i just want to watch this movie and cry or smth

what ur favorite song on melodrama says about u
  • green light: lowkey basic. you probably missed lorde a Lot & listened to pure heroine on repeat while she was on hiatus
  • sober: you've done wild shit like chug 2 whole bottles of vodka or snorted coke off someone's bare back or smth. or maybe you just dream of doing wild shit, i won't judge
  • homemade dynamite: you probably dance crazily when you think no ones watching & watch live videos of lorde in concert on repeat
  • the louvre: you're obsessed with the idea of love & probably watch too many romcoms & think a museum date is the height of romance
  • liability: someone broke your heart or you only like this song bc it's gay. either way do u want to talk abt it
  • hard feelings/loveless: an idealist, you've made one of those playlists to ask someone out with song titles, or at least considered it. also you hate baby boomers
  • sober ii/melodrama: you're a hardcore lorde fan & probably cry anytime she does anything. you might be the one who found the onion ring acc??
  • writer in the dark: hella badass & you might actually be a witch?? you prob also like this song bc of her high notes. me too buddy.
  • supercut: you get high on nostalgia & cried after listening to the album for the first time
  • liability reprise: you listen to sad songs & watch sad movies when you're sad & it just makes you sadder
  • perfect places: you probably hoard polaroids & ticket stubs & pressed flowers & memories. you live the aesthetic lyfe™ we all hope to achieve
Dating Wonwoo (SVT) Would Include:

The first in the series! I will post a few when I think of them but when my askbox reopens you can request them ^^ Hope you all like~

S.Coups // Hoshi // Woozi // Mingyu

  • Takes him forever to confess bc he wants to make sure you’re “the one”
  • But when he decides you are you can expect him to be loyal and treat you like a princess 
  • You get introduced to his parents early bc by the time he confesses you’ve known each other for a while and it’s easy to see he’s madly in love with you
  • And they love you immediately bc you make him so damn happy
  • He’d like someone he could sit in silence with and read with or smth without it getting uncomfortable. 
  • Constant cuddles
  • Mostly him cuddling up to you after a hard day of practice
  • Leading to him falling asleep clinging to your side or even in your lap a lot
  • Sweater paws omg
  • At one point you get couple sweaters so you could have MATCHING SWEATER PAWS!!
  • Waking up to him is the best
  • You always make fun of his bed hair to annoy him but you find it sexy anyway
  • Which deep down he knows
  • Always having to reassure him that his voice is beautiful when he both raps and sings and that he’s doing a good job
  • Him repaying you for the confidence boosts by singing you to sleep
  • Which always works bc his voice makes you m e l t
  • Always catching him staring at you fondly
  • When you catch him he looks away all red and shy
  • So cute omg
  • He always brags about how amazing you are to the members when you’re not around
  • Dates are typically indoors, lazing around, maybe the odd makeout, watching a movie, whatever.
  • Outside dates are casual when they do happen, at little restaurants or ice cream parlors or movie theaters or whatever where there are little people
  • Couple beanies for your 1 year anniversary ;u;
  • Get used to Mingyu
  • Mingyu is around a lot
  • Maybe too much
  • “Mingyu why are you here? Wonwoo is at the studio”
  • “But I didn’t have to be in today”
  • “You know you don’t live with us, right?”
  • “…”
  • FaceTime / Skyping with you when he’s on tour and sometimes crying bc he misses you that much
  • And that makes you cry
  • Big bear hugs, long, slow, loving makeout sessions and a lot of cuddles when you see each other after long time apart
  • You become sexually active after little time bc how do you resist him
  • Rough, kinky sex
  • Extremely lazy sex
  • Sometimes makeup sex
  • Though you don’t fight a whole lot
  • When you do fight he gives you silent treatment for a day or two (but still small gestures like cooking for you or putting a blanket over you when you opt to sleep on the couch bc he still loves you) but then he can’t stand the distance and boom makeup sex (that’s generally all about you bc he feels like an ass) and a lot of apologizing whether he was at fault or not bc he feels bad; instead of talking about it like an adult he ignored you and that makes him feel guilty.
  • Always teases you bc he’s tall
  • Gets you to go over lyrics he’s writing bc he is always so unsure about them even though they’re really good
  • Teasing him about emo!Wonwoo
  • Him getting frustrated
  • You kissing him and being all “But you’re my emo”
  • And then he melts into a puddle of blushes and cheesiness bc yes you just said smth that greasy XD
  • Wears glasses more bc he knows you find them sexy
  • I mean who doesn’t he looks so freaking good in them
  • You always having to stop him dying his hair black
  • Bc it’s already black
  • “But I want it blacker, jagi”
  • PDA is limited to hand holding and maybe a slight peck on the cheek to say hi/bye
  • But behind closed doors
  • Koala Wonwoo doesn’t want to leave you alone :3
  • Constant reminders that he loves you bc he wants it to be crystal clear
  • He cares a lot for you, all in all. When you’re sick he will care for you, and if he has practice he’ll get you to sleep in the dorm just so you’re closer and he can see you easier in breaks. He’ll cook for you and make sure you don’t forget your phone or whatever when you leave for school/work. He loves you a lot as you gained his trust and made shy lil Wonwoo open up and show his true fluffball (/dork) self
  • You can rely on him to love you unconditionally, and of course you love him back with all your heart

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Look at himmm A++++++++++ visuals damn

