i just want to wrap him up in a warm blanket and tuck him into bed with a nice cup of tea

The First Time // Lee Seokmin

the prompt: (abridged) seokmin is your new neighbor, and after a bit of bonding, the two of you carry not only romantic, but domestic feelings for each other.

words: 3375

category: fluff on fluff

author note: you had me at seokmin and domestic feel like ever time I look at dk I think of how much of a husband/boyfriend vibe he gives off and to write a whole scenario based off of that??? i am blessed. also i suck at summaries but the request was rlly long so i tried to shorten it. i also changed the ending from dinner and tv to dancing bc i had more inspiration for the latter.

- destinee

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this other life// old man logan

Originally posted by anothermoviepage

Guys I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of stunned at how much you all want requests for Old Man Logan. Let me tell you, I’m thrilled to write them. I love him so much and he deserves all the happiness I can give him. 

This is a fix it fic. 

Requested By Anon: Can you write a fix-it fic where Logan manages to go to Canada with the rest of the kids and forms a strong father+daughter relationship with Laura?

+ Dad!Logan and Reader with Laura as their daughter.

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Sick Days - S.M - Blurb

I had left Shawn up in bed and quietly crept down to the kitchen he had been stirring all night, constantly getting up to go and throw up. He tried to get out of quietly and he would close the door quietly before he was lurch to the toilet to let go of anything that was left in his stomach. I now stood in the kitchen making him Oatmeal, he loved his healthy breakfasts and I wanted to make him something warm then his usual cereal. I was pouring his oatmeal into a bowl when I heard him groaning from behind me.

“do you feel any better?” I asked as I placed the pot in the sink carefully.

“I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck and now my limp lifeless body is being dragged behind it, and that its purposely being dragged over rocks that hit my head” he said rubbing at his temple.

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themaplewrites  asked:

Prompt Idea: The three times Amy took care of a sick Sheldon and the one time Sheldon returned the favor. -- The thought of Sheldon trying his best to help Amy get better makes me smile the same way Sheldon does with Koalas. :)

i love this idea akjfhkseh! i got a bit carried away in the last one lol so i’ve probably twisted your prompt into a very different beast, but i hope you enjoy anyway!! :) (this is set at different points in their relationship, hopefully that’s clear in each little segment haha)

  • First: The So-Called ‘Brain Tumour’ 

When she had first got the call that Sheldon was in the hospital, demanding an MRI, Amy had been petrified. She probably broke a dozen California road laws in her haste to be by his side. 

Only to find her boyfriend sat in the waiting room getting a stern talking-to from a neurologist about eating ice cream too fast. 

He sulked the whole way home, arms crossed over his chest and occasionally mumbling to himself: “it felt like a tumour, though.” 

So, Amy did what any long-suffering girlfriend of Sheldon Cooper would do. She sat him down in his spot, made him a cup of tea, and let him put on an episode of Star Trek. 

He bored her for God-knows how long with facts about the show, until Amy was pretty sure her own brain was leaking out of her ears, but it was worth it to make Sheldon smile again.

(more under the cut…)

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Lay Me Down [M]

Jimin x Reader
Word Count: 7,600
{Requests Filled}

I combined these two requests since they were SO similar. Sorry for the wait, thank you for being understanding. I hope you like it!

Jimin is so cute in this gif why? like, can you NOT kill me with your smile?

“Park Fucking Jimin, open your door!” I yelled, while continuously knocking on the door to their dorm.

The door opened a second later and I barged in to see a particularly naked from the waist up Jin standing in the doorway, only a pink apron slung haphazardly around his neck and loosely tied behind him.

“Well hello there, (Y/N), how are you doing—“

“Not now Jin, where is Jimin?” I asked, shoving his face away as he tried for the hundredth time to flirt with me, pretty face and broad shoulders looming in my vision.

He swatted at my hand but I had already dropped it looking around the living area for the familiar boy I had been best friends with for years.

“Ugh, fine. He’s in his room probably still sleeping.” Jin pointed with his spatula, the aroma of food cooking finally tickling my nose.

“But if you find he’s not what you really want, then I’m always here…” he continued with a suggestive smirk and eyebrow twitch.

“Good to know, don’t take it personally if that never happens.” I said with a sweet smile that leaked artificial venom.

To anyone else, this would look like an exchange between a fuck boy and the girl that hated him, but this was just our dynamic.I didn’t hate Jin actually. When he wasn’t being a flirty jerk, he was very nice and caring, and his unique laugh always made me break into a fit of giggles. Not to mention I could always count on him to cook for me.

“Thanks Jin oppa!” I said as I rushed to where I knew him, Taehyung, and Hoseok shared a large room.

“Anytime.” He responded as he walked back to his position at the stove, muscles flexing under the smooth skin of his wide back.

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Show You How To Love

Hiiii i would love a daddy (appa) kink suga smut thank you ;D~

After 4 hundred years of loosing my original draft to this and loosing my mind and having finals I FINALLY finished this smut! Hope you enjoy! Because its 12:30am and I’m sick with the flu and I need someone to enjoy something I’m high on Nyquil goodnight lovelies xx

