i just want you to be healthy and not fragile

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I adore you seriously I'm so grateful for the work you guys do!💚 Do you possibly have any possessive Stiles? Please and thank you 💜

For sure! - Anastasia

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Curiouser and curiouser by Nival_Vixen

(1/1 I 1,849 I Explicit I Sterek)

Derek gets a call and discovers that while Stiles is a curious being, Stiles’ tail is even curiouser.

must be in want by redhoodedwolf

(1/1 I 2,342 I Teen I Sterek)

From sweettalkinghellhound on tumblr: I’m really feeling a possessive!Stiles right now. Like, not unhealthy possessive, but like, “You’re mine, but I’m also yours. But if you need me to back off its cool.” That kind of healthy relationship stuff. Maybe add an a/b/o theme to it? If you’re cool with that. All the good relationship stuff is my jam, broski. It’s the best. Thank you for taking prompts. :3

There’s A Beast In My Heart (He’ll Only Bow To You) by RayShippouUchiha

(1/1 I 3,605 I Teen I Sterek)

“Stiles.” Derek fucking whimpers and if Stiles wasn’t already dying he’d kill himself for making Derek sound so hurt. Stiles just wants to protect him so much sometimes because no one else ever seems to realize that Derek is so goddamn fragile and Stiles hates them all a little bit for not being able to see that.


In an effort to expel the Nogitsune Stiles is given the bite but it all goes horribly wrong.

(I Ain’t Scared of the Fall) I’ve Felt the Ground Before by planiforidjit

(18/18 I 41,055 I Explicit I Sterek)

“You know what the solution is,” she says.

“What’s the solution?”

“You get a mate.”

“Thank you for that, Laura. I’ll file it away with the other idiotic ideas I’ve already tried.”

Derek is sick of being treated like he’s property and he’s sick of his family pressuring him to find a mate. So the obvious solution is to fake a relationship with Stiles Stilinski, the annoying lacrosse player and alpha that Derek may or may not be pining over anyway.

Building a Better Chimera: Part Two by Uthizaar

(21/21 I 200,638 I Explicit I Steo)

Theo returns to Beacon Hills with the task of guiding and protecting Stiles as he becomes one of the most powerful chimeras alive…Well that was the Dread Doctor’s plan. Theo has a different idea, and Stiles fits nicely into it, not merely as a fellow chimera, but as something more. Of course, Stiles not being aware of his abilities is but one small obstacle…


requested by anon and  @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch <3
Cedric x reader. added Cedric taking you somewhere for your birthday /  Could you do a fic with Cedric Diggory x Hufflepuff girl where they’re best friends and maybe he finds a sunflower that’s bright and yellow and he gives it to her bc it reminds him of her? Thank you (: 
a/n; sunflowers are so pretty why aren’t they romanticized more????????


The sun shines a magnificent light on the seemingly never ending field of yellow headed sunflowers that all heave and flutter under its rays, tilting their heads sideways and swaying when softly brushed by the wind. Your breath catches in your lungs and you squeeze his hand; Cedric grins, pleased that he surprised you so and watches as the awed expression on your face lifts into a smile. He notes a dusty blush pinch your cheeks, the tip of your nose, even your ears. But he can hardly admire it for long, as before he knows it your hand slips from his and you skip closer to one particular flower that is somewhat smaller, overshadowed by the healthy ones, fragile in a way.

“I saw them when I was flying around on my broom…” He starts. You crouch, trailing the soft pads of your fingers over the velvety surface of its petal. “They reminded me of you.”

Your heart leaps in your chest and the already paining smile widens, a quiver of excitement shaking your bones and you snap your head to him, wanting to say something heartfelt, perhaps a ‘Thank you’ or any of the sort, but all is wiped clean from your mind when you see just how stunning he is surrounded by the flowers that bear the same color of his House. You want to take at least one sunflower, but plucking it from a field this many seems wrong – like you are separating a child from its family. So with one last loving stroke you stand, fix your hair and take in a breath.

“Can we stay here?” You ask, “At least for a while…” You add, glancing down at your bag. Good thing you brought a camera.

“(Name).” Cedric says softly, “It’s your birthday. We can stay here for as long as you like.”

Requests are open!

