i just want to stare at this

me, a hag, holding hands with my royal lover who snuck out to walk me through the palace gardens as i leave a trail of slime behind us: *low-level humming*

my lover, enamored with my swampy hair: your hand is kind of moist. is it because of the humidity you’re bringing with us?

me, embarrassed: *humming abruptly stops*

my lover, squeezing my moist hand apologetically: no babe it’s okay! i was just wondering if you were nervous, you can stay humid if you want to, i know it’s good for the ferns

me, tentatively: *resumes low-level humming*

my lover, staring at the moon reverently and kissing my left ring finger knuckle in a foreshadowing romantic gesture: what a beautiful night

멍하니 있어 (just chill) ♡ jonghyun
english title: staring into space
lyrics by: kim jonghyun
translation by: thatcoolcatmeow

i’m just staying absentmindedly.

sometimes i want to be alone in my empty room.
i want to lie in bed and not think about anything, eh.
sometimes i want to put off everything
that’s suffocating me and stay quiet.

oh, the sound of rain that came to me;
even when it taps my window i won’t open it.
i’m going to stay alone,
i’m going to stay still just for today.
i’m going to put the ac on and put on a blanket too,
i’m going to indulge in luxury.

what do you do when you’re free?
i just stay absentmindedly; oh, oh.
what do you do when your heart is tired?
i just stay absentmindedly, oh baby, yeah.

i’m just going to lie still and lay around;
watch outdated tv dramas, movies
or read cartoons that i read back in school.
turn your phone off.
please: can my sns, friends and ex stay quiet?

oh, the sound of rain that came to me;
even when it taps my window i won’t open it.
i’m going to stay alone,
i’m going to stay still just for today.
i’m going to put the ac on and put on a blanket too,
i’m going to indulge in luxury.

what do you do when you’re free?
i just stay absentmindedly; oh, oh.
what do you do when your heart is tired?
i just stay absentmindedly, oh baby, yeah.

sometimes i’m afraid that i
might live alone forever like this.
what can i do even though
everyone thinks it’s a waste,
i don’t think it’s so bad.
i’m going to stay in my quiet room;
oh, only sleep all day lazily.

what do you do when you’re free?
i just stay absentmindedly; oh, oh.
what do you do when your heart is tired?
i just stay absentmindedly, oh baby, yeah.

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Okay but DEH Bowling headcanons?


  • Jared and Zoe get into a fight over who gets the “good ball” 
  • Connor looks so disinterested, Evan is rambling how he hasn’t been bowling for so long
  • Alana inputs the name according to Alphabetical order
  • Zoe calls hacks
  • Alana goes first, she throws the ball with two hands between her legs, granny style. Takes forever, only gets like half the pins
  • Connor haphazardly tosses the ball like a basketball, it slams into the ground and goes right to the gutter, he growls
  • Evan goes, everyone is getting ready to take their time. Zoe is watching Alana do some extra credit, Jared is on his phone, Connor is staring off into space with one headphone in
  • Evan whispers “here I go” and fucking chucks that ball down the line and gets a hard strike
  • Connor just looks at him and in unison with everyone says “What the fuck” 

Endgame: Evan does so well the local bowling time wants to recruit him. 

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I showed that picture you did yesterday to my Swedish fine art lecturer this morning (if you did not know Sweden is the Land of Ducks seriously everybody reads those comics here) and the guy just sat staring at it with his hands on his cheeks like he could not actually believe what he was seeing, so yeah you broke my lecturer


I can’t talk about this enough and if you want me to stop you’re gonna have to take my computer, my phone, my iPad, my mom’s computer, my mom’s iPad, my mom’s phone, my sisters computer… you get the point. 

But I just love how believable they made Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship. The writers could have made them declare their undying love for each other (okay that doesn’t sounds like them) (but anyway) and then not really discuss it more. “They’re finally together so now they’re gonna kiss and stare lovingly each other a few times, great.” 

But instead they made it an issue. They’re vikings. They’ve been protecting each other for years (Hiccup’s words, not mine) and it’s been fine. (you know what I mean). But now, they have to remind themselves that they can’t lose their heads and fly right into danger after the other or stop them from doing something dangerous (but necessary) because of their new relationship development. 

It’s not even that big of a deal but it adds a lot of conflict without being about  unnecessary drama. But they made it into something that they have to talk about and discuss. Mature! 