“I’m kinda busy babe.” You sneer, pushing his body away.
Your boyfriend came closer again, brushing his fingers against your cheek. “Y/N take a break please. All you do is work.” He whined.
“Yeah I work for us.” You stacked your next set of papers in front you and begin working again.
“Do you ever work for me in other ways?” He smirked.
His words made you uncomfortable and furious. All he ever asked for was sexual favors while you worked hours for him.
His hand travelled down your cheek to your neck, continuing down your torso, sweeping across your hip. That’s when you snapped.
“I can’t handle you! Get out of the fucking house!” You hissed.
He removed his hand and stepped back, taking in your anger.
“What did you fucking say to me?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“You heard me.” You stepped closer and grabbed a fistful of his shirt. “Leave.”
He grabbed your wrist and contorted it backwards making you wince.
“Don’t fucking speak to me like that you useless piece of shit.” He lashed.
He raised his hand in the air and swung out at your face just after you heard the door open.
“Y/N!” You heard a familiar voice call.
You held your face in your hands as you slumped to the floor.
“B/N! Get out right now and start running before the cops find you!” The voice yelled after your now ex-boyfriend.
By now you realized it was your best friend, Madison.
“Y/N are you okay? What happened?” Madison asked, crouching down to you.
Your face stung from the impact of an open palm.
“Is he gone?” You muttered from behind your hands.
Madison rubbed your back reassuringly.
“He’s gone.”
You lifted your head and wiped your eyes vigorously. You straightened out your shirt and stood up with an overly strong aura.
You sniffed once. “Well let’s go then!”
Madison stared at you confused.
You grabbed her wrist and pulled her to your room. “We are going out!” You told her.
“Out to find him or-”
“Out. Clubbing out. Get dressed.”
The music pounded through your ears like an old tribal drum as you sat at a small table on the side wall of the club. The table was covered in carved names of ex lovers and horny hook ups. You ran your fingers over the marks feelings the texture on your skin as your mind fluttered with ragging thoughts of your ex boyfriend.
“You came here to get your mind off him! Stand up lets go dance!” Madison ushered you out of your chair.
Once on the dance floor you couldn’t help but move your body to the beat. You watched the other sweaty body’s press close together in dance. Girls with short dresses and higher heels. Boys with lustful looks and grabby hands. To be honest, the sight of everyone disgusted you.
“Hey Maddie, I’m gonna get a drink.” You yelled over the powerful music.
She nodded, focused on a cute boy beside her.
Puddles of alcohol pooled ontop of the bar counter. Small amounts of people stood around while the bartender served shots and bottles.
“Couple shots of vodka.” You ordered.
The bartender nodded his head and began pouring.
After about a couple of shots you decided it was time to find Maddie again. Your eyes scanned the crowd for her red hair and emerald coloured dress.
“Oh shit.” You muttered to yourself when your eyes landed on a handsome man with mint coloured hair. His face was soft but carved in all the ways that made your heart skip a beat.
Your eyes devoured his face that lit up in the harsh dance floor lights.
“Y/N!” You heard someone yell.
You snapped into reality, realizing it was Madison.
“What the fuck are you looking at? I’ve been trying to get your attention for the past 3 minutes!” She said, shaking your shoulders.
“Oh yeah… Sorry.” You muttered.
You never dropped your gaze from the handsome man across the room.
Finally Madison caught onto your staring and followed your line of sight.
“Fucking shit!” She hollered in an impressed tone. “Go get it!”
Your cheeks flushed pink. “What. No Madison your stupid I wasn’t looking at him.” You tried to convince her.
Madison rolled her eyes and grabbed your wrist, hauling you over to the mint haired man.
“Text me later tonight.” Madison whispered and with one final move, she shoved you right into him.
“Oh shit I’m so sorry.” You spilled, realizing you had knocked over his drink.
He smiled and helped you up. “No worries, princess.” He said in a warm, safe-feeling voice.
PRINCESS?? Only a few people knew how much being called princess turned you on.
“I’ll buy you another one!” You stuttered, grabbing some napkins from the counter.
The man pushed a stray hair behind your ears. “Listen, it’s alright. Let’s go get you cleaned up.”
His calm voice and soft touch made you melt in front of him. You wanted to fall into his chest and have him call you princess one hundred more times.
“Okay.” You let out a small smile.
He took your hand and led you to one of the private bathrooms near the back. Once the door was shut, the music was quiet and muffled. The man grabbed a small towel from the corner of the granite counter top and began patting away at your dress.
“Yoongi.” He said suddenly, looking up from working on your dress.
“Oh…” Your ears registered the name and it sang through your head. “Thank you, Yoongi.”
He smiled and continued to work on removing the spilt alcohol from your dress.
A couple of minutes of later, nothing seemed to have changed and the stains still remained.
“It’s no use.” You said, straightening out your dress. “I’ll just go home.”
“I can dri-” Yoongi began to speak.
“Madison can drive me.” You whispered.
You didn’t know why you felt like you were bothering him. His gentleness made you feel welcome, but yet you pushed him away.
The glow in his eyes suddenly went away at your abrupt response and you could feel his loving aura dim slightly.
“I’ll help you find her. Make sure you are safe.” He spoke.
‘Even after I try to say no and get away from such a loving guy, he still is being sweet. Fuck him’ you thought to yourself.
The both of you walked out of the room together and the pounding sound of music returned. Once again, your eyes scanned for Madison.
“I’ll phone her.” You suggested after a minute or so of searching.
You pulled your phone out of your purse, only to see a couple of text from Madison herself.
‘Lol I left with this HOT GUY SEE YOU TOMORROW xx’
“Great.” You mumbled.
Yoongi’s hand once again brushed a stray hair from your face.
“Everything alright, princess?” He asked.
