i just want to see some bands

Maybe I wanted to draw some younger Keith and Lance getting to know each other, maybe I just wanted to draw Keith in a band shirt.

Hello everyone. If you haven’t yet watched the video then these words might come as a shock to you. If you have watched, know that this is exactly what I would have said in the video, if filming it wasn’t one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do. This morning, I announced that I will be taking a step back from PTX.
I’ve struggled with this decision a lot. It has been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life. Before I explain why, I want you all to know that the past 6 years have been the most unbelievable years of my life. The things we’ve accomplished, the places we’ve seen, the people we’ve touched with our music… It surpasses anything that I could have ever dreamed up for my life.
I believe one of the big reasons why we have been so successful and accomplished all that we have is because of the unbelievably fast pace that we keep. Throughout my journey with PTX, this pace has always been a struggle for me. It’s been hard for me not to be with my family and friends when I need them or when they need me. It’s been hard to not be able to escape into nature when I’m feeling overwhelmed or just need some time to myself.
Through all of this, I’ve done my best and I’ve kept pushing myself to keep up. Really, the reason why I’ve been able to push so hard and for so long has been because of you guys. You all have inspired me and lifted me up every single day and, for that, I am eternally grateful.
I do love you all so very much, but I’ve come to a point where I just can’t keep up anymore and I would never want to inhibit any type of success that we have because I truly do believe in everything that we’ve done and everything that they will do. I just know that I can no longer continue at this pace and so I have to do what’s best for the group and I have to do what’s best for me.
I do want you all to know that I’m still going to be doing music and I’m going to be doing it with my whole heart. I will ALWAYS do my best to lift others up with my voice. I hope that you’ll all support my decision and that you can understand where I’m coming from. And regardless of anything, I just want to thank you for all that you’ve given to me. I have been so unbelievably blessed and humbled to be a part of all your lives in any way and I wanted you to hear this from me. From my voice. And from my heart.
I love you all deeply and I thank you for everything. Truly.
And just so you know, I will still be performing at all of our announced shows, so come say hi and give me a hug. I love hugs.

I know the announcement is already going around tumblr but I thought I’d upload the video. Watching it made me realize how sad and sorry he is. And even though I’m upset about the news, I think I’m more worried about him. I’m seeing lots of support and love for him on the internet, and I hope he’ll see it. Hopefully his decision will allow him to take back control of his life, get some rest and focus on whatever he wants. Maybe he’ll finally ask Sara Bareilles out, who knows… I just want him to be happy. It’s going to be hard for the band and for us fans, but both Avi and Pentatonix will still be able to make good music and succeed; except now he’s going to be able to breathe and go at his own pace.
Also, give him a hug from me if you can! x


by reddit user alackofcoasters

As a teacher, I get to see and hear a lot of horror stories, maybe not the kind that you are used to. Kids being abused by teachers or parents, students who get hooked on hard drugs and lose scholarships, even teenagers getting raped in the classroom. Bad things happen to good kids. It breaks my heart. All in all, it’s all pretty horrific, some of the things they warn you about in school when you’re getting your teaching credential.

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Literally how I became happy.

A lot of you guys are always concerned about me because the more that I share, the more you realize I’m a real person with struggles and issues and I’m not 100% okay 100% of the time haha so I just wanna give an update and share some insight on how I’ve been doing and what I’ve been working on.
The hair cut is the visible part. The change is sooooo real. I look like a different person but I seriously FEEL like one. Surface changes: I live in Tennessee. I have short blonde hair. I’ve now dated two guys that I actually loved. I own a house and a car. Before, I lived in California, I had freaking long brown hair, I shared a mini van with four other people, I’d never been on a date and truly questioned whether I’d ever meet anyone that liked me for who I was, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life past like two years into the future and I felt like I would live with my parents forever. So a lot of big things have changed but honestly the biggest changes happened inside with less visible results. You can only see it in my smile and hear it in my words. But really you’ll see it in my actions over the next 12 months. It’s just the beginning.
I honestly don’t know where it came from. The last six years I have been so passive. My life has been happening to me. There have been some breakthrough moments where I learned a lot about myself and my confidence and self love, yes. I had some good times for sure. But as far as knowing what I want and where I wanna go, I was not good at that. I felt SO powerless and began to withdraw more and more, in my friendships, my career, our band, my family, everything. I shared so little each day, I had so few ideas, I didn’t create much, I only wrote when I was really upset or inspired (which wasn’t that often), I had no social life, no vision for myself, no confidence that anyone would ever love me and I just wasn’t living a rich life at all. I was an observer hoping that one day someone or something would come along and make my life actually enjoyable. I was constantly waiting. I journaled a lot and released a lot of emotion, that part was good. I just felt like I was living in a cave, stuck in the past, not doing much each day to actually experience life.
Then we moved across the country. *shock* *panic* *whoa*. That was the first time I was really shaken up.
Then I had my heart broken. Twice. I fell in love and both times it didn’t work out. I NEEDED that, to meet people who actually got me and appreciated my personality and loved all my quirks and my strange mind and how childlike I am. For the first time I felt understood. I wouldn’t change a thing. I was so closed off for so long and suddenly I was ripped open. Someone was asking for my time and attention and I had to give it to them. I was so scared but I really wanted to experience that side of life so I had to let those people see me and experience who I was. It was so good for me omg. I felt like my heart was shriveled and frozen before that, it had seen the sun maybe three times, but once that happened it absolutely bloomed. Not everyone has to fall in love to open their heart but for me that’s how it happened.
Anyway it was really intense and pushed me to the edge, dealing with that loss. I cut off all my hair. I just had enough. I was so drained. I had felt so vulnerable throughout my dating experiences, such a long period of trusting and hoping after so many years of doing the opposite, I guess I became a little over exposed. I pictured myself feeling tough and strong after a particularly intense weekend of fighting and I saw myself with no hair. It was kind of a crazy idea at first but it turned into a real desire. After a few days of thinking it over, I took the plunge.
What. A. Rush.
Suddenly I just wanted to feel alive. I went a little overboard but I did so many things. Concerts, road trips, bonfires, social plans nonstop, shopping, reinventing my style… I was really hurting during this time and I just wanted to feel better. I don’t regret doing so much but I’m glad I came down after a month and examined myself. I realized how much I was hurting and I faced it. I felt scared, hurt, abandoned, broken and vulnerable but it was comforting to identify that. Once you face it, you can feel it, release it and eventually let it go.
In October I realized I wanted more. I actually had dreams. Cutting my hair showed me I could have an idea, see it through and that it could actually go well! I wanted that on a bigger scale. I started writing again, all the time. I took an interest in my appearance again. Before, I just wanted people to think I’m pretty. Of course I still do but now it’s so much more than that. It actually is for me. When my outfit/makeup/overall look matches my mood, I feel so much more confident, comfortable with myself and ready to take on the day. Even in my work out clothes, I always try to coordinate them now and make them feel good because I know I just do more with my day when I feel confident and ready to put myself out there. You don’t need to look perfect AT ALL, in fact sometimes that can cause more stress because it puts more pressure on you. Just take the time to put yourself together and feel GOOD about what you’re wearing each day. It seriously makes a huge difference. And especially DO NOT wear anything that makes you feel bad. GET RID OF IT!!!! All your clothes should make you feel cute in some way.
Idk how this happened but I kind of just realized nothing is a big deal. The way I used to live, EVERYTHING was a HUGE deal. Texting a guy? Leaving the house? Spending 30 dollars? Calling someone first? All terrifying things I dreaded and avoided at all costs. I had to work through so much INTENSE anxiety when I first started dating, it was really sad how much that freaked me out and how much I had to work through just to get to a point where I felt comfortable going on one date or being the object of a man’s attention. I felt so incredibly unworthy.
Anyway, maybe it was the hair cut but sometime around then I just became really bold. Right now I feel like almost nothing scares me. My biggest fear is probably trusting people that have hurt me. That’s one thing I can think of that I’m struggling with and truly terrifies me, trying to rebuild broken relationships. I’m having help working through that. Other than that, there are so few things I won’t try, won’t pursue, won’t say to someone. I am becoming more bold, confident, comfortable in my own skin and sure of myself with each passing second. I just feel GOOD. Nothing is that big of a deal! Seriously force yourself to take more risks and you’ll quickly understand what I mean. You can spend weeks, months, even years fearing things and trying to predict what will happen but once you finally do them you’ll see just how unnecessary all that stress was. Nothing is that hard, that daunting, that permanent. Heck, even tattoos can be removed these days.
I think that was the biggest change of all so far: the removal of fear. Fear used to be the gas in my tank, it absolutely fueled me. Now it’s faith. I am so ON FIRE for my life!!!!!! I have so many exciting dreams I want to pursue, so much I want to create, so many places I want to go, things I want to experience, learn, master, people I want to meet and be around….. I love it all. I decide what I want and I go after it. I look at myself in the mirror and I smile. I’m starting to look as bold and unique as I feel. The long hair was beautiful and fun and maybe one day I’ll want it back but for now, it just feels too plain for how colorful and out of the box my mind is. I always used my mind a lot but I wasn’t exploring it much before. Now that I’m embracing my unconventional brain, I just want to express that openness and share it with the world.
Also I’ve noticed I’m getting disappointed comments from traditional, conformist men I never wanted to date anyway that used to love my hair 😂 so no offense but I was never interested in you anyway, there are soooooo many long haired women in the world you can comment on that you’ll probably never even meet but i’m just one less you need to worry about hahaha. All of the bold men that liked me before just like me more now. And I think it’s because I also like myself more! Confidence attracts confidence! I’m growing into the baller I was born to be and it’s just helping me attract more ballers 😂😂
Anyway, I feel so much more confident in myself, men or no men. It’s funny cuz I finally stopped worrying about guys and now I actually interact with them the way I always wanted to hahaha.
I no longer rely on the approval of others to get through the day. I no longer feel paralyzed by fear every morning and night. I no longer ponder whether I’m worthy of a date or not. I no longer look in the mirror and sigh. I no longer think of the future as a blurry grey blob filled with hopelessness, uncertainty and fear. I know it will be whatever I make it and I am going to make it freaking phenomenal.
That’s a huge key, putting YOURSELF in the drivers seat. Forget this message of victimization. You are the person holding yourself down but YOU can be the one to lift yourself up!!!! Wow I just got a huge craving for meat loaf and mashed potatoes. HAHAHA. Anyway, put yourself in control. Ask God for guidance. Trust that you are taken care of always because YOU ARE. Embrace yourself. Stop thinking you have to be perfect. Stop thinking you’re unlovable. Realize how cool you are and how much you have going for yourself. Jump in and try things. Stop thinking you have to be “ready”. THE LESSONS OF FAILURE ARE FAR MORE VALUABLE THAN THE PRIZES OF SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!
On that note, go kill it. Embrace yourself. Blossom. Live. Come alive. You got this 👊🏼💗

