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Nickname: gabby (since my real name is gabrielle)

Zodiac sign: libra

Height: 5'5″ (i’ve always wanted to be like, 5′7″ or 5′8″)

Last thing googled: kihyun and suga (even tho i don’t listen to monsta x - i was just curious to see pics of their friendship lmao and it’s sooo cute)

Favorite music artists: bts, banks, catfish and the bottlemen, tove lo, halsey, troye sivan, pvris, etc 

Song stuck in my head: playing with fire // blackpink 

Last movie watched: babies behind bars (it’s a documentary on nextfix about women who have children in prision. idk why i watched it, but it’s really eye opening and i even shed a tear or two… or a lot)

What are you wearing right now: sweatpants and a t-shirt

What do you post: i write stuff… sometimes, and cry about bts (i actually posted a fic for the first time in months yesterday to im v proud of myself)

Why did you choose your url: when i first created this account, my url was bangxwords (because i wanted to be a fic writer lol) but it seemed too… basic i guess, so i decided to change it to what it is now because baepsae is such a jam (and because i couldnt commit to one member)

Do you have any other blogs: i actually do lmao (it’s my first ever tumblr - aka where i try to be artsy and shit by posting nature pics and poetry)

What did your past relationship teach you: that boys are stupid lmao but no, really… i learned that you really have to be honest with your significant other. and communicate with them - don’t just suddenly stop talking to them without an explanation or become closed off. if they really care about you, they’ll be understanding. just be real. 

Favorite color: blueeeee

Average hours of sleep: like 6? (but my body needs like a minimum of 10 hours to function correctly, which is kind of bad)

Lucky number: i’m not a lucky person lol but the number i gravitate towards is 24 (because my birthday is on the 24th)

Favorite character: bishhhh i don’t even know; there’s so many. but i’ve always loved ariel from the little mermiad lol

How many blankets do you sleep with: three lmao (my duvet, a queen-sized throw blanket, and then another smaller throw blanket. and this is like, the whole year)

Dream job: a travel writer; i just wanna visit every country in the world, embrace different cultures, eat good food, meet cool people, take beautiful pictures, and write about it all (this is obviously not terribly realistic, but a girl can dream - can’t she?)

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After receiving an (now not so anon anymore *waves at Jane*) ask about “Matsuhana FF8″ :3 Them COSPLAYS!

(i seriously considered leaving the dick across their faces as watermark…)
(also considering prints of this because i love…)

carl gallagher is the definition of unexpected. the little boy who melted dolls together, tortured animals, put a goldfish in the microwave all while his siblings just watched in some kind of amused horror. the little boy who bullied the other kids because he wanted to make people cry, who fantasized about pushing people on train tracks, who never had a problem with death or murder. the teenage boy that ate out almost every girl in his grade just for the hell of it. that boy is the same boy who put his shirt back on and had zero complaints about it because his girlfriend didn’t like sex, the same boy who took her entire family in even when his siblings resisted (”they live in a van.” “why is that my problem?”  “it’s winter”). it’s the same boy who was so devoted to his best friend that he gave him a place to live, never complained about or mocked the things that made him feel safe and did them with no judgement (watching his back in the shower at home, letting him sleep on the floor). the same boy who saw a (not his first, but his first fresh) dead body and knew he couldn’t keep going down the same path he was going anymore because he didn’t wanna see that. the same boy who only questioned ian’s sexuality because he wanted to know more about it and no one would give him any answers, the same boy who accepted caleb’s sexuality even when ian and even caleb barely did, the same boy who comforted mickey when ian was being diagnosed. the same boy who said he wasn’t good enough for his girlfriend but he would do whatever she asked as long as she liked him (he literally cut the tip of his dick off for that girl). he never said any rude things to her, after the whole sorority ordeal he didn’t even speak to her. he just hung out with her dad, the only positive father figure in his life, and bettered himself. he even almost gave up his newfound dream to be with her after she cheated on him, but he went anyways after she just broke his heart again. he went to military school, he’s trying to be a better person. this is the same boy who tried so hard to help his father so many times, and in the end his father tried to force him to stay in the business he was in despite the fact that he was terrified and miserable. carl is so devoted and loyal to everyone, not just the gallaghers, and even the people who hurt him, and he’s the most well-rounded character on the show.