'Fuck you for being so damn hot and nice you son of a-’
“She left.” You said, cutting off your train of thought.
“I can take you home.” He suggested.
Home. Your mind flushed with thoughts of your ex. You both lived at 'home’.
“Can I… Come home with you?” You whispered.
“Of course.” He said, letting out a gentle laugh.
The water was warm on your cold and tired body and you loved it.
“Are you almost done, darling. I made you tea.” Yoongi said in a melodic voice.
“Oh yeah sorry.” You said, turning off the shower.
“There is a towel and fresh clothes on the counter. I’ll be right outside.”
Once the door closed you stepped out of the shower and dried of with the fluffy white towel. The heated floor felt like it was hugging your achy feet. Yoongi had left a baggy grey t-shirt and some basketball shorts. The fabric was welcoming.
You stepped out of the bathroom after putting the clothes on and drying your hair. Yoongi was lying in the bed, staring intently at his phone. You stood frozen infront of the bathroom door waiting for him to notice you.
“Yoongi.” You whispered.
He looked up at you like a grandpa looks up through his spectacles.
“Feeling better, princess?” He asked.
You nodded your head, not knowing wether to thank him profusely or to apologize for making him take you home.
The temperature of the room was much colder than the bathroom and you hadn’t even noticed that you had began to form goose bumps all over your arms and legs. You looked around for a blanket to wrap yourself in.
“You can sleep in my bed tonight.” Yoongi said, hoping out of the bed with a blanket in his hands.
He wrapped the blanket around your shoulders and guided you to the bed.
The satin sheets and squishy texture of the bed made you instantly more tired. A yawn left your lips, making Yoongi laugh.
“I’ll get your tea before you drift off to sleep, darling.”
He planted a kiss on your forehead before leaving the room. His lips, much like the sheets, were soft and satin like. Their touch was delicate and soothing, unlike your exs lips. Rough and cold, always bitter like kissing a scaly reptile. The way your ex talked to you was opposite of how Yoongi did. Yoongi called you princess were as your ex called you bitch. You turned your head towards the mirror on the wall close to the bed and saw the red mark of impact that you covered earlier with concealer.
Tears began to weal in your eyes as you recalled all the abuse you went through.
“I hope you don’t mind Earl Grey. It’s all I drink.” Yoongi chimed in, opening the bedroom door.
You quickly dried your eyes, hoping he didn’t see the dry wicked pain in your heart.
“I don’t mind.” You sat up on the bed and crossed your legs beneath you.
He handed you the warm mug and you both drank in silence till you reached the bottom of the cup.
You placed it on the bed side table and curled into the large bed.
“Time for bed?” Yoongi whispered.
You nodded again.
He stood up from his chair and tucked the covers around you before planting one last kiss on your temple.
“Goodnight prince-”
“Yoongi?” You interrupted.
“Yes darling?”
“Can you…” You were too embarrassed to finish your though.
“Can I?” He ushered you to go on.
You scooted to the other side of the bed, giving him enough room to sleep beside you.
“Is that was you want?” He cooed.
“Yes…” You whispered.
He climbed into bed beside you and you didn’t hesitate to curl you body against his protective frame. His strong arms wrapped around you as he buried his face into your hair, taking in the scent of shampoo.
The feeling of love rushed over you just then, making you panic. Your breath hitched in your throat and you began to press away from Yoongi.
“I’m sorry.” You mumbled to him.
He sat up beside you and placed a hand on your knee.
“It’s okay Y/N.” He reassured you. “What’s wrong.”
You didn’t want to tell him what went on earlier but it was the only way to explain why you were acting so strange.
You began to lay your story infront of him and he nodded in comprehension.
“So you’ve never felt… Love.” He breathed, gazing into your eyes.
You shook your head. “I don’t want you to feel bad I-”
“Shh.” Yoongi took you into his arms. “Don’t be sorry.” He told you.
You rested your head on his chest listening to his heart for a few moments before he spoke up again.
“Can I show you the two ways I love?” He whispered into your ear. “You can tell me when to stop.”
You looked up at him confused but finally agreed.
Yoongi placed his strong hand on your inner thigh, making you lick your lips in anticipation. He continued slowly down to your heat, placing one finger on your clit. He began trailing it up and down over your clothed slit.
“Yoongi please.” You whispered. “More.”
He looked deeply into your eyes.
“Yoongi?” He questioned.
“That’s your na-”
“You are gonna call me daddy. Is that understood, princess?” He hissed.
“Yes daddy.” You replied.
He hummed lowly at the sound of you calling him daddy and he pushes you onto your back, him now inbetween your legs.
“You are gonna stay quiet during this process.” Yoongi spoke before pulling your shorts off with your underwear.
He lets out a cold breath onto your womanhood, making your legs shudder. His tongue tracing the outsides of your slit, teasing you.
“Daddy.” You begged.
“I want you to beg so quietly my heart melts. Make me fall for your ways, babygirl.” Yoongi spoke close to your entrance, again making you tense up.
“Please Daddy.” You breathed softly.
Your hand traveled you your mouth and you lightly started sucking and biting on your finger in a seductive way. “Make me feel good.” You moaned in a cute voice.
“God you’re good.” He smirked.
Yoongi ran a thick stripe up between your legs, continuing that a few more times before he began sucking on your clit. Waves of pleasure grew up your spine and you began shaking under his motion.
“Do you like this, princess?” He asked, his words vibrating against you.
All you could do was let out a small moan.
Just then he stopped. You let out a whine, reaching down the grab his head. You look up and found Yoongi standing infront of the bed.
“Get on your knees. Daddy needs to use your mouth.”
You got on your knees before him, surprised at how quickly you were submitting yourself to him after just meeting.
Yoongi unbuckles his pants and you anxiously pull them down for him. You began rubbing his hard member through his boxers slowly as his hand found his way to your hair, running his fingers through it. You played with the lining of his boxers before inching them off at an agonizing speed.