And It’s Like No Time Has Passed

without trying very hard at all you can see bob’s current Look™ in this

(ao3) (general warning for 4x13 spoilers just in case)


Bellamy looks up like he’s been caught, pushing up his glasses and smiling guiltily. For all the times Clarke drew him over the past six years– on every spare piece of scrap paper she could find, every blank stretch of wall in the lab– she never imagined him like this: hair shaggy and long, the sharpness of his jaw shadowed with stubble, wearing glasses.

Smiling, easy and relaxed.

It feels wrong that most of her memories of him are shadowed by tension, broad shoulders pulled tight, jaw muscle jumping, gaze hard and canny. A soldier in wartime. Her heart aches that she gets to see him like this, gets to see him at all.

“What are you trying to say, Princess?”

His voice makes her breath catch.

Six years of talking to an empty radio channel, hoping against hope that she’d hear his voice coming through, but never really expecting it to. And now he’s here, and he’s answering back, and it’s just– it’s a lot to take in.

“Leave it to Bellamy Blake to find his way straight to the armory,” she says with feigned exasperation, and he ducks his head, smiling. “Most of your crew is enjoying the feast we prepared for you guys, but not you.”

“You think I’m gonna waste my first chance in six years to really get away from Murphy?”

Clarke laughs and comes to stand next to him, watching as he meticulously cleans each piece of the gun before him, fingers deft and sure. It’s pretty hot, if Clarke is honest with herself.

And she’s learned to be very honest with herself the past few years.

They’re barely touching, his arm skimming hers every time he moves, but it sets her heart racing fast as ever.

Get it together, Griffin. You’re not seventeen anymore.

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Open Letter to the Clique from Mark

Dear Skeleton Clique,

We are slipping.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun use their many talents to send a message of hope and community to those who feel hopeless and alone. The band’s mission is for this message to reach those who struggle (usually with depression, since this is the struggle they (specifically Tyler) understand best), in hopes that it will also help the listener overcome the obstacles they share. They do send other messages, but this is the most immediate and by far the most important.

When a fan base selflessly rallies around this kind of mission and message for the sake of helping others to stay alive, it’s unspeakably beautiful and actually lifesaving. When that same fan base selfishly rearranges its priorities to put fan-status ahead of the mission, it’s unspeakably ugly and detrimental to everything it stood for to begin with. It isolates the message from those who genuinely need it most. It’s an ego-driven, life-threatening mentality.

If there wasn’t so much at stake, I wouldn’t care enough to write a single word about this. The reality, however, is that a truly lifesaving message is getting heavy pushback from many who claim to believe and live out these truths – all in the name of self-glorification. When that happens, we withhold goodness from so many people. Again, we withhold aid from those who need it, and I refuse to just sit here and watch that happen.

I’m not just assuming this negativity and selfishness exists, but rather watching it unfold firsthand. Furthermore, I’m not just assuming that people could really benefit from the message. How many times have you read “Your music saved my life” in the comments? Has it saved yours? Would you want it kept from you?

Let’s take a look at some (paraphrased) attitudes we constantly see:

1) “I’ve been a fan since [album title/year]”
I completely understand why somebody would be proud to have watched a band grow from the beginning. In that case, there would be few who could claim to have seen what you’ve seen, and that’s special in and of itself.

However, it’s not meant to be a trophy for you to shove in anybody’s face. The most likely reason somebody would do this is so that others might acknowledge and validate some high-level of fandom that they possess. Instead of seeking this approval for no good reason, acknowledge your fandom to yourself and move on. Validate your fandom by being a fan. Support the band and its mission.

Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find more than one legitimate instance in which you should bring up how long you’ve been a fan. The only one I can think of (and it’s rare as hell) is if somebody asked you directly, but even then, just tell them and move on. Somebody was a fan before you, and there’s likely a band you’ll love that – through no fault of your own – you haven’t even discovered yet.

Boasting the number of years you’ve served in the clique doesn’t drive any of your points home. Not a one. Instead, it divides us, which is foundationally against the message and mission of the band to come together and stay alive.

2) “I hate that they’re getting famous.”
If that’s the case, you simply don’t love or support this band. Let me clarify.

There are only two cases (that I am aware of) in which it makes ANY sense to be upset about your favorite band getting famous: 1) They did so by way of “selling out.” In other words, they sacrificed their mission and message and abandoned what they once stood for as a means to an end (but even in this case, you’d be more upset about the means (selling out) than the end (fame)). 2) Their concert tickets are now much more expensive, which makes it more difficult for you to see them live. In these two cases, absolutely be mad.

