i just want to touch that hair


Winter white’s account just showed up in my recommended and as you can see she still has a lot of followers so I wanna make this post asking you to please unfollow/report her.

She is a saesang.

She doesn’t support Winwin or NCT, she just wants money and is willing to stalk idols and invade their privacy to get it. The second picture is a reply I found that shows all the fansites she has (I think she also had a Taeyong account but sold it) but please spread this because she’s potentially putting NCT and fans in danger.

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True that. and I like your points too. I also agree that SP shoves NH and Hinata in everyone's faces while downplaying other pairs like SS. Who i really feel bad for is Choji. Not even SP wanted to explore Choji x Kurai. Tenten too. So just curious- if not SP then what studio would you have liked to see handling the series? and ugh i fee llike Sp changes hinatas hair color/features too much and give her screentime too much attention like with the wedding

right? they don’t just stop at the drastic alterations in plot matter, personality or appearance… they literally change every subtle detail that they can possibly touch or even vaguely improve upon too, like her hair colour or facial features.

honestly, i’m not sure which studio i’d prefer to handle naruto. i feel like the secure and “dependable” (i.e. financially stable) studios with the best audience reach, financial backing and merchandising capabilities all produce fillers to drag out the content and cash in on the series anyway… so escaping those episodes in any major/successful series is near damn impossible. but fillers aren’t necessarily an issue, if handled well. i mean, just look at atla and lok!
which actually makes me think:

s/p also (part) animate korra, and are infamous in that series too; scrutinised for doing their shitty job, especially in comparison to the korean studio, studio mir.

so studio mir definitely looks like an obvious choice in answer to your question, anon! but lok’s an american product, whereas naruto is japanese; so would most likely stay with a japanese studio, rather than send the task overseas like a lot of u.s. shows. but in terms of quality, s/m would be a great – but probably unlikely – shout! they also don’t seem to have any impartiality in depicting characters or taking creative control away from the actual creators either; they directly animate what they’re told to and, you know, do their fucking job.
↳ if only all fillers could be manga adapted omakes (written by the author) that are just entertaining, light-hearted and extremely enjoyable, like part one’s unmasking of kakashi! but, then again, that makes them still written by the mangaka and would therefore be considered technically canon. 😅

…yeah, choji and karui? damn, i know. like, they were a literal ass-pull that desperately needed an explanation and s/p didn’t even attempt to touch upon it or feature them! (yet they unnecessarily ingrain hinata into every canon or omake plot-line? priorities, s/p.) which, btw, also leads chokarui lacking in the time-line too… like, since all the couples have kids within the same time-frame, which isn’t a substantial amount of time after the wedding for them to meet, bond, develop a significant enough relationship for her to move, settle down and have a kid.
↳ neither karui nor tenten are hinata though, therefore they don’t matter enough to receive decent enough screen-time. (although, tenten did feature somewhat in the final arc.) it’s s/p after all, we know where their priorities lie.

I can’t stop thinking about touching her.
I just want her skin on mine, I want to feel how soft her lips are and I want her hands interlocked with mine.
I can’t stop thinking about her head on my chest as I run my fingers through her hair.
I can’t stop thinking about being with her.
Driving in the car with her in my passenger seat, sitting across from her at dinner, and laying next to her.
I just can’t stop thinking about her.

I just want to be touched

and not in like, a sexual way

I just want somebody to grab my hand and hold it because the feel like it

I want somebody to run their fingers mindlessly through my hair

I want somebody to come up behind me and wrap their arms around my waist

I want someone to come sit in my lap while i’m working because i wasn’t giving them enough attention

I want someone to snuggle into my side while we’re watching a movie

I want to listen to someones heartbeat while their wrapped up in my arms

I just want to be touched

Draco as a boyfriend.

I’m so here for Draco acting all tough and distant but in reality being a very cute and caring boyfriend.

“Of course I brought you a jacket you imbecile. I knew you’d get cold, here.” Type of boyfriend.

“I noticed you were almost out of your favorite granola bars so I picked some up.” Type of boyfriend.

“Fine, Harry. I’ll give you a haircut, stop whining.” (He just wants an excuse to touch Harry’s hair). Type of boyfriend.