“Wow.” You mumbled under your breath at the sight of his cock.
Yoongi’s hand tightened in your hair as he yanked it back.
“Show daddy how much you want him.” He hissed.
His other hand was brought up to your mouth and he stuck his thumb against your tongue.
“Use that mouth for something useful.”
The dirty words he spoke ran off his tongue like velvet and took you captive.
You could feel yourself aching, wanting him between your legs again.
He crouched down to your kneeling level, thumb still in your mouth, as he looked lustfully into your eyes.
“And when I say take it all.” He whispered, as be pressed his thumb deeper into your mouth. “You take it all. Understood?”
You nodded your head.
“Your being a good girl for daddy.” Yoongi stood back up. “Now suck.”
You took his length into your mouth, rolling your tongue over his tip. His head shot back every time you did so, a mutter of curses and deep groans left his wet lips.
You bobbed your head up and down faster and faster with each moment.
“Deeper. Take it all. ” He mumbled.
You took him a little deeper, running your tongue on the underside of his length.
He wrapped your hair around his wrist and pulled back, looking deeply into your eyes again.
He shook his head. “Pathetic.” He whispered.
You pouted. “Give me another chance daddy please.”
You pulled your head against grip, trying to get another chance but his hold just tightened.
“I’m gonna show you how to please daddy the right way.” He spat.
Both of his fist grabbed at your hair as he lowered you into his cock. His hands held you in place as he began fucking into your mouth.
“Good girl.” He moaned, keeping his eye contact with you.
His stare burned into you and tears began to prick at your eyes from gagging. His member continued to violently pound into your throat.
“I love watching your mouth being fucked. Your so sloppy, princess.” Yoongi pulled his member out of your mouth without cumming and leaned down to kiss your forehead.
You giggled and whipped your tears away from your eyes.
“Now it’s time to show you how I’m gonna love my baby girl.” He cooed. “Take off the rest of your clothes slowly and get on the bed.”
You did as your were told and began to pull off his grey tshirt. He watched you intently while grabbing something from under the bed. You heart raced in anticipation.
Once you were naked you sat kneeling down.
“Close your eyes.” Yoongi said.
You closed your eyes and felt the bed sink slightly when Yoongi got on. You felt something slip over your head and onto you eyes.
You opened your eyes and saw nothing but black.
“Yoo- Daddy?” You mumbled in a slightly scared voice.
“It’s okay darling.” He assured you.
You then felt his soft lips grace yours and all panic was gone. “I’ve got you. Lie down.” Yoongi spoke.
The satin sheets had a different feeling on your naked body but seemed to accept you in a comfortable way all the same.
Yoongi lifted your hands above your head just before you heard the tightening of handcuffs.
Your breath began to speed up and your mind began to race with all the possibilities of horror.
“Hey Y/N. Listen baby.” Yoongi removed the blindfold from your eyes and looked down at your lovingly.
“If you want to stop we can. I told you. You can stop anytime you want.”
He rubbed his thumb over your cheek and your lust for him grew.
He was demanding, rough, sexy, but loving all the same.
“Daddy?” You purred.
You changed your expression drastically and channeled all your lust to your words.
“Fuck me. Now.” You growled.
Yoongi smirked.
“Ahh. Such a little slut for daddy.”
He took your nipple between his fingers and pinched it harshly before returning the blindfold to your eyes.
His hands grabbed your thighs harshly and pushed them apart. You could feel his tip resting at your entrance.
All you could do was moan when you felt him finally enter you. The feeling of him inside you made your body buzz.
His thrusts were slow as you got used to him.
“Are you gonna take it all this time, princess?” Yoongi questioned.
Having your eyes covered heightened all your other senses and his words sent arrows of pleasure to your entrance.
“Yes daddy please just fuck me.” You begged.
Yoongi’s hand found your throat before finally pounding deeply into you. The sound of your scream was lightened by the hold on your neck.
“Not too loud now baby. I’ve got a housemate.” He warned, pulling out slowly.
He removed his grip and pounded back in, seeing how vocal you would get without his restriction. You bit your lip and moaned sharply before he began pulling out slowly again. The pace of this was agonizing.
“And you didn’t invite him to join? What a shame.” You retorted.
Yoongi let out a small chuckle. “Your playing a dangerous game, princess. Just let me fuck you then we can negotiate.”
You couldn’t get another word in before he began thrusting faster and deeper. The pleasure made your eyes rollback into your head and arch your back.
“You like that baby?” Yoongi moaned as he continued curling up into your g-spot.
You turned your neck and bit down on your shoulder to keep from screaming loudly in ecstasy.
Yours and Yoongis moans filled the room melodically and you felt your orgasm building.
“Daddy I’m gonna-”
“Be a good girl and cum with daddy.” Yoongi growled.
Your body tightened around him as you climaxed. The feeling of him spilling inside you made your body shake gratefully.
“Thank you daddy.” You panted, trying to catch your breath.
Yoongi thrusted slowly a few more times before pulling out of you and planting a kiss on your lips.
“You are daddy’s Favourite little princess.” He praised.
He undid the handcuffs and removed the blindfold, tossing them to the side.
Once again you cuddled into the soft bed sheets and awaited him to join you.
His warm sweaty body pressed against yours as he wrapped his arms around you. The feeling of two sticky fucked out bodies didn’t bother you to be honest. It was the first time you had felt honestly loved.
“Can I make you pancakes in the morning, darling?” He whispered into your ear, planting a soft kiss on your neck.
“Yes please.” You mumbled, sleep riding over you.
You began to close your eyes ready to fall asleep in his arms before remembering.
“Oh but daddy?” You interjected.
“Can we talk about that negotiation now?”