The reality you need to accept is that if you love this band, it should bring you unspeakable joy when fame allows their message to reach more people. Otherwise, you’re pushing back against the mission of the band, likely because you just don’t want to share, which brings me to my next point…

3) “This is my band.”
I believe the “this is my band” mentality is responsible for a lot of the issues I’m discussing. When you link your personal identity so heavily with something that is fundamentally meant to be shared, you will inevitably forfeit your identity to the public when it actually becomes shared. You will lose yourself entirely.

4) “I hate how people call themselves fans but they only know Stressed Out/Tear in my Heart/House of Gold/Car Radio.”
Show me even one person who claims to be a Twenty One Pilots fan while simultaneously admitting to only knowing one or a handful of song(s). Seriously, if you see somebody do both at the same time, comment it below. Let’s see how many actually exist.

In other words, those who are upset about self-proclaimed fans only knowing one song likely have no way of proving that the person actually only knows the one song. Rather, they assume the worst of a stranger based solely on whichever song they listed as their favorite. If it’s a radio hit, they often call out the poor soul who simply said they like Stressed Out. Even if they do admit to only knowing the one song, in most (if not all) cases, it’s paired with something like, “…but I love this band,” suggesting they expect to dig further into the discography based off of how much they love what little they’ve heard.

The truth is that these songs are powerful enough for one of them alone to move somebody. If you’re not willing to accept that truth because you feel somebody isn’t doing the entire catalog justice, you don’t even understand these songs, let alone support the mission they drive. No matter how ideal it would be for someone to know the whole catalog, no matter how cohesive and intentional each album is as a whole, that can’t possibly diminish the fact that each song can speak volumes by itself. It’s no crime for somebody to recognize that. In fact, it strengthens this community and allows it to grow.

5) “It’s ‘Twenty One Pilots,’ not ’21p’ or ‘TOP'”
I actually agree that we should spell out the band’s name. They requested that we do so out of respect. However, we need to realize something.

Those who abbreviate the band name are almost never doing so to diminish what Twenty One Pilots is. Abbreviating is common with band names, and people are usually just being people. If you’re seeking to invite the person to understand the spelling-out of the band name, do so kindly and in a way that fosters community. This is usually the route the clique takes, and I’m grateful for that. This is just a friendly reminder.

Again, this is no time to take people’s innocent ignorance personally (see point 3). There is never a need to prove how much you know just for proof’s sake.That divides the fan base and pushes back against the band’s mission and message.

EDIT: Since this article was posted, Twenty One Pilots has released official merchandise with their band name abbreviated in nearly every way imaginable (2NTY ØNE PLTS, TØP, etc), which I have to imagine was their decision. Do what you will and remain inviting.

6) “Vessel is not their first album”
Again, those who suggest Vessel is the band’s first album almost never do so just to get under your skin. Don’t let it anger you. Instead, realize that it actually makes a lot of sense for someone to believe Vessel is their first album considering the difference between independent releases and label releases (some of their work isn’t actually allowed by law to be sold commercially or publicly). Be welcoming and kind. Nurture the clique. Let it grow.

7) “Twenty One Pilots is not indie/rock/pop/rap/whatever.”
The lines separating genres have become so blurred at this point that it’s almost pointless to even try to assign one to a band anymore. There’s no reason to get upset if you think Twenty One Pilots has been misrepresented by genre. That being said, by all means have a discussion about what you think it might be. But don’t get upset. That just doesn’t make any sense.

For the record, they’re self-declared as “Schizoid-Pop” and I have no idea what that’s even supposed to mean. Discuss.

Being a part of the skeleton clique should make you feel proud. We are the foot soldiers in places the band can’t reach alone. By spreading this message, you help the band help others, and that’s all they want. That, and to see the clique grow.

If somebody flat-out disrespects the mission and message of Twenty One Pilots, by all means fight back. Don’t be rude, just be real. Defend the truth with more truth.

In that same vein, spreading this message is crucial. Let it through. Do not keep it for yourself. This band is not yours, it’s ours. Not everyone in the clique is guilty of this selfish mentality. In fact, I’d say the vast majority is still on track. However, I say again, we are slipping. Let’s find our footing.

Stay alive, friends. |-/

I’m glad she asked this question, because I’ve always wondered how Louis feels about and deals with all the support and love he gets from us. We know he sees it, but it’s nice to hear what his personal response is and how he processes it. 

DJ: How do you, like, go everyday, like, there’s all these people that love me so much? That may not ever meet me ever in life?

Louis: I mean, it’s hard to even comprehend the level of support, really, if I’m being completely honest. Been in the industry like, 6 years, 5 years,  and still, you know, it’s just impossible to understand. All I can do is try and thank everyone as often as I can.

DJ: Absolutely, yeah. No, you do, yeah yeah.

Louis: You feel like you just run out of words, honestly. They are incredible people, and also the reason why I felt confident enough to kind of to step out of my comfort zone and do some stuff of my own outside the band, you know. It’s kind of all down to them.

Bottomline: Louis sees our support, is extremely thankful for it and is absolutely bolstered by it. Exactly how we want our fave to feel and exactly why we support him! I am glad we have been able to do this for him! 

Excerpt from Weekend Throwdown With Jagger interview. Released 18 February 2018.

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Tomboy & Skirts


What about a Reggie x Reader where the reader is like a total tomboy and one day decides to wear a skirt and Reggie pesters her a bit (Cause friends) and the reader ends up convincing him to wear a skirt to school the next day.


A/N: My Wi-Fi is being a butt so these imagines will all be uploaded by Monday when I get to my school with free Wi-Fi lol. This was a cute imagine to write so I hope you guys like it. Also I didn’t know if the requestor wanted to be romantic or not so I just made the reader and Reggie very flirty best friends. If you guys like this one I can see a part two happening, but not if you guys don’t request it. If you guys request it maybe their friendship will become something more. Thanks for your guy’s support it really is making my life.

Words: 1194

Summary: Readers mom makes her wear a skirt for her birthday. Reggie pesters her about it and they make a deal.

Spoilers: Flirty friendship

Warnings: Not that I can think of any.

You grew up in Riverdale the notorious small town of pep (far from it though). You grew up next door to Reggie Mantle. Although many saw him as this pretentious douchebag, you knew him for who he was.  Everything he showed to the town was for attention, he lived for attention.

You two became best friends when he saw that you spent most of your time alone, and so did he. Nowadays you did talk to Archie, Betty, Jughead and Kevin but back then they were inseparable and they didn’t like Reggie because he was a showoff. One day he got in a small wrong encounter with Archie and they kicked him out. Reggie was crying, you had never seen him cry so you were there for him and till this day he was your best friend.

These days you two were partners in crime. You tagged along to his infamous pranks that you secretly enjoyed because you were supposed to be his ’moral compass’. Plenty of people told you to let him go, but you never listened, he was your confidant. Both of you had gone through so many things together to just give up on him because of how he acted towards some.

Although in the high school system you were a bit of an underdog as Reggie rose to popularity and became the quarterback to the varsity football team. Although that never stopped your friendship and you couldn’t be prouder for him, you attended all of his games and cheered him on. People knew to leave you alone because you were pretty feisty and Reggie made sure you were protected.

It was just another day as you got ready for bed because you had school the next day when you heard a knock at your door.

“Come in” you confirmed as your mother made her way in with a bag.

“I got you something to wear for my birthday” she spoke with a smile engraved on her face.

“What?” you rose an eyebrow.

“Well I got you this” she added as she took out a black flowy velvet skirt “I knew you didn’t own one so I decided to buy you one” she continued.

“Mom, I don’t wear skirts, but thank you. It really means a lot” you answered the nicest way possible.

