i just want to stalk your art

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So just so you know, you have 64 pages of your art (as in tagged as your art), and 55 pages tagged Galathan. Don't misinterpret this... info, as stalking. I'm just worshiping you (I actually discovered you a year or so ago, and wanted to make sure I didn't miss anythg). Long story short, seeing your art evolution from the beginning, you have improved so much and it's beautiful to see. So yeah, keep up the good work, I'll be sketching Galathan some time soon cuz he's a hottie cutie :)

Oh man haha, I don’t keep track on how many art l post here so thanks for the info! Also thank you and your support! :D

Hi guys

I’m wanting to follow blogs that are either multi blogs or just singular blogs. If you could reblog this and put the name of the thing you reblog from my list in the tags I would love to follow you😁😁. 


- Attack on titan



-Yuri!!! on ice

-yona of the dawn (akatsuki no yona) 

-your lie in april

-kuroko no basuke

-tokyo ghoul

-Black butler






-You already follow me 

-you create art 

-harry potter 

-Killing Stalking

-Miraculous ladybug

Dating Donovan Would Include
  • Meeting at a movie night in the park
  • Him telling the Countess that he wants to keep you alive because he wants you as a pet
  • But he knows that’s a lie; he fell for you instantly and wants to be yours as much as he wants you to be his
  • Visiting you at night, causing so many vampire/twilight stalking jokes
  • He hates those jokes so he’ll raise his eyebrows at you and threaten you to stop or else
  • “I’ll gobble you up if you keep taking.” Ensue hot playful wrestling until he gets you to stop.
  • Taking you to fashion shows, art galleries, fancy places to eat, etc. He just loves to pamper you
  • Iris telling you about when he was little which makes him embarrassed and grumpy
  • Lots of stories about when he was lost as a human and the dark stuff he got into
  • Him being very protective so that you don’t make the same mistakes he did
  • Lots of rough sex, because he has a preference for being dominant
  • Lots of lovemaking when he’s had a tough day, because you know exactly what to do to make him feel better
  • Cuddling while you watch old movies or binge watching Netflix shows
  • Walking around the house naked 
  • Sleeping in every morning, wrapped up in each other as he strokes your hair
  • Him finally deciding to turn you
I’ve never done this before but... STOP flooding the Killing Stalking tag with your immature bullshit.

No one gives a Fuck that you hate Killing Stalking
OR that you feel the need to put yourself on a moral high horse                     OR that you think that no one can figure out that a story called Killing Stalking is meant to be horror                                                                                           OR that you feel need the need to post about posts that compare KS to Y*I therefore flooding the tag with never ending nonsense 

I just…I just want to read fan theories and look at fan art. that’s all I want.

toorvu  asked:

OH MY GOD IVE BEEN STALKING YOUR BLOG FOR THE LAST HOUR NOW AND IM C R Y I N G YOUR ART IS AMAZING AND THE SOUKOKU HELP (pssst just wanna ask if you know any good bsd fics? and... *inches closer* ive looked at a few asks that speak about a "shitty anon" and "angst" please help me find it senpai i welcome all angst bc trash is my middle name)


- Find something worth dying for (And learn how to live). This fic. This fucking fic made me cry everytime it was updated. It’s the most well written slow burn skk fic I’ve ever had the honor to read and tbfh I would draw an entire manga for it if I had enough time. 

- Anything by setosdarkness tbh. Her plots are so original her writing is superb and basically everything she writes makes me cry tears of blood. But like everyone here knows I’m gay for her writing so??? Yeah. 

- Anything by owlsareheadturners tbh. They write the hottest R18 not gonna lie and their writing is like one of the prettiest and their angst are top notch AND THEY WROTE DACHUUTACHI HOW’S THAT I LOVE THEM.

- i won’t lie (i knew you belong here). Please update. Why won’t you update. I would die for your update. It’s very sweet and fluffy and lovely and all the feels I love it so much but why won’t it update.

- Partners in love. It’s like a series of one-shots and it’s very cute and fluffy and funny it soothes my soul. Think domestic Soukoku. Then cry. 

- All in a night’s work. Mmmmmmm courtesan Chuuya. Like do I even need to say more it’s courtesan Chuuya and it’s R18 it speaks for itself tbh. Tho do check out the author’s profile too she has many good fics that one just needs special mention. 

- Footsteps on the ceiling. Or that one fic where Chuuya is so incredibly cute that Dazai needs to reevaluate his entire life yeah damn right you should you waste of bandage. 


- Now, turn away. Please update???? WHY IS IT NOT UPDATING I NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN HOLY SHIT PLEASE??? Coughs totally not thirsty for the makeup sex yeah no I have pure motives.

- Baby, you feel like home. It’s so cute. I cried. Dazai is protective of Chuuya and I live for it.

- Playing the long game. Where Dazai is a little shit as usual but he at least he proposed in sort of a right way.


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Hi JB!! I've always been too embarresed to ask you anything but.. I've been stalking your Tumblr forever, I love your drawings and you're my favorite out of Rhett and you. I have been bedridden because of things, and youre drawings make me so inspired, you make my heart skip Everytime you post new art. I'm sorry this is so illiterate and pathetic but I just want you to know how fantastic you are... Thank you so much for being you, and are we allowed to post crappy art associated with your blog?

