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Logan spoilers



Summary: These pranks are getting pretty out of hand… Enough said.

Pairing: Warren x Reader

Warnings: It might be intense fluff, it might be light smut… Who knows? Swearing, as always.

A/N: Currently super pissed off at tumblr right now. I had like 3 stories I was going to publish today and they all got deleted, so that was fun. If you guys have any alternatives to tumblr drafts could you message me bc I’m legit so lost… 😱 Sorry that this is super late. You guys should request for sure because this writer’s block is killing me. 😭 😭 

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“Shit!” You gasped as you felt the icy water soak through your clothes. In an instant, you felt another balloon explode against you, drenching you once more. “What the fuck?”

You wiped the water from your eyes, shivering against the wind. You had just come out of the mansion with Jubilee, heading to the pond for a nice, relaxing lunch with Jean, Scott, and Kurt. Instead, the moment you stepped outside, you were attacked. 


You looked up to find Warren and Peter, perched in a tree with a bucket of water balloons. They hi-fived before Warren swooped down and Peter skidded to a stop at your left side with a cool gust of wind. 

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A Reading List for Moms Who Want to Raise Feminist Sons | Brightly

Once I realized that my family would be mostly male (I’m the only double-X here), I oriented myself toward the task of raising good men. But as those boys edge closer to actual manhood — as the 14-year-old’s shoulders get nearly as broad as his dad’s and the 12-year-old starts learning “embarrassing” information about sex and reproduction in his health class — I’m feeling my good-man project needs more specificity. I don’t just want them to be good. They’re already pretty good (kind, curious, mostly respectful, good huggers).

I want them to be feminists. I want them to understand, reflexively, that men and women are equal — not because I say so, but because it feels intuitive to them. Because it’s true.

I started talking about feminist issues with our sons when they were tots, and I basically haven’t stopped. We talk about how women are depicted in commercials and TV shows, how female politicians are sometimes characterized, and how women are often viewed or labeled in terms of their relationship to a man.

We also turn to books, which can do two things in any mom’s quest to raise feminist sons: help you educate yourself on the challenges and issues around feminism, and present your sons with stories of strong and forthright women and girls.

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43 with Alex summers? For the follower prompt thingy if that's ok :3

43: “You have no idea how much I want you right now.” ft. Alex Summers

Part of my 1000 Follower Fun drabbles set

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Hot sweat clung to Alex’s t-shirt as he leaned his shoulder against the gritty brickwork of the mansion. The summer sun was blinding, the gel in his hair leaving the smell of old aftershave in his wake. He wrinkled his nose, stuffing his hands into his jeans pockets with a sly smile.
(y/n) leaned back on her heels, cracking her knuckles and smiling wryly at Hank who stood opposite, kicking off his shoes and shaking his feet.
“I don’t want to be carrying out a body bag today, you know” Alex scoffed.
Hank adjusted his glasses, a half-smile playing at the corners of his mouth.
“I’ll go easy on her”.

Alex looked up, a curl of blonde hair falling over his eyes.
“It’s not her I’m worried about”.
(y/n) chuckled, sweeping her hair back over her shoulder with her wrist. She straightened her back; intensity growing in her eyes as she spread her feet and dropped into a defensive stance.
Hank let out a cry, throwing his weight forward. Alex tensed, his fists gripping against the inside of his jeans.
(y/n) barely flinched, her face icy, determined.
When Hank was just inches away from her, face contorted with concentration; he flew into the air, limbs flailing as he landed on his back, gravel crunching with the impact.

Alex felt his breath hitch in his throat, his heart pounding as his eyes darted to her. She blew her hair out from around her face, biting her lip.
God. She was incredible.
He felt something stir in his chest - some primal feeling deep within him. He bit his lip, his jeans suddenly too hot, not fitting quite right against his skin.
He wanted…
Well, he knew what he wanted.

She rushed over to help Hank up with light and deliberate steps; but he just shrugged her off, looking a little dazed from the whole incident. He shot Alex a look - something Alex couldn’t quite read.
(y/n) then strutted over to Alex, a grin wide on her face as she pushed her back against the wall, folding her arms.
“How’d I do, Summers?” she breathed, raising a brow to him.
Alex felt dizzy. He leaned in, swallowing hard.
“You have no idea how much I want you right now.” he muttered, his breath burning hot in his throat.
(y/n) flushed red, lowering her eyes to his lips.
“You know, I was just thinking the same thing”.

