i just want to rp ace


                           Indie, semi-selective Frederick G. Abberline from AC: Syndicate.

                                            5+ years of exp ; OC friendly ; Multi-ship/verse

To my active RPers:

So I need to know who my active RPers are and who I promised what story to. (As in, what character I promised to portray). I keep forgetting people lately, and naturally, as I get private messages, people get booted down the list to where I can easily forget things.

So just comment or reblog to remind me what I promised you. x-x; I apologize for not being active in that regard, but I’ve just been horribly unmotivated in some departments. D:

But goodness knows, I do not want to lose the people who are still interested.

Much love~

bill and ace just gals being pals shenanigans

  • they trade pins for their cool jackets ™
  • food contests with homemade food that bill made
  • they probably binge bad sci fi and the x-files and mythbusters and the likes on 2043 netflix
  • because not only did bill introduce her to netflix but they pushed it all the way to 2043 where everything they want could be available
  • the drs were really annoyed because there are better things to do than binge watch RIDCULOUS AND UNREALISTIC THINGS like you could go live the real aliens out there smh
  • cool mixtapes
  • i’m not saying they had an intricate conspiracy to keep the star wars prequels from happening but they had an intricate conspiracy to keep the star wars prequels from happening but they still happened because they got busted and their “pick wherever we want to go” privileges were revoked for a while
  • these two rolling stones stans are the reason  octopus garden happened but it backfired on them because people actually liked that?
  • probably set several tardis rooms of both seven and twelve’s tardis on fire by accident or not so accident right after that mythbusters binge
  • also there’s a pizza that came to life because they just added random things they found to it?
  • sharknado is also their fault they just really liked jaws?

hcllion  asked:

【=hands over the URL with a cup of ridiculously sweet coffee= :)】

meme Send me your URL and I’ll tell you


My Opinion on;
Character in general: Yuffie has always been a hit and miss type of Character for me sometimes I love her other times she annoys the shit out of me. Overall though she is a very interesting Character and I lover her design epically her AC one. 
How they play them: OMG like super on point they write her real well it’s almost like the actual character has come to life and they do her background and backstory very well! It’s super interesting to read their stuff! 
The Mun: I don’t know much about them but they seem like a super chill and sweet person who I’d totally be down for hanging out with. 

Do I:
RP with them: No not yet I’ve just been kinda stalking their blog reading their stuff. 
Want to RP with them:  OF course I would love to they are just so amazing. 

What is my;
Overall Opinion: They are a great Yuffie and they have so much detail in thier writing and it’s just amazing you should definitely check them out you won’t regret it. The Mun also seems super approachable so you should definitely hit them up mabye throw a couple memes at them. 
**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

I might reply to some more things tonight but I might just get lost in youtube videos. I’ll try to work through them tomorrow night after work. If I owe you a starter, you should probably remind me if I haven’t written it yet. Uhm, if you’re curious about a thread we’ve got going on that I havent replied to, maybe just message me. I’m a little scatterbrained these days. I think I have everything but who fucking knows. 


ps. I just wanted to comment on how quality my rp partners have been. like fucking ACES. I love you all. You’re the reason I’m still doing this indie thing.

pps. might make icons tomorrow ????

ppps maybe??????

pppps go to bed sarah.

New Writing Exercise:

UPDATE: CLOSED~! Thank you for joining~!

Originally posted by elaadenn

So the main reason I love background screenshots, art, or even just photos is because it can be exciting looking at a picture for a few minutes to try and comprise a small scene or story from it.

So to get myself into a writing mood or to give myself some exercises (or get pumped for RPs again), I am going to offer these submission types:

Grab a screenshot/ photo/ gif/ whatever you want of whatever you want (doesn’t have to be a background image but a scene, sexual pose, or a painting or something you like) and submit it to the blog and tell me what character below you want to scene to be written in, and I will write a small piece as a reader insert drabble. You can do this as anon, btw, by just using an email–fake or otherwise, I believe.

Keep in mind, I am only accepting these characters:






I would offer to do my whole list, but these I feel I can jump into easily right now.

Ratings can be NSFW; don’t care. You can specify that if you wish, though otherwise, I will make it clean.

I will keep this thought open until 5 PM EST, or until I have 3 total. Much love, lovelies~

~Oreana Galena

RP Partner Wanted!

(Hah decided to redo this and be a little more specific.)