“We have to set our personal feelings aside. We can only protect each other to a certain point, like we’ve been doing for years.” 

It’s just adds so much to their relationship and I love it and I appreciate it. (I do!)  So that’s why I can’t wait to see new episodes of RTTE; it’s going to be fantastic to see their relationship develop even more! 

Do you ever think about how much Robert hates himself? About how he lays in bed some nights, staring at the ceiling, thinking of all the mistakes he’s made and all the people he’s hurt.

And then he turns to look at Aaron, peaceful and happy in his sleep, and is hit even harder with self loathing because how could he do that to Aaron? The one person he never wanted to hurt like that. Hurt at all.

He just wanted to make Aaron happy. Keep him safe, keep him forever. And then he went and jeopardized it all, one shitty drunken night he barely remembers.

He set out to hurt Aaron, to ruin everything. And he did. He was successful. And now here he is, looking at his husband, the love of his life, and thinking about how this may be the last night he gets with him because tomorrow could be the day he finds out.

The day Aaron leaves him like he always knew he would. Because no matter what Robert did, he always knew he would fuck it up someday, somehow.

So he moves closer to Aaron, pressing their bodies together, uncomfortably close and feels Aaron sigh in contentment.

And Robert hates himself even more.

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Have you ever thought about Sai joining Oto somehow?? It's just him and Oro are actually very alike, and I'm surprised no ones brought up Sai could actually be Oro's genetic child. It seems very plausible, when you think about it, because if Oro was to artificially create a child while in Konoha, it would be very easy for ROOT to get their hands on him. Now I'm picturing Oro and Sai meeting during the Chuunin exams and just staring at each other like an animal that's spotted itself in the mirror


But I really want to write this now. :(

Thaurens Soulmate au hc

-They stumble across each other in a pet store of all places

-Thomas had simply been getting a pet ad he wanted a cat and Alex and helping him as payback for spilling his coffee

-Thomas stumbles into John, who works there

-John has the name “Tamsin Jefferson” imprinted in his skin

-Thomas has “John Laurens” imprinted in his

-Thomas introduces himself as Thomas Jefferson

-And John gets curious and asks “Do you know Tamsin Jefferson?”

-And Thomas panic becasue that’s his birth name and he hasn’t heard it in years

-And Thomas hides his arm because he doesn’t want a soulmate

-He stutters out. “N-No, why would I?”

-Deep down he’s really salty to hear that name because his dad named him and he hated it

-Thomas just stares at him and just “Holy shit- He’s really cute and his eyes and freckles… They’re like stars..”

-And he just meets up with John frequently before about 3 months later, they meet at a cafe and Thomas just comes clean.

-”John, I’m Tamsin Jefferson. I’m transgender. Please don’t be mad.”

-And John isn’t mad

-John cups Thomas’s cheeks and kisses him

-They take frequent romantic walks together

-Thomas teaches John Greek so they can talk to each other in a language only they know

-They’re sweet but also salty


-But also the sweetest somehow?

In the Dressing room.

As you my know i have been asked to help chaperone my son’s spring formal. This past weekend we went shopping for his Tuxedo and a dress for me. My younger daughter also came along so i figured there would be no fun. However shortly after ativing at the mall for our shopping trip, she met up with a couple of her preteen friends and asked to go to a movie. Now it was just my son and myself. I figured it would be nice to let him get his Tuxedo out of the way first so we went to the rental place first. It was very fun picking out the style of tux he wanted and trying to match the colors to his girlfriend’s dress. After about 30 minutes we had almost everything decided and it was time to try things on. He went into the back to the Dressing rooms to change and I made small talk with the girl at the counter. I had noticed her staring at my son as we had shopped and was sure she was thinking the same things i was. When my son walked out of the back my panties Immediately were flooded with my juices. Guy i can’t state this enough…. THERE IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING ABOUT A GOOD LOOKING MAN IN A WELL FITTING SUIT.

The girl at the counter obviously felt yhe same because she rushed to check to make sure it was fitting him properly and running her hand over him. I’m not a jealous mom. I know women find my son attractive and that my son sleeps with his girlfriend. The wanton desire this young woman, who was at least in her 20’s, was displaying toward my son got me a bit possive. I looked at my son as she was checking his inseam and he winked at me, 30 seconds later i heard the sales girl gasp. I looked down and saw my son was filling out his pants with all his glory.

