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Heyaa! I dunno if this is asked but... Yah have some tips in drawing? No need to answer if you don't.

Practice, I know it’s a common Tip, but It’s true. Start out with Basics, Anatomy and the Physical “Weight” of a Character. Don’t be afraid to get messy, make sure to add curves in the right places, no person is really flat (unless by style choice of course). If you want to Draw faster, Gestures helped me with that, or just Quick Doodles I thought would be Fun to try and do, Get as much Motion as you can in a Drawin’.. Try not to Align things too perfectly (such as the Angle of shoulders, make one higher or lower for better character, same goes most facial features). I’m no Professional, but here’s a Quick Example of my Process…

Dares and Closets (Don’t Mix Well)

Based off a prompt I found on tumblr

Also on my Ao3 account, so no, I did not steal this!

If the prompt owner would like a credit, because I could not find their user, please do contact me! I would love to give credit where it is due for my inspiration of this prompt. If you want me to take it down as well I will do so without complaint.

Langst with a side of truth or dare! Enjoy please!

It was a nice night, calm. No missions for them yet, so it was relaxed. A perfect night for a game Keith guessed. When you put five very bored paladins together, some things happen. Just like this kind of game. Which, Keith really had no clue started honestly. Or who even really thought this was a good idea. A group exercise and a ‘get to know you’ game all in one. All Keith knew, was that was bull, and the game was just strange and humiliating at times. Oh, what was this exact game?

Truth or Dare.

Basically, to Keith’s understanding, the game was ‘do a sexual or humiliating thing, or tell us who you like’. With other things squished in to make it not seem so obvious what information they really wanted. Just stupid random things, whether it was to make you uncomfortable, or make you do or say some plain weird things that would never be spoke of again in any circumstance.

So, it’s what Lance would call Vegas. What happens in the Truth or Dare circle, stays in the circle.

Sitting in together on the floor all the paladins, Pidge, Hunk, Shiro, Keith, and finally Lance. Allura and Coran were just idly observing and during their own work or entertainment while they kept an eye on the young adults. And so far, the game was going fine. Random things happened, like Hunk having to give Pidge a piggyback ride. Keith having to run around the whole facility two times. Dodging the occasional paladins who were stalking him to make sure he ran the whole way and not take any short cuts. Shiro had to stand on his head for so long that he almost passed out. And the things that were forced out of people will never be brought up again under any circumstances. Kinks, are shamed and will forever stay in the closet. Speaking of closets.

Keith watched passively as Pidge gave a sly smirk, he knew what the look in her eyes meant, he was wondering just who was going to be humiliated now. Pidge pointed directly at Lance, who grinned widely as the damning words were spoken. Keith thought it was a little odd, but all of the options he’d picked had been dares. All of those dares were done with absolutely no hesitation. It was awe-inspiring, disgusting, and even a little bit impressive. Honestly speaking, unlike Lance, there was no way in hell that Keith would even let his face get within a foot of the bathroom floor, and there was Lance. Got a dare of licking it. And he freaking did it. He was going to get sick. When that did happen, all Keith was going to say was ‘I told you so’. Maybe get him some cold medication after he admitted fault.

“Truth or Dare Lance.” Lance rolled his eyes, giving a mischievous grin of his own.

“I thought you were smart Pidge? Do you eve have to ask me anymore? Dare, come at me bro.” Pidge grinned widely to match Lance’s own smile. Spinning a random pen in her hands, she pointed accusingly at him again.

“Take the person you hate the most, and lock yourself in the nearest broom closet with them for a whole hour.” Keith rolled his eyes, almost ready to get up and start walking to the closet himself. Ready to get it over with as soon as possible, because no matter how Keith thought of Lance. Sitting in a stuffy, dark, broom closet, was a pass time he wouldn’t even do willingly with his favorite person in the world. Though, Lance wasn’t a terrible person to be stuck with. Better than Hunk, seeing as Hunk was a nice guy, but of a much taller and bigger form than Keith. The only thing that stopped Keith from standing up however was Lance. Who’s face remained stiff like stone, but his eyes held panic at first, until it smoothed over to a blank, dull, blue grey. Unlike the usually fun and joke loving light in his eyes. Lance got up stiffly, and started walking across the circle towards Keith, making the red paladin a little unsettled, especially with that blank look in his eyes. Keith shifted, until the tan, Cuban male was nearly in front of him. Keith held his breath.