Name: Azure, or Az

Age 24

Timezone: EST

I have 10+ years of experience RPing, so I expect my partner to have some experience too. Semi literate would be preferred but I understand not all posts can be long. My partner must be 18+ as some themes may be too mature for them. I also would like the replies to be fairly frequent, I mean I get the whole life gets in the way stuff but please don’t just.. disappear without a little warning lol.


Ace Attorney, Overwatch, Pokemon (mostly OCs though with some exceptions)


Miles Edgeworth x Dick Gumshoe
Apollo Justice x Klavier Gavin
Ema Skye x Nahyutah Sahdmadi
Soldier 76xReaper (young version for romance, I am especially looking for like… their time together building up to the fight/angst fallout of the fall of OW. God I just want to hurt for this lol)

Contact Info:
Email and Skype: azure_23@live.com
Tumblr: Azure-23

I’m cool with AU’s, headcannons, cannon or not. I love angst and smut (f/f, m/m, or f/m) is fine too. 

anonymous asked:

I found out one of my favorite roleplay's blog is running by an acephobic and it will be hard to avoid them because they role play with others rp blogs of the same fandom. What I should do? Tell others or just ignore them? I don't want to end blocked by all of them for causing drama...


Always stand up for what is right, but respectfully. Until they start attacking other personal blogs or attack yourself, then it’s best to ignore them. You don’t want to start any internet wars, that just makes the whole issue worse and creates more reason for them to hate against ace’s. Send them a POLITE message explaining why others may find this offensive or harmful. It’s best not to mention your own values and just state that what they are doing might affect other people negatively. Make sure its completely informed and explains your points with reason.  

 If they reply rudely or disrespectfully, just drop the message. There’s no point in arguing with someone who won’t explain their reasoning peacefully and within reason. But once they start harassing others or yourself, then your allowed to defend the topic.  

It’s always better to try and resolve an issue through talking rather than fighting, Fighting should only be the last option if absolutely needed.

Thank you for ordering at the comfort-café!

Come visit us again anytime!

Mod Chef

I was telling someone on parp (ooc) about how another roleplayer told me they were only ok with me having my character trans if the rp involved impreg kink, and also told me, when I expressed discomfort about having my character misgendered within the rp by the other character, that if i wanted dave to be automatically respected he needed to be on hormones and post top surgery, otherwise itd be “unrealistic.” And the person I was talking to was like, “That reminds me of when I came out to my dad as an ace, he told me I just hadnt met the right person yet :) He was like “See, your brother is straight”“ and i kms

1,000+ Followers... Yay~

Well this is a big milestone, never think I’d hit this high in followers to be honest, but hey we learn something new everyday~

Ok this is my first time doing this type of post, so apologies if I mess up somewhere. Anyway, I wanna say its been a great time for me when i started back in 2014 (or was it 2013?) to now, and I want to thank you all for the fun I’ve had Roleplaying and all other things. You are all awesome and some of the best friends ever to have, now onwards to the people I wanna thank from the bottom of my Titanium stapled heart (going from the beggining to the recent on the list of followers): //Cracks knuckles//

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Road trip starter meme:

“Are we there yet?”

“I want to stretch my legs.” 

“Roll the windows up, it’s not summer.”

“How long until we get there?”

“Can you climb in the back and get ___?”

‘Turn off the radio.”

“Why do I have to sit in the back seat?”

“Pull over.”

“I hate this song.”

“I hate leather seats.”

“Hey, my window is locked.”

“It’s not my turn to drive yet.”

“This is my favorite song!”

“Can you change the radio station?”

“Let’s stop at the next gas station.”

“I have to pee.”

‘It’s not your turn to drive yet.”

“Net time, we’re taking my car.”

“We’re __ minutes away.”

What do you mean we’re out of gas?” 

“It’s too hot, turn on the AC.”

“Turn the radio down.”

“Climb in the back and get me ___.”

“Want some snacks?”

“The air conditioner is broken.”

“I need some coffee.”


hi i’m klav, i’m chronically ill (endometriosis + bpd) and unemployed and in a never-ending state of seeking employment and commissions are my only source of income!. I have a job but my hours are so inconsistent that its impossible to know how much I’m going to have. money goes to meds, food, my phone bill, helping my also chronically ill mom, taking care of my rabbit, and to occasionally buying myself treats like clothes and games.

my paypal/email is adrien.blythe @ gmail and all prices are in usd. PLEASE email me rather than messaging me on tumblr, because asks easily get eaten and disappear into the void.

