your cue.

On my own, pretending he’s beside me

All alone, I walk with him ‘til morning.”

As you sang your lines, trying to embody Éponine and her feelings as best you could, your eyes began to close, as though you were really imagining walking in the streets of Paris with Lin.

With your eyes closed, you couldn’t see him staring at you in awe.

“Not too bad,Y/N. Not too bad.” Lin said as you walked down the stairs at the side of the stage. You rolled your eyes and mumbled a ‘thanks’.

You made your way back to where you’d been sitting with Mandy, she was still sitting, waiting for them to call Lovely Ladies, a song you were also waiting to be called for. Since playing Éponine meant that you weren’t on as her until near the end of act one, you had some ensemble roles during the first act. One of them being one of the women from the dock.

The whole cast was amazing, especially the ensemble and the people who done double roles, because they done so much demanding work and still got back up and done it again without complaining. Well, most of them did - you complained quite a bit sometimes.

You’d known from the second Mandy auditioned for Fantine she was going to get it. She had the ability to make anyone and everyone cry with her performance of I Dreamed A Dream, even herself sometimes.

Mandy was grinning as you sat back down next to her. You turned to her with a confused look but a laugh in your words. “What?”

“You were amazing,Y/N! Like, holy shit. I think you might be the best Éponine this show has ever seen.”

“Right, right, calm down, Mandy.” You smiled, taking her compliment in silence.

“It’s a shame you’re not playing Cosette, though.” you gave her a ‘please keep going that sentence’ look. “Lin looked so goddamn in love with you while you were up there.”

You burst out laughing.

“No fucking way! He hates me, Mands,”

“I’d say he doesn’t by the way he was staring at you.”

You kept laughing, trying to calm yourself but ultimately failing to, only stopped when you caught an embarrassed looking Lin staring at you.

It wasn’t a long look, but you locked eyes with him and couldn’t seem to pull yourself from it. They were warm and inviting, a deep brown colour that looked like it belonged in a painting of Autumn. You bit your lip gently and smiled at him, finally tearing your eyes from his. He looked away as quickly as he could.

Mandy was grinning again.

“Okay, Lovely Ladies next!”

“Let’s get this rehearsal done.” you murmured.

It was the last rehearsal before opening night.

Everyone was on edge, partly because of nerves and partly because of how much caffeine had been consumed in the last six hours. Choreography runs in and out of costumes, every song had to be done, mark placements had to be perfected (and everyone had to know where they were meant to be during every song). It was hectic.

“Right, A Little Fall Of Rain is next. Y/N and Lin, quickly please.”

You shot Lin a quick look before heading up the stage. It had been a week since Mandy had told you that Lin had looked head over heels during your run through of On My Own and since then, things had been quite awkward.

Once you were both up on stage, you turned your script to the right page, even though you knew all the words.

“Are we just singing it through or are we acting it as well?” Lin asked, also flipping pages until he got to the right song.

“Act it, this one hasn’t been done as often as the others. Right, you guys ready?”

“Wonder who’s fault that is,” he sighed under his breath.

“Excuse me?” You shot back quietly, letting him know you’d heard him.

“Guys, you ready?” The stagehand asked again, clearly growing impatient with both of you.


The music started as you positioned yourself in Lin’s arms. They felt strange, but nice around you, and you almost felt too comfortable in them.

Don’t you fret, M'sieur Marius.

I don’t feel any pain

A little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now

You’re here.

That’s all I need to know

And you will keep me safe

And you will keep me close

And rain will make the flowers grow.”

You couldn’t help but be surprised when Lin looked genuinely upset as you sang to him, dragging a thumb across his face gently.

But you will live, ‘Ponine, dear God above

If I could heal your wounds with words of love.”

Just hold me now and let it be

Shelter me, comfort me.”

The rest of the song went quickly, Lin crying as you ‘died’ in his arms. It was acting, you told yourself, purely acting. Because Lin Miranda hated you. And you hated Lin Miranda. It worked, perfectly.

Except, you didn’t hate him quite so much. Not anymore.

“We need to practise that more,” Lin said, grabbing your wrist as you jogged down the stairs, trying to keep ahead of him.

“Yeah. Wonder who’s fault that is.” You replied, mocking his tone from earlier and ripping your wrist from his grasp.

“You don’t need to be a dick about it,Y/N!”

“Well you certainly were!”

Both of you stared at each other, anger seething. Even if you guys were notorious for arguing and glaring, it never got involved in the show, that’s where you’d both always drawn the line.

Everyone near you and Lin were awkwardly looking at each other as if to say ‘uh, what do we do here’. You shook your head and laughed gently.

“I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched in the face nine times by now.”

“If I wasn’t so what?” He answered back, genuine shock on his face.

“Oh, don’t act like you don’t know. You’re easily the most attractive boy in this goddamn school.”

“Oh, I am. Am I?”

“Yeah. You are you fucking dick.”

The silence in the room was painfully loud as you grabbed your bag and binder from your seat before storming out of the room. It wasn’t the first time you’d stormed out on him, but it felt like it. It was the first time it had felt real. After all, you had just told him that he was ‘easily the most attractive boy’. You cringed.

