i just want to pinch you

Hyung line Reaction to you gaining weight (Quando você ganha peso)

Sorry for take so long, hope you like xD

~Adm Rabbit~

Taeil: Ohhh where did those curves came from? *slightly aroused* // Ohhh de onde vieram essas curvas? *levemente excitado*

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Hansol: There is something different on you, but i can’t figure out what it is… // Tem alguma coisa diferente em você, mas eu não sei dizer oque…

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Johnny: Oh mama! You are so sexy and cute at the same time, i just want to hug you! // Oh mama! Você está tão sexy e fofa ao mesmo tempo, eu só quero te abraçar!

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Taeyong: *He would take so long to notice and really wouldn’t say nothing about it* I missed you, jagi! // *Ele levaria tanto empo para notar e realmente não diria nada sobre isso* Eu senti sua falta, jagi!

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Yuta:*He would pinch your cheeks* What happened? Did you eat too much because you missed me? // *Ele apertaria suas bochechas* O que aconteceu? Você comeu demais porque sentiu minha falta?

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“I’m not going to mislead anybody. Politics is really hard. And it is harder for women. There’s a double standard, and you can’t complain about it. You just have to accept it, and be smart enough to navigate it. And you have to have a pretty tough skin. To paraphrase a favorite quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: If a woman wants to be in politics, she has to have the skin of a rhinoceros. So occasionally I’ll be sitting somewhere and I’ll be listening to someone perhaps not saying the kindest things about me. And I’ll look down at my hand and I’ll sort of pinch my skin to make sure it still has the requisite thickness I know Eleanor Roosevelt expects me to have.”
~Hillary Rodham Clinton

But imagine Magnus showing up at Raphael’s at any odd hour of the night. While the other is going through documents and making sure that Camille’s latest tryst hasn’t doomed them all. The whooshing of the portal a familiar (annoying) sound to him. 

Raphael just ignores him. So Magnus slowly makes his way over, maybe stops at the closet to look at what new items Raphael has added. 

Until finally he’s at the desk and peaks over Raphael’s shoulder. Just sort of stands there. And Raphael continues to ignore him but Magnus is fucking breathing on his neck. So he turns around and snaps ‘Dios, what could you possibly want?” 

All the while Magnus just smirks and rips off a few hairs from Raphael’s head AND FUCKING PORTALS OUT OF THERE cackling madly. As Raphael screams ”PINCHE PENDEJO I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE MY HAIR ALONE.”

Dan needs to be stopped...

in dan and phil’s monster pop baking video…in just one video….

dan: YES it is time for some more dan and phil festive action. WOAH you all went there
dan: *pinches nipples*
phil: do you think there’s anyone sexually attracted to spiders?
dan: teach me dad
phil: pinch, and then screw
dan: that is a cleaann release, oh and phil is getting bukkaked right in the middle of our kitche- phIL mOVE THE THING
dan: as i just…*lick*…clean up the…
dan: you’re literally going to impale me
dan: god i just wanna pour that all over my body
dan: oh phil lick that spatula you gotta give people what they want. ooh get closer oooh sweeet shit
dan: now i’m hornyyyYYyyyyYYYYYYYYY
dan: cus you’ll get slugs in your mouth and you dont want that unlessyoureintothat i dunnooo..
dan: ok stick me
phil: *makes guttural noise when piercing the ball*
dan: oh that is needing to get flagged
phil: now they’re gunna moNstEr and CHiLL
dan: look at those haaardd ballss
dan: um, consent, guy on the end. you need to respect people’s boundaries
dan: cover it cover it good. yesss get that naughty ball covered in chocolate
dan: ok im gunna go for thIs bad boy
dan: this is gunna be orgasmic
dan: *sexually licks cream off his finger*
dan: *singing* what do i want in here i want your ass
dan: oh im aCTUALLY Having an orgasm ok i need to leave the room
dan: i would eat me any day of the week. mm. i am delicious
dan: yeah thats right you got impaled by dan

I swear dan is a kinky little shit
These boys need to stop do they even realise what kinda power they have

All the ships can sail: all pirates welcome

This is an ending that is ambiguous enough to allow any ship to sail, except possibly Sherlock/Moriarty and Sherlock/Mary (and Sherlock/John/Mary) because Moriarty and Mary are definitely dead. I suppose you could do hallucinated!Mary and Moriarty, though, in a pinch, or just rewind the timeline a little. All fair in love and fandom! But other than those: they threw a feasible bone to Sherlock/Irene Adler fans, and I think if you can quite easily make hay of Sherlock/Molly if you were prepared to take a Harry/Ginny “I wasn’t interested before but now that you’ve grown as a person I totally am” approach to it, and obviously there was that nice little line for the Mycroft/Lestrade folks. Though if you really wanted to go Lady Smallwood/Mycroft, I suppose you’ve got at least something to go on there, too. It’s a fannish bonanza!