- Admin Belle

Boyfriend Johnny
  • yo whats up
  • the sky, lmao
  • leave me alone i’m really tired, i spent like four hours doing homework ugh
  • also, rn my face looks weird bc i have an allergy or smth?? and dik why bc i’m clean, i just went out of the shower
  • but it doesnt matter i gotta do this bc johnny is so boyfie material right
  • so,,, boyfriend johnny let’s go~~
  • the first thing that cames to my mind is you laughing like crazy the whole time
  • idk about you but in my opinion johnny is one of the members that has the best sense of humour in nct
  • he’s just so stupid, lmao
  • so you have to deal with his pick-up lines and terrible jokes everyday
  • “do you know what my shirt is made of? boyfriend material”
  • “do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?
  • “did you sit in a pile of sugar? ‘cause you have a pretty sweet ass”
  • “i’m breaking up with you, johnathan”
  • oh my god
  • also, he’s suuper clingy
  • personal space?? what’s that lol
  • he’s always with his long ass arms around your body
  • and the member either think that it’s super cute or nasty af
  • it’s either
  • “aw y/n looks so smol in johnny’s arms, that so cute”
  • or
  • “get a room, there are minor here jfc”
  • but y’all don’t even care bc gotta spread love right <3
  • but sometimes is like
  • “johnny, you should let y/n go, i think she’s not breathing anymore”
  • “but she’s so soft and smol and fluffy just,,,, let me,, hug her a bit more <3″
  • lmao, rip you
  • so a lot of you pictures of y’all are taken by the members aka ty track
  • and is always him hugging you, or carrying you in his arms or kissing you, omg so cute
  • but in all of them both of you are always super smiley or looking at each other with heart eyes
  • gotta love photographer ty
  • but when it comes to selcas he’s a ready to fuck you up with his perfect visuals
  • your selcas together are better than ten’s
  • and he loves cuddles okay, he l o v e s them
  • if you’re watching a movie together, or reading, or talking or just breathing, believe me that he’s going to be somehow touching you
  • there are times when you find youself snuggling closwer towards his body and you’re like ???
  • “when did we started to cuddle?”
  • “like two hours ago, you didn’t realize?”
  • this baby is like two meters tall, how do you not expect him to be full of love
  • but mostly, he loves hugging you while y’all are sleeping
  • he doesn’t mind changing the cuddle positions, but when it comes to sleeping together he’s always the big spoon and he just loves it
  • just, being able to have you in his arms, hugging you and kissing you as much as he wants is like his favorite thing ever
  • sounds like a dream if you ask me
  • also, somehow hansol and ten are always by your side??
  • like you and johnny go to a date and somehow they end up being part of it too??
  • and when johnny realizes that you’re four wheeling he would start laughing and hugging you
  • that’s why you always end up having lazy dates in your place, lolz
  • and he’s probably low-key protecting when both of you are in public
  • not only bc of the fans but he might be scare of losing you in really crowed places
  • he would have his hands on your shoulders or arms and would guide you the whole way
  • “johnny, i know the way, there’s no need to be grabbing me the whole time”
  • “sorry babe, but you’re just so tiny i’m scare that you get lost”
  • “you’re a fucking giant, explain me how do you expect me to lose you”
  • fun fact, i didn’t even though of this i notice that johnny always does this with ten
  • johnten is so alive
  • if you’re feeling sad or if he ever sees you crying his mature side would appear
  • he wuld ask you if you need anything, and if you ask him for some time alone he would respect your space in go do something else
  • but always being really worried about you
  • and if you need his comfort he wouldn’t leave your side not even for a second
  • he would stay in silence as he hugs you and kisses your skin tenderly, maybe saying comforting words from time to time
  • “i’m not going to leave, y/n, okay?”
  • “you’re not alone, baby, i’m here for you”
  • “i’ll help in everything that i can, i promise”
  • and he would, he really would
  • even if it’s just by giving you his comfort with words or caresses he would do it
  • he would do everything for you
  • and once you decide to tell him he would give you advice and tell you his opinions but always respecting yours
  • basically, dating johnny would be like dating your bff
  • he would be the boyfie that everyones wants
  • he would be so caring and sweet with you and would remind you every day about how in love he is with you
  • and the end <33
  • this was lowkey boring right lmao sorry
Kun as Your Boyfriend


request: I’m so glad you love Kun I miss him ;-; @ SM free him !! could i get a Kun as your boyfriend post thing? Thank you <33

author note: my sister lives kun a lot and i love hansol a lot so we both are waiting impatiently for their debut. anyway, these are fun to write so I’ll probably do more
- destinee

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- wow wow kun as a boyfriend bless up!!
- okay well i think he would start as a friend
- probably mutuals thanks to dong sicheng,, a pal
- he’s pretty shy when you first meet him but you two get comfortable pretty easily
- all you had to do was ask to look through the photos in his phone
- which was a mistake bc he made you look at his favorite albums
- aka album one: cat memes
- and album two: airplanes
- and you’re like, “why???”
- but he’s happy and it was a good bonding experience
- kun basically had a crush on you after that bc not even sicheng will look through all 246 of his cat memes
- some of which he made himself
- he has to get sicheng’s help to ask you out
- probably sang im yours by jason mraz or smth cheesy like that as a confession
- ofc u accept bc why wouldn’t you??
- kun is a cutie and you like him so it’s a win-win cue sicheng situation
- okay now that the backstory is done:
- as an actual boyfriend, i think kun would be super sweet and soft
- he would probably make you take a ton of selfies with him tho so be ready
- he probably takes pics of u when u aren’t looking and sends them to the members with cheesy captions
- he uses the moon emoji a lot bc it’s funny
- that wasn’t related to the caption thing i was just thinking abt it
- when you stay over it’s a dance party to his girl group playlist
- you guys dance until taeyong comes out and makes you two sleep
- no fun ty, no fun
- one day while you two were just lazing around, he was like
- “Y/n, we need a cat.”
- you guys have this discussion literally every day
- eventually, you surprise him by taking him to the local shelter and letting him pick out a little kitten to take home
- he’s so excited and basically crying at all the little kitties playing with him
- he wants to take them all home and raise a cat army
- you tell him no obviously
- after a few hours of playing with each and every kitten and cat there was
- kun decided he wanted to take home this lil gray kitten which he named smoky
- taeyong wasn’t too happy about all of the shedding smoky did around the dorm
- but kun was happy so he ignored it!!!
- that’s probably when you two had your first kiss tbh
- after you both arrived home and got the little kitten to sleep after introducing it to all the boys
- kun was so happy he probably just kissed you
- and it took some time for you to register what happened
- up until now you and kun were just like two pals who said you were dating
- but he kissed you
- and his lips were soft and warm and you already missed them
- so you kissed him again ofc
- he smiles into kisses all the time and that’s why you two can’t have a serious kiss
- he likes to tickle you when he’s bored so beware 👀
- probably took you out by the airport at night to watch airplanes take off
- it was really cute until the cops came at you guys for trespassing
- you swear you’ve never ran so fast in your life
- you like to drop into sm and ask them when your boyfriend is going to debut
- literally his biggest fan
- you probably take videos of him singing when he’s just doing it absentmindedly
- and send it to sm with a note attached
- they know it’s you but let you keep doing it
- when kun finally debuts you actually cried
- your hand “slipped” and you bought like seven copies of the album
- u keep ur kun photocard in ur wallet
- he’s actually embarrassed by how supportive you are
- it’s his fault he’s dating a fangirl i mean what did he expect ?
- you probably send everyone in your family a link to the music video tbh
- when you guys cuddle it’s rlly domestic like you guys are basically married already
- you’re kidding no one
- he likes to be the big or little spoon it doesn’t matter
- unless smoky comes to snuggle as well than he has to be the little spoon so he can pet her
- you guys always start movies and then fall asleep in the middle of them
- yuta wakes you guys up and makes you go sleep on the bed bc he wants to watch his anime and you two are hogging the couch
- idk i just feel like having kun as a boyfriend would be rlly comfortable and cute
- !!!!!
- bonus: kun blushes when you compliment him and gets rlly flustered bless
- the end haha

Twin brother!Jaehyun

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Request: Anonymous said: hey jai! can you please make twin brother jaehyun? thank you and i luv u :*