But Lance just walked right past him, brushed past him like nothing. Not even a glance back. Just walking straight ahead, blue eyes forward, brown hair shifting with the movement and breeze from the vents. His tan skin was barely visible from his tan and gold jacket and jeans. Feet padding away with small thumps until he was so far away no one could see him or hear the soft footfalls. Shiro had tried to call out to him, maybe stop him. But Lance was never one to hesitant or change his mind. So, it was already too late to go after him by the time he disappeared behind the door. The remaining four just sat and stared for a short while, before Hunk cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention.

“Um, Shiro. Truth or dare?” His voice was steady, but it was easy to tell that he was distracted by Lance’s sudden disappearance. Just like it was obvious that he wasn’t the only one as Shiro didn’t even respond to the question at first, only giving a soft ‘huh?’ as his name processed in his mind.

It was pretty clear the mood was dead and the game was quickly falling apart with Lance’s sudden disappearance from the main room. Leaving only an off feeling and a strange silence to replace the light fun. No more licking disgusting floors and laughing at the poor bastard who was dared to do it. Not even any stupid jokes that made everyone groan and call Lance annoying. The game was dead and people were beginning to separate and go off on their own for the night as they realized that. Keith however, was still bothered. Knowing that he should probably just ignore it and go to his own residence for the night, he found himself hesitating and contemplating it in his mind. Then briskly walking past his own room and straight to the room of a certain idiotic male. Finding not even a sigh of life in the blue paladin’s room to Keith’s disappointment. The black haired male bit back a sigh and walked out. Checking the various places in the facility.

Nothing in the kitchen. The commonplaces were completely empty and dark, even the library, still nothing. Though, in Keith’s mind the library had been a long shot. After nearly an hour of searching in every place Keith could think of looking he was ready to give up as he checked the main room one last time before walking away. About to give up and guess that the tan male just wanted some alone time for some reason, Keith stopped as he heard a soft noise. Like a snore or a sigh. That definitely wasn’t his. Keith turned on his heel and looked around the hallway. There wasn’t anything here though, nothing really. Except an old broom closet.

Broom closet.

The closest closet to the main room.

Where they were playing before Lance left.

It didn’t sound right to Keith, to even think of that being a possible thing, but, being thorough was a sign of a job well done. And Keith was anything but half-assed with anything he’d ever committed to do. So, against everything he knew about Lance and his stupid joking ways. He opened the broom closet door silently. Eyes widening in surprise as he saw the exact paladin he had been looking for. Lance’s back was against the farthest wall, in the corner. His legs were loosely bent against his chest, propped up by his shoe clad feet. His arms were splayed against his stomach and his head was lulled to the side. His hair falling messily around his head as if he were constantly running his fingers through it. And with further examination, Keith found his eyes to be closed in his sleep. Puffy and red as if he’d been…

Keith didn’t like the mental image of Keith sitting in the dark and crying. He didn’t like to think of that, Lance, sitting here for the full hour as the rest of them sat in the main room together. Falling asleep in the closet. Not dragging anyone with him, when he was supposed to bring the person he hated the most-

Remembering that part of the dare almost made seeing Lance like this so much worse, because Lance never didn’t listen to a dare. And if he brought the person he hated most into the closet with him; and there was only him in the closet. It spoke volumes that just made it even more depressing to think over. Keith could say that he hated the revelation more than seeing the tear tracks on Lance’s cheeks. A hard level of hatred to beat.

Looking over his shoulder, Keith checked the hallway, before looking back at the usually happy and upbeat paladin and reaching in towards him. Looping one of his arms underneath the boy’s legs, and cautiously wedging the other one between Lance’s back and the wall to get a decent hold on him before lifting him up slowly, and pulling his unconscious body out of the small broom closet. Being mindful not to bang the other’s head on the door frame as he silently closed the closet door with his foot after them.