recent collection of jimin and his (?) baby ft. jungkook lol (more descriptions in the captions)
i’m still debating where this kid came from (eg. coz of abo, from a mysterious affair, it’s actually baby jm, legit he’s their kid, or born from a peach come down from the heavens IDK YET)

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The Signs as Jaden Smith Tweets

Aries: I Only Apply To The Sixth Amendment
Taurus: Every 7 Years Your Body Is Completely Replaced With Entirely New Cells So Just Because You Look The Same Doesn’t Mean You Are
Gemini: When You Live Your Whole Life In A Prison Freedom Can Be So Dull
Cancer: How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real
Leo: Most Trees Are Blue

Virgo: If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth
Libra: I Just Scrolled Through My Tweets And “I” Started Laughing.
Scorpio: You Think You Get It. YOU DONT YOU DONT YOU DONT!!!!!!!
Sagittarius: I Watch Twilight Every Night
Capricorn: The More Time You Spend Awake The More Time You Spend Asleep
Aquarius: Why Is It Always 3 WHY IS IT ALWAYS 3!!!!!
Pisces: I Don’t Want You Guys To Think Because I Was Born In America That I Speak And Abide By English Grammar. I Speak Jaden, Indefinitely.

My top 10 Lin Manuel moments

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1. Where Lin sums up my entire life

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2. Sassy Lin got dat A$$

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4. POLITICAL TRUTH *bro five*

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5. The theatre kid came out real quick

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6.  I don’t even have a funny caption this is great already

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7. …..best friends??? ft Jonathan Groff

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9. Sweet lil baby lin

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10. Here to steal ya boyfriend and all of your cookies 

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Christmas, Light Up. ::Dean Ambrose Smut::

Pairing: Reader x Dean Ambrose

Word Count: 2,590

Warnings: Smut and some swearing. Also mention of a difficult birth. Literally just in passing, but I don’t want to trigger anyone.

Special mentions to @withwordslikeweapons for inspiring me with her WWE Christmas Series and also to @wrasslesmut for her earlier advice to me, when I was struggling to write Dean. Thanks to the both of you!

This is probably horrible, as I find it really hard to write for Dean, as much as absolutely adore him. I hope I haven’t messed it up too bad!

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Pausing in the doorway, I watched my boyfriend Dean as he laid down on the floor next to our baby girl Ellie, who was curled up in her baby bouncer. He was murmuring softly to her, his gravelly voice instantly catching her attention. She was such a daddy’s girl.

When I had first found out I was expecting and told Dean, he had been simultaneously terrified of screwing it all up and ready to take on the whole world single-handedly, if anyone dared hurt his baby girl.

All during the pregnancy he had tried his hardest. Trying to make every obstetrician appointment, asking for advice constantly from Roman, forever talking to our baby girl as his hand rested on my curved stomach. He desperately wanted to be the father our baby girl deserved.

It had admittedly been a difficult birth and it was the first time I had ever seen Dean genuinely fearful, though he had tried his hardest not to show it at the time, instead putting on a strong front for my sake. And then, the very moment Ellie had arrived into this world, she had him wrapped around her little finger and Dean wouldn’t ever try to deny it. He wouldn’t have had it any other way. It had taken him time to grow in confidence in his role as Ellie’s father though, so unlike his usual confident (and sometimes bordering on cocky) demeanour.

The duo of father and daughter were currently staring up at the Christmas tree, as Ellie absolutely adored the lights on the tree. She could spend hours watching them in a trance, giggling widely to herself on occasion. Dean was currently pointing out the different colours twinkling away, saying the names out loud to her. Our baby girl was alternating between looking at her daddy as he spoke, before the allure of the Christmas lights grabbed her attention again. She had one chubby fist to her mouth, sucking away.

“See Ellie, that’s green. And that one’s yellow” he continued, smiling at his daughter as she kicked and giggled, blowing the odd occasional bubble, prompting Dean to lean over and blow raspberries on her tummy in return. Our little baby girl would giggle even louder as his shaggy hair teased her face, before waving a tiny fist in the direction of the tree, entranced by the lights once more.

Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I took a minute to sneakily record a video of their antics, mentally reminding myself to forward a copy onto Dean.

