i just want to tell him how much he inspires me

Give You the World

“You, you are art. The most beautiful piece of all.”

Synopsis: If there’s one thing that inspired you to keep going in life, it was a simple picture painted on a wall by a street artist named V. It changed your life- he changed your life and all you want to do is meet him. But what if V is closer than you think?

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Pairing: StreetArtist!Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff/light smut

Word Count: 11,675

Warnings: very light smut, literally not even a full paragraph or deep description so dw

A/N: sudden inspiration and motivation hits

UPDATE: 301216 // reuploaded from ftlob @ 1.6k notes onto here, aka my personal. this story means a lot to me for it to not be on my personal writing blog ^^; and i’m currently writing a sequel for this to explain the unanswered :)

Just once. You want to meet him just once in your life so you can tell him how much of an inspiration he is to you and how his artwork- he- impacted your life. Many people call it vandalism and say that kind of “shit” shouldn’t taint the wonderful streets of a beautiful city, but you beg to differ. What he does is absolute art and you wish more people would open their eyes to such beauty. To meet the one person who inspired you and motivated you would be an honor, but it’s hard to find him if the only real thing known about him is his name, V.

Well, you figured out that he only comes out at night, but what hours specifically? As much as you want to meet him, the chances feel slim to none. Though, following one of the words on his old pieces, you’re going to do your best to find him since “happiness is something one has to find, not wait for.” Oh, what you would do to-

“Miss Y/L/N!” Your professor says in an annoyed tone, appearing like he has been calling you for the past twenty seconds or so. He probably was.

“Y- yes?” You stutter.

“Miss Y/L/N, like I have said multiple times before, I would appreciate it if you pay attention in my class. Then perhaps your grade wouldn’t be so low.”

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‘Because how could we be friends when I want us to be so much more? When I think about your lips on mine every damn moment, when I can’t concentrate on my work when you’re around and I want to kiss and kill you at the same time? When I’m standing in front of your door at night, ready to tell you everything, to ask for forgiveness but don’t have the courage to knock? How could we be friends, Lewis, when you are so much more to me?’
His breath was coming in short intakes now and he could hear his blood rushing through his veins, he could feel his heart tattooing cries of desperation against his ribs and Lewis’ eyes on him.’
—  // excerpt from a story
Something Great

A/N : Sorry that I didn’t post for so long. Here is a cute Dan imagine that was inspired by Something Great by 1d

I closed the laptop and sighed. I just rewatched like 100 videos of my favourite youtuber danisnotonfire and I really couldn’t handle the feels anymore.

Is it weird to say that he feels like my friend ? I mean yeah he doesn’t even know me but i kinda feel so close to him. I wanted to see him every second of the day. I wanted to feel him. Wanted to be able to tell him how much he means to me. ButIi guess the script was written and I couldn’t change a thing.

I couldn’t tell him how he helped me through all my dark days. How he makes me laugh and how he inspires me. I just wanted him here with me. Right here holding me closed just like I imagine it all the time. “Is that to much to ask for” I screamed into my pillow. “You are all I want okay. It hurts so much to not be with you.” I started crying and the tears wetted my pillow.
Strong arms suddenly grabbed me by my shoulders and turned me around so my face was facing the room. “Love, are you alright ?” a posh british accent asked. I could barely see his face in the dark. But I knew who he was, his voice, his eyes, his dark fringe, his body. My breath got stuck in my throat. I was too overwhelmed to answer.
“ What is too much to ask for and who do you want ? It better be me” he joked and pressed his lips against mine. My eyes closed as soon as i felt his soft lips and then widened in shock. He pulled away and worriedly looked at me. “You are not kissing back, Y/N. Is everything okay ? Did i do something wrong ? ”

“I’m just- I -I. You are Dan Howell” I managed to stutter.
He looked down at me as if I just said I’m an alien or something.
“Yeah… I know. It’s good to know your boyfriends name.”
My brain was completely shut down. Dan Howell my boyfriend ?
“I am imagining this right ?” I asked and eyed my ‘boyfriend’.
“Stop scaring me Babe. You are my girlfriend, we met at vidcon one year ago and you think I’m the sexiest person to ever exist”
Suddenly the memories flew back into my head. How it felt when he kissed me for the first time, his body over mine, how we fall asleep next to each other everyday. I couldn’t stop myself from starting to cry again. It was like you told the 16 years old me that I’m going to date my biggest celebrity crush. My heart was bursting with emotions. “Oh my god ” I breathed. I kissed him so fucking hard. He started laughing at how needy I was. “I just dreamed that I was still just your fangirl and it felt so real” I cried onto his shoulder. “But now you are here with me. You are my world.”
“And that is something great”

honestly, my trip to the renaissance faire today inspired me. i want to write a oneshot where arthur returns and all he does is complain about the modern world and about how much he misses camelot, and after months of this merlin has finally had enough. he drives arthur to the medieval faire and throws him out of the car and just drives away.


