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Thor: Ragnarok Movie Clip - Get Help (2017) | Movieclips Coming Soon
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I’m gonna deconstruct this scene because I’ve been thinking about it ALL DAY and what the hell, I’ve got time. This clip demonstrates what I love most about Taika Waititi’s filmmaking and it shows off Chris and Tom’s chemistry in the fiercest way. It’s hilarious, sweet, bittersweet, surprising, and poignant.

1) “Loki, I thought the world of you.” 

Even though there was an instinctive part of me that screamed, “OK, WELL, YOUR ACTIONS TOLD A DIFFERENT STORY, THOR” due to residual bitterness over what a dickbag Thor was in the first film, I’m 1,000% here for this line. I’m proud of how much Thor has matured, thrilled that these two are actually talking to each other, and happy that Loki’s hearing something he’s probably always wanted/needed to hear even though it’s bittersweet because Thor’s using the past tense.

Tom’s reaction here is SO GOOD. Just the tiniest shift in his eyebrows to indicate that Thor has Loki’s attention and he’s fucking locked in and hanging on to every word.

2) “I thought we were gonna fight side by side forever, but at the end of the day you’re you and I’m me.”

I know there was a minor (?) uproar over Chris’ comments that Thor will be “indifferent” to Loki in Ragnarok, but this scene seems to suggest a kind of acceptance rather than indifference. Maybe for the first time, Thor truly seems to have accepted that he and Loki are fundamentally different beings–and by extension, he’s accepting Loki’s nature. Yes, part of that acceptance means letting go and moving on (note: I did not say giving up) and that’s sad, but realistic I think. How many fakeout deaths and stabbings can a person be expected to withstand? “You’re you” is a significant break in pattern for Thor and Loki appears genuinely taken aback by it.

“You’re you” is a huge deal because to me, the brothers’ central conflict has always boiled down to the fact that Loki isn’t Thor (thanks, Odin, for exacerbating this tension). For Loki, that fact is a source of self-loathing and resentment, something that he can act out against and, as Tom has often said, define himself in opposition to.

By the same token I think it’s become clearer that what Loki thinks of Thor matters to Thor. For an older sibling, having a younger sibling who looks up to you and wants to be like you is perhaps one of the biggest indicators that you’re a good–dare I say worthy–person. Ever since Loki let go of Gungnir Thor has struggled to make sense of Loki’s rejection, to define himself without the security of having his brother by his side. With that in mind I’ve always seen Thor’s past attempts to bring Loki back to the “good” side as heartfelt and genuine, but also somewhat ego-driven and shortsighted because it came at the expense of Loki’s autonomy and self-identification.

Cut to now. By acknowledging that he and Loki are each their own person, Thor’s relieving Loki of the pressure and expectation to be anyone other than himself. In a way that’s a gift, but it’s also terribly sad because it’s accompanied by loss for both of them. Which brings me to:

3) “I dunno, maybe there’s still good in you but let’s be honest: our paths diverged a long time ago.”

It’s in this moment that Loki really seems to realize where this conversation is headed. And he doesn’t like it.

We know Loki lives to test Thor. It’s his (super dysfunctional and unhealthy) way of making sure Thor still cares about him. In The Dark World, Loki tests Thor’s assertions that he doesn’t trust him and has lost hope for him by … getting himself impaled. Yeah, “dying” was also his “get out of jail free, usurp the throne” card, but it’s not insignificant that he calls Thor’s bluff in the process. 

4) “Yeah. It’s probably for the best that we never see each other again.”

Speaking of calling Thor’s bluff, I think Loki–because he’s a smart little fucker–says this in order to get ahead of the conversation. He knows what’s coming, so he pulls the classic “I’ll reject you before you reject me” move. But I don’t think he means it. It’s more likely that he’s trying to balance the scales so he’s not on the utter losing side of this conversation. And honestly? Deep down I doubt he can bear to hear Thor say it and by proactively agreeing with him he’s holding out hope that Thor will pull a “JK!” and change his mind.

5) “That’s what you always wanted.”

OMG THOR HAS GOTTEN SO SMART. I mean, I guess it’s within the realm of possibility that Thor is still really dumb about Loki’s feelings/motivations, but personally it’s more fun and satisfying to think he sees Loki’s test and raises him an even bigger one.

Loki’s face is so sad-funny. His plan backfired, he’s panicking a little, but he’s got to save face and play it cool, and he’s also legit sad because he knows this outcome is the culmination of his past actions and he did his part in paving this road for both of them. And at the end of the day he’s still the younger brother who doesn’t want to appear weak, so he’s doing his best to match Thor’s tone and attitude.

The moment when Loki lifts his chin and gives a little nod is a dead giveaway; never seeing Thor again is the opposite of what he wants, but he’s prepared to accept that it’s too late for anything else. It’s SO far from an apology, but for Loki it’s about the most mature thing we’ve seen him do.

The fact that for once they’re not arguing with each other is what made me tear up. It’s like they both know they should’ve had this conversation years ago, when it could have made all the difference, but at the same time they know that moment has passed. THIS IS FUCKING TRAGIC.

(If I wrote this movie, this would be the moment where they both dissolve into tears, fall on the floor, and cry-hug it out, which is why I write poetry and not screenplays.)

6) “Hey, let’s do Get Help.”

This was the beginning of the death of me, I will never be the same. I laughed so hard. On the surface this whole exchange may seem like just a gag–and it IS funny as hell–but I feel like it’s working on so many levels and reveals something deeper about Thor and Loki’s bond.

First of all, if you’re me, everything that preceded this moment was really uncomfortable and sad and almost unbearable to witness so I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that Thor and Loki were feeling some of that too.

What I love about this transition is that Thor immediately cuts through the tension, probably to put both of them at ease and bring them back into the more familiar territory of their rapid-fire banter. Loki seems a bit surprised but relieved.

IMO, this brief exchange of dialogue does more to convey Loki and Thor’s bond and establish their history than anything we’ve been shown in the previous films (not counting that deleted scene from the first movie). I thought it was really poignant to see them revert to/rely upon something from their distant past. You can tell this is an argument they’ve had a zillion times before. You can tell from the stunt itself that it’s something they’ve had many opportunities to perfect. 

Even though Loki is reluctant to participate, he does, because he still craves inclusion and acceptance. Even though Thor is no longer quite as overbearing and arrogant as he once was, he regresses into that role so that he can get his younger brother back for just a moment. It’s like they’re consoling themselves without admitting that they want to be consoled. And yeah, on a practical note they also need to find a way off of Sakaar.

In conclusion, they’ve both just conceded that their relationship has reached an impasse with no real way forward, yet in the immediate aftermath of this supposed acceptance they choose to revert to an older dynamic that reflects presumably happier times. They don’t want to quit each other. This is fine. It’s fine. I’m not crying. I love them. The end.

I’m deep in my feels right now and probably projecting a lot (HI, HELLO, I HAVE A TROUBLED YOUNGER BROTHER, I’VE NEVER USED HIM AS A PROJECTILE BUT I UNDERSTAND THE IMPULSE), but even without having seen this scene in the full context of the film, it’s my favorite Thor/Loki moment to date. It’s what I’ve always wanted. It actually brings “We were raised together, we played together, we fought together” to life in a meaningful way, whereas in The Avengers I felt like those were just words.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

The Sims 4: New Game Patch (March 23rd, 2017)

Remove all MODS and Custom Content before updating your game

Update: 03/23/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Happy March Simmers!

We have a short update here, as we step onto the approach. We’ve picked our ball from the rack, and we’ll try not to hook into a split.