You found your locker after walking through to the hall, rage and regret still painfully obvious on your face. Shoving your bag into it for the next night. You knew you shouldn’t have stormed out, but that didn’t mean you hadn’t done it, and that everyone wasn’t staring at each other awkwardly, with no idea what to do. Trying not to think about Lin was a ridiculous plan. He was all you ever fucking thought about.

You sighed, leaning back against your locker and closing your eyes; trying to focus on anything other than what had just happened. It didn’t last long, the peace. You heard footsteps coming toward you, and without bothering to open your eyes to look, picked an angry tone.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Mandy.”

“Well that’s good, because I’m not Mandy.”



“What the fuck do you want?”

“Can you maybe, like, not snap at me every time you open your mouth?” You glared at him. “Just for a few minutes while I say some shit?”

“You always talk shit.”

“That, Y/N, is exactly the kind of snapping I was talking about.”

You rolled your eyes and slid down to the floor. “Fine. Go ahead.”

He sat down next to you, far closer than he would usually dare to. You tried not to look at him, knowing that if you did you’d lose every part of focus and resistance you had left in seconds.

Lin raked a hand through his already messy hair, the dark brown locks sticking out between his fingers. You caught yourself wondering how soft it was and pulled yourself out of it. See? Seconds.

“Well, you just shouted at me for a bit and then called me the most attractive boy you’ve ever met-”

“I said at this school.”

“Same thing. Anyways, I got to thinking-”

“Oh, yay,” you cut him off a second time, sarcasm practically dripping off the words.

“You promised not to snap.” He said, calm tone beginning to wear thin.

“I did no such thing.”

“Oh, my god, Y/N! Will you shut the fuck up for two minutes while I try to tell you that I like you?”

Lin looked nearly as shocked as you did at what he’d just said, dark eyes staring at you. Neither of you spoke for a few seconds.

“You, uh,” you began, a little lost for words. “You what?”

“Like you.” He whispered, barely loud enough for you to hear it. It wasn’t regret in his voice, though. It was surprise. Surprise that he’d actually just admitted it to both himself and to you, that he’d actually said it out loud.

“You’re such a dork. You know that, right?” You smiled, not really looking at him, but he was looking at you.

You leaned over and pressed your lips to his, gently at first, the warm feeling taking over your body. His lips tasted like sugar, sweet and addicting, and you let him make the kiss deeper as he moved closer to you. You’d never imagined this happening before, you had no idea what to expect, but you were sure that this was better than anything you could’ve expected. Ever.

He gently placed one of his hands on your cheek, his hands soft against your skin. You wrapped your arms around his neck, just to have him closer to you. The kiss wasn’t sexual at all. It was warm and gentle and the best damn thing you’d ever felt.

As you pulled apart from Lin, arms still around his neck, he rubbed his thumb gently over your lips. With your forehead still pressed to his, he could feel your shaking breaths as you smiled at him.

“Well, I never expected that.” You said softly, letting out a small laugh and biting your lip to stop the smile.

“I try to be a man of great mystery,” Lin answered back with the same softness in his words.

You laughed again, louder this time, and Lin nearly melted right there and then. You were so captivating. The way you bit your lip to stop smiles (oh, he had definitely noticed that), the way you laughed gently when you didn’t know how to finish a sentence, the way you were looking at him right then, love and happiness all over your face.

“I still want to punch you, just maybe less than nine times,”

“Aren’t you scared you’ll ruin all my attractiveness? Also, maybe?!”

“Nothing could ruin that pretty little face, Miranda.”

“Wow, we literally just kissed and you’re calling me Miranda?”

You only nodded. “I like you though, therefore it’s a term of endearment.”

“You like me?”

“I do, Lin. I do.”

“I imagine someday you’ll be saying that in a much different circumstance.”

And you laughed, but one day, you did.

Dating Maggie Sawyer would include

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- Shes a smol bean

- You and Maggie go way back 

-You two were best friends all through out elementary and High School 

-you were the first person she kinda came out to

-”Hey y/n” “yeah margarita?” “i think i may kinda, you know like um” “Girls?” “Yeah, you don’t hate me do you” “i could never hate you Maggie, Your my best friend.” ‘

-”Ride and Die?”  “Ride and Die”

-You were her rock, 

-and she was yours 

-Then THAT day happened

-you had the biggest crush on Maggie and when she came to you about helping ask HER to the dance you were shattered 

-but you helped anyway just wanting Maggie to be happy

-you decorated that card, you wrote Eliza’s name is nice curvy writing and Maggie was ecstatic

-you didn’t find out Maggie left until the next  week in school from some kids that were saying mean things about her

-”did you hear what happened with that Maggie” “Shes a big Dyke” “Her parents kicked her out, heard shes living across state with her aunt”

