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//heavy sigh this is the last I will say about this because it’s just causing me so much more stress than anything right now and I don’t need the extra anxiety fuel and these are people who aren’t even friends of mine or all that much involved in my life. I don’t even like Felix’s content. I just want to get back to doing my own thing without my dash being clogged with irrational spouts of anger. So here is my take on the issue, particularly pertaining to Mark’s video, Respect.

There is a difference between recognizing respect for someone as a human being who has the potential to grow and change (a very important distinction here)

and respecting someone for their choices and actions. Respect for choices and actions can be lost. Respecting someone’s potential and ability to change those beliefs should not be lost.

Yes, please debate (civilly) and logically present your arguments. A civil debate (even with those who hold views that cause others great harm) can change people for the better if done right. People change, and it’s a conscious choice to forgo old beliefs. Respect does not mean agreement, nor does it mean passivity. But be warned: most people will have a counterargument. If it is logical and has a solid foundation, then it is your duty as a human with the ability and potential to change as well to listen before responding. The word “debate” includes both sides of the argument being taken seriously.

On a side note: throwing words around without actively thinking critically and piecing them together to make a statement does nothing. If one means to critique with the intention to initiate change within the other, then one needs to piece together the argument logically and not entirely out of the passion of the initial emotional response. Emotion tells you when something is wrong. It is the spark to push for change, but is not the best foundation for an argument, especially with someone you wholeheartedly disagree with. Passion has its place, but it is not here.

Remember, people (no matter how bad they may be) are still people whether you put them down or raise them up, and they will act one way or another. Whether someone deserves punishment is a different argument. That isn’t what I’m talking about here.

There is a duality of meaning of the word “respect” here. I think that’s what Mark was trying to get at.

Please hold yourself to the same exact standards you hold others to. If you say that no one can change and is inherently bad simply because of an action or choice they have made, then you yourself are saying that you are unable to change. You have lost respect for both the other and yourself in that way.

I say this as someone who has taken a step back to view this issue from all sides. I say this as a mature adult who can stand back, observe, and learn.

I am not in a position to say if Mark’s words were the “right way” to react to this, and neither are many of you. I am in no position to say if Jack’s response was the “right way” to react. I am not asking you to be passive on this issue as a whole. I am only asking for you to take a step back and acknowledge the other party’s potential to change and to work towards that change together in a manner that works.

This world is fallen, but it is up to YOU how you interact with it and its people.

The one thing I’m still not over from Chapter 77...

Bertolt: We don’t need to put any more people through this hell. Let’s… Just end it.

Bertolt is determined. He speaks about completing their ‘mission’, so they can bring an end to the suffering of others. He thinks not only of the suffering of his own friends, but he also remembers Marco; a nod to the hell that everyone is going through.

Then Reiner turns, and gives Bertolt the most tender look, and just whispers

*clutches chest* MY HEART

metamorphia (prologue)

→pairing: jungkook | reader

→genre: body swap au

→word count: 1,358

→a/n: so i started this idea out of no where, and i wanted to wait to post it but i was just so antsy that i decided to do it right now!

You woke up to the sound of a male’s voice.

“Ugh,” he let out a loud, drawn-out grown, stirring you from the depths of your slumber. “Shut that thing up!”

You frowned as your mind started to register another noise as well fighting its way through your haze: music, an alarm bleating from the phone to your left on the nightstand that had you blinking in confusion even more.

What a strange dream, you thought to yourself as you murmured a sigh and turned over to snuggle back into the warmth of your comforter.

“Hyung! I’m serious!” The male’s voice croaked again, and you heard the sound of springs squeaking from a mattress. “You know how I feel about this song!”

Okay, this was getting to be too much. You’d never had a dream where you’d been scolded before—and so realistically, at that. You forced your eyes open in hopes that you could just wake up and fall back to sleep again.

Except the music didn’t stop. It was something unfamiliar, something you had never heard before, but the arrangement of the chords had your insides churning with distaste and your features scrunching up in a grimace.

You could understand why the voice from your dream said he didn’t like it.

“Fine! I’ll do it!” The voice suddenly hissed, and then you heard movement from the other side of the room until suddenly there were footsteps walking over to you that stopped right at your bedside.