So, without spending too much time on this frame, let’s address the lane…

General Issues

  • Babies born to parents whose last name includes an apostrophe, will also have an apostrophe in their last name.
  • Hovering over the name field in Create a Sim will once again cause the cursor to change to a ‘Cursor and Pencil’ cursor.
  • Non-active Sims with violin and guitar skill will no longer silently horde violins and guitars in their inventories.
  • We’ve made improvements to Sim interaction selection.
  • Sims will no longer woodwork to the exclusion of all else.
  • Teens are now allowed to move out on their own from the Household Management screen.
  • The lighting created by the combination of curtains and windows will no longer change upon reload.
  • The ymMakeupEyebrows_Unibrow will now save upon exiting Create a Sim.
  • Taking a cutting from a wild plant will once again identify the plant from which it was taken.
  • We have addressed an issue that could cause adults to take a serving from a group meal and just place it in their inventory. They should now, if hungry, take a serving, and eat it.
  • The Chomper the Devourer toybox will now properly be searched for when using the color filters in Build Mode.
  • Sims are once again sitting to watch TV.
  • Sims were incorrectly being allowed to choose a primary aspiration upon age up from teen to young adult, which would result in two bonus traits. This option has been removed.
  • The Starbroker styled look can once again be found for teens when the feminine filter is on.
  • And along the same lines the ymHair_EP01LowBun can also once again be found under the masculine filter… it too had been incorrectly unhooked and left in limbo.
  • The Let There Be Light and The Let There Be More Light windows now have matching frames under any light.
  • Undo in Create a Sim will no longer change the camera setting.
  • Switching phone covers will now remember their settings between loads of the game.
  • We have addressed an issue with emotional aura’s incorrectly putting children into a flirty emotion. Children should never enter the flirty emotion.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause a child Sim aged up from a toddler to be unable to use stairs.
  • Giving a toddler a bath should no longer become impossible when a baby is added to the household.
  • puHair_Medwavy (aka the big curly hair) toddler hair will now maintain the chosen color regardless of outfit chosen.
  • Toddler socks can now be found in formal wear.
  • Fixed some highlight issues in Create a Sim that resulted in graphical issues when hovering over the feet of some Sims.
  • Fixed an issue in Create a Sim that would cause the filter display to become corrupted if enough filters were chosen such that the … (dot dot dot) replacement display was needed.
  • Fixed a seam that could appear on the back of a Sims head when wearing cuHair_SP06StraightSide hairstyle.
  • Which should clarify the expected action of an “enter name here” field…
  • …where you could use a pencil to enter your name.
  • Please, don’t draw on your monitor.
  • So, we need you to play at this event, do you have your own instrument?
  • No.
  • Ok then, we’ve had a few of our violins go missing recently, so if you could just make sure to return this when your shift is over, that’d be great.
  • No.
  • Ok then, I’ll just put this violin in your pocket. Are you comfortable with the violin?
  • No.
  • Ok, then, why don’t you take this guitar too, just in case. Soooo, I guess that’ll be all.
  • Klepto Sims interaction test to swipe something was being tested for, even when there were no klepto Sims present, increasing the time it took for Sims to decide on actions to take.
  • Also, they are allowed to move back in.
  • However, their room was probably converted into a spa, or something…
  • Their parents have taken on a new roommate named Barney…
  • And they make you pay rent.
  • Just stay away, it’s better.
  • Alignment over a clear goal was brought to the table, in a face time generation of a sustainable proactive win-win spin-up of the problem. A holistic outside of the box approach was what ultimately brought our synergy to a proper wellness level, and allowed us to break through the clutter for an end of the day exit strategy to this issue.
  • It had accidentally been untagged, which caused it to only appear when no filters were selected.
  • Asset Limbo….
  • Ooooooh oooh.
  • Ooooooh oh yea.
  • Asset Limbo.
  • Yep, I’m currently working on the chorus. I’m thinking platinum this time next year.
  • No matter whether it be little, more, little more, or more than a little light, the Let There Be windows are letting light be light.
  • Because even if you understand how the code is put together, this makes no sense.
  • Also, we have preemptively prevented Sims from spontaneously combusting after storing a salad in the refrigerator while the stereo is playing pop.
  • Red hair please.
  • You got it, want brown hair on that toddler?
  • Thank you, red hair will be fine.
  • Brown hair coming up.
  • Red yes, brown no.
  • Hold the red.
  • No, I want the red.
  • Brown it is.
  • Brown me no “likes”
  • Red out.
  • Red in.
  • Ah, come on, make up your mind!
  • Okay, okay on second thought…. make my toddler bald.
  • There was some debate that resulted in a survey of a handful of toddlers, and their thoughts on formal attire. Results varied, as you would expect, but with proper skewing we found that more toddlers preferred to keep their feet covered, than those that desired an open toe approach.
  • And while this doesn’t preclude the open toe option for those with the proclivity to free the digits, it does make one wonder why we keep a handful of toddlers around the office for just these sorts of things.
  • This issue should no longer occur. (dot)
  • Though some have speculated on the possibility of the seam being an Edgar suit, it should be pointed at that beyond the seam, there was a clear lack of droopy cheek, wrinkle neck, and glassy eye.
  • Any desire a Sim may express for sugar in water is purely coincidental.

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Food Thief

Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said: Soo… my friend L has been talking nonstop about you so I thought I would check out one of your stories and before I knew it I had read all of them, fell in love, You are so amazing. Can I possibly request something for L? Her bias is NamJoon so could you pretty pretty pretty please write a drabble where the reader has mutual undeclared love with Joonie?

Summary: It doesn’t matter that you have a crush on Namjoon, he has stolen your ice cream for the last time.

Genre: fluff, slight angst, roommates au

Length: 0.9k

A/N: this was such a sweet req and i fangirled reading it like damn. also it’s so sweet you requested something for your friend and i hope you both enjoy it!

Originally posted by yoonseok

“Yoongi hear me out,” his unamused grumble would have usually stopped you from talking, but since he hadn’t started using physical attacks you decided you were safe to continue ranting, “if I put my favourite ice cream in the freezer, with a massive label stating it’s mine, would you eat it?”

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jeemyjamz  asked:

This prompt idea has been bugging me for a few days and since I don't have the writing prowess to jot my thoughts into words...you up for writing a one-shot where Betty takes Jughead on their first date where she sets up a makeshift drive in by the lake knowing how much Jug misses it

I am always up for a good old fashioned writing challenge, my friend!

“Betty, I don’t understand why I’m blind folded? Not all of us have the natural grace of a seasoned athlete, like you”

Jughead grumbled underneath the tie wrapped around his eyes, tripping over a thick tree limb.

Betty couldn’t help the tiny giggle that escaped as she helped her very clumsy date stand upright.

“ oh hush juggie, this is supposed to be a fun surprise, you don’t get to have too many first dates.” She said tugging him along.

Jughead let her pull him pouting,

“Well it smells like nature and outside”

Betty snorted and he finally said what had been on his mind since she had asked him on this date.

“I know I haven’t been on many of these, or even one of these, but it’s to my understanding that the boy should ask the girl on the first date and probably do most of the planning?”

He heard Betty huff out a breath and knew she was getting ready to rant. This was one of his favorite sides of Betty.

“Says who? There is no rule that states men have exclusive rights to first dates, that is just a societal misconception made up by egotistical macho men who want to show they are the smarter sex. I planned this date because I wanted too.”

She got quiet for a second before she continued

“Also it didn’t seem like you were getting ready to ask me anytime soon so, I was being proactive.”

Jughead blushed deep scarlet and as soon as he opened his mouth to speak she beat him to it.

“Anyway you can stop complaining we’re here.” He could hear the smile in her voice.

“So I can take this thing off my face?”

He felt it being unknotted before it fell to the flor in front of him.

He almost wanted to put it back on to make sure what he was seeing in front of him was real.

There in the middle of the woods was a huge white sheet held up by two trees right by the river. An old fashioned projector that he recognized from the drive in, (it was his favorite one he would watch movies on the wall with that one for hours,)was propped a distance from it and there was a picnic blanket laid out right in front of the sheet.
His eyes immediately found all the food and his stomach growled involuntarily.
On the blanket was piles of film reels from all different types of genres.

His very own riverside drive in.

He heard Betty clear her threat from behind him

“I know it’s not the drive in, but I know how bad you miss that place and I managed to snag a few things before they tore it down, i was gonna just give them to you, but I figured this might be better…”

She trailed off playing with her fingers waiting for his response.

He stared at her for what felt like ages, watching her wiggle a little under his gaze.

