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Fallen Angel GD AU!

If only I could hold you once
I wish you were my lover for just a moment
Please, please, please I pray
Us, us, us, us together, together
Because I love her so much my greed keeps growing
I want you for myself. You by yourself. Don’t run, don’t escape.

first part coming soon  @loveandturmoil87 thanks for the inspiration :)

Advice (Jiyong Drabble/Scenario)

Requested by Anonymous: I Want to requests a drabble Where Taeyang helps GD to practice How He should ask out his crush ( Who Is actually their female best friend and just Debute As Solo Idol) THANK you 😍😍😍

Author’s Note: Um… I don’t even know how long this is… I just had a lot of fun with this, that’s for sure~ ^^ Enjoy!

“…Why can’t I just ask?” Jiyong whined with a pout. Although it was only a rehearsal, the rapper’s face was flushed in a rosy pink. “Fuck it, I’m not doing this,” he growled shortly afterwards, flinging the necklace case at his best friend’s chest.

Youngbae grunted as the case collided with his abs before chuckling, clearly amused at the situation playing out before him. He immediately raced to the door, blocking the elder boy’s exit route. Jiyong glared menacingly at the vocalist, knowing he would never be able to physically overpower him. The yellow-haired man grudgingly snatched the jewelry case back before trudging back to the center of Seunghyun’s living room, his bangs irritably making his eyes itchy.

A chorus of giggles and teases ensued, causing Jiyong’s already-blushing face to burn a deeper shade of pink. He stared skeptically at the necklace case in his palm, eyebrows furrowing as he clawed the price tag off out of frustration.

“This is so cheap too! Shouldn’t I get her a designer bag or something? Don’t girls like that? All of my female friends are always delighted whenever I gift them something like that…” Jiyong mumbled hesitantly, shyly glancing at the spectators sitting on Seunghyun’s sofa. Although he had asked Youngbae for the help, the little fucker ended up dragging the whole team into it. Only to get back at him for giving him “Min Hyorin advice” that only made their situation worse.

Youngbae “tsk"ed as he made himself comfortable against Seungri. The maknae was witnessing a completely new side of his charismatic leader, and it was hilarious. Flipping his dreads away from his face, Youngbae began to criticize his friend’s way of thinking as Seunghyun got up to get yet another wine bottle.

“See? You’re only useful at making girls fall for you, but you can never make them yours! Didn’t you say if anything, she’d want something simple? Getting her something expensive only pressures her. And just asking her out of the blue’s a bit… unprofessional.”

Daesung felt sorry for his hyung, who seemed extremely insecure. The ray of sunshine understood that Jiyong was just afraid that he would get rejected. The charismatic world star was only just a soft, delicate flower on the inside after all, and Daesung knew it.

“Or maybe I could just rap a confession?” Jiyong questioned, a flicker of hope reflected off his brown irises. BIGBANG groaned, though still amused with their leader’s uncertainty.

“Hyung, do you really think a solo artist would be thrilled to watch you perform for the millionth time in front of her? She’s had enough of that, I swear,” Seungri reasoned, cautiously leaning back against the sofa out of fear of getting hit. Surprisingly, he wasn’t, and was even more astonished to see his hyung giving his advice serious thought. Jiyong bit the bottom of his lip, hesitantly fumbling with the jewelry case in between his slim fingers.

“By the way,” Jiyong continued, “why the fuck is there a random white curtain there?” He motioned over to the white sheet hung up in the corner of the room. It looked like one of those white boards used for projectors, completely opaque and too ordinary to belong in Seunghyun’s living room.

“Aesthetic purposes,” the owner answered plainly in that deep voice he always used when passionately discussing his hobbies. “Would you like me to explain?”

Jiyong, along with all the other members, hurriedly raised their hands in frantic rejection.

“Oh god, no! Maybe you can tell me privately later,” laughed Daesung, his eyes scrunched up in genuine sincerity. Seunghyun obliged with a simple grunt, leaning back against the sofa. As if on cue, the other Seunghyun shot up from his seat, a figurative light bulb lighting up above his head.