I’ve been reading a lot of webcomics lately so I just wanted to say:

Paranatural is on another level with its humour and facial expressions, and everyone should read it. Right now. DO IT. (also the outfits omg i want them all especially the insolent children hoodie but also isaac’s clothes shirt)

Cucumber quest has probably my favourite villain in anything ever, Rosemaster. (Chapter three is so good that all other comics are gonna need to step up their game with complex and loveable villains)

Monster pulse is an amazing read, and the simplicity of the style works amazingly to combat the arguably dark themes. Also all the characters are children? Like, realistically? They act how children would act but they’re not obnoxious or annoying? A+ characterization there.

ahaha i said arguably dark then showed the part where four children are watching a woman beat a man to death with a rock

Ava’s demon is so pretty, you’re hard pressed to find a more gorgeous comic. Also the single panel a page format makes it almost seem like you’re watching it rather than reading it.

Sleepless domain is like madoka magica crossed with x men? idk its really good and the characters are adorable. 

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Hey, I'm pretty new to xmen, but Kurt is 1000% my fave. I was wondering which comics I should read to get more of his story! I love your blog too great stuff

Okay, first of all: there are too many books he appears in, so I just tried to list some important ones (and this not even close to listing everything!) And if you want to simply read books he is in, you really need to go through many team books.

The easy part, Nightcrawler series:

- Nightcrawler (1985-1986) - 4 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 2 (2002-2002)- 4 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 3 (2004-2006) - 12 issue
- Nightcrawler Vol 4 (2014-2015) - 12 issue

- X-Men: Manifest Destiny Nightcrawler #1 (May, 2009)
- X-Men Origins: Nightcrawler #1 (May, 2010)


Some important appearance/story from the beginning until now:

- Uncanny X-Men: start with his first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975) but I’d say read UXM of 80’s.
(AND/OR read Classic X-Men, which is a reprint of uncanny issues, but with new panels/stories!
-Classic X-Men #1-45,
-X-Men Classic #46-110)

- Excalibur (1988-1998) - a must

(After Excalibur he’s in Uncanny X-Men again - from 1998, so you can continue here )

- in 2003 he gets an origin story ‘Draco’ in Uncanny X-Men by Chuck Austen (but you need to know, it’s one of the most hated X-Men stories. For reasons.)
Chuck Austen’s run on UXM: #410-441, and Draco: #428-434 (2003)
(And before Chuck Austen, the priest story happend.)

- Uncanny X-Men by Chris Claremont from #444 (2004) (better story, good art)

- X-Men: Second Coming related books (2010) - (he dies here)

- Amazing X-Men (2014) 19 issues (resurrected) - a must
( the last solo series begins in 2014 too)

- Extraordinary X-Men (2015) -  (it’s not the best Nightcrawler story again…)

- X-Men Gold - current X-book  - (it’s ok so far)


Significant Issues: (by marvel universe wiki)

Killed foster brother (X-Men Annual #4, 1980);
first joined X-Men (Giant-Size X-Men #1, 1975);
first used image inducer (Classic X-Men #4, 1986);
first blended with shadows (X-Men #102, 1976);
first encountered Mystique (X-Men #141, 1981);
injured by Marauders (Uncanny X-Men #211, 1986);
co-founded Excalibur (Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn, 1988);
regained full powers (Excalibur #37, 1991);
formed N-Men (Excalibur #45, 1991);
learned Mystique is mother (X-Men Unlimited #4, 1994);
rejoined X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #360/X-Men #80, 1998);
first seen studying for priesthood (X-Men #100, 2000);
first encountered Supreme Pontiff (Uncanny X-Men #400, 2001);
quit priesthood (Uncanny X-Men #419, 2003);
learned Azazel is father (Uncanny X-Men #432, 2003);
died (X-Force #26, 2010)


A few issues I can think of and recommend:

(there’s definitely much more!)

- Amazing Spider-man 161 & 162  (1976)
- Guardians Team-Up #6 (2015)
- Deadpool/Spider-Man  #14 (2016)
- Deadpool (2012) #27 (wedding)
- Nation X #1 (2009) - (road trip)
- Wolverine (2003) #6 - (I don’t need to say anything here :D)
- Axis revolution #2
- Classic X-Men #4 - The Big Dare!
- Male Bonding (Marvel Comics Presents, #101 - 108) (with Wolverine)
- Wolverine weapon X #16 (2009)
- Death of Wolverine: Life after Logan (2014)
- Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #17 (2017)
- Exiles #28-30 (2001) - (meets his daughter from another universe)
- Bizarre adventue  #27 (1981) (mentioned in his first solo series)
- What If? Vol 2 #98 (if Mystique had raised Kurt)
- Uncanny X-Men #204