“Oh c’mon look I bought you three. One black, one grey, and one navy blue. They all fit your color spectrum. Please?!?! For my birthday!” she pleaded “I made sure they would all fit your tomboy style, your sad colors” she insisted as you chuckled.

“My sad tomboy style” you sassed back.

“You know I just want to see you in a skirt before I die. You’ll probably wear a pantsuit for my funeral for all I know” she chimed in.

“Fine, only because they kind of look cool and will fit my sad tomboy style, and because you’re my mother” you pleased with a small smile.

“Thank you!” she singed as she pulled you into a hug and exited your room.

The next morning you decided on the black velvet skirt which you matched with a band t-shirt and some converse high tops. You twirled around your room for a bit because it was kind of fun.

You grabbed your things and made your way to the kitchen as your mother took a mental photograph.

“Oh my god, you look stunningly beautiful. Happy birthday to me!” she praised as she took out her phone as took a picture.

“Uh really mom?!” you declared.

“What?! It’s not every day I get to see this” she claimed with a smile plastered on her face.

“Okay well I gotta get to school, happy birthday mom” you chimed in as you took your mom in for a hug.

As you arrived at school and made it to your locker as quickly as you could to avoid any stares, you could swear you heard whispering about your look of the day.

“Well damn (Y/N), if I knew the fairy godmother dropped by I would’ve hit you up” one of the football players spoke with a smirk and Reggie interrupted.

“What do you mean (Y/N)?” Reggie questioned as he did a double take at you with a surprised look.

“(Y/N)?” he finally added.

“The one and only” you answered him.

“Well Santa Claus is a bit late on my wish list” he mocked as you nudged his shoulder.

“Nope, just my mom’s birthday wish” you retorted.

“Really? So not for me?” He smirked as he motioned to his teammates to leave you alone.

“Sorry Mantle in your dreams” you replied.

“Can’t wait for bed then” he mocked back.

“Stop Reg!” you insisted with a giggle.

“Okay, okay I surrender” he motioned his hands up in the air as you both walked to your classes.

“So is she having a party this year?” he questioned you.

“She doesn’t want one, but I’m thinking we do a surprise dinner on Saturday” you stated with a smile.

“Why no party?” Reggie implied with a sad smile.

“Amount of candles she claims, but I found this mold that says ‘mom’ and making a candle with it and we just buy a cake and use that one. What do you think Mantle?” you informed Reggie.

“Sounds good, you up for video games tonight then?” he asked.

“Of course, that shouldn’t even be a question” you claimed with a smile.

“Ah you can put the tomboy in a skirt, but she’ll still be a tomboy” he pestered as he pulled you in for small hug and you hit his chest and made your ways to your classes.

At the end of the school day you walked with him to his house to play video games.

“Can we play Mortal Kombat first” you asked tall dark haired boy.

“I’m sorry skirt what did you say?” he mocked back.

“Are you really gonna bug me about the damn skirt all day” you proclaimed.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity (Y/N) I am going to make the most of my time” he pointed out.

“I’d like to see you in a skirt” you sassed back.

“I’d make that deal” he responded with a devilish smirk.

“What’s the catch Mantle?” you returned the same look.

“You wear skirts for a whole week” he informed you.

“Deal” you spoke too soon about to motion you hand for a handshake as he interrupted you.

“And you stop using Scorpion as your player, and we finally take that road trip during spring break and you call me by my nickname whenever I want you too” he cockily proposed.

“But I finally mastered all his moves to destroy you, wait what?” you recollected what he just asked.

“You heard me, you’ve been putting off the trip because of money or some other excuse. My parents will give the money, they’ll do anything to not have me around for a bit” he confessed.

“You have a deal Mantle the Magnificent” you concluded as he chuckled and he gave you a twirl as you made your way to buy him a skirt on his size for tomorrow.

Tag: @sgarrett49 @oharchiekinz

Part Two - Part Three -

Title: Reckless
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 2,460
Characters: Warren Worthington III x Reader, Jean Grey, mentions of Peter Maximoff and Scott Summers
Warnings: Smut, somewhat public sex
Notes: Reader has a vagina. // Based on @emmcfrxst‘s suggestion for “Warren + being teased to his breaking point….” & an anon’s suggestion for “Warren smut idea: In Public.” // Please let me know if there are any errors. I wrote this over the course of a couple weeks, and when I do that, there are occasionally some inconsistencies. // This took me a little while, because I wanted to make sure that it was as good as I could make it, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Originally posted by mfspaint

Warren knew exactly what you were doing – and he knew that you knew it, too.

From the Megadeath t-shirt that you stole from him, to the black stockings that you wore in lieu of pants, all the way down to the black platform heels – he knew that you were teasing him.

And he fucking hated that it was working.

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someone sent in an ask wanting too see more Band Leader Noodle Au stuff. In this AU Murdoc and Noodle switch places and Russ is a baby (adopted by noodle) del and stu stay the same (except stu hasn’t had his accident…yet)

 I really just wanted to draw some cute family fluff . It’s an AU and circumstances change and i’m tired of Murdoc having a horrible life so kid mud gets a lot of nice parental figures who love him very much.

please enjoy this 9 page full comic I drew over the last two days , now I can go back to drawing the other asks.

If you have any more questions about my AU please ask me , i love exploring this au with y’all.

kookieloverfan  asked:

Do you think you could do a fic where Jungkook,Suga,Jimin or V are vampires and they love you and the other members are also vampires? Or angels With some fluff and angst ? Or zombie apocalypse (I really like those kind of fics)Thanks if you do, love your fics

What’s Your Name Beautiful? - BTS Vampire Imagine (ANGST + HORROR)

Y/N had noticed Taehyung pulling away in the last couple of weeks. It wasn’t like they were a couple, she told herself. She didn’t expect him to spend every waking moment with her but she did expect that as her best friend, he would want to spend some time with her. Just last night she had called him out to go see the new Marvel movie they had been excited about for the last year or so. Y/N did not expect such a dry response to her giddy call when Taehyung answered the phone. “I’m busy with the guys. I can’t.” He had said. Those “guys”. Y/N had grown to loathe those “guys”. Ever since Taehyung had joined that stupid indie-band, he had been devoting all of his time to completing his initiation. What kind of band needs an initiation? She hadn’t even heard of this band before Taehyung said he ran into a member at a club around three weeks ago. Jimi? Jime? Something ridiculous like that. Y/N figured she would give another go at keeping her friendship with Taehyung alive so she would go and pay him a well needed visit. All pettiness aside, she was worried about him. The last time she had seen him, he was in a furious rush. His eyes had the darkest circles she had ever seen and the whites of eyes had spots of red. She wondered if maybe that stupid band was forcing him to do things he didn’t want to do. Maybe drugs, she thought. But Y/N had pushed that thought away so many times; not Taehyung. Not her goofy best friend who got drunk off a shot and watched video-game plays on youtube and anime almost every Friday night. Y/N had texted Taehyung she was coming but like the countless other texts she had sent the past week, he hadn’t replied.

Y/N knocked on Taehyung’s door bearing the gifts of his favourite pick-me ups; Japchae, cinnamon buns and a couple of Hayao Miyazaki movies. There was no answer. Y/N knocked on the door a couple more times but there was still no answer. Eventually, after a minute or so, Taehyung did come to the door. He cracked the door open a bit and looked through. Y/N almost gasped out loud at seeing him. His face was sunken, his eyes were wider than she’s ever seen and his skin looked so clammy she couldn’t believe it was still skin. “Taehyung..” she whispered in utter shock. He didn’t look human. He looked almost Golem.

Taehyung rolled his large eyes, “What do you want Y/N?”  he snapped, his voice was thick and deeper than she’d ever heard but she wasn’t scared of him, she was scared for him. “Taehyung, what is happening. You need to see a doctor.”  Taehyung laughed a deep, throaty, cruel laugh. “If you came here to tell me that, you can go.”