“Hyung! Instead of confessing to Youngbae-hyung (disgusting, I know), why don’t you do it to the white sheet? Just imagine that it’s her standing behind it.”

Jiyong tensed up, a sudden suspicion bubbling in his chest and spreading throughout his nerves like a wildfire. What if his band mates had brought his crush over, and she had been hiding behind the curtain this whole time..!? Brown eyes dilating from paranoia, he turned his back to the white screen to face the maknae.

“This isn’t some prank, right? She’s not actually back there, right? I won’t have to excessively murder tonight, right?” he asked. His sentence started off in a wary state before intensifying into a threatening warning. Seungri shrugged, sitting back down and crossing his legs.

“Since when did Seunghyun-hyung comfortably allow outsiders into his museum of a home? He barely ever even lets me in, much less a rookie solo artist that he’s only met once or twice. You can check if you need to, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of imagination? It also crushes your image of being cool guy. Am I right?” the panda reasoned, exaggerating a shrug to point out the simplicity of his logic.

“I usually never get along with him, but the kid’s right this time,” Seunghyun assured, causing Jiyong to sigh in relief before turning back to the white display.

Closing his eyes, the usually charismatic leader felt like a small lizard in comparison to his stage name. He had to admit it: confessing to someone without having to meet them in the eye was much easier, and he secretly wished that she was actually behind the curtain to surprise him. Jiyong held on to that small fragment of hope, and reopened his eyes, staring directly in front of him, gaze determined enough to burn a hole through the curtain.

Taking a low, deep breath, Kwon Jiyong spilled out all the heartfelt words he had struggled to choke out just moments ago. From the secrets he had been hiding from her, to his true feelings towards her, they flowed out from his lips like the river that survived the drought. Private words meant only for her were spoken, so reserved that even the thin-lipped members vowed to forget them later.

One second passed. Then five. Then ten. Jiyong broke the silence by letting out his breath, taking a shaky step backward. Although the sudden surge of emotions were unplanned, his speech remained imprinted in his mind like carvings set in stone. The necklace wasn’t even necessary. As if his whoosh of air broke the ice, the spectating members gave him an enthusiastic round of applause, followed by giggles from Youngbae and Seungri.

Jiyong felt a grin spread on his lips, a crucial hint given to him from the entertained Bae-Ri duo. Did he actually succeed in confessing? Ha! His genius members really did trick him into talking to his crush with a barrier. Like a champion about to claim his trophy, the leader moved to the other side of the white sheet in order to shyly encounter his other half.

“Good job, Jiyong-ah! As expected, our Jiyongie is talented at speaking!” Youngbae congratulated before adding, “Now all you have to do is the real thing tomorrow!” Followed by the shocking statement was a crestfallen Jiyong bashfully stalking out from behind the white curtain. His face was flushed red while his band mates swore they saw the same color flash through his furious eyes for a moment.

“You made it seem like she really was hiding behind that damned curtain!” Jiyong screamed out with a dramatic whine. The almighty dragon found himself rolling around on the floor in dejected disbelief of having to deliver his confession AGAIN, TOMORROW. Then, he whipped himself upright, looking back at the eldest member incredulously.

“That stupid, random, fucking curtain was really there for your aesthetic pleasure!?” he questioned in shrill frustration. Seunghyun nodded as if it were the most obvious answer in the world.

“Jiyong-ah, what do you see when you look at such a blank screen? Nothing. But, my student, look closer… You will see the beauty through your very own eyes. Every time you turn away and look back, a different image surfaces. From this very sheet, so many beautiful creations arise-“

“Shut up!!”

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BIGBANG Reactions to Their Baby Crying in Their Arms


Seunghyun had just come home from a long day out at the studio. Surprisingly, he found you and your child still awake, your child playing with his toes while you held him, watching a new K-drama that you had recently started. Taking off his coat, he suddenly wished that he could’ve spent the day at home with his child. After all, he knew just how quickly kids seemed to be growing up these days and didn’t want to miss out on anything with his own child. Unfortunately, with BIGBANGs comeback on the horizon, it didn’t seem as if he would be able to spend lots of time at home for the next few weeks. Yearning to show affection to his child, he made his way over to where the two of you were sitting and gently picked up your son. He marveled at the prospect of this small being growing into person capable of doing things all by himself. Seunghyun was so caught up in his own thoughts that he hadn’t noticed how his baby’s face had begun to pucker. The cries of the child in his arms quickly pulled him out of his reverie, immediately responding to quieten his son. This, of course, meant that he was making silly faces at his spawn. The cries slowly began to fade away, soon replaced with the lovely sound of his fetus’s laughter.