1/? Reasons why Kang Daesung is an inspiration to everyone..

- Because no matter how much it hurts to him, he still gives us his everything ♥

Honestly my throat isn’t in a good condition. My doctor keeps telling me from when I was a trainee that if I keep singing, I may lose my voice. That is why I don’t visit my doctor.  Hearing those things does not help at all. I already know that my throat isn’t strong and vocal chords do not recover once they are damaged.  If I get a surgery, I won’t be able to sing for few months. I don’t have that time. About my weak throat, I have talked about it to my fans.  I don’t want to disappoint them in the future so I tell the truth now.  I get off pitch when I sing.

“But  I found a way.  I tell my vocal chords to “push the sound out!” When I just think that I can die any time, my voice comes out.  In that way, I can sing for long hours. Audiences are heated up and I am able to create the impressive atmosphere for hours.  I use that mind set to keep singing.


151013 happy birthday to this little cinnamon roll

honestly no words can describe how perfect and beautiful you are as an idol as well as a person. thank you for entering my life and making it x62938732 better than it originally was, constantly filling my day with your beautiful smiles. there are so many more things i would want to tell you but most importantly, i want to thank you for being who you are and staying true to your roots. i pray to god that he would bless you with ever ending love and care and that you would stay healthy mentally and physically. i sincerely hope you achieve all of your dreams and goals in life. as much as you have inspired me to persevere and achieve my own goals, i wish that you would feel motivated by armys’ encouragement and love and live your life to the fullest. seeing how much you train yourself to improve your singing and dancing truly motivates me. i just want you to know that you are perfect just the way you are and just so lovable and beautiful. thank you for existing, park jimin.

happy birthday chimchim

Admin Note: You are incredibly strong OP, and we thank you so much for sharing with us. It is an honor to see your message in our inbox, and we are so glad to be in the SPN Family with you. You have our love, and if you ever feel the need or desire to reach out to us, we offer our support to you through SPN Confessions, or our personal blogs. You are the heart of our fandom, and we are so inspired by your courage to always keep fighting. - Admin L

Adding to Admin L’s note, I just wanted to wish you the best in your life Anon. DO NOT give up! I don’t know where you are located, or how difficult it must be to get around for you, but I would consider reaching out to Travis Aaron Wade (the actor who plays Cole) and tell him your story. Through his program T.R.U.T.4.H. he helps people like you get to conventions. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever need to chat. We hope by some miracle you do get to go to a convention and you are not limited by the number 18. Always Keep Fighting - Admin S

The Blue Blur

In honor of Sonic’s upcoming birthday, talk about what he means to you as a character. Tell us what your favorite things are about him, moments in the games that made you love him, share caps, gifs, stories, etc.

Everything. I love everything about Sonic! Honestly what’s not to love about him? He’s kind and generous while still never forgetting his need for fun and thrill in life, and I just really love that.

Sonic represents endless freedom to me, he inspires me to keep going and I hope that I can be a little bit like him one day, even just a tiny little bit would be enough. I want to be FREE (hah).

There are too many moments in which Sonic shows us how loving he is, too many moments to count.

I think one of my favorite moments though is in Sonic X when he takes Helen, a girl in a wheelchair, on an adventure.

He takes her to a place full of beautiful flowers to cheer her up, listens to her troubles, makes her feel like someone understands her… that was so touching ;; HE’S AN ANGEL…

I just want to take a moment to thank Sonic forever for being such a great role model for everyone out there.

Thank you, Sonic.