-She left and you couldn’t say goodbye

-you cried for the following weeks

 -Your 27 the next time you see each other 

-Shes as beautiful as ever, long brown hair, a big oversized Police jacket

-She didn’t see you, but she was looking for you 

-You were her criminal, She didn’t know that but you were

-You got caught by the D.E.O 

-You were Selling Alien Weapons on the side

-Supergirl calls Maggie over to arrest Their prisoner officially

-you to locked eyes and she froze 

-”Y/N?” “Hey mags, long time no see huh” 

-Maggie didn’t want to believe the girl she grow up with Was behind the selling 

-”No you didn’t do this, She didn’t do it” “Maggie…” “No, Supergirl i don’t wanna hear it” 

- You’re actually a detective as well. you were undercover

-Being Taken in by the DEO busted your case but you got a new job out of it 

-and you got a beautiful and intelligent Girlfriend to fight crime along side with

Svt reacting to their angsty teenager

anon requested: “I’d like to request seventeen’s reactions (or like how they’d deal with) their sons/daughter being angsty as a teenager.”

Seungcheol- The guy already has experience taking care of and parenting 12 other kids already, so easy to say, he’s had plenty of experience. But seeing their kid not happy, it’ll break Seungcheol’s heart. He wouldn’t know what to do despite all his experience, he might just try it all. From not talking about it, and giving their kid time, to just telling them he’s open to talking, to maybe raising his voice and demanding to know what’s wrong, to just trying to hug and comfort his kid in any way he can. He’s not going to give up until he finds out what’s wrong and makes his kid feel better.

“You might not want to talk about it, but I know keeping it to yourself won’t make you feel better either, and I’m here ready if you ever need me to talk to.”

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Jeonghan- Jeonghan is extremely empathetic, although he may not seem like it at first. He’s used to listening to other members’ problems and being their “counselor” of sorts. So when he realizes his kid is giving attitude and being angsty, he doesn’t push them and waits for them to explain themselves, where he then can talk them through everything and give them advice and make them feel better. If his son/daughter doesn’t want to talk about it, he won’t force them to, but he’ll keep asking them questions about how they’re feeling and remind them that he’s always open to a discussion.

“You can talk about it or don’t, but regardless, just know I’m willing to listen.”

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Joshua- Probably the one parent who wishes he could give his children the world and knowing they aren’t happy is breaking his heart and making him feel like he should have been able to do more even though it’s a normal teen thing. He won’t push for them to talk though, he knows the best thing to do is to show his support, but to let his kid come to him if they want to talk. Ends up doing a bunch of little things to show that he’s always there to talk, like making favorite foods, buying lots of ice cream, always texting their kids with little encouraging messages, and just trying to give them all his love.

“You didn’t like rocky road ice cream when you were younger, but now you do. So think of this time in your life as rocky road ice cream, something you may not care much for now but could mean a whole lot to you later.”

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Junhui- That parent that’d probably just act weird continuously until his kid finally tells him what’s wrong and why he’s been acting very angsty lately. He’d pet his kid’s head and hold them in his arms without letting go even if they’re trying to escape or yell “Don’t talk to strangers, it’s bad for your health!” On the inside he feels bad that he can’t cheer up his kid any better or figure out what’s wrong, especially since they don’t want to talk to him, so he just shows his support for them in his own style and way, hoping his kid realizes that he just wants them to be happy and smile.

“If you want, you can skip school for the day and we can go hiking or something and yell from the very top of the mountain. Why? Just cause, why not?”

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Soonyoung- Soonyoung doesn’t really want to take a more quiet subtle path, no. He’ll be the dad to try making fifty jokes in ten minutes trying to get his kid to tell him why they weren’t happy. He’ll do embarrassing dad dances, and blare music really loud and ask his kid to dance with him and “shake off all the haters” just because. He, too, like Joshua would feel like his teen being angsty was some fault of his own parenting even if it’s just a normal thing. He’ll put up a cheery front to get his child smiling, but inside he’ll be worried and concerned and hope that he can be strong and make them happy.

“Sadness can’t get you down if you choose to stay happy and positive. So the best thing you can do is dance like there’s no tomorrow and smile like no one ever hurt you.”

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Wonwoo- The parent who probably spit a bunch of proverbs out just because he doesn’t know how to react properly the first time. He’ll say things like “what looks good, tastes good” and “misery love company”. He’s likely to confuse his kid more with idioms until he really gets a chance to talk to his kid. Wonwoo would explain each saying, if something looks good, someone had to put in the effort to make it look nice. And people tend to share sad emotions with others who feel that way. He’d give advice that sets everything back into perspective and he’ll definitely worry for his kid, but he loves them and trusts them.

“You have every opportunity in your life to make this life your own. Only you can choose to be happy, and I really hope you realize, your happiness is absolutely worth everything in the world to me.” 

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Jihoon- Jihoon would sit down with his kid and ask to talk about what’s wrong. He’d hate it, because he’d hate his child having to feel down and he’d hate having to bring it up, but he knows it’s better to talk to them about it then let it grow hidden. He’d purse his lips and sit quietly listening to whatever it is his kid has to say and he’d want to hold onto his teen like a baby afterwards. He loves his kid so much and he knows how hard it is growing up and trying to figure out how to live life. He understands it’s very much a struggle, which is why he’ll remind his son/daughter that he’s been there and to never struggle alone.