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“Jagi, what’s wrong with our daughter? She usually loves it when I pick her up! Did she get hurt somewhere?” You had just come out of the washroom when you were bombarded by all of these questions. “Youngbae, damn it, I just wanted to go poo in peace,” you sighed, knowing that he was probably racking his mind trying to figure out what could have made his little princess so upset. Not wanting him to fret any longer, you began to help come up with a solution. “Well, let’s see. She was fine when I was holding her ten minutes ago. Maybe she just misses her mommy?” You extended your hands towards your small shit nugget. As soon as she saw you reaching out for her, her sobs subsided and she began to stretch her body towards you, whimpering. You took her from your husband, trying to find the cause behind the shrill cries. As you rocked the turd in your arms, she began to tug at your shirt. You finally knew what was causing her to scream like a banshee. “We’re both idiots,” you laughed, “she’s just hungry.” Youngbae sighed in relief. “Thank god. I thought my little angel was hurt. Now, what are you waiting for? Go feed our precious muffin!”

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Jiyong was a busy man, but between the photo shoots and interviews and performances, he still tried to make time to see his baby girl - make that baby girls. He always helped out with your daughter at night, knowing just how exhausted you were from taking care of her during the day. He also wanted to be able to spend more time with her as the idol life always seemed to drag him to an event of some sort any time that he wanted to spend the day at home with his little one. However, by a stroke of luck, a full day finally opened up in Jiyong’s schedule, permitting him to spend time with you and your smol. It was around midday and she had been playing with her baby floor gym. You were getting ready to make a snack and Jiyong was watching the little one play in fascination. As you turned to grab a loaf of bread to make your sandwich, you heard your daughter begin to whimper. Turning, you saw Jiyong holding the child, bouncing slightly. He began to speak to his little girl, “why are you cwying wittle guwl? You’re a pwincess, you can’t cwy!” You continued to watch your husband speak as if he was a toddler in amusement. However, it did seem to help stop the whimpers. “Daddy’s hewe! And he thinks you and mommy awe the pwettiest guwls he’s ewer seen!” Jiyong turned to you and winked as your little bean began to giggle at her father’s antics.

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You seated yourself on the couch, your child in your lap. It was approaching 8 pm, around the time your child usually fell asleep and you had just finished feeding the baby some milk when you heard footsteps approaching from the stairs. Surprisingly, it seemed your son had more energy than you anticipated at this time of night. Just then, you felt a pair of hands hold your shoulders as the owner of those hands popped his head over your shoulder. “Ah, jagi, you seem tired,” Daesung observed, “Would you like for me to hold the baby? He seems like he wants to play with his dad.” Feeling grateful, you nodded your head, relieved to be able to rest for what seemed like the first time that day. Closing your eyes for what felt like only a moment, cries abruptly pulled you back from the warm clutches of sleep. You looked around, already knowing it was your child crying before finding the source. Before you got off the couch, however, you began to hear a melodic sound begin to accompany the loud screeches. As the shrieks of your ex-womb inhabiter began to quieten, you could more clearly hear your husband filling the house with the sound of his voice. “Sleep well, my child, in the garden and behind the hills…” You had always loved to hear Daesung sing. “… The child stays alone and watches the house…” You felt yourself relax as Daesung continued to sing and knew that your little man had been put to sleep. He always calmed down whenever his father sung, finding the same solace as you did, it seemed. “… He lays down at the ocean’s lullaby, and slowly falls asleep.” And, with that, you had fallen asleep.