A comic made exclusively for the movie: X-Men 2 (2003):

X-Men 2: Nightcrawler - Official Movie Prequel


Alternate univers Kurt

(this is not in order)

- Kurt Darkholme / Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler (Killer version of Nightcrawler):
Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 ,
X-Termination 1 & 2,
Age of Apocalypse Vol 1,
Astonishing X-Men Vol 3

- Kurt Waggoner (Kid version of Nightcrawler):
X-Treme X-Men Vol 2
Astonishhing X-Men Vol 3


And lastly here’s another longer list of important issues about Kurt that are worth a read:



I hope it helps. If anyone wants to add something to the list, please do!
I might’ve made mistakes; in that case let me know.



tHank yOu so much for the follows and the 2k+ notes on my second previous post,, like wow I didn’t expect it. Also for those who wanted me to write one shots,, I’ll post a new one soon but don’t forget to read my bucky one shot, just scroll down !

Seeing Is Believing (Pt. 1)

A/N: Here is the first part of my new series!!!!! I hope you all enjoy it! I’ve had this idea in my head since before I even had a tumblr, I could just never think up enough details until a couple weeks ago. I was laying in bed and then BAM. It was in my head.

This story will start out as a Dean x Reader, with eventual Castiel x Reader (It will make more sense later, I promise.) Also, I can’t really write a story summary yet as I don’t want to give too much away? So just, just read it! <3

Pairing: None yet.

Warnings: Just some language.

Word Count: 1.1k

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You peered through the blinds of your small house as you shook your head in frustration. For whatever reason, there was a car that had been parked across the street with two men sitting in it for the last two nights. They couldn’t be cops, because what kind of cops, undercover or not, drive ‘67 impalas? And they certainly didn’t let their hair grow out like that one did. You’d been on edge since the first time you saw the car, though you didn’t know if you were on edge for a good or bad reason, you just felt…off. You thought about going outside and talking to them, seeing what the hell their deal was; but unless they came and bothered you, that wasn’t happening.

You were typically a quiet person, very kept to yourself. You didn’t have any friends, if you had any family, you didn’t know about them, or they didn’t care about you. Your mother raised you to stand up for yourself, you had no problem telling someone to fuck off if they got too close. You weren’t always like this, growing up you had some friends. You went out and had fun, you were ‘normal’ as they say.

You lived in a small town, Makanda Illinois. It was a very quiet and peaceful place. This is where you’d been for the last eight years. Your mother had told you that when she died, you needed to go somewhere where chances of you being found were slim. You didn’t know who you were supposed to hide from, but you were guessing these men outside of your house might have been who she was talking about.

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1. When Henry is seven years old, he is woken up one summer’s night by a gentle yet insistent shake on his shoulder. ‘Mama?’ he asks sleepily, rubbing at his eyes as her smiling face swims into view. She pulls the duvet off his legs, tickling his feet lightly until he giggles and scrunches up his toes. ‘Do you want to go on an adventure?’ she whispers, already helping him put a pair of socks on. He nods enthusiastically, and she scoops him up into her arms.

2. Mama drives them away from any shining lights, until she parks up high on a hill Henry’s never visited before. ‘You should never normally do this,’ she tells him sternly. ‘But this is a special occasion.’ She sets him on top of the car’s bonnet, clambering up to sit behind him. He leans against her chest, as her arms wrap warmly around him. ‘Look,’ she points, and he can see twinkling lights darting across the sky. ‘They’re called the Perseids.’ He falls asleep watching shooting stars.

3. When Henry is eight, Mom buys him a large science set, complete with its very own microscope. He spends the entire day running around the house, trying to find everything and anything that will fit on a slide. The kitchen and bathroom end up looking as if a tornado has struck, although when Mom sees, she just laughs at his enthusiasm. ‘C’mon, Mooooom,’ he whines, tugging at her sleeve. ‘Let’s go outside and hunt for more stuff!’

4. Mom peers over her glasses at his face, hesitating a moment. ‘Alright, I guess paperwork can wait,’ she relents, and he gives a loud whoop, punching the air in excitement. The evening is crisp, but the sun has not yet completely disappeared, so he simply throws on his coat and scarf before grabbing Mom’s hand and dragging her out. They explore the forest together, picking up as many different-shaped leaves as they can find. Henry is amazed to find Mom knows the name of almost every tree type.

