i just want to smush his little face


7. You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.
43. Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.

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It’s a missconception that Hufflepuffs are all gentle flowers, who wanted no part in any imbalanced and tensed situations, they will get part in any situation, if they have to defend something they believe in, or someone they love.

But yes, pretty true that they are genuine and nice, openminded people, who weren’t too keen on the idea of fights in general. What the hell were you doing in Hufflepuff, that the question you mentally asked yourself when you yelled at Malfoy’s face in Potions, after reading his ridiculous little note with ‘Sub, baby? Wanna smush?’

True, you got minus 15 points for your House, but he was being a teasing jerk and you were fed up with his inappropriate flirting, and apparently so was Snape, because he sent you two out of the classroom, but of course, Malfoy got away just with detention.

You were frustrated, annoyed, you wanted to go there and punch him in the smirking face. He could get on anyone’s nerves, even on yours, and you had some iron patience. But no more of that shit.

“Malfoy, I swear, if you ever talk to me again in class, I’ll get your wand and stick it so far up your ass, you’ll have to get it out through your mouth!” - well that was a good one, you had to admit. And you didn’t even rehearse it. Ten points for team ‘I don’t give a fuck if a teacher heard me or not’ .

“Come on baby, what’s the problem?”- he asked with a sultry voice that made your blood boil. Not to mention how the looks he was constantly giving you were messing with your head and morals.

Don’t look at me in that tone of voice! Wait, I mean don’t talk to me- oh fuck it, Malfoy, you know what the hell I’m talking about!“ - you said grumpily, waving a finger very close to his beguiling face.

“I can’t help myself baby. You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.” - For real Draco? Did he really had to start this shit again? But he was looking quite amused, obviously he was enjoying this way better then you, though it didn’t matter if you felt your insides tickle or something. Flattered? Please. Maybe. Who cares! NOt you.

“Wow, I’m impressed! How long did it take for you to think of this little pick up line?”- you clapped sarcastically as he made his way towards you, his hand got dangerously near your face, but just put a lock of your hair behind your ear. And then he whispered: “Not as long as it’ll take you to admit you think about the same thing.”

More! Purring! Angus! and also some gross sappy Taakitz because I can’t help it.

Kravitz returns home. It’s been a while. How long exactly; he can’t tell. Tracking the passage of time is something he still struggles with. He steps out of the portal between planes and onto the bedroom floor. The sunlight pouring in through the curtains tells him it’s daytime, at least. He lets go of his scythe and it evaporates immediately at the loss of contact.

He removes his work clothes, actual physical clothes this time, and throws them into the hamper. He’d rather not carry the cold arcane scent of the astral plane with him when he’s at home. Taako has once again scattered his dirty laundry all over the room so Kravitz picks up a few of his items as well in a futile attempt to maintain order.

He digs around in his dresser for something to wear and notices that Taako has once again hidden all of his casual clothes. Casual in Kravitz’s opinion, meaning black slacks and button-ups. He’s left with sweatpants and T-shirts so he dons a soft, wine-red pair with a long sleeved shirt that is thankfully dark gray in color.

He freezes as he is pulling the shirt over his head because he realizes the house is quiet. Too quiet.

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Imagine where Y/N overhears Jackson/Mark (idc which one) call her clingy so she starts acting weird and he confronts her about it

Originally posted by got7official

When the guys had gotten back from tour they’d all asked you to come over whenever you had the time, you’d often bring them food at the studio or come over to play games with Youngjae, but you’d never thought that you were being too forward till you’d over heard a conversation between Jackson and Jinyoung. You’d been about to walk into the kitchen when it happened, neither of them had noticed you yet so you backed out the second you heard your name. “Y/N is just.. shes around so often now… kind of clingy,” Jackson murmured to him then sucked his teeth a little, but you didn’t stick around to hear the end of the conversation you left quietly attempting to figure out how you hadn’t noticed when you’d become a burden. 

The problem was you’d always assumed you were annoying or too clingy, but he’d never shown any inclination that he hated it or wanted you to stop - in fact he seemed to cling to you with ten fold the vigor you had him. Your heart sunk again, rubbing the back of your neck as you walked into your studio apartment. it was a mess, you hadn’t been home long enough to clean so you started there, attempting to rid your thoughts of the words you’d heard was harder than you’d imagined. “king of clingy”  the words still rung in your head long after your apartment was clean.

