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you say you write with female muses & support female ocs but I don't see it so why even lie

        hello there friendly neighborhood anon! so, I wanted to be very eloquent in my response to this, but I see that you have not truly delved into my blog to support your claim. therefore, me goin on about this would be pointless

       I will say here that the muns of the female muses I associate with are more than welcome to speak for themselves. there’s quite a few on here interacting specifically with Thomas. I was gonna tag, but nah. I don’t know bout you, but I wouldn’t like to be dragged into an anon post, me. so, please, take a little deeper look…
      and if you still feel this way, there’s a lovely button on the top right of my blog that if you click it, it will make sure you’re not following me. you can also hover over my name, and click ‘unfollow’ on the top right of the popup. there’s also a blocking feature located in your blog settings. if you scroll all the way to the bottom, that’s where it is! you can even go the extra step and download this cool add on called tumblr savior that allows you to make sure you REALLY don’t see any of my content


Can people stop making posts about smoking and eating herbs without the side effects? Like I know you think you’re doing good by adding “talk to your doctor first!!” But let’s be honest, not that many people are going too. Please be responsible and add all the side effects or negative interactions or I’m just going to start hijacking posts because some of y'all are recommending herbs that are probably more harmful then helpful long term? And you include no proper warnings or disclosures.

nct camp half blood!au [taeyong]

• son of hades, god of the underworld, riches and the dead
• probably the most emo boy you will ever meet
• tries to stay away from the camp and people because he’s like I am trouble I bring death and destruction and i can’t be near any humans ever
• because he’s convinced he’s the reason his mother died
• and he only stops believing It after he talks to his dad who explains the entire demigod thing to him and helps TY realise he is a good person
• he still thinks he’s the worst all because of the hades kid stereotype that exists
• but he’s actually really sweet and just wants to help
• and starts to realise he is not even close to a monster when he’s attending camp for a while thanks to his friends
• besides looking like the definition of an emo and thinking everything bad that’s ever happened is his fault TY is not at all like a typical hades child

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WPWT Final/ Thank you / Update.

Guten Tag Guys and Girls,
First off I just want to say a massive thank you to you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to even have began reading my Fanfic. I honestly didn’t think it was that good/people would like it at first Initially I was going to have it finish at around part 14 but since everyone liked it so much and the ideas started rolling in it ended up being 35 parts😂 Also thank you so much for always commenting and staying active on my posts it made me happy to read what you had to say, and assured me that the content I was producing was good enough. I think your comments mean more to writers more than you’ll ever know, it makes us feel somewhat worthy. 😊 Also your direct messages were lovely. You’re all so sweet to me lol, so thank you so much. I couldn’t have written my fanfic for a kinder and more engaged set of readers, you’re seriously all so awesome. 😊 💜

➡️ Regarding the last part I just want to know your thoughts on it.
➡️I’m also curious to know your favourite character and least favourite throughout the series and what your favourite part/s was (my favourite parts to write was Baekhyun talking to Y/N the first time they met in his room, The Hilton Hotel Mission, Minseok opening up at the graveyard yard, Minseok’s funeral and Kyungsoo becoming paralysed (I personally think they were emotional or crucial character turning points))
➡️ since the spin-off off (part 2 of the series) was heavily requested I’ll definitely will be writing it in the not too distant future. What do you guys think will happen. Comment below or message me directly I don’t mind. But just know I’ll never laugh at what you suggest everyone’s theories are interesting and honestly I think it’s safe to say I come up with the wildest theories right? 😂
For now though I’ll be making a short mini series. The individual parts will be short aswell (I guess you can consider just an intermission series for when WPWT - pt. 2 will be coming out.) so I hope you guys will read that and enjoy it in the meantime. It will be BTS focused since the majority of people I asked voted for that 😊
I already miss typing so I’ve already started on that mini series and I will be posting the prologue today and jumping straight into it. I Hope you’ll all enjoy that too. If you have any questions regarding the next fanfic or parts of WPWT series. (or you just want to say hi, because that’s cool too☺️) then don’t hesitate to message me.
(I apologise for all the spelling mistakes that’s crawling about in this post lol)