Taehyung was about close the door but Y/N threw her body between it. “No! Tae, I’m not leaving untill you talk to me. Is it that stupid band? Are they forcing you to take drugs?” Taehyung’s evil laughter interrupted Y/N again. “You know, I can’t believe I never realized how stupid you are. Just go. I’m fine.” Taehyung roughly pushes Y/N out of the doorway and slammed the door.

“Taehyung open this fucking door!” Y/N yelled, banging on the door with her fists. “I just want to help you. Taehyung please.” After a minutes of no response, Y/N’s hands fell to her sides, the pick-me-ups disregarded on the floor. She clambered down the hallway, out of touch with her entire world. She just couldn’t understand how far gone Tae had gotten in such a short period of time. She sat outside on the curb of his building, her heart aching when she remembered how fragile Taehyung had looked. Y/N didn’t know what to do, or what she could do. And then she saw him. Taehyung stalked out of his house and down the street in dark black hoodie. She knew that she couldn’t just let him go. So she followed him.

Y/N tried to be inconspicuous, following Taehyung down the busy streets of downtown. The sun was starting to set and Y/N noticed that they were reaching the lower parts of town. There were more clubs and more bars and Y/N knew that this place was no longer familiar to her. She tried to focus on Taehyung who was feet and feet away from her but still in sight. She ignored the jeers from men sitting on bar patio, calling her over for drinks. She picked up the pace when she saw Taehyung turn the corner down an alley she would have never thought existed. When she reached the alley moments later, she was startled to find Taehyung nowhere. The alley was home to nothing except a small set of stairs leading into the ground. Y/N approached the stairs wearily. The stairs were made entirely of grey brick, except for the black door with a lit window. Y/N looked around and saw that there was no one in this alley. She took a deep breath and went down the stairs, holding onto the wet railing from the day’s rain. She reached the door and looked into the crack between the curtain and saw a velvet painted room, lit entirely by black candles. Around the room, were seven boys, one of them being Taehyung. 

The other six made Y/N’s breath hitch. They were the most mesmerizing creatures she had ever seen. She couldn’t take her eyes off any of them as she flickered between each of their sharp features and toned figures. Some laid on the velvet couches, others against the wall. Eventually she tore her eyes away to find Taehyung kneeling in the center of the room. The tall one with a slim figure stood behind him and the others watched as if there was about to be a show. She saw one of the younger looking ones laugh. The tall, slim one moved his nail and dragged it across Taehyung’s neck drawing blood, and then he put his hands on Tae’s skull and snapped his head back. Y/N  didn’t realize what she was doing when what happened happened next. It was as if her body was acting on its own. She threw the door open and raced into the room, all the while screaming at the top of her lungs. She got to Taehyung, his neck half separated from his body, spewing out this terrible mixture that looked like thick, blackish blood. She knelt beside him, her limbs shaking uncontrollably.

She couldn’t hear anything of what the beautiful boys were saying. Not until the younger one who had laughed earlier knelt down beside her and lifted her chin to his eyes and said, “I would ask you to leave but I think it’s already too late for that.” Y/N’s heart dropped further when she saw that his face was no longer beautiful but instead covered in black veins that led from his red eyes. His tongue swept across his fangs as she shuffled away only to back up into the feet of yet another beautiful boy who had now turned into a monster. “Joonie, can we keep her?” she heard him say. She looked around her and realized that she was surrounded by six hungry vampires. The younger one grabbed her by her ankle and pulled her back to him effortlessly. “What’s your name beautiful?”


Hello! So this was mad fun to write! I love supernatural stuff aha. Thanks so much for requesting!!! I really hope you liked it, I will hopefully do a part 2 soon if you did. (Also, I didn’t decide who the younger vampire is yet so let me know: Jimin or Jungkook or maybe even Suga?) Thanks for reading, liking and supporting. Saranghaeo <3


anonymous asked:

Hey! If you're still taking Bughead requests, could you do one where Betty gets hurt in some way and Jughead fixes her up? Thanks!!!

I am always taking requests!! (:

Betty’s Black Eye

There was a soft knock on Betty’s bedroom door, followed by a voice she recognized.

 “Bets, you in there? It’s me.” Jughead called.

Betty took a deep breath and padded to her closed door. “You can’t freak out, okay?”

Jughead laughed on the other side of the door. “Uh, okay, Bets. Whatever you say. What’s going on?”

“I’m serious, Jughead. You have to promise me that you won’t freak out if I open this door.”

“Okay, I promise. Scouts honor. Can I come in?” His voice changed from light and joking to worried. What was she talking about?

Slowly the door opened, the hinge creaking. The door was dark, the lamp by Betty’s bed the only thing illuminating it. 

Betty took a step back, letting the light from the hallway wash over her face as Jughead stepped into the room.

She tried for a half smile but winced in pain instead.

“Betty, what the hell happened?” Jughead said as he saw her face. He rushed towards her, hands out, ready to examine her face. He faltered, though, once he realized how swollen and bruised it was. He didn’t want to hurt her more.

Betty turned her face quickly, embarassed. “I must look like a mess.”

“Betty, what happened? Did somebody do this to you?”

Betty padded over to her bed and sat down. Jughead could see every detail of her face clearly in the lamp’s light.

On one side of her face there was a deep gash covered by a band-aid, on her cheek and into her lip. There was a bruise forming around it and some dried blood just under the cut. On the other side of her face, her eye was swelling shut, bright red marks all around it. 

“It was an accident,” Betty mumbled.

“Who?” Jughead demanded.

“I was standing talking to Kev in the hall and Reggie and Moose were excited, talking with their hands. Reggie got too into it and elbowed me in the eye. The force knocked me back into an open locker, which caused the cut.”

“I’ll kill him.” Jughead said, looking very serious. He started to pace the room. “I’m going to fucking kill him, Betty.” He started towards the door.

“Jug, it was an accident. Honestly.” Betty protested.

“I don’t care, Bets, he should be here begging you for forgiveness!”

“Jughead,” Betty said, getting off the bed and taking Jughead’s shoulder. “He walked me to the nurses station, he apologized a million times. He seems sorry.”

“Oh, I’ll make him sorry all right.”

Betty smiled then winced again. “Juggie, come here. I’m okay.” She led him to the bed. 

Jughead saw her wince in pain. It made him angrier, sure, but it also made him soften. “How bad does it hurt?” He murmured.

Betty nodded, thinking. “It hurts a lot, I’m not going to lie. My first black eye and bloody lip in the same day is quite a feat, though, don’t you think?”

Jughead raised an eyebrow at her. “Does this help?” Jughead asked, placing the lightest, gentlest kiss on her sore lip.

Betty nodded.

“What about this?” He asked, placing a kiss around her eye. 

“Mhm, here, too.” Betty said, closing her eye.

Jughead placed a kiss on her closed eyelid, then on her cheek.

“Here, too.” Betty murmured.

“Oh, what’s wrong with your forehead?”

“Nothing, I just like forehead kisses.” Betty smiled.

“Then forehead kisses you shall receive.”