I looked into his eyes and licked my lips. The sales girl was mesmerized staring and my son’s crotch. I cleared my throat and she jumped. We talked breifly about fit and additional add-ons. Then my son asked if i could come back and help him fix his cumberbund. The sales girl looked like she was about to offer her own services when the phone rang. She nodded to the right and i took my sone back inyo yhe rear dressing area of the store. I was no sooner in the dressing room with him the i was on my knees. I had his thick cock in my hand and between my lips sucking him hard. Looking up as my son grabbed my head. His throbbing was very quick telling my how excited he was. I took my mouth off him and asked, “ Do you wish it was her?” I swirled my tongue around his head and he groaned. Then he looked down and told me he wished it was both of us, together. I grabbed him and took him in complete flicking my tongue over his balls as he exploded down my throat.

I sucked until he was slightly less stiff, but nowhere near soft. I heard a slight groan in the hall and wondered if we’d been caught. I quickly adjusted my top but when i looked in the mirror you could tell what i had been doing. I opened the door to the dressing room and saw the sales girl quickly duck back out into the store. I strode proudly into the store and noticed her unlocking the front door. I walked up to her and asked if everything was ok. She said yes and told me she lock the door because she didn’t want to be interrupted while taking the order. I went to shake her hand and noticed ther fingers were wet. When i pulled my hand away i looked at her and brought my finger to sniff then sucked it between my lips. Her eyes went wide and a groan escaped her lips. I leaned in and said please keep our secret and for good measure i tweaked he nipple.

We returned to the counter to finalize the rental bill as my son walked out of the dressing room. She stared at his crotch then at me i nodded slightly and she wished us a great day. I looked down at the bill as we were leaving. There was a 75% discount on the tux rental and at the bottom a 10 digit number with the words call me in her hand writing. Smiling i handed the receipt to my son and smiled. Then asked where we should go looking for my dress.

The rest of the day flew by in a blur. My son and i found a quiet place in the mall where he fucked me hard. Cumming deep inside. We did find a dress for me. And he got to return the favor in the dressing room. I asked him what he was going to do with her number and he said he would call it in a couple days. I decided not to ask about his girlfriend. Needless to say i am super excited about the dance now.

oml i cannot with jealous Jeffrey

Okay but imagine JEALOUS JEFF like he sees you talking to another guy and like the guy has his hand above ur head on the locker and Jeff and u aren’t officially dating just kind of hooking up and he comes up behind the guy and the guy turns and omg his eyes are just so freaking angry but he smirks and wraps his arm around your waist and is super cuddly like he leans down and nuzzles your neck before staring the guy down until he takes the hint and leaves and then Jeff leaves until that night when he comes over and he just pushes you up against the wall and sort of growls “I hate seeing you talk to other guys. I want you to be my girlfriend.” And before you even say yes he’s all over you and kissing your neck and cheek and like making out and grabbing all over and he’s got ur arms pinned above ur head and he has one arm wrapped around your waist and his kissing is sooo intense and hot and omg I need a boyfriend like rn holy shit

S3 wishlist Klance edition

You know what I want in s3??

Lance backstory, seriously I wanna know my sons past

Keith telling a joke (without meaning to) and Lance stares at him (kinda looking like when Pidge came out as girl)

Lance not giving a fuck that Keith is galra

Lance being hurt and worried!keith asks him if he’s okay and if he can walk and lance offhandedly says “you can always carry me” and keith blushes but picks him up and lance blushes

More stuttering!Keith

More worried!Lance

A klance fight that ends with pidge saying “just kiss and make up” and klance turns to her all red and “wha-what??!!”

(Feel free to add to the list)

  • Natsu: *comes out of bathroom with a new look* So Luce, how do I look?
  • Lucy: *thinks* Oh my god, look at this handsome devil. I just want to place my hands into his hair and feel his soft pink fluff. Massage his head so I have an excuse. I never thought I had a thing for fangs but I now know I clearly fucking do. Those eyes....THOSE EYES! They are staring directly into my soul and I do not mind! He smells like christmas, can christmas even smell? Well if it does, he smells exactly like it! And those abs! I can cook bacon on it! HELL AN ENTIRE MEAL! HNNNNNNNG!
  • Lucy: Eh, you look alright.
Face Revelation - H2O Delirious

Quick few notes:
1) All the one shots I’ve written so far are in the same alternate universe of gay superpowered teenagers.
2)Gamer tags and real names are used interchangeably. Last names are not mentioned nor is the location of the school other than it’s in America
3) All these one-shots can be found on either Wattpad or AO3 in one story. The title is Hiding for Myself and the username is nevergiveupgirl (Add 924 on the end for Wattpad).
4) I’m willing to take requests if you want me to write more, but I don’t do smut. I’m a teenager, and have no experience in that area.
5) Enjoy!