~Admin Bangtan-Savage

Sick (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by dmentr

Request: “Could you maybe write one where Newt cuddles with the reader when she is sick and takes care of her! I currently have a terrible fever and a cold, would love to read something comfy and warm!”

Note: Fluff fluff fluffity fluff fluff!

You and Newt had been dating for a few months now, and everything was absolutely lovely. Sure, you each were still getting used to the other’s quirks and habits, but neither of you were ever happier. With his creatures and someone he absolutely loved and adored by his side, he needed nothing else, and he reminded you of this everyday. And you felt so lucky to have such a loving, adorable boyfriend.

One evening, Newt came into your apartment, calling “Love? I’m here! I have loads to tell you about this new creature I just-”

Newt stopped when he saw you lying in your bed, blankets curled up around you, face flushed, and barely cracking a smile. He strode over to you quickly, worry across his face, “What’s the matter, (Y/N)? Are you alright? What’s happened? What can I do? Do you-”

You gently placed your hand on top of the one he used to cup your cheek. “I’m alright, Newt. I’m just feeling rather ill. I must have caught something, but I’ve been in bed all day and can’t really do much else. I know I’m supposed to help you with your creatures, darling, and I am so sorry! Maybe I can-”

You tried sitting up before Newt brought his arm around you and laid you back down. “You’re not going anywhere, love. You’re burning up and need to rest. I will be right back.”

You nodded and closed your eyes. You felt Newt stand and go into the kitchen, and you missed his warm presence right away. You heard him talking softly, and you figured he was talking to that silly Niffler again. Perhaps it was trying to steal your silverware. You barely registered the door opening and closing, and you slowly drifted off.

You awoke but a few minutes later just as Newt was crawling into bed beside you, “How long was I asleep? Did you take care of your creatures alright? Do you need any help?”

Newt smiled at you sweetly, “Just a few minutes, love. The creatures will be wonderful. I gave them to Jacob tonight. He will get Tina and Queenie to help him take care of them.”

You began to protest, “But Newt! Those creatures need you, and you love nothing more than being with them and taking care of them. They love you, and you love them! You can’t just-”

He cut you off with a gentle kiss, “They will manage just fine tonight. They adore our friends, and our friends adore them. Besides, you also need me tonight, and I love you. I want to take care of you.”

You blushed even redder than you were from the fever, “You love me?”

Newt began blushing too, realizing what he said. Though he had felt it for a while now, he was nervous to tell you, not wanting to scare you away or have you not say it back. He stammered, “I-I mean…I c-care about you a l-lot, and I-I j-just want to be happy…I mean you to be h-happy, but-”

Now it was your turn to cut him off with a kiss, “I love you too, Newt!”

You both kissed again before you pulled away quickly, “I don’t want to get you sick!”

“Well, one, it’s probably already too late for that. Two, I love you and I don’t care.” He pulled you in for another kiss, and you happily accepted. You loved him so much, and you wanted to show it.

Once you were settled into his chest, Newt reached to your nightstand, and lifted the bowl of soup that you didn’t notice before. “I made you some soup, love. I thought you could probably use a little something to eat.”

You smiled, completely in awe and completely smitten with the man before you. You laughed as he fed you, and enjoyed every second. After you finished your soup, you curled back into Newt, lying on your side, you head on his chest as Newt lay on his back, his arm tucked beneath you, bringing you closer to him. He gently stroked your hair, and you didn’t think anything could ever be better than this. You implored him to talk about the new creature he found, and he spoke softly, but with excitement and passion in his voice. You slowly drifted off to sleep, and Newt smiled, kissed your forehead, and fell asleep right next to you.

The next morning, you were feeling much better. Newt had taken such good care of you, and you wanted to do something nice for him. You snuck out of the bed quietly, and made breakfast, filling the table with pancakes and eggs and biscuits and fruit and sausage, filling mugs with tea and coffee and hot chocolate. Just as you finished laying out the tableware, you felt his arms wrap around your waist, “Everything looks and smells incredible, love. Mostly you.” He kissed you on the cheek as you blushed at his compliment.

“We both know that’s you, darling. Now sit down and eat before it gets cold.”

Newt did as he was told, and the two of you enjoyed the lovely meal together.

As you were cleaning up the dishes, you spoke, “I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday, Newt. I am so lucky to love you and date such a sweet, kind man.”

He smiled, blushing, but pulled you into his arms, “I’m lucky to be dating such a kind, intelligent, beautiful woman that I am lucky to take care of. I-” Suddenly, Newt turned away quickly and sneezed. He looked at you, mouth open, disbelief on his face. He didn’t want to believe it.

You smiled, and gently pushed him out of the kitchen. “Looks like it’s your turn to stay in bed, mister. I’ll finish up in here, and then I will be right there beside you.”

He pouted a bit, but you kissed him and he walked off, resigned to his fate. You made a quick phone call, “Hi, Jacob? Yes it’s me. Do you think you all could watch Newt’s creatures one more day? It looks like he’s sick.” You heard Jacob start laughing on the other end. Before he could begin making jokes, you thanked him and quickly hung up, laughing yourself.

Now it was time to go take care of the man you loved. Maybe being sick was not so bad after all, as long as you had each other.

Nat’s Daycare ~ Dining and Bedtime

Word Count: 1390

Summary: AU where Baz owns/works in a daycare and Simon has a cute daughter. This has probably been done before, but I like it a lot. :)

Part 8 of ?? (The First Time | Every Other Time |A Late Time |Even Later | Morning Time| A Date?| Dinner Time| this is part 8| Boyfriend?| The Morning After |Confusion and Love)

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Simon was a good cook. Lucy wouldn’t shut up, but it was cute. She looked confused when we’d first reappeared, but Simon easily distracted her. His left hand was loosely in mine, making it hard for me to eat, what with the aviary in my stomach. Three out of four corners of the table were taken up.