Thanks so much for all your support guys, you’ve been amazing 😊💜

today at work i was standing at the counter and a man was standing behind it and i was like ‘are you alright?’ and he was like 'i havent been alright in years’ and i was like shxhshxu what this is so dramatic and i noticed his right eye was closed and he left and then he came back and he told a joke and he kept telling me jokes for 15 minutes and i was like 'how do you know all these jokes??’ and he was like 'i had a tumour in my frontal lobe and it affected my frontal lobe and i keep telling jokes’ and he told me his entire life story and i dont know its just so nice to hear peoples stories and what makes them them and i told him i wanted to be a psychologist and he said i would be good and i dont know it just made my day

walk on the pier with dino
  • so it’s not just a pier
  • it’s like downtown and it’s a beach + pier + there’s a bunch of little shops under tents set up along it 
  • the shops are only by the front of it though because not many people walk all the way down it bc is long
  • anyhoo
  • you and dino went there accompanied with minghao, jun, coups, joshua and vernon just for a good day
  • and you all had to take taxis there and yeah you could have taken 3 so you all had room but didn’t want to spend more money
  • so you went in the same taxi as minghao, vernon and dino
  • vernon on the left, minghao in middle and dino on right side
  • and minghao was like lol why are u coming in here it only fits 3 people
  • and you try squishing in to prove him wrong but,, it only fits 3 people 
  • and you’re like shoot hm sigh I’ll just sit on dino’s lap
  • because you and dino like each other and are dating but shh the guys don’t know the dating part they just think you’re good friends :-)
  • and minghao again is like lol the front seat is too close your legs won’t fit 
  • but you fit and hes like oh okay
  • and for some reason the taxi driver just doesn’t care at all and is like “buckle up kids” and just starts driving
  • and the drive is fun 
  • the driver is quiet but you guys are all talking and laughing
  • it’s a cloudy day which makes baby dino a lil tired
  • so he leans his head back and by habit rests a hand on your hip
  • and you look back at him bc he usually does that when he wants something
  • but you just see his eyes closed and it’s osossoo cute
  • so you take hold of his hand and pull his arm around you and kinda fidget with his fingers
  • and he just links his pinky with yours and his other fingers are resting against your tummy
  • and you lean back against him too and keep talking but quieter with the other boys
  • once you all arrive there you kinda split up because coups and china line wanna go to the beach, joshua and vernon wanna go to the shops and you and dino went wherever the rest didn’t go aka the pier
  • and when you were far enough that they wouldn’t notice you hold dinos hand again which u love because
  • so soft
  • so soft
  • and in his other hand is a blue one of those polaroid cameras
  • and about halfway down the pier he starts taking pictures with it and he’s quiet and shushes you because he “needs to focus”
  • and he’s new with it so the pictures turn out dark and kinda crappy bc he doesn’t know which settings to use when yet
  • and you’re like ugh let me help
  • and play around with the settings until you’re sure it’ll be okay and take one from where he was standing wanting to make it as similar as his to show him the contrast
  • and hes like whoa!! ur so good at this !! and at everything !!!!
  • and you’re like heehjrhehehehehh yeah
  • he keeps pointing at stuff for you to take pictures of because he thinks of you as some professional photographer now
  • and just because the day is dark the photos are kind of dark and ur like 
  • sorry baby i know you’re so excited but these r not good
  • and hes like NO THEY’RE PERFECT 
  • because you took them
  • and that makes you smile which makes him smile
  • and he feels a couple drops of rain start to come down and hes like ohh no
  • and he’s like ahh it’s raining!! you’re like oh we should head back
  • he like WAIT
  • “let’s take a picture together”
  • and you’re all :))) okay!!
  • and so you stand beside him and he’s leaning against the wooden railing on the side of the pier smiling
  • and you smile too and take it and hes like yay!! another!!
  • so you wait for it to print and hand it to him bc he’s holding all of them
  • and you just smile again but he turns his head to kiss your cheek and just stays like that until you take it
  • and you’re all !!!!!!!!!!! inside because it’s the first time he did that !!!!!
  • and you’re like hehehee do it again
  • he caresses one cheek with his hand and kisses your other like a million times
  • and you take another picture of that
  • wait for it to print and take it out
  • before turning your head and kissing his lips and managing to take a picture of that too
  • and then you’re both blushing messes
  • and he’s just like 
  • “I know which picture is my favourite
  • maybe we should do it again just in case this one gets ruined”
  • “dino it’s okay”
  • “but it’s raining what if-”
  • “dino it’s okay”
  • and coups comes up out of nowhere and is like kids it’s raining time to go !! 
  • and same thing happens on the ride back as the ride there except this time with sneaky little kisses hehee