Dating Jimin would Include

Hiya… Can I get a dating jackson/jimin(bts) would include?… Thanks… Love your blog…

Note: Ah here is your second ‘dating would include’ I hope you enjoy them both very much, the Jackson one was published earlier if you haven’t already seen it. Fighting~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

In the Daytime 

Originally posted by chimcheroo

  • Jimin is a shy person, so when he first started dating you he found himself being rather flustered, and even though he is a lot more confident around you now, he does still have his shy, blushing moments.
  • He will love to dance with you
  • Dancing is his passion, and he loves to share it with you. 
  • Like you could be cooking the dinner and next thing you know, Jimin is pulling you into his arms to slow dance with you under the kitchen lights. 
  • I imagine he’d be very charming sometimes
  • Like every now and again he’ll drop a smart ass line that will have you blushing. 
  • “Ah Jagi, stop talking already and kiss me.” 
  • Either that or he’s going to be savage af when he’s jealous 
  • “Last time I heard, Jungkook was just a kid, where as I’m a man.” 
  • He’s not going to appreciate it when people flirt with you, which is going to encourage his band mates to teasingly flirt with you just for the fun of it. 
  • “{y/n}, what am I wearing? I’m wearing the smile you gave me!”
  • “J-Hope, I swear to fucking god if you don’t stop I will shove this TV remote so far up your ass” 
  •  You’re lowkey going to enjoy seeing him like this, because who doesn’t want to see jealous Jimin? 
  • But he’s going to be a sweetheart most of the time 
  • Going to the store on the way home from work to pick up some of your favorite chocolate or some flowers
  • Leaving sticky notes around the house to remind you to eat and to take care of yourself 
  • He’s never going to leave that all important ‘I love you’ note either
  • He’s also going to very much into dates
  • But he isn’t going to go for the conventional dinner dates or stroll in the park
  • He’s going to take you to the beach, or take you for a weekend away somewhere 
  • He’s going to be more about privacy with your relationship as well
  • But he’s never going to shy away if anyone gives you shit
  • Lazy days consist of the two of you lounging around in pajamas int he house and watching movies
  • Movies that you fully intend to watch until you’re reintroduced to his lips
  • And then the movie is long forgotten about. 
  • He’s going to love lending you his hoodies
  • He’s going to love singing to you
  • Imagine the two of you rapping in front of Suga, who is pretending like he’s cringing but it’s hard to believe him when he’s smiling so widely
  • Dating Jimin is going to be pure bliss

At Nighttime

Originally posted by gotjimin

  • We all know that Jimin is a literal teddy bear
  • So except a lot of cuddling from him 
  • But remember that this man will also appreciate the privacy that the two of you get at might
  • So be prepared for his ultimate sexiness. 
  • Those dancing hips aren’t ever going to let you down. 
  • He might be a shy smol bean when he’s pure and innocent minded
  • But give him a few dirty thoughts and he’ll have you gasping for him in seconds 
  • He’s going to be all about passionate kisses
  • The kind that are hot, open mouthed and sensual 
  • Him holding your hips down so he has full control 
  • Dirty talking like it’s his religion
  • Expect to have trouble walking the next day. 

Title: Faux Pas
Fandom: X-Men
Word Count: 1,307
Characters: Warren Worthington III x Reader, Jubilation Lee
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Alcohol mentions, swearing
Notes: Request from anon for “’You’re really hot, shame about the personality’ from one of your prompt lists (with warren please)”

Originally posted by brownvalerie

“Please let me set you up!”

“Absolutely fucking not.”

Conversations such as these were frequent between Warren Worthington III and Jubilation Lee. The latter of the two was nothing if not persistent – and the former was nothing if not stubborn.

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Fic Recs #22

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21

I haven’t picked up a physical book in months, but I’ve been reading enough fanfiction to baffle a Cambridge scholar.

Let’s continue on this journey together. But wait until I’m done with this chapter.

Originally posted by koboldin

Lady in Red by @felicityollies - Oliver really, really enjoyed that red and white outfit Felicity wore in 5x21. Including a brief Curtis cameo.

The Unexpected by @faeriefantasy - Oliver and Felicity got back together… physically, at least. But they have some unexpected news for everyone…

Cuddle Quota by @deadlybingo - Felicity is having a hard time letting her newborn baby sleep in the nursery. Oliver tries to get to the bottom of things.

What Happens In Vegas by @realityisoverrated-fic - Felicity is in Vegas for a conference and she’s having dinner with Donna. After revealing she’s “ended” her relationship with Oliver (to avoid the whole polyamory discussion), Tommy shows up to entertain the Smoak women.

Originally posted by queensarrow

Nobody Else Could Love Me Like You Do by @charlie-leau - Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen are famous actors. Seven years ago, they starred side-by-side in a movie that changed both their lives. Five years ago, their engagement ended with heartbreak. Now, writer John Diggle is back with a movie sequel guaranteed to change their lives again.

Edelweiss (Bless My Homeland Forever) by @lovejesusarrowavengersblog - Sequel to “The Sound of an Arrow.” Olicity and Co. are hiding in the French countryside from the Bratva, but that’s no way to live. Unfortunately, as soon as they decide to go after the Bratva to take back their lives, Felicity makes an unexpected discovery.

Originally posted by dailyhappylife

Words We Couldn’t Say by @dmichellewrites - Felicity goes to Donna with some news. But Mama Smoak has some news of her own, and it isn’t as good.

The Long Way Home by @ohemgeeitscoley - An update! An update! Felicity was hired by Tommy Merlyn, Band Manager to film the tour of Green Arrow. She gets more than she bargained for when she starts to see beneath the band dynamics and its broody lead: Oliver Queen.

Honey, I Shrunk the IT Girl by @felicityollies - Felicity is working with Barry and Cisco on a shrink ray. Unfortunately, it explodes.

Originally posted by weimaginee

Got to Give It Up by @machawicket - Felicity and Oliver meet at Tommy and Laurel’s wedding. They both have interesting relationships with the wedding party, and end up connecting. In more ways than one.

Not Just A Sock Fetish by @alexiablackbriar13 - Oliver really just wants some socks.

Begin Again by @releaseurinhibitions - Olicity. College professor/student AU. Sometimes this trope can fall flat for me (like it’s creepy? idk), but Olicity just JUMPS off the page in this AU. I love it so much!

Originally posted by skcolicity

What’s in a name by @jasminemai - Oliver and Felicity are back together and engaged, but in dealing with the fallout of S5 and taking care of William, they just don’t find the time to get married. Then the renaming of Palmer Tech comes up.

Smoaked by @hope-for-olicity - Felicity and her daughter Molly moved to Star City to escape Felicity’s crazy ex, who insisted Molly was his daughter despite all evidence - and a paternity test - to the contrary. Now, she owns a coffee shop. Then one day, Molly’s father - a man whose last name she never knew - shows up and says he’s hunting for her ex and it’s his job to protect her.

Secrets Don’t Make Friends by @felicityollies - Bev, back at it again with the THIRD FIC on this list! Idk how you write so much, girl. Anyway, enjoy a oneshot of Felicity accidentally stumbling into Verdant’s basement and having a spicy encounter with the Hood.

Originally posted by thatonekimgirl

The Summetry Will Keep Me Close to You by @theshipsfirstmate - Olicity S3.5 bliss. On their way back to Star City, Felicity stops to get a mani/pedi.

Running Hearts by @nodecaff4me - Felicity Smoak is working for her father, Noah Kuttler, until one day she disappears from her apartment. Noah claims she stole highly confidential company information, and hires Verdant Inc. - a PI company - to find her. Little do they know, there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

Originally posted by felicitysmoakq

Somewhere With You by ME! - I know what you’re thinking. Madalyn, you haven’t updated this story in ages! And you’re right. I’m sorry! Real life has been rough lately, but I AM slowly working on the next chapter of my high school-beach town AU and it will be out soon!

Originally posted by funkychickenburger

What If? (13 Reasons Why Jeff Imagine)

Description: After a long first week of school, you meet up with Jeff at a party.

Request112 w/ Jeff please 💜 [lovemesomejeff]

#112 from Nearly 200 Writing Prompts-“Why are you bleeding?”

I hope you like it! It’s probably a lot fluffier than you wanted. Please request more from that prompt list because there’s so many good ones!