“I think one of the hardest parts about growing up, for me, was the realization that I was responsible for my own mistakes. And while I messed up sometimes, there were always people there for me, like how I’m here for you.”

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Seokmin- As cheery as he normally is, he’ll catch on immediately and know something’s up with his kid. He tries really hard to keep his positivity up and be cheerful all the time so that other people around him can feel happy too, but he knows how hard it is to try and stay positive and happy all the time. He’ll probably try talking to his child about random things first like school or something before asking about how they’ve been feeling recently. His heart will hurt if he hears they haven’t been doing well, but he knows how normal it is to feel down. He’ll make a bunch of jokes and try to cheer up his kid.

“I know your dad seems like sunshine, shhh yes I am, but not everyone can be happy all the time. It’s understandable. Upset or not, take your time and you’ll find your own way to shine like the sun.”

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Mingyu- Mingyu would probably struggle a bit in trying to express his words because he cares so much, but isn’t sure what the best way to start a conversation would be. He’d probably show his support for his kid with his actions like cooking their favorite foods or packing them special lunches. Mingyu doesn’t want to push them to talk since he knows very well how difficult it can be for them, so instead of trying to get them to talk, he supports them and worries about them from afar. He’ll tell them randomly how happy and proud he is of them even if they haven’t said anything.

“I think that I’m proud of you all the time, for living and trying to work hard in life. I couldn’t be happier than when you’re you, doing your own thing and working hard regardless of what happens.”

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Minghao- He’s probably one of the most understanding parents ever. He knows how difficult it is at his kid’s age and he knows how stress and anxiety can creep up from anywhere. He wasn’t the best student, but he pursued his dreams even if it meant giving up everything he felt comfortable with. So he sits down with his kid, who’s going through a rough patch and they just talk about anything. Minghao listens well and tells them some stories about how difficult things can be. But he’ll always support them, he wants them to know that if they aren’t happy, they aren’t living life correctly.

“It’s not about the grades, life never guarantees you anything, you have to work hard and do what you love. I trust you’ll find your own way, but I’m always here, and happiness won’t be too far off either.” 

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Seungkwan- Only the most extra parent ever. Seungkwan loves his kid to bits and discovering them being angsty and struggling, he won’t sit around and do nothing. He’ll want to try everything to make them feel better, wether it’s food like Mingyu or jokes like Soonyoung, he’ll go out of his way to show his kid he’s there to talk to and for support. But it’s not until Seungkwan starts talking honestly about life to his kid does his true advice really start to stand out and show how genuinely loving Seungkwan is as a parent. He’ll hold onto his kid and start talking about how happiness is the key to success.

’“I can’t promise you anything. I can’t tell you that everything will be ok, because no one can do that. But I do know that you, yes you, are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for and that you can decide to keep fighting until the end.”

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Hansol- Hansol would be panicking because he doesn’t really know how to be a parent and he’s really worried and wants the best for his child. In the end, he’ll be awkward and ask his son/daughter if they want to talk about it and if they say no, he’ll just awkwardly let it slide. Eventually he’ll have had enough, his heart hurts seeing his kid not happy and struggling, he hates it, so he gives in to whatever feels right and makes them talk to him about what’s going on in their lives, every detail, anything and he listens and hugs them even if they don’t want to and tries his hand at solid advice.

“Angstiness aside and whatnot, you never have to keep these things to yourself ok? I’m your dad for a reason, this is my job, I get to give whatever advice I have and hope you understand and I get paid whenever I see you happy. That’s all I want.”

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Chan- He’s the oldest kid in his family and so he’s dealt with these sort of things before. He’s mature about the whole thing and just wants his kid to be happy. He’ll set up something elaborate like a family meeting or vacation or something just so he can talk to his kid in a way that feels safe but removed from reality. Just so they know that he’s always rooting for them and waiting for them to realize they have the greatest power in themselves. He might crack a joke or dance a silly dance for a little bit to try to make his kid smile, but in the end, he’s more focused on making sure they come to terms with their problems themselves.

“I may not be the best dad out there, but I do know a few things about how dads work. We work to keep our children happy and we’re always here in the end of the day if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to. So don’t forget that.”

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Hi! I’m Shasta, and I was living on the streets, pregnant, when I found myself at the shelter. Then my beloved friends here at NorCal Bully Breed Rescue in Lincoln, California, took me in and gave me perfect care until my babies were born.

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About being happy

Happiness is such a beautiful feeling. Probably the most beautiful of all, in my opinion. Some may disagree and say that it is love or something else, but I don’t think any feeling can compare to true and pure happiness. It is such a genuine feeling, and it is what we are all looking for in the end. We all want to be happy, whether it is through finding a new book you love, getting into your dream university, having kids, or just by finding love itself. We are always in a constant search for happiness. 