“I’ll make you a cup of tea every morning and complain while I’m at it but let’s ignore that you’ve never actually asked for it okay.” Type of boyfriend.

monsta x when you play with their hair

Minhyuk - would get shy and start giggling. He would love it and think that it is very cute then he would start to relax under your touch. “If you feel tired, just stop…” ‘Do you really want me to stop?’ “No… continue please y/n…” 

Wonho - would instantly lean into your touch because he would be enjoying it way too much. He would close his eyes and smile widely, making appreciative noises from time to time. “Now I know why you love it so much when I play with your hair y/n.. this is so relaxing…”

Kihyun - would ask what you’re doing at first but he would never at any moment would he ask you to stop. After a few minutes, he would grab your hand and kiss it tenderly before letting go and mumbling, “please carry on…”

I.M. - would stiffen at first because you have never played with his hair before. Then he would start to like it and he wouldn’t mind it at all anymore. When you stop and try to get up he would whine. “No…! where are you going???” 

Jooheon - would be more than okay with it and it would actually help him to concentrate on what he is doing. But eventually it would make him yawn and feel sleepy. “Shall we go to bed? It will be my turn to play with your hair until you fall asleep…” 

Hyungwon - would actually fall asleep while you’re doing it and he would wake up when you suddenly stop. He would look at you with half-opened eyes and speak with his adorable, sleepy voice. “Don’t stop baby and don’t ruin my hair okay?” He would joke. 

Shownu - would close his eyes as soon as you start doing it and when you ask him if he’s sleeping he would say “No, just resting my eyes.” But afterwards when you come back from the bathroom, he would be snoring softly already.

  • naruto: because you're my friend
  • sasuke: and what exactly does that mean to you
  • naruto: it's hard to explain but
  • naruto: I really like spending time with you, even when we're fighting
  • naruto: there's something about the loneliness in your eyes that makes me want to get closer to you
  • naruto: like, close enough to smell your hair and touch your skin and feel your heartbeat
  • naruto: sometimes, when I can't sleep at night, I find myself thinking about you
  • naruto: and I get a raging hard-on
  • naruto: I get so horny, thinking about you like that, it hurts me
  • naruto: it hurts so much, I just can't ignore it
  • sasuke: *single tear drips down his cheek as he turns away*
  • sasuke: ...fuck
  • naruto: yes
  • naruto: that's what friends do
the signs as boyfriends

aries ❤ : loves to joke with you.  you guys are always laughing together.  jumps out from behind things to scare you but picks you up and holds you when you scream.  always suddenly wants to leave the house at 2am.  human heater that always keeps you warm.  touches your butt 24/7.  he loves it when you play with his hair.

taurus ❤ : sappy traditional romantic.  would actually do the “put this on i’ll be here to pick you up at 8″ thing.  takes you out to dinner at least once a week.  loves to take you shopping and buy you things.  100% the boyfriend in sephora spending $200 dollars on his girl.  netflix and actually just chilling and napping.

gemini ❤ : always has you laughing.  you hardly ever just hang out at home because he always wants to go somewhere and do something.  has like 50000 anecdotes to tell you and just when you think he has to be out of stories he has another.  full of surprises, surprise gifts and surprise things about him.

cancer ❤ : big ‘ol whinebaby.  texts you ‘i miss you baby’ 5 minutes after you left.  will spend the entire day with you cuddling and napping and cuddling.  makes you mac’n’cheese before you come over without you even mentioning you’re hungry.  can always tell if something is wrong.

leo ❤ : super over-the-top with all the dates he takes you on.  hot air balloon rides and shit.  literally the biggest baby ever, he always wants to give you a backrub and always wants to be the little spoon.  constantly touching you, playing with your hair, holding your hand, touching your waist.  shows you off to his friends.

virgo ❤ : art museum and aquarium dates.  he makes you watch documentaries with him and won’t take no for an answer.  always well-dressed and lookin sexy and you don’t know what to do with yourself.  folds your laundry and calls you hun.

libra ❤ : literally wants to go to the grocery store with you.  he’ll call you up because he’d rather go pick up milk and bread with you than by himself.  buys you flowers and calls you pretty all the time.  constantly holding your hand everywhere you go and kisses your nose a lot.

scorpio ❤ : wants to share all his favorite things with you.  he wants you to love his favorite TV show and wants you to love his dog.  very vocal about how much he loves you, will send you paragraphs via text about how much you’ve made his life better.  loves to jokingly tease you but if anyone else does it he’ll knock them down.