Leaving them to it, I made my way back to the kitchen, preparing the vegetables in advance, ready for tomorrow’s Christmas dinner. I was practically running on auto-pilot and was only stirred back to reality, as I felt Dean wrap his arms around me from behind, resting his chin on the top of my shoulder.

“Where’s Ellie?” I questioned as I leaned back into his hold.

“Back in her crib.  She tried so hard, but she just couldn’t keep her eyes open” he murmured into my neck, his breath caressing over my skin.

“She’s stubborn. I guess she got that from you, along with those blue eyes” I murmured.

“And what exactly, are trying to say about me with that comment?” he mused out loud, humour lacing his tone. Turning around in Dean’s grip so I could face him, I mock fluttered my eyelashes at him, causing him to chuckle in response.

“That you have the most gorgeous blue eyes” I replied with a wide grin.

“You’re so cheesy” he commented, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Meh, but it works for me right?” I replied, turning back around again, in order to continue to prepare the food for tomorrow.

“Well something definitely works for you” he answered. I could practically see that sexy smirk on his face, even with me not facing him. His hands fell to my hips, pinching slightly, evidently not happy that my focus had turned from him. I could feel him pressing up against me, a very familiar bulge pressing into my hip. Without any further words from him, I knew exactly what it was that he wanted from me.

The sensation of his lips pressing against my neck, only confirmed my suspicions.  He started off slow, teasing, almost ticklish, before beginning to drag his teeth over delicate skin.

“Dean, I need to get this done” I protested, admittedly half-heartedly, seemingly automatically tilting my head and exposing more of my neck to him.

“I’ll help you later” he responded in an instant, his kisses on my neck becoming more insistent as he trailed them slowly down towards my shoulder, his hands coming up to cup my breasts through the fabric of my shirt.

“Come on kitten, want you” he continued.

I bit back a moan at the endearment and the feel of his hands. There was no denying that I wanted him just as badly. Especially as the word kitten fell from his lips and I instantly felt myself becoming wetter, my legs shifting as I tried to rearrange myself. I could hear him chuckle to himself. Bastard knew exactly what he was doing.

“We’ll have to be quiet” I pointed out as my hands covered his.

“I can be quiet” Dean replied and I sniggered at his answer, despite my valiant attempt to hold it back.

“I can be quiet” he protested, twirling me around to face him. I let out a quiet yelp as he nipped sharply at my throat, before moaning as he began to soothe the red mark with his warm tongue. His arms tightened around my waist and I could feel every muscle pressing up against me.

“How about you just worry about controlling yourself, darling” he teased, his thumb tracing my bottom lip as he spoke. I nipped at him, my teeth scraping delicately over the rough pad and he let out a low hiss.

“You came to play, huh?” he retorted, his eyes darkening with every second. He pulled me away from the counter and further into him, his fingers clutching tightly as he entangled them in my hair. We kissed furiously, our lips clashing together as we fought each out for the upper hand.

“Want you so bad. Miss you so much when I’m on the road” he murmured, barely pausing for breath, my back colliding against the kitchen wall as he pushed me backwards, his body instantly covering mine again.

“Miss you too. Miss feeling you touch me” I whispered against his lips, clutching at his shoulders tightly. He grinded himself against me roughly, occasionally thrusting his hips up instead, imitating the act of sex, though our bodies remained separated by several layers of clothing.

Almost taken over by the sensations he was creating within me, I tugged at the bottom of his shirt, both wanting it off and yet not wanting to part from him. Dean took the decision out of my hands, leaning back momentarily to pull the shirt in question over his head, tossing it to the side.

Taking the chance, I pulled my own top over my head, the material disappearing to reveal Dean stood back in front of me, watching me with obvious desire, tongue running along his bottom lip. The way he looked at me with such blatant arousal, sent shivers down my spine, my hands momentarily clenching into fists.

“So fucking beautiful” he muttered, his lips descending upon mine again, his large hands cupping my face. He tugged at the front of my bra, pulling a cup down to expose my breast, his lips suddenly changing focus.

Pressing his face against the side of my breast, he latched onto the soft skin with his teeth, sucking intently, a heat rising to the top as a bruise began to form. My hands fell back against the wall, my fingers scrabbling for some kind of purchase on the surface, as I tried to control myself.

“Dean” I moaned, using the back of my hand to stifle my voice. He frowned at the gesture but said nothing, well aware of my reasoning behind it.