Hello dear anon. This is far from illiterate and pathetic, no apologies necessary…. this is a very sweet ask and I’m reluctant to let it go because messages like this mean a lot to me. I sympathize deeply and my heart goes out to you. Your kind words mean more to me than I can say. I feel beyond grateful for any sort of gift, including art and generous asks such as this one! I would be honored, but please know it is never required!

Also, anon, I hope I’m not speaking out of term here when I say I know there are successful artists out there who are also bedridden. Whatever the circumstance, I have seen great things come from all kinds of people, and I hope that whatever obstacles you face are overcome or managed. I believe in you, and I absolutely believe you are capable of great things too.

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(ノ⊙ヮ⊙)/ (ノ◕‿◕)) (●﹏●✿) (●ω●✿)


I love your blog.

I dont talk to you, but stalk enjoying your blog from a distance.

A starter, maybe?

>///> The definition of senpai is someone you look up to, right? Only way I’ll accept being  called a senpai is if you are referring to my height, other wise I’m below everyone else.  Plus, I hate being tall so eh.

And the starter, sure! Just tell me if you want it to a normal rp or an art chain and which character you wanna rp with.

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Hello! I just want to say I really really love your killing stalking art please keep drawing Yoonbum happy with Seungbae!!!! I need this in my life

OMG dont worry abt it i love drawing bum being happy w his big police officer husbando thank you for the kind words ;_;

wenxnguyen  asked:

i recently just found you through the whitedayzine guest artist and been secretly stalking your blog and twitter since. Just wanted to let you know that your art is so beautiful so i can't help myself but buy your YOI set *A* I'll also look forward to your participation in the zine too huehue. Have a nice day :D

Oh my thank you so much!! (/ღღ///)

I’m very excited to participate in the zine too! There are a lot of wonderful and talented artists and I’m so happy I get the chance to work along with them on this. (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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hey! how are you? i wanted to ask you something since i saw your comic for the hunterxholyday: what was feitan's gift for chrollo? i've been thinking about it for hours :D also recently i've been stalking your blog and i LOVE your art, you're Amazing!

helo! im ok!! feitan’s gift for chrollo, well i thought that itd be something that chrollo made a small remark about wanting just out loud with a sigh. like some kind of old piece from ancient history from a museum or something that tickled chrollo’s curiosity.

 it’d be embarrassing and annoying to have everyone see that he went out of his way to get something personally for chrollo rather than put it in the phantom troupe job queue.

anonymous asked:

SENPAI!!!!! I love your art so much, you style and everything is amazing. Do you have any art friends that I can "stalk" that are like yours?

Thank you so much! That is so sweet of you!! I’m assuming you’re talking about art style though?? Several of the talented artists I know of are pretty different from each other, so that’s kinda tough…If you want a general list of inspiration/blogs, I’d be glad to send you some! Just shoot me a message :-)

ridiculousqis  asked:

Hiiiiii just wanted to say that your art is AMAZING AND SUPER DUPER CUTE LIKE WOW and I might have stalked your blog for a bit lololol

omg th ANK SSSS!!!! when people say my art is specifically cute i gET EMOTIONAL 

also please feel free to stalk my blog thats why its there lmao <3

gratixsa  asked:

o///o I've been stalking your art see I saw Rosa blog back of in November. Just wanted to let you know that I thought Oda was the owner of this blog, but I found out it was you! TALENT. Ahhhhh, I've been enjoying allll of your Acero stuff, please don't stop drawing. ;w;

   *YELLS AT THIS* i dunno what to say except thank you so much?? The fact you thought it was oda makes me grin like crazy and gajsdf ///// Thank you sm for this, it seriously made my day and i’m so happy to know you’ve been enjoying the Acero stuff too :’)

wolfriver777  asked:

Pls joonie, tell us who your boyfriends are :^P Also Junhui, who is this boy you're chasing after? (Omg dear admin your art is so beautiful! And I may of stalked this blog haha)

J: He’s a really close friend, so I get to visit him often! But I think he likes someone else and I don’t want to mess up our friendship, so I’ll keep quiet.

((Thank you!!! I got a graphics tablet for christmas so it should look better now! Psst, Joonie’s dating the hyung line he’s just shy about it~))

simply-emily24  asked:

hola! como esta? I've been stalking your blog and I love your art (duh). and I'm so happy for you that you have come to terms with your gender identity! I don't want to offend anyone but I like to say that 'gender' is a societal bs that society restricts us by. I bellieve you can identify as just about anything as long as it makes you happy. so it makes me happy to see people being open with their trans* identity. (^♡^)

ah, this is a nice message!! thank you!!

isaaccecilbryant  asked:

((I wanted to tell you I love the muses you have picked up and you are a delight to have on the dash, be it your art or RPs. I'm excited to see how our thread with Presa and Stacy unfolds (hell, I just love seeing your RPs on Presa in general. She's my fav from the Chimeriad)))

Take the chance from now ‘til new years to tell me anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to tell me. Anon or not, I don’t mind either way.

I’m interested to see how the thread between Presa and Stacy plays out, too (and how it affects any following threads with Alvin, which I’m now stalking by the way. The threads, not Alvin. Although technically him, too, I guess). But I am so truly happy to hear that you love my Presa. She’s my newest muse and I’m still more self-conscious about how I write her than Muzét or Sodia. *flailing*