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Honestly the aphmau fandom is turning really toxic and thats sad,aphmau did work hard on this channel for so long,it feels like you have no freedom to ship what you want,if you ship something other than aarmau you'll be attacked,same goes when you dont draw aarmau,like let sebi do what she wants you need to learn people have different tastes,,i'm happy that i kinda left the fandom

honestly all fandoms are toxic, you just are more prone to see the toxicity when you’re openly interactive or more involved in said fandom.

That however doesn’t excuse it, it explains why we feel its toxic but doesn’t say “ye its normal and ok” because in all honesty? a fandom thats down to hunt you down over everything you do or don’t do isn’t the best place to be in

if you left and feel happier thats good tho sweetie! its important to always keep in mind your health comes first, and if the environment does you more harm than anything ain’t no shame in taking a step back <3

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There are also games like Diabolik Lovers??? And Amnesia that have bad ends.

SHIT I KNOW AMNESIA YEAH THEY GOT BAD ENDS lol even some of the Good Ends are Rough, like your other examples, yeah.

like. people like Bad Ends sometimes. that’s part of the genre. /boggles.

gingerbreadyang replied to your postgingerbreadyang replied to your post: …

in mystic messenger you can get endings where characters join the evil cult or you get killed or all other fucked up stuff and that says NOTHING about the game itself. they’re just the bad endings that you want to avoid. (or get if you like the dark stuff i guess) like i don’t GET IT (except i do. why appreciate queer media when we can tear it down and be holier-than-thou)

the way purity police are making it less safe for people to make queer media drives me up the fucking WALL

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I would love to see CDC get popular because you deserve all the recognition but I'm scared of /those/ people finding it and just being awful or being shitty to you or the characters because it isn't what they want or whatever. You know what I mean??!! I just don't want people to be mean to you.

Awh thank you so much anonny!

Honestly, I’m pretty prepared for that. I know there will be people who will give me good critique and feedback, and I will be there to listen. I also know that there will be those on the extreme end. And I’m going to be there to work with them as best I can. 

There will be people who just hate? lol. There will be mean people. People who won’t listen. I can sit here and list all the things creators like the McElroy brothers have faced and so many other indie creators. 

And it does make me nervous. 

But you know, if I’m doing something wrong, I want people to tell me. I want to open up discussions and have conversations. It’s the only way to improve as an artist/creator. 

Sadly, sometimes you just gotta deal with the assholes too. But I’m not gonna let that stop me from telling this story. It means so much to me and these characters do too. 

Thank you for supporting me!

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Adventures games was shit

You know you can have differing opinions without stepping on other people’s toes, right?

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Y'all if you're looking for good wlw representation watch Wynonna Earp on Syfy and The Bold Type on Freeform. Supergirl? Don't know her.

I’m a big fan of Wynonna Earp and support both of these shows. And would encourage everyone to watch them. But that doesn’t take away the pain of being disrespectful and made a joke of. A lot of people watch tv shows to escape, so for a lot of wlw or lgbt they could have used this show to get away from ignorance in their day to day lives. So this certainly isn’t okay or appropriate. I know you weren’t implying that at all anon! I just wanted to say that.

