i just want touch his back

The sad thing is that I feel like they need to stay away from each other because, every time they are next to each other the distance between them seems to become non existent, makes people think twice about their relationship. Jimin, also can’t hide how much he really loves Jungkook, so I think that why Jungkook decided to keep the distances in front of the cameras, because he knows people will notice if the reality of their love when he responds to Jimin advances by blushing or touching him back. Jungkook, wants to protect Jimin, like Jimin has always protected him.  I guess this is the main reason they have been doing alot of shady things now, they just can’t be separated to long . The fact that Jungkook is stealing glaces from Jimin, and then trying to contain his jealousy, not to mention the need to touch Jimin, i think it will get to him. I suspect the song “lie” from Jimin might have to do something with this, the issues that he has to face due to their “lie” hiding their love , when he is so cleary in love with Jungkook. however, I think Jungkook suggested to lie (keep appearances) about how they really love each other to protect him. And if this is true he is really getting tormented by keeping up all this for people not to ruin their careers. He also feels maybe insecure that even when jungkook says he loves him he wants to hide their love. Literally, the lyrics say “I feel so far away, yet you always come my way” lol look at all those videos where they are far away yet they stare at each other from a distance. It’s like they are away yet they really are not. He also said he wants to be saved yet he is not innocent from this lie. If that doesn’t scream jikook idk what does. I think that how he lets the guilt of the lie go by indirectly admitting to it in the song. I think he says that even living in this lie (hiding his love for jungkook) it doesn’t change the person he is, however if he doesn’t let it go it will swallow  him up. Maybe because he loves his fans alot, and lying about a part of him was killing him. Additional info : I find it oddly weird that Jungkook has a playlist with majority jikook inspire music and then their is this sad one called “beautiful lies”. I believe that Jungkook thinks this is a beautiful lie despite how messed up it might be because he atleast gets to be with Jimin. Omg I just listen to the lyrics and you could interpret this way. “In the heat of the moment, were free” so with each other’s company he believes they are really free from the lie of what they are trying to live by. :’(

even in the short it shows a camera for Jimin pretending to be happy

Chocolate Kisses (Wonho Fluff)


I felt like I was torturing them by eating chocolate while they practiced, but Hoseok was torturing me by avoiding my touch almost the whole time. He had ask me to come watch him at way to late o’clock and me being the supportive girlfriend I am, agreed.

“Guys take a break.” Shownu said and Hoseok turned around and flashed a smile at me. He walked over to where I was perched with my chocolate bar and wrapped his arms around me. “Sorry, you’re just kind of sitting here.” He spoke into my forehead. “You don’t want to touch me when your clean but when your sweaty and disgusting you do.” I teased and took a bite of the chocolate bar.

“That doesn’t mean stop.” I said pulling him back and chuckle escaped his lips. “I love how much you love to touch me.” He said and pulled me in for a quik kiss. “YAH, you make it sound so dirty.” I said when we pulled away. “You taste like chocolate.” He said, ignoring my comment. I felt his hands cup my cheeks and pull me in again, lingering a little longer this time around. “You taste really good.” He mumbled and I laughed, lifting the chocolate bar. “Do you want some?” 

“No it tastes better like this.” He declined, placing the chocolate bar back and pulling my lips to his again. Hoseok allowed his lips to linger a lot longer than the other times. “Yah! Get a room!” Minhyuk called out and we quickly seperated, giggling. “You two are disgusting.” Kihyun added and we laughed even harder. 

Hoseok quickly wrapped his arms around me again and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “I love it when your cuddly.”

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How would the UT, US, Feraltale Sans and, US, SF and UF Papyrus's react to waking up next to their S/O for the first time?

Okay, so my cousin was looking over my shoulder when I was writing this and she knows what Undertale is, but reading through this ask, she has no idea what it means. I find funny how the Undertale fandom basically has its own language. 

Also, I have no idea what Feraltale is so I won’t be doing that one. 