Trying his best not to wake the other up as he leaned the brown-haired male’s head against his shoulder as Keith carried him. Tightening his grip on the male, Keith took small and smooth steps as he headed towards the other’s room. A frown set deeply on his lips as he let his thoughts wander on the way there. He didn’t know how to feel. Or explain how he was feeling. It was like his heart was in his stomach. He was lightheaded and wanted to collapse to the ground and empty out his stomach. Maybe it’s lodge his heart back into place.

But, he wasn’t going to do that. Not now, not while he was carrying Lance at least. After he had put the other male down it might be free game. It was still painful and sad though, even if he wasn’t acting on the feeling. Keith hated the emotion with a passion. He preferred hearing the blue paladin tell some stupid punchline, or a story that made everyone groan and roll their eyes. Even if they were terrible jokes at least it made the blue paladin look like himself. Being depressed and hiding in a closet with self-hatred wasn’t him. Not Lance.

Was it?

Shaking off the thoughts, Keith ignored them. Instead focusing on taking long strides and making it to the blue paladin’s room without hitting the Cuban male’s head or dropping him. Which was a successful feat, until it came to actually getting them in the door. Being as they were both grown ass men, one in a princess hold, trying to get through a small doorway that was very likely not as wide as Lance’s height, even if he was curled up.

Though, Keith wasn’t a quitter, and five minutes later, both males were in Lance’s room after a lot of maneuvering a limp paladin and inching forward without hitting anything, being too loud, or stepping on a stray object in the room. But eventually Keith was able to flop the other male down onto his bed. The covers were still messily sprawled across the bed, so it was easy to pull them over the sleeping male before Keith stepped away to observe Lance once more, before Keith reached down with a gloved hand and rubbed the tear stains from Lance’s red cheeks and puffy eyes. Keith retracted his hand shortly after. Paranoid of the other walking up as Keith turned away and inched out the door again. Pausing only once to look back before he shut the door to leave the other paladin alone in his room.

“You aren’t supposed to cry Lance.”

And Keith walked away.

I checked my credit card balance and I still have pleeeenty of money on it so…

Aw yeaaaah.

I would’ve just bought the digital version but since I used to work for Apple I’m always so paranoid of my digital purchases someday becoming unavailable in the future. At least with a hard copy I don’t have to worry about that. PLUS having a hard copy that you can put on a shelf for everyone to see is nice too.

Legends S1 rewatch!

So, I want to start a thing. Maybe I”ll just be doing it myself. Maybe not! Either way, this could be fun.

The second season of Legends of Tomorrow had its merits, but it was missing a lot for me and, I know, for others. A massive part of that was the absence of Leonard Snart, of course (and CaptainCanary), but I just really enjoyed the dynamic and story of S1 better.

So, I’m going to start a Legends season 1 rewatch. One episode a week throughout the summer, and I’m going to blog about each episode as I watch. And after watching each one, I’m going to write a “missing scene” from that episode. (Because it’s me, it’s likely to be CaptainCanary. But who knows?)

I’m going to start this week with episode one. (Hopefully tonight, but within the next few days at least.) Then the second sometime from June 5 to 11. Then the third sometime from June 12 to 18. Etc. I figure that gives more flexibility if anyone else wants to do this as well.

What say you, Legends fandom?

Summer 2016 127lbs➡️Spring 2017 160lbs

I started lifting 8 months ago and boy has my body changed! I was truly fed up with how I looked. I weighed around 127 pounds and the one thing I wanted most was an ass! I would make up every excuse in the world to not go to the gym which was sad bc I got my BS in Exercise Science 😭 But finally I had enough of myself complaining and hating on others that would make a change for themselves.

I started training hard and eating a TON. I thought I just couldn’t gain weight but I was just not eating enough. I was slamming down 4.5K calories a day for 3 months in order to bulk up; lifting heavy to make my muscles grow. Sometimes I can’t see the changes I’ve made until I see and compare old photos and I couldn’t be anymore proud of myself. I went from 127 lbs to 160 lbs with even a lower body fat % then when I started lifting. It’s possible to change your body and strive for the goals you want. It’s just a matter of conviction and determination ❤️

Control Ch. 3

This chapter is lighter, no smut, nothing too dramatic, just Jumin and MC getting tense. I’ll be back a little later to post some slightly smutty scenarios. Hope you still enjoy this!