5. When Henry is nine, Mom finally allows him to buy comic books. ‘That doesn’t mean you’re going to stop reading actual books,’ she says sternly, pointing a finger at his innocent-looking face. He rolls his eyes in response, but nods anyway, giving her a kiss on the cheek. ‘Thanks, Mom!’ he calls over his shoulder, already racing up the stairs with his hands full of Marvel comics. It is not until a week later that he catches her reading them herself, tucked away in her study.

6. ‘Not wanting to read proper books?’ he teases, climbing up beside her on the couch and grabbing one himself. Her cheeks colour slightly, but she just smirks at him. ‘Had to make sure they weren’t too violent,’ she announces primly. They sit and read for a while in silence. ‘So, you think the Avengers are cool?’ he can’t resist asking, breaking the moment. Mom shrugs, and turns a page nonchalantly. ‘I prefer the X-Men,’ she admits. ‘More nuance to their stories.’

7. When Henry is ten, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with Mom. No, make that his adoptive guardian – she isn’t even his real mother. That fact has left a burning pain in his chest ever since he found out. Mom still buys him comic books, but he ignores them in favour of re-reading the book of fairy tales that Miss Blanchard has given him. When Mom (not Mom) asks him if he wants to do their annual trip to see the Perseid shower that evening, he sneers at her.

8. ‘Why?’ he demands. ‘They’re the same very year. Not exactly exciting.’ She bites her lip, but says nothing, and dinner continues in silence. He is lying, of course – space is endlessly fascinating. But he doesn’t want to give the Evil Queen the satisfaction of pretending everything is still the same. It isn’t until a month later, when he’s hunting for proof of her being an evil villain, that he discovers the new telescope boxed up under her bed. He doesn’t mention it, and neither does she.

9. When the curse breaks, life as he knows it changes forever. This is not necessarily a bad thing – the people of Storybrooke are now free. But along with magic comes endless villains and fighting and dangers. Henry loses Emma and Snow through a portal for a while, then almost loses Mom when HER mom returns, and then he gets dragged off to face down Peter Pan in Neverland. There is an awful year (not that he knows it at the time) where he doesn’t remember Mom or the rest of the family.

10. At last though, another curse is broken, and Henry can finally – FINALLY – go home and sleep in his own bed. Mom keeps eying him as if he’ll disappear again. So one night, Henry wakes quietly, and sneaks into her room. ‘Hey Mom,’ he whispers, gently shaking her shoulder with one hand while he bends to grab at the telescope under the bed. ‘Henry?’ Mom murmurs, sitting up in confusion. He waves the telescope at her, as if that is all the explanation needed. ‘Want to go on an adventure?’

(RegalBelieverAW Day One: Mom/Son Moments. Let’s ignore the fact I’m already playing catch-up! - ABFA)

OMG that’s so cute!  And i”m so honored to publish your RBAW story.  Part 8 just broke my heart a little bit!

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What's wrong with Grant Morrison? (This is totally not a challenging or bitchy ask, I'm genuinely curious about what you know)

i just find him to generally be not a very good writer who is overly hyped and is very egotistical

there was the whole thing w turning talia into a rapist over at dc and other dumb character decisions like the whole space batman thing or even the creation of dust which had islamophobic/racist undertones (even if it was well-intentioned) his whole new x-men run was apparently riddled w offensive moments and bad writing (i believe there was a moment where beast lies about being gay to avoid a woman or something?? idk i haven’t read it so…)

a serious house on serious earth was just a mess of a comic and also gaycoded the joker to hell and back. he even said he wanted to dress joker in an outfit from a madonna video when he first met batman bcos he was lusting over batman. i can’t find the article but he said something along the lines of wanting to show the attraction to the “perverse and demented” quick q grant! why’d you hate gay ppl just askin! and i remember all of his batman runs being ableist and homophobic to some degree so fuck him. 

he’s also done a bunch of parallel earths where he turns heroes like batman and superman into nazis. 

idk he’s created some characters that i love like damian wayne, ryan choi (co-created) and fantomex but i feel like the reason i love them is because what other ppl have added over the years and not morrison himself so. yeet bitch. 

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Hello :) I was wondering if you could maybe give me a reading list for Captain Marvel? I really want to start reading about her but I dont no where to start. Thankyou. Love your blog x

If you’re extremely invested and want to start right at the beginning then read Captain Marvel Vol 1 (1969) issue #18 which is her origin story, followed by Ms Marvel Vol 1 (1977). Then read Uncanny X-Men Vol 1 (1982) issue #164 which features Carol’s first appearance in her Binary form. Then read ‘New Avengers’ Vol 2 (2006) which really sets her up to be Marvel’s primary female superhero. Then read ‘Civil War’ (2006) where she plays a major role and that leads directly into Ms Marvel Vol 2 (2006).