  • listen up
  • at one point he’s like the best twin bro you’d ever have
  • but on the other side
  • he’s so ajfhhejheg
  • like srsly when u were younger he’d prank u so much and it always made u mad but u could always prank him back so :-))
  • when jae took it too far tho sometimes and u ended up ignoring him or crying, he started crying too and begged for u to forgive him
  • he loves u a lot okay but he just doesn’t say it that much i guess??bc he feels like he already shows how luch he loves u through a lot of actions
  • actions speak louder than words
  • anyways
  • yoonoh’s the type to make u watch sad movies w him
  • so u can both cry together
  • omg he’d invite u to the dorms and the others r staring at u bc u two are so similar and it’s so ajhjehjehg to them
  • he’d honestly send u memes at like 3am when he can’t sleep
  • ‘y/n can u buy me food im so hungry’
  • ‘fuck off jae it’s 3 in the morning’
  • ajzfhjfhj he’s probably the one who wakes up first and whenever he sleeps at urs he wakes u up
  • “y/n how do u want ur eggs”
  • “yoonoh cant u see im s l e e p i n g”
  • ur both always spotted eating 
  • honestly if he got the chance, he’s start an eating show w u
  • would steal ur food when he knows that u have food
  • bye u two would watch musicals together
  • and probably sing all of the songs together
  • jaehyun the type to tease u s o m u c h
  • like there’s no limit
  • ok there’s a limit
  • when he reaches that limit he immediately starts apologising
  • “pls im sorry i’ll buy u food now stop crying ok”
  • and then he’d hug u
  • fhljhejhgjhegjh he’d be a bit protective
  • especially if it’s w his band members
  • he told them that no on can date u bc he doesnt want that
  • it’s not like he means it that much tho lmao
  • as long as ur happy he’d be okay w it but ofc it’d still be weird to him
  • yoonoh is gonna make u look for aliens at night
  • even if u dont believe in aliens
  • he swears that he saw one and he h a s to show u
  • ajlegjehgjhge he pretty much shares everything w u
  • even his biggest secrets
  • bc like ur his twin so ofc he wants to tell u and show u everything
  • also he’d make u go pokemon hunting w him whether u like it or not
  • no mercy 
  • its okay tho bc u can eat ramyun after that so
  • i feel like he’d also like going to concerts w u??
  • especially if it’s like the only chances that he gets to spend his time w u
  • jhajhejhg
  • in conclusion
  • jaehyun would be a gr8 twin brother
  • also i think i wrote smth twice ajghehgjehgje sorry ;;

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(Warning: sin sin sin sin) listen I've seen so many gifs and pictures of hoseok with his tongue out lately that now all I can think about is how much he'd love going down on you. Like if you're hoseoks S/O you're constantly getting oral. Always. Nonstop. 24/7. And he'd be so chill about it too like you're just sitting with him watching a movie or smth and all of the sudden his head is betweet your thighs and you're like oh????

oMG YES YES YES YES!!!!!! gdhgshfjgdhj h elp!!!!!!! im like?????? tfw????? i kNOW! i can imagine it (oh god forgive me ;-;) but he’s hot af!!! T_T

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also his tong is???? so long??????????

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ok but serious talk, i personally think hoseok would be a very hot bf like???? he looks cute and adorable in the outside, but in the privacy he would be the most savage man (suuuuuper good) in bed, incredibly sexual (have you ever seen the way he moves his hips?? he know he does it well!!!)

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aaaaaaaaaahh i want to cry hes so rude ;-;

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hi! I'd like to request a midoriya izuku x reader where the reader has a kind of average quirk (nothing crazy special like the child of all night or smth), and the reader and izuku are friends. if you wouldn't mind id also like to include something like how the reader is jealous of izuku and ochako, and is trying to hide their feelings. eventually the reader accidentally spills and tries to avoid izuku but they end up together! something really cute like that, please!

Yes! Great idea! Sorry that this took a while, I accidentally wrote too much… it was originally three pages on google docs before I edited it lol

- Eri


“(Y/N)! Hey! Wait up!” Was that Ochako? I looked back to see the small girl frantically waving her arms while running in my direction. I paused to let her catch up.

“Yeah?” I questioned as she came to a stop. She took a minute to catch her breath before responding.

“You left this on your desk! I wanted to return it to you!” She held out a black notebook.

“Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I didn’t realize I’d left it. I wouldn’t have been able to do my homework without it!” I thanked her.

“Is your house this direction, too?” She asked. I nodded. We walked in silence for about two blocks before she spoke up again.

“Oh, yeah! Deku and I are going to go watch that one new movie tomorrow after school. You know the one? The super hero one? It has some really famous actors in it… I can’t think of what it’s called…” She trailed off.They were planning to go watch a movie together? Like a on a date? I could feel my heart sink. I had a *huge* crush on Izuku. This wasn’t good. At all. It really hurt to think that he was going out with someone else. Izuku and I are close friends, how come I hadn’t seen this coming? It was so obvious that they liked each other…

“Oh, wait! It’s called ‘The Return of the Dark Villain’… or something like that. Deku is really excited about it. Anyways, I was wondering if you wanted to come with us! The more the merrier, right?”

Why was she inviting me on their date? I actually really wanted to see the movie, I was even the one who told Izuku about it in the first place. I had been hoping that maybe he might ask me if I’d like to go with him. I almost couldn’t bring myself to respond. Thankfully, I didn’t have to. She began speaking again.

“I have to turn here, my house is this way. You don’t have to let me know your decision right away. You can tell me in the morning. See ya!”

The rest of the afternoon passed by in a muddled blur. I don’t remember falling asleep, but I found myself waking up the next morning still fully dressed in my school uniform and surrounded by tissues. It took me a few minutes to realize what had happened, but as soon as I did, my mood fell. I stood and stretched, then I proceeded to get ready for the day. I almost considered skipping class, but I decided against it. Sighing, I grabbed my bag and began my short journey towards the school.

As I approached the gates, Izuku was arriving as well. He called out to me but I pretended I couldn’t hear him and walked into the building. If I looked at him I was sure I would start crying again. I entered the classroom and walked straight to my usual seat, dumping my belongings on the desk. Ochako came over to greet me.

“Hey, (Y/N)! So, did you make up your mind?”

“No, I don’t think I can,” I responded.

“Oh that’s too bad… Maybe next time, then?” She gave me a small smile. The bell rang right as Izuku entered the classroom. He tried to get my attention once again but I continued ignoring him. I spent the entire day making myself scarce. I ate lunch with some students from Class B because I knew Izuku wouldn’t think to look for me there. (The Class B kids were quite confused when I sat down, but I told them I was having relationship problems and they seemed sympathetic enough).

Eventually he caught up to me at the end of the day as I was getting ready to leave.

“(Y/N), is something wrong? Why are you avoiding me?” Izuku’s eyebrows scrunched up in concern.

“No. Just go on your date with Ochako. You’re going to be late if you keep standing around here talking to me like this…” I replied, trying to avoid eye contact.

“What?! We’re not going on a date… Is that what this is about? You’re mad that I was going to hang out with her?” He asked.

“It’s because I like you, okay?!” I exclaimed.

“You… You like me?” Izuku’s facial expression changed into one of complete and utter shock. Realizing what I had done, I turned on my heel and sprinted away. For once, I was thankful for my relatively boring quirk, something that increased my speed and stamina.