You turn your head to find Seven and a soft smirk. You scoff lightly.

“You know damn well what I’ve been up to, Seven.”

“Yeah… I just wanted to brag a little. Go on, tell everybody.”

“Tell what?” Jaehee asks, confused.

“I just started this internship at this publicity agency. Seven might have or might have not sent my résumé to them, since I don’t remember sending one myself.”

“You need to start eating food with omega 3 to stimulate your memory, MC, you’re too young to keep forgetting things.” He smiles teasingly, you just roll your eyes and smile, the first true smile of the day.


“There’s something I’ve been wondering if you’d be willing to try.” He says, looking down, you swear he is even blushing a little.

“Go on, tell me.” You say, your hand grabs his in reassurance.

“Remember when you told me I should research things that can be of my interest in bed? I did a little one…”

“Okay. And?”

“Well, I’ve been interested in bondage, MC. Do you… do you know what bondage is?”

“I do, yeah… what about it?”

“I… right, just… know I don’t want to hurt you, MC. And it’s not about restraining you or… it’s just…”

“Having me under your control.”

He lets out a breathless chuckle. “Exactly. I… hope you don’t get me wrong on this, my love.”

“Jumin, honey… it’s fine. Don’t feel bad for taking interest in new things and wanting to try them. Stop repressing yourself, you did this for too long now…” now your both hands hold his. “So, uhm… what will you use to tie my wrists?”

This moment earned a new meaning to Jumin as months passed by. It used to be a sweet memory, the exact time when he knew that no matter what, he could be comfortable on his own skin when you were around, you made him feel comfortable, adequate, normal… happy for having someone who could understand him and support him.

Now, it’s a reminder of how stupid he was over you, it was a warning about who you really were, and he was so caught up under your spell he didn’t even notice. His lack of good sense hit exponential numbers when it concerned you, and maybe still does, since the first thing he did when you walked in that hall for that party was saying huskly “We need to talk”, dragging you to the closest empty room and… well, not talking at all.

But… what would he even talk about? He said it all that night you left, you probably said everything as well. You were scared of him, you lied and he couldn’t forgive you for lying. Neither of you could trust each other. Period.

So why is he still thinking about this? Why did his body claim yours so naturally in that room? Why watching you smile sweetly and laugh of Yoosung takes him back immediately back to that afternoon you showed up at his penthouse and introduced yourself as MC from the messenger?

“You missed this too, huh?” V comes behind him and rocks his shoulder playfully, waking him up from the trance. “RFA parties.” He explains, almost guessing Jumin was wondering if he was talking about something else.

“This isn’t a RFA party, it’s a C & R event.”

“Well, it’s a party, RFA is all here, so… no, but come to think of it, the guest list wasn’t in charge of the guest’s list coordinator, so yeah, it’s not a RFA party even though the whole RFA is here after a long time.”

“RFA and an intruder. Why did you invite her?”

“I told you. I wanted to call a meeting for RFA members. Last time I checked, MC is still a member.”

“Because Luciel didn’t delete her user from the server, even though she doesn’t log in for months.”

“Oh, so you noticed too?” he grins, and Jumin rolls his eyes. How couldn’t he notice, you were online in almost every chat before… all that.

“I don’t want her here, Jihyun. After everything she did, I…”

“Yes, but you see, you keep not telling me what she did that was so despicable, so… if I don’t know, I can’t judge, so she’s welcome here. And I’m not the only one who thinks that.”

Jumin watches as everybody in that table is laughing, even Jaehee, he rarely sees her smiling so genuinely, of course you are playing a role in this.

“Knowing you, you wouldn’t judge her even if I told you what she did.”

“Try me.”

“Nice try. I… I don’t even want to think of this again, so forget it.”

“I will. But then you can’t complain about having her here. Come on, let’s mingle.”

Jumin walks to that table as if his shoes are stuffed with iron, he’s almost dragging himself there, feeling completely inappropriate as your back is getting closer, the same back he had against his body some minutes ago… ugh… how can something so good at the moment make him feel so nauseous a little later?

“Finally! I was wondering if you guys left!” Zen greets them with a teasing tone.

“Of course not, we were just playing hosts, maybe you all should do the same. This is a RFA event, even though it doesn’t look like one.”

