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I have a thought. So Kubo mentioned that she found out some Russian parents will count on their kids becoming athletes, right? And Yuri seems to be cool with it. But what if it was the same for Vitya, but instead of being proud of his success, he feels used by his parents and them counting on him for money. Like, in this thought Vitya's parents aren't poor, they just want him to be an even bigger source of income. Idk, but it could explain why he doesn't seek to have a family.

So in my thought, Victor was pushed through those dreadful sports schools, but found amazing pride over his own accomplishments on the ice, and was absolutely not thrilled about his parents, who are again, not in need of his hard earned money, wanting to be known as the parents of Victor Nikiforov™ so they sent their kid off to sports school at 6 instead of loving him for being their god damn kid, that they’re perfectly capable of raising with their own salaries. Idk, just thoughts.

ohhhh this hurts me so much you wouldn’t even believe…… it’s def a possibility! i really want him to have a loving and supportive family and my heart will break if his backstory turns out to be something like this D:

Caring - Aaron Carpenter Imagine (requested)

Request: Aaron imagine for Emma where a fan says mean things, but then I find her hurt or something and I help her? Thank you, love your writing so much x


Emma’s POV

I was waiting outside the hotel forAaron to come out from doing a meet and greet at the new MAGCON.

I was tapping my feet on the ground with the beat of the music when I heard some laughs form the other side of me. A group of girls, 14 or older, turning the corner, carrying merch in their hands. I looked away and looked at the entrance seeing Aaron facing away from me talking to Ethan Dolan. I smiled as he laughed, hunching forward like it was the funniest thing in the world.

I gasped as I felt my earphone being ripped out from my ear. One of the girls from the group before was standing there throwing my earphones on the ground.

“What the fuck are you doing here? Can’t you get the hint that Aaron doesn’t want you? He doesn’t like you and he never will,” I stared at her confusedly. I didn’t say anything, just stared at her not knowing what to say. Usually when I got hate it was online and was easy to ignore, no one had ever actually said it to my face.

I turned around to see if I could find Aaron, but when I looked he was gone and so was Ethan, most probably helping pack up. I turned back around to face a glaring 14 year old.

“U-um, can you please stop? I didn’t do anything to you, I don’t even know who you are, and you’re making accusations about my life without knowing the first thing about me, I don’t get how that makes any sense to you?” She looked at me shocked that I actually spoke.

“Aaron deserves so much better, he deserves some one with class and style not a slut who just wants him for fame and money,” I looked at her, raising a brow, I didn’t get why she’d say stuff like that when she doesn’t even know me.

“How can you possibly know that? Aaron and I are happy in our relationship, please just leave us alone.” I turned away from her and walked to the entrance of the hotel. I turned back around to see the girl glaring at me as I walked off.

Suddenly I hit a chest, arms held my shoulders. I looked up to meet Aaron’s chocolate eyes, looking at me, actually looking for something

“Are you hurt? Did she do anything to you? I was literally coming out to help you, but then you walked off,” he was slightly pink and puffing, he must’ve been running fast.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. It’s just, why do people think they can say something about our relationship when they don’t even know us? It makes no sense,” Aaron smiled before pulling me into a side hug, walking me up to our shared hotel room.

“People are like that Emma, but you just gotta remember not to believe them, to just ignore the hurtful things they say,” I nodded, letting what he said sink in.

“Hey, to get your mind off of the incident, why don’t we go have a walk around San Fran, last tine I was here, I found a really nice Italian place,” he pecked my lips, cupping my cheeks as I giggled nodding at his idea.

We ended up going to Aaron’s Italian place, eating a large pizza and laughing about the fact that Aaron’s cheese went everywhere on his face, none in his mouth. Now we were walking around in a park of some sort, just holding hands and talking about our day.

As we turned a corner, Aaron grabbed my wrist, stopping me and turning me around to face him.

“Emma, you don’t want to go that way,” I followed the direction in which he was looking. There, on a lonely bench, was the fan that was rude to me earlier. She was sitting there, huddled up, looking small, looking around, sad. I turned to Aaron with a disapproving look .

“We can’t just leave her there, no one on this earth deserves to feel unwanted or hurt. How about we find out what’s wrong, comfort her and then we’ll leave, okay?” Aaron nodded, still unsure of the girl. I dragged him over to her.