“Hey! (Y/N)! Wait! Come back!” Izuku shouted. He tried to catch up, but to no avail. I eventually lost him and sprinted home. Why did I say that?! It must’ve sounded so dumb… I’m never going to be able to look at Izuku again…. He probably hates me now… I sat down on my bed and pulled out my notebook, trying to focus on something other than Izuku.

About twenty minutes later, I heard a knock on my door. I hesitantly got up to go answer it.

“Izuku?!” The poor boy was doubled over at my doorstep, breathing heavily.

“(Y/N)! I wish you wouldn’t have sprinted away so fast… You didn’t even give me time to respond!” He panted out, “I like you too!” Now it was my turn to be shocked.

“Huh?! But… what about Ochako?”

“Ochako and I are just friends!”

“But aren’t you missing the movie?”

Izuku shook his head, “She knew I had a crush on you. I was too nervous to ask you out, so she planned to convince you to come with us. She was going to say something came up at the last minute and leave us alone. I’m sorry that it upset you so much…” Izuku apologized.

I couldn’t contain my joy any longer as I leapt forward and enveloped him in a giant hug.

“So how about that movie?” Izuku asked. He offered his hand and I gladly took it.

“Of course,” I giggled.

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Draco being clingy because Harry has to go away for some time (a mission or smth?)

My Writing

“Y-You have to go on another mission? But you just got back from one last week…” Draco said, disappointment evident in his voice, and looked down at his feet.

“Draco, love,” Harry murmured, lifting Draco’s chin so they were looking into each other’s eyes. “It’s just for two days.”

Draco sniffed, tears filling his eyes.

“But I don’t want you to go,” he choked out.

“Sweetheart, don’t cry.”

Harry quickly took Draco into his arms and pulled him against his chest.

“I-Is this one dangerous?”

Harry sighed and ran his fingers through Draco’s hair.

“Shh, no, I’ll be fine. Besides, I don’t leave until tomorrow, Draco. We still have all day together.”

Draco pulled away from Harry and looked at him with glittering eyes.

“Can we watch movies?” Draco asked, wiping his tears.

Harry smiled and kissed Draco’s nose.

“Of course. Go pick one out while I get some snacks.”

Draco nodded and went into the living room to set the movie up.

Harry sighed as he put the popcorn in the microwave. He always felt so bad when he had to leave Draco to go on missions. He knows how upset and worried Draco gets and it just breaks his heart so see him like that.

He put the popcorn in a bowl and went into the living room, where Draco was sitting on the couch waiting for him. 

Harry sat down and Draco immediately moved to sit in his lap, making Harry chuckle.

“Love, let me get comfortable first.”

Draco pouted and moved so Harry could lay down. Draco then crawled on top of him and wrapped himself around Harry, burying his face into the crook of Harry’s neck.

“Draco,” Harry said, smiling, and kissed the top of his head. “You can’t even see the movie.”

“Don’t care,” Draco mumbled and wrapped his arms even tighter around Harry.

Draco spent the whole movie kissing Harry’s neck and jaw, making it very hard for Harry to actually focus on the screen.

“Please don’t leave,” he pleaded between between kisses.

When the movie ended, Harry wanted to get up to go to the bathroom before they started the next one, but Draco wouldn’t budge.

“Draco, c’mon, I need to get up.”

“No. You’re staying right here.”

Harry laughed and lifted Draco off of himself, making the blond pout.

“I’ll be right back,” he told him and kissed Draco’s pouting lips.

True to his word, Harry returned two minutes later, and Draco immediately pulled him back down on the couch, making Harry chuckle.

“I love you, Draco.”

Harry grinned pulled Draco into his lap, forgetting to even start another movie.

Dating S.Coups (SVT) Would Include:

So it’s 3:25 and I didn’t get a whole lotta stuff done like I wanted to and no one is talking to me and I feel lonely and I get weird early morning welp ;; Hope you all like

  • You’re rlly close by the time he confesses, probably old friends or you work in Pledis or smth;you’re basically best friends
  • So when he starts developing feelings he doesn’t realise at first and when he does it hits him hard
  • Worried about ruining what he has with you but also doesn’t want to let you get away so he’s all “be a man Seungcheol”
  • After being v shy and smiley when confessing you of course say yes bc it’s about fucking time he confessed to you lmao
  • It’s not that much different only labels and kisses
  • Like he was into skinship before but now he’s not willing to let you go
  • Koala Cheol, esp when he’s tired
  • Will literally cling to your side and kinda just wrap his limbs around you
  • Neck kisses on both accounts
  • You especially enjoy giving then bc he’s ticklish and his neck is v sensitive and it’s hilarious seeing him squirm
  • Usually ends up in a tickle fight or smth
  • Constant play fighting aaaah
  • Getting annoyed bc he’s too sexy for anyone to handle
  • But he’s also v cute like he keeps changing between both and you dunno what to fEEL
  • Going to the gym together and competing to see who can run the most or whatever
  • Always proving his strength to you by carrying you places like he picks you up in the fireman’s lift for no reason
  • Cute pecks out of nowhere
  • Often on your forehead or lips hehehe
  • When he has more time or he gets home from work he likes to cuddle
  • He finds it v relaxing like after a tiring day knowing he can come home and cuddle up to you makes him so much happier and kinda less tired
  • Likes it when you lay back against his chest or cuddle right up to his side at night
  • Omg making out with this man
  • Passionate and intimate - and completely spontaneous
  • He just likes being close to you
  • You love going to practice to watch him and the others bc he gets in the zone and he’s so authoritative and just ah
  • Going to tiny cafés no one knows about at like 3AM
  • Sleeping either curled right up to his sides with his arms around you or laying on top of him
  • Though he snores sometimes so
  • Hugs from him are the best bc he’s so strong you feel safe and warm and just
  • They’re always so loving you know
  • Taking them food to practice and the members jokingly calling you “mom” bc you look after them
  • Catching him staring at you a lot and he just smiles and you get all blushy bc dimple :33
  • Complaining to each other and you constantly asking him about how he is bc he’s the leader of a 13 member group he gets very very stressed
  • Long walks at night when you both can’t sleep which happens more often than you’d think
  • He’s obsessed w your hair he plays with it and brushes it and just
  • You go to see him at events and he performs so much better when you do bc knowing you’re there cheering him on makes him feel elated
  • When you have smth like a test or whatever he gives you pep talks and it’s moments like those you see one of the qualities of a leader he has that rlly shines through
  • The members being weirded out bc you guys laugh for no reason sometimes by just looking at each other
  • Movie nights where you watch some of the movie but never get more than halfway through bc you end up in his lap with his tongue in your mouth oops
  • Eating out bc you both can’t rlly cook or you just cba
  • Sometimes practice goes on too long and he misses a date and that’s how like 90% of your fights occur
  • Him doing aegyo and you eventually forgiving him bc it wasn’t his fault and he’s so fucking cute when he pouts
  • There are times he comes home all teary eyed like “y/n am I rlly fit to be a leader” and you just hold him bc he’s doubting himself again and mutter words of praise into his ear until he feels better
  • It’s moments like this that make him most thankful to have you ;u;
  • After that happens the first time is probably when he says ‘I love you’ for the first time and you’re kinda just all “ik”
  • He says it at least once a day after that
  • Cute morning texts / calls when he had to leave early (and sometimes pancakes if he had time <3)
  • His family love you and your family love him almost more than you I mean he fits in straight away
  • So much early morning sex omg
  • Protective papa Coups when netizens be netizens
  • He’s not the jealous type bc you guys are so lovey dovey he knows you’d never betray him
  • The members always teasing you both (mostly him bc he’s always talking about you, bless)
  • When he’s on tour he always texts you to make sure you’re caring for yourself and so you know he is
  • But also being spammed with texts from other members (esp Jeonghan, Josh and Vernon)
  • “He won’t stop whining about how much he misses you” “I thought he spoke a lot about you before. He hasn’t shut up since we got here.” “Y/N pls call Seungcheol he’s crying bc ‘what if she breaks up with me bc I’m not always around aaaah’”
  • When they get back you go to see him at the airport and he kinda just scoops (hahahaha) you up and refuses to let you go, mumbling about how much he missed you over and over between kisses
  • Sex when he gets back bc he missed that too
  • Overall he loves you with all his heart and shows it, constantly trying to prove what a man he is and being v skinshippy with you bc he wants you to be fully aware of his affection! The members find you adorable albeit very greasy, and you complete each other to the point he wonders how he managed to get through life without you at first ^^