“So, Lucy, what’s your favorite show?” I asked. Looking at Simon made me scared and happy, and I was afraid to even glance at him again.

“Don’t get her started.” Simon groaned good-naturedly. “Go on, Lu.” Simon placed a few more carrot sticks on Lucy’s plate, which she wrinkled her nose at.


“Blue’s Clues! I love Blue! Did you see my bed? Daddy let me get Blue’s Clues stuff!”

“Would that make him a good daddy?” I squeezed Simon’s hand cautiously.

Lucy’s face scrunched up in concentration. She picked up a carrot stick and dropped it once more. “I guess.”

“You guess? Come on, Lu. I think I’m a pretty good dad.” She shook her head. I couldn’t help laughing. “No? Why not?”

“Cawwots!” Lucy decided, holding up two of the carrot sticks.

“He’s a bad dad because of…carrots?” I asked.

She nodded vigorously. “Cawwots awe gwoss and yucky and he makes me eat ‘em!”

Simon and I exchanged a smile. “That’s it?”

“He makes me go to bed eawly.”

Simon shifted our fingers and my heart rate shot up. “Lucy, those don’t sound that bad. I make you take naps and put away your toys.”

She shrugged. “I don’t like naps, but he’s daddy.”

“Honey, I think you’re blowing this out of proportion.” Simon dropped my hand to wipe ketchup from her mouth and Lucy’s face scrunched up. “I’m just taking care of you.”

“I no like it!”

“Are you finished?”

She nodded resolutely. Simon collected his and Lucy’s plate and stacked them. “Done?” He gestured to mine.

“Oh yeah. Thanks.” His hand paused, as if to touch my cheek, but then he pulled his hand away and continued cleaning up from dinner.

“Need any help?” I asked, making to stand.

“If you want to keep Lucy busy, I’ll be fine.” He was juggling the plates with silverware stacked on them and a few glasses.

“Are you sure?”

He nodded vigorously on his way into the kitchen. “I’ve got it!”


It was ill-advised to invite Baz to my home. It felt so right to have him here, but also intimidated the crap out of me. I bet his home didn’t look like this. I bet it was nicely furnished and clean, and didn’t have blue finger-paint stains all over. Holding his hand during dinner sent sparks up my arm and into my chest. I could’ve accepted his offer to help with the cleanup, but I really needed this to calm myself. We’d kissed, open-mouthed, earlier. What did that mean? He wanted to kiss me, right? It wasn’t just a fluke?

I rinsed the dishes and stuck them in the dishwasher, quickly packaging our leftovers. “Tea? Coffee? Dessert?” While the kitchen, den, and table were all connected, there was a sort of wall between the kitchen and table, with an open doorway. Because of this, I didn’t see Baz walking in with my daughter on his hip, shushing her.

Lucy broke into giggles, alerting me to their presence. The sight of Baz holding a finger to his lips with my girl in his arms was enough to kill me. Baz inched forward a few more paces before removing his finger. “Boo!”

Lucy copied his actions. I pretended to jump, clutching my chest. “Oh! You guys are scary!” She laughed even harder, clutching Baz.

“Nice job, Lu!” Baz gave her a tiny high-five. My heart squeezed.

“Lulu, I have some dessert for you.”

“Dessert!” Lucy squealed.

“Auntie Penny made some cookies and gave some of them to us.” I told her.

“Cookies!” Lucy bounced in Baz’s arms, forcing him to put her down.

“Baz, if you want some, you can have a cookie, too.” I grinned at Baz.

“I’d like one. And some tea, if that’s still on the table.”

“Definitely. I’ll get that started. What type?”

Lucy bounced around the kitchen, wrapping herself around my legs for random periods of time. “What do you have?”

“A lot. They’re in there.” I pointed to the cupboard. “Pick out whatever you want, I’ll heat the water. Oh, can you grab me a bag of green tea?”

Baz opened the tiny cupboard. “Whoa. You’ve got a nice selection in here.”


“Daddy daddy, can we watch some Blues?” Lucy wrapped herself around my legs, wrapping her legs around mine.

“Of course we can, love.”

“Can Bazzy?”

“If he wants to.”

“Bazzy?” Lucy asked in a small voice.

He chuckled and passed me two tea bags. “I’ll stay, Lucy.” Baz squeezed my arm. Lucy broke into a cheer, detaching herself from my legs to grab onto Baz’s. I took the opportunity to pull the cookies out of a different cupboard. I started the kettle, grabbed two mugs, and placed the tea bags in the mugs. I also grabbed out the milk and heated a sippy cup-full of it in the microwave.

I was secretly grateful that Baz was staying. It would give me more time with him, maybe even after I put Lucy to bed. Once the milk was warm, I handed the cup to Lucy. Baz kept moving as if to aid me, unsure about what to do.

“Tea, for you.” I handed him a cup of tea, collecting a few cookies on a plate.

“Thanks. Anything I can do to help?”

“No, we’re all good. Follow me.” I grabbed my own mug off the counter. “Lucy, you have to detach from Baz’s legs.”

Lucy pouted, but let herself land on the ground. In the den, I set the cookies down on the coffee table. “Should I just..?”

“You can sit anywhere. Lu, you can have one cookie.” She pouted again. “Just one.” I held up a single finger.


Lucy was begging Simon for another cookie while he set up an episode of Blue’s Clues. I settled into a spot on the couch, sipping my tea.

“Okay, Lucy, let’s sit on down.” Simon paused before taking the seat next to me. My skin tingled. “Where are you going to sit?”

Lucy stared at me, at Simon, at the floor, and back to me. “You want to sit on my lap?” She perked up. “Okay, climb on.”

“Lucy, what do you say?”

“Thank you, Bazzy.” She chimed, nibbling on her cookie. Simon picked up the remote, starting the episode.