When finally he took two large strides and had her wrapped up in his arms and his mouth on hers.

She tasted like mint toothpaste and strawberries and cream.

He had never tasted anything that good in his life.

And he’d tasted plenty of things.

When they both pulled away for air she laughed

“So I guess you like it?”

He pulled her back in kissing her slowly before pulling away

“Best first date ever.”


Summary: You were invited to a very exclusive private party with the intention of meeting people to help you advance professionally. A fateful meeting changes everything.

Warnings: Bit of fluff at the beginning, but so much pain at the end. I’m so sorry.

A/n: This is my entry, albeit late, for @sanjariti‘s Game of Prompts. My prompt is the song Alone by Halsey. This story turned out completely different than what I originally planned, but apparently, I’m good at writing angst and pain so here we are.

I stood on the balcony, resting against the handrail. Cold air making my hair fly behind me, and the drink in my hand feeling like fire as it went down my throat. The horizon looked like nothing more than a pale blue light against the darkness.

Chatter behind me, as lively as when I arrived, snapped me from my daze. The party of the month happening mere feet from where I was standing. I had received the invitation in my email by my boss saying that I should “take a break once in awhile. It would be good for you to go, there might be important people there”. Networking, go figure.

I decided to go back inside and socialize for a little longer before calling for a taxi. While walking around I saw a couple of people from work, and others from other shows and movies from the same lot. Some with whom I’ve worked with before, and others that I only knew by name and social media.

I was half way through my last drink when a hand fell on my shoulder.

“(Y/n)?” A familiar voice rang behind me, and I turned on the spot recognizing it almost immediately, “Hey sweetheart, it’s been so long!”

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Title: Haunted Prank(Reader x Avengers)
Summary: The Avengers head to a haunted house that leaves the reader filled with inspiration for a Ghostface prank.
Word Count: 1472

A/N: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Happy last day of Oct and happy last Spooky imagine! Stay safe tonight and have fun!

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Bad Day

Originally posted by bwipsul

You loved everything about Jimin.

You loved his voice. You loved his personality. You loved his face. You loved his little quirks and strange habits. You loved his way of making you feel better, regardless of the situation.

But, most of all, you just loved his presence.

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Shopping Trip

Final Fantasy XV

Gladnis | Gladiolus Amicitia x Ignis Scientia

Promptis | Noctis Lucis Caelum x Prompto Argentum

1,288 words

Hidden in a quiet kitchen, the bespectacled advisor was cleaning up before he started preparing dinner. His ears heard the light murmurs from the television the trio watched in the living room. Ignis enjoyed the moment of peace within their home. They were rare but when they were available, they were worth it. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Gladio on the far right side of the couch, arms thrown over the back while his attention was focused on the drama movie in front of him. His gaze trailed to the opposite armrest where blond hair was mixing on top of a head of black hair. He had assumed Noctis and Prompto had fallen asleep in the middle of the movie.

A lopsided smile brushed against his lips before his green eyes slid towards the now opened fridge, scanning the food inside. Mere seconds later, Ignis pursed his lips together in confusion. Something was not right.  There was no way he let them run out of eggs, milk, even his ebony. Everything else was too small of a portion to feed them all, especially considering Gladio’s monstrous appetite. But running out of ebony, it was unlike him. Mentally groaning when he remembered Prompto tried to make breakfast and failed miserably despite having ‘help’ from sleepy prince. So many ingredients were wasted that day, to the point he had gone through a whole case of ebony in a matter of hours from the stress. It took him so long to get a thorough cleaning.

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The Gender Imbalance of Fantasy Protagonists

When young women are the main characters in fantasy - specifically as the primary protagonist, not as supporting characters - most of the time they’re along for the ride, our audience viewpoint to a strange new world. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan all have a female main character as a young girl, an innocent, virtuous woman who doesn’t know anything about the world. This trope continues into Labyrinth, Pan’s Labyrinth, Spirited Away, Coraline, as well as others.

And on it’s own, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s something inherently interesting about using an innocent young person to show us a bold new world, and have it work as a metaphor for puberty. To have that be a woman can add to the effectiveness, because our society focuses so little on what it’s like for a girl to become a woman (especially from the perspective of sexuality and identity), that a metaphor can work particularly effectively.

However, you almost never see men as the innocent. With a few exceptions (James and the Giant Peach, The Pagemaster), most coming-of-age stories for young boys aren’t about some innocent kid just exploring a supernatural world with wide eyes.

Instead, when young men are protagonists, they’re the most important thing in the universe.

I have to acknowledge that, at the end of the day, Star Wars is about a whiny blonde boy who finds out he’s magic, and since I was a whiny blonde boy, I had a special connection to that film. But if you’re not a blonde boy, that film may not be quite as powerful as I credited it as being. Not to say that not that you won’t or can’t enjoy it as much (or more) than I did… but it’s not designed to speak to anyone the same way as it does to young boys. Young boys were literally the target audience.

Young boys in fiction aren’t passive protagonists in the same way young girls are - girls are taken by the hand and led through a strange world (”eat this,” “drink this” being a particularly glaring example). Sure, they’re usually still reactive protagonists rather than proactive, but the difference is that young male protagonists are treated as important - nay, essential - to the very fate of the world. Either they were born important, or they did one thing and wound up important, but now they’re the single most important person to the story.

Western fiction tells young boys - and not young girls - that YOU, Arthur of Camelot, have a destiny. Yes YOU, Clark Kent, have grown up in obscurity but will one day be the most important person on earth. YOU, Harry Potter, were foretold in prophecy to save us all. YOU, Luke Skywalker, are the new hope we’re looking for. YOU, Neo, are the chosen one, the messiah. YOU, Bilbo (and Frodo) Baggins, are able to defeat the villains who have oppressed the world. YOU, John Connor, will save humanity.

Now, again, that doesn’t mean that those movies, tv shows, cartoons, books, or video games are BAD because of this. It doesn’t mean you have to stop watching them or reading them, or protest them.

It just means we may be 100% ready for something different.

Because, here’s the other thing about everything I just said: With maybe one or two exceptions, none of these characters are anyone’s favorite characters.

Sure, I like Luke Skywalker because I relate to him. But I wanted to be Han Solo. And Harry Potter is fine and all that, but he’s cool just because he gets to go to Hogwarts and hang out with Hagrid, he’s not inherently the best character. Neo isn’t nearly as cool as Morpheus, Trinity, or Agent Smith. Bilbo and Frodo? Please, we’ve got Gandalf and Aragorn and Boromir. Sarah Connor’s only function is to give birth to John, but then she becomes a badass warrior woman despite that, way more interesting than her son. I would argue that Superman doesn’t fit that rule, but then again, even the people making movies about Clark Kent don’t seem to think he’s particularly interesting.

BUT if you introduce a female character who is the most important person in the world, you get characters like these:

Buffy Summers:

Avatar Korra:

Sailor Moon:

River Tam:

And really, at the end of the day, aren’t these characters a bit more interesting?

10 Steps To Overcoming Bitterness Towards Relationships and ‘The Single Life’.

Have you ever caught yourself glancing (and sometimes blatantly staring) around the church on a Sunday, or prayer meetings on a Wednesday evening, or a young adults or youth camp, at the existence of pairing? Have you ever noticed yourself analyzing teen crushes, comparing young adult courtships, cringing at fresh engagements and judging new and lasting marriages?

Lets be honest, we catch ourselves considering, matching and comparing our own compatibility against their connections, relationships and affiliations with one another, and second guessing our own worth.. “Why do they get this God breathed and God blessed relationship, whilst I am still single..?” –  “Doesn’t God see all the good things I do for Him!?” – “Why does God hear their cry for a partner and not mine?”..  “Woe is me, I am going to be single FOREVER..” Yes, we have all been there, and we have all felt the pang, the longing and the desire to be noticed by that young man or woman we have been secretly (or not so secretly) eyeing off in the congregation, from the very first day we laid eyes on them. But lets just sit back and breathe for a moment, and think about what all of this is doing to our personal growth and development not only in ourselves, but also in the church, and in our relationship with God.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall reading in the bible “Compare yourselves to one another, judge what I will bless your sisters with, and be jealous of your brothers wife, of your friends beauty and of her courtship.” Of course, it’s so much easier to line everyone up on the boardwalk of judgement (from tallest to shortest if you wish) and pick them apart, fault by tiny fault, until there’s nothing left but skin and bone. It’s so easy to sit back in your seat and harbour bitterness towards anothers blessing, rather than betterness towards your own attitude. (I know, I know ‘betterness’ isn’t really a word.) We know we are a generation of taking the easy route, the road more often travelled, rather than keeping to the straight and narrow.