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-Amind Belle

Soft spot

Summary: [ So as per say, Phil may be the toughest cactus on this planet but Dan still had him wrapped around his finger. ]
Genre: floof
Warning: swearing, a lil violence since phol is a dickhead
Words: 978 words
A/N: im waiting for sofie to finish her part on ch15 of fos so im writing this drabble quick. Dw im writing a longer fic than this I just decided to write a drabble bc it’s been days since ive updated. Nice. Phil wheres ur chill also ignore the sightly different format. im trying smth new 8)

Phil Lester isn’t exactly the person who looked like he could scare a chicken away just by his appearance. Rather, he can make them swoon probably. But then again, he’s a tough man. Or at least to him he is.

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matt & nicky r the ultimate bros 

let me tell u why, with some help from @delphyc

  • matt & nicky literally only text about 5 things:
    • relationships
    • dorm things
    • exy/practice
    • plans
    • and neil
      • how gorgeous neil is
      • what he did today
      • random snippets of conversations overheard 
      • they sometimes take pictures of neil just…being neil
        • the captions on the pictures are usually things like “my son!!!!” or “I caught him sleeping in the library again.” or “those girls are calling him cute. we’re going to fight them at 8. be ready.” 
  • matt is in communications. nicky is in business. they have overlapping classes and u know what that means?
    • they have cram sessions because they both do all their studying the night before the test 
    • matt supplies the coffee, nicky supplies the notes and rewards (gummi bears, reeses, and saltwater taffy. whenever they get thru a section they get a reward) 
    • they stay up all night and study and go to practice then go to the test in the morning buzzing on coffee and sugar 
    • then they crash after classes are done and get up just in time for afternoon practice

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  • tbh sometimes i feel like he is lowkey seventeen’s other dad
  • anyway he would be the sweetest father in the world
  • and probs the clingiest lmao he always needs his child near him whenever he’s home
  • most husbands would be v lazy to get the baby when they’re crying at five AM but not joshua…..he was up before you could even utter a word
  • let’s start with a baby girl, hm? ok when she was a baby, joshua spoiled her so much that you /knew/ she was going to grow up to be a daddy’s girl
  • she literally does not stop crying until she knows it’s her dad holding her
  • her first word was even “dada”
  • calls her his little princess
  • taught her how to play guitar the second she showed a slight interest for it
  • had to start her off with a ukulele though because her fingers were too small and skinny for thick guitar strings but whatever he’s proud asf
  • but man, your daughter would always strum her heart out and you can tell she loves it because she has the same look that joshua has when he plays guitar
  • you show her old seventeen mv’s whenever she misses her dad when he goes on tour
  • oh goodness speaking of tour; all the seventeen boys are going to melt over her and would spoil her almost as much as joshua 
  • when y'all facetime, the boys are always filling up the screen and waving at the baby and jisoo is like omg i’m trying to talk to my child guys but they don’t listen lol
  • and when you call them for babysitting, they ALL have something to teach her
  • minghao is going to teach her how to get away with sass, mingyu is going to teach her how to cook, hoshi is going to teach her how to dance, vernon is going to make faces at her to the point where she can replicate one, jun is going to show her how to model, jeonghan is going to take naps with her, woozi is going to play her nursery rhymes on his piano, seungkwan is going to be her cuddle buddy, wonwoo is going to read stories to her and dino is going to be glad he isn’t the youngest ^–^
  • dino: *turns to jeonghan* “hey hyung ((((: i’m not technically the baby anymore, right? because now-”
  • jeonghan: no bc she’s jisoo’s baby. but you’re still /my/ baby.
  • dino: -.-
  • is a cute but evil little girl…..knows where the cookie jar is and how to charm uncle mingyu into reaching it for her
  • you know, being jisoo’s child, i think korean would the baby’s first language because of her 12 uncles but she would also be able to speak very fluent english bc that’s her dad’s most comfortable tongue to speak in
  • i can see y'all always going to cali to visit jisoo’s mom and dad~
  • as she grows up, you can see just how much she is like joshua with her love for music and confidence and positivity in herself
  • one time when she was feeling down, joshua listened and told her his story of how he became a k-idol and told her to never give up and that just motivated her a lot
  • joshua honestly does not like the idea that she is going to grow?? up?? into?? an?? adult?? but he has to accept it
  • he doesn’t look like the type to be emotional but i think when your daughter graduates from high school jisoo is going to cry bc what happened to his baby girl that used to sit on his lap and watch disney shows on his laptop with him???
  • everyone remember when mingyu drove in pretty u and jisoo saw his life flash before his eyes when mingyu crashed inside? that’s what he looks like when he starts teaching his daughter how to drive
  • “sweetie…..you don’t want to have a bike instead?” he’d weakly ask  but his daughter is like lol no let’s try again
  • since jisoo grew up as an only child, he’d probably know how lonely it can get sometimes and would suggest you all get a puppy
  • but when your daughter began asking for a little brother…..well……you know what happens heh
  • if joshua has a little boy, i bet he’s going to raise that kid to be just as gentleman like as he was
  • the members call him the mini jisoo~ 
  • and your son is a mommy’s boy ^–^ so he is happy to learn bc that is how jisoo captured your heart, right?
  • your son is more like you and jisoo always tells you this and what you always say is “he has your eyes, though”
  • and it’s true, when you look at your son, he has the same twinkly chocolate orbs as his father
  • your little girl always holding her little brother’s hand and reminding him to drink water instead of juice and jisoo is ???? because wHERE ELSE WOULD SHE GET THAT PHRASE and you’re laughing and he’s shooting you a look like “you showed them my predebut videos didnt you? 😭😭” and youre like “oh cmon you were cute!! i couldnt resist”
  • kids do not trust him in the kitchen nope not after he burned the grilled cheese sandwiches on accident
  • joshua orchestrating his kids to make a cute surprise for you on your birthday c:
  • i also think joshua would be the type to take his family to church like once and if you all like it, then y'all can keep going together
  • movie nights are a big thing for this family ^^ y'all are always picking disney films and anime or going out to the movie theater to catch the new flick
  • beach days too
  • jisoo also the type to give his kids lots of money when they go out with their friends bc he spoils and bc of that, you find that its your job to ground them
  • jisoo and his mini’s asking you to come play water balloon fight outside but u say no bc you still had to cook dinner and stuff and you refuse until your son goes-
  •  "dads are fun, moms are boring ((((:“ and jisoo is grinning and you know they’re baiting you but you eventually just give in and pick up a water balloon like "youre on” and youre all running through the backyard and spraying each other and all that fun stuff
  • a v cute and fun family tbh ^–^