“We will, we will, after we catch up on MC’s life a little…” Yoosung shrugs and doesn’t even look at V. You chuckle, some things haven’t changed…

“I told you. There’s nothing much! I started at this internship. Yes, Seven, thank you.”

“My pleasure.” He raises his Dr. Pepper can.

“And uhm… well, I’m working on my term paper, as I’m about to graduate and… that’s pretty much it.”

“Yeah, yeah… we heard about this already. What about your love life, MC?” Seven gags on his Dr. Pepper, Yoosung and Jaehee stop breathing. You knew this was coming, Zen wouldn’t waste an opportunity to make Jumin uncomfortable, he doesn’t even know what happened, but he definitely took your side, and he probably waited for this moment in a while, you can even imagine him rehearsing this exact line.

“I see you’re still smooth, Zen. If you want to ask me out, just do so.” Zen gasps a little, then he blushes and looks away. You smile in satisfaction, and though you cannot see him, you’re pretty sure Jumin is smirking a little too… not that you care, you just can’t let Zen use you to affect Jumin.

“I’m glad you’re catching up, but I think we should take this moment that everybody is together to discus about the elephant in the room.” V says bluntly.

“Yes, RFA’s future.” Jaehee states, taking a sip of her wine.

“What future? We haven’t even discussed hosting parties after MC… left.” Seven says while typing on his phone.

“And now she’s here, that makes me assume she’s willing to… go back to her duty.”

You knew this subject would be brought up eventually, but you didn’t really prepare yourself for a definitive answer, which is probably what V wants.

“I would want to put this for a voting.” Jumin says looking at his wine.

“Put what for a voting?” you turn your head like your worst enemy is ready to stab you on your back.

“Your permanence as RFA guest list’s coordinator.” His eyes meet yours, all you see is coldness.

“I see. Putting it for a vote implies you have grounds on why I shouldn’t stay.”

“I was about to get there. Yes, I do. My grounds are that you were absent from your duty for half a year, which makes you unqualified for this job.”

“I logged in to that chatroom almost every day. There was nothing about a party, so I decided to focus on college.”

“And on work?” he asks bluntly, but only you can sense the judgmental tone.

“Yes. You got a problem with that?”

“What you do with your life is none of my concerns, MC.”

“Thank you, so you do admit putting it for a vote is pathetic.” You turn your back on him. What is this taste rising in your mouth? Victory?

“I don’t think putting it for a vote is pathetic.” Seven says, his eyes finally look away from his phone. What the fuck? “I think it would be interesting, somehow.”

“Seriously? Why?”

“Well, V wants her to stay, and though V is our so called leader, decisions concerning RFA’s future should be decided for all RFA members. But that’s just what I think.” And he goes back to his phone. Oh… so this is not about you, this is about V. Everything has been about V with Seven ever since your first RFA party.

“Couldn’t agree more, Luciel.” V says, Seven doesn’t answer.

“Well… I think we have a good fair of members who want this voting…” Jaehee says carefully, but when she says “great amount” you know she means “V”, sometimes you think she respects him more than her own boss. “I won’t oppose.”

“Fair enough. Let’s put it for a vote, then.Oh, and since I’m in trial here, apparently, I’ll abstain my voting.” You say, you didn’t want to come off so salty, but it’s impossible.

“I think MC should stay.”

“Me too.” Zen and Yoosung don’t even think, they just answer. Gogh, you missed Yoosung so much! And Zen… is obviously trying to make it up for trying to use you before. You know his intentions are always good, but if Jumin is in the way, he lacks a little bit of good sense… hum, funny, you could be easily describing yourself  right now.

“I’ll… abstain myself.” Jaehee says looking down, then she throws a quick glance to you. And, with that, you know you have her loyalty, but… she can’t really compromise herself with her boss like this. You glance back and smile at her in reassurance. No words need to be exchanged between you.

“I vote for her to leave, as I explained my reason before.”

“Reasons would imply that you’re being reasonable, Jumin. Which is not the case.” You mutter.

“I… also vote for MC to leave.” V says. What? Oh… you might have his assistant’s loyalty, but of course you wouldn’t have his best friend’s. And V probably knows all Jumin’s side on this. Ugh… that’s so stupid.