Jonathan was staring at Evan again. It happened more often than he would like to admit, but he just couldn’t seem to take his eyes off him whenever he was in the hallway. Maybe it was his slick black hair or his brown eyes, but Jonathan always found himself looking Evan’s way as he walked by. It wasn’t like Evan was going to see him, though. They hung out with different people and liked different things and were of different rankings in the metaphorical high school caste system. Even if you could forget all though things, Jonathan’s power of invisibility combined with his introvertedness made it easy for him to hide his gaze.

He watched Evan walk through the hallway talking with one of his friends before the two turned the corner and disappear from his line of sight. He strained his neck to see if he could find them, and it was then he felt the jolt of electricity on his right side.

“Bryce, what the hell?!” Jonathan exclaimed as he became visible again. He looked to his right, and saw Bryce laughing. “Really?!”

“Hey, don’t blame me! It was CaRtOoNz’s idea!” said Bryce, pointing over Delirious’ shoulder. He turned around, and was meet with Luke’s smug face.

“It not like you’re going to fucking listen to me anymore.” was his only comment. “Especially about your Evan problem.”

“It’s not a problem, CaRtOoNz!” Jonathan shot back.

“Oh, right. Your ‘crush’ on Evan hasn’t become a problem.”

“No, it’s not. And it’s not a fucking crush.” Luke rolled his eyes at this statement.

“Can’t you at least talk to him?” Bryce suggested as the trio started walking toward class.

“Can’t.” Delirious replied.

“Won’t.” CaRtOoNz rebutted. “He doesn’t have the balls.”

“Hey! I .. I have balls.”

“Not when it comes to Evan.” This earned another snicker from Bryce. Jonathan didn’t say anything, mainly as he was too busy being invisible. Evan, alone this time, walked past them, and Jonathan felt his cheeks grow rosy. Bryce and Luke simply looked at each other as Evan left.

“You sure you have balls, Delirious?” A voice asked from the shadows.

“Fuck you, Ohm.” Jonathan said, before turning back to CaRtOoNz. “Alright. Let’s say I did have a crush on Evan …”

“Which you do.” Bryce interrupted.

“IF I did, then you know I still couldn’t talk to him. Only people I’m comfortable around are you guys, Mini, and Vanoss.” Delirious glanced at his friends, trying to gauge their reactions. Luke still had his usual straight face, while Ohm was too much disguised by shadows to read him. Bryce, however, was easy to read. He was looking at Ohm with his checks slightly puffed and hands in his pockets. He also was avoiding eye contact with Delirious. “Bryce.”

“What, Delirious?”

“Do you know something I don’t?” Bryce again looked at Ohm, as if he needed permission to say it. Ohm was the one who actually said.

“Delirious, Evan is Vanoss.”

“Oh.” The other boys left out a few laughs, which only let the redness in Jonathan’s cheeks become more apparent. Suddenly the hallway became more claustrophobic, despite not ever having the fear. He needed space to process the thoughts swimming in his head. He excused himself and walked quickly away, focusing on one thought of many swimming in his head.

What did this mean?


He was so lost in his thoughts that Jon almost didn’t hear the tapping at the window. He assumed it was just his fingers tapping against the metal chair he was situated in in Mini’s office, but after 30 seconds it became annoying. He stopped, but the noise didn’t. The noise, he soon realized, was coming from a little red bird at the window. Jon could clearly see it was injured on his left leg.

“Hey little guy.” He said as he opened the window. The bird quickly took its chance and flew past him and into the bathroom door. He hesitated, simply staring at the ajar window before turning and heading to the bathroom to usher the bird out.

“Agh.” The sound came from the bathroom, one which made Delirious freeze. It was human, but he was the only person in Mini’s office. The only reason the bird was able to fly into the window was because he left the door when he went. And there was only one person who he know had the power to change into animals. He didn’t want to go in, so he stuck to leaning against the side next to the door.

