i just want to scream my eternal love for these into the world

possible reasons why darkrai decided to become the biggest shitstain in the PMD universe:

-he constantly breaks the heels off his high heels
-dusknoir and dialga have their secret hentai bonding club and darkrai wasn’t invited
-cresselia still uses memes from 2010 and it pisses him the hell off
-“give ALL OF THE POKEMON GOOD DREAMS” “cresselia what the fuck”
-dusknoir made fun of his skirt once. it didn’t end well
-to this very day he still holds a grudge over the fact that celebi probably stole his toy fire truck when they were at school
-zayn left one direction and it became too much for him
-arceus yelled at him for being too emo and depressing and he had to yell back that it wasn’t a phase
-was envious over grovyle being the hot jock dude who everybody fell in love with
-the day he decided to plunge the world in eternal darkness was the day my chemical romance first broke up
-his anime waifu died
-tfw cresselia uses up all of your eyeliner and you won’t get anymore for a while. how will he achieve that edge™
-his favourite pair of leggings got an unfixable hole in them
-palkia called him a furry because his tail is really fluffy yet he isn’t an animal-based pokemon so it’s weird

1989 World Tour Live

When I’m driving I always turn on the live version of 1989.

Something about it brings back memories. Memories of meeting friends I thought I would never have. The memory of the era that you first noticed me on Tumblr or ever on social media.

The sound of the 76,000 crowd screaming gets me all choked up. My eyes start to water and I get emotional. I start thinking how this loud screaming is something you always wished and hoped for. Something you deserved. The sound of 76,000 fans in that one night are cheering for you when others are being hurtful towards you.

Everything you ever wanted has happened. It’s the life you live and something about being your fan is breath taking. It’s a wonderful feeling to be rooting for not just a singer/actor/performer but someone I consider my best friend. Someone I want to thank for eternity.

That’s what happens every time I turn on 1989 World Tour Live in the car going to class.

I love you so much. @taylorswift