anonymous asked:

sorry if ur requests are blowing up but could u write abt u n vixx watching a movie n u cry at the sad part? sorry if u've got smth like this i skimmed thru the masterlist but im not sure if i saw this there or not ;;

Hakyeon would immediately pull you into his side. He’d hold your face and wipe the tears with his thumb and tell you not to cry, that it’s just a movie and that nothing bad happened to the actors. He’d make you feel better with kisses on your face. 

Ken would jump up and stand in front of the screen or lean over and cover your eyes while claiming that no, no you can’t look at this sad part because he can’t have someone so precious like you cry and you’d be like “How am I supposed to watch the movie?” and he’d just be like “I’ll describe it to you-” and then go on to describe whatever tragic events were unfolding in a more …… comical way.

Leo would turn the movie off and ask quietly if you were alright. He’d know that you’re not because you’re crying, but he’d pull your hands into his and try to get you to take steady breaths. You’d probably be embarrassed by being so affected by a movie, but Leo would assure you that it’s fine and would go make you a cup of tea to settle your nerves. 

Hongbin would be startled and would scramble to get the remote and turn on like cartoons instead. He’d try to pass you some tissues and would after sometime just tell ask if you wanted to come into his arms. If you just cuddle into his chest, he’ll pet your hair and maybe even say something a little funny like “Don’t cry like this during my movies, ok?” 

Ravi would be crying right along with you. The two of you would be holding each other for support, crying and wiping your tears for each other using your sleeves until one of you gets up and gets the tissue box and then you two are just under the blanket in the living room blowing your noses and talking about how sad that moment was and how you promise not to tell the other VIXX members you two cried. 

Hyuk would try to make some offhand comment to make you stop sniffling like “Wow, are you crying because of the terrible acting?” and you’d probably hit him playfully and he’d just be like “You cried and now I feel like I have to cry too…” and he’d spend like fifteen minutes trying to get himself to forcefully shed a tear and you’d be sitting there looking at him like …….you don’t look like you’re gonna cry you look constipated. 


• you always thought he was intimidating bc of that little glare he does every so often so you never talked to him and he thought you hated him which was why he never talked to you

• but it was really just lack of communication and the both of you had this mutual attraction towards each other but couldn’t bring yourselves to say it

• but you’re good friends with jongin and chanyeol and the both of them are just stuck in the middle and have to listen to both you and kyungsoo babble on and on about how cute the other person is and how they wished they could talk to you

• it just reached a point where they got v fed up and was like ‘yo we gotta make them hookup i can’t take this anymore’

• so jongin convinced you and chanyeol convinced kyungsoo to go on a blind date w each other // which was a v V close call btw bc chanyeol doesn’t know how to be lowkey

• jongin wanted to go for something big like that expensive french restaurant downtown that serves fucking escargot and champagne or whatever but chanyeol was like ‘nAAAhhh fham, it’s too much effort, just make em go to the moo milk bar or smth’

• jongin actually wanted to protest against this ‘moo milk bar’ idea but the blind date was so last minute that it ended up getting planned so poorly and later when you both start dating, kyungsoo blames chanyeol for taking his first ever date w the girl he likes so lightly

• the both of you were fuming when you found out that a suggestion that sehun made, just to be a brat, was to make your first date at fucking Subway and chANYEOL ACTUALLY TOOK HIM SERIOUSLY

• but then mama suho came along and saved the day all like ‘nono u idiots, u gotta take her to AT LEAST a sushi buffet cmon’ so everyone settled on that but made suho pay the bill bc he always has the money $$$$

• so you show up and kyungsoo showed up but the second you saw him you were fuckfuCK GOTTA BLAST-

• kyungsoo was v mad at himself for not knowing it would be you bc cmon, who ELSE would they put him on a blind date with

• but more than being angry at himself, he was v angry w chanyeol :)))) and he was just messaging him all like


• everything was just a huge fucking mess, both of you barely spoke a word during dinner, the people behind you had an obnoxious seven year old that just would :)) stop :)))) rocking back and forth in his chair :))) and kyungsoo tripped on his own feet while pulling out your chair to sit just to be a gentlemen

• but you told your friend abt this blind date and you asked her to call you and pick you up in case it was going to shit but the second she calls you, the fucking darth vader theme just resonates throughout the whole restaurant and you’re fumbling your phone bc it was so loud like ‘fuck shit wa itoka y i swear i wasn’t trying to bail out on you i jsut-’

• but kyungsoo is like ‘hold up ,,,, you like Star Wars?“

• so ya you both ditched your meal imMEDIATELY after you both finished it and paid and just went to your unit in your condo to watch Star Wars movies

• everybody was getting so worried but when kyungsoo busted in the dorms looking tired as shit with prominent eyebags, everyone was like ‘kyunGSOO FUCKING SHIT, YOU GOT ACTION RIGHT ON THE FIRST NIGHT !!!!!!’


• but that was most probably the best shitty date he has ever been on

• you constantly argue over anakin skywalker

• ‘no, christ, kyungsoo, you don’t understand okay anakin jUST MADE A MISTAKE HE JUST NEEDED A LIL LOVE-’

• tbh kyungsoo couldn’t care less abt anakin, he’s more of an obi wan kenobi person but he only snaps back at you bc 1) you only like anakin bc he’s hot and 2) he doesn’t want to know which celebrities you find attractive other than him

• but really, he tries to avoid ACTUAL arguments as much as possible bc when he gets way too into it, he literally will not stfu and sometimes he talks so much that it results into you crying bc you got so frustrated with him and kyungsoo is just like 'agh fuck :)))’

• v afraid of your parents, esP your father

• when he came over to your house to have dinner for the first time, your dad was generally nice and was like aye whattup and put his hand on kyungsoo’s shoulder as a casual man-to-man welcome and he literally tensed as harD AS a fucking rock

• he was sweating profusely during dinner and your mom was just like ??? u good fham ????