“You know,” He started. “I don’t think turning into a bird helped your leg.”

“It was faster than walking.” Evan shot back. “Where’s Craig?” It took Jonathan a second to remember Craig was Mini’s real name. He only really called him Mini.

“I think he said he went to go diffuse Tyler and Marcel.” Jon heard Evan curse under his breath. “I’m not sure. I only caught him on his way out.”

“No, that’s probably where he is. Knowing him.” Evan groaned again at his leg. “Why are you waiting for Craig?”

“Burns. Not the worst though, it’s only about 2nd degree this time.” He lifted his shirt, despite the fact Evan couldn’t see him.

“How’d you get them?”

“Battleship.” Delirious replied. “It was all fun in games until the fire nation attacked.” He chuckled a little, and he heard Evan do the same. “It was my friend Luke though. He has pyrokinesis, or can fire bend, so whenever we play a game that’s even slightly rage inducing he often lashes out on the nearest person.”

“Yeah, that sounds like my friend Marcel.” Evan comments.

“Is that how you got the broken leg?”

“Yeah. My friend Tyler has somewhat of an innate talent for pissing people off. David has it too, but it only works on Marcel.” Evan sighs. “He has the shortest temper out of all of us, so it’s best to stay fifty feet away from him when he turns into a big rage monster.”

“I’ll make sure not to piss him off, then.” Jon says, and both boys laughed. The two stayed where they were for a while. Jon talked to Evan in the bathroom, never moving from his position outside the single door. It felt like he was Delirious again, simply at home talking to Vanoss behind his computer screen. It seemed like half an hour before Evan brought the conversation back to their current situation.

“I wish Craig would get back here soon.” He said. “My leg hurts like a bitch.”

“Don’t you have his number? Seeing as you two are friends?”

“It’s not on me. I must have dropped it when Marcel turned Hulk.” He was silently for a moment. Jon assumed it was hesitation. “Can I borrow yours?”

Jon hesitated too. This was the guy that, damnit, he had a crush on. He could fuck the entire thing up. Granted, he didn’t fuck it up before now, but he was certain he would fuck it up now. He took a deep breath. It was just Vanoss. One of his best friends. Just Vanoss.

“Sure man.” He used his closer hand to push the door open enough to squeeze through. Evan was on the floor, using his elbows to prop his chest up. His legs were spread out in front of him and, like the bird, it wasn’t hard to tell which leg was broken. His left leg was bent at an unusual angle, which Jon tried his best to avoid looking at. “That’s so unnatural, man.” He commented.

“Can I just have the phone?”

“Oh right, sorry.” He chuckled a little as he passed the phone to Evan. “His number is under M.”

“For Medic?”

“For Mini Ladd.”

“Like … his gamer tag?” Jonathan nodded. “I didn’t know you played.”

“Don’t tell many people I do. I’m somewhat of an introvert.”

“I’m Evan, by the way. I don’t think we had a proper introduction. My gamer tag is Vanoss.” Evan extended his hand as far as he could in his position, which wasn’t very. Jon still had to kneel down to accept it. “And you are?”

“Just call me Delirious.”

1 “Kill me. KILL ME!”
17 “I always wanted to see you choke on your own blood.”
25 “You don’t love me, you just want to control me.”


Anger pooling through your veins like hot fire as you stare at Negan. You suppress the sick feeling in your stomach and the tears in your eyes from the sting smell of blood.
“You sick bastard.” You whisper in disgust. “What now? You’re killing me?”
No answer.
“C'mon, kill me. KILL ME!” Hard you push him on the shoulders, feeling the soft leather under your palms.
A feeling you always loved.
He doesn’t stop you as your fists meet his jaw, his cheek, nose… everything you can reach. Your knuckles burst open, mixing your blood with his.
You’re done with his obsession and losing control until he grabs your wrists in a tight grip.
“Enough.” He growls. “I fuckin’ did that for you. Asshole wanted to take you away from me. I lo…”
“Stop!” You shout, don’t want to hear it. “You don’t love me, you just want to control me.”
Blood smeared lips meet yours in a rough kiss, hands pinned over your head as he presses you against the wall.
You should slap him, beat the shit out of him like he did with the poor man who just shared some nice words with you.
But you can’t, because he keeps you safe.
That’s why you bear his obsession, the other four wives which he has to drive you insane.
In the same way you drove him insane…

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hi! can you recommend any hate to love fics plzz ??