You were at Jessica’s back to school party. You came really late because you were working on a project, but your boyfriend said you had to at least make an appearance. You weaved your way through your drunk classmates and saw Jessica looking for alcohol. “(Y/N)! You came!”

“Yeah, Jeff said I should come when I finished my project.”

“It’s the first week of school and you already have a project? What kind of classes are you taking?” she laughed hysterically.

“Have you seen Jeff?” you asked after she calmed down.

“Justin!” Jessica called him over.

“What’s up, babe?”

“Where’s Jeff?”

“Beer run. He should be back soon. Hey, (Y/N),” he said finally noticing you.

“Hey, Justin,” you smiled. “If you see him before I do, can you let him know I’m here?”

“Sure,” he smiled. He turned to Jessica. “But right now Jess and I…”

You walked away before you could hear the rest. You wandered through her house looking for a familiar face that you could talk to until Jeff came back.

“(Y/N)!” you turned as Montgomery approached you. “Jeff didn’t think you were coming.”

“I told him I was. I was working on a project.”

“So lame that teachers assign that the first week of school. Hey, make sure you and Jensen keep working with him, so his grades don’t slip. We need his pitching this year.”

“I plan on it,” you smiled.

“I got the beer!” you heard as the front door opened.

“Finally!” “Yes, Atkins!” “Jeff, you’re the best!” were heard throughout the house. You walked into the kitchen and placed your hands over his eyes.

“Guess who?” He turned around and smiled.

“I’m so happy you came.” You looked up at him. There was a cut on his nose and a couple more on his arms.

“Hey, babe, why are you bleeding?”

“Oh, there was a  small accident on the way home. I’m fine.”

“What happened?” you asked as you looked at the cuts on his arms.

“A stop sign was knocked over at one of the intersections and I braked really suddenly and a couple of bottles broke. I’m good, babe, don’t worry.” he looked at you.

“Let’s go to the bathroom, so we can at least put some band-aids on them,” you said pulling him in that direction.

“You’re such a mom!” he laughed before he grabbed your face gently with his hands. “I’m fine. You don’t need to worry. I don’t want to see you upset about this.”

“It just could have been more serious. A knocked down stop sign? What if you hadn’t braked at all? What if-”

“Babe, we can go all nights about the what if’s, but the facts are, I’m here. I’m good. And you need a drink.”

“I do not,” you rolled your eyes. He looked at you. “Okay, maybe you’re right.” He laughed as he wrapped his arm around you went to get some drinks.

“Please Stay” -Jungkook Drabble

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“Please Stay”

Sniffling echoed through the phone and around your skull. Hearing him like this broke your heart because he wasn’t made to be sad, he shouldn’t be sad, he deserves so much more than to be sad at crying alone at 4 am in the morning. Yet to you this was no surprise, you had warned him not that long ago that she was bad news. She liked boys she could use and play with, sadly he was to0 naive to catch on. “Jungkook. Calm down please. What did she do?” you try to ask calmly past all his sniffling and sobbing. “Can you just come round please?” Jungkook mumbles.

This situation wasn’t unfamiliar to you, in fact you have found yourself in this exact same position at least 3 times each month, you were driving with your pyjamas on and a blanket wrapped over your shoulders. Fortunately there wasn’t much traffic at four in the morning which truly isn’t much of a surprise for you. Finally you had reached his apartment but everything around him seemed to look just as sad and dull as he did, his apartment looked grey, the sky was a dark blue with clouds casting a cloud on every inch of the path and walls.

As you approached his door you could already feel the emotion getting drained from you as the sobbing broke past the doors. Hopefully with him knowing you were coming he would’ve left the door open and he did luckily for you. Most of his apartment building could guess what was happening the poor boy and all of them knew you were coming and the kind smiles they would use whenever you walked past them. Luckily you were spared that today as it was too early for most of the building to be walking around.

“Jungkook, where are you?” you called out into the blackness of the room you had just walked into. If this was like every other time you’ve been called here at an ungodly time of the morning he would be sitting in front of the sofa leaning against it with his legs pulled tightly to his chest, as he always was. Its upsetting how predictable this situation is, in fact you already knew why you were here and what his supposed loving girlfriend had done, more like who she had done. “O-over here” you a quiet mumble whispered from exactly where you predicted him to be. “Jungkook I’m going to turn on the lights. I know you don’t like it but I have to see you to help you” you say with a sympathetic smile on your face even though you knew he couldn’t see it.

As the lights turned on you saw something for the first time you couldn’t predict. His apartment was a mess, glass shattered on all across the room, shreds of photos scattered as far away from him as possible. “Jungkook” you mumble carefully stepping towards the broken man in front of you. His head was hung low with tears streaming endlessly down his cheeks. You looked over him before noticing blood coming from his hand and you shrieked looking wide eyed at him as he slowly lifts his head. “Jungkook, stand up please I need to clean up your hand, you’ve been cut” you weren’t expecting him to jump up but you at least wanted him to move. “Please Kook, I’m doing it for you please” he shrugged and pushed himself up. Carefully you moved closer to him making him wrap his arm around your shoulder as you carefully pulled him to the bathroom.

Limply he placed himself on the edge of his bath as you carefully worked on his hand. “Kook while I’m doing this can you tell me what happened?” you ask as you run water over the cut. “She, she was having sex with some guy in my bed and I caught her but she didn’t care” he spat out but his voice wavering made him seem weaker than he wanted to. “Jungkook, I know you love her but you have to stop going back to her. She’s using you and I’m sorry but I hate seeing you like this.” You say finishing cleaning it. He just sighs and rolls his eyes as you wrap a bandage around his hand. “You don’t understand what we have” Jungkook states as he rips his hand from your grip once the band age was finished. “Jungkook! You have nothing but a place for her to stay and someone for her to come back too! She doesn’t love you like you love her!” You mumble sitting next to him. “Y/N! She loves me!” Jungkook shouts. “You just don’t understand because you haven’t had a boyfriend that actually loved you!” You roll your eyes standing up and walking towards the door.

“Jungkook if she loved you, you wouldn’t have caught her cheating on you and I wouldn’t have to be here at 5 in the morning looking after you because she fucked some guy that wasn’t you! I’m sorry but love isn’t cheating on someone, love is leaving your house at 4 in the morning to drive to your friends house to look after them because they are too blinded by the love that they can’t see how they are being used by their cheating girlfriend! Sorry but I’m leaving” you shout slamming the bathroom door as you carefully step through the patches of glass on the floor.

“Please Stay” Jungkook cries out as you open the front door. “Y/N I’m sorry for being an idiot and running back to her. I’m sorry I keep calling you and expect you to fix me just so I go running back to her. I’m sorry for being to overwhelmed by my pain that I don’t notice that your also in pain. I’m sorry for not realising that you are the one I love sooner” Jungkook whispers as he gentle approaches you. “So y/n please stay with me tonight.”

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“babe.” you look up into the eyes of your boyfriend. “yes?” “what do you love about me?” you smiled before positioning yourself so that you were sitting on your knees. “do you really wanna get me started?” you asked rhetorically arching a eyebrow. “okay, i love your strong arms and how they feel when they wrap around me and always make me feel secure…” you slowly trailed your fingertips down his bronze arms. “i love how that you’re not just a open book and like to keep yourself reserved not wanting the whole world to know every single thing about you.” he sat up and pulled you down on top him so that you two were face-to-face. “i love- God, i love your naturally curly hair. how it just forms these lovely swirls after you work out, come from band practice or even shower. i love imagining that our children’s hair will have super curly hair thanks to you and me.” you winked at him causing him to let out a deep chuckle. “i know that some people think that brown eyes are boring and i won’t lie because i was one of them… until i saw yours. i don’t know what it is about those dark chocolate swirls but Jesus they make me want to stare at them forever.” you could see a faint pink paint over his cheek before you continue on. “most importantly, i love your smile. the way your eyes crinkle tells me that you’re actually and genuinely happy and it warms up my heart every time and i love being the reason why you smile or laugh.” not even a second after your lips were pressed against his. “just needed another reason as to why i’m in love with you.”