Lucy quickly settled onto my lap and began dozing off after finishing her cookie. They were chocolate chip cookies, the soft kind, and they were good.


I had the overwhelming urge to put my arm across the back of the couch, indirectly around Baz. Fuck it, I thought. We already kissed, this should be nothing. Taking a gulp of my quickly cooling tea, I stretched my arm behind Baz.


Lucy was dozing in my lap, and Simon just put his arm around me. Who cares what’s on tv when there’s a beautiful man with his fingers touching the inside of my collar? Certainly not I.

My tea was on the coffee table, I realized. I nudged Simon with my elbow lightly. “Can you hand me my tea?” I whispered, afraid to startle Lucy.

Simon sort of started, then nodded and smiled. “Sure.” He whispered, then handed me the tea. “Lucy asleep?”

“Pretty much. Let’s give it a few.”

We watched nearly half of the episode with a lightly snoring girl in my lap. I’d never really understood Blue’s Clues, but I didn’t mind. After about twenty minutes of the show, Simon paused it.

“Want me to take her?” He whispered.

“I’ve got her. Lead the way.” I shifted Lucy from my lap to my shoulder, then slowly stood. We quietly made our way to her room. I helped Simon change her into her pajamas without waking her. He laid her in her bed and tucked her blue blankets around her tightly. We retreated from her blue room and Simon carefully closed the door.

“She’s crazy about you.” He murmured once the door was shut.

What about you? “That’s always nice to hear.”

You Owe Me Soup And Cuddles

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request: Hello love! Could you write a Niall Imagine where he’s coming home from tour and you’re meeting him at the airport and whenever you see him get off you can tell he’s been crying as his eyes are puffy and red and you bring him into a hug and he silently cries a little telling you he’s been sick the whole plane ride and he’s really nauseous and not feeling good so you take him home and take care of him? Super fluffy!!! Thank you!! I love your writing

thank you so much for requesting this it’s such a cute idea plus i really needed to add some niall imagines to my writing lol oh and i’m so glad you enjoy my writing i hope you like this one too and hopefully it isn’t too short and is what you wanted x

“I can’t believe you have to leave me for about a month.’ I said with a frown.

“It’ll be okay,” Niall said, grabbing a folded up shirt off of the bed and putting it into his nearly full suitcase. “I’ll call you every chance I get. I’ll even text you when I’m not supposed to because I love you so much.”

He went to put the last shirt in his suitcase when i took it from him. “Do you really have to go?”

He exhaled, moving his stuff out of the way so he could sit next to me. He grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips, then said, “Yes, I do. But I promise I’ll be back before you know it.”

I looked into his bright blue eyes. “We haven’t been apart for a long time since less than a year ago. I forgot what it’s like to be without you.”

He smiled at me, chuckling. “You’re a strong woman, (y/n). You can survive without me for a month. Hell, you lived most of your life without me until a couple years ago.”

“Shush,” I hit his arm lightly. “That was different.”

He laughed again. “Like I said, we’ll talk as often as possible. Plus you’ll be workin anyway, so you’ll probably forget about me.”

I scoffed playfully. “I could never, okay? Plus I’m only working on studio stuff anyways, so if anything, I’ll always be thinking about you. My next album will be completely made of songs about me missing you.”

He raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t sound that bad to me.”

“You’re such a cocky little shit.” I rolled  eyes as he put his arms around me and pulled me closer to him.

“We’ll just write songs about missing each other and then when I get back we’ll see if any of them fit together. If they do then we’ll have to collab or something.” He suggested.

“…I’ll think about it.” I mumbled.

It was his turn to scoff. “Fine, I didn’t want to write songs with you anyway.”

“Can you just hug me until we have to go to the airport, please?” I whined.

He obliged, holding me tighter. “Geez, so needy,”


It had been about a little over a month since Niall had to leave, and I was so excited to finally see him today. Though, waiting at an airport for over an hour wasn’t helping, because I’m such an impatient person. I got here early just in case his flight got here earlier than expected, but of course with my luck it was a bit late. I was sat scrolling through social media when I heard lots of voices and footsteps filling the once almost quiet area. I looked up and saw people coming in from their flight and jumped up as quickly as I could and ran over to where they were. I looked around eagerly for the face I had longed to see all this time, and was taken aback when I saw Niall’s bright blue eyes slightly bloodshot and puffy, as if he had been upset over something. When he looked up from the floor to see me he looked a bit better instantly, but I could tell something was off about him. I ran up to him and he met me halfway, letting his suitcase go and wrapping his arms around me tightly.

“Holy shit, I missed you so much.” I exhaled into his shoulder, taking in his scent that I had been pining for all this time.

“I missed you so much more, (y/n).” He said, sadness evident in his voice.

I pulled away from him just enough to look at him and grinned. “You don’t have to be sad anymore, I’m right here.”

He smiled somberly, tears welling up in his eyes. “I know, it’s just that I’m feelin a bit under the weather and have been the whole plane ride over and I really missed you and I can’t breathe out of my nose. The fact that the flight was late getting back didn’t help either.”

I did notice how nasally he sounded once he said that.

“Aw, poor baby,” I cooed as I rubbed his cheek. “Why don’t we get you home so I can help you feel better, hm?”

He sighed in relief. “I’d love that,”


Once we got home, Niall changed into comfy clothes and I tucked him into bed with extra blankets because he was starting to feel chilly, then gave him some cold medicine. He asked me to turn on the tv and I obliged, handing him the remote once I had done so.

“I’m going to go make you some soup, do you want anything else?” I asked him.

“Some tea would be nice,” He sniffled, changing the channel until he came across some movie.