I just love the moon. He’s the cosmic embodiment of who I wish to be with. He’s always there smiling at me. Well not that you aren’t, but your smile makes me nervous. And then I look up at him and he tells me everything is alright. He spreads a warm blanket of endless understanding while I mourn about how much I want you and how guilty I feel for getting these thoughts. It’s him I look up at when I’m hurting because of your unintentional conversations. I talk to him when the tears are overflowing. You see, I can’t talk to you, because you never know what to do. He does. He glows in my stead and send me his light.
—  and the best part is he’s always there. i think that’s why i love him in fact; because he is the exact opposite of you (inspired by this) // .a.c.

calum thomas hood is my damn inspiration. he inspires me so much. he’s so talented and he puts his all into everything he does and he doesn’t get enough appreciation for that. he’s the reason why i want to learn how to play bass, he’s the reason why i want to give my all in what i do, he’s the reason why i keep going and why i don’t just end it all. he is my fucking inspiration and if i ever get the chance to tell him that, i will. he’s everything in my life. i love him so much and his talent and who he is goes unappreciated a lot and that need to change bc people needs to see how good of a guy calum is. calum thomas hood, if you ever read this, just know that i appreciate you, you’re my everything, you’re who i look up to. thank you. @5sos-official

So I don’t have a means of posting screenshots that would show this off, but:

I was just playing through Dorian’s final “goodbye” scene, where he tells you that after you defeat Corypheus, he’s going to go back to Tevinter and change things there, because you inspire him so much, etc etc

Anyway, the scene starts with Dorian reading a book. It’s hard to spot, but if you watch the book’s cover, you’ll see the Kirkwall symbol on the front, and one of Varric’s muscle-shot photos on the back. This means, I assume, that Dorian’s reading The Tale of the Champion.

That in itself gives me a lot of thoughts and feelings (especially given the context of the scene, which is him telling you how inspired he is by your successes, right? But then he’s also clearly thinking about Hawke, whose story is just one fuck up after another, and yet he’s still talking about feeling inspired, and wanting to change his home for the better, or at least try, because it’s the choices that matter, and I just– UGH BURY ME) but anyway that’s not really what struck me about this scene

You actually see the same book in one other place: the wine cellar where all your Bottles of Thedas are stored.

Which makes me wonder: Is that copy Dorian’s? I mean, we know Cassandra has a copy, but we never see it (and besides hers would have a giant hole in the middle HAHA). And if it IS Dorian’s… then what’s it doing in the wine cellar?

Does that imply that Dorian takes a little quiet time with the whiskies and a trashy novel when nobody’s looking? Is this Dorian’s retreat from the world, when it all gets to be too much?

Is Dorian reading Hawke fanfiction and drinking alone?

Is Dorian one of us??

i posted this on twitter but wasn’t fully able to say what i wanted so here goes
he inspired me to create so much and do so much. when others were telling me to stop he was saying keep going. i started going to the art institute to be an animator, it was my dream to just meet him once and tell him how much i loved what he did, how awesome he was, with out him i never would have pursued art, i probably would have quit drawing all together. i owe him a lot, i promise to keep at my dream and become an animator at roosterteeth

and one other thing i want to get off my chest, for those of you who tell me “why are you sad? you didn’t even know him.” can shove it. when someone inspires you, you have every right the feel however you want. its true i never got to meet him but the connection i felt through the emotion of his work and the drive and all the advice he gave, he seemed more like a friend then some of the people i see everyday

R.I.P Monty Oum
we love you

I know, I get it.

Phil Lester is a man nearing thirty. He’s about ten years older than me and he’s never met me. He has no idea I exist and it’s more likely than not that I’ll never meet him face to face.

But I love him.

I’m expressing my love for a soul that has made me laugh when I’m crying, that’s made me calm when I’m panicked, that’s comforted me when I’m sad. A soul that has reached millions of people and chosen to make their lives just that much more positive. He cheers for me.

I look up to Phil Lester. I want to make people happy, just as he has. I admire his quirks and how instead of being embarrassed, he owns them. His selflessness, positivity, and empathy for others are all things I strive to do every single day. He inspires me.

Phil Lester sees the good in people and believes in them. He follows his dreams and encourages others to do the same. He builds people’s confidence in themselves and yet offers friendly, wise advice. He teaches me.

Phil Lester cares for all living things and works his hardest every day. He doesn’t tolerate hate and he pushes for people to help in any way they can. He helps me grow and learn things about people and relationships I never thought possible. He guides me.

Phil Lester never shoots down any of his fans and tries to respond to us as much as he can. He gives us quality videos and hasn’t changed a bit throughout his career on youtube. He adores meeting with us and when we ask for help or advice, he never fails us. He cares about me.

Even if we never meet, even if I never speak to him, he cares about me.