This is the most relaxed and happiest moment of his life. Just to see you in his arms, breathing slowly and hypnotically, Sans just wants to stay in this moment forever. He likes to touch you, not sexually, but to feel your body under his fingertips as he traces circles on your back. Eventually, he falls asleep again. 


Papyrus nyehs softly and moves slowly so he doesn’t wake you. Since he doesn’t like to stay in bed too long after he wakes up, he get up, and change into his clothes, all while keeping his eyes on you. Just waking up next to you for the first time, puts in him in a good mood for the rest of the day. 



You must be a heavy sleeper if Blue wakes up before you. The small skele moves around a lot in bed and is a serious kicker. You’re probably gonna wake up with bruises. Blue is just so excited that you slept with him, he wakes you up to celebrate with him and the two of you head into the kitchen to make breakfast together. 


Stretch wakes up and memorize every detail of your sleeping face. He spends hours just staring at you and marveling at how well you two fit together like a puzzle. Even if you wake up, he just wraps his arms around you, preventing you from escaping, and the two you of you just spend the entire day in bed. 



Can be found here


When Fell wakes up next to you for the first time, he has an overwhelming urge to coddle you. Since he usually works in the morning, he wraps you up in a blanket and kisses you on the forehead before leaving. He prepares breakfast for you and leaves it in the fridge for when you wake up. 



Can be found here


Rus has never loved you more than the moment he wakes up next to you for the first time. To him, it just shows how much you trust him to protect you at your most vulnerable moment. Even if you’re still asleep, he’s whispering small murmurs of ‘i love you’s and feeling your body pressed against his bones. This is everything he wished for. 

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omg yes, you guys need to read the book, bc in there he is the one who has a car accident and lost his memories and she tried to do everything right and omg I love so much this book that i think I'm going to read again haha! I love all of the upcoming scenarios!

It must be such an amazing book! So great, we hope we can do something good too. And well, this might seen like shameless self promotion because it is, but we will say it just the same 🙈 we do have a scenario of Yoongi in which he has a car accident and loses his memories so Y/N does a lot of things to help him get them back. If you want to read we will leave the link here: Every Time We Touch 


Okay. Let’s talk about the head pokes.

The first time this happened, we saw Viktor completely out of breath while Yuuri was still hanging in there, ready to keep going. Yuuri demonstrated here that his stamina is better than Viktor’s.

This was one of the first glimpses Yuuri had of his idol being flawed and demonstrating a weakness. He sees that Viktor is real and human instead of something out of reach and untouchable.

So that’s what Yuuri does. He touches Viktor. *poke poke* It’s like him saying, “Viktor Nikiforov is real. He’s standing right here in front of me, and … he’s just a person like me.”

It’s not meant as an insult. It’s the two of them on their way to seeing each other as equals.

I want to point this out as well. Viktor covers his own head after Yuuri pokes him because it makes him feel insecure. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

Let’s jump ahead to Episode 7 (click here).

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“We’ve been together for twenty years. I’ve never dated anyone else. But there’s no intimacy. There’s no ring on the finger. He doesn’t even want his family to know we’re together. Maybe it’s my weight. Maybe it’s a status thing. But he keeps me away from his family. I accidentally sat by his sister at a basketball game, and his jaw nearly dropped to the floor. We’ve only made love once. That was twelve years ago. He won’t kiss me or touch me. I’ve just stopped asking. But he insists that we’re in a relationship. He got mad when I tried to change my relationship status to ‘single.’ He got on my computer and changed it back. I didn’t even know that he knew my password. I told myself that I was OK with it. I told myself that I’m OK with not being touched. But I don’t think I am. I recently went to a therapist for the first time. I was so scared he’d find out that I parked my car next door. But maybe it would be good if he found out. Maybe he’d leave me and give me a chance.”

And he touches you again,
For the first time in months.
You feel transported back in time
Like maybe, everything between this kiss and the last one 5 months ago was all just part of your imagination.