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I came to request and saw hi stranger...The flashbacks of that butt are coming to get me. Lolol so about the request. Would you mind writing about MC who was in an accident but is okay well except that she will stay temporary blind fro like half a month lol. And what would my babe Jumanji, V and Saeran do? I really like your headcanons btw you may write maximum 3 characters but you write them good

1)The “hi stranger” I put it before the video came up

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I predict the future…

2)I know tat it will be better if I wrote more than 3 characters but I get distracted pretty essay and when I try to do the whole crew I just get born distract myself plus I want you to suffer…

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Yeah I image you saying “But I love all RFA how can I chose just 3?” or “Why ! why! you are making me chose!” or like “I have 4 fav but I have to decide who doesn´t deserve to be on an HC” ooh yeah does thoughts are the why I wake up every day …

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but is more like 90% because I get distracted and 10% because I’m evil, the only way I can make the reaction of all RFA+v+saeran+rika+vanderwood+everyone else that is on the Mystic messengers game is by oral (Like me talking and everything) so maybe the only way I can deliver to you that is a live stream but I´m too afraid of that shit.If you want the reaction of another character of one of my old Hc you just have to ask (When request is open).


  • He blames himself for what happened to you and It doesn´t matter if is his fault or not.
  • I will treat you like a fragile piece of glass.
  • He will not let you get up of the bed until the doctor says to him “It is not healthy to be on the bed all day” but now you have a personal trainer just for fucking stretches.
  • Sorry jaehee but he will be attached to Mc for a 2-months
  • You have a nurse 24/7
  • and the only thing you hear from Jumin is “Sorry” and will not say anything more because he doesn't “Deserves you”
  • You are tired of all that and you say to him “Jumin…cut this bullshit.I´m blind just for 1 month.It´s not your fault! So stop acting like a fucking kid that was scolded” 
  • I don´t care if you are the sweetest person in the world because I am telling you that we will get you to this point of stress
  • And Jumin tell you “Darling I´m over here”
  • *DEEP BREATH* “Fuck you!” you were internally laughing like crazy,well at least it was something deferent that “Sorry”


If he is still blind:

“Well we are fucked”

if he got surgery:

  • Since he know how it is to be blind,he will be
  • #IdemandadrawingofVinanursecustumandJuminastheDr.2k17
  • in general, he will make your blind experience pleasant
  • and will see (not literally) the beauty in it.


  • the poor boy can´t even take care of himself and I think we will take good care of you?
  • sometimes we will forget you are blind
  • “Where were you?”
  • “Saeran you got distracted with the ice cream truck and you left me here…”
  • “sorry…”
  • And sometimes he has very present that you are blind
  • “What are you doing, Saeran?”
  • “I´m going to wash you?”
  • “You don´t have to enter to the shower with me.I know perfectly where are the things and I have don this before”
  • “And if you feel? or you need help? or you get stuck? or…”
  • “Stuck? haha.Ok you can enter”
  • and look at the bright side (not literally) Saeran doesn’t have to cover your eyes in the bedroom…

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

Montgomery De La Cruz imagine-

Prompt: You faint in front of Monty because you have an eating disorder where you barely eat anything. Monty then supports and watches you eat everyday, trying to help you.

Warnings: Talk of eating disorders

A/N: I have never had an eating disorder, and I am so sorry if I offend anyone with this. I know it’s a real thing and I am proud of all of you for doing what you can. I don’t know a lot about eating disorders, but please know I am here for you and I want to help the best I can. I love you all and thank you @the-impala-to-my-dean for the request! I hope you like it!

You wake up, a headache already starting to form as you feel a cool breeze hit against your face. “Babe, Babe can you hear me?” you hear a familiar voice ask, a bit of panic laced with it. You slowly open your eyes, but quickly close them as the light only intensifies the headache. You feel him play with your hair gently, he lets out a sigh of relief as he does. “What happened?” you ask softly, covering your eyes weakly with your arm. “You fainted. We were standing in line to get into that one store that had that big sale, and you just fainted.” he says softly and shakes his head. “This is getting out of hand” he whispers.

“What is?” you ask softly, a bit confused on what your boyfriend was referring to. He sighs, biting his lip as he looks out the window of the air conditioned apartment. “Your eating disorder” he says softly. “Not in the way that I can’t handle it, but babe, you are so thin. I know you don’t eat, and for all I know you throw it up later when you do. I’m not trying to be insincere, I know you are trying to beat it. I want to help you, I want to support you. It terrifies me to see you get so faint, I feel like I have to be so fragile with you or you might break and I just want you to be healthy babe.” he says softly. “You aren’t eating nearly enough a day, and I need you to work on that with me, okay?” he looks at you. You look up at him and nod. “Okay” you agree quietly, biting your lip a bit at the idea.