He cares about you, too.

That’s why I love Phil Lester.

“A lot of times being a costume designer is drudgery. A director will tell you that he wants a pink dress with blue ruffles, and you just have to follow orders. But the process was so much more with Chris. It was something intimate. He was the creative. He liked ideas, and colors, and shapes. I was the technician. I handled the nuts and bolts of things. He’d tell me that he wanted something ‘crisp.’ Or he’d cut things out of magazines that inspired him. Or he’d play a piece of music that he wanted me to embody. Sometimes he’d just point to an old brick wall with peeling paint, and say: ‘Make me something that looks like that.’ Our work represented our relationship. It was all about the process for me. Chris was more about the accomplishment. I remember how excited he was when one of our shows was featured on the front page of the New York Times’ Arts section. He felt that he was finally starting to be recognized. But it was bittersweet, because he’d started to get sick by then.” (2/3)

So here’s my Misha OP, and all though I don’t have a story to go with it, I do have a pretty amazing story to tell you about what happened at his autograph session. So this is what happened between me and Misha: After 3 years of going to cons, I just felt like this was the perfect moment to finally tell Misha Collins why I love him so much. This was what happened; I went up to Misha with my heart slightly pounding, and I almost in that moment once I saw Misha, chicken out on what I was about to say. What I wanted to say to him mean’t to much to me to put it off any longer though. He means so much to me, it was time. This was pretty much the dialogue to what was said:
Me: I just want you to know how much of an inspiration you truly are to me. I am somebody who makes only minimum wage, and yet I save every penny to attend conventions. Misha: (He leaned back and ran his hand through his hand while saying this.) “Wow, I wish I could give you all your money back.Me: "No, your worth every penny. Your actually the reason why I attend all these conventions. Not the boys."Misha: (with an absolute look of shock and awe, jaw dropped, he grabbed my hand and held it between his and said with sincerity) "Wow, I’m going to carry that around with me forever. Thank you sweetheart!"Me: "Of course! You’ll always be my fave."Then at this point, Richard Speight Jr who is standing there says this too me; "That’s a beautiful speech young lady. I’m going to remember you said that. Thank you for coming.”
So yeah, that’s my story about Misha from Vegas Con. It’s something so little, yet something I will always remember. I get emotional just thinking about it, because Misha seems to think he doesn’t deserve all this love. I feel like a lot of people don’t see him for the Angel the man truly is, his amazing giving heart, and the sincerity he shows to all his fans. I just had to share this, because of Misha.