Days passed, and even when you did come over you stopped hugging them so much or talking to them too animatedly, you toned down your personality not wanting to upset them anymore than you probably had. Youngjae was the first to notice, he asked you what was wrong but you shook your head them continued playing the game with him before sighing a little. It was only after two weeks that Jackson pulled you to the side when you were helping Jinyoung make dinner that you began to panic, “whats wrong with you?” he asked furrowing a brow as put his hand on your arm, “You’ve been different for a while now, and I figured maybe you were going through a slump or something but; honestly I figured you’d be back to normal so tell me whats going on,”

He seemed determined on finding out what was bothering you, but how could you tell him that it was him? Jackson the king of being kind, charitable, and an overall perfect person was the reason your self esteem had taken a plunge worse than even in high school. “It’s nothing, I’m fine just stressed with work is all,” you murmured barely meeting his eyes.

Jackson shook his head grabbing your face between his hands then smushing your cheeks, “ I don’t believe you,” he said emphasizing his words by squishing them every time he spoke making you smile a little - you hadn’t realized how much you’d missed the skin ship with him till now.

“I’m too clingy, you said so yourself,” you mumbled and his hands fell away from your face, “I didn’t want to bother you anymore so I stopped with the skin ship and being overly friendly because I don’t want you to hate me,” admitting it out loud was a lot different than saying it in your head. It hurt more to vocalize the words, which is why you hadn’t spoken about it to anyone having kept all the feelings inside. 

Jackson sighed a little then pushed a hand through his hair seemingly distressed, “Y/N, no I … you didn’t stay to hear what I had to say after?” he murmured as he looked at you, his brow furrowed and he pulled you into his arms kissing the crown of your head affectionately. 

“I didn’t want to hear anything else because I was scared,” you whispered as you leaned into him the tears pricking your eyes as you gently grasped onto his shirt still not sure how comfortable he was with you touching him.

He lifted your head so your eyes could meet his own, “I told Jinyoung that you’re clingy, but right after that I said I love how she can dish out whatever I give; it makes me feel loved how much she gives back to us in terms of physical affection - not many girls would be comfortable with it; but you’re different, you don’t cringe up or get awkward you take it for what it is, friendly interactions,” 

Suddenly you felt stupid. “Oh,” you murmured lightly then wet your lips a little, “I see,”

He nodded, “But I also told him I wished you weren’t so comfortable with touching the other members because  I kind of want you to myself,” he whispered the last part and you were positive your heard slowed down to almost a complete stop, “Y/N - I could never think you were annoying or too clingy because I never want you to stop touching me to begin with, if either of us is annoying its me,”

The admission of feelings from Jackson once again left you breathless, his eyes were intently staring into your own as if searching for some kind of answer “I ..” you stammer over yours words but decide on showing him how you felt would be better so you leaned up pressing your lips against his, and you felt the smile crawl onto his face it was then you knew everything would be okay.

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Drawn Together

A/N: Happy Birthday, Hermione Granger!! This is just a fluffy little one shot that came to me as a sweet, fluffy little plot bunny about three hours ago. It may induce cavities. It is also a shameless wave to my #pittp crew!

It had started in third year, a LOT of things started in third year come to think of it. Her 14th birthday had been very uneventful, even as her birthdays went. The Grangers had never been one to make a fuss over birthdays, so Hermione really never missed anything by not being home. She was not like her dorm mates who dramatically announced their birthdays loudly for weeks before the actual date and squealed in excitement when they received magical packages full of completely frivolous gifts. So first and second year passed without anyone, including her best friends, knowing when her birthday even was.

It may have stayed that way indefinitely if it hadn’t been for Crookshanks. When she saw him in the store, she knew immediately how she wanted to spend her birthday money. He was perfect: all ginger fur and attitude and an intelligence that she couldn’t quite explain again, a LOT of things started in third year. But when the store owner gave her the price, and Hermione laid the money out without even flinching, she couldn’t help but notice Ron’s expression. It was a look that made her feel like she did when Malfoy made some snide comment about his robes or his family, so she quickly blurted out, “My parents gave me this money as an early birthday present!” She hoped that it would help soothe his feelings, but instead she could almost hear him thinking, “Ten whole galleons for your birthday! You really are spoiled!”

Of course Ron Weasley wasn’t really thinking that, but it did still shock him that her family seemed to have so much extra. But, in a moment of blossoming maturity, he decided to focus on what she had let slip.