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Nobody thought that when you gave birth that Seungri would be ready to become the overprotective father. Despite the fact that neither of you had really planned to cause your belly to inflate with another human specimen, neither of you wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Instead, you both accepted this new change into your lives with open arms. Once the bloody mess of a human had exited your vagina, however, it was like a whole new person had taken hold of Seungri. He suddenly became very protective of his spawn, constantly showering her with affection and wanting to hold her every second of the day. This particular day, she had been taking a nap in your arms when Seungri spotted her. “I think she’s about to wake up,” you whispered, “she fell asleep about half an hour ago and she usually wakes up by now.” Taking this as an invitation for him to wake her, Seungri reached over and picked up the mistake child from your lap. The sudden disturbance caused her to wake. Upon opening her eyes groggily, she began to try to break glass with her screams and whines. Seungri immediately sprung into action, quickly carrying her over to her toy box and pulling out all of the dolls he could. He offered them to her, one by one, essentially offering all the contents of the box to the small demon child. She shook her head at each one until he finally came across her favourite toy, a stuffed panda bear. Using both of her small hands to grab it, she forgot all about being awoken from her nap and began to shake the panda bear excitedly around in her small, grubby hands.

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Big Bang reactions to you making him a dinner after a long day


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You were making him his favorite dinner, because you knew he had to work all day and he probably didn’t eat anything. You felt bad knowing he is probably having really stressed day. That’s why you were cooking him dinner. When he came home, he could smell the food the moment he came in. When he saw you cooking, he was really surprised,, because you usually ate out or ordered something. He didn’t even know you know how to cook. When he tried the food he was even more surprised why you weren’t eating her food every day. After that he asked you more if you could cook. He was fascinated by your cooking and you were happy he liked it a lot.

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He was calling you to tell you he’ll be late at home and you asked him if he wants to eat something since you don’t have to go to work tomorrow and he told you he would love to eat, which made you happy to hear. He came home and slowly got to the kitchen, all tired. He saw you cooked by yourself and was very happy that you did, because you never had a lot of time for making dinner. He enjoyed your cooked dinner and he complimented you by saying you are his new favorite restaurant and he might hire you as his personal chef. You were so happy that even when he was stressed he could make you laugh like this.

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You knew when will he be home after coming back from China Big Bang tour so you decided to make him dinner. He loved your cooking and he always complimented you look good when you’re cooking and that made you want to cook even more for him. It was a shame that he had so much work and you couldn’t do that often. When he came home he was really tired and he thanked you for making him dinner that made him go home early from whenever he was. He did “mmmmm” all the time, making clear this is the best dinner he’s ever had.

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He was recording his new song in the studio and he had so much to work you had to call him and tell him to go home. You cooked him a dinner, even though you weren’t the best cook. When he came home and save you cooking for him he got all squishy and wanted to hug you a lot because he was so thankful. When he tried the food he over-reacted how good the food was, but you liked that so he kept on saying good things like that. After the dinner he helped you clean up and promised he will cook for you once and try not to burn down everything.

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He just joined filming a Chinese variety show and his season 1 filming ended, so he was coming home today. He had little difficult time being there so he was really excited to get home. You decided to try make him more happy with cooking him his favorite Italian food- pasta. You tried your best and when he came home he was really surprised you made him a dinner because you rarely ate at home. He thanked you for the meal with his aegyo and that’s what you liked a lot about him. He loved it when you giggled at his aegyo so he kept it going through the whole dinner. 

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Let’s Not Fall in Love - Prologue

Before I share this, I just want to say thank you to everyone who will read this little story. It’s a mix of idea that I have for now four months but I never did show it till today. I have one person to thanks and it’s @loveandturmoil87 like it’s reading all your stories and talking with you that gave me the confidence to put this here today so thank you so much to just listen to me when I told you a couple of days ago that I was posting this today. Also, I’m french so english his not my first language so if there some mistakes I’m super sorry but I try to check everything so they will not have a lots of them. I may change the title someday but for now the story his know as Let’s Not Fall in Love cause it’s one of my favourite Big Bang song and it fits this story so much.