It’s easy to write, not so easy to put into practice, but upon considering young people in the church (this is those between 15 - 35) and their incessant levels of  negativity and envy towards the blessings of relationships for others, I sat down and began to consider what path I traveled on, to get to the season I am in now, where I can praise my singledom, rather than purse my lips. I have considered a great many things, and have listed 10 simple steps to overcoming bitterness towards Relationships and ‘The Single Life’ (or lack there of.)

1. Let Go / Let God
Are you God, and in control, ordaining relationships and the commitments between people? No, You’re not? Then do yourself the greatest favor you ever could, and let go. Let go of feeling that you are in control (or not). Let go of believing that you are ready and the idea that somehow you are being robbed of a blessing that is rightfully and relevantly yours. Believe it or not, God has the outpouring of His blessings to you, well and truly under control. He breathed life into you, and has many seasons to come, tucked away, just for you. Let Go, and Let God. Through prayer and perseverance, honesty and surrenderance.

2. Understand Your Wants VS God’s Will
“I want …….” is not in Gods vocabulary. We are often so caught up in seeing what everyone else has and desiring it for ourselves, that we forget God is not a vending machine, spitting out prizes to us based on the worth of our prayers to Him. It’s crazy to some, and to others it’s forgotten - but it’s important to remind yourself, that His ways are higher than ours, and His thoughts are higher than ours. Whilst we are sitting at home watching soppy love movies, texting our friends and believing we are ready for a relationship - God may very well have other things in mind. Remember you are dealing with your Father, who adores and cherishes you, not in an earthly fashion, but in a Heavenly and sacred fashion - and in His storehouse, are pure blessings which you will see. Transfer selfish into selfless, “God, let your will be done and let your timing be prevalent in my life.”

3. See The Bigger Picture
Perhaps you’re studying, working full time, you’re going to school, you’re traveling, you’re looking for work, you’ve just started a new ministry or you’re just coming back to Him fully, and remembering what it’s like to have intimacy with Christ. Regardless of who you are, or where you are in your walk with God - there is a bigger picture that in the midst of our “I want” stage, we may not be able(or willing) to see clearly. This is a great time to consider (if you haven’t got one already) inviting a mature mentor into your life. An older male / female (same sex as yourself) in your Church and regular Christian life who can maintain your accountability, and assist you through times of 'zone focus’ where all you see is what you want, (or what you’re not getting). If you are struggling to see the bigger picture, and understand why you don’t have something, and someone else does - seek wise counsel.

4. Bite Your Tongue And Clear Your Mind
Jealousy, anger, frustration, judgement, criticism, gossip and slander. We are all guilty of each and every one of these things. Not one of us holds a “get out of jail free” card in this instance, and overcoming bitterness is a proactive choice which is relevant to the entire body. Ask yourself in regards to your attitude in your every day life

A. Do my words reflect a Christlike attitude

B. Do my thoughts reflect a Christlike attitude

C. Do my actions reflect a Christlike attitude

If your answer is anything but yes, (we can all use some improving)then be proactive in choosing to consciously make an effort to change this. Be real with your support networks, with your friends, with your family, and your mentors and pastors. Be real and ask to be held responsible for your words, thoughts and actions. Allow others the permission in your life, to call you out when they note you being bitter, gossiping or judging. Keeping your network clued in is a great way to keep you on your toes. It’s easy to sit in your own negativity, when no one else knows how great your battle is.

5. Get The Right Idea

Many people consider 'single season’ as a 'waiting period’, like it’s a season you’re in where you’re just kind of sitting around, hoping for the next season to quickly come along and blow your single one out of the water, and sweep you off your feet on the back of a white horse into that lovely land of relationships, marriage and children.(Insert long groan here) NO. Your time of being single is not a waiting period, it’s not a 'half-way-there’ season, and it’s definitely not a time where you should be sitting back and coasting your way through, waiting it out. Your season of being single is just as great a blessing as your season of finding a relationship will be. (if this is Gods will for your life). I have heard every cliché under the sun about “in Gods perfect timing” etc. Let me tell you, Gods perfect timing to challenge you, grow you, develop you and anoint you, is now. It’s every day. Focusing on your 'single status’ is doing nothing more than hindering the great adventures that God has set aside for you in this season. Get the right idea, you are not disabled, you are anointed; take this time where you are considering yourself and God to

A. Learn about yourself and your relationship with God

B. Develop your character

C. Embrace solo adventures and opportunities

D. Grow, grow and grow some more

E. Serve others, the church and your community

F. Build solid and God honouring friendships with members of the opposite sex

G. Solidify your foundations of who you are in Him

6. Value 'Alone Time’ and 'Quiet Time’
Moses, David, Elijah, Mary and Jesus are all examples from His word of why and how spending time alone in His presence is not only healthy, but it is beneficial and productive. It is often in the quiet and stillness of His presence that you hear His voice clearly without question. It is all well and good to excite and hype your way through conferences, services and camps with hundreds of others throwing their arms in the air and praising Him - You know you feel God in situations like that, and you know His presence is there. But when you go home, and you fall to your knees, or you sit silently, do you feel Him? Alone time, silent time, without speaking, praying, humming, singing or any worship music – just pure, alone, time. It is in moments like this that God can reveal the very depths of His heart and desire for you, and heal your emotional needs. Valuing alone time allows you to sit and be real, vulnerable and open to His leading; often alone time can see great transformations of attitudes and hearts.

7. Ignore The humanised 'Social Norm’ and 'Church Standards’.
Someone is always going to have an opinion on you, on your life, on your relationship status, on where you are going, what you are doing, and who is doing it with you. Humans are conditioned to have misplaced and unconsidered opinions. We are also conditioned with emotions - and when these two conditions collide, we find our self worth dropping, and it seems we’re the only one left, we are the only single person in the world, we are the only lonely one, we are the only one without a boyfriend or girlfriend to worship beside us on a sunday, or come to prayer meetings with. Looking through the word, there are people who received blessings at incredibly young ages; such as Gideon, Isaac, Samuel, Joseph and Daniel. Sure, they were kings, they had incredible encounters with God at young ages; now I am sure people would have looked upon them prior to these commitments they made, and their willingness to serve God and would label or judge them. But remaining in the faith, and ignoring the humanised standard, allowed these young men in the bible to rise up and demolish pre-conceived ideas. Humanised standards are what cause us to lack hope, to lose faith and to doubt ourselves. Butthankfully, we do not compare ourselves to others, but to the author and perfecter of our faith, Jesus Christ.

8. Be Content With Who You Are

You are on a journey towards loving yourself. Not one of us could raise our hand and state that we are 100% satisfied with who we are, and how we look, or sound, or seem. Rather than focusing on relationships of others, focus on your relationship with yourself. Fall in love with the lines on your face as you smile with joy, and the way your hair falls naturally after you brush it. Embrace the way your skin develops freckles in the sun, and how it seems one arm is longer than the other, or one eye opens more than its partner. The reality is, we are all our own physical form of God’s idea of perfection. We exist in His knitting, His planning, His sewing and His creating all from the depths of His heart and love for us; in which we were formed. Learn and take time to develop an unrequited love for the things you’ve always claimed to hate, and embrace the woman or man that you are.