People look more beautiful when they are happy. And by that I don’t mean just putting a fake smile on their faces, I mean legit happiness. You know what I am talking about - when someone’s eyes simply light up in joy when they are doing something they are truly passionate about, or maybe just by looking at some(one/thing) they absolutely adore. Now, some may say that is love, or passion, or something else - but I believe that these are just factors that, if you really think about it, all end up being forms of happiness. 

It is such good, raw energy, that it is contagious. I bet that if you see someone laughing (REALLY laughing) you will laugh too - because that is all we want in life; to feel completely and entirely happy. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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Fitzsimmons + 42. Please and thank you :)

things you said when you asked me to marry you

A/N: I’m apologizing ahead of time because this turned out angstier than I’d intended. I have three excuses for my behavior: 1. jet lag 2. fighting some terrible cold or something 3. JED WHEDON DESTROYED MY SOUL WITH THE LAST EP. I AM planning to write a fluffier version of this prompt though, I promise! In the meantime, I wrote a super sappy proposal story awhile ago, if you need a palate cleanser? http://archiveofourown.org/works/7062676


It has only been ten hours since she’s rescued him from the Framework, but Jemma can’t wait any longer. As soon as they’re back in their bunk, she wraps her arms around him, mesmerized by the beating of his heart against her ear.

“Let’s get married,” she says, in a rush, not at all how she’d intended it. His inhale is shaky but he ducks down to press gentle kisses all along her face.

“I was gonna bring it up, but I was afraid. You’ve always been the braver one,” Fitz murmurs against her mouth, and she grins.

“I know,” she says, somewhat haughtily, before kissing his pout away.

“But I’ve been planning a speech,” he insists.

“Then maybe you should’ve mentioned something before your LMD could,” she replies, but she knows she’s gone too far when he stills beneath her fingertips, his sharp intake of breath sucking all the oxygen from the room.

“Don’t—” he starts, right as she cuts him off with, “I’m sorry.”

“No, I know,” he steps back from her and she pulls herself forward by his shirt, refusing to allow his retreat. “I just—I can’t, we can’t joke about it.”

Fitz,” she breathes as he sits heavily onto their bed, covering his face with his hands. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that…” She stops when she feels more than hears his shuddering sobs and it’s this that causes her own tears to fall. She kneels in front of him and pulls him into a fierce hug. He collapses against her, squeezing her to him so tightly it hurts.

“Don’t want—want to marry you,” is what she thinks she hears in between his choking sobs, and despite all the pain she’s survived, this is the moment she truly understands what it means to have a broken heart.

“No, Fitz, don’t do this,” she begs.

“Just—marrying, I thought it could mean…but we’re always, this won’t change. You’re always in danger.”

“What?” she whispers, desperately trying to follow his train of thought. He looks up at her then, and his eyes are shimmering with devastation and adoration and so much hunger. He brings her face to his and kisses her hard, like this might be the last time he will ever be allowed to touch her.  

She falls back onto the carpet, not even sure what’s happening, just needing him as close as possible.

“Fitz,” she gasps, arching her back as he slides his teeth over her pulse point. She stops suddenly, even though it’s the last thing she wants, because she still doesn’t understand his rambling. “Fitz, what do you want?”

He drops his head to her shoulder and she immediately feels his tears seeping through her shirt. “Jemma, let’s…let’s just leave.”


“I want to marry you, but I want everything. I want us to be together and have a home and maybe…maybe kids and none of that is possible here.”

“Wait, you do want to get married? I thought you just said—?” She shakes her head, feeling a dull throbbing behind her eyes. Some part of her can’t believe how happy she is, to know they want the same things after all. The other part of her is so very exhausted.

“I don’t want to just get married,” he clarifies, and when she looks up she finds he can’t meet her eyes. “I don’t regret…I don’t regret our life together and what we’ve done but…” he sighs, finally catching her gaze. “I want to have a chance at something remotely resembling a normal life.”

She’s breathing heavily now, trying to process everything he’s said, wondering how long he’s been feeling this way before it had burst out of him. Her silence must make him nervous because he grabs her hand, tugging her towards him.

“I know this work is important to you. It’s important to me too. What if we—what if we could settle down somewhere and consult? We could have our own lab and security and we could help out whenever SHIELD needs us.”

“Settle down?” she asks, watching his fingers as they play with hers. “Where?”

“Anywhere. Wherever you want, Jemma,” and the sincerity in his eyes is enough to choke her.

“Perthshire,” she whispers, bringing her lips to his and kissing him, much more gently this time. She can feel the tension leave his body in an instant, all of the fight and the sorrow and the fear spooling out of him like a virus she’s managed to eradicate with just her words.

“Perthshire,” he repeats softly. He lets his head fall once again to her shoulder, and this time when he cries it’s for all of the things he never thought he could have and that are now, somehow, miraculously within reach.

All the Family I Require

I actually managed to write a fic for this day! Thanks very much to @graciecatfamilyband for reading through. All grammar mistakes are her fault.