“How early?”


“Your birthday, when is it?”

“Oh…uh…the 19th.”

“Of this month?”


He nodded at her, and before she knew it they were bickering about the merits, or lack thereof, of her new pet. By the time the 19th arrived, she had all but forgotten that she had even told him about it. It was a Sunday, but thanks to her massive course load she was swamped with extra work. She avoided using the Turner unless she could absolutely not avoid it; she had been warned to use it sparingly because there could be side effects, so she spent most of the day literally up to her eyebrows in books and assignments in the library.

As she furiously scribbled revisions on her Arithmancy essay, a short piece of parchment drifted over her stack of texts and landed in front of her surprised face. Lifting her head quickly, she could see no traces of life; the rest of the library’s patrons had cleared out hours ago. When she examined the piece of paper she found that it was some kind of homemade card. It was folded (somewhat unevenly for her perfectionist tastes) and bore “Happy Birthday” in large sloping letters on the front. Opening it she found an illustration of what appeared to be Crookshanks looking into a crystal ball with the caption, “I see that it’s your birthday. Hope it’s purr-fect.” She laughed before she could help herself, and Ron came around the closest shelf holding a small bundle, grinning broadly.

“You are the only person that I have ever met that would voluntarily spend their birthday in a library,” he sat down beside her, offering her what he carried.

“Hmph…just because I was born on this day doesn’t mean I should get behind on my revisions,” she tried to keep her tone stern, but she was sure he could tell just how happy she was that he was there.

“Behind? Hermione Granger has never been behind a day in her life! I bet you were even born early!”

“Well, actually…I was born three weeks before my mother’s due date.”

“Oi! I was just joking, but it all makes sense now!”

“Ha.ha.ha. So, did you come here to tease me or what?”

“Nope…that was just a bonus. I came to bring you that,” he motioned over at what he had sat on the table, “It’s not a gift or anything…I mean…it’s just that I haven’t been anywhere to buy you anything,” his face started to go a little red.

She interrupted, “Of course not, honestly, birthdays are not a big deal to me, the card was great!”

“You liked it?”

“Crookshanks has never looked better!”

“Well, good…I also brought you something to eat. You weren’t at dinner, so I wanted to make sure you didn’t go starving yourself. And I got you a few birthday biscuits! I would have gotten you cake, but you like biscuits better…and cake is hard to carry cause the frosting gets all smushed and…well, any way: cheers!”


She could not believe, later as she drifted off to sleep, just how great a birthday could be.


That had been the start of it. Every year the gift she looked forward to most was Ron’s card. The drawings, which really did show a talent that she could not believe he never showed off to anyone else, were always something amusing and always included a clever caption. She kept them all in a box in her trunk until the day she modified her parents’ memories. She could not bear the thought of them being lost or ruined on the hunt, so she hid them in a secret, magical compartment in her bedroom before leaving for the Burrow.

After their narrow escape from the Ministry, Ron’s splinching, and the effects of the locket, Hermione had all but forgotten about her birthday. And, had she remembered, she would have assumed that Ron surely had more important things on his mind. So, imagine her surprise, her unbridled joy, when she opened The Tales of Beadle the Bard on that one particular Friday in September, to find the gift she wanted almost more than any other because you really can’t wrap a kiss. The card, folded much more beautifully than usual, with an extremely well drawn picture of their tent, nestled in the pines, and the caption “No need to PINE, your birthday will be divine.” She almost groaned aloud at the horrible pun, but stopped short at the signature: Love, Ron.

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You are not having the first bite of their wedding cake with single dad!jihoon! Thank you! 💕

“Jihoon, no,” you hissed, smacking at his hand as he scowled at you.

“Come on, I’m hungry, they’re taking forever,” he muttered, crossing his arms. You rolled your eyes slightly and motioned him to face you better as you fixed his jacket a little. 

“Jun just got married, let him celebrate with his new spouse and his son, you brat,” you scolded him. “You are not having the first bite of their wedding cake, that’s for them to smush in each other’s faces.” 

“I don’t want a whole bite, just some of the frosting,” he defended. You found yourself rolling your eyes again, something Soobin giggled at from where she sat next to her dad.

“I said no. Can’t you behave like your daughter?” you pointed out with a little smile and the corners of Jihoon’s lips twitched. 

“Yeah, dad, can’t you behave more like me?” came the high pitched voice of Jihoon’s now six year old daughter. You grinned proudly over at her, and raised your fist so the two of you could fist bump.