Running my fingers over his stomach, I felt the muscles clench and ripple under my touch. I daringly nipped at his throat, causing him to throw his head back and groan. Changing direction, my lips trailed down towards his chest before trailing back up, my fingers exploring over bare skin, tracing over the occasional scar.

I nipped at his collarbone, increasing the pressure gradually as I followed the line of it, leaving behind a string of red marks, symbols of my presence. His fingers manipulated the button of my jeans, roughly pushing his hand into them and cupping my mound, causing me to jolt back away from the mark I had been leaving on his shoulder. His low, deep growl told me that he had had enough.

“Off. All it” he told me, his voice deeper than usual, a result of his own arousal. Dean took a step back, palming himself through his jeans, grunting, eyes intent as he watched me undress, my trousers and underwear hitting the floor along with my bra.

I waited for him to approach me again, leaning back against the wall, biting my lower lip, watching as his eyes followed that simple action. He strode forward, his arms bracketing my head, enclosing me. His tongue swept over my lower lip, kissing me once more, his fingers stroking over my thighs. I could feel my wetness only increase at his teasing touches.

“My kitten prepared for me? Prepared for me to make her feel so, so good?” Dean questioned, his fingers ghosting over the inside of my thighs, just falling short of where I both wanted and needed him.

“I can handle you” I bit out, my bravado out-weighing my actual self-control. Dean laughed slightly at my answer. He pulled his face back to watch me intently, his bottom lip held between his teeth.

“So wet. You always get so wet for me,” he commented as his fingers finally slipped further up, testing my wetness. He nipped sharply at my neck. “Just for me”.

I nodded my affirmation, too busy squirming under his touch for much more.

“Say it. Say it out loud” Dean ordered, his fingers stilling momentarily inside of me, causing me to squirm even more, to no avail.

“You. Just you” I whimpered, causing him to quietly sigh happily in response, his fingers moving and pressing into me again. He thrust his fingers in once, twice, three times before trailing them up to my clit and teasing my sensitive nub instead. He repeated the sequence several times, leaving me shivering with arousal in his grip, my back in a constant arch.

“Please baby, want you inside now” I whimpered, pressing my lips desperately to his, trying to convince him of my need for him. He pulled my hand to his crotch, rocking his bulge into it, demonstrating his hardness to me.

“You only need to ask. As much as I love playing with you and watching you squirm because of me, I need you just as bad, kitten” he told me, punctuating his final words with a particularly hard thrust into my hand.

Pulling back, he removed both his jeans and boxers before pinning me back against the wall, his grip firm as he picked me up by my thighs, my legs wrapping around his waist instinctively.

“Help a guy, help you out, darling” he murmured, his lips focusing in on my breasts.  I reached between us, just able to guide him towards my entrance. He slipped in gently to begin with, judging his aim, before thrusting roughly all the way in. His pace was fast, rough, always reaching deep inside of me at each thrust. I moaned at the bruising pace he had set, as Dean continued to nip at the soft skin of my cleavage.

“You’re incredible. You always feel so good” he mumbled against skin, before biting down once again, leaving a scattering of marks across my chest.

“You make me feel good” I pointed out, just barely able to get the words out between panting breaths. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before I hit that edge and toppled over it. Dean seemed to recognise the warning signs too as his hand slipped between us, fingers grazing over my clit as he thrusted deeper into me.

“I’ve got you. Just be a good girl and let it go” he murmured into my ear, the low notes of his tone hitting me in all the right places, my body clenching down on him involuntarily.

I had no choice, but to bite down sharply on his shoulder as my release hit me. It was the only way I could stop myself from yelling out. As my teeth sunk into his skin, Dean shuddered against me, uttering a low, guttural “Fuck”, only just loud enough to be heard. Seemingly spurred on by this and my own release, he began to pound into me harder. No doubt he would have had the bed shaking by now, if we had been in it.

His hand encircled my neck gently, never applying much pressure, just enough as a gesture to the real action. I rested my hand on top of his, pressing down and squeezing; letting him know that it was okay, that I wasn’t about to break under his grip.

Dean groaned at the action, his grip tightening slightly as with a final thrust he finally came, biting down on his lip to hold back his own moans. He kept his hips still as he came, allowing me to feel it, as he filled me with a thick load of cum.