HIIII TAYLOR ( taylorswift )!!!!! 😁💗💜💙💛💚
My name is Kimberly but you are welcome to call me Kim or Kimmy. I’m 21. I’m from Pennsylvania. And I just want to thank you and let you know how much you mean to me.
I don’t even know where to begin! Lol.
You have honestly been one of the biggest helps in my life. You’ve got me through so many things. And you’ve also inspired me to be more confident in myself, and to be more happy.
I’ve been enchanted by you since 2006, and you have come to mean so much in my life. I love you and support you about everything no matter what. I would follow you anywhere. I want to start by telling you what you’ve helped me through.
Back 8+ years ago, I met a guy named John. He was my first real true love even though I had met him online. I knew what I was feeling. Over the course of those 8 years however, he had put me through so many emotional loops. He had hurt me numerous times. He’d leave and then he’d come back, he’d leave and then he’d come back. No matter what though I always took him back in. I just couldn’t get myself to let go. He meant everything to me. Finally however, back near the end of September or October of 2014, I was slowly starting to realize more and more that this wasn’t going to work out between me and him no matter how hard I tried. I still held on longer though, but finally 2 months ago. I was finally ready to let go. He was happy and content with someone, and I wanted to allow him to be that way. It was really hard for me though. I couldn’t keep doing this to myself though. So I finally let go.. I couldn’t put myself through the pain anymore and I knew I needed to be happy myself. And “Clean” has helped me so much with getting through it. I finally feel like I can breathe again. I feel free, I feel clean. You helped me overcome a love that had had such a strong hold on me.
Second, you helped me overcome the bullying that happened when I was still in high school. Back in the beginning of my senior year, there was this one kid and his group of friends that would always laugh and say mean things about me right around me. That whole thing was so upsetting for me that I was afraid to even go to school because I hated hearing the things, and I just got so uncomfortable being around them. You’ve always been the one to come out strong no matter what people say, and that inspired me to do the same. Your confidence and strength has helped me to become even somewhat more confident in myself, and not let things say bother me as much. I just “Shake It Off” now and to just know that all people are ever going to be is “Mean”. I’m also not always so in my shell anymore either. I’ve come out of it a little. I now have the confidence to talk to people more. I have such bad anxiety sometimes where I non-stop think about things, get so upset, feel so uncomfortable around people, but now I’m opening up a little more. I still have it and sometimes things spark it a lot but still, I’m doing a lot better than I was.
Not only have you inspired me to be more confident, but also to be more happy as well. There’s so many things going on with school, home, and relationships that it’s hard to just be happy. But anymore I’m just trying to do the best I can and keep a smile on my face, and not let things get to me as much.
Your words and your music has helped me through so much.. I think one of the main reasons why I love and adore you is because I can relate to your music so much. I’ve experienced and felt the emotions and things you speak / sing about in your songs. Your music is just brilliant and I don’t know what I’d do without it.
I love you so much Taylor. I don’t know how even put into words how grateful and thankful I am for you. You mean a lot to me. You are like a best friend, and a sister. Most of the time your music is the only thing that’s helped me get by. You’ve got me through some of my darkest times. I just… It’s hard to completely put into words how happy I am to have you in my life even if it’s only through your music, words, etc. You’re pre-Clean speech means a lot to me because it’s about things I’ve thought about, wondered about or even had doubts about. That speech honestly had me in tears because it talked about things I was going through. It’s just perfect. You are so wonderful. And I’m just so happy to see you as happy as you are anymore. Because that’s all that matters. Seeing you as happy as you are makes me and the rest of us happy. All of us love you so much. We are so proud to call you our idol, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Anyway, I should probably wrap this up, it’s getting pretty long.. Lol. I really hope that maybe one day you’ll see this and maybe read it if you can, because I just want you to know.
Love you Tay! I’m so happy and grateful for everything you’ve given me and helped me through. I’m so happy that you just exist!Thank you so very much!! I hope that one day I get the honor of hugging one of my bestest friends, you. <3

Love, Kimberly Hamilton

P.S. Thank you so much for releasing 1989 on October 27th. I literally couldn’t contain my excitement and happiness when I found out you were releasing it on that date. It was like getting a birthday present from one of my favorite people, my idol, you.


The line clicks after the third ring. “Hey. How was the first day on the job?”

I can’t speak. I shouldn’t have called him. I’m about to hang up.

“Lo?” Ryke’s voice turns serious. “Hey, talk to me.”
I let out a breath. “Tell me why I shouldn’t.” I pinch my eyes. I want this to end. This torment. These feelings. I want to help Lily without needing something to drown my own thoughts. 

“Because one drink isn’t worth what you’ll feel in the morning.”

“That’s not good enough.”

“You’ll puke,” he reminds me. That’s right, I’m on Antabuse. One sip of alcohol and I’ll be sick.

I pause, wondering if I still could test it out. Maybe I could. I grimace. Maybe I couldn’t.

“Because you love Lily more than that.”
And it hits me. I’m here. In the fucking car. Debating about a stupid glass of alcohol when Lily is waiting for me upstairs, fighting her compulsions, probably seconds from touching herself. And I’m supposed to be there to help her say no. To stop her. I’m the guy looking out for her the way Ryke is there for me.

Rose trusted me that I would be able to stay sober and help Lily. And this is the one thing I want to do right. 

My birthday plan for troye

Hi everyone,

So as a lot of you know, Troye’s birthday is next Friday, June 5th. I have a little something planned, and it would mean the world to me if you helped out.

I’m not good at edits and gifs, and I’m not comfortable in front of a camera. The things I’m good at are writing and music. So I’m writing Troye a letter.

I’m telling him what he’s done for me, but more importantly, what he’s done for all of his viewers collectively. He helps people to be themselves and inspires them to be themselves, just by being himself. I want him to know how important he is. The rough draft of my letter is here

Troye has helped me the most by leading me to the music and people that I love. I’m going to make him a spotify playlist as well to go with the songs. I want more that anything for him to read this, and to recognize just how much he means to thousands of people.

On his birthday, when I post the letter here, it would be so amazing if you all could like/reblog it, and send the link to the post to his fanmail. If you could tweet/dm him the link as well that would help a lot. I know many people are doing things for his birthday, but I really want him to see this. 

Thank you so much, fingers crossed!