My name his Juliette Muller, I’m 28 years old, I’m a Canadian writer and some people will probably know me better with the name of the girl with the cold heart. As I said I’m a writer and a very popular one, at least in North America and a bit of Europe. I basically write fantasy/romance stories that young adults and teens love. But a year ago, I publish a new book with the title Reborn it was the story of a young adult who fall in love with a vampire typical story but for some reason the book got popular in Asia as well. Place like China, Japan and even South Korea were buying the book and it got so popular in a short time that all my other books were translate so they could read them too. My publishing house were receiving a lot of demanded that I should do a little book tour for Reborn. I hesitated a lot before saying yes after the third time they ask. It’s not because of they culture, honestly Asia as one of the most interested culture in my opinion. They have a certain way of respect that I don’t see a lot in these days. The only thing that make me think before saying yes was the language barrier. I just speak French and English, so they put with me a translator who name was Park Jinyoung who could speak basically every language. Honestly, he could speak every language no jokes. So, I was okay to go and do this mini tour. The other thing that bother me the most his link to my nickname.

You see in the rest of the world, I was known as the girl with the cold heart. They a reason to this. I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world and I know that I look more like a potato than a model. So, I put walls, I didn’t have a lot of friends, as my only friends were my computer where I wrote all my stuff. The only friend that I had was my best friend Nina and she was the best person in the world. But for the rest of the world I was the girl that write romance but never let romance enter her heart. I was ok with this life. Until I put my first foot in South Korea and came across that man. I was already done with China and Japan. It’s been 2 weeks, since I started that mini tour and I was already exhausted from all the interviews and flights that I must do. But I was finally in South Korea and to see my translator face he was happy to be back in his country. Seeing his face make me miss Canada and Nina the most. But I was in that place for 3 weeks than I was back in Canada and start thinking of ideas for my next book which was the sequel of Reborn. So let me tell you this right here. 

If someone would have told me a year ago, that I would have end in one of the most beautiful place in the world, that my fourth book in my young writer carrier would become an international hit, that I would have a baby panda as one of my best friend, that I would been friends with one of the most popular kpop group in the world and that I would fall in love with an amazing man. I think I would have laugh in front of every person who would have told me this. But here I am a year later and writing this story for this the story of how I meet BigBang and Choi Seung hyun and how they change my life for ever. At that time, I didn’t know but the minute that I meet him he changes my world for the best and he break the girl that I was and I was no longer the girl with the cold heart. Let me tell you all from the beginning where it all start a year ago in the airport.


If you like it come and read the rest ! 

Chapter one 

I Got You - GD

I got you – gdragon imagine

“jagi i’m home” jiyong said as soon as he stepped into the dark apartment,he expected you to be on the living roo mor at least in the kitchen making dinner but he found the living room empty with all the lights off he went to check the kitchen but he only found Ai sleeping on his bed, as soon as the cat saw him he went under his legs rubbing himself on the dark denim of his pants.

Jiyong crouched to rub the cats head still confused about your whereabouts “where is y/n ai? Have you seen her?” he stood up and started to walk to the stairs and that is when he heard it, it was small and soft but he still heard your whimper, he walked closely and opened the door slowly so it wouldn’t startle you and that is when he saw you in a fetal position in the bed your back to him, you were hugging your favorite pillow and you were wearing your favorite shirts the one you used on your free days. He saw your shoulders shake and his heart hurt.

“jagi what’s wrong?” he asked coming close to you, you shook your head and felt his arms wrap around you “baby I’m here” he whispered and you turned around to hug him better, with the movement he got a glimpse of your flushed face with dried tears on your cheeks and his heart clenched once again.

He didn’t ask questions, he didn’t talk or tried to make you talk he just hugged you and let you cry in his arms, he knew you have been under a lot of stress lately and when that happened you just needed someone to hug you just needed someone to hold you close to them so you would know that you weren’t alone.

“it’s ok baby I got you” it had passed half an hour and you were finally calming down, your breathing was slowing down but jiyong’s hug was still tight he kissed your head “they fired me, my boss fired me” jiyong gasped and held your face with both of his hands so you would look at him, worry filled his eyes “why? Why did he fire you?” you shrugged “he asked me to make up a rumor about youngbae and hyorin and told him that I wouldn’t write something that wasn’t true, he said that I could easily get a picture of the both of them but I still said no, I told him that I wouldn’t ruin the lives of my best friends and he threatened to fire me…so he did”

Jiyong looked at you surprised; he knew that your job was everything that you had ever wanted, you could write stories in a well known magazine, but you should have known better you should have known that your boss only wanted you for your connection to the biggest boy band of south korea.