To me all roads lead to Sherlock and John. There it is, and there it ever shall be, amen. 


Vegan Chili 

I am so happy to finally share this recipe! 


1 medium yellow onion, diced 

6 cloves garlic, minced  

1 large red bell pepper, diced 

1 ½ large green bell pepper, diced 

1 large sweet potato, diced 

1 can red kidney beans, rinsed 

1 ¼ cup dry lentils, rinsed 

1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes 

2 cups vegetable broth

½ jar of tomato passata 

1 tbsp tomato paste 

Pinch of sugar [to cut the acidity just a little]

Seasoning blend (you will not use all of this unless you want to): 1 tbsp kosher salt, 1 tbsp kosher pepper, ½ tbsp cumin, ½ tbsp ancho chili powder, 1 tsp New Mexico chili powder, 1 tsp smoked paprika, 1 tsp hot paprika, ½ tsp dried oregano. 

Cilantro for garnish

Toppings of your choice 


In a large pot or dutch oven, heat a few tbsp of olive oil over medium heat. 

Once the oil has come to temperature, add in the garlic, onions, and diced peppers.

Season with the seasoning blend and cook until the onions become translucent. 

Once the onions are translucent, add in the vegetable broth, crushed tomatoes, passata, and sweet potatoes. 

Season as desired. 

Bring the mixture to a boil.

Once boiling, add in the lentils and red kidney beans.

Cover with a lid, reduce the heat to a simmer, and allow the lentils to cook thoroughly, stirring occasionally for about 25 minutes. 

After 20-25 minutes, remove the lid, add in the tomato paste. Stir to incorporate. 

Taste and season according to your preference. 

Add in the pinch of sugar to balance the flavors. 

Let the chili thicken uncovered for a few minutes. 

Serve while hot, garnished with your favorite toppings. 


GOT7 REACTION - to their s/o wearing light clothes in winter

Scenario: you are wearing light clothes although it’s winter, because you’re always hot but, when they touch your hand, your fingers are freezing, your nose is a little red and your cheeks are flushed even if you’re not feeling cold.


He wouldn’t say anything. When he touched your hands right after noticing your red nose, he would look suspicious at you and put his scarf around your neck despite your protests.

“I’m just worried about you.”

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He’d cooly take your hand and put in his pocket without warning. When you were going to ask him about it he’d smile cutely:

“I just want to hold your hand”

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He would open his jacket and tuck you inside it.

“Come, bby, I’ll warm you up”

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He would notice your nose starting to get red and would pinch its tip and look in disapproval before taking his coat and put it over your shoulders

“Jagi, you’re not feeling cold, but you are cold. So no discussion. Let me be a good boyfried”


He knew you didn’t like warm clothes and was feeling hot all the time, so as soon as he noticed your hands feeling cold he’d ask you to warm his hands with yours so in the end you’d have been warmed up too.

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He’d annoy you until you’d put the jacket he was asking you to.

“Oh, c'mon girl. Put that jacket or I’ll start girl group dancing!" 

"Don’t you dare!” *puts the coat right away*

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He would take your hands in his and blow warm air into them.

“It’s cold right? Even if you don’t feel that cold”

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~ADM Jam


“People following you and trying to get involved with your life can be difficult at times. I want to be known for my acting I don’t want my personal life splurged all over the papers. So I guess that element of it is quite trying but you just take it with a pinch of salt; it comes with the territory. It’s funny really and you’ve got to laugh at it because one day it won’t be happening. They move on so quickly. But to be appreciated for the work you’ve done is the biggest compliment and so flattering.”

Aagh in a bit of a financial pinch at the moment! ;O;
So I’m gonna be taking 8 SLOTS of $50 commissions!


Doing it via Paypal! Just send me an email at kyrakupetsky@yahoo.com
It’ll be stuff like the examples provided!
Just specify what you want and if you’d like it with thin outlines, thick, lineless, a certain color scheme, you name it! I’ll do it for you right away! 

The only thing I sadly don’t do is nsfw. I’m really sorry!
Thank you so much!

Not that smol

Anonymous said:

“Hiya! Can you please write a you/yoongi fluffy oneshot imagine where the maknae line teases you by calling you really tiny (but you’re only a few inches shorter than yoongi) so you decide to tell yoongi but he calls you tiny too but kisses your head?”