“Just go to the buffet table and get more dinner while you wait,” you said, patting his head with the hand you had used to fist bump Soobin. 

“That’s so far,” he mumbled, and you laughed as you kissed his cheek.

“I’ll get it for you!” Soobin chimed, standing up so quickly Jihoon had to reach his hand out to keep the chair from falling over. “What do you want to eat?” 

Jihoon smiled as his daughter took his plate, thanking her and telling her what to get for him before the two of you watched her scamper off towards the table. You sighed as you leaned against your boyfriend. “Mighty sweet kid you’re raising, Mr. Jihoon.” 

“You’re helping,” he chuckled as he kissed your head, and you could feel your chest warm at his sentiment. “Let’s just hope she doesn’t spill the food on her way back.”

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1 for the sentence prompts with iwaoi or bokuroo ;3

“I was just kind of hoping that you’d, y’know…fall in love with me.”

this doubles as wit day 11: seasons

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They’re not really dates, per se, though Bokuto wouldn’t complain if they were. They’re just excursions between friends– the movies, then the beach, ending with a nice dinner and possibly a night over. Bokuto would wake up the morning after his carefully planned days out and just look at him, letting his eyes wander over Kuroo’s expression lax with sleep, eventually having to force his eyes away when Kuroo shifts or mumbles something. His heart was always pounding and he always had to bury his face into a pillow, stomach twisting with nervous excitement.

Fuck. He knows this is more than just a simple crush.

Of course, what they do varies depending on the season. The warmer months were filled with trips to the ocean or strolls through the city, but when the skies grew grey and the wind picked up Bokuto opted for movie after movie snuggled under a blanket or a long drive into the countryside. Once– just once– his fingers had brushed Kuroo’s under a thick comforter and he hadn’t pulled away; Kuroo’s fingers had slid between his own and they just sat, hands half-held in one another’s. 

Bokuto was pretty sure his blush had spread down to his toes.

Now, however, it was different. They were out on the road, with Kuroo driving his beat-up, hand-me-down car along a street that wound through the hills. The sun was setting off behind them as Bokuto reclines his seat a little, looking up at the sky with a smile on his face. He catches Kuroo’s eyes at one point and smiles wider. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see,” Kuroo assures, just humming softly. Bokuto shrugs.

The road continues to wind its mysterious way up one of the taller hills, until it has Bokuto sitting up curiously. The sun’s rays have bled beneath the horizon by the time they pull to a stop. 

Kuroo opens the door. “Well? C’mon.”

It’s a picturesque view– they’d pulled into the center of a large, grassy field, one located near the top of the rolling hill. Glittering far off in the distance are Tokyo’s city limits, but to Bokuto, that felt like a world away. The wind whips at his clothes up here so he zips up his jacket and just grins, a gloved hand catching on a branch as he leans out. “Wow.”

“Yeah,” whispers Kuroo, leaning against the tree and chuckling a little. “Gorgeous, isn’t it?”

Bokuto beams and looks over at him. “I’m glad you’re finally making an effort.”

Shocked, Kuroo puts a hand to his chest. “Excuse you, I executed that trip to the roller rink.”

“Yeah, like a year ago.”

“Oh, shove it,” groans Kuroo, pushing his shoulder. Bokuto laughs heartily and leans over, kissing his cold cheek without thinking, his hand pressing to Kuroo’s neck. He jerks away quickly and reddens, a furious blush that spreads over his entire face.

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so im currently halfway through a 24hr plane journey (and suffering) but honestly? sid & g in any au taking a long ass flight and when they transfer, standing by the departures information board, geno with both their bags and his arms wrapped around a very sleep deprived sid who is leaning heavily into geno's chest and just mumbling quietly as g tries his best to read the changing info on the board, nose buried in his bfs hair!!!! softe boys

Ohhhhh myyy god!!!!! Sidney and Geno post-honeymoon, Geno kissing his husband’s face constantly and holding him close as they wait to board.

“You tired, baby? You want sleep?”

“Little bit,” Sidney murmurs, smushing his face on Geno’s chest.

“Sleep on me,” Geno says, squinting at the departure board as he pets Sidney’s hair. “I’m see how long we delay.”

“I can’t fall asleep on you,” Sidney complains, even as he closes his eyes.

“Shhh,” Geno says, eyeing the board.

