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Anonymous Request:  Hiya love~ could you do Big bangs reaction to their idol GF being caught doing something questionable (weird not like rude/bad) and her just staring at the camera before doing a bit of aegyo and running away? Sorry if that’s super specific and or confusing.

Note: Thank you!  Length and reaction type varies with what I think would fit the reaction best.  If this wasn’t what you wanted, I’m sorry!

Jiyong: He would quietly stand there in the doorway, staring at you with a very amused expression on his face, but the giggles would immediately stop once you run away.  “Wait!  Jagiya!  Do it again~  It was cute, I promise!” 

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Youngbae: Since he was thoughtful, Youngbae would observe you with great interest, trying to figure out what the crap you were doing.  Before you could spot him, he would hide… but use this discovery in the future when he needed to blackmail.  “You know honey…  I saw something pretty interesting the other day…”

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Seungri: Being the aegyo king, the baby panda would immediately follow you around afterwards to both question what exactly you were trying to do, and try to compete with you in terms of being cute.  “Aing~  I’m obviously cuter than you!!”

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Daesung: Daesung’s strong, but also clumsy and easily scared.  So when he walked through the door to ask you where you left the water bottle pack from earlier, the man was literally scared half to death at you doing something very questionable.  “!!??  OMG STOP I HAVE A WEAK HEART BABE…  T^T”

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Seunghyun: If thought what you were doing was weird, then you’re wrong.  The moment Seunghyun caught you, he immediately grabs your arm to prevent you from abandoning the camera and mimics your actions.  “Asdfghjkioasf I can do it too!  >;D”  …now you want to run away for other reasons…

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Big Bang reactions to you making him a dinner after a long day


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You were making him his favorite dinner, because you knew he had to work all day and he probably didn’t eat anything. You felt bad knowing he is probably having really stressed day. That’s why you were cooking him dinner. When he came home, he could smell the food the moment he came in. When he saw you cooking, he was really surprised,, because you usually ate out or ordered something. He didn’t even know you know how to cook. When he tried the food he was even more surprised why you weren’t eating her food every day. After that he asked you more if you could cook. He was fascinated by your cooking and you were happy he liked it a lot.

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He was calling you to tell you he’ll be late at home and you asked him if he wants to eat something since you don’t have to go to work tomorrow and he told you he would love to eat, which made you happy to hear. He came home and slowly got to the kitchen, all tired. He saw you cooked by yourself and was very happy that you did, because you never had a lot of time for making dinner. He enjoyed your cooked dinner and he complimented you by saying you are his new favorite restaurant and he might hire you as his personal chef. You were so happy that even when he was stressed he could make you laugh like this.

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You knew when will he be home after coming back from China Big Bang tour so you decided to make him dinner. He loved your cooking and he always complimented you look good when you’re cooking and that made you want to cook even more for him. It was a shame that he had so much work and you couldn’t do that often. When he came home he was really tired and he thanked you for making him dinner that made him go home early from whenever he was. He did “mmmmm” all the time, making clear this is the best dinner he’s ever had.

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He was recording his new song in the studio and he had so much to work you had to call him and tell him to go home. You cooked him a dinner, even though you weren’t the best cook. When he came home and save you cooking for him he got all squishy and wanted to hug you a lot because he was so thankful. When he tried the food he over-reacted how good the food was, but you liked that so he kept on saying good things like that. After the dinner he helped you clean up and promised he will cook for you once and try not to burn down everything.

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He just joined filming a Chinese variety show and his season 1 filming ended, so he was coming home today. He had little difficult time being there so he was really excited to get home. You decided to try make him more happy with cooking him his favorite Italian food- pasta. You tried your best and when he came home he was really surprised you made him a dinner because you rarely ate at home. He thanked you for the meal with his aegyo and that’s what you liked a lot about him. He loved it when you giggled at his aegyo so he kept it going through the whole dinner. 

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“Big Bang is the group I want to be with till I die. I want us to be five members. Forever.”  – Seungri

“With all 5 members, we can play jokes with each other, that kind of things” – G-Dragon

“BIGBANG is just like a family, so we aim the same thing no matter what place we’re at” – TOP

“When I feel exhausted, with members we all cheer each other on” – Daesung

“To being in BigBang is it’s just to be Big Bang. Because we’re young and we have energy and we have something unique that others don’t have”  – Taeyang 

BIGBANG reaction to you crying because of jealousy

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G-Dragon: “Is this what you think? Do you think I ever looked at those girls other than just my job? I’m always anxious because I can’t spend  as much time with you as I want, but it’s not because I want to be with those girls.”

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Taeyang: “I’m trying my best to spend more time with you, and you know it’s nothing with those girls, you’re the only one I care about. Don’t let my job affect our relationship, you’re the most beautiful when you smile, so don’t cry!”

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T.O.P: “Hey, stop crying, you’re the most beautiful woman for me, there’s no reason to be jealous. I will try to spend more time with you, and show you how much you mean to me.”

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Seungri: “Jagi,I’m so sad you feel like this, please be patient, you know I will spend all my time with you when I can. And nobody can take me away from my lovely girlfriend, don’t worry about that.”

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Daesung: “Oh no, please don’t cry, I don’t want you to feel sad. I will get a break soon and I won’t leave your side. You know it’s my job, so don’t be jealous about those girls, I never think about them like I think about you.”

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“Everyone (almost) wants a piece of the panda….”

Inspired by all the craziness there has been of our boys’ love for our favourite maknae, Lee Seunghyun! Then you got Daesung not wanting to be apart of all this mess. And don’t question why I drew panda as panda….. he just is xD

Please do not use of commercial usage and if you’re going to share it, please credit back and do not remove watermark :) Thank you and keep loving Big Bang !! Progress video will be uploaded later. 

This took about 2+ hours. Done with Wacom Intuos5 on Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop CC