9. Celebrate Relationships And Connections

When you feel a sense of bitterness or jealousy arise within you,pray. It’s simple. Pray, pray and pray again. Pray for love, peace, and that God would assist you in altering your mind set. For every negative moment you have towards a relationship, a couple, or perhaps even someone who questions you about your relationship life, such as aunties and uncles who attend every family function and without fail raise the point “OH YOU’RE NOT STILL SINGLE, ARE YOU? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?” - For every moment, everyphrase, every judgement. Write, draw, text, call or give face to face encouragement. For every negative emotion, find a positive point regarding them, individually or together. Train yourself to focus on kindness and love, rather than envy and jealousy. Through constant reminding and a conscious decision to celebrate relationships and connections, you will find yourself being less of a 'hater’ and more of a 'celebrator’.

10. Find Comfort and Be Content In God
It is okay to break down, to get emotional, to have enough, to plead with God and to just plain and simply throw a tantrum. It’s okay to struggle, it’s okay to fall, it’s okay to be jealous and it’s okay to feel frustration. But, it is not okay to stand in that, dwell in that and live in that. It is not okay to make this a 'normal’ occurrence, and it’s notokay to allow your emotions and your personal situation to dictate who you are and who you become. Until you find complete solace and comfort in God, and until He is all you need, and all you require to get by; you will find yourself searching and seeking for something that does not exist. Until you rest in Him, find yourself completed in Him in every way, and find your heart safely stored within His hands, you will find yourself struggling to see the joy in others relationships, let alone, your own. Finding yourself to be content in God is a journey you need to allow yourself to travel along a road you need to walk, and it will require sacrifice, time and time again, until you are found with nothing personally, but are relying on Him for everything.

So find yourself and your satisfaction in Him. Trust your heart and your emotions into His hands. Ask for help and let those around you support you. Keep yourself accountable. Love yourself and love others. Find comfort and solace in Him. Take time to be alone. Be quiet in Him. Ignore standards and social 'norms’. But most importantly, remember… You are not defined by your thoughts or your relationship status; but by The King who loves you, without question.

Is It Real? You Betcha’

Not that I am as adept at breaking down episodes as so many great people in this fandom are, but watching 510 was such a moving experience for me. I say that because I have watched Oliver and Felicity together for 5 years now and I have always pulled for them—at their best and at their worst. Some might argue that there were more bad then good. I think it was Lou who said that every time they are in the same room together, bad or good, they are giving us Olicity. I completely agree.
Over a stretch of 4 ½ seasons, we got infatuation. We got mutual attraction and respect. We got angst, glorious angst. We got anger. We got heart shattering tears. We got love filled eyes and touching and sex and complete happiness. What we got in 510 was all of that—(except for the sex part, but that is ahead for them, and us) in 40+minutes. But we also got the beginning of the reboot of all those years. Oliver and Felicity have peeled back the layers of the onion and are discovering that it is alright to have negativity and pessimism and even anger in their interactions. Last night gave us this in spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs. We saw the whole friggin’ deck of cards. Watching this reminded me of why I climbed aboard this ship in the first place.
There is no such thing as a perfect relationship or marriage. Well, maybe in Disney movies. But out here in real life, the negative and the positive are a careful balance. If one overpowers the other, it implodes and all parties are hurt and disenchanted and disappointed. What once felt good and right turns into disillusionment and the believe that neither one will ever find happiness again. Oliver and Felicity have been living with this ever since that day in the loft when she got up and walked away. Time passed and it felt like a slow draining of their souls, especially since they were still with each other every night working as Green Arrow and Overwatch. In my view of this, it was Felicity who did not want to give in to her true feelings and backtrack on her conviction that she needed space and that, in her view, didn’t think Oliver could be completely honest and forthcoming with her when it came to the more personal issues outside of the bunker. (Oliver told her during their date that the whole time he was away on the island, he could never completely trust anyone.) I wonder if Felicity brought up that memory when she decided to shut the door on their relationship. I’m sure she did. For her, his actions shattered any trust that she gave to him during their fantasy world, In Ivy Town and fighting crime side by side in Star City.
Before the beginning of the unfreeze of 510, Oliver had taken some pretty significant steps toward proving to Felicity, but more importantly to himself, that he is trustworthy and that he is able to let people he loves and cares about inside his darkness. He is a good person. He knows it and he is embracing it. He also knows that he is still capable of disappointing those people he loves and cares about. But the change in him on that front is that he doesn’t beat himself up or run off somewhere and feel sorry for himself. He faces these people’s anger and frustration and lack of trust in him and he owns it.
I think that Susan Williams is kind of like Oliver was when he was still learning how to be a decent human being. We haven’t really gotten any kind of background on her yet, (if we ever will. We got none on Billy.) And if and when Oliver “goes all in” with her, he will see her for who she truly is—and that is she is not Felicity.
Last night’s episode reinforced what I have always kept in my heart since that scene in the loft last year. When you build as much history with someone as Oliver and Felicity have together, it doesn’t just go away with a casual, ‘oh well, we gave it a shot.’ They are a part of one another. They are each other’s instinct’s. They are both proactive, strong, stubborn, determined and so much in love. And that is what makes a relationship real.
Fantasy is fine, in the bedroom or in comic books, but when you try to apply it to real life, you get fanboys and haters and victims. Arrow hit there mark last night and basically told us that patience is a virtue after all.

Untitled Cafe AU by Amakura「あまくら」 on pixiv

I’m back with another half-summary/half-translation of a doujinshi written by Amakura, who’s also active on Tumblr as amakuraaaaa. It was originally drawn for the 5/4 SUPER COMIC CITY event, but she has since posted its entirety on pixiv. She also happens to be one of my favourite Harurin artists and having collected a good number of her works in the past, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share with you her latest: an adorable AU doujinshi involving the Sano trio as Cafe owners with Haru and Makoto as their customers.

I was all set to make this summary shorter than last time’s, but the Japanese was so conversational that everything just flowed right out. I’ve also tried to separate the narrative by page numbers (denoted at the bottom of each page) to make it easier for everyone to follow.

EDIT: “#(psst the pixiv links are broken but I fixed it in my reblog)”
Why didn’t anyone tell me earlier?? I’m such a dunce. This is fixed now.


Pg 3: Makoto hands over Haru’s half of the popsicle. He comments on how hot it’s been lately and wonders if Haru has any free time to check out a new cafe restaurant.

Pg 4: It’s a pretty popular hotspot opened by a bunch of guys their same age. Makoto says he’s already been there 4 times and highly recommends it. Kisumi greets them at the door and recognizes Makoto for being a regular customer.

Pg 5: Oh but is that a new face? Kisumi runs up, gets super touchy with Haru, and leads them to a table. He asks them what they’ll have today, and Haru being Haru responds with “water.”

Pg 6: Sousuke is also in the house, so Kisumi leaves him to handle the order with Sousuke being his low-tension self. Of course, Makoto orders a chocolate mocha and a chocolate croissant. Haru, on the other hand, wants a mackerel sandwich (which they don’t actually have). Rin shows up! And oh, it’s a face he hasn’t seen before!

Pg 7: Rin gets up-close and personal with Haru, remarks how pretty Haru’s eyes are, just like the ocean. He introduces himself as Matsuoka Rin, but just “Rin” is fine.

Pg 8: Kisumi runs himself behind Rin and teases him about how cool he is. Haru is spacing out, staring at Rin (like every swim meet in the series), and quickly turns away when Rin notices. After some time has passed, the two are now heading on home.

Pg 9: But then Rin calls out “Nanase!” from the door and hands him a points card, to come again. Haru tells to just call him “Haru” and they go separate ways. Makoto teases Haru about taking a liking to the place subtext to Rin. Haru waves him off.

Pg 10: Back at the cafe, Rin is zoning out all flushed and bothered about Haru’s pretty eyes. A customer has called for Rin, but Rin can’t hear Kisumi at all.

Pg 11: On his way home, Rin bumps into Haru. They must live nearby so they decide to walk home together. Rin mentions that Haru’s got such a cool attitude, that he’s doing all the talking. And Haru says he talks too much.

Pg 12: Rin is caught sideglancing at Haru. Rin says he thought he’d gotten sucked in…by Haru’s eyes, he really likes them, kbye! And runs off, leaving Haru a bit bewildered.