You knew he was right, but it was hard. It was hard to see a positive image in the mirror, it was hard to eat and not feel a certain way, and from where you are now it was hard to eat in general. Food didn’t stay down like it used to, and you really could not eat like you used to be able to. You wanted to get better, you wanted to be a bit stronger, but it was hard. 

He kept his promise to you though. He sat with you through every meal, encouraging you to eat what you can, and some days asking you to eat a bite or two more to build some endurance. You two went to months of therapy together, him making sure you got the support you needed from him and the therapist. He read all he could about eating disorders and followed all the ways to help someone get through one, if something didn’t work though, he would look for other ways to help build you.

After months of this, you finally started getting better. You ate more, you felt more yourself, and Monty stayed by your side through all of it. One night, when you two were cuddling, looking up at the stars, he smiles over at you. “You know, months ago I thought I had lost you. When you fainted that was the scariest thing that had ever happened to me. When you woke up, I made a promise to love you and support you no matter what through this process” he says, kissing your head gently. “I am so proud of you. You have done incredible through this process and I am just so proud of what you have done without me as well. You are so strong Princess, the bravest person I know.” He says and kisses your head.

You smile gently, blushing a bit. “I couldn’t have done this without you” you say honestly, leaning up to kiss him. He kisses back and smiles gently. “I love you” he says softly. “I love you too” you smile gently and cuddle closer. It was the perfect night, and you couldn’t believe how amazing the boy next to you was. You thanked him for everything, and he made sure that you know that all this was you. You were the one with the hardest part, and he admired all you endured and really was proud of you. You continued to grow through this, in yourself and in others, and that was what made you stronger. 


the holographic gore forms a reflected rainbow in your eyes and i can’t make sense of the thoughts that swim just behind the dark lashes

i could love you the way that you are but you are too far out of your mind to want my flaws

harsh dispositions turn bright melodies into muddy dissonance, healthy vessels become clogged and diseased. hearts turn chrome plated and frozen, preserved in clinically white rooms that smell of rubbing alcohol.

cream colored skin stretches over your collarbones and it looks so fragile in this pale light.

my voice cracks when i say your name, but only because i know i may never get to say it again. it is as if i have jumped from the rafters in order to get to you, but by the time i arrived you had already bled out and left me, alone, in a world devoid of scars where i will never belong. a world of sunshine that i will never understand.

your pupils convulse and your eyelids flutter closed, you are lying in a scene of invisible destruction and the only one who can hear your piercing scream is me.

my heart used to love like a wide eyed child, eager and naïve and innocent. it used to be full of serene joy and healthy pumping vessels, red and absorbent and ready for new challenges, new emotions, new love. things have changed, and now it is as cold as a mirror, reflecting the ugliness of the world in a unflinching projection of violence and pain. now the hard chrome surface shows your flaws with perfect accuracy and you can’t take it.

when i look in your eyes, i watch the life flood out of them and the surface is perfectly transparent. i can see your woes, the way that the cogs turn in your mind. i know exactly how to love you, because in your eyes i can now read the manuel. you never let me see these parts of you before, i never knew what made you tick. but you are dying now, and the only part of you left to love is your broken corpse.

- you are broken on the inside and the outside

Ideal relationship

Id love to say “I’m not that complicated” but who am i kidding? The reason i am complicated though, is because of everything i have been through, i deserve to be complicated and it was necessary to raise my standards. I’ve settled for less than I deserve once and i never want to make the same mistake again. First off, you can look at other girls, soak in the beauty but don’t let me see, and when your with me make me feel like its ME who is the most beautiful girl. Don’t give up that easily, if you give up i give up. Make me a better person, tell me when I’m wrong in a sincere way, and kiss me when I’m right. Deal with my morning “look” and my restless sleeping. Be patient with my insecurities, god knows i have a shit ton of them. Let me be right sometimes, i do admit when i am wrong. Send me cute texts and surprise me on random occasions. Meet me half way. Help me focus on my priorities and my school work and motivate me to be healthy and active. Don’t call me clingy just because i want to wrap my arms and legs around you, embrace me also. Don’t make me feel like i am in a competition with anyone. Don’t tell me what to do, instead give me suggestions and reasonings behind your thoughts. Mostly, let me in, and i will let you in, do not make me regret it and do not break my heart. It is extremely fragile to begin with. Kiss me (with tongue) and rub my back. Let me take my naps on you and don’t get grossed out when i get up and left a little drool on you. Travel with me, encourage me, accept my family and accept my flaws. Listen to me talk about endless possibilities of space and the world. Be mine. Don’t make my worried heart worry anymore than it already does. Don’t fix me, let me be, just love me for every little imperfect flaw that make me me.