“Okay, so It’s a tie. Seven has the deciding vote.” Zen says, all the eyes in the table go straight to him.

Seven keeps typing without any expression in his face. At this point, you don’t even care what he decides, you have no clue on what he’s thinking! Even Jumin is easier to read for you.

Do you want to stay? Do you want to leave? Is it worth staying in a group where two people don’t consider you welcome? But is it right that you leave just because one of these people is your childish scared of conflicts ex-fiancée? You… honestly don’t know.

“Luciel… what’s your vote?” Jaehee asks impatiently.

“Hmmm… what do you think I should vote for, MC?”

Chapter 4 will be out next week!  

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You guys are awesome and your Otabek's friend's headcanons kill me! (I started a YOI account, yurioniceberglettuce, and I hope to eventually post a fic or drabble about Otabek's friends) Have you got anymore headcanons about Yuri and Otabek's friend's first meeting or finding out when Otabek and Yuri start dating, and just anything about them because it is so good!

(Thank you so much!! Writing Otabek’s friends is literally one of my favorite things to write! And be sure to link us to your writing we would love to read it!)

•As soon as Otabek became friends with Yuri in Barcelona, his friends wanted to meet him
•And by wanted I mean d e m a n d e d
•They would pester him constantly about it
•They thought since Otabek talked about him all. the. time. they deserved to meet the person behind all the talk
•Finally Otabek let them meet Yuri when he came to visit in Almaty
•He took Yuri to the club he plays at most, and where his friends almost always are (either they work there or just go to hang out)
•His friends literally flipped when they first met him
•"So THIS is the guy you’re always talking about Beka!“ “He’s a lot shorter in person” “He’s just as hot as you said he was!”
•Otabek was dying of embarrassment pretty much the second they walked in
•Yuri was blushing a ton too as all his friends did this
•"Do you really talk about me that much Beka?“
•He tries to stay composed but n o p e it doesn’t work
•The entire time his friends are either telling Yuri embarrassing stories about Otabek, or trying to play wingman
•*Otabek bends down to pick up something* *his friend goes over to Yuri* “Isn’t Otabek’s ass amazing?” *Yuri blushing like crazy*
•Otabek pretty much dragged Yuri out of there by the end
•They were both so embarrassed but tried so hard not to show it
•He totally didn’t text all of them and say he was going to murder them afterwards

-Mod Jess

People who complain about not having subs but A) Aren’t willing to pay for them or B) aren’t willing to even attempt to learn the language are wack. First of all if you want fast subs then start paying, I guarantee that subs will go up much quicker.  Yes, many sub teams will try to help but they aren’t getting any compensation for doing something that’s literally a job and y’all whine about how long it takes them to do it as if you’re fucking paying them or something. The nerve of y’all to complain about a free service you aren’t entitled to is…wow. 

Just the entitlement overall about English subs is one thing. Like you knew everything was gonna be in Korean or Japanese (or whatever other language for that matter). There’s no reason for you to be this demanding over English subs. I mean I understand wanting them but wanting and wishing for them is worlds away from bothering people about them and being all snippy about not having them after a couple of days. Like subbing teams have to drop everything to do somethingfor you when most of you guys wouldn’t even CONSIDER donating even a dollar to a subbing team.If everybody who watched subbed videos donated even 50 cents-one dollar subbing teams would actually be getting paid pretty fairly for their work. And that’s not even counting the people who could afford to donate more than a dollar. 

Anyway, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this spiel and it probably won’t be the last. But the entitlement for multiple different things from many international fans (which oddly enough many of these same demanding ass people would never give a DIME) in k-music is just really off putting and annoying.

You can create your own universe
with the power of your hand

Hi, guys! It`s the first time I`m writing such a sentence, because I`ve recently reached 500+ followers (that`s great for me:) and just wanted to tell a great “THANK YOU” for your every like, reblog and messages. I`m really enormously excited about your emotions, which I read in your texts and words or support, you definitely make me go further and not to stop each day:) Thank you so much:)

I also wanted to share with you one thing which is constantly rolling in my head: its the purpose of this blog. When I started drawing long ago as a kid I thought it`s only for throwing out your emotions, but getting older I realized, that it`s not only about your emotions, its about the emotions of other people. Thoughts. Memories. Things. Everything you do is connected with people around you, and with your hand, as well as with your thought, you can create a universe not only for yourself, but also for others to make people`s life a bit happier.