Hello! Sure, here and here

There has also been a few new ones since I’ve replied to those asks, so I’ll just add those here :) No problem!

  • Checking From Behind by DickAnderton
    Summary: Isak is to captain his hockey team this season which means he has to somehow learn to cooperate with the newest addition to their team: Even Bech Næsheim. This proofs to be impossible, especially when nothing about Even’s mysterious transfer adds up and his moods are just too frustrating. 

  • Pizza my Heart by sunshine_evak
    Summary: How a pizza delivery boy and a guy who never tips end up falling in love.

  • Don’t know what I was waiting for by alwaysevak
    Summary: Even stares a lot, Magnus thinks he’s the sun and Isak just wants everyone to know he’s an ass.

  • The Only Way Up is Believing in Never Looking Down by hopefuldelusion
    Summary: Isak never wanted to work with Even, but maybe it really was the best thing for the both of them.Or: AU where Isak and Even are both actors and have heard rumors about each other but don’t actually know much about the other person and are forced to play opposite in a film.

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Who are your main art inspirations? :o

In by who do you mean… which character? Definitely Io. I’ve drawn her the most and she’s just downright fun to draw.

If by artist inspirations, then ho’ boy… there’s a lot. Here’s just some to name a few…

@thebrownhatter @morlipie @ffxivfisticuffs @mightier @kapreisun @britishmuffin @paissa-brat @dravanian @sunnyarts @aciidwire @zeiyth @momo-deary @frikkyfrickfrack @iamtheepilogue @savothesewercat @ranirus @ishgardianmuffins @ferai-caolann @the-were-ferret @celesiel

Seeing these guys draw and post their art pieces is like art crack. The more you get a taste, the MORE YOU WANT! Everyone I listed above, I have some appreciation for their style and think to myself, “How can I do what they do?” I’ll sit for hours, staring at their art, trying to break it all down in hopes I can recreate something even similar but in the end, they’re all just so unique. If you haven’t followed any of these artists, I highly suggest you do. You will not be disappoint.

#1 Michael McLeod

can you do a mikey mcleod one that’s just like super fluffy and funny and cute???? thank u thank u thank u


Song suggestion of the day: cardiac arrest by bad suns bc i just rediscovered it and i forgot how much i loved it.

do y’all know how hard it is not to put nate in everything? I love nate.

Side note: i can write christmas anytime i want fite me

side note of the side note: please dont actually fight me ill cry

Originally posted by jodrouin

“What do you mean you hate marshmallows in your hot chocolate?”

Mikey McLeod was staring at you incredulously across the kitchen as you took a calm sip from your hot chocolate leaning back against the kitchen bench. 

“Why do you hate love?!” He exclaimed.

You giggled against the lip of the mug and shrugged as Nate wandered into the kitchen and glanced at Mikey’s expression. “Is this about the marshmallows?” Nate questioned. “It’s okay, she hates love.” he explained mockingly.

You rolled your eyes. “Aren’t you guys supposed to be athletes? How am I the only one making healthy choices? Marshmallows taste gross”

“One,” Nate stated, breaking open a new pack of marshmallows. “you put extra chocolate in your hot chocolate. That doesn’t count as a healthy choice.” he stated. “Two, I’m aloud to cheat on christmas, give me a break.”

“And three.” Mikey added. “Marshmallows are great, fuck you.”

You laughed and rolled your eyes. “Sure. Whatever you say.” you replied, walking out into the other room and plonking down on the couch as you watched people mingling around you. 

Keep reading

Feathers - Chapter 8

Summary: “I don’t want to be in charge,“ Keiji says. “I just really wanted to stab that asshole in the face.”

(AKA: the story of how Bokuto Koutarou ended up the leader of a mutant gang.)

Standalone fic, but will contain spoilers for Burn and Savior.

Pairings: BokuAka, KuroKen, BokuAkaKuroKen, several other background pairings

Chapter: 8/?

Tooru starts laughing over the fumbling, which seems a good sign, but he’s still crying. Koutarou stares up at him, waiting for him to say what’s wrong. “My room,” Tooru moans finally, sounding like a child with a scraped knee, more baffled and shocked by the pain than actually in pain, still laughing a little. “You’re taking my room.”

“Geh?” Koutarou blurts, sitting back on his heels.