• 'wh- whAT ??? ohOHOH O me ??? im pERFEC T :)) fAntAS TIC ACTUALLY !!! hOoO boy, it suRE IS A LIL HUMID IN HERE OR IS IT JUST ME !! :))))’

• kyungsoo is usually v composed and calm and chill and hella rad but all it took was one dinner to send his walls crashing down

• overall, dinner was a success bc aside from, you know, your boyfriend being a nervous wRECK- he was v v polite and respectful and made his intentions w you clear + your parents liked him bc he was talented

• your parents invite him over for karaoke night a lot and always make him sing open arms by journey // and if they’re feeling pushy, maybe sabor ami

• you call him 'mom’ as a nickname bc cMOn okay, he can cook, sing you to sleep, clean up after your mess, look out after your needs and once you proposed to him w a ring pop

• probably the furthest you ever took this joke was when it was 2 in the morning and you wanted to text your mom who was on a night shift at her work to get you some on sale cereal on her way back home in a couple hours but you accidentally called kyungsoo

• he still brings it up to this day w a scowl on his face and uses that as his excuse every time he does something wrong

• 'okay yeah, i might’ve eaten that last slice of cake in the fridge that was primarily for you but remember that one time you called me at 2am :)))) a night before a concert, mind you :)))) thinking i was ur mom and asking me to get you some fucking honey nut cheerios :))))’

• 'ok listen that was oNCE’

• you guys sing in the shower a lot

• w8 don’t misunderstand, not tOGETHER IN THE SHOWER but when yall have your separate turns both of you sing a lot which causes the other person who’s in the kitchen or smth to hum along :)))

• he always cleans up after your messes

• when you have some friends over and have a makeup night or smth and they leave, your whole room is just a mess with bread crumbs everywhere, maybe some spilt water, and kyungsoo will literally stop whatever he’s doing to help you clean up bc 1) he hates mess and 2) he feels uncomfortable with the sight of you cleaning alone

• isn’t a fan of couple items so when you asked if you could at least have like, something v discreet like couple rings, he was like ,,,,,, yo idk ,,,, if the media and the company finds out about us i ,,,

• this slightly upset you but you gotta understand his point of view bc idol life is hard so you just smile all like lmao right i got you its all good, i didn’t really want em anyway but the idea just sounded cool hahahHA

• but lay awake at night just thinking about it and is all like yo jongin, u up

• so he just kinda chats w him for the next hour or so just contemplating bc he’s just like 'ik she wants these rings man gdi she told me she doesn’t want them bUT I KNOW SHE DOES so like ??? what should i do ???? i kinda want them too they’re cute af but the manager might bust my ass joNGIN DID YOU FALL ASLEEP’

• but one day when you’re both watching those star wars cartoons on teletoon or smth, he’s like hey gimme ur hand and you’re like k and she just kinda slips that ring into your finger

• you’re just kinda staring at it wide eyed and before you can say anything, he’s just like 'w8 ok this is not a proposal, i would’ve given it much more thought than this if it was’

• so he has this habit now that he takes your hand and kisses your finger that the ring is on

• gives you tremendous support in your studies

• when you’re confused w something, he’ll either come over or FaceTime you to help you study or when you’re distracted, he’ll get your focus back on track like what would u do w/o do kyungsoo honestly

• whenever you both watch a romantic drama movie that he’s starring in that has many cute and romantic scenes w his costars, he points at a close-to-kissing scene all like 'i was thinking of you when i had to shoot this okay’ or 'don’t pay attention to this, let’s skip it forward’ or 'im just going to remind you right now that you’re my number 1 and i love you so much’

• and you’re like chill soo, i know

• probably willing to buy you pads or tampons

• literally willing to do anything or try anything for you

• one time he asked you what your favourite dish was and you said smth like idk, beef stroganoff ????

• he was like hm i dont know how to make that and you were like lmao it’s chill, only my mom knows how to make it and if you thought he would let go of the topic so easily, guess what’s coming

• you come back home from school or work, tired as shit and ready to take a nap but the second you enter your house, a smELL SO GOOD AND SO FAMILIAR WAFTS TOWARDS YOUR NOSE AND YOURE LIKE WAIT IS THAT-

• yes fam, it’s kyungsoo in the kitchen cooking your favourite beef stroganoff

• you’re like holy shit and he’s like try it !!! and it tastes exactly !!! like !!! your mom’s !!!!!! and you’re like hey how did you get this recipe, its my moms secret and soo was like lmao i asked for it :))

• he rarely ever cries but the only time you remember him crying was on his birthday and he was in another country on tour so he couldn’t spend it w you but the boys planned smth and next thing he knows, your face is on the big screen on stage and the fans have their flashlights out and waving it all around and everyone including yourself is singing him a happy birthday and he just :’)))))))

• so when the concert is over, the whole fandom knows about your relationship but let’s not talk about that bc its kyungsoo’s birthday and he spent the whole night facetiming you and just expressing his gratitude

• 'i love you so much for this, you know that?’

• 'yes soo, ive only known in the past five times you’ve told me in the last ten minutes’

• he also gives the best hugs

• usually, he’d just lazily snake an arm around your shoulder to pull you close and give you a forehead kiss or smth; kinda like a half hug

• but in times when you haven’t seen each other in long whiles, like when he’s back from tour and you come to the airport to meet him, he will put both hands around your waist and clasp them at your back so you can’t get out and lean back a lil so you gotta go on your tippy toes

• he’s also gonna put a hand at the back of your head and kiss either your temple or your hair

🔷 Busy

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Requested by anon 

Summary: Yoongi and you are friends with benefits. Your boring day at work becomes exciting when he texts you all of a sudden. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: smut

Words: 2 167

A/N: After 2345654 years I finally finished smth. I’m sorry for such a long break. I apologize for any grammatical errors. Hope you like it ❤️

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Seungkwan x Hansol?