His grip on me loosened, allowing me to slide down the wall, only just about steady enough to land on my feet. We were both panting, me more than him, our bodies damp with sweat. He lowered a hand to my entrance, his fingers smearing his cum up to my over-sensitive clit.

He pulled away as I shuddered and whimpered, my head falling back against the wall with a thump, the sensation too much for me so quickly after my orgasm.

“Okay, okay. No teasing just yet,” he replied, leaning in to kiss me instead. “Later”.

We ended up freezing mid-kiss, as the sound of a car backfiring pierced the air. There was a pause. One long enough to trick us, before Ellie’s inevitable wail could be heard coming from her room.

“I got it” reassured Dean.

He effortlessly slipped his boxers and sweatpants on in one smooth movement as I continued to struggle with my bra. He shuffled out of the kitchen, already calling out to Ellie in that soothing, gravelly voice of his, leaving me to wonder just exactly how I had managed to get so lucky.

Once I had finally won the struggle with my clothes, I followed him to Ellie’s bedroom, only to find the room empty. Following my gut instinct, I trudged back to the living room to see Dean stood in front of the Christmas tree, lights twinkling away, Ellie tucked securely in his arms.

I walked forward tucking myself under his free arm, watching Ellie’s awestruck face as she gazed at the tree. I could feel the vibrations of Dean’s chest as he began to speak to his baby girl once again.

His warm, gravelly voice filled the room, as the lights of the Christmas tree continued to flicker gently….

[Camila Cabello:]
Am I out of my head?
Am I out of my mind?
If you only knew the bad things I like
Don’t think that I can explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated
Don’t matter what you say
Don’t matter what you do
I only wanna do bad things to you
So good, that you can’t explain it
What can I say, it’s complicated

[Lauren Jauregui]
Baby could you shut up?
Cause I don’t need you to come up with excuses
I just need your eyes on me
So I can see you watching me move it
So soft and cryptic
Oh, while you listen to the music
I know you want it so you better get up on it
Or you’ll lose it, I’ll prove it


I’ve always wanted to draw @arishynya adorable baby kiba and i just rewatched the episode where the turtles go back in time and watching leo play with little miwa like that made me think that her daughter would probably do the same thing

Akaashi Headcanons!

In honor of Akaashi’s birthday, I wrote a little headcanons for my baby owl! bless him

Boyfriend! Akaashi

  • Akaashi loves snuggling into the crook of his s/o’s neck, it’s his little safe haven.
  • Dating him would consist of watching him or practicing volleyball with him.
  • Cafe dates or just wandering around the city with him.
  • Akaashi tends to buy whatever his s/o wants. Of course, he doesn’t buy it on the spot, he enjoys surprising them!
  • He’s actually really good at comforting others, expect to see him at your doorstep in 10 mins when you tell him that you’re sick or upset or p much anything in general.
  • Dating Akaashi is really just comforting, he makes a good boyfriend and respects others really well too!

Father! Akaashi

  • If his first child is a girl that Akaashi would honestly be so happy he’d start crying. He doesn’t mind if it’s a boy tho, it’s just that he’d always wanted a daughter as his first child.
  • He’ll spoil his child to no end unless his s/o warns him about giving his child too much candy. Akaashi sometimes still sneakily gives his child his favorite treat.
  • Blows raspberries all over his s/o and his child!! Tickle fights too!!! Sign me tf up!!!
  • Adopts puppies just because his s/o and child wants to!! cute

Watch what you say, Teruki! Brother-kun is watching you!

This exists because I want to see two babies holding a real baby. /slapped

Sorry! I know I said I wouldn’t be drawing new TeruMob for a while, but this idea is just so silly I have to draw it out :”)) Also, to cheer myself up from all the deadlines from work /sobs


All the attraction, the tension 

Don’t you see baby, this is perfection

I’ve wanted to draw Yuuri in his Eros outfit for a while now and finally after that whirlwind of an episode I guess it was finally time to do so, as well as try my hand at the dreaded digital painting again! And just remembering one of the very first YOI things that caught my eye even before I started watching it was this video, so i guess it’s time to complete the cycle, now with added engagement ring :D

[Prints on Society6 and RedBubble! ]

Intimate Saturdays *

A/N: y/n – your name. First person. Word count ~ 1040

The best thing about Saturdays was that Gerald and I always got to be lazy. Another perk was that since it was close to the winter holidays, Gerald baked his world-famous chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate. I could tell Christmas time was Gerald’s favorite time of the year but the stretched-out grin across his gorgeous face. Since both of us had nothing to do all day, we guys just ate and cuddled while watching Netflix. Although it was a lazy day, I still wanted to look cute for my man so I wore this.