sagittarius ❤ : you guys have a money jar labelled with the places you want to go together.  will honestly tell you if those pants make you look fat or not.  always up for anything, seems like he never sleeps and if you text him at any hour he’ll always offer to come pick you up.  

capricorn ❤ : buys you roses super often.  shows how much he loves you with the little things; picks up stuff that reminded him of you in the store and watches your favorite movie even if he doesn’t like it.  loves cuddling, believe it or not, and likes to lay on your chest and kiss your chin.

aquarius ❤ : takes you to the absolute best parties and doesn’t leave your side the entire time, tells his friends stories of things you’ve done together. shows you all the places he loves to go to, his favorite restaurant and his favorite park.  loves going on walks with you.

pisces ❤ : you literally receive “hey, thinking about you, you okay?” texts before you’ve even mentioned that you’re upset about something.  loves telling you about his ideas and dreams.  little spoon 100%, wants you to hold him and kiss his head.  always complimenting you and telling you how much you mean to him. 




• “strap me up” ASDFGHJKL.
• “i feel like i want to just do soft things” ;)
• “aw dan you look so soft” BECAUSE HE IS YOU SPORKTULA
• “wow look at that meaty bicep, phil”
• “penis, penis tattoo”
• two words, people. chest. touching.
• “curly dan is here to stay”
• “i’ve embraced the wavy hair”

okay that’s all im done

“Dean? …Dean? …Dean!”
Anything. Dean didn’t respond even once to Sam. He was too busy doing other things. He was too busy to observe Y/n, committed to place some books in the library of the bunker. Dean’s eyes were fixed on the girl’s movements, on her body; her long legs covered with a skinny leggings, her arms intent on collecting the books from the boxes, her hair falling over her soft shoulders, her hips perfect, her fully and firm ass.. ah, how much he wanted to touch it, squeeze it between his big hands, to hear Y/n moan when he touched her. Dean felt a pang in the stomach, just thinking about those images of her on top of him, in his mind.
“For God’s sake..”
Suddenly, something heavy struck the Dean’s shoulder, and he opened his eyes, turning to his brother.
“What the hell, man! It’s ten minutes I call you! What are you thinking?”
Dean gasped and glared at his brother, then he come back to watch Y/n; she had just lowered to pick up some books that had fallen, putting even more showcasing her firm ass. Dean closed his eyes and lowered his head, unable to not think of the perfect body of the girl.
“Dean.. you’ve done?”
“What’s up?” Dean asked at his brother, watching Sam innocently.
“You have to stop looking at her from afar; go to her and talk to her.”
Dean rolled his eyes. For years, Sam said at his brother to declared at Y/n, but he never had the courage. He wouldn’t have ever had. Y/n was too.. perfect for Dean, he didn’t deserve a girl like her. Dean didn’t deserve such a great person as Y/n. And he would never deserved.

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20 Times Gerard Way Looked Ridiculously Good

1. When he did the impossible and made chewing look sexy.

2. When he looked perfect just sort of hanging out, all casual-like.

3. When he made bright red hair work.

4. When he went platinum and it was a good decision for everyone.

5. That time he was confused and you were like “I will guide you, Gerard.”

6. When he sang this and you wanted to reply, “Because you love me MORE today, right?”

7. That time he wore this fuzzy hat.

8. When he said what no one was thinking.

9. When you weren’t sure whether this even counted as a shirt, but that was OK.

10. When you wanted to touch his hair. A whole lot.

11. When he led the saddest, hottest marching band in all the world.

12. When he was a happy skeleton.

13. When you wanted to be that microphone.

14. Also, that time you wanted to be a Jamba Juice straw.

15. When he even looked good layin’ out on the floor.

16. When this happened.

17. When he declared himself a zombie and you were still into it.

18. When he basically looked like Valentine’s Day come to life.

19. When OH MY GOD.

20. When he kissed you farewell.

Stay golden, Gerard.

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Stop Moving

Summery: Bucky wakes up from a nightmare to fin that you’re up too

Triggers: Nightmares

Word Count: 1100+

A/N: I just wanted to get something out, Im sorry I haven’t really been active. Exams and shit

Key: Italics is Bucky’s thoughts


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<Your work had been a gift to mankind. You shaped the->

He woke up, panting, dripping with cold sweat. Some of his hair covered his eyes so he brought his right hand up to brush it out the way, leaning on his left. He managed to complete his task through his shaking. I’ll just get a glass of water and try again. He told himself.