  • simple things are $5 plus another $5 for each extra character you add, maximum of 2
  • flats are $10 plus $5 for each extra character you add, maximum of 4
  • pixels are $15-$20 depending on complexity and size plus $10 (possibly more if it’s REALLY complicated) per extra character you add, maximum of 3
  • full color things are $20 plus $10 for each extra character you add, maximum of 4

i’ll draw pretty much anything, including sexual and non-sexual nudity (as long as the subject and commissioner are over 18), blood, gore, unusual kinks (again, over 18), anthro characters, fanart, real people, rp icons, character reference sheets, you name it. if something isn’t listed here and you want it, just ask and i’m more than happy to work something out.

please reblog this for me! thank you as always!

edit 6/1/2015: saving up to buy a plane ticket to go visit my best friend and any extra I can get helps!

A late night PSA.

Okay, I know it’s late but I had to work all day and have only just gotten back to the computer. I’ve literally been steaming about this all day, and I hope you can all tell how serious I am here.

If anyone has bothered to read the rules page on literally any of my blogs, you will know that I am a sex repulsed aromantic asexual. It’s come to my attention just this morning that certain people in the RP community are EXTREMELY a-phobic, to the point of having an entire blog practically DEDICATED to hatred directed at me and people like me.

So I’m going to make this post now to avoid any further confusion.

If you:

  • Don’t believe that asexuality and/or aromanticism are real
  • Don’t believe that ace/aro people belong in the queer community
  • Believe that the A in LGBTQIAP should or does stand for “ally”
  • Believe that acephobia doesn’t exist
  • Believe that ace/aro people are faking it
  • Believe that ace/aro people are “practically straight”
  • Believe that ace/aro people don’t face discrimination

You can fucking unfollow me right now.

Here’s a convenient list of all my blogs so you can even do it all in one fell swoop!

Please. Unfollow me. I even included my inactive blogs. I even included my personal and my art blog. You can unfollow all of them. Look how nice I am, arranging them all so neatly for you.

“But I really like your muse(s)/timeline(s) and I want to RP with you!”
I don’t care. Unfollow me.

“But you’re cool and I want to be friends even though you’re aro ace!”
That sucks. Unfollow me.

“I think you’re being a bit unfair.”
No the fuck I’m not, and I still don’t care. Unfollow me.

If you are ace/arophobic in the slightest, unfollow me. Blacklist me. Block me. Lose my contact information. I don’t want to talk to you, I don’t want to RP with you, I don’t want to see you. I am absolutely livid, in case you couldn’t tell, and I’m not playing around. I don’t think you’re funny, or cute, I just want your toxic bigoted ass out of my life.

I’m not calling out anyone in specific, but you all know who you are.

Now, on the other hand, if you don’t know much about asexuality and/or aromanticism, and would like some friendly explanations, I would be absolutely thrilled to provide it.

Expect to see this post a few times because I’m not letting this go any time soon. Thanks for reading.

First Day At Work | Kunter

Hunter woke up the next morning as his alarm clock went off and he groaned loudly. He sat up, went with a hand through his hair and walked into the  bathroom, where he took a quick showered and then put a towel around his hips. „Damn now waking up this kitty“, the darkblonde mumbled more to himself  than to anyone in the apartment, headed over to Kurts room and knocked softly, but he didn‘t even bother to wait until the hybrid said anything to him.

He just stepped inside of the room, walked over to him and shook his shoulders. „C‘mon.“, he groaned and grabbed the blanket and pulled it quickly away. „Get your ass up, Kitty kat. or we‘ll be late for work. And nope I don‘t ace if you want to go or if you don‘t want to go, you will go. I talked my ass off to get you the job“, he growled and headed then back into the kitchen to make himself coffee and breakfast.

((Continued from this thread with bookbound-wonders))

“He came into your dreams…? That’s weird. He has to be an Outsider, too, so how could he have…?” Ace shakes his head as if to dismiss the topic. “If he tries to take you, I won’t let him." He snickered lightly at her last point, grinning and raising his eyebrows. "I don’t really feel like being punched, but if you want a hug, I’m free!” He opened his arms as if to invite her, wiggling his fingers in hopes that the silly gesture might lighten her mood.