i just want to take silly pictures with him one day

This Is How I Disappear

Prompt: Requested by Anonymous. “Hey, could you please do one that takes place during WW2 and Gerard has to go to war and he’s gone for a while and Y/N becomes depressed without him and then one night he finally comes home but doesn’t tell Y/N cause he wants to surprise her and then he finds her crying and holding a picture of him so he goes to comfort her and they’re both so happy to be with each other again and just lots of fluff thank you ❤️”

Word Count: 1,228

Pairing: Gerard x Reader

A/N: I’m srry it’s taken me so long to post another fic, i hope you like it!

The day Gerard left was the day you finally understood what those old ladies in their worn dresses who spend day after day in the cemetery feel. He left you all alone in an apartment covered in his smell, his clothes, his silly comic books and dirty dishes. He didn’t want to leave you, he made that very clear, but that doesn’t stop the endless ache in your chest from expanding with each passing month. Its late winter, snow tumbling down outside and the sun hiding behind the endless nights, and you’ve never felt more alone. Without the sun everything really does feel hopeless and every time the door bell rings your stomach twists with the thought that it’s someone coming to tell you he’s never coming back. You’re cuddled up in a blanket on the couch, dress bunched up around your legs and you know you should have changed after work but you’re so tired and this blanket still smells like him if you press your face into it.

Minutes tick by and your heart just gets heavier and heavier, dread sinking in the longer you let yourself think. He could be dead right now, shot and left alone on a battlefield, and you could never have the chance to say goodbye. A sob builds in your chest and you start to wonder if you even remember what he looks like. It’s been almost two years now and you’d think this would get easier, living without him, but it only gets harder. He could be dead. Some soldiers have come home, like Frank after he got shot and couldn’t keep fighting, or like Mikey…poor Mikey. Does Gerard know his brother is dead? But Frank was back months ago and even thought he said Gerard was fine that was too long to know for sure now, especially not in a war like this. Gerard used to send letters but they stopped coming and you wish you knew why.

You reach and grab the poorly made book on the table beside you. Gerard put it together before he was drafted, pictures of the two of you put into a book made with love and string. The first picture is the day you moved in together, your hair is up and Gerard is clean shaven, kissing your cheek and making you smile. You’re parents were ashamed to see you move in together without a ring in the picture but you did it anyway, Gerard always has been the one to push back against society. Your heart tightens painfully at the sight of him, you were wrong about forgetting what he looks like but seeing these pictures is painful. This could be all you have left.

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