Leia sat back in her office chair and rubbed her eyes. She’d forgotten her glasses at home that morning and trying to read without them wasn’t helping her headache at all. She’d left a message on Han’s comm link asking him to pretty please bring them to her if he wasn’t too busy, but she hadn’t heard back.

Unfortunately, today was her scheduled no-meetings day, when all her responsibilities consisted of sitting in her office, reading briefings, handling correspondence, and writing.

There were aspirin in the drawer, and she took a few, hoping to get her blooming headache under control. It hadn’t started with the glasses, though—it had started when she walked through the doors of the office building and found the press corral full of nosy people.

Every so often, when the press ran out of actual news to report, they’d start bothering the well-known figures, the celebrities, the scientists, the politicians. Today had been her day (or definitely not her day, depending on how you looked at it) and she’d been hounded with questions left and right—and never questions about policy or her work or anything important—personal questions that they had no business asking.

“Ambassador, will we see you at the Senatorial Gala next week?” Why no, actually, that is a ball for senators, she sniped in her head.

“Do you care to comment on recent allegations of your husband’s infidelity?” Who’s Han cheating on me with this time, Chewie, or Luke? They’d had a good laugh last week in the supermarket check-out line when Han had spotted a poorly doctored picture of he and Lando in embrace splashed across the covers of several tabloids.

“Princess, tell us, are there plans for children in your future? Or have you forgone that avenue due to your bloodline?”

That question had almost made her pause in the hallway. She’d clenched her jaw closed and continued on to the elevators, leaving the press in the lobby to bother other people.

“You know, Your Highness, it wouldn’t hurt to give them an answer on that one. You and Captain Solo have been married for quite some time. The fact that you don’t have children makes people wonder if your marriage is…well, stable. If maybe you’re not as happy as you seem,” said the lady from PR. “And, if it’s a matter of not…not being able to, well, I’m sure you could help console many couples across the galaxy suffering from the same malady,” she’d encouraged. It had taken Leia nearly a full minute of composing herself not to just scream before dismissing the woman quickly.

There’d been a communique from the woman after about an hour with the subject line, ‘Why Happy Couples Should Have Children’, and Leia didn’t bother trying to struggle through it without her glasses.

 Her office door slid open and Leia cracked an eye open: Han. He held up her glasses.“I think I love you,” she said.

He raised his other hand, which held a what appeared to be a large grava-berry milkshake from her favorite fast-food place: a sure-fire way to help calm a headache.

“I definitely love you,” Leia amended, sitting up. He came around behind her desk and set both items on her desk, leaning down to kiss her slowly.

“Hectic morning?” he asked, his warm hands lingering on the back of her neck and momentarily easing the throbbing behind her eyes.

“How did you know?”

“Isn’t it always?” Han replied, straightening a bit. Leia quirked an eyebrow in agreement and took a long sip of her milkshake, feeling instantly better.

“Can I ask you something purely hypothetical?” she asked, leaning back to look up at his handsome face.


“Do you think we’d have been happier now if we had kids?”

He seemed surprised by her question, and brought his hand to sweep pensively over his jaw while he thought through his answer.

“I’m pretty happy just bein’ you and me, Sweetheart,” he finally said. “We always talked about it bein’ that way, but we can talk about it again if you want,” he offered. “Are you–are you not happy?

“No, no, I’ve never been happier. It’s just…well, the PR department would appreciate it I disclosed our reason for not having a family. I just got a bantha-shit communique about it. They act like we’re committing a grievous crime because we don’t want to pop out a kid.”

“We are a family,” Han countered, a serious look on his face. Leia smiled a bit, feeling her anger abate just slightly as a fresh wave of love for him crashed over her. “What they say don’t matter, does it?”

“No. I was thinking, I suppose, about why that matters to anyone. People always say they never knew they could love their spouse as much as they do until after they have a baby, but I love you more and more every day even without a child,” Leia said. “ The number of children a couple does not correlate to how happy they are.”     

“If it were, you ‘n me’d have more kids than we knew what to do with,” Han teased. Leia giggled.

“That’s very true. Their second statement makes sense, I suppose. If we wanted children but couldn’t, talking about it could bring light to something that many couples face but cannot talk about,” she acquiesced. Han nodded in agreement. “I don’t know where this is all coming from, Han. I’m sorry to keep you from work so long,” she apologized.

“It’s alright, Sweetheart,” Han assured, rubbing her arm.

“It just makes me angry that they refuse to consider us normal because we don’t want to have a kid,” she continued. “We’re stuck being those weird couples in all the holos that have 14 exotic pets or are really…into aerobics or have an apartment full of Chandrilan crystal.”

“Well, maybe that means they’ll just leave us alone,” he soothed, leaning down to kiss her.

“It still makes me angry,” Leia muttered, standing to ease the angle of their kiss. “They asked about Vader,” she murmured. Han stopped his movement and leaned back, putting his hands on her shoulders and looking at her with concern.


“I’ve never wanted kids. Not even before I found out about him. I hate that they try to make everything about him.”