This is my creed. I make things. (I hope) these things are beautiful. Beautiful things awake emotions.

WE ARE CONNECTED by these emotions. By these endless waves of strokes. You and I. You and her. You and the world. 

I`m endlessly happy to you for creating this type of connection. Each of you. You are the stars, you are the wanderers.

So thank you for being together:)


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hello~~ i just have a question i hope you don't mind. uhmm... so... how do you start writing a fic? like some tips or advices coz it's one thing to think about the story but it's another to actually write. and that's what i'm struggling about. i have ideas and all but i just can't start. you are a very good writer and you have written many fics. i really hope you don't mind me asking. thank you :)

Don’t mind at all!

For me, I need to think of that opening line. A good hook. Something that will make the reader want to continue, and something that will make me want to keep writing.

Once I have that first line, I can go. And this holds true for a oneshot, a chapter, a scene, once I get that first line, I can put it down and keep going. Before that, it’s a lot of flailing around and questioning everything I know and love.

You might notice, several of my fics start on a piece of dialogue?
Like a Fairytale, Sex Coach, Never Have I Ever, Five Times Victor Messed Up the Proposal, #Katsudamn, #LoveHotelsAreReallyAwesome

All of those open with dialogue. Because for me, you can use it to set the scene, catch attention, and establish a flow immediately. Plus you set the mood of your fic right off the bat too, and introduce characters naturally at the same time.

That’s what works for me, so that’s what I tend to go with. But overall, that first line. Get a line that helps you to see the scene, and go from there.

Best of luck, anon!

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I've been drawing traditionally for 6 years now, and you've inspire me to start drawing digitally as well. I only have an iPad and a digital pen to work with so far but I just wanted to let you know that you're one of my biggest inspirations and I hope to draw as good as you soon! ♡

My goodness gracious golly gosh this is the sweetest thing. When I first started drawing I never imagined that I could ever end up inspiring someone, so this just makes me really happy. Thank you and good luck ! ♡♡♡

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I actually did the same thing when I started thinking I was gay. In 7th and 8th grade I just started dating every guy I could bc eventually I thought I'd like one. Then of my closer friends ended up making out with me and I was like whoa. And come to think of it I always kind of knew. Looking back I remember in elementary school really really liking this girl in my class and thinking I just reeeally wanted to be her friend.


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Hey its the mouse anon i wanna know if its possible to have major depressio n if you. Have every single symptom constantly except for the Sadness? Like i cant even make it through one dance class w/o wanting to die so ive started just not doing things. And so on but im not literally sad just emotionally numb. so is that a Thing that can Happen?

yea yea that’s still depression, like yeah sadness is definitely a thing that people get but it’s not as chronic as the nonstop emotional exhaustion and numbness and just not wanting to do things so?? sadness is more of an episodic thing for  me anyways

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your description of ramadhan was a. super helpful as i didn't know very much about it beforehand and b. one of the most beautiful things i've ever heard. i actually started tearing up tbh islam is such a beautiful religion and you're such a genuine amazing person <3 i guess i just wanted to say that you're one of the kindest people ever and i'm sorry that skam isn't adequately representing islam ://representation is so important and so scarce,, anyways, i hope you have a beautiful day & month <3

Hi, Anon!!

Aaaaah, thank you SO SO much!!!! 💜💜💜

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Hihi! Do you know where a mirror for CoolSims Accessory 4 is? I've wanted it for so long, but the link is broken.

Oh it looks like there’s tiny mistake on the link, comparing the ones that work, this one says /accessory 4/ when it should be just /4/ so the working links would be: mesh / recolors+mesh

(download should start by hitting those. I know hotlinking is bad but I can’t exactly change things on that site and reuploading felt silly when the original links work after fixing them) It’s this file btw.

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I am 21 and have never had a serious relationship or really been that taken by anyone who has shown interest in me. Recently, a boy I have had a crush on for a year made a move and we started talking. The idea of being someone's significant other fills me with inexplicable fear.. And all I can think of are all the ways I will allow myself to be vulnerable and the pain that will follow when the relationship ends. I grew up with a tumultuous family so I'm always expecting the worst. Any advice?