Pulling the blanket off himself, he turned so his feet touched the floor. I should put some clothes on. Since he spent so much time in Russia everything was too hot for him. It didn’t help that the chunk of metal was there permanently and he had to hid it under long sleeves. He wore almost nothing to bed, just a pair of briefs to cover himself when Steve stormed in.

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Not Yet

Just as a fair warning, this story deals with termination of pregnancy within an established relationship. Please keep this in mind if you choose to read it.

Clarke wakes up almost simultaneously with rolling over and retching, stomach bile and last night’s dinner burning her tongue.

She coughs and feels lightheaded, her fingers shaking as they curl into the sheets. “Hey, hey,” Bellamy grunts, sleep hoarse as he runs a hand up Clarke’s back. His touch just makes Clarke’s stomach clench again and she gags, her stomach clenching and forcing up nothing.

“Babe,” Bellamy says, voice worried. He pulls her hair back from her face and holds it carefully in a fist as he sits up and scooches closer. “You ok?”

“Can you not touch me?” Clarke gasps and Bellamy lifts his hands off her, still holding her hair. “Sorry, I-”

“Don’t,” Bellamy says. “You need some water? Want me to get your mom?”

“No,” Clarke manages, resting her forehead against the back of her hand and trying to wipe her lips clean. “No, I’m ok.”

“Yeah, you sure look it,” Bellamy says dryly, but he reaches up across her and grabs the canteen of water. “Come on, Clarke. Just to rinse your mouth.”

Clarke takes it and manages a small sip. The water is cold and good, but she can’t imagine drinking too much. She passes it back to Bellamy with a whispered ‘thanks’ and feels like her whole body is shaking apart. She can feel Bellamy behind her, hovering and worried but trying not to touch her and she stretches her hand out, wiggles her fingers until he takes it and gives it a squeeze.

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“And I would have stayed up with you all night, had I known how to save a life.”

It’s indescribable. The fear in the pit of her stomach she’d felt all evening. Something telling her that something was desperately wrong. And no matter how many hours she’d spent trying to work out exactly what it was, she’d been left in the dark. Completely unable to settle the nervous feeling and wondering why the hell she constantly wanted to throw up. And why her hands seemed to ache to touch her wife.

She just, she wanted to see her. To find her, to run her fingers through her blonde hair and gently run a finger down a dimpled cheek. She wanted to run her hands along the body she had come to know better than her own and find a comforting familiarity in soft pink lips pressed against her own.

It’s not that it was unusual for her to miss Arizona. Callie had often found herself quite literally craving the closeness of her wife and it was something that warmed her heart when she’d learned Arizona was just the same. Tonight though, something was off. Just plain wrong. The need to see her, to hear her voice and just touch some part of the other woman to ground herself, it was near unbearable.

And that’s why she found herself on the peds ward, eyes scouting for something, someone, her Arizona.


Callie quickly turns on her heels and lets out a deep breath, closing the short distance between them and wrapping her arms around her wife.

“I’ve calmed down now Callie, you didn’t have to come check on me.” Arizona mimicked her though, fingers gripping at the back of her wife’s scrub coat and telling Callie everything she needed to know.

“I know, I do know. I just needed to see you. I’ll miss you tonight.” Damn Boise. And damn Karev. Damn him to hell.

Arizona’s smile was futile but she offered one anyway, fingers gently tucking brown hair behind an ear, “I’ll miss you too, Calliope. Kiss Sof’ for me.”

Nodding, Callie kisses her forehead, lingering for as long as she can, “I love you.”

“I love you, too”

She thought that would be enough, she really did. But scrubbing in for her next surgery and still everything just felt wrong. And finally, the word formed in her mind and settled in her chest and she understood. It was dread. All evening, even after finding Arizona, she’d been filled with dread. But whatever she was dreading, how could she stop it when she has no idea what it was?

Callie pulls her scrub cap from her hair and throws it to the floor, groaning in frustration. She can feel unwanted tears sitting on her lashes and she just wishes she could understand what her body was trying to tell her.