"I'm sorry." Theo Raeken

His eyes glisten with warm tears as I stare into them. My hands automatically cradle his face and I feel my eyes get heavy taking in everything. Theo has never been given a chance, never had a healthy relationship in his entire life, and never had anyone to let in. I want to change that.

He stares back at me like he can read my thoughts. “I’m here. And I’m not leaving.” More tears glisten in his eyes and they pour over, sliding fast down his face. I wrap my arms tight around him, so tightly that I can feel every shaky breath he takes. I nuzzle my nose into his neck and whisper.

“It’s ok. I love you, I won’t leave you.” I cradle his fragile frame in my arms, just letting him be. If he needs to cry, scream, do nothing at all, I’ll be there for him. Nobody has ever given a damm or thought about what was going on inside of him, but I am determined to make him feel my love. I am in love with Theo and I’m not sorry. I want him to feel loved every day of his life from now on and I want to be the one to make him feel that way.

"I’m sorry.” He mumbles. He pulls away and I look into his eyes. “What?” I ask. He shakes his head, “I’m sorry, you don’t deserve this, just go…” He removes himself from my arms and turns away from me. This is his house, so he won’t be the one to leave. "Theo… I’m not leaving.” I take a step and place my hand on his shoulder, but he shrugs me off. My heart sinks. “Just get out of here.” He says. A moment of silence passes while I find more determination.

"I take a deep breath and take another step closer. “No.” I state loudly. He only slightly turns around to look at me. “I’m not leaving and you can’t make me. Maybe you don’t know this, but when people love each other, they don’t just give up. And I am not giving up on you, Theo.” He takes in a deep breath and turns away from me.

"Well, you can be sorry all you want, but I’m not sorry.” This seems to catch his attention. He lifts his head, still facing away from me, but seems to be listening now. “I’m not sorry for falling in love with you, even if everyone told me not to. I’m not sorry for feeling every type of negative emotion associated with love towards you. And I’m not sorry that I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you.” He slowly turns his head black my way and looks me in the eye. I can tell he’s unsure of his next move, but he does it anyway.

He comes striding back towards me and catches my face in his large palms, kissing me as fiercely as he can. He puts forth every feeling and emotion he has for me, up front and on display. I reciprocate, wrapping my arms around him anywhere I can manage. This is how it’s meant to be.

No One Else (Mark) ~ Requested

Songs: Just Right (Just Right) and Before the Full Moon Rises (Just Right)

Pairings: Mark (wolf au!) X Reader

Genre: Fluff / wolf au!

Word Count: 975 words

A/N:  So I, cheese who wrote this wonderful piece, decides to make it into a Wolf!AU. I just hope that you enjoy reading this and continue to send us anymore request you guys have.

P.S. I’m envious, Riceball and Ramen have have gotten smut requests. I wanna write too!!!!! Jackson, Mark and Bambam are the members I write smut for! Pleeeaaassee send me requests!!!

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   You had been in a relationship with your boyfriend for a few months now. Mark was sweet and caring. He was everything you wanted in a man. Cute and sexy at the same time. He had his weird moments but you overlooked them.

   It was a Friday and you had decided to accompany your friends to a bar to celebrate a birthday. You were surprised to see Mark and his best friend Jackson, along with a few other people there as well being loud and rowdy.

   You always saw Mark as quiet and gentlemanly but the sight that greeted you was different. Your cute, aegyo filled boyfriend was wearing a mesh shirt with a black tank top under it. That along with skinny jeans which had more rips that fabric and his hair that was pulled up in a messy way. You could see his eyes surrounded by Kohl making him look sexy at the same time.

   You were gaping at him, mouth open and all. Your friend had nudged you before she spotted your source of sudden bafflement. Let’s just say you were not the only one standing there stupidly with your mouth hanging open like dumbass.

   Mark was having the time of his life: loud laughter ringing from where he and his friends were sitting in the VIP lounge. What made your heart flutter was that he kept refusing advances of the girls who had draped themselves over him. When he went to dance, you finally decided to creep up to him.

   Jackson caught your eye as you slipped behind Mark and you gave the boy a sign to stay quiet. He obeyed, only giving you a smile. You placed your hands on Mark’s waist before sliding them around to connect at his stomach. The mesh shirt had a new feeling under your fingers. You gently laid a peck on the nape of his neck.     