Fortunately, I am full of advice. You are experiencing one of the universe’s cruelest tricks, being full of anxiety because things are going just as you wanted.

Growing up in a tumultuous family can create difficulties in relationships. Growing up in any family can create difficulties in relationships. Relationships create difficulties. Getting along with another person hard. Being open and intimate with another person creates additional challenges, especially if your habit is to be guarded. That is why the universe creates love and fills us with this desire to connect with each other despite all the logical reasons to remain aloof and safe.

Its important to keep in mind that growing up is a lifelong process. At 21 you are capable of relearning habits that you began practicing when you were two. Relationships force us to learn new habits and new responses. Although there may be pain along the way, the pain promotes growth and healing.

The Zen “don’t know” mind can help you be patient and present in this young relationship.  As you enter the relationship, remember that you don’t know how it will end. It could be that it doesn’t end and you get married and have children and they are the ones who force you to confront your upbringing. It could be that you grow bored and end it with little pain to yourself. It could be as you fear and the relationship ends with you getting hurt. You really don’t know what will come of it. When you go to a movie, you don’t know what will happen, so you sit down and watch.

You have been patient and made it to 21 before facing this situation. Keep being patient. Get to know this person. See what he is really like. See how you interact. See how he supports your growth and challenges it. If you find yourself falling in love, he will be your first love. That is a special relationship, even if it ends up hurting. If you get to know him and don’t fall in love, you probably won’t get too hurt and somebody else will be your first love.

The hardest part is that you are alive and feeling so things may feel extra intense. Keep being patient and present and work with what you know while keeping in mind what you don’t know. In general, you don’t know the future. For that, you have to be patient and let it unfold. I hope he is very nice to you.

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Heyy,im a slytherpuff can i get an advice?please? So my only friend told me she wasn't going to school today and i started to have a panic attack just thinking about going alone so i told my mom i was going to school and then i went to my grandmothers house and told her what happened she said that she wont tell my mom but is just this one time And im feeling do bad about my self for lying to my mom but i also dont want her to know im having panic attacks,what should i do?im i a bad person?

You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself and you definitely are NOT a bad person for doing so. Things happen and it’s only natural to sometimes need to just get away from it all. I do think you should tell your mum though. Just to get it all straight otherwise the small guilt in the back of your mind might get to you. Plus if the school notifies her that you skipped school it could prove problematic and better get it out before something like that happens. And it’s always a good thing to have another person to support you when you get panic attacks.

I would be really happy if you private messaged me or something and we could talk about it more if you wanted. I would be more than happy!! :) And I’m sorry I couldn’t answer this privately, stupid tumblr settings won’t allow me.

Also to anyone else who also needs a helping hand, I will always be happy to listen and talk!!

Stay strong my little Sltytherpuff!! *send virtual hugs and cookies*

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Hello! ✨ Can I ask what were the struggles you encountered when you decided to start bullet journaling? How was it? I'm quite unsure whether to give it a try or not. Maybe the journal that I bought will be such a waste. I just really wanted to be organize since school is about to start next month. And one last question, what is the important thing that motivates you a lot when studying? Just want to know! That's all, thank you. 💕 (ps. im sorry if this was long haha)

hmm i think something i struggled with (and still do) is catering it to my own kind of… style?? idk sometimes i struggle with making the spreads unique while making them work for me to help me stay on top of all my deadlines etc. i think it’s just a process really - the more you work on it, the easier it gets, though it’s still a challenge at times bc sometimes i feel my spreads are v repetitive. if you’re curious, you should go for it!! if it doesn’t work out then at least you gave it a shot ✨  and even if it doesn’t work out with bullet journalling, you can always use the journal for something else!! as for what motivates me when studying, seeing other people study helps me a little. truthfully speaking though, i don’t really rely that much on motivation any more bc it doesn’t work v well for me since i can get tired of studying rly quickly. nowadays, it stems more from discipline and habit - i’ve been studying for so long, it’s just something i do now as a routine. anyway thank u for the questions!! it was fun heh