“Babe! How much longer?” I whine, wrapping my arms around G from behind. He was so tall that every time I would hug him I felt like a baby.

“Almost ready,” he informs me, turning around, and kissing me. “You look beautiful.” I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that this nearly perfect man was mine. His lips stayed on mine moving in rhythm. His hands move down from the small of my back to my ass, giving it a nice squeeze. Suddenly, the oven pings signaling the cookies were done. Neither of us wanted to break the heated make out session but neither of us wanted to burn the house down. Gerald breaks the kiss to go get the cookies. Sadly, I meander to the couch and plop down waiting for him to come cuddle.

“Prepare for the best chocolate chip cookies and peppermint hot chocolate you will EVER have in your life,” G exclaims carrying a tray. I reach out and grab a cookie and a mug. I take a big bite out of the cookie and it’s nearly orgasmic.

“Oh, my god! Gerald!” I shout. “These are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted,” I remark.

* An hour or so later *

I stood in the kitchen putting the cookies in a container when a pair of arms loop around my waist and a pair of lips connect with my neck. I couldn’t lie, it felt so good. I lean your head the other way to give him more access. A slight moan escapes my lips as his hand slip underneath my sweater. He massages my chest as more moans escape. He took his hands out of my sweater and leads me from the kitchen to the couch.

“Lay down,” G instructs. I did as I was told. G climbs on top of me when he let out a little huff. I couldn’t help but giggle a little. “What are you laughing at, big head,” he asks while poking my side.

“Nothing. You’re just so funny,” I giggle.

“You won’t be laughing in a minute, little one,” he smirks as he collides his lips with mine. His hands roam to the hem my sweater and pulls it over my head. He reconnects our lips and starts massaging my chest again. He pulls my bralette off my body. He throws my bra to the other side of the living room. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and I couldn’t help but moan. He swirls his tongue around my nipple and takes it in his mouth again. I arch my back in pleasure. He stops the pleasurable torture on that nipple and starts kissing down my body.

His lips reach the top of my leggings and I can’t control myself. I buck my hips up wanting him to continue his sweet torture down there. “A bit excited, aren’t you y/n,” he smirks and grips the sides of my leggings and ever-so slowly pulls them down leaving a trail of wet kisses. In anticipation, I kick off my boots. He pulls off my leggings and throws it where the clothing pile is at. He sits up and pulls off his sweater and sweats leaving both of us in only our underwear. He lifts my leg and moves it to the other side of his head. He kisses the inside of my thighs making me moan out. “You like that, baby,” G smiles as he disappears between my legs.

“Please daddy,” I beg.

“Are you gonna be a good girl,” G teases as he kisses my clothed entrance.

“Of course, daddy,” I whimper. G smirks and grabs the sides of my panties and throws them in the pile. His tongue licks my clit as he teases my entrance with his fingers. His free hand rests on top of my stomach to stop me from fidgeting. I can’t help myself. It feels so good. “Daddy I need you,” I moan.

“Oh yeah,” G asks. I nod my head practically begging him. He stood up and slid his boxers down. His length springs out and I let out a groan. He climbs back on top of me and kisses me. Slowly he deepens the kiss as his hand reaches down and presses his tip into my entrance.

“Gerald,” I moan out loudly. He thrusts it all the way in and sits there for a minute. His lips wander from my lips along my jaw and down to my neck. He sucks on it, flicking his tongue over the freshly made hickey. He slowly pulls out of me and slams back into me. His pace picks up making me wrap my legs around his hips. It’s so good that I drag my nails down his back and scream out his name. I feel my orgasm building in the pit of my stomach. G’s thrusts became sloppy. “Baby, I’m gonna cum,” I weakly moan as the tension of my orgasm release causing me to arch my back and scream out Gerald’s name. I could feel Gerald release inside of me as he bit down on my neck. After a minute or so passes, he pulls out of me as we both catch our breath.