When you opened your eyes again, there was a boy standing in front of you.

“Oh my god!” You shrieked, instantly shooting up in your bed and shuffling away from him. You pulled the comforter up to your chin as if the cloth would somehow protect you from this stranger who had broken into your house. “What the fuck! Who are you?!”

“Whoa whoa whoa!” The boy tried to settle you down through your constant screaming. “Chill! It’s just me!”

But you were anything but calm. “Who are you?!” You cried out again, the anxiety and fear continuously rising until it was lodged in your throat and you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

“What are you talking about?!” The boy gave you a look of utter confusion, though he seemed just as alarmed as you by your hostile tone.

“What are you doing in my room? Did you break in?!” You ignored him as the panic started to settle in the pit of your stomach.

“Jimin, cut it out,” He breathed in exasperation, seeming to have already grown tired of your accusations. “Can you just go back to sleep?”

“Who is Jimin?” You asked, your voice becoming hysteric. “If you don’t get the fuck out of my house right now, I’m calling the cops!”

“What is your problem?!” The boy cursed back at you. “Can you just shut the fuck up for five minutes?”

“That’s it,” you huffed, flinging your covers back and jumping out of bed. “I’m calling the police.”

You started to storm out of the room, but then you were abruptly stopping, vertigo seeming to ascend upon your senses as the entire world suddenly felt as if it was spinning around you.

This wasn’t your room.

“Where am I?” You couldn’t stop the fear from trickling into you voice as you spun around to look at your intruder. “What’s happening?”

“Dude, you’re really starting to freak me out,” he warned, defensively holding up his hands and giving you an uneasy look.

“What–“ you went to go run a shaky hand through your hair, but when you did, you felt that your usual long tresses were abandoned for shorter locks instead. You frowned, holding your hands out in front of you and noticing they were much larger and manlier in size than ever before.

Without a second thought you dashed out of the bedroom, looking for something, anything, that could show you your reflection. Your surroundings were completely unfamiliar to you, but you knew there had to be a mirror around here somewhere. You moved your head in all directions as you stood in what now looked like a living room before spotting an open door revealing a toilet at the end of the hall. You hurried to the bathroom, flipping on the lights and slamming the door shut behind you.

It was then that you were brought face to face with an unknown boy staring back at you in the mirror.

Jungkook heard an ear-piercing scream, so shrill and deafening that he had to physically put his hands over his ears in an attempt to block it out.

“Ugh,” he groaned, closing his eyes and massaging his temples while he sat perched on the edge of his bed. What in the world had gotten into his roommate?

Just then, his bedroom door was being pushed open the rest of the way and a sluggish Taehyung was stepping inside. “What is happening?” He groaned, dragging a hand over his messy hair and exhausted face that was plump with sleep. “Where’s Jimin?”

“I don’t even know,” Jungkook answered, lifting a heavy hand to point in the direction his roommate had disappeared. “Something’s seriously wrong with him today.”

“Isn’t that every day?” His friend joked, and the two boys shared a smirk before Taehyung left the room again.

Suddenly Jungkook heard the sound of running water, and then he recognized the pressure against the bathtub floor enough to realize that Jimin was getting in the shower. Good, the younger boy thought to himself, running a hand over his face and collapsing back onto his bed. Maybe that’ll fix whatever has gotten into him.

You couldn’t stop staring at the penis that was now attached to your body.

It was just hanging there, like dead weight between your legs, not serving any purpose whatsoever other than to be a hassle while trying to bathe.

After the initial shock of realizing that you are physically not yourself this morning, plus the mini breakdown that had you in tears on the bathroom floor, you decided that getting in the shower would be your best decision. Maybe all of this would clear up once you washed yourself clean—almost as if you were starting over, in a sense. At least the water hitting your back would clear your head and wake you from whatever sick and twisted dream you were currently having.

This had to be one of those false-awakening dreams. You’d heard of people having them but had never had one yourself; it was when you have a dream about waking up that feels so real, you actually think you’ve woken up and started your day. That is, until you actually do wake up, and then you realize it was all a dream. But that would mean that you were also having a lucid dream right now: a dream where you know that you’re dreaming. Both were very rare, and they just so happened to be happening to you at the same exact time. Oh, the wonders of the human brain.