However, I would just start at Captain Marvel Vol 7 (2012). It gives a nice tidy flashback of her origin, explains her binary power, and is where she officially becomes Captain Marvel. This is essential reading and it’s a great jumping on point. 

After that definitely read Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 (2013) issues #15 onwards, Captain Marvel Vol 8 (2014), A-Force Vol 1 (2015), Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps (2015), Ultimates Vol 1 (2015), Captain Marvel Vol 9 (2016), A-Force Vol 2 (2016), Ultimates Vol 2 (2016), and then The Mighty Captain Marvel (2017) which is currently at issue #4 and then you’re all caught up. 

Note - Skip ‘Civil War 2′ (2016) as the writer just messes up her character completely. 

Okay so here’s the thing about GR.  As a character, I mean.  A character, concept, antihero, figure in a fictional work.

If he’s playing the role of a side character?  Yeah, yeah the whole “rage-filled demon with no character development” thing works splendidly, because in that situation he’s more of a plot device than anything else.

If he’s a main character?

GR needs character development.

I think that’s the thing that I find the most frustrating about him.  He’s a delight when portrayed as an unchanging force of nature, but that’s only if and when he’s used as such.  If you’re gonna make him a main character, you gotta treat him as a main character, not just relegate him to “badass inferno demon that never gets any development.”

That may be the reason why he’s stayed a B-list hero for so long, quite frankly – Marvel wants to keep him as a dangerous force of nature, and to make him a main feature character would be to lose that by necessity of making him a… well, a character.

(To be clear, I’m talking about the possessing Spirits of Vengeance – not about their unfortunate hosts.)

Zarathos almost got development at the end of the 1973 run, but it was denied him at the last second.  Noble Kale got development, but it was retconned by way of Marvel refusing to publish the very last issue of the 1990s run and instead continuing the story as if 50% of it either never happened or was simply a big fat lie.  Zarathos returned in the 1990s run as a completely different character, and then again in 2001 as YET ANOTHER completely different character… and yet AGAIN, did it again in 2006.  In that self-same 2006 run, Noble Kale practically doesn’t exist, and indeed Noble Kale might not actually exist by virtue of the “truth” about his identity being retconned at the end of the 1990s run.  In 2011, Zarathos stops having a personality altogether and is relegated to “demonic weapon that whispers probably-Latin gibberish in the host’s ear.”  And in 2013, Eli Morrow takes the stage as “the curse,” a mass-murdering Hollywood-style Satanist psychopath with no real chance of redemption.

The thing is, these are all fascinating interpretations of the Ghost Rider.

And all of them explore what’s being felt and experienced by the Ghost Rider’s host.  Johnny, Danny, Robbie… even Alejandra, who I’ve got my reservations about because of the whole “I’m the Ghost Rider and I’m only 18 years old” thing.  All of them have personalities, all of them are sympathetic… you wind up rooting for them and enjoying their victories, mourning their losses, and hoping beyond all hope that somehow, some way, they get some form of justice for what’s happened to them.

But every one of these stories either ignores or undoes the potential of what might happen if a curse develops a conscience.

Who says a demon can’t have a dynamic personality?  Who says an angel can’t, or a Spirit of Vengeance, or whatever the current explanation for what a Ghost Rider currently is, can’t have a dynamic personality, likes and dislikes, the chance to make a choice?  The chance for character development, or – far be it from me to even suggest it, but – a redemption arc?

Marvel has tried again and again to reinvent the wheel on the Ghost Rider, but the thing that they always seem to come back to is “Ghost Rider is nothing but cold vengeance embodied in rage, no more.”  Eli is the first Ghost Rider to even remotely break that cycle (no pun intended), and for that, I love that he exists.  He enjoys things, he’s got a snappy, sassy personality.  He’s very human, twisted and disgusting though he may be.  I just worry that, by virtue of being written as wholly unsympathetic, he’s going to stagnate and go right back into that vicious cycle (again, no pun intended) of the Ghost Rider being wholly incapable of character development.

That’s what happens when you’ve got a world as expansive and varied as Marvel Comics’.  You’ve got eight million concurrent issues and stories, characters appearing in different runs that are supposed to take place in the same world that make no sense when compared to one another.  Characters CAN’T have development, or that completely changes the ball game, and they can’t make constant cameo appearances in other comics without contradicting key story elements in their main series.  And guess what – this happens a lot, anyways.