Love Away from Harm’s Way

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, VERY slight angst.

Words: 1,630

A/n: THIS FIC TOOK ME SO LONG AND I JUST REALIZED THE OTHER FIC I’M WRITING HAS ALMOST THE SAME STORYLINE FUCK! P.s. On the bright side, I just dug up a very old WIP and I’ll work on finishing that.

Summary: It’s apparent that you’re not safe from HYDRA’s clutches. Or really anyone’s. So Steve decides to take matters into his own hands.

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[22:47:51] yubiwamonogatari: can I just tho ok with boffinshield ok I just want you to imagine
[22:48:08] yubiwamonogatari: modern day ok them in their bespoke bed made for three
[22:48:15] yubiwamonogatari: and bofur’s in the middle
[22:49:01] yubiwamonogatari: and he’s on his back and on his left hand side is Thorin, who’s got his face sort of smushed under bofur’s arm and is doing that low, happy, almost purring little snore he makes when he’s really asleep
[22:49:11] yubiwamonogatari: and he’s got no nightmares or troubled dreams
[22:49:57] yubiwamonogatari: and his hair is falling out of the messy bun he’d tied it in and he’s got his arm slung low across bofur’s hips and bofur knows his fingers are looped into the pocket of Bilbo’s pyjama bottoms
[22:51:02] yubiwamonogatari: and on his other side is Bilbo, with his head squarely on bofur’s chest like a pillow and his palm flat on bofur’s stomach, legs spread out at the weird angle he likes to sleep in and snuffling a little in his sleep, as he does
[22:51:27] yubiwamonogatari: and bofur just looks at them both and is so overwhelmed by love and affection and the moment is so tender and beautiful
[22:51:52] yubiwamonogatari: and then thorin shifts a little in his sleep and farts and Bilbo - without waking up - grunts out a little “oh, for god’s sake” noise
[22:52:00] yubiwamonogatari: and he laughs so hard he wakes them both up
[22:52:10] yubiwamonogatari: and they’re both blearily blinking at him like “what the fuck”