“You’re too cute,” Gerald says to me as he puts on his boxers. I blush at him as he gathers my panties and sweater to put on. I put on my clothes then laid down on my side. G climbs behind me and kisses me.

“I love you,” I said, rubbing the hand he had wrapped around my waist.

“I love you too baby girl,” he said back and kissed my shoulder.

 magnus bane, high warlock of brooklyn:

-ragnor fell. ‘my little dear cabbage’
-took in raphael when he turned ‘how you’re like a son to me’ 
-became simon’s sponsor ‘…if I ever found someone in a similar situation, I’d try to make sure they didn’t have to go at it alone’
-is literally saphael’s dad ‘anyone for a martini’
-created a fire-breathin snake for camille, cause extra. ‘my baby’
-portaled to freakin india to loot from his ex, cause he can. ‘of course i recognise it, it’s mine’
-talks about camille being his rock, saving his suicidal depressed self ‘she saved me’
-but acknowledges she’s manipulative and choose his adopted downworlder family instead ‘enjoy idris’
-loves clary like his own daughter: saved her mum, her adopted dad!luke, gave her a memory of his, and great advice ‘biscuit, i’m sorry’
-talked about how his mum took her own life with a keris because she couldn’t accept her own child ‘i was nine years old when my mother realised what my cat eyes meant’
-casually keeping the downworld safe ‘he knows he’s banned from north america, indefinitely’
-senses and is worried that isabelle’s in trouble ‘isabelle, i don’t need magic to know when i’m being lied to’
-is maia’s best tipper ‘never trust a stingy warlock’

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so to all y’all yapping bout how magnus doesn’t have his own storyline/ his own agency. maybe you’re the one defining him by his relationship with alec, cause the showrunners sure ain’t. 

You Do His Makeup


Prompt- could you write one where your boreed or something and you do nialls makeup but like glam girly makeup and he doenst want you to do it but you do it anyway and hes grumpy through out it, id think that will be cute.

~1422 words


“Please baby.” You whined to your boyfriend for the hundredth time. “We can take it off right away.”

Niall groaned and ran his large hand through his soft hair, “(Y/N), babe, the guys will be over soon to watch the game and i really don’t want them coming in when you’re putting all that goop on my face.”

“I promise i’ll take it off right away. Please? I sat here all day watching golf, can i just do it this once?” You cuddled closer to him and gave him your best pleading eyes making him sigh, “Fine. But it better all be off my face by the time they get here.”

Squealing like an excited school girl and got off the sofa and went to gather your makeup. Niall watched you leave the room , he knew he was wrapped around your finger and that no matter how much of a fight he put up it would have happened anyway. He eternally cursed his decision to allow you to do this when you came back with your arms full of palettes, brushes and sparkles galore. “Alright, let’s get started.” You smiled as you sat back on the couch spreading all your stuff out on the coffee table.

Niall turned on the couch cushion so that his arm was resting on the back of the sofa, one leg bent and resting on the cushion between the two of you while the other one rested to the floor. “Good thing you shaved this morning.” You commented as you grabbed the foundation and beauty blender.

“Yeah, now i’m gonna be looking even more like a girl.” He closed his eyes as you worked the foundation into his soft skin, you would have made him wash his face and put on primer but you didn’t want to push it and he wouldn’t have it on for long anyway. “How do you have this on your skin all day everyday.” He asked as he scrunched his cute face when you put the foundation on his nose.

“You get used to it.” You giggled. “Alright let’s go on to eyes.” Niall watched as you grabbed your morphe palette and opened it, he never seen so many shades.

“Why do you have thousands of eye shadow things when this has so many colors.” He asked genuinely confused.

“Because, there is different shades and some are shimmery and some are matte.” You answered and started to put a dark brown color in his crease. “I can’t believe i let you do this to me.” He said grumpily.

“You let me do this because you love me.” You then went to another shade that was lighter and was shimmery.  “My man is going to look so pretty.” You joked.

“Well I better not be looking pretty when the lads come.” Niall warned gently finally opening his eyes when you were finished blending it out. “Can I see what you’re doing to me yet?” He said reaching for his phone but you grabbed his wrist stopping him. “No you can’t look until i’m finished.” You scolded him, putting your pallet down and grabbed you cosmetic glitter to make the eye shadow on his lids a little more glam.