Absolutely! This is a super cute request, I hope you like what I wrote for it! And please feel free to send in other requests <3

“You’re just so small!!” Taehyung pinched your cheeks as he spoke, and you made a face at him as you brushed his hands away. You and Yoongi were going to go out for a late dinner, but he was still composing when you arrived at the dorm. You didn’t mind waiting for him, and the other members certainly didn’t seem to mind you being there– it gave them a chance to tease you. 

“I’m not!” You objected, standing to your fullest height.

“She’s right, Taehyung.” Jimin smiled mischievously. “She isn’t small, she’s fun size.”

You rolled your eyes, for a second you thought Jimin was actually going to help you! 

This had all started because you had borrowed one of Yoongi’s t-shirts last week, and when the other members had seen how big it was on you, they had to joke about it. They hadn’t paid any attention when you pointed out that the shirt in question was also slightly big on Yoongi.

“Just accept it, y/n.” Jungkook leaned his elbow on your head, not applying any weight, just showing that he could. “You’re tiny.” 

“I’m not much shorter than Yoongi,” You pointed out, stepping out from under Jungkooks elbow.

“Hey Jimin,” Taehyung said, ignoring your comment. “Do you think y/n would fit in my pocket?”

“Probably.” Jimin nodded, and Jungkook giggled. 

“You’re ridiculous.” You huffed, but it was difficult to truly be annoyed at any of them.

“Who is?” Yoongi shut the door to their studio behind him, smiling at you.

“They are.” You said, walking over to him. “They keep saying I’m tiny, I’m not.”

Yoongi raised an eyebrow at you. “But you are tiny.” He said, then laughed at the look you gave him. “I’m kidding. Kind of. Not really.” He kissed your forehead before whispering; “You are kind of tiny, you know.”

Kid! Jungkook (BTS Children!Series)

- Smol and adorable bunny

- The shiest kid in his class

- Has only one best friend in Bangtan, Taehyung

- With whom he plays every day

- Has tons of toy cars

- Doing taekwondo ever since he was able to walk

- Wrestling with his best friend all day

- And bragging about how he always wins

- “It’s not fair, Kookie. You’re doing martial arts.”

- Always sharing his food with his hyungs

- Because he wants to care of his hyungs as best as he can

- Even though he is the maknae

- Hates to have his cheeks pinched

- But everyone does it anyway 

- Because who could resist him

- Singing children’s songs all the time

- And starting dancing cutely 

- Because he doesn’t have any training yet

- Everybody loves Jungkookie

- Because he knows how to get to people’s hearts.

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A/N: I just wanna say that I love his smile the most. Look how his eyes crinkle when he smiles like that <3 *sigh* I love him T^T

- Admin SIC

I Choose This

I Choose This by Speary
Rating: T
Word Count: 21,800
Summary: They almost kissed, but he had to open his mouth and ruin it all. Dean wanted to fix it, and Christmas seemed like just the time to set things right. Hopefully, Cas can stop hunting Lucifer for long enough to join them at Jody’s house for the holiday season.

2016 has sucked. And you know what I need right now? Some sweet, family-driven fluff. And here it is!! This season 12 fic brings together delicious fluff with just a pinch of angst. Since Mary’s idea of Christmas dinner is take out and Dean is looking for an excuse to nest, cooking Christmas dinner at Jody’s just makes sense. Everyone is there except Cas. When he does show up, it is not without concern and those somewhat terrifying words, “Please trust me”. What follows soothed my shipper’s heart and gave me everything I wanted for the holidays. 

Hey I just had a interesting idea

You know those cute little origami lucky stars???

What if you used those to make Tiny Spells.

Just. You can get So Many Colors for under $10 for all the intentions you may have, and as you make them you could put tiiiny pinches of herbs inside them!!! They’d be like tiny spell jars!!
You could make them in little groups, and put em all throughout your house for protection or something – or you could string a bunch with different aspects of a larger spell you want together!!
They’d be really fun and easy to charge, too: just hold em in your hands and “make them glow”. Heck, they’d be wonderful to teach people how to charge stuff.

OH OH AND!! Depending on what type of material the strips are made of (some are plastic), you could safely bury them!! Which is Awesome!!!!

I mean I just thought that’d I should share that idea

RFA Reaction To Chibi MC

So this was originally requested to @mysticmessengertrash but she wanted me to write it so here we go! Idk if I like this style haha what am i saying i never like my writing I might experiment with a more fanfic-ish style for a bit…


- “MC! I just got some rare armor in LOLOL– Why are you so small?” 