@linddzz a present uwu

Black Nails

Harry’s not drunk when he gets home after he launch party. Okay, that’s kind of a lie, he is however less drunk than when he got in his car to take him home as he thinks that’s something worth being impressed by. So he’s only somewhat drunk and his breath is a little onion-y from the McDonald’s happy meal that Gemma had gotten him, her and Michael having snuck off to get sustenance when they realised the food being served was very much finger sized and not enough for them. Finally, finally the Range Rover that came to pick him up had arrived back at his and Louis London home, and Harry was quick to stumble out of the car door, his suit jacket undone and loose around his frame, black neck tie askew and hair a little messier than when he left, a few strands falling out of his styled hair and into his eyes. He hums to himself as he half dances up to his door, waving his security for the night goodbye, letting himself in before locking up the door and entering the key code to set the alarm before he kicked off his shoes. Harry smiled when he saw the stair light on, knowing that his boy had left it on for him before going to bed. His boy. Harry beamed at the thought of Louis- God he was excited to see his baby after a long night away. As much as Harry had been excited about the launch party, he had hated leaving Louis for the night. Recently, The pair had had a lot of time apart over the past months but just last week had had a trip to Jamaica, and they felt more attached at the hip than ever, still in their loved up holiday mode. Plus, Louis had looked really cute, sitting cross legged on their large kitchen counter, tongue caught between his teeth and poking out just so between his lips as he painted Harry’s fingernails back, watching carefully as he did so. He had one of Harry’s various jumpers tugged on, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, the fabric hanging past his arse down to mid thigh. He was so sexy, and just upstairs. Harry perked up like a happy drunk puppy, stumbling up the stairs and hoping a tiny bit that Louis was awake, even if he should probably be sleeping. When Harry reached the top of the stairs, he saw their bedroom door closed and the lights off, making him pout because that usually meant Louis was asleep. Harry tried to be quieter, slipping into the room, stumbling over his feet a bit because he was drunk and it was pitch black as he tried to make it to the bed. Finally, Harry managed to sit himself on his bed, swaying a little as he tried to gather the motivation to get up, get undressed and brush his teeth. However a soft “Harry?” And a petite warm hand on his waist kept him on the bed. “Hey, hi baby” Harry rasped out, eyes shining with excitement as he gazed at his boy, sleep soft and warm warm warm, cheeks a pretty pink and hair ruffled with sleep. God he loved his boy. Louis huffed and crawled slowly across the small gap between them, plopping himself sleeping into Harry’s lap. Oh, Louis was also very much naked. “Yay” Harry mumbled with a small giggle, not really realising he’d said the word out loud, very excited to have Louis naked and warm and pretty in his arms. He shifted his hands to rest on Louis’s bum, his cool rings pressing into the skin, making Louis whimper a little and bite lazily at Harry’s neck in retaliation, but Harry is drunk and thinking of how he wants to get a photo of his hands against Louis’s bum, his rings and black polish, taken with flash on his Polaroid… Louis mumbling against his neck pulls him from his thoughts and he mumbles a soft ‘hmm?“ To prompt Louis to repeat himself. “I said Harold, did you have a nice time?” Louis sasses sleepily, face nuzzling into Harry’s neck, like he was trying to hide away into his body. “Yeah. Lotsa fun.. lotsa shots- that blue drink thingo that you really like” he explained, lips smacking a little, muffling a yawn as he curled Louis closer to his body, kissing his temple. “Very good Haz, very descriptive” Louis teased with bright giggles, knowing Harry would give him a run down tomorrow over breakfast, and he’d already gotten a slew of texts and snapchats during the night too. “Y'smell like outside n'alcohol” Louis complained, pulling back to cup Harry’s cheek, smiling up at him gentle eyes, baby blues just peaking out as he gazed at him. Harry laughed loudly and leaned in to smush his face into Louis’s cheek, smiling when Louis dissolved into joyful silly giggles. “Did I wake y'up comin’ home?” Harry asked deeply, biting and kissing at Louis’s cheek. “Mm kinda sweetheart, but I wasn’t proper asleep, wanted to see you anyway” Louis explained, muffing a little yawn into Harry’s shoulder a one hand moved to sink into Harry’s soft hair, scratching gently through his curls. “Sorry, our door is very noisy” he laughed, kissing Louis’s skin again twice and falling back on the bed, making the boy let out a squeak. “Lets sleeeep” Harry cheered, sniffling a little and rubbing at his tired eyes. “Nooo, no” Louis huffed, poking at his side, “come on, gotta brush your stinky teeth so you can kiss me” Louis teased, ticking Harry’s side. So they do, Harry helps Louis up and walks him to the bathroom. Louis strips him off and helps him brush his teeth between foamy mouthed kisses, Harry just wanting to kiss and cuddle, causing some toothpaste to end up in his hair. Eventually they do get to bed, Harry butt naked and Louis in the same jumper he’d been in earlier that night, because Harry made him, saying Louis always got cold and night and Harry worries. Eventually, they fall asleep tangled together as close and they can manage, because this- having this is so worth all the other stuff.

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65 for the drabble thing. Can it be jikook? I know, I'm cheesy. I'm sorry. Thank you!!!

“I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”

“You know what I want?” Jimin mutters. He’s half asleep and most of his face is smushed against Jeongguk’s bicep and he’s kind of drooling a little and Jeongguk would move him over but it’s just kind of adorable.

“What do you want?” Jeongguk asks with a small smile.

“I want you,” Jimin says, lifting a hand to lazily grope at Jeongguk’s face, “to see you, like I see you.”

“How is that?” Jeongguk chuckles.

Jimin hums some, scooting closer, sliding his hand from Jeongguk’s face down his neck, along his chest, right to the waistband of his boxers. Jeongguk laughs more at that and leans in, kissing Jimin’s hair.

“You’re sweet,” Jimin says. “And strong, and you think you’re dumb but you’re not dumb. Well sometimes you act pretty dumb. And that time you microwaved that metal popcorn thing–”

“Stop calling me dumb,” Jeongguk grins.

“I just really like you.” Jimin pauses. He sounds a little more awake, his grip on Jeongguk’s boxers tightening to draw him closer. “You’re better than you think.”

“So are you,” Jeongguk says.


“No, definitely. You’re pretty great. You should feel great.”

“I feel like a fat lump–ow, what the f–You frickin’ bit me!”

“Don’t call yourself that,” Jeongguk says. “I’m serious. Or I’ll…I’ll tell Hobi hyung!”

Horror spreads across Jimin’s face to replace the incredulity from being bitten. “Please don’t.”

“Well, please be nice to you,” Jeongguk says.

“You first.”


“…Fine.” Jimin pouts briefly, then snuggles closer again. “Jackass.”