Really, though, the bigger problem is that Marvel Comics is still trying to use the same formula: a million different universes, having crossovers constantly… instead of individually developing storylines and seeing them through to the end, featuring character crossovers every now and then as non-canon specials.  You want a strong, compelling character?  Start and end that character’s story with that character, and don’t make that character’s story rely 80% on what’s happening in all of the otherwise irrelevant series that you’re running.  If I’m interested in Ghost Rider’s story, I shouldn’t have to read random issues of Wolverine, The X-Men, and several independent comic runs just to follow a central plotline in Ghost Rider’s story.  Because that’s one hellishly fast way to lose your reader base in confusing absurdities and contradictions, and guess what?  It’s happened before.  It’s happened multiple times, and even now, it’s happening again.


ALL of the Ghost Riders have the potential to become incredible characters, with compelling plots.  And y’know, all of them HAVE that at their cores!  But it’s all been muddled in the distractions caused by Marvel being more focused on selling “WHOAAA CHECK OUT THIS CCCRRRRAAAZY CROSSOVER” rather than on letting their characters’ creators develop those characters’ stories as they should be able to.

Screw that noise.  I am determined to get Zarry some character development, even if it’s all done as a fan project.  It’s been 45 years (GR turned 45 this year, in August – go figure!!  I missed his birthday! D:).  He needs to be treated as a character, not just as a curse for the host to carry.  And call me crazy, but if any of the most successful reimaginings of comic book franchises are anything to go by, the most successful way to do so is to tell his story from the beginning to the end, without deviating from that path along the way just to make a few extra sales on crossover promotions.

Not Another One (Ep. 12x13)

A/N: Okay so if you aren’t caught up on SPN than you probs dont want to read this! But this was after I watched 12 x 13 and I was just so mad but I forgot to post it and now….ya lol

Dean x Reader, Sam, Mary

Word Count: 800

Warnings: flangst? 

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X- men pref. Hamilton Songs.

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I know my sister like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind
If I tell her that I love him she’d be silently resigned
He’d be mine
She would say, “I’m fine”
She’d be lying!

You forced a smile as you saw Scott kiss your sister, Jean, as she walked out of her class. It was hard being in love with your sisters boyfriend. Well, it was your fault that you were in this position that you just happened to be in. 

You met him a few months ago, he was new and a big flirt. After a few attempts of flirting with you, you introduced him to your sister Jean, knowing that it would be a chance to escape the horrible pick up lines. 

But after you got to know him more, you couldn’t deny your feelings for him. But he was already with Jean. 

You knew that you would just have to suck it up. You knew Jean better than anyone else, you knew what she struggled with, how kind and trusting she was. You knew with out a doubt that Jean would break up with Scott for you, but you couldn’t let her. It would crush your sister to give him up, to know that she’s too nice to say no. 

So you kept your emotions under control. At least my dear Jean is his. 

- Satisfied.

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An immigrant you know and love who’s unafraid to step in!
He’s constantly confusin’, confoundin’ the British henchmen
Ev’ryone give it up for America’s favorite fighting Frenchman!

You weren’t a mutant. Just a plan old human with combat skills better than the Avengers put together. No one knew of this of course, to the whole school and your boyfriend Peter, all they knew that you were a big deal and they don’t know why. 

“Mon amour,” You spoke to your boyfriend in your native language. “Stay safe.” With a simple kiss on the cheek, he sped off, ready to go on another mission with the X-Men. 

A few days later, you had been assigned to go on a mission, kill a few people who were working for HYDRA. The fight was easy, shoot a few guys, snap some necks with your thighs, the usual. It was almost amusing how easily they were to take down. 

“Y/N?” You heard a voice say, you turn around to lock eyes with your boyfriend. The moment of silence between you was odd, Peter was staring at the bodies with wide eyes. “Damn.”

- Guns and Ships

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Let me tell you what I wish I’d known
When I was young and dreamed of glory:
You have no control:
Who lives, who dies, who tells your story

To Kurt it wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that the girl he loved, the girl who had the purest heart in the world had to die. Ever since your death, Kurt had been a mess. He locked himself in his room, refusing to see or talk to anyone. The only time anyone had seen him was at your funeral. 

“You know I use to believe that if you were good, good would happen.” Kurt told Scott, after he broke the door off. “I use to pray twice every day, go to church, help when needed. And I came her and met Y/N, and I thought ‘this is my good coming back’ because she was the most amazing person I have ever met.

And now she’s dead. She was so kind. Always letting go before her, giving away when she had none. All to die so soon. I find myself laying down at night, thinking why. Why her? She did nothing wrong. Why do bad things keep on happening to the best people?”

