i just want you to be in decent things omg

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I'm all for freedom of speech and dark humor but I gotta say that people here have no manners. What happened to respecting orhers? Not making fun of something you know is difficult topic for the person should be the most basic thing. Everyone just want to be edgy so bad that they forget what is it to be a decent human being

I always feel so bad for these sensitive, impressionable kids who get attacked by full grown adults. This isnt a “omg but hes a minor he cant be called out!!” thing because I don’t agree with that. This isnt some idiot teen saying something cringey or hateful. This is a 14 year old rape victim who vented about being sensitive to rape jokes, only to have adults put rape jokes on his fucking post. WHO DOES THAT?

Y'all seriously, I had a guy abuse me for months and I struggled for years with anorexia (to name a few issues) so if you want to make awful jokes and hurt someone, do it to me. I’m an adult and at least I understand how to deal with it. Sick fucks.

Consent Required

Context: Lengthy battle with undead and demons, Lia(Sorceress elf) really does not deal well with being surrounded and being hit. Has had enough, no longer thinking straight, she just wants to see blood now.

Lia: I want to rip its head off its shoulders. (Rolls Decently for touch attack and Rolls a Nat 1 for strength) DM: You firmly grasp the ghoul’s head, and pull it towards yours, the ghoul panics and tries to scream, his screams muffled as your mouth closes over his.

Lia: … Eeeeeewwwwwww Gross OMG

Fiver(Eladrin Rogue): *Throw up noises*

Alain(Human Cleric): *Face Palm*

Fluffy(Shifter Warden): *wets himself*

NEXT ROUND Ghoul Rolls successfully to push the sorceress off, and is comforted by other nearby ghouls, therapy is mentioned.

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HElp friend, do you have any gay movie recommendations?? My heart needs this (I hope you're having a good day)

this is the question i have always wanted to receive omg i’m so excited

ok so i decided to just list all the decent ones i’ve seen. not all of these are incredible, but they’re entertaining and definitely worth watching. also i probably forgot some but,,,,

my personal favourites are marked with * and i suggest u start with them ^w^

- brokeback mountain *****
- the boys in the band *
- the falls
- maurice
- shelter
- beautiful thing
- edge of seventeen
- weekend
- get real
- the rocky horror picture show *
- my beautiful laundrette
- the man who loved yngve (norwegian) *
- north sea texas (dutch)
- boys (dutch)

- imagine me and you *
- lost and delirious *
- high art
- but i’m a cheerleader *
- i can’t think straight
- the incredible true adventure of two girls in love
- saving face *
- loving annabelle
- kissing jessica stein
- the four-faced liar
- my summer of love
- jenny’s wedding
- life partners
- the truth about jane
- water lilies (french)
- show me love (swedish) *****
- kiss me (swedish)

and then there are blockbusters such as milk, philadelphia, my private idaho, carol, a single man etc. that everyone loves but for some reason i haven’t seen them yet so i can’t really comment

i hope this helped!! (also like feel free to tell me when you’ve watched one cause i’m always here for movie discussions)

I’m Done, Like so Done

I have been waffling with this relationship, we go back and forth and back and forth. I think my problem is I tend to remember the fun times more than the shit times. Bad thing happen and then I freak out and refuse to talk to him.

The problem, I realized, is that he is so entitled and he just does not get it at all. He literally said to me “I don’t know that you really like me, I think you just want what I can offer to you”. Whaaaatttt?!

Okay mediocre white man, you make a decent salary and you are educated. You have an attractive face and you are semi-athletic. That’s about all you have going on.

You’re going to tell a woman who speaks three languages, is educated, is in peak physical condition, makes 2.5x what you make in a year, has a credit score over 800, is a good cook, and most of all isn’t demanding of things, that she is looking for what YOU have to offer? omg. I’m not saying I’m perfect because I am far from it but seriously. Please bask in your own mediocrity forever and be alone. He wants a woman to take care of him but also to be the breadwinner. Not going to happen bro

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yeah its so competitive and im so very not competitive so ehhh but i guess i should apply.. i've heard of berklee and it sounds amazing but my parents wont let me do just music so rip but i do really like the boston area!! also i play cello (badly), sing (badly), +compose (decently) and im in a band and we're dumb, the english books are as dry as jerky but i'll survive!! also yES I LOVE THE NCTs DOYOUNG IS MY BIAS, THE COPIOUS GIFS OF HIS BLACK HAIR ARE MAKING ME INCREDIBLY HAPPY!! ~bear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ!

ooooh thats a shame do they want you to do music in combo with another major??? omg we mean both of us cant play the cello LOL (sam tried violin for 2 years, not her thing) so ur probably miles ahead of us in skill,,,,, composing wow that’s so cool!!!!!!!! does your band perform your self-composed songs???? that honestly sounds amazing like wow so much talent ;;;;

plural ncts omg funny but very true!!!!! awww doyoung is so cute with his black hair especially when it’s parted a bit to show his forehead????? a very good look :^)