And you can taste him again.
His tongue is in your mouth
And you’re not sure if you want more of him or more of his love.

And you know you’re being selfish.
You’re being destructive.
You’re destroying all effort that you’ve made to move on,
Just to feel his mouth on yours again and his hands all over your body.

But maybe it’s worth it.
This time, maybe he’s worth it.

—  Spit in my mouth baby, I want to taste more of your love
cool new meme: nino eating potatoes at inappropriate times

“Chat Noir,” Ladybug cries, “I’m sorry. I can’t take this any longer.”

“Take what, My Lady?” he asks in concern.

“Chat, I…” she gulps, sniffling. “I need you t-to detransf-form, I swear– I’ll do it too, I just–”

“Settle down, My Lady, of course. I didn’t think you’d want to so soon–”

“Shut up and kiss me, silly cat,” she sobs, and as she is enveloped in his warm and familiar embrace, their lips touch as their suits are shed. They do not open their eyes to peek.

Eyes still closed, Marinette sobs into Adrien’s shoulder. “I’ve j-just had the most awful Christmas,” she whispers, tears dripping down her flushed face. “I’m glad I got you back, though.”

“Me too, Buginette,” he replies calmly, stroking her back. “I’m right here.”

Nino, watching idly five feet away, takes another bite of his potato.

So, basically...

Things I liked about the finale:

- Seeing everyone who’d passed away

- Defan 

- Bonnie kicking ass

Things I didn’t like about the finale:

- Stefan dying

- Katherine’s weak ass comeback (she just got stabbed and thrown around, how exciting)

- Stefan dying

- Why the fuck was Vicki in hell?

- SteFaN dYinG

- How the fuck did Bonnie wake up Elena? Also she sort of had Enzo in the end but not really??? Also how did Enzo wake Bonnie up just by touching her I’m??? YOU GUYS I GET THE FEELING BONNIE BROUGHT KAI BACK TO SAVE ELENA IN RETURN FOR HIS FREEDOM WHICH WOULD HAVE MADE SENSE CONSIDERING HE WANTED TO GET HIS ASS OUT OF MYSTIC FALLS AND HE WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD LIFT THE SPELL. but no. plot holes! :D

- Stefan. Dying.


- Stefan always sacrificing it all for everyone and being so loyal and brave and kind and then DYING

- I miss Kai. Why did everyone love the siphon twins but not him.

- Why is Stefan dead

- Why didn’t they just stab Katherine and throw her in the tunnel, or tie her to a chair in the tunnel it makes NO SENSE that anyone had to die

- Did I mention Stefan’s death?

- I was expecting more out of the Delena scenes to be honest

- S T E F A N 

- How did Katherine’s hair magically curl itself between shots?

- he deserved better : ))

- Tyler’s character was tossed off the show like he meant nothing and I’m still mad

- Honestly who cares about Matt’s family

- Didn’t they say we were gonna have a two hour finale? IT FELT SO RUSHED.

- Caroline is the only vampire left which is so weird and I don’t like it

- Alaric deserved better, him and Jo were so beautiful together

- Do you think I’ve forgotten about Stefan bc I haven’t

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something's been on my mind: do you think andreil - two people who don't often seek physical comfort in others, nor enjoy being openly surrounded or embraced - would ever get to the point they could sit in each other's laps?

not sure if you wanted this as a fic so I’m just treating it as an opportunity to TALK (but let me know if u want me to write a story about it!)