- History has its eyes on you

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Oh, am I talkin’ too loud?
Sometimes I get over excited, shoot off at the mouth
I never had a group of friends before

You were Jean’s first girlfriend, first friend, first person to make her feel valid. You found it cute as she rambled, going on and on about she read a bullshit article in the news paper. 

“I mean did they even check their facts!” She exclaimed, her voice raising a bit. “Shit!” She yelled, realizing her voice was getting louder, before apologizing. 

“Don’t,” You told her. “It’s okay, you just got a little excited. It’s fine.” 

“Are you sure? B- Because I don’t want to be like screaming in your face, I mean i just don’t get to talk a lot so an-”

You cut her off with a kiss. “It’s fine.”

- My Shot

adramaticlife  asked:

Okay, so I love Storm. But I've never really been able to get into the comics. And I would love to! Any ideas/suggestions of where a beginner could start reading X-men with a heavy presence of Storm in it?? Thanks!!

First things first, the old Uncanny X-Men
More recent stuff is probably better for beginners, esp if you haven’t really been able to get into comics, but this is just in case you want a bit of that original X-Men reading (first ever appearances and major storylines of the 80′s - Mohawk Storm!)

Uncanny X-Men #145-147 (Rogue Storm)
It involves the famous Doctor Doom flirting scene - moral of the story: everyone should love and fear her, even DD, because she’s amazing

Uncanny X-Men #159 (Blood Feud!)
Storm and Dracula, that’s all you need to know

Uncanny X-Men #169-170 (Dancin’ in the Dark)
SO iconic. Storm takes on Callisto, the leader of the Morlocks - very famous fight

Uncanny X-Men #186 + #198 (Lifedeath Part 1 & 2) - also #220 (Unfinished Business)
Super important Storm storyline - she loses her powers, huge fallout with Forge - very deep, a big moment in her comic life

Uncanny X-Men #201 (Duel)
Storm once again proves she’s Queen - she fights Cyclops, STILL POWERLESS, to be the new leader of the X-Men

Uncanny X-Men #215-216 (Crucible)
Still without her powers, she takes on some superpower people hunting her down - once again, she’s amazing.

Recent series:

X-Men: Worlds Apart #1-4 - Very good Storm series, highly recommended

X-Treme X-Men Vol. 1 (especially issues #36-39 which you can buy as a collection here) - Storm at her best really

Storm Vol. 2 - lovely art, depicts story of Storm’s origin and meeting of Black Panther (its a retcon but good nonetheless)

Storm Vol. 3 - a bit dull, not much of a storyline but nevertheless a very recent solo series and plenty of nice art and Ororo to enjoy.

Ororo: Before the Storm - very easy read - might be useful to start here

House of M - Scarlet Witch makes the universe alternate. Unsurprisingly, Storm is Princess of Kenya

Black Panther Vol. 4, 5 and 6 - Storm’s always around, if you like the two together, its worth a read

Astonishing X-Men #25-35 (collected as Ghost Box and Exogenetic) - some GREAT storm ass-kicking here

Avengers Vol. 4 #19-25 - Storm as an Avenger? Yes please.

Fantastic Four Vol. 1 #544-550 - Storm and Black Panther replace Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm (who decide to take a break from the FF to work on their marriage)

Avengers vs. X-Men - Important Storm and Black Panther marriage point, that’s all I’m saying to keep it spoiler-free

Most of X-Men Vol. 3 - Ororo’s such a prominent x-member, it’s hard to find issues where she doesn’t show up

X-Men Vol. 4 - an all girl x-team led by Storm you say? Sign me up.

And, if you want to follow her current activity, the team she’s now a member of is X-Men: Gold Vol. 2  (I believe this series and Black Panther Vol. 6 - previously mentioned - are the only two series going with Storm in at the moment. I could be wrong)

Oh and, just for fun, the one-off Amazon comic - DC and Marvel amalgamated a bunch of their characters - Storm became Princess Ororo of Themiscyra and takes on Poseidon. Pretty cool.

Note: I haven’t read all of the series above so couldn’t be as specific in some cases i.e all the Black Panther volumes and X-Men Vol. 3 & 4

YOU GUYS… HOW, WHY????  300, seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  I’ve been doing this for what, six months?  *flails about*  So, without further ado…

First, I’d like to mention five personal blogs (because they don’t always get love from rp blogs) that I adore and whose writers/creators make me very happy. @llehnsherr and @fassmaan for your lovely Jenna creations and yes, all the other ones too!  @joexjuliana  you feed my High Castle gif addiction and you’re crazy for letting me borrow them whenever but I love you for it.  @toostubborntocroak your commentary is lovely and I enjoy reading it!  AND @annachibi your blog never fails to make me smile!