    He tilted his head to look at you and smiled. You gave him one of your eye smiles in response. He turned to face you. Wrapping you up in his arms he pulled you flush against his chest.

   “What a pleasant surprise,” He mumbled against your lips after giving you a sweet kiss.

   “I told you Kai was having a birthday party, didn’t I now,” You answered.

   “Hmm. Jinyoung and Jaebum dragged everyone out,” Mark informed you, suddenly pulling his face away a reasonable distance, showing off his canines as he smiled.

   “I’ll introduce you to everyone. Come on.” Then he was dragging you up to the VIP lounge. 

        Okay, so maybe werewolves were gifted with beauty too. You thought so, looking at the women Mark introduced you to. The men were gorgeous and honestly, you felt weird. The only human between so many werewolves, a pack, and that was you.

   You sat down with Bambam, the second youngest male of the pack, as he began telling you how he had to wrestle Mark into those clothes and make-up. You saw a brunette, Tzuyu, hanging a little too close to Mark. Bambam had started pointing out everyone who was single, mated or in a relationship around the room. To her own luck, Tzuyu wasn’t. Her frown seeped when Bambam told you she had been previously chosen as Mark’s fiancé before he brought you home.

   “Could you excuse me?” You asked Bambam and got up before he could reply, walking up to the pair.

   “Hey,” you said, reaching up to your toes to Mark, “I’m gonna leave now; I have classes and work tomorrow.”

    You reached up and kissed him on the lips. As you turned you leave, the blonde grabbed your hand.

   “Let me grab my coat, I’ll walk with you. It is pretty late,” You smiled, walking with him so he could take his coat and lead you out. You began walking in silence, arms wrapped around yourself.

   “You know, no matter where I walk you home from, the way is always so short. It ends just as it begins,” Mark said when you were two blocks from your apartment building.

   “I’m sorry for dragging you away from the party. You seemed to be actually having fun,“ He frowned at your words before stopping his walk and gently took ahold of your elbow.

   “Hey, Y/N. Look at me.”

    You looked at him, eyes shining with tears.

   “What’s wrong? Did someone say something to you?”

   You shook your head.   

     “No. Its just… why? What do I have that any girl from your pack doesn’t…? If anything I’m weaker, fragile and let’s not forget, not a werewolf. They are so pretty and healthy and perfect. You need someone like yourself Mark. You-”

   “No. Stop okay?” he cupped your face wiping the tears away before pulling you in a hug.

   “I don’t want perfect. And they certainly aren’t you. Wolf or not. I chose you as my mate. Not Tzuyu or Momo or Dahyun or anyone else. But it’s you. I love you. Imprinting, I can’t control it. It’s natural. I imprinted on you, that means I love you. Not anyone else. No one captivates me as much as you. No one can make me feel as warm and happy like you do. I don’t have to be an Alpha male in front of you. You don’t make me bottle my emotions up, rather you make me let them fall on your shoulder. So yes, you’re not perfect or a wolf because you are you and I love you.”

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LMFAO I send you a message like that and that’s all you have to say… It’s always “me me me me me” with you people!!! I literally just told you “I’m unraveling” and you expect me to drop all my shit and be there for you?!?! You’re dealing with your shit I get it, but I’m tired of being the only one to carry my own weight + every one else’s!!! Tbh at this point, this isn’t even a genuine friendship! I have nothing in common with you and we don’t get along, I just don’t want to break it off because I know how fragile you are… again, me putting all of my emotions on the back burner and not reinforcing my healthy boundaries…!!! But you keep on saying you’re suicidal so I’m stuck in this cause I can’t just leave you like that… but of course this is all of my responsibility, right?! **SARCASM** Your emotional well-being is my responsibility but whenever I need help, you’re so oblivious on how to help… I’m not asking for advice since I’m not a fucking idiot like you! But of course when I told you that all you said in response was, “oh ok understandable” LMFAO! You blame everything on everyone else and never take responsibility for yourself and your actions! You’re all talk and no action! You say one thing and then do the opposite! You’re such a hypocrite! You said you’re a decent person and a good friend – lmfao! I’ve noticed that people like you say shit like that as if you’re trying to convince yourselves that you are those things when deep down you know you’re selfish and high-matinence! You stay with this abusive guy because you love being able to blame someone for your unhappiness because if you weren’t with him you’d have no one to blame but yourself! You say you can leave him (that you have the money and a place to stay) but you never do!!! You say you want to leave him ALL THE FUCKING TIME but you never do!!! I’m always here whenever you want or need someone to bitch to about his annoying ass but you’re NEVER there for me… you say shit like, “you know you can always message me if you need anything” but those are hallow words to make yourself feel better about using the shit outta me! Because whenever I have come to you, you’re always trying to fix me! You’re exactly like 2 of ny ex’s, and 2 of my ex friends when it comes to that! So good at flexin about how good of a friend you are but when the going gets tough you have nothing to show… NOTHING. Why the fuck am I such a nice person to people like you?! Why the fuck do I even try and connect with people anymore?! I should just be happy with my 2 best friends and leave it at that! I’m done with getting my hopes up and trusting people that don’t deserve my passion and trust! I’m done. I should get a tattoo to fucking remind me of this shit cause I constantly keep on falling back into the same goddamn patterns!!!!!!!!