But yes the Wynonna Earp cast is so supportive and beautiful, and I haven’t watched the bold type yet because I work in the summers but I’ve only seen good things!
Thanks for the suggestions anon

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How does it feel knowing that you'll never be as original or cool as @furrypost-generator

Doesnt feel like anything, because it doesnt really matter. My friends at fpg have a great blog and following. I made this as a joke talking with them one day and turned it into my own thing. Even if I dont get as much traffic and i dont check this blog as much I think a lot of the things here have been really cool and original. Have you seen fpg give advice on anything? No? ok thanks. I’m one person who just wants to bring out the best in the fandom and help people understand it better. I’m not gonna lie yea I’m not the best at making jokes or anything, I get maybe a good one joke out every week or so. I love this blog and I love giving advice here. Pretty sure all of the post I have here are original except the ones I’ve actually physically reblogged from fpg. I’m not trying to be better or overthrow fpg I’m just trying to talk and share my views on the fandom and have a good time.


hi ! my name is Miranda and I am 15 years old from the US. I spend most of my time taking photos, writing scripts for short films I probably won’t film, reading heaps of books, dancing ballet, watching movies nd making cool art !! I am not really the type to be part of any “fandoms” lol but I am obsessed with music and have a verrrryy varied music taste so ask me about it !! :)) I have a weird sense of humor and sometimes I make jokes that might not b your cup of tea so just a heads up !! I have friends irl that I’m very close with but I just wanted 2 talk to more people from all different backgrounds online!! My family is from the U.K. so hmu if you are too and maybe we can hang out when I go back to visit (if we get on well) !! I speak English, Spanish (not fluently but good enough), and a tiny bit of French but I’m still learning !! My blogs are @bio-shmio and @walfleur, but I’m more active on the first one so :) talk to me! x

so many people are shitting on mal and I would jst like to remind you that she is 16 years old and literally her main conflict is that she can’t adapt to goodness as well as her friends? like yes, she wants to be good and selfless and all that but? she has trouble knowing how.
maybe evie can just forget where they come from and is happy making dresses, maybe all Carlos wants is to be completely different from his highkey abusive mother, maybe Jay feels free and fulfilled playing sports and being part of a team. but the only thing mal had was Ben. and Ben is busy being King. and hey, maybe she made an impulsive decision and now doesn’t know what to do with the consequences.
and maybe she does want to be good, but after being raised by fucking maleficent she’s not gonna change in barely six months. six months against sixteen years. plus think about all the emotional damage, even accepting that she loves her friends is a huge step. and she’s just a girl trying to find her way.
yes, she was selfish and unnecessarily dramatic. and yes, she could’ve handled uma better, considering all uma was asking for was a chance, and for someone to consider getting her and her friends out of the hell that is the isle.
but she is a damaged teenager. think abt that fr five seconds.

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Ne, ne, Ghost-senpai! Do you check your @'s for ghostandpals? I wrote a suggestion to you that was a bit long for an ask, I wanted to help since you've been having a sucky mood abt stuff, I'm sure it's easy to find and you can read the full post before replying to this ask, but!! Long story short I gave some suggestions about possibly having a music producing team to ease your stress and the reasons why I think it would be good for you! Just wanted to get your opinion on that :3

yeA YEA I DID read that but i forgot to reply b/c i got distracted w/ smthn else osdyfgdgshjbbjds but tl;dr i have considered doing that w/ an entirely new story, though i’m really only comfy collabing w/ people i’m familiar with so? it’d all depend on if any of my friends would wanna do smthn 

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You can't just say shit like "Octavian could have been a great character" and not give an explanation pls tell me how Octavian could have been a great character

Christine I feel strongly about this

So Octavian was such a one sided character with literally no personality whatsoever. He had no motivation for anything he was literally just a terrible person which isn’t realistic. (Also considering Luke was so well written I don’t understand why Octavian was as boring as he was)

Now you could say that he wanted power but why did he want power. Literally no one knows. He just wanted to be in charge. No where does it say that Octavian had malicious intent if he ever became praetor, for all we know he could have had some really good ideas to make new Rome better. And people say that he was so mean to Percy when he became praetor but he was actually v excited when Percy came to camp, like he was super silly and just like a funny character?? It was only after when Percy became praetor did he become a dick because could you imagine working your whole life towards one goal and some guy, who’s not even roman, comes in on the first day and gets the job that you wanted. Personally I think Octavian had every right to pissed because that made him more human and real???