Fingers fumbling around, she quickly pulls out her pager and finds someone to take over, unable to take someone’s life in her hands while feeling so unstable. While feeling like the world is going to crumble around her she’ll be all that remains.

“Left leg amputation, the patient is a 36 year old female, brought in after a car crash.” She nods at the surgeon before pushing hard on the door, walking out and taking in as much air as possible.

It’s not enough. Nothing seems to be enough. She checks her watch and groans, a stream of words she’d never say in front of Sofia leaving her lips.

Before she can think about it, her feet are moving of their own accord. She barley knows where they’re taking her but she knows where she’ll end up. The same place she always ends up.

“Arizona! Arizona wait.” She pushes through the crowd of surgeons, her friends, her family, about to head off for a life changing surgery.


"Please don’t go.”

Eyebrows furrow in confusion and Arizona sighs quietly, “what? Callie it’s one night-”

"I know. I know that, I do. And I know you’re angry and pissed at Karev and you want to punish him or whatever and I actually get that, I do.” Callie grabs her wife’s hand and pulls her closer, using her other hand to hold Arizona’s chin so their eyes meet in some bid to share whatever it is that’s going on with her, “I just need you not to go. I don’t know why, I can’t explain it but something’s wrong, Arizona. Something’s wrong and I want you to stay with me, I need you to stay with me and with Sofia. Please. Don’t get on that plane.”

Arizona watches her wife, the anxiety obvious in her wide, tearful brown eyes. She doesn’t understand what’s happening but honestly, she’s absolutely exhausted. She’s hurting, she’s miserable and she’s exhausted. She’s good at running. She’s run all her life. She’s even run from Callie. But now? Running doesn’t seem like such a good idea. Not when she could go home with her wife and daughter and just… just be. Just breath and just be.

"Karev!” The young surgeon is just leaving the hospital, making his way to his car and he frowns, not in the mood for another lecture, “screw up this surgery and I swear you’ll never work in this hospital or any other til the day I die,” she shoves the folders in his arms without another word and slips her hand into her wife’s. They need to pick up their daughter and go home.

And that’s what they do.

Callie shudders and fights off another wave of tears. She doesn’t know how to breathe, what to think, what to feel. Because yesterday had been something she knew she’d treasure forever. Waking up in the post love making glow with her still naked wife, so wrapped up in each other, skin clammy and sweaty and pressed together in the most intimate of ways. Arizona had opened up to her in ways she never really had before and somehow she loved her even more. She would forever be grateful that she had stayed when she’d ask. Phoning in sick from work and spending the day with her two girls had been the icing on the cake. Until the phone call.

And then dread had turned to realisation.

Because Arizona’s plane had fallen from the sky and now they were lost. Lost presumed dead.

But Arizona wasn’t on it. Because she had been sitting across from her at the table, too caught up in feeding their daughter to even notice Callie’s face fall. She was making aeroplane noises and grinning widely at her baby’s smiles and oh god, it was almost too ironic.

When Callie had put the phone down, she’d pulled Arizona up from her seat and clutched her checks and ran her hands through her hair and almost collapsed against her as she’d tried to take in every ounce of her wife.

“You’re here,” she had whispered, “oh my god, you’re here. You’re okay. You’re safe. I love you, I love you so much. Your plane fell out of the sky but you’re here. You’re okay.”

And now, the blonde sleeps beside her, as equally naked as she had been last night. Both had felt the need, through tears and declarations of love and need and want, to just feel. And so they’d felt.

Tomorrow, tomorrow they’d talk about the guilt and the fear and utter disbelief. Tomorrow, they would talk. But now?

Callie rolled over gently, an arm wrapping around Arizona and pulling her against her front, nose nestling into the back of her neck.

Because she is here and she is okay. And that is so much more than enough.

me: what happened to ppl touching each other and it not being seen as romantic

y’all: *online/public personas hug up on each other, touch one another’s leg, gets the hair from the friend’s face, hold hands, cuddle, stand too close to another, touch in any sort of manner*


me: maybe they’re just….close….

y’all: no…do you not see the hearts in their eyes? the lust? they’re .3 seconds away from pouncing. the way that they looked at them was basically a mating call

me: maybe they adore them and it shows? maybe they’re expressing….affection…. 

y’all: yeah! romantically (-: (-: (-: cause they wanna be with them (-: (-: 


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