“I know.” They were silent for a moment, standing and soaking up the other’s presence. “Do you want to tell people? I’ll admit I ain’t crazy about the idea, but if they’re asking you about that, it might be best to just…get it all out. Like you said about the…other thing. It might show people that some folks can be happy without kids by choice,” Han offered.

“That’s not a bad idea. We can’t be the only couple in the galaxy who just doesn’t want children,” she chuckled.

“We can think about it,” he recommended.

“I like the sound of that,” she agreed. He slipped his hand up into her newly-short hair, finding the tight spot at the origin of her headache and applying pressure. She groaned and snuggled into him.

“Tell you what. If you come home early, I’ll help you get rid of that headache,” Han offered, rubbing her scalp with his fingers.“What do you have in mind?” she asked.            

“Hmm…I’ve heard that not-makin’-a-baby can be real good for headaches—both now, and for the next 18 years and nine months,” he teased in a low rumble into her ear. Leia shivered.        



A month later, the press was back in the lobby. She heard the typical questions regarding Han’s fidelity, her current projects, and even one about her haircut. 

“Your highness, last month you denied comment on your decisions to have a family with Captain Solo. Leia turned toward the reporter.

“I have a family with Captain Solo: myself, and him. That is all the family either of us requires.”

Summary: You find out your pregnant and you plan on telling your boyfriend, Lance.  You’re just worried about how he will react.
A/N:  I need some fluffy dad Lance in my life okay!

How the hell were you going to tell him? 

 You were sitting in the middle of the bed trying to figure out how you were going to tell your boyfriend you were pregnant. Did Lance even want kids? The two of you had never brought up the subject of having kids. Would he be angry? Happy? Abandon you? You shook your head trying to think positive. If you were honest with yourself you were a little excited. You loved children and now you were going to have your own bundle of joy. Now just to see how Lance would feel. 

A little while later he made it home and you felt more nervous than ever. “Y/N, babe I’m home!” You slowly got up from the bed and made your way to go find him. He was sitting on the couch in the living room when you found him. He was going through his phone when he looked up at you and smirked. “Hey there sweetcheeks. I’m surprised to see you walking after last night.” Last night was amazing yes. He had you coming undone more times than you could count. You usually would have some sassy remake about the sex you two had, but not today. You just stood there with a worried look on your face and you also weren’t able to look at him. Lance gave you a look of concern as he stood up, making his way over to you. “You okay babe?” His hands ran up and down the sides of your arms and he could feel you trembling. 

“Y/N what is it? You’re never this quite and your shaking.” He grabbed your chin and made you look at him. God, it was now or never. You took a deep breath hoping it would help with the nerves. “Lance, I’m…I’m pregnant.” Needless to say you felt ten time better now that you actually told him. 

 Lance took a step back and you couldn’t make out the look on his face. He stood there with his mouth half open and his eyes looking back and forth from your face to your stomach. You bit your bottom lip waiting for him to say something, but it didn’t look like that was happening. “Lance, please say something.”

And without a word he walked out the door. You stood there stunned and could feel the tears forming in your eyes. You know this might happen, but your were praying that it wouldn’t. You wanted him to be there with you to raise this child. You slowly walked back to the bedroom and sat down in the edge of the bed. The tears finally fell when you placed your hand to your stomach. You were broken over the fact that he just walked out without a word. That he probably wouldn’t be there for you and your child. His child. 

 Sleep finally came after what seemed like endless hours of crying. When the morning came though you felt even more tired than when you went to sleep.

You grabbed your phone off the nightstand hoping for a message or call from Lance, but there was nothing. You decided to take a shower, hoping that it would make your body ache a little less. Thankfully the warm water did help soothe you body. You dried off and wrapped the towel around you making your way back to the bedroom. To your surprise when you entered the bedroom Lance was there. 

 Before you could even say anything he sat up from the bed and made his way over to you. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m a huge dick. I shouldn’t have walked out on you last night like that.” You knew that he was being honest because he hated admitting when he did wrong. 

 You were about to say something when he stopped you. “Wait just let me finish please.” He took your hand in his, holding it tight. “I’m not gonna lie. When you told me you were pregnant last night it scared the shit out of me. I’m probably the farthest thing from dad material, but it got me thinking. Thinking a lot actually. I stayed up all night thinking of what it would be like to have a kid with you and I realized I want that." 

Tears were already streaming down your face and he moved to brush them away. "I love you, Y/N. I never thought I would have a family, but being with you makes me want that." He was hesitant but he leaned in to kiss you and you let him. You wrapped your arms around him pulling him close. 

"I was so scared you weren’t coming back.” He leaned his forehead against yours and sigh. “I’m sorry for making you think that. I’d take it back if I could. God, you didn’t deserve that.” You caressed his cheek and softly smiled at him. “You really do want this?” He laughed and nodded. 

“I want to see your stomach grow, to feel them kick, and to be with you when you bring our son or daughter into this world.” He smirked then. “I’m not gonna lie. Im gonna be looking forward to the crazy hormonal sex cravings”. You laughed at him and swatted at his chest. “Lance I’m scared. We are going to be parents. Responsible for a little baby.” You felt him pull you into a hug and kiss your hair. “I’m scared too, but I know we can do this together. Our kid is going to be awesome." 