I softly placed my hand on her back, trying not to startle her. She looked up with tracks of dried tears running down her face and red, puffy eyes, she then began to cry into her hands. I rubbed her back soothingly.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” I crouched down to her height. Her head shot up.

“Does it look like I’m okay?” She snapped, I was a little taken back. Her gaze softened and she sniffled.

“I’m s-so sorry, I shouldn’t have s-snapped at you like that. I’m also so s-sorry I called you a slut and-and accused you of using Aaron, you’re not, at all and you wouldn’t do that.”

I leaned closer to her, standing her up and just hugged her. Her arms wrapped tightly around my waist and my head rested on top of her head. I continued rubbing her back, whispering nice things to her. She looked up at me and smiled, which I returned. She then said thank you, hugging Aaron and I, and walked towards, what must’ve been, her group of friends.

I turned around only to have Aaron’s lips on mine. His lips gentle, and tongue soft as it entered my mouth, he cupped my face. He kissed me like I was a fragile china doll. We broke away and I looked at his stunning brown eyes.

“I love how selfless and kind you are, I just love who you are Emma,” I smiled and felt my cheeks heating up.

I looked back at the girl, now talking with her friends, pointing at us and smiling. She then waved and I waved back. Soon they were off, walking in a different direction. I looked back at Aaron, smiling.

“As I said before, no one should feel hurt or worthless. Even if she was mean to me, I’ll still help her, it’s just the way I was raised.”

“Well, you were definitely raised right. C’mon, lets go back to the hotel. I don’t think I could walk much longer after that pizza.” We laughed walking back to the hotel hand-in-hand.  

Prepare for a sappy post. I plugged in my keyboard just for this.

Firstly, I’m very sorry @therealjacksepticeye for the horrible attempt at messy hair and facial hair. Sorry it’s late too. I’ve been drawing this since about 10am yesterday (GMT)

Congratulations on reaching 14 million subscribers! You make so many people happy on a daily basis and I look up to you for that. Your personality is just contagious and you are just the nicest person I know. The community we have all built is the most loving, accepting community and I am so happy to be a part of it.
I’ve been through a lot of **** recently and you have kept me going through it and I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way.
Not only did you help me through some really tough times but have also helped me realise what I want to do with my life (without knowing it of course).
I realised recently that I just want to make people happy and the thought of anything else doesn’t make me look forward to the future so I started a YouTube channel and with that, I hope to make a community as loving and accepting as yours and to raise as much money as humanly possible for charity. Even if it takes me 3 years to even get one subscriber, I won’t want to do anything else.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sean, and thank you to the community for being so darned awesome!
Love, Rosie

127. Your first fight

Dan: You thought this year would be the year that Dan would ask you to go to Playlist with him. You had been together for two years, but last year he hadn’t even mentioned it. But it seemed like this year it wasn’t going to happen either. “Why can’t I go? I’d love to meet all of your friends. I think it would be fun.” “Not this year. Maybe next year.” “That’s what you said last year. Are you embarrassed of me or something? Why am I never invited to any of these events? Playlist, Vidcon, Summer in the City… Hell, we can’t even hold hands whenever we go out! Why?” you raised your voice. "I’m just trying to protect you, okay?“ he snapped, and continued. "All of my other relationships ended because of the hate and I don’t want to lose you because of that. I care about you way too much.” “I think I can handle it, Dan. They’re what? Fifteen?” you scoffed. "That’s what the others said too,“ he muttered. "What could they possibly say that would make me leave?” “They’ll say anything and everything. They’ll comment on your weight, looks, say that you’re a whore or you’re in it for the money-” “You think I’m all of those things?” you asked quietly. “No, jesus christ. Just listen. They’ll find anything to comment on. They’re brutal. They won’t say it to your face, but you’ll see it online. If your hair isn’t on point one day, they’ll point it out. If you’re not smiling and cheery all the time, they’ll call you a bitch. And I really don’t want you involved with that.” You just looked at him, unsure of what to say. “Trust me, I’d love to show you off to the world. But I know what the consequences of that will be. So if you want to come, you can, I’m just warning you that things may not be pretty.” “Well, we’re gonna need to do this sooner or later, right?” “I guess so,” Dan replied. “Alright. I’ll be sure to bring my battle gear.”