Is that unlikely that Octavian wanted to use his power for good?Maybe but it’s still possible. It just sort of seemed like everyone hated Octavian because he was a little annoying and wanted to be in charge. Hazel has a every right to hate Octavian because he was blackmailing her but Percy and Jason literally hated Octavian to their very core because he didn’t like fifth cohort and because he was mean. But he literally didn’t do anything to them, I understand not liking someone because they’re mean to your friend but Hazel was even friendlier to Octavian than both of them were. But granted they’re all in the fifth cohort and Octavian was like main reason why everyone hated the fifth cohort.

But the most interesting relationship in the story is Reyna and Octavian. Reyna lets Octavian get away with a lot and this is a girl that whenever someone said something that was a little out of line or disrespectful she would stare them down, but whenever Octavian would get going on a tangent she never really did anything but kind of ignore him and roll her eyes and just think he was being crazy. So why is Reyna so tolerant of Octavian? I just think it’s interesting because she wasn’t in the fifth cohort.

There was also something in the book that mentioned Octavian’s job and how no matter who the person was, it made you insane. It was the most mentally taxing job so it just makes me wonder what Octavian was like before he was augur. Hazel says that all of Octavians friends are bought and that’s really sad?? Like I get that hes mean but that’s still really sad. Everyone thinks he’s an ass and they also think he’s a joke, because he just stays up at his altar all day cutting open stuffed animals and also the fact that he’s not actually a demigod he’s only a legacy, like that’s ridiculous and on top of that he’s really mentally ill because he constantly has gods talking in his head so he sounds like lunatic. To me Octavian sounded like he needed help and that’s what I thought Reyna was going to do?? Because I thought maybe because they were so close in job positions while Jason was gone that Reyna sort of saw that Octavian wasn’t ok? And that’s why she was so tolerant of him??

I realize that Octavian is “the villain” but he’s still a character that deserves some amount of respect because if a character doesn’t get it then its just a terrible character? He doesn’t even have a last name which is ridiculous and his death was the most terrible death that I have ever read purely because it was stupid. The kid is hated, mentally ill, he’s a legacy, pinned from the get-go as the villain, doesn’t even get a last name, so his death gets treated as a joke and is launched from a catapult in a ball of fire. Octavian was character that was treated with no respect, wonderfully written at the beginning but then didn’t get any closure, treated as though everything he did and said was stupid ridiculous and evil throughout the entire book by everyone in it.

?????i don’t???get it??? There was all this set up for a great character but the Richard said fuck it and it annoys me to no end.

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Hey, not a Mon-El fan here but you really shouldn't be making fun of Chris Wood's looks just because of who he plays in a fictional show. The actor and character are two completely different people, he's just portraying a character the way the writers want him to. Plus it's very disrespectful and just gives the rest of the Supercorp shppers a bad name. I'm not saying you have to like the guy but making fun of his physical flaws is very unnecessary. We all have insecurities at the end of the day.

He isn’t seeing my posts. He said Mon-El is a hero and a good guy and that as an actor he had to see his character as something positive (which lmao luckily is wrong because imagine if people who play Nazis started to agree with their characters). Like? He’s awful? He called Karamel which is an abusive relationship sweet? Basically said it was better than a healthy interracial ship. So yeah I’ll make fun of a few of his features. It’s not even that those in particular are awful because I Stan people with those. They’re just awful on him because he’s an awful person.

I feel like if you’re a good nice person even if you’re ugly you’re not really ugly you know? But if you’re ugly on the inside it’s like it brings out the outside ugly LMAO


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…