I actually DO think they would and here’s why:

Neil canonically likes the feeling of security that comes with being held up (i.e.: andrew up against him in the club, andrew boxing him in at the car after he comes back sober for the first time, andrew holding him up in the shower while he sucks his dick for dear life)

And he’s touch starved as fuck tbh, I’ve been pointing towards both of these things in a lot of fic but i think they’re a pretty big part of neil’s characterization 

he IS uncomfortable with no way out – like having his back to the door or feeling cornered, but we know that andrew has never made neil feel this way

he’s a blanket, not a straight jacket. he’s not a constricting force at. all. he’s pure comfort for neil. neil lets himself go when he’s with andrew (remember the bus in tkm? he loses track of time when he’s with andrew. do u think neil josten had ever forgotten to track a single second of his life before he started enjoying it?)

leaning over andrew in a beanbag chair or sitting pressed shoulder to ankle into him in a bus are the building blocks to sitting tangled up in each other, man. like neil feeling safe and wanted?? there’s no way that wouldn’t appeal to him a little bit. I guarantee you he doesn’t care about other people’s attitudes towards lap sitting, he’s the prince of sudden and intense emotional exchanges 

anyway stay with me here

andrew wouldn’t want to be trapped under someone in a bedroom setting at all and we know that that boundary is never pushed

but we also got to see some of his tender first steps towards vulnerability (physically.. bc he’s been emotionally vulnerable w neil since he first started talking to him sober – ‘I won’t let you let me be’ anyone?) like letting neil push him down while they’re kissing within the first like 6 MONTHS that they’re together

they have a lifetime. they have months and years and decades for andrew to identify the closeness that he wants as something he can have

he loves neil’s malleability, how well he follows instructions (😏 ) his sprawling limbs in the morning when they’re sore from practice and barefoot and quite honestly ruining andrew’s life

he tugs Neil over on their couch so that he’s toppled all over him, and andrew can inhale at his neck and squeeze his thighs, not looking at him but feeling like a real person grounded in another person who would get off of him if he asked, without question or complaint

I feel like the other way around would be less of an issue? andrew sits in neil’s lap because he has comfortable muscular thighs and sometimes the couch is full like?? what’s ur point nicky??? 

he yes or no’s neil probably, and he makes sure his body isn’t blocking neil’s view of the exit, but like. Neil can’t feel the need to bolt when andrew is willfully this close to him, spread out w his feet on the table and his neck kinda squishing neil’s face & like it’s not at all sexy but he’s trusting neil with HIS back for once

anyway my point is.. if ur together for long enough, there aren’t that many things that you won’t try, and closeness is andreil’s language

they thrive on tight wordless contact; they shared a bed as early as tkm (that keeps me up at night btw…. what was andrew thinking when neil settled in beside him all stiff, thinking so loud, then went utterly sweet and relaxed as soon as Andrew kissed his mouth……… do u think he’d Ever shared a bed before then w positive results……….. like.. I’m just saying) and andrew jerked off while breathing into neil’s mouth like

I think lap sitting is on the table

This isn’t a TC blog buuuuuut, I figured I’d say something to maybe give you guys some hope.
I met my teacher when I was 15 and he was 31. Twice my age. We got too close and people started noticing we were always together. He never touched me, or flirted with me, or did any of that. He kept it professional and helped me through my issues.
Then he got fired for our friendship.
And he waited two and a half years for me to turn 18 so we could reconnect. He literally just wanted to make sure I was okay, because the last time we had actually talked, I was in the hospital for a suicide attempt.
So I got back in touch, I owe this man my life, he’s the reason I’m alive. And turns out he’s in love with me and just yesterday, on his 34th birthday, we made it official.
There’s hope for you guys. There was for me :)

Killing Stalking: Ch 15

After reading chapter 16, I was so confused about what was running through Bum’s mind. Bum said he didn’t love Sangwoo anymore, but then in ch. 16, he talks about how cool Sangwoo was and how he wanted to touch him and whatnot. Like Bum wyd? Is this really what you want or are you just pretending?

But then I went back and read Ch. 15 again (the official translation, please read it on Lezhin to support the author if you can afford it). It makes sense now. Bum’s at war with himself, and he’s having conflicting feelings.

Bum stalked Sangwoo for a while before he broke into his house. He saw the image Sangwoo projected and fell in love with that. Bum’s knows now that Sangwoo is a million miles away from that. He’s a violent, manipulative, unstable murderer.