“well I think that youngbae will be very happy and will find a good way to make it up to you” you scoffed “it wasn’t his fault I just wanted to make the right decision” “and you did and I am proud of you” he said as he kissed your forehead.

Later that week youngbae and hyorin invited you two for dinner a way to say thank you for what you did for them, you looked at jiyong and smiled, you knew everything was going to be alright if you had him by your side.

BIGBANG on National Kissing Day


  • Ignores you and chases around his nephew to kiss
  • “Seunghyun… what about me?”
    “What about you?”
    “… Nevermind then.”

  • Finally cluing in to you wanting him to kiss you
  • Kisses you on the cheek, loudly and dramatically like a kid, he even says “mwah!
  • Secretly enjoys having a day to celebrate kissing you

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  • Takes you on a date that night and tells you to wear something fancy
  • Smiles with his cute eye-smile as soon as he sees you
  • Kisses you on the cheek and leads you to his car
  • Comments on how pretty you look while holding your hand the entire night
  • Kisses you goodnight and then kisses your forehead before leaving and telling you that he loves you

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  • Invites you over to spend the day at his house
  • Spends the day watching movies and cuddling with you
  • Peppers you with kisses throughout the day
  • Takes snapchats of you and even takes a snapchat of the both of you kissing with the doggy filter on
  • Tries to get you to kiss his cat so he can put it in his story

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  • Doesn’t even know what National Kissing Day is
  • “So.. that means… you want me to kiss you? I would have done that anyway.”
  • Gets shy after quickly pecking your lips and tells you he’d rather not have his kisses be forced
  • Calls you cute and bops your nose whenever you get pouty because he won’t kiss you
  • Pulls you in for kisses spontaneously

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  • Forgets that it’s National Kissing Day until you remind him
  • Chases you around trying to kiss you but you keep dodging him
  • “Today should be a national holiday so that I can spend all day kissing you”
  • More affection and PDA than normal he’s going to take advantage of this day prepare yourself
  • “Seungri, stop grabbing my ass.”
    “But my hand wants to kiss your butt. Jagi, just let it celebrate this beautiful day”

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Personalized requests are now open for a full week. I’ll need: 

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  • And any info you want me to know for the scenario 

Hell and I’ll find and ask me list just cause. 

WOOOOOOO thank you all so much, to the new and the old followers. Welcome new ones I hope you enjoy your stay. Thank you so much to the older ones who’ve put up with a lot of my shit, (like a week long hiatus) (or not posting 3B$ in time). Thank you all so much.

~ Brooklyn

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Eat You Up

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Choi Seung Hyun

Synopsis:  Anonymous said: First of all, Congratulations on your 200 followers. 👍 Can you do a scenario where the reader is a very popular stripper and one night t.o.p goes into the club that she works. She gives him and a lap dance and he falls in love with her…

Warnings: It gets a little racy… it is a strip club after all. lol

Author’s Note: The 5th of the 200 follower requests! :) I’m almost halfway done. Either way, I hope you like it Anon! (note: I did not choose a specific song for the lap dance so that you can picture whatever your little heart desires!)

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.

Suggested Listening: Eat You Up - BoA


“Tell me again what we’re doing in a place like this?” Seung Hyun asked petulantly.

Youngbae rolled his eyes. “Because, I was here last week with some guys and I saw something that made me instantly think of you.”

“Yes…” Seung Hyun drawled, looking over the interior of the dark, smoky club with disdain. “Because this place just screams me.”

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??? (Reaction)

Anonymous Request:  Hiya love~ could you do Big bangs reaction to their idol GF being caught doing something questionable (weird not like rude/bad) and her just staring at the camera before doing a bit of aegyo and running away? Sorry if that’s super specific and or confusing.