“No. No glitter.” He said pulling away from your hand.

Giving him puppy dog eyes, “Please Ni.” You whined. He gave you pleading eyes, “No one will know babe. Please? For me?” A groan left his lips as he sat up again and closed his eyes allowing you to tap on the cosmetic glitter. “See. It’s not that bad.”

“I haven’t seen it yet.” He grumbled.

After putting simple bar eyeliner on, concealer on his under eyes and did his eyebrows, which again made him cranky you grabbed you contour palette. “Let’s make them cheek bones pop.” You smiled getting the proper bush and started to dust the powder over his cheeks.

“How much does all this stuff cost?” He said looking at all the products on the table. You grabbed his chin and pulled him back so that he was looking at you, “Stop moving. And they all cost something different.”


“What does it matter?” You sighed, exasperated from the constant questioning and grumbles.

“Just curious.”  

“The thing i’m using right now is like fifty dollars.” You answered, referring to contour palette in your hand. His eyes widened, it wasn’t really a problem but Niall would have never guessed that it would cost so much. “Fifty dollars? For some brown dust?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at your boyfriend, “It’s not just ‘brown dust’ babe. But yes fifty dollars.” After you finished the contouring you leaned in and kissed his thin lips. “Now the highlight.” Switching out the contour palette for the highlighter and a fan brush.  Dusting the illuminating powder over his cheekbones, “Look at that glow.” You joked, “Oh, i almost forgot.”

“Please, i don’t want that near my eyes.” Niall complained when he saw you get the mascara.

“Don’t be a baby.”

“Well i’m a baby then, i don’t want that near my eye. You might poke it out.” Rolling your eyes at how over dramatic your boyfriend could be.

“I’m not going to poke your eye out. If you let me do this then we can be done and i’ll never ask you to do this again.”

And with that Niall let out a long sigh, “Fine, but after you put that on I’m taking this all off.”

“Okay.” You smiled and started to unscrew the mascara.

“Better Than Sex?” He read the mascara tube and raised an eyebrow, “Is it really that good?”  

“Shut up Horan.” You giggled, “Look up and don’t blink or else i will poke your eye.” It was a struggle to get him to finally sit still and allow the wand to come anywhere near his face. You felt very accomplished when you were able to get one coat on his thin lashes.

After putting the mascara tube down and looked at your work, you couldn’t help but laugh at how your boyfriend looked, “There all done, you can look now.” Niall took his iPhone out of his pocket and turned on the front facing camera.

“Jesus Christ.” He said looking at his reflection in the phone, he turned his head side to side looking at your work. “This is fucking creepy.” He chuckled.

“Let me take a picture then you can wipe it off.” You said reaching for your own phone to take a picture.

“Alright but please don’t post it, the last thing i need is for the lads or the fans seeing it.”

“I wont post it.” You reassured him, he made faces at your phone as you snapped a few pics before putting down your phone and getting the makeup remover wipes. “I can’t believe you’re making me wash away my beautiful work.”

He took the wipe from you and scrubbed the makeup off his face as you got up to put away everything, “You did a good job beautiful but i never want any of that goop on my face ever again.” You laughed at his remark and kissed his forehead that was damp from the makeup wipe. “Thank you for letting me do it.”


Later that evening you were sitting in the kitchen eating ice cream while Niall and the lads were in the den watching the game but your ears perked up when you heard Deo ask “Niall what the fuck is on your eyelashes?”

“Nothing.” You heard him answer quickly, you didn’t even have to see him to know that he was scrubbing at his eyes.

“Mate, is that mascara?” One of the other lads said.

“No.” Niall said defensively.

“Yes it is.” You heard another say followed by laughter. You felt kinda bad for him but a part of you thought it was so cute how defensive and embarrassed he sounded.  

“(Y/N) was messing about earlier give me a break.” You heard him grumble.

The lads laughed, “Ya let your girl doll you up?” One barked out.  

That’s when you left the kitchen and walked to the den, “Yes he did, and it was very sweet of him to do.” You said walking over to Niall and kissing his lips, “And no you’re not going to see pictures.”

You left the room as Niall’s mates continued to give him a hard time. But you knew you were Niall’s princess so he’d taking some teasing just as long as he knew he made you happy.


Hope you liked it, requests open.