Soon you were cutting the water off after you had finished, being sure to keep your eyes closed while you dried so you could open them in front of the mirror and see your actual face staring back at you instead of some stranger’s. The tile was cold on your wet feet, but you welcomed the sensation; just another factor to hopefully wake you.

You stopped in front of the mirror, your eyes closed and the tips of your fingers and toes tingling with anticipation. You took a deep breath, letting the steam envelope in your lungs and wrap around them in a thick, heated blanket before opening your eyes.

It was still the same boy staring back at you as before, dangling penis and all.

“What the fuck?!” You couldn’t help but cry out, instantly lurching forward and examining your face up close. Nothing happened to your skin when you pulled at it—same warm color, same plump lips. You even tried smacking yourself a few times: nothing. There was no way of getting out of this.

You were stuck in another person’s body.

Next time.

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Damon Salvatore X Reader


A part of my Damon fanfiction. This is season one by the way, like the first episode when they have the bonfire thing. I thought I would post it here, just as something to read when bored. I might post more if anyone wants me to. I hope you liked it, and if not that okay. Thank you for reading it! I hope you have a awesome day, bye bye! 

Sighing I walked deeper into the woods wanting to get away from all the noise it making my head hurt.

When the music and talking was just a low hum I took a deep breath. Avoiding the two people making out I walked a little farther till it was completely dark.

Taking another deep breath I sat on the large rock in front of me. Lifting my arms over my head I stretched sighing when my back popped.

“You know it’s not very safe for you to be out here alone.” Says a smooth voice from behind me.

Jumping I grabbed my chest and turned around quickly to see a dark haired guy dressed in a leather jacket standing there.

“Oh you scared me. Don’t do that!” I say taking a breath to calm my racing heart.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” He says smirking making me think otherwise.

“Right.” I say taking another breath and standing up.

“Your one to talk, you’re out here alone.”

“Yes but I’m looking for someone.” He says walking closer to me making me take a step back.

“Relax I don’t bite.” He says smirking as if he just told a inside joke.

“Unless you want me to.” His smirk growing.

“Cute.” I say not wanting him to think he is getting to me, even though my heart is racing.

It telling me how stupid I was for coming this far away from the party alone. Even if I screamed I doubt it would do much good.

“So now that you know why I’m out here why don’t you tell me why you are.” He says suddenly in front of me.

I can’t help but look up at him, his eye bright blue even in the dark.

“I wanted to be alone. The party was giving me a headache.” I say not seeing the point in lying.

Maybe I was crazy but I felt oddly relaxed around him. My heart was pounding but it was not telling me to run, not yet at least.

“How does it feel now?” He asks lifting his hand as if he is going to touch my face, without thinking I flinch away from him making him stop.

“Like I said princess I don’t bite.” He says smiling down at me.

Not knowing what to say I say the first thing I can think of wanting to change the subject.

“Who were you looking for again?”

“My brother, maybe you know him. Stefan.” He says moving away from me slightly making me feel like I can breath again.

“Oh, yeah I know him. He is back there, talking to my sister.” I say turning to look back at the party.

Turning back I’m surprised to see that he is standing there. I must show it on my face because he smirks at me.


“Just expected you to disappear your brother has a habit of disappearing every time I turn around. Kinda freaks me out.”

“Well that’s the last thing I want to do.”
“I’m sure… I never got your name.” I say wanting to get the heat off of me and back onto him.

“Well that’s because I never gave it princess.” He says smirking.

“Well are you going to tell me?”

“Next time.” He says winking.

Taking my hand he leans down and presses his lips to my nuckles.

“Until next time.” He says smiling and walking off.

Turning to watch him walk toward the party, he turns and smiles what may be a real smile.

“Y/N.” He says nodding his head and then seeming to disappear in the blink of an eye.

djc3791 replied to your post “Last night I had a sterek dream. Stiles said to Derek “Why would…”

And Stiles would start reciprocating and Derek would be so confused because why would Stiles think he has to do that

Because Stiles doesn’t need to give him anything, he gives Derek more than enough just by being there. Just by wanting him and loving him and being the best damn thing that had ever happened to him.

And he just can’t wrap his head around the fact that Stiles feels the same way about him.