i just want to see my otp in color

percy and keyleth holed up in the library of whitestone castle going through any books they can find on plants and their meanings, trying to come up with bouquets that would best convey their feelings to vex and pike. the subject is something they both find a common interest in (percy has always appreciated languages and the fact that mixing plants together can send messages is absolutely fascinating to him; keyleth loves plants so the idea of being able to fully express her often jumbled emotions through something she loves is really cool to her) and they put in so much time and effort thinking up the perfect meaningful bouquets for their s/o and then hunting down all the necessary components?

pike and vex aren’t particularly interested in the subject (although i’m sure keyleth and percy both rattle off the meanings of every part) but they’re genuinely touched and find all the effort they put into it incredibly endearing.

vex doesn’t bother hiding her sly smile as percy fumbles over the flowers with more serious romantic meanings, pointing out how red his ears are as he tries to backtrack to the more lighthearted flowers. he tries his best to keep his bouquet very neat and color-coordinated.

keyleth is red in the face the entire time she lists off meanings, pausing every couple of seconds to try and read pike’s reaction to it all. admittedly, pike becomes a bit lost after the tenth flower (keyleth may have gone a little bit overboard) but she knows something pretty when she sees it. keyleth’s bouquet is very bright and pulls from the majority of the color spectrum. from anybody else the bouquet may have seemed messy and obnoxious but from keyleth it seems lovely and incredibly sincere.


A quick remastered version of my first Chibi Ambrollins artwork from 6 months ago. Just wanted to see how much my style has changed from this few months.

From what i can see is that my lines are alot smoother, added more bolder colors on the shading, made their eyes bigger, their bodies are not as skinny as before, and I’ve stop drawing the noses. Even my signiture has changed lol

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I saw your post about some anon insulting ichihime and i was just like WHY DOES NOBODY SHIP RENRUKI thats the shinigami way to go (also. i am just. so far gone in the ichihime fandom i just cant even)

Whoops sorry for the late reply I was on mobile earlier and I wanted to wait until I was on my laptop before answering anything!

I agree with Renruki, it’s a good ship that doesn’t get enough credit! Renji and Rukia are such good friends and it’s not that hard imagining them entering into a romantic relationship somewhere down the line. I mean Renji DID spend a good portion of his life training to become stronger just so he could talk to her again, if that doesn’t speak for itself I don’t know what else could! 

But omg I’m  also so far down the rabbit hole of the Ichihime fandom, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to ship something as hard as this ever again. There’s just something about Ichigo and Orihime and their friendship/possible romantic relationship that is just so compelling. The two of them just make me want MORE. More cute arguments about stale leftover bread, more promising to protect one another, more of them actually making good on those promises, more of Ichigo’s puppy-dog eyes, more of Orihime’s cute happy blush whenever she sees him, more of Ichigo low-key complimenting her and becoming awkward about it, more of Orihime talking about Ichigo as a man she truly loves and admires, more of those sweet tender moments between the two of them when Ichigo shows his true colors around her. I just want more, dammit!