“Okay, hot soup and hot tea coming up.” I smiled as kissed his warm forehead.

“Thanks, love,” He said as he cuddled into his blankets.

I walked down stairs and made his soup and tea, making some tea for myself, and once it was all done I carefully carried it all upstairs.

Once I made it up, I went to hand him his bowl when he smiled at me sheepishly.

“I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I can eat anything now.” He said softly.

“Aw, it’s okay,” I assured him, placing the soup on the bedside table next to him. “It’ll be right here in case you change your mind in a second, and when it gets cold I’ll heat it up. Or I can just make more, it’s up to you.”

“I really don’t deserve you,” He said as I climbed onto our bed and sat on my side, sipping my tea.

“Oh, trust me, I know.” I giggled.

“Hey, you can’t be mean to me, I’m sick. It’s not fair.” He whined.

I patted his arm through the blankets. “It was only a joke, I promise, babe.”

We sat in quiet for a moment, until Niall broke the silence.

“Love, please cuddle with me,” He requested.

“But what if I get sick?” I laughed.

“Then we’ll be sick together.” He told me.

“Who will take care of us both?” I pressed on.

He rolled his eyes. “We’ll worry about that when the time comes, now get your arse over here and cuddle with me.”

I scoffed playfully. “Now, now, that is no way to get what you want.”

He lifted the covers off of himself and took my cup out of my hands, placing it on my bedside table and pulling me down next to him. He pulled the covers on top of us and nestled his head into my neck.

“Hm, much better,” He hummed contently.

“Psh, yeah, for you maybe,” I joked.

He sighed. “(Y/n), I am so close to getting you sick on purpose.”

“Go ahead, I can feel it happening already,” I joked again, fake coughing.

He gave me a look. “How do you go from the sweetest girlfriend ever to the biggest pain in my neck?”

“I dunno, but you know you love it,” I teased.

He pulled me closer to him. “That’s what you think.”

Soon after that, the medicine kicked in and Niall had dosed off. It was starting to get dark out, and the quiet made me tired too, causing me to do the same.


“(Y/n), babe, wake up.”

I opened my eyes and Niall was still next to me, taking the hair that was in my face and putting it behind my ear. The room was brightly lit, nearly blinding me for a second. Apparently it was the next morning.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He grinned.

I went to say it back when I started coughing.

“Oh ha ha, very funny,” He said as I sat up. He seemed to be back to normal. Lucky him.

“I’m glad to see you’re feeling better, because I feel like absolute shit,” I said hoarsely. I grimaced, starting to feel that my throat was dry and scratchy, and how my nose was stuffed up already.

A look of concern washed over his face. “Oh no, I really did get you sick. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine,” I waved him off.

He sighed. “Well, if you need anything let me know, love.”

I smirked and said, “You owe me soup and cuddles.”

He chuckled, getting up from the bed, tucking me in, and kissing my forehead. “Of course I do.”

thanks for reading! if you liked it and want to request an imagine feel free to do so, my requests are always open x

Tired (Jongin/Kai x Reader Fluff/Angst?)

Summary: You love your bestfriend. He loves you. And the both of you are just so tired.

((Note: Ahhhhh. Happy late late late Kai Day ^^ This was suppose go up on his birthday but- *Sigh* I’m very dispointed in myself and idk about this one bc I’ve never done something like this ever before but tell me what you think! Also… I would like to dedicate this scenario to @ultra-foodlxver since she is so lovely and a ultra-Jonginlxver (lol see what I did there? I’m not funny) Anyway… Enjoy!))

It was a cloudy autumn day. The weather was slightly chilly and the leaves helplessly flew off the branches of dying trees. Everyone else might just say that this type of weather is just plain gloomy and overall ‘shitty’ per se, you on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed what this type of weather had to offer. It was the perfect weather to do everything in, in your opinion. Which was exactly the reason why you were currently all tucked into the comfortable corner of your couch, dressed in a too large of a knitted wool sweater, hair up in a completely deformed bun, warm jasmine tea settled on the coffee table beside you as you typed away on your laptop. You were typing up your latest blog post about the various lip colors everybody and everyone should try out for this cozy season and it was just about done. You worked as a fashion and lifestyle blogger, writing each and every week about beauty and style related things, you also worked at a fashion magazine, occasionally writing articles for them. But you’d much rather focus mainly on your blog, it being your absolute passion. You enjoyed this job most. You loved this job mot. 

You grinned away as you typed up you last sentence, all it needed now was some revision and it’ll be all ready to post. But that was when faint knocks sounded on your door causing you stop typing at the keyboard and instead glance up towards it with confused brows. You weren’t expecting anybody today… 

The knocks repeated yet again, this time, a little bit louder, assuring you that there was definitely someone at the door. You placed your laptop aside and reached for your glasses as you got up and headed towards your front door. You were about to look through the peephole but from the other side, a voice oh so familiarly called out loud and clear, “Y/N, it’s me.” 

Kim Jongin. Your best friend. 

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#296: 'Supposed To Be'

How Long Will I Love You: Supposed To Be- One Shot #296 

Note: A follow up of sorts to: Despite The Distance 

+past one shots

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Song: Faithfully- Boyce Avenue (cover)

She smelled of milk and honey and something sweet that you guessed only the gift of life could give her. She was soft. Her cheeks dusted with a kiss of peach, and you had fallen madly in love with her hands and every wrinkle that was set in the sole of her feet, right up to her little toes. She had his hair and the cupid’s bow of her lips was an exact replica of the one that belonged to the man that helped to make her.

He hadn’t seen her, beyond seeing her through a webcam through her birth. He wanted the first time he really got a good look at her, to be when he held her for the first time. 

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