Bum hates Sangwoo for what he’s done and doesn’t want to love him anymore. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t. Bum started hating Sangwoo once he found out the truth, but seeing him now, at this festival, brings back Bum’s original feelings. Prior to the festival, Sangwoo told Bum that he wants him to stay with him forever, that they’ve got to be in this thing together, and even implied that he loved Bum. Sangwoo’s  been “nicer” to Bum recently too, which is reminiscent of the nicer side of Sangwoo Bum saw after the Rat Poison incident.

Now’s Bum’s in the audience, watching Sangwoo on stage being the attractive, charming, alluring guy Bum thought he was. Bum sees the image Sangwoo puts on the for the public, even after he knows it’s fake. But combine the image Bum originally fell for with Sangwoo’s recent clingyness, and Bum’s starting to fall for Sangwoo’s ruse all over again.

Elucien bedsharing part 2/2

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part 1  //  ao3  

When he speaks again, it’s a low rumble in his chest. “If you keep doing that, dove, neither of us is going to get any sleep.”

Heat coils in Elain’s stomach. “I’m not tired.”

Lucien stills for a moment, and then one of his hands comes to trail up her arm, knuckles skimming against her skin and raising goosebumps. Her heart drums in her chest, afraid he’ll stop her or draw back, but she presses a kiss to the bit of his chest exposed by the deep V of his shirt collar.

He makes a faint humming noise. “Wicked little thing, aren’t you.”

Elain flushes a little. “I don’t mean to be.” She’s glad they’re not making eye contact or she’d never have the courage to say, “I just… want to touch you.”

All of the oxygen seems to go out of the room, the way it does when fire ignites in a burst and eats it up. The fingers on her upper arm stop, and for a beat Elain thinks she’s made a mistake.

“You can touch me all you like,” Lucien says coolly.

Arousal courses through her at his answer and Elain bites back a noise. Lucien’s fingers come up to grip her chin, tilt her head up towards his.

His gaze flickers over her. “As long as I get to touch you too.”

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You're good enough for me
Final Fantasy 15
You're good enough for me

This does contain spoilers

I just wanted to say that I love this scene so much, Noctis comforting his best friend was a nice touch after Brotherhood ep 2 (go watch it if you haven’t already) As everyone knows Noctis isn’t very openly expressive like our dear Prompto who wears his heart on his sleeve, Noctis just usually says what he means since it’s much easier. (he seems to joke about with his bros mainly Prompto)

In this scene Prompto states that they have been friends for 5 years (literally they became instant best friends) only for Noctis to remind Prompto that they did indeed meet back in elementary. (Which does shock him since he didn’t expect Noctis to remember him) Even though Prompto tried to change himself he still is insecure about how other view him, since his only three close friends are all above him (now for the bit I like) Noctis tells him that he’s good enough for him and he was doing okay. Even though Ignis and Gladiolus are friends with Noctis they were already with him for so long and were under the kings orders to look after him (while he was younger and now) of course they didn’t decline since they are friends but with Prompto it’s a little different (yes luna asked Prompto to be friends with Noctis but he could have declined and nobody told Noctis that he must accept him) seeing how Prompto talks with Noctis so casually and how he acts around him (yes ass slaps and sultry picture of luna for him XD) it’s only fair to assume that they are really close (to me, more so than iggy or gladio)

If you ever just hear their dialogue you can just tell how much Noctis actually cares for prompto and likes messing with him, remember the train incident, yeah Noctis went full blown hysteria something he didn’t do with luna’s death (he just became really depressed, like I said before he doesn’t express himself but apparently that’s ignored since Prompto is his bestie.) Without Prompto it was evident that the boys felt out of place without him since he was always making jokes and light of nearly every situation and was evidently pissed off when he was being taunted by Ardyn. 