 Phil: You had invited your parents over for dinner and they were to arrive within the hour. Currently, you were cleaning up the kitchen– mopping, wiping, and dusting, all the while Phil was sat on his laptop in the bedroom. You still had to vacuum, clean the bathroom, set the table, and get the food out of the oven. You walked down the hall to the bedroom. “You could help, ya know,” you stated as you stood in the doorway. “Just give me a minute. I’m finishing up this email.” You rolled your eyes and looked at the clock. “You’re unbelievable. Do you have any idea how much still needs to be done? They’re supposed to be here in about forty minutes!” you snapped. "Just tell me what needs to get done. If you don’t tell me what you haven’t finished, then I can’t help. I just assume that you’re fine and have it all under control. You need to tell me when you need help. I can’t read your mind.“ "Well, you would have known I’ve been struggling if you weren’t hidden away back here,” you sneered. “I had to get this work done. And it’s quiet back here. I can concentrate that way. And if you needed help that long ago, you could have just walked the twenty steps over here and asked, instead of struggling.” You just stood there looking at him, leaning your one shoulder against the door frame. Phil got off of the bed and came over to you. “Tell me what needs to get done. I’ll do it. I don’t want to fight and I don’t want you to get stressed. Just tell me what I should do,” he said softly as he hugged you. “Well, the bathroom needs to be cleaned and the front part of the house needs to be vacuumed.” “Alright, I’ll do that right after I finish this,” Phil teased. You glared at him. “I’m kidding! I’m kidding!” “You’re lucky you’re cute, you know that?” you asked as you kissed him.

#AlwaysKeepFighting book for Jared Padalecki


So if you know me then you know how important Jared Padalecki is to me, and how much his #AlwaysKeepFighting Campaign has meant to me. He has helped me so much with my anxiety problems and has helped me through a lot of stuff that has happened recently, and to know he cares is so important.

So I had an idea. I know how many people have appreciated Jared’s campaign and shared their stories with him on twitter and on his facebook wall. Sadly, with the volume of people posting on his wall and to his twitter, theres a lot of stories that won’t have been seen. So I want to make a book with your stories in, and I will give it to him at Asylum 14 in May, to thank him for creating this amazing campaign and raising so much awareness. I know it isn’t long until the con so i don’t have as much time as I’d like, but I’m going to go for it.

Send me your stories, or just a thank you for his campaign or words of support. Maximum 500 words as I’d love for as many stories as possible to fit into the book! 

You can also send me photos, of you with Jared or maybe you showing your support for the campaign. :)

I thought it might also be nice to raise a little money for TWLOHA on the side, so there will be an optional donation of £1 (or more if you want!) with every submission. I will set up a fundraiser page for this if I get enough interest.

Just so you know: I will transfer your story to the book and possibly format it to fit etc but will not change any of the content. Your story will not be judged. Please don’t feel worried about anything happening to your submission. :)

Send all submissions to: jaredkeepfighting@gmail.com by April 18th to allow me time to put the book together :)

Please signal boost this post, l’d love as many people as possible to take part! :)

If you have any questions, just send an ask!

Update: I’ve had a few people saying they’re going to wait until they receive their #AlwaysKeepFighting shirts. I love this idea, but just keep in mind the shirts may not arrive before the deadline, so if you have a story you’d like to share, you can send it now and send a photo later if you receive the shirt. Up to you :)

hey guys so basically my dad has cancer and he hasn’t been able to work, I’ve been trying to help raise money for him because he’s still working while taking chemo and he’s throwing up all the time. we can barely make enough even for rent because he’s not able to work as much and i want to help them as much as possible. if you guys could go HERE AND CLICK THE PART THAT SAYS ‘THIS NATURAL CLEANSE’ IT’LL BRING YOU TO THE PAGE and just click the link on that post and just scroll it would really help. this will add funds for every click and even if its small a lot of clicks can help in the long run. i want to surprise him and pay this months rent and I’m really nervous because idk if he only has a couple of months left and I’m crying as I’m writing this but if he only has weeks left i don’t want him working and i want him to focus on getting better or at least enjoy his last moment. please any clicks helps I’m so desperate to do this for him and my job is minimum wage and i already give him all i make :( please guys help me!!!