London Spy: Alex, Or Why I Have All the Damn Feelings About Him

About me: grew up in a VERY patriarchal culture (literally going to be the first girl with a four-year college degree in my family! :D) @zooeyscigar: Thanks for your support!

I grew up with a lot of guys who were expected to be “ideal men” and acted accordingly. This meant no emotion other than anger, a calm and in control demeanor at all times and careful and serious thought into everything they did. They would grow up to be upstanding citizens, husbands, fathers and provide for their families. Did everyone follow this? No. But this was how it’s supposed to be. 

It’s a very toxic, gender-dividing and ultimately unrealistic form of masculinity. I want to talk about my own personal experiences with this and how I view Alex and Danny’s relationship in light of all this. 

Spoilers under the cut! Also lots of flailing and incoherent feelings. Warning, it gets very ramble-y. Feel free to message/reply to this! I wanna know what other people think!

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Since i’m too far into my novel now, have some Character descriptions and quotes


-          Brown curly hair, Brown eyes

-          Witty

-          Cynical

-          Medium height and build

-          Likes to create a ‘word of the day’

-          Owns only band tees

-          Lives of cheap brand coffee and lack on conformity

-          Hypocrite

-          Gets into trouble for being too blunt

-          Bisexual af

-          Starts fights by breathing

-          Too lazy to wanna rebel

Ace shock the sugar packet before flipping it back on the table

“if all bisexuals don’t exist…and we filled an island with bisexuals…does that mean no one lives on the island?”

Michael sighed and rubbed at the base of his forehead. “i just wanted you to pass the sugar”

“but am I really here?”

“you’re not gonna be if you don’t pass the fucking sugar”

“someone didn’t have their morning protein shake”


-          Tanned skin

-          One pierced ear

-          Blue eyes

-          Witty but chilled

-          Healthy

-          So tol

-          Buff

-          Lives of protein shakes and chicken

-          Gay af

-          Such a square

Ace scoffed from his seat on the weapons table, his legs swinging lightly 

“let me guess, you’re going to pick the long phallic sword to exert your fragile masculinity”

 Michael tested the sword, weighing it on his palm. Looking every inch of the man Ace had met earlier, full of authority and too cocky for his own good. 

“do you think about my long phallic sword a lot?”


-          Small

-          One half of a dizygotic twin pair

-          Gives nicknames

-          Flower child who kicks ass

-          Totally a Coachella girl

-          Vegan

-          Chatty

-          Hyperactive

-          Blonde

-          Beach baby

-          Likes cows

-          Has an arm sleeve tattoo

“why are you wearing a flower crown into battle?” He questioned, one hand on the steering wheel, the other clutched around the coffee canister.

Rain lifted her hands to fiddle with the circle of roses on her head.

“I’m killing them with kindness”

Suddenly the car jerked to a stop, skidding slightly before slamming them all into the front of their seats. Xaviers long legs ending up sliding beneath the front car seat and Michael wacking his -already damaged- arm on the dash.

Ace leaned over his seat, giving the shadiest look he could muster on an early Thursday morning. “get your hippie shit out of my car” he scorned.


-          Tol

-          Other half of the twin pair

-          Lanky

-          Blonde

-          Smarter than most

-          Reads political novellas

-          Grey-asexual

-          Normally stays silent except from witty one-liners and eyebrow conversations

-          likes bread

-          Stutter like crazy when embarrasses

-          His sisters moral compass

-          Too nice

-          Slight limp (no one knows why)

-          Him and Ace have an antagonistic relationship

   “I was on my knees for you. I laid down my weapons. I surrendered. But you burnt my white flag and raided my soul, destroying any hope I had that you could want me like you wanted her”

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