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  • Me: Men?
  • Me: I don't need men to be fulfilled. I got fanfics that'll give me more satisfaction than any person could ever give me.
It Never Ends Well (Part 1)

Prompt/Summary: Based on “The Ugly Truth”, for @hunters-from-stark-tower movie challenge.

Pairings: eventual Bucky x Y/N, eventual Clint x Y/N, Natasha x Sam

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sex, vulgarities…

Word Count: 2894

A/N: Some of the lines used in this fic don’t belong to me, I got them out of the movie, so credit to the writers. I’d love to hear what you think, feedback is always appreciated.

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“You’re late.” was the first thing you heard as soon as you answered the phone.

“Don’t need to remind me.” your eyes practically rolled to the back of your head in annoyance at your best friend, “Natasha, please, please, cover for me. I’m ten minutes away from the office.”

“Depends. What’s in for me?”

“A big hug from me.” you answered again, “Is Mr. Stark there yet?”

“No, but he hardly is here. Why are you late anyway?”

“I spilled coffee on my blouse.”

“That doesn’t really surprise me.” she laughed.

“I swear it was an accident, I just tripped.” you defended, “Anyway, I’ll be there shortly, in about five minutes.”

As soon as she agreed, you hung up and drove the rest of the way to your workplace. Soon enough, you found yourself parking in your designated spot and entering the Stark Magazine Headquarters. Inside the building was hectic, as usual, as everyone tried to complete their own tasks in time. Grabbing some documents from one of the assistants, you walked decidedly to your shared office, where Natasha was seated at her desk. You closed the glass door behind you and greeted her shortly, before going over to your own computer and starting it.

“Give me an update, Romanoff.”

“The Lakers basketball player is here for the interview, for the Sports department.”

“Great. We should send Pietro to interview him, a photographer and a couple of writers to get the article ready.”

“Already did.”

“Genius. And please, tell Pietro to do the interview objectively. Last time, he almost blew up the whole thing by arguing about what team was better.”

She chuckled lowly, “I’ll make sure to tell him.”

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Ok, these are all mine, but you should totally read them. You should read them all. I’m just saying I’m an awesome writer and you are missing out if you don’t read this.

Yooran Fanfic LIst

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Yooran Week Extended

There is something for everyone!!!!!!!!!! Fluff and NSFW

Getting Together With Hank McCoy Would Include ...

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(yes im using this gif again because his face is just adorable)

·         You’d be a slightly older mutant when Charles found you and invited you to the school to teach history

·         Lets say your mutation is invisibility but you haven’t got it fully under control and when you get nervous sometimes you glitch and go invisible

·         Hank would see you in the hallway being greeted by Charles and it would be like everything and everyone else was just a blur and he would only see you (cos I’m a sucker for cheesy love at first sight/soulmate stuff)

·         He’d be stuck in the same place with his mouth slightly parted as Charles beckoned him over to introduce you

·         Stuttering hello’s and blushes from both of you as you take in how handsome he is

·         You trying to keep your mutation under control as he shakes your hand, only to end up with him shaking an invisible hand

·         At first you both keep yourselves to yourself but occasionally you two bump into each other in the hallways

·         You both apologising profusely and blushing as you scuttle away

·         The kids ( being mainly peter, jean, scott and jubilee because kurt is completely oblivious) trying to push you two together

·         Peter being not so subtle with his hints causing you to vanish on more than one occasion, and Hank to lock him out of the lab while trying not to burn up.

·         You and Hank actually getting along really well when you’re both relaxed, like when you’re both reading in the library

·         Him looking forward to seeing you on your usual route to class

·         Eventually becoming such good friends that you often take your stack of papers to mark to the lake with him and mark them together

·         Hank thinking you only like him as a friend because although the guy wears glasses he is completely blind !!

·         Accidentally going completely invisible when his hand brushes yours one evening

·         The kids wolf whistling when they see you together

·         Scott shouting to just get kiss already, only for jean to elbow him in his rib cage soon after

·         You taking a deep breath and pulling him into a kiss, going completely invisible lucky for you as you’re cherry red

·         Hank being surprised but quickly covering you with his massive body in a hug, shielding you from the whooping for everyone, including Charles





As always, i hope you enjoy reading this and please like and request whatever you want to see