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I saw your post about following more blogs about the other boys gave you a different perspective about Louis/Harry and the band as a whole... Can you elaborate a bit more on your thoughts? I'm curious to know :)

Sure. I’m going to preface this by pointing out that I am referring to my dash and nobody else’s dash. I know everyone’s dash is different. Also, anyone can blog about what they want. If someone is primarily a Larry blog, they’re going to blog about Larry. I get that.

Having said that, there are some specific things that tend to get ignored by a lot of Larries, like how often the men shared clothes, not just Louis and Harry. Also, Harry does sexual innuendo with everyone on stage. (I also think stage Harry has a very different persona than off-stage Harry, but that’s neither here nor there.)

In general, I think all of the band members tend to joke around a lot, play around a lot together, etc. They all have relationships with each other, and I think when I was following pretty much only Larries, it was easy to think that it was sort of Harry and Louis against the world. But really, it is–and has been–the whole band against the world.

When I was writing my Niall-centric OT5 fic, I needed to see Zayn in a much more sympathetic light than I was personally seeing him. A lot of that is because I came to the fandom after Zayn left, so I’ve always seen 1D as OT4. Following some more Ziam and Zayn blogs helped me see him as a more complex person than I was seeing him as before.

Niall is often presented/viewed as this happy-go-lucky fifth wheel. You know, the jokes about how he loves 1D more than anyone else? Sometimes the tone is just off. Almost like Niall is lucky to breathe the same air as Harry and Louis, like he wouldn’t be talented enough to do anything on his own. But he does a lot of charity work, he’s whip smart and quick. His golf stuff gets laughed off like it’s just a dumb hobby, but he’s done a lot with Justin Rose for charity stuff. Highly respectable. While I can’t figure out what the hell he’s doing with his album, I think it’s clear he’s worked hard on it. “This Town” has done fantastically, and has been on the air and charts pretty damn consistently since it was released. Also, I think a lot of people still view Niall as this sort of little brother unsexed one, and dude. No.

Liam, in my opinion, is too often dismissed as someone who does what he’s told and toes the party line. I think people ignore how this benefits the whole band. He also has been working with a ton of different people in the music industry, which tells me he’s just as respected in the industry as Louis. But he doesn’t get screamed about the same way. I also think Liam being seen as the buttoned-up one who follows orders (or whatever) can mean that people ignore the deep down sensitivity that he has.

I think some arguments (like Louis is the band leader and everyone else falls in line depending on what he wants, or that everyone admires him) really take away a lot of agency from the other members of the band. I think it’s quite clear that the band members work(ed?) together to be successful. The idea that Louis has nobody before he had Steve is just weird to me, because he had a whole band of people who respected him and whom he respected. I also think, when you follow some other blogs (especially ones that I think are seen as “fringe,” like the ones who think OT5 will get back together), it’s easy to see media narrative in a different light, just because you’re getting more viewpoints.

I think that often Larries are quick to forgive Louis and Harry their images but eat up the other three members’ images as if they must be true. But following more Niall/Liam/Zayn blogs has helped me see the band members, and the band, in a more nuanced way.

Important things to keep in mind about the Ghost drama

So I had some late night thoughts… and im itching to get it out.
Now let’s re-evaluate this lawsuit drama. Let’s take the lawsuit out of the equation and look at things more objectively.

Let me start off with throwing in my unpopular opinion (trust me, just read this post thoroughly):

I honestly don’t have the best impression of Alpha. I think he’s unprofessional and naive (his musical talent doesn’t apply here)

1) Ghost’s IG maintains a strict and specific format on each post revolving around the band’s activities. So what did Alpha do? He posted a photo of him getting his wisdom tooth removed by his wife on the band’s Instagram.
When I first saw Alpha’s photo, I honestly thought he meant to post it on his personal profile. But the caption intended it to be otherwise (it was signed off as Alpha)
Like how was this relevant to the band’s music? Were you just trying to show off your super hot wife?? ¿¿¿ I personally don’t get it. I got it now, he used his band’s exposure to promote his wife’s business. How professional 🙄

2) He took advantage of Ghost fans to hurt Papa and the new Ghouls by airing their personal private drama on his Facebook account. All it did was divide our community apart. A community that him and his band mates created. All I got from that fb post was how his drama serves more importance than the well being of his fans/community

3) Alpha’s whole new PRIEST project: The masked leader, the cult like image that shares similar qualities to Ghost. It’s a different genre for sure, but it doesn’t change the fact that it does share its similarities to the band. It screams passive aggression to me. 
I can’t help but to think that he’s petty how he’s not getting the recognition as he did in Ghost. And now he’s trying to gain sympathy from his Ghost fans in hopes that they’ll abandon Ghost and check out his new project instead (Which is working in very small numbers)
Now let’s take us back to a few months after the Ghouls were let go:
Maybe his past band mates felt used and now they’re finding an excuse to get their revenge on Papa for firing them.

*I believe that Ghost was intended to be a solo act from the very start. *

If you look at the band from a visual pov, Papa has always been the spokesperson/face of Ghost. You think of Ghost, you think of Papa first. 
I can see/interpret how the Ghouls’ presence were initially used to strengthen that cult-like image to band, which is fair and a smart business decision to attract an audience. It’s unique, it’s bold, it’s loud, and it’s a head-turner (Insert their red carpet Grammy videos)

Now somewhere along the way, the Ghouls started to catch the attention of the audience because of their strong stage/media presence (Think of it as Gru and his minions from Despicable Me. Gru might be the main character, but those cute ass minions caught the heart of many as well)
And maybe Papa wasn’t okay with that and it’s not what he wanted when he wanted to become a solo act.
Since The Ghouls agreed that he would be the band leader, Papa can do whatever he pleases with them.

So Papa, why not just hire random musicians/stand ins if you wanted to go solo in the first place?

1) Renting musicians aren’t cheap, especially if they charge x amount of personal rate/show. It’s better to start off with a bunch of close friends and settle in on an agreement than having to comply to a rented musician’s compensation . You’ll have to deal with more legal paperwork and later on someone will always want to demand more money or exposure.

#2) It takes money to make money. If you take a look at their costume designs and their set designs on stage, it takes up a lot of artistic design components. 
Costume designers/Set designers don’t come in cheap. At all. Now imagine having to pay for those bills when you’re a relatively small band? We’ve had 3 Papas with 4 different costumes and 2-3 Ghoul costume designs for each band member. That’s at least 6 different costume designs. Normally, rock bands just wear store bought clothing (most of them are normally sponsored by the brand) but since Ghost has such a strong/specific visual image that they can’t get away with your seasonal Halloween attire. It’s crucial for them to invest in more money into this area because that’s one of the main reasons why they got famous in the first place.

So being in this type of band, it won’t have the greatest starting salary when you’re constantly paying off those bills. I won’t be surprised if they were still in debt within the first couple of years of touring.

At the end of the day, if this whole theory is true, then I get why they’re mad at Papa. I would get why Omega isn’t suing him because maybe he saw Papa’s true intentions and didn’t agree with it? And maybe he still wants Papa to come back to MCC if Ghost decides to disband after this feud, and not let a lawsuit cut ties on what’s left of their friendship?
(All of this is based off of my assumptions so don’t rely on me as a solid source.)

TBH I just want some objectivity brought into light because I’m seeing a lot of blinded/biased judgement. It really does hurt to see this community being divided by Alpha’s reckless Facebook post.