  • Who’s more dominant: Seungkwan like c’mon guys
  • Who’s the cuddler: Hansol BUT! Seungkwan loves cuddles to. To save himself embarrassment tho he’ll make a big show out of it like “FINE if you beg me I guess I’ll indulge you” “Seungwakn I didn’t even ask-” “SIGH I contribute so much to this relationship”
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon: Hansol is the big spoon, Seungkwan is the little spoon ((but if anyone asks, Seungkwan will say he’s the big spoon))
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: watching sing along versions of Disney movies (High School Musical) and singing really, really badly at the top of their lungs
  • Who uses all the hot water: Seungkwan
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: Who gets to pick what they watch next
  • Who does most of the cleaning: NEITHER OF THEM they are slobs and live amongst filth and Jisoo wants to cry every time he comes over
  • What has a season pass on their dvr/Who controls the netflix queue: Seungkwan. Seungkwan controls everythin g
  • Who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:  Seungkwan - and Vernon will probably have to stop him from sharing a few choice words with them
  • Who leaves their stuff around: Vernon
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Neither of them. Their breakfasts consist of dry cereal and self loathing everyday and yet they always manage to forget by the time they go out
  • Who remembers anniversaries:  Seungkwan. He probably makes a huge deal over really weird anniversaries like “WE’VE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 7 ½ MONTHS!! THAT’S AMAZING WE’RE AMAZING I’M AMAZING
  • Who cooks normally: Seungkwan. He makes sure to boast to Hansol every time too like “My mom taught me this recipe. Isn’t it delicious?? Yeah that’s because it’s my mom’s”
  • How often do they fight: Very rarely
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other: Send each other dumb selfies whenever they go do something
  • Nicknames for each other: They’d have some weird inside joke and it wouldn’t be anything cute it would be some random objects like “Hey bread can you get that for me” and everyone else would just kind of stare at them like “is this supposed to be cute”
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner: Hansol, but they usually split it
  • Who steals the covers at night: Seungkwan
  • What would they get each other for gifts: I feel like they would actually get each other useful gifts, not just things that they wanted. Like, Seungkwan would buy Vernon a new notebook bc his old one filled up with lyrics, or Vernon would buy Seungkwan mints or smth to soothe his throat so he could sing
  • Who kissed who first: Seungkwan kissed Hansol first and then got so embarrassed about it that he immediately turned around and ran out of the room with some bs excuse like “oH I HEAR MY MOM CALLING” “SEUNGKWAN YOUR MOM IS IN JEJU GET BACK HERE”
  • Who made the first move: Vernon, but Seungkwan would be flustered by it and would pretend to play dumb
  • Who remembers things: Seungkwan
  • Who started the relationship: Vernon asked Seungkwan out, and Seungkwan, to spare himself the embarrassment (I’m sensing a theme here), would act like he was doing Hansol some big favor by saying yes
  • Who cusses more: Hansol
  • What would they do if the other one was hurt: Vernon wouldn’t really know what to do if Seungkwan were hurt, and would ask the other members what to do. Seungkwan would break out his motherly instincts and scold him for being so careless, but really, he’d be extremely worried about him.
  • Who is the dirty talker: tHEY’RE ONLY SEVENTEEN they’ve only got a few dollars THAT AIN’T GONNA FLY WITH ME
  • A head canon: For all the teasing and exaggerating he does, Seungkwan is actually head over heels in love, and if anyone mentions Hansol to him he just gets this big dorky grin that he can’t wipe of and starts blushing up to the tips of his ears.



•cockiest boyfriend ever ok let’s discuss this
•would probably compliment himself and not u
•jks he would compliment you
•would honestly love when you compliment him as it makes him feel special
•he would never admit that tHough
•so funny
•would literally piss himSeLF lauGHing when u sometimes get jealous over markson
•"Jackson do you like wanna fuck mark or something fr???“
•"whAt omg Jagi whAT”
•would never deny that shit tho
•ok honestly would freak out when you wear his t-shirts
•"omo, you’re so cute!!!“
•"I won’t be cute when u find out what I’m wearing underneath hM;););)”
•would probably fall to the floor because he still finds you cuTe
•laughs everytime you try and be sexy honestly like
•"you can’t be wild and sexy like me"
•"Jackson. Shut up.“
•when you say no to like getting pizza or something would literally look at you for 20 minutes pouting and pretending to cry until you give in
•when the food arrives he’s honestly very happy and kisses you because he loves pizza nights
•"boy it’s just a pizza”
•"you don’t understand, Jagi, you don’t understand"
•you guys would watch movies during pizza nights with cuddles BC cuddLES WITH JACKSON FUCK
•his cuddles would be reaLly protective ???
•like he’s quite bulky in the sense that he has broad shoulders and muscle so you alWays feel safe
•his arms would be wrapped around you as your head is like on his chest and his head on yours
•defo would like trace his fingers over your side in a relaxing matter
•he’d tickle you until you like tell him he’s the “sexiest most amazing boyfriend ever and he’s perfection in bed!!” Or smth because he’s a huge greaseball
•always gives off the vibe to ur friends that like he’s very like clingy or something??
•he’s not clingy at all but at some times he just wants to hold you because he likes the feeling of you in his arms anD HE NEVER WANTS YOU TO LEAVR HIM
•is lowkey the most adorable boyfriend ever
•this could go one of two ways like
•short and sweet before he leaves for work
•hot, needy and passionate before he leaves for work that would leave you like ???!!!!!????!!!!!
•actually not even before he leaves for work like whEnever hE WANTS AND WHENEVER U WANT
•he’d pull you in by your wrist so you like hit his chest softly with yours and he puts ur hand on his shoulder cAuse hES SO SMOOTH
•one hand would prolly like cup your face and bring it closer while the other is like on your waist
•now either he could like peck your lips and then smirk and chuckLe and go
•or he could press his lips against yours and just fucking IDEK man fuCkIng kiss yoU WITH SUCH LUST AND LOVE AND WOW IM SWEATING
•Jackson would so so so so bite your lower lip which would cAuse you to moan slightly and hE would fuCking die
•cries because he can’t do anything with you cauSe he hAS TO GO AND WORK
•you cry too tbh
•sex withjackson oh my god
•again one of two ways
•like gentle AF
•hot and sweaty and fast and wOwzor
•i can’t even go into detail on thIs cause I’d probably fucking jumP out of my window cAause sEX WITH JZCKSODN
•so imma let ur imagination run wild;););)
•when Jackson is sad you literally someTimes doNt know what to do because you hardly ever see hIm sad
•you probably cheer him up with a blowjob or something
•or am I ????
•no for real, you probably just hold him and just let him rant and you listen and he loves that cause sometimes he just needs someone to listen
•when you kiss him and tell him that he’s the best thing that could’ve ever happened to you and how everyone is proud of him and how far he’s become
•he honestly he falls in love with you so muCH MORE
•when Jackson says “I love you” he means it every single time
•even its just like when you’ve brought home chocolate or smth he’d be like “Wowowww I loVE U”
•you would blush and smile everytime
•I think the first time he said it, it was kinda unexpected ???
•like you guys had gone on a date to a restaurant or something
•and when you like really laugh lOudly at a joke he made
•he just shakes his head with a smile on his face and goes “fuck, I love you”
•you would most likely choke on air lets be honest
•"I love you too, jackson, so much"
•so would he TBH, he’d most likely like open his eyes wide and say somethin like
•"holy shIt I fiNALLY SAID IT"
•he would definitely like say it over and over
•"I loVE HER" he yells to strangers
•you would laugh and be like “jacksonnnnnnnn”
•he’d giggle and just hug u prolly
• Jackson loves u so much, he may not show it all the time bUt shiTTING hell he really does
•you don’t know how much he brags about u fr
•he tells the boys fucking how much he loves u and stuff and they honestly have to punch him and be like
•"dude, shhhhhhhhh"
•wouldn’t “shhhhhhhh” he’d carry on
•Jackson juSt wants to show you how much you mean to him
•but trust me you know and you’re so lucky to have him, and hE you