i just want you to be happy becase i love you

solahaze  asked:

Flowey, I love you~ I wanna hug you and read you a story, give you some hot cocoa, and tuck you into a nice flowerbed. I really do, but you'll, y'know, KILL me, so I'm gonna suffice to say this: "I get you've lost a lot. I get you don't want any pity. I'm not giving pity. I'm giving compassion. I know you deserve better than this... and you will get your happy ending.

*Happy endings aren’t real, hun.

*And yes, it IS pity.

*Do you even have a reason to feel compassion to me?

*I didn’t do anything to deserve it.

*You just feel bad for the poor goat baby.

*Trapped forever as a flower without being able to feel love.

*I want him to have a happy ending becase his backstory is sad.

*So nothing of what he did matters.

*Your dear precious goat son has killed multiple people.

*So yeah.

*Keep your pity for yourself.