Pg 13: Haru and Makoto are hanging out again. They just watched a horror movie and Makoto’s freaking out. Haru suggests they go visit the cafe with the “loud annoying guys” and Makoto catches on to the implications. At the cafe, Kisumi is waiting their table, but Haru asks where “that guy is?”

Pg 14: Apparently today is Rin’s day off and Haru is disappointed he won’t get to see him. Beside him, Kisumi is shocked that Makoto doesn’t have a girlfriend, since he seems like the popular-type. Kisumi keeps lip-tight about his own relationship status, but says that Rin, for such a cool guy, has also never had a girlfriend. He wonders if Rin’s got some crazy high expectations.

Pg 15: Haru and Makoto are coming back from the cafe, and lo’ and behold they bump into Rin running some errands. So Makoto suggests they walk home together.

Pg 16: Both Haru and Rin are super quiet next to each other. Matchmaker!Makoto senses the situation so oh look there’s his station! And takes off.

Pg 17: Haru and Rin are left alone to walk home together. Rin wonders if Haru was at the cafe earlier, and Haru asks if Tuesday is Rin’s day off? Rin’s off days are apparently pretty random, but he asks why Haru would ask? And Haru of course, deflects.

Pg 18: Next time he has an off-day, Rin invites Haru to hang out. They bond over their love of water, the ocean, and swimming. Rin’s about to be on his way when Haru calls his name.

Pg 19: Haru asks…if Rin has a girlfriend (how obvious can you be son?). And Haru makes up some lame reason about it being troublesome if Rin brings a girl to their seaside adventure. But Rin laughs, he doesn’t. Is Rin currently courting anyone? Rin ain’t got no time for that, with work and all. Haru seems slightly disappointed by the response.

Pg 20: Haru being the proactive flirt that is he, asks if Rin will be at the cafe to tomorrow. Yep, Rin will be there in the morning so he’ll be waiting for Haru.

Pg 21: At home, Rin is super flushed at Haru’s line of questioning. Like a true shoujo heroine with a crush, he wonders if he should’ve dressed nicer and is frustrated by how he can’t read Haru at all. He’s so excited for tomorrow and smothers his face in his pillow.

Pg 22: Sousuke is surprised to see Haru show up alone again, says he can breathe easy since the loud annoying pink thing isn’t here today (poor Kisumi).

Pg 23: Rin and Haru make shy eye contact! And Sousuke is probably wondering how obvious can these two idiots be. Rin comes over and they talk about how Makoto has been having exams. Haru has quite a lot of points accumulated on his card, almost enough for a 500 yen discount. But Haru wants a year’s supply of mackerel.

Pg 24: Rin gets struck with a brilliant idea. Well if Haru gets enough points, then Rin will take him on a trip to the seaside. Just the two of them.

Pg 25: In the meantime, Rin invites Haru out on a date to hang out after work. They’re seen on a bench, talking about swimming. As is canon, Rin tells Haru to race him. Haru isn’t interested in lap times. Is Haru running away?

Pg 26: Haru gives Rin a defiant glare. Rin laughs about Haru being a mermaid, having ocean-blue eyes and loving swimming so much. I knew it, Rin, you’re a romanticist aren’t you? Sousuke apparently says the same thing.

Pg 27: Haru wonders if Rin hates his hair since it’s always tied up. Rin has sentimental attachment to his hair, so he can never bear to cut it and he can’t think of a hairstyle that would suit him. Haru says that he likes Rin’s hair and that it’s pretty (you saps!).

Pg 28: Haru goes on to say that he also likes how he can see Rin’s ear with that hairstyle…because they look like seashells (you two are so embarrasing). Haru then asks if he could play with his hair, so Rin tells him to make him look good.

Pg 29: While Haru is meticulously braiding Rin’s hair, Haru accidentally brushes his finger over Rin’s ear, making Rin jump with blushy-blushy-ness (as inspired by the Mook of course).

Pg 30: Rin gets all flustered, saying he looks like a girl, but that Haru did a pretty good job. “Rin, look over here a bit…”

Pg 31: “It suits you.” Rin can’t take it anymore and leans over to kiss Haru on the cheek.

Pg 32: “Baka Haru.” Haru in turns leans over to reciprocate and confesses his undying love that he likes him. Rin does the same.

Pg 33: Back at work, Kisumi is drilling Rin about not telling him that he has a girlfriend! When Rin denies, Kisumi calls him a liar and points to the hickey on his neck.

Pg 34: “Jeez Rin, introduce me sometime!” “You’re wrong!!”

"It's Just a Comic Book"

>The Scarlet Witch/Pietro/Magneto family fandom is of course very nervous about these “revelations” coming. Sure you are victim of trolling. You are guilty of trolling back, to people who had legitimate concerns. Throwing out there that their pasts have been unstable in the past is dismissive and patronizing. Like we don’t know about Whizzer and Miss America, or the fact Wanda’s last name was Frank for many years, like you are somehow judging us as not real fans based on our obscure knowledge of the characters we love. You can understand how that would frustrate and infuriate a fandom that is already hurting and worried, that consists of a high percentage of female readers who already face the “fake geek girl” testing every day of our lives.

The Marvel target reading audience is 18-35 years old, yes? For the last 30 years the twins have been the children of Erik, and pretty much every story focusing on them has revolved around that fact. So for the entirety of our reading lives, this has been the one and only canon. Sure, many of us read backwards and read their confusing and convoluted backstory before the retcon. Its understandable why there was a retcon. To argue “Magneto being their father was a retcon too, lest you forget!” is (again) patronizing, and also a false analogy. To compare the necessary clearing and streamlining of their fractured backstory is not the same thing as taking (as you acknowledge) their relatively stable canon of the last 30 years and changing it out of the blue. Magneto Rex, Magneto Not a Hero, House of M, Children’s Crusade, all these stories revolve around their family dynamic and shape the characters and even the world around them. They are compelling character driven stories with the twins dealing with Erik being their father. Countless stories of Pietro being compared to Erik, how they look alike, but act so differently (Magneto Rex) or how the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” (House of M) and all the in-between. The same cannot be said about Whizzer. His time as their father is not a fair comparison. To bring that up is dismissive. 

With all that said, yes, I cancelled all my Marvel titles and am reevaluating whether or not I want to support this company from here. I am a strong opponent of Marvel/Disney synergy between film and comic. The movies are different than the comics, that is something as a fan I am capable of dealing with. Disney white-washing my favorite characters was insulting and upsetting, but it’s Disney, so antisemitism is kind of expected. Making them not mutants/Erik’s kids was a clear cut case of licensing rights. I was dealing just fine with that change at least, because it’s just a movie. I would just pretend in my head that “miracles” are “mutants” and carry on. But changing the comics to reflect the movies? That is not how it’s supposed to be. Movies are supposed to be based off the comics, not the other way around. That should never be the case, and therefore unforgivable. Do not even try to argue this is not coming down from Disney/Marvel to tie the movies to the comics in a way that would explain their newest characters while alienating the comic properties Fox owns. They want these fabled “new readers” trickling in from the films to pick up a comic and have a story like their movies, and not tie into the Fox films. So no more Magneto. It’s so transparent its insulting. What are the numbers to defend this decision? The comic book growth directly linked to movie viewers turn readers influx that warrants turning your backs on established readers? I have been giving Marvel my money for over 20 years. I own everything and anything with the twins in it, even when the writing and/or art has been bad…you guys have been taking and taking and taking my money, and the second I feel I will be rewarded by this with a focus on my favorite D-list Speedster, and his sister who has been torn down worse than the Amazon rain forrest by Bendis, with new stories, you people do THIS? Only to be handed this crap? Really? Is Disney/Marvel that upset that Quicksilver single-handedly sold tickets to Days of Future Past that they have to destroy the character and his backstory for them? They already killed off their dollar maker Wolverine. *side-eye* 

So you are going to say “This isn’t the movies” (even though it clearly is) and it’s just some kind of “natural progression of the characters” (it isn’t) and you are going to tell me to “give it a chance” (without giving me any reason to) and then dismiss this as just a fan who can’t “handle change”?