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hey i ship ziam, and zerrie (i can do that shush), but like why would they take a PR stunt (zayn and perrie) so far as to announcing an engagement, and zayn getting a tattoo of perrie (or just a girl who looks strikingly similar to perrie), like it seems like they'd be taking it way too far, i mean if they wanted to take something that far why wouldn't they just do it with louis and eleanor? it seems like it would be taking it too far if it was just a pr stunt?

Well first of all, Zerrie is PR, and Elounor is bearding. There’s a big difference - a lot more money/fame is at stake for a PR relationship. And this is no ordinary PR relationship either - this is a PR relationship trying to promote a failing band. It’s not like Haylor where the point is to raise each other’s profiles however much it is possible to. The way Modest sees it, Little Mix could make or break depending on how Zerrie is promoted (whether that’s actually true is another story, but that’s what they think.)

The engagement isn’t too far at all, fake engagements are fairly common in the industry - they do happen in any case, and well, remember that if Modest wants to promote Zerrie at all costs, a fake engagement is a good, easy, and “cheap” way to get PR. That’s why celebrities do it. Lots of PR and lot of articles and such, but no actual obligation to go through with marriage or a wedding. *and* that the engagement was revealed the day of the This Is Us premiere. Let’s talk about that interestingly convenient timing.

As for the tattoo: It’s weird no doubt, but I’ll just throw a few things out there:

-Maybe this’ll sound a bit crazy to people, but Modest is motivated by $$$$$ and therefore would be more on Zayn’s case than the other boys. It’s possible they persuaded him to get the tattoo because well, it is good PR and it makes everyone think Zerrie is real.

-What if Modest told Zayn that if they didn’t get PR out of him via a tattoo, they’d get PR out of him with another fake cheating scandal. They did it once, they could do it again. Maybe that sounds harsh but well, Modest doesn’t have a great reputation and has done some shit so maybe they really would go that far.

-As a corollary, what if they told him “tattoo or engagement” and Zayn picked the tattoo, then they went through with the engagement anyway, because they are assholes (and also because, quite frankly, the tattoo did not generate nearly as much PR as the engagement did.)

-Whatever you believe, it’s weird as fuck that Perrie wore a bunch of camos and beanies in the month or so leading up to the tattoo, and didn’t really wear that stuff before or after that month. It’s like they picked an outfit and had her comply with it so that everyone would recognize the tattoo as her. I mean, that’s just fishy. It’s weird. Wouldn’t Zayn want to tattoo his girlfriend wearing something she wears all the time, and is “known” for? But instead it’s what she wore that month (and only that month.)

-*Despite* the tattoo and engagement, why do they fail so bad at looking like a couple, and why have we only got *one* set of (unenthusiastic) candids since they got engaged (and are “so happy”) and why was a photoshopped picture of Perrie, Zayn, and Prada released, when it should have been so easy for them to take that photo themselves, why does Modest tweet about Perrie on Zayn’s account, etc.

Hey, Neverlandians! As we all know, the Peter & Wendy team is raising money for Season 2 and I’m probably going to be talking about all that so much it’ll make you guys want to claw your eyeballs out. But I want to see if we can show our love for this show in more ways than donations. Next Saturday at 8 PM EST, anyone who wants to do so can join me in a Tinychat room (the link to be announced later) for a full marathon of Season 1, along with a possible screening of another Peter Pan adaption (if the stars align) and just having a fun time commemorating and celebrating this amazing show. Anyone is welcome and all this week and next week, I’ll be making gifsets, graphics, and all sorts of goodies leading up to the marathon. If you’d like to notify me that you’re coming, please drop an ask in my inbox (off-anon would be appreciated so I can answer you privately) and stay tuned for more updates!

so im still iffy about this but since it potentially involves some of you i want to be as candid about it as possible. i will likely be starting a crowdfund for top surgery around august because im tired of being unhappy and life is too short and i will likely never be able to afford it SO! its just something that i want folks to be aware of, i likely wont advertise for it that much, and if i raise more than i need i’ll either give it to other folks raising money for trans healthcare or donate to local charities that work for trans folks. so… yes. i just. Yeah. im very uncomfortable about money and i just want to be completely transparent as it becomes more of a reality. ty ty