(also I just read a post that Noctis gets shipped more with Prompto than Luna, now that’s funny and understandable. Luna better get a Dlc after the way she was pushed aside)

every time i look at official artwork of zimbits…the tenderness…the sweetness…the way theyre always touching some part of the other person…the way bitty is always straddling jack…and either listening to him…or being listened to….did i mention the way how bitty is ALWAYS in between jack’s legs straddling him…so tender….the way jack would just place his hands on bitty’s back and ass…to makes sure that bitty doesnt fall…and because he wants to touch the butt…go make your dreams come true jack…touch the bitty booty…

I want Dan spread out, whimpering and needy, griding against the mattress to get friction get grind back on Phil’s tongue. I want Dan’s moans to be getting louder and louder as he gets closer and closer to tipping. I want him to be begging Phil for more, to touch him, and the only thing Phil says is “No, no, pretty boy, not this time. I know you can cum just like this, now do it.” And I want Dan to go stiff, going silent for just a few seconds before he lets out a loud moan as his body shakes as he goes completely limp on the bed with Phil rubbing his ass and his back, telling him what a good boy Dan has been.

together, we’re infinite

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Tsukishima has never liked being touched.

A pat on the back, a hug from a relative, a friend nudging his ribs - it’s an invasion of his personal space, and he hates it. It’s awkward, uncomfortable. A reminder of how different he is, because normal people seem to like it, and that’s just not him.

Well, that’s how it seems at least, because what Tsukishima does like is watching. He’s good at it, too. Choosing somewhere to sit, headphones on, eyes looking. Picking up details. The way that Suga looks when Kageyama makes an incredible set - proud, but also sad. The way that Nishinoya squints when he focuses, so enveloped in the game that he even sometimes misses his teammates chatter.

He sees it all, and sort of files it away. He’s not sure why; to pass the time, maybe. Maybe it’ll help on the court. Regardless, his outward demeanor is cold and unapproachable, which keeps most from bothering him.

The only person who doesn’t seem deterred by it is Yamaguchi, but, that’s different, because it’s Yamaguchi. He’s the only one who gets him, and doesn’t push his boundaries. They’re friends, and, truly, the only person Tsukishima could really call a friend is him. That’s okay, though - it’s not like he needs a million friends. He’s happy with one. He has things to focus on, like school, and getting into a good college.

But of course, it can never be that simple, because a bunch of idiots just have to come along and wrestle their way into Tsukishima’s life.

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Higher (pt 7)

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Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Fluff/Angst/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

You clamped your mouth shut, your eyes darting around the room to avoid his gaze. Your fingers scratched the sheets, your heart beating faster as you felt the bed shift. Then there was a feathery touch at your cheek, and you gasped, your eyes snapping back to his as his fingers lightly ran across your jaw. 

“I don’t think you want me to kiss you,” he muttered, his fingers still softly caressing you. “Look at yourself, you’re terrified.” 

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Brett was horny right after his training session at the gym.
He told me that he doesn’t like taking care of business by himself if he could help it, But as his girlfriend was overseas for the next 2 weeks he thought that was the only thing he could do.
- I couldn’t help imagining how big and hard he would be under those tight black shorts.
As I moved over on the couch where he was sitting i touched the inside of his leg, with a smile I said “a hot guy like you has many options” he was pretty quick to dismiss my offer by telling me he wasn’t gay … I got up, closed the blinds, locked the door and said “we have been Mates for years now, trust me”
Walking back to him I said close your eyes if you want, but you don’t need to be gay to fuck another guy, just horny.

Even now that his girlfriend has come back from her trip, Brett sometimes still comes over after his gym session.
But he closes the blinds and locks the door himself now ;)

The Secret (2)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven;part eight; part nine; part ten;

You immediately froze on the spot, acutely aware of Baekhyun’s arms wrapped around your shoulders and your face buried against his broad chest. So many thoughts were running through your head: happiness at seeing your best friend for the first time; apprehension at the secret you held from him; not to mention flustered to be back in his arms and pressed up against his body.

His hand sliding down your back brought you back to reality and made you step back out of his hold. “What are you doing here?” you stammered nervously, tucking your hair behind your ear.

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