I deal with change all the time. I’m an X-men fan. You think anything I love or enjoy has ever been stable or exempt from change? From Genosha to Decimation, the deaths of Nightcrawler to Charles Xavier, nothing has ever been ok, nothing has ever been safe. But the change to the status quo and deaths are a pendulum, always swinging one way or another, nothing is ever permanent, except retcons. Changing the past is totally different than sending the future off in a different direction. Changing a character’s parentage, ethnicity, race, and identity (in this case quite possibly not making them mutants) casts a different light on everything ever written about them. (ALL MY TRADING CARDS ARE WRONG!!!) Every scene with Pietro calling Erik “father” with that little drip of disdain is now painful. Every artist who drew him as a mini-magneto now looks like a fool. Every time the twins were persecuted as a minority to only now not be one is a slap to the face of the representation they gave so many people in comics. Representation matters. Are you people at Marvel aware of this? I sort of think you people do not. Or at least do not care. 

All I can hope for is that Rick Remender (god save us all) writes something that can be easily retconed later by a better writer who agrees this is a disaster. Wanda just needs to rewrite reality again. I was hopeful for a Scarlet Witch solo since I was 10 years old. (Vision and Scarlet Witch doesn’t count, she was second billed in her own damn comic) but now I honestly want Disney/Marvel to leave her alone. I really want to go back to the time when I and maybe 30 other people in the world who even gave a crap about Quicksilver and Wanda was hated by everyone except, like, another 30 people, and I can just have my little broken family and be happy. 

Now we do not have that. 

I have been thinking long and hard as to how Disney/Marvel intends to bastardize their backstory. I thought maybe they could be creations of Chthon specifically as vessels for him to possess to gain access to our dimension (Which would explain why he won’t stop possessing the twins) and with Chthon being a rumored villain for the Dr Strange film, it would be an easy tie-in. There has always been an issue with the age of the twins, being born in 1948 but only being 30 years old today. The High Evolutionary putting them in stasis was always the accepted canon for this. Magda is still listed on the Marvel Wiki as the mother of the twins while Erik has been removed as the father. Immaculate conception by Chthon and intervened by High Evolutionary because he was like “oh hell-naw” and froze them so Chthon would not cause a mess on his mountain is one theory. The fact that Bova lied though has me feeling personally violated. This whole situation has been giving me (and many fans) a real identity crisis. This sort of existential crisis is rough. Some people have said to me “It’s just a comic” but those people are clearly people who have never literally relied on comics to live. Comics have kept me from killing myself, kept me from feeling alone, and I strongly identify with particular characters. Their pains are my pains. It feels like, at 30, I too am finding out I’m adopted and its devastating. This doesn’t mean writers and editors have to handle everything they work on with baby gloves because a small number of us are emotionally unstable. But how many times do i have to suffer Wanda being raped? Pietro being emotionally abused? How many friends do I have to see turn their backs on the twins before it hurts too much and it stops being “entertainment” much less an escape?

I do not expect you at all to tell me what is going to happen. But you could try to be a little more proactive with your answers. Sure, answer trolls with gifs of a dog dragging it’s anus across a rug. It’s hilarious. But when a fan comes to you with legitimate concerns and looking for reassurance that everything will people Ok, you really should give them at least one kind sentence. i think you own us that much. People came you you worried about Lorna, and you didn’t mention she is going over to the Magneto title? (Because that’s an X-men title, and that is not in Disney/Marvel’s interest in promoting it, I get it) but to simply say “stay tuned” is….infuriating. Say something like “The team working on the book are huge Wanda fans” or “The team has a lot of experience with complex character driven plots, they will handle this with grace and care” sure, we all know those are lies because this is Remember we are talking about but you couldn’t give us lies to make the pain less?

That is why I’m unable to support Disney/Marvel at this time. I’m too emotionally fragile to watch Wanda raped and murdered and torn apart again. I’m too protective of Pietro to watch him suffer from more alienation from his broken family after all the beautiful progress he just had in All New X-factor with Lorna under Peter David’s beautiful hand. 

I just felt the need to try and explain our community’s concerns and feelings, and tell you it’s not what you said, but how you said it that is at least two thirds ate problem. 

External image

I don’t want to have to retire my favorite cosplay, but already I have had three men ask me “Hey, did you know!? Wanda isn’t Magneto’s daughter!” showing 1) men really do not believe women read comics, and 2) I can never escape this. I can’t retreat into my back issues and be selective as to what I accept as canon. Because I can never express my fandom publicly without this new canon coming up. I really wish I could walk away from this feeling better having gotten some of this off my chest. But, honestly, I feel like in the end, your hands are just as tied as mine, and nothing can be said or done to make this hurt less. 

Thank you 

Sarah Jean Maefs>


This is clearly an important issue to you, based on your Tweets and what you’ve written here. And because of that, I don’t know that there’s anything that I’m going to be able to say to you that’s going to make you feel better. I would point out that Marvel has a long history of making stories that people care about, and your connection with these characters is proof of that. So trust in the good intentions of those involved, and everything will work out. Or don’t, that’s completely up to you.

The one thing I must take issue with is your insistence that this storyline is some Disney-mandated thing, and that no amount of people stating the contrary will convince you otherwise. Sarah, Disney has nothing to do with the content of this storyline, or really, with any of our storylines. Marvel is Marvel, and we go where we go because that is our choice. So while it’s lovely to have an “evil empire” to blame this all on as a scapegoat, I must be forthright and tell you that you’re smearing the wrong people, both in your mind and in public. If you want to be upset, be upset at us, the people responsible, and not the shadows that exist solely in your imagination.

Why didn’t I mention that Lorna was going to be in MAGNETO? Because I’m not omniscient, and I didn’t know that. We publish 70+ titles every month, and it is impossible for any one person to be absolutely up-to-date on the planning for each and every one of them. This is why we’ve got a whole editorial staff, rather than just a few people. But again, nothing to do with Disney or with any attempt to make people forget the X-Men or whatever. I’d be very happy if everybody ran out and bought a few more copies of MAGNETO–it’s an excellent book.

I also must take issue with the fact that you dismiss the history of the characters you like from before your time as a reader as being irrelevant, and having no bearing on what new stories might be being planned now. This is what is known as “personal continuity”–you care about the stuff you read and that has meaning for you, but that’s it. I’m sorry, but it is neither patronizing or dismissive to point out that, for the first twenty years of their existence, Wanda and Pietro had no familial connection with Magneto at all. Those twenty years may have been before you were reading, but that doesn’t make them any less important. Also no less important are the readers who started reading before you did. Everybody is equal here, everybody’s experiences carry the same weight.

You are making this personal to you in a way that it simply is not, and projecting your anger and your fear onto a bunch of people that aren’t involved, and then reacting as though your fears are true.

Let us tell a story. There’s always the crazy possibility that you’ll like it. (Lorna wasn’t Magneto’s daughter either until a very few years ago, and you seem to have embraced that change.) And it’s certainly possible that you won’t like it, and that’s all right, too.

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Chapter 39 "Shinsen" Raw text translations

Ui and Kijima talking at the CCG headquarters.

Ui: Kijima Associate Special Class - just what on earth are you trying to achieve by this? Civillians can see this video as well you know…

Kijima: Yes, and thanks to that it’s had lots of hits.

Ui: Tormenting Roze’s friends to lure out Roze… and the bait is your body! Didn’t you consider how risky this is?

Kijima: If I had enough of a body left to be a beautiful Special Class investigator I might be worried, but I don’t care about losing this ugly mess.

Ui: I will assist with your plan.

Kijima: I have to leave the team, so later.

Ui: … you crazy fucker.

Out in the city, Urie and Mutsuki see some students talking.

“Did you see that thing on the CCG site?”

“I saw it! I saw it!”

“It was super gruesome…”

“I couldn’t watch it all the way to the end…”

“Those ghoul investigators are fucking crazy!”

Urie: (Those lazy fucking internet gawkers! They must live their lives like human garbage.)

Mutsuki is looking uneasy.

Urie: Don’t worry about what those morons say. (Enjoy your unproductive lives you human shit-stains!)