Note: Thank you!  Length and reaction type varies with what I think would fit the reaction best.  If this wasn’t what you wanted, I’m sorry!

Jiyong: He would quietly stand there in the doorway, staring at you with a very amused expression on his face, but the giggles would immediately stop once you run away.  “Wait!  Jagiya!  Do it again~  It was cute, I promise!” 

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Youngbae: Since he was thoughtful, Youngbae would observe you with great interest, trying to figure out what the crap you were doing.  Before you could spot him, he would hide… but use this discovery in the future when he needed to blackmail.  “You know honey…  I saw something pretty interesting the other day…”

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Seungri: Being the aegyo king, the baby panda would immediately follow you around afterwards to both question what exactly you were trying to do, and try to compete with you in terms of being cute.  “Aing~  I’m obviously cuter than you!!”

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Daesung: Daesung’s strong, but also clumsy and easily scared.  So when he walked through the door to ask you where you left the water bottle pack from earlier, the man was literally scared half to death at you doing something very questionable.  “!!??  OMG STOP I HAVE A WEAK HEART BABE…  T^T”

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Seunghyun: If thought what you were doing was weird, then you’re wrong.  The moment Seunghyun caught you, he immediately grabs your arm to prevent you from abandoning the camera and mimics your actions.  “Asdfghjkioasf I can do it too!  >;D”  …now you want to run away for other reasons…

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“Everyone (almost) wants a piece of the panda….”

Inspired by all the craziness there has been of our boys’ love for our favourite maknae, Lee Seunghyun! Then you got Daesung not wanting to be apart of all this mess. And don’t question why I drew panda as panda….. he just is xD

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This took about 2+ hours. Done with Wacom Intuos5 on Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CC


 Hwangtaeji, listening to their festival song!

GD: I don’t know now… We could change it, too. People say that ’OMG’… If people see your new image, I want them to be surprised. That’s why the title is ‘OMG’ (different translations:  ’My God’, ‘God’ , ‘Oh God’).
KH: The title?
GD: Yes. Let’s listen to it and see what you feel!
KH: I usually don’t like the song when my body doesn’t react to it.
YB: Then express yourself just like that.
KH: I’ll show my expression.
YB: Ok.
GD: What are you feeling?
KH: It’s good enough to get the reaction ‘OMG’! The starting is the best among your songs until now.
YB: Ahh be honest!
KH: I’m not lying. It’s better than I expected.
GD: Better than you expected? How did you expected?
KH: I thought you would use a softer melody. Or something like trot.
GD: Our talk impacted at us a lot. When we were talking in team. Because we don’t know what later will happen, we wanted to use the time we spend with you to write a cool song we can perform at stage.
YB: Because it’s the first and last time we’re doing music together anyway.
KH: Tbh I was touched.
GD: Youngbae just draw a line. XD by saying it’s first and last.
YB: It’s first and last we’re with Kwanghee…
KH: What are you talking about?
GD: YOu already agreed to it?
KH: No x3
GD: We’re just doing good like that.
KH: Why? Aaa what’s wrong? Yaah let’s do this in music shows, too! What’s wrong? It’s WIN-WIN!
YB: Whatever! You like it, right?
KH: Of course! Great!
KH: I’m actually really thankful. I wanted to say something but after listening to the song…  Despite their busy schedule, they did a song based on my favourite beats. That’s why I thought I should do well, too.

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anonymous asked:

How would the guys react to their girlfriend catching them fanboying over a really hot actress/singer?

G-Dragon: “Uhhh… I just really appreciate her amazing sense of fashion. That’s all!”

Taeyang: “She’s a great dancer! I’m just learning her moves… Yes, it is totally necessary for me to learn how to do the splits… and pole dance.”

TOP: “I’m just impressed that she could still act well with so little clothing on and wanted to learn her secret.”

Daesung: “I’M SORRY.”

Seungri: “What? Don’t act like I haven’t seen all of your blog posts about how hot Lee MinHo is or how sexy WonBin is. And don’t even get me started on your post about ‘G-Bulge’. Mhmm, that’s right. I saw it. Now, if you excuse me… I still have 30 minutes of payback time. Thank you very much.”

-Admin A