 He was right. As long as the two of you were together you could do this. It might not be the easiest task, but you could do it.

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“Just a random game I found in one of the boxes. It’s just a racing game I used to play all the time when I was a kid,” Caleb replies, eyes never leaving the screen. “It’s very addictive,” he admits with a smile. “How was your day with the girls?”

Samantha hums in response as she slowly moves to sit down next to Caleb. “It was fun. Celia really wants to plan a baby shower slash gender reveal party? I guess it’ll be fun, yeah? How do you feel about that? Jasmine also told me some juicy details about her new almost-girlfriend. I’m really happy for her, she’s been needing someone. Just need to find Celia a man now.”

Caleb simply nods, his attention clearly on something completely different than Samantha’s words.

You know what’s weird?

I don’t need to see Season 7. I am fulfilled by what we’ve got right now. Captain Swan got their happy ending. So did Snowing. Hell, so did Rumbelle! Regina’s good, so Zelena. I don’t need to know whatever the hell is going on with Henry and his kid. I just…don’t.

I don’t trust A&E not to find some convoluted way to fuck up the happy endings we just got, purely for the sake of drama. The level to which I DON’T care about the story they want to tell is staggering.

I’m happy. Let me stay that way.

Ok, but AU where Satine survived “The Lawless”, but had to leave Mandalore

Like imagine:

  • her living on Coruscant
  • Obi-Wan visiting her whenever he can
  • Obi-Wan comforting her about failing her people
  • them being literal marriage blanc
  • Anakin teasing the hell out of them
  • “Hey, Obi-Wan, going somewhere? Maybe to see your not-girlfriend?”
  • Obi being literally freaked out when he finds out about battle of Cruscant, like his first thought being “oh fuck, Satine!”
  • him thinking about her while flying half of the ship
  • her seeing half of his ship through her window like “if that’s not motherfuckin’ Kenobi, then I’m damn Yoda”
  • when anakin meets Padme, Obi-Wan meets Satine 
  • when she sees him, she gives him a little kiss on the cheek, he blushes like little boy
  • she is the last one he sees before leaving to find Grievous
  • he almost says that he loves her
  • Satine knows about Anakin and Padme, therefore she knows who the father is
  • she knows that there is something seriously wrong with Palpatine
  • she shares this with Padme
  • she helps padme and others with policy against Palpatin’s growing power
  • the long, late night conversations with Obi-Wan when they share their worries with each other
  • lots of “be carefuls”
  • her being totally shocked about rise of an empire
  • her being the first one to know about Anakins betrayal
  • she comforts Obi-Wan, but he cries on her shoulder
  • she tells Obi about Anakin’s kid
  • she leaves the planet with Bail Organa
  • she worries her ass of while Obi-Wan is somewhere doing something
  • when he gets back with Padme she just knows
  • her holding little Luke and Leia and thinking that they are beautiful, and gaining some hope before facing Obi-Wan
  • she finds Obi-Wan sitting alone in some room, his hand shaking, he stands up, he wants to say something, but she just hugs him
  • he knows there is no code holding him back anymore
  • “I love you Satine and there is no Order to leave now”
  • “I’ve always loved you, Obi. I always will love you.”

Feel free to add.

I binged on Stranger Things last week and it was SOOOO GOOOOOOD!! I really enjoyed it a lot and I knew I wanted to make some fan art but I wasn’t sure of what. I also really wanted to make something in time for San Francisco Comic Con this weekend and finally got time to sit down today and just work on making this. I think its really cute, and hope you agree :)

You can find me this weekend at booth #607!

Imagine for Owen Grady were the reader is trying to tell him she is pregnant and instead of just being up front and telling him she is dropping hints for him to pick up on....

Owen Grady x Reader

Requested by: Anon

It was another ordinary day in the park and you were on your lunch break with your friend and coworker Rose. A few minutes before you did the pregnancy test. You already knew the result and wanted to tell her first. She was talking about the new interns who had arrived. You sighed calmly and interrupted her.
“I’m pregnant!” You said smiling ear to ear.
“Omg! How? No don’t tell me, but I didn’t know you and Owen were trying…” She looked astonished.
“And we weren’t, but it happened. Do you think this is a good idea? I mean, we’re so young…” Your mind was a mess. You really needed some advice from Rose.
“Hm…I know him very well and I know that he loves you too the moon and back. And you are hopelessly in in love with him. When two people love each other that much, I think they can do wonderful things. And by wonderful I mean to have the ability to create and love a life. I think you’re going to be a great mom!” She smiled and waited for you to say something.
“Well, I’m very happy. I always wanted to have kids…How should I tell him?” You asked her and saw Rose covering her mouth with the hand.
“You didn’t told him anything?” Rose was confused. You swallowed.
“Nope…I just found out half an hour ago!” You wrapped your own hands together and stared at her, in hope she finds a way to you tell Owen about your pregnancy.

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