In the Chateau.

Shirazu: Sassan, did you see that video?

Sasaki’s expression is very upset. He thinks that this is so wrong.

Sasaki: There must have been another way to do this…

Shirazu: … but…. we’re just gonna kill them in the end anyway.

Sasaki: Wh- ?

Shirazu: … nothing, don’t worry.

At the Tsukiyama home.

Tsukiyama: …it’s my fault that Yuuma was captured. That movie…. and now Eliza is greatly be-grieved.

Eliza is shown to be haggard and in shock.

Tsukiyama: For sake of my meals, you were excessively hunting, were you not?

?????: Those are you words Shuu-sama, but we undertook that action of our own accord.

Matsumae: Yuuma’s capture was also a result of our clumsiness. I do not wish for Shuu-sama to feel any responsibility for this.

Tsukiyama: … Matsumae Miiro. I merely wish to be able to return Eliza’s smile to her.

We can see that Tsukiyama is looking a lot healthier than before.

Tsukiyama: Going along with that Ghoul Investigator Kijima’s invitation is no good. We need to try something else.

Tsukiyama: I have a plan to save Yuuma. I alone will action this plan.

Outside in the garden of his house, Tsukiyama and Kanae talk.

Tsukiyama: Kanae, please don’t tell anyone else this. My key man is Kaneki-kun. Right now, he is working at the CCG as Mister Sasaki.

He goes on to explain that having Kaneki working inside the CCG as a mole will help them save Yuuma.

Kanae: But Shuu-sama, will Sasaki listen to your words if he knows you are a ghoul?

Tsukiyama: … certainly it’s hard when you think about it from his position. (But if he’s “Kaneki-kun” then it’s NO PROBLEM!)

Tsukiyama: Of course he will co-operate with me! I just have to return his memories to him!“

Tsukiyama: Kanae, certainly when I first heard it I couldn’t believe my ears. That Kaneki-kun was alive… that

Kaneki-kun had lost his memories. That he was captured by the damn CCG and was forced into being a Ghoul Investigator…

Tsukiyama: But he is alive! And that’s so wonderful! Tu vas bien! (Everything will work out!)

Tsukiyama: I intend to use every method at my disposal to bring back Kaneki-kun’s memories! (… there is no way that Kaneki-kun wants to be a Ghoul Investigator…)

Kanae: (I am happy that Shuu-sama as become proactive, however…. will it really go that smoothly?)

Kanae looks troubled.

Kanae and Hori Chie on the phone.

Hori: I see. That’s how it’s ended up. Okay, thanks for calling me Kanae-kun. Now please give him the Photo No. 2. ….. oh shit, oh shit, I’m busy gotta go bye.”

Kanae tilts his head in confusion at her sudden ending of the call.

Kanae: What is she making a fuss about? Oh whatever… No matter what I have to put Shuu-sama’s wishes first. Even with that that Little Mouse telling me that, that is my Gebot (rule).

Kanae: Together through thick and thin… “Glorreich”(Glorious = Shuu-sama).

In a park, Sasaki is sitting under a tree, reading a book.

Tsukiyama: Hey.

Sasaki: Ah, it’s you from the other day.

Tsukiyama: Thank-you for back then. (Oh, Kaneki-kun…)

Sasaki: Today you aren’t in your wheelchair and your colour is looking better.

Tsukiyama: Is it okay if I sit next to you? (His hair has nearly gone back to black. Just like when I first met him…)

Sasaki: Yes, please do.

Tsukiyama: (Kaneki-kun) Do you like books?

Sasaki: Ah, yes.

Tsukiyama: (Do you really not remember me? Not remember those vivid days….?)

Sasaki: Whenever I have free time I read. I’m afraid of having nothing to do.

Tsukiyama: Haha, I understand. The truth is, I also love reading. *smile* (…indeed)

Tsukiyama: I have an uncanny ability to guess what kind of books people like. I guess that you like Takatsuki Sen’s books, right? (Right now I know Kaneki-kun better than he knows himself!)

Sasaki says that even though he’s reading her books, he actually doesn’t like them that much lately.

Tsukiyama “…Hey?” (in English)

Sasaki: With the exception of her short stories, in all her books, the main character loses someone precious to them or even dies themselves. It’s hard to read. No matter how skillfully expressed or refined the words are, behind it is an unidentifiable sadness, anger, emptiness…a dark expression shows through. Succumbing to despair, not being able to rely on anyone for help… and therefore ending up just wanting to destroy everything.

The picture is of Eto/Takatsuki sitting unmasked on a pile of books.

Tsukiyama: Th… that is a unique point of view. That is of great interest to me! That’s the first time I have heard someone analyse the author so well!

Tsukiyama (Hey… hey… why? Be cool, me…)

His inner turmoil is starting to show.

Tsukiyama: The truth is, as you have seen, I have a very weak constitution. I don’t have very many friends close to my age. Would it be okay if I could talk about books with you some time… (it’s no problem…)

Saiko: Mamaaaaan!

Saiko and Mutsuki show up.

Sasaki: Fufu, Mutsuki, Saiko-chan, you sure made your boss wait long enough.

Saiko and Mutsuki blame each other for taking too long in the arcade.

Tsukiyama: (Kid Goul Investigators? They’re in my way…)

Sasaki tells Tsukiyama that he has to go back to work.

Sasaki: Please take care.

Tsukiyama: (Nuuaaa!!!) - sound of pain, frustration

Tsukiyama: Ka…….

Kanae comes back.

Kanae: Shuu-sama.

Tsukiyama: Kanae….. what…. (there are still more chances)

The next page(?) shows Tsukiyama stalking Sasaki and trying to find another chance, but Sasaki is too busy looking after the Quinx Squad.

Sitting on a bench in his garden.

Tsukiyama: Those little kids have become an obstacle to me… I can’t get Sasaki alone…

Tsukiyama hides under a pedestrian bridge and peeks through looking for a chance but can’t find one. His shoulders droop.

Tsukiyama: I need time to talk to him unhindered by interruptions…

Kanae: (worried) The Doves tend to mobilize themselves in groups..

Tsukiyama: …! Kaneki-ken… just when will I…“

Kanae hands over Photo No. 2 from Hori. It’s a photo of Kaneki’s missing person’s poster.

Tsukiyama: Is this from Hori?

Kanae nods.

Tsukiyama: Good grief! My little friend. She honestly understands me so well. (This just this, I can bring back Kaneki-kun’s memories!) Hori….

Flashback to the scene on the rooftop where Tsukiyama asks "What is gourmet food?”. The rest of the conversation is finally shown.

Hori: …. I dunno, figure it out for yourself.

Tsukiyama: …..

Hori: Hey, Tsukiyama-kun. Can you really die just for some “ingredients”?

Flashback ends.

Tsukiyama: Fufufu… I want to joke around with Little Mouse again. I wonder what the others are up to? The

Anteiku staff, Little Hinami and the others… I wonder if they know that Kanaki-kun is alive? (I bet they want to see him too.)

Finally, Tsukiyama smiles a little, and he looks up to the dusk sky.

A scene of someone (Ghoul Investigators?) chasing someone but not catching them.

Narration: Hori Chie. She has taken pictures of Ghoul predation scenes, and other anti-social things. She has also assisted in helping ghouls hunt, and has hacked into the CCG servers. The amount of crimes that she has committed are too many to be counted. We must work on catching her immediately.

Hori: Well, if I keep doing this stuff, of course my social standing will go down.

When the men chasing her have left, she sneaks out of where she was hiding and runs off quickly.

Hori: Kanae-kun, I hope that you will do it right…

Kanae: (Shuu-sama).

After hearing Tsukiyama say that he can’t get time alone with Kaneki, he’s been worrying about what to do. He is now talking to what looks like some Aogiri grunts.

Grunt: So you will really bring that “Transaction Partner”?

Grunt: Well… we don’t have a choice. We are lacking funds after most of the Madams were annihilated.

Kanae: Are you the members of the Aogiri Tree?

He flashes a fat stack of bank notes.

Kanae: I have a job for you. (I will get you the time you need Shuu-sama)