- Thinks he’s dreaming until you climb into his lap and pinches his cheeks

- When his mom visits, he pretends you’re a little figurine of a character

- Likes to take you on dates, but feels awkward when people stare at him because he looks like he’s carrying some form of body pillow around

- Absolutely loves the idea of having a cute chibi girlfriend finally someone smaller than him


-You were his cheerleader whenever he was acting, so when you missed a whole evening of filming, he couldn’t help but get worried

- He walked into the house, and nearly screamed at what he saw

- You were a chibi, with your normal sized clothes barely hanging on you (I jusr realized i ignored clothing for the other guys…. well dang…)

- He rushed to a childrens store and picked out princess dresses that would fit you, along with tiaras

- He didn’t want to admit it, but dressing you up like an actual princess was his dream, and bippity boppity boo it was true now


- Jaehee had collapsed onto the couch after work, and you felt obliged to at least make her some tea

- But when you went over to her, she could only see a tray wobbling towards her 

- When she picked up the tray, BOOM chibi you was there in all of your smol cute glory

- She nearly dropped the tray, but after talking out the situation with you, she brought out her small clothes from childhood 

- Lets say you two didn’t sleep much not in that way jfc dont be a perv


- He was smiling as he entered the shared bedroom, but his smile shattered as he saw you, in chibi form, cowering on the bed, trying to stay away from Elizabeth III’s claws

- First he sent Elizabeth III to Jaehee’s with some tears then just stared at you in wonder

- This man was all about logic, and this.. .state you were in was not logical 

- But it was really cute

- He began to treat you like a little kitten, spoiling you more than usual and stroking your hair CAT DADDY MODE ENGAGED 

- He kind of really wants to keep you as a pet


- “MC? Where are you~ You can’t hide forever y’know!” 

- You two were in a game of hide and go seek when he turned the corner and saw you in chibi form

- He was super shocked at first, and then a huge grin formed on his face

- You would think it was because you were cute, yea he thought you were adorable, but it was actually because his mind went crazy with prank ideas

- He picked you up and ran for his phone, ready to prank Yoosung with his silly ideas


- This poor guy is blind, remember that

- He pretty much knew his way around the house by now, so he felt his way to your room, expecting you to be there

- You greet him, and he walks to your voice, reaching out to give a hug and …??

- You’re not there?

- He can hear you giggle and cautiously hugs lower

- To his surprise, he was met with a smaller version of you almost like you became a child

- Worry takes over his mind as he tries to discern your shape with his hands, getting relieved when you laugh, obviously healthy

- He thinks you’re adorable, but is terrified of the fact that he might hurt you while stumbling around blindly

EXO reaction to their crush suddenly pinch their cheeks and said so cute

anonymous asked:  Exo reaction to their crush suddenly pinch their cheeks and said “so cute”. Love your reactions they give life! :)
A/N:and you’re making my heart beat fast:) <3
Xiumin- “So would you say I’m boyfriend material?”

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Luhan- “You’re cute”

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Kris- “really? So would you accept this cutie’s asking you out on a date?”

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Suho- “Not as cute and beautiful as you are”

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Lay- “Then maybe… you can call me something else….like….boyfriend”

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Baekhyun- “You just want this don’t you”

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Chen- “You’re too cute for your own good”

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Chanyeol- “Here’s a flower for the most beautiful girl in the world”

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D.O- “Why are you making me feel this way”

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Tao- “Give me a hug”

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Kai- “t-thank you”

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Sehun- *Just gif honestly sehun doesn’t need no words*

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  • Pansy: [While admiring Theo as he walks by] Ooohhh, he's delicious, isn't he? I'd serve tea on that ass.
  • Blaise: Do you have to be so vulgar about men? Like they're pieces of meat?
  • Pansy: Sorry, Blaise. I forgot you're sensitive about your flat ass.
  • Blaise: [scoffs] You know, Pans, that's why you're not dating. Women act like men, then they complain men don't want them.
  • Pansy: Oh, is that why? [fake smile] Oh. Okay. Because I thought it was something different. I thought that it was because I thought I deserved the best and he's out there. He's just with all the wrong women. And let me be clear; After years of men looking at my tits instead of my eyes and pinching my ass instead of shaking my hand, I now have the divine right to stare at a man's backside with vulgar, cheap appreciation if I want to!
  • Hermione: Well said! [clinks her glass]
  • Pansy: I thought so.
official ranking of every second doctor on doctor who part 1

a mischievous baby time goblin. I just want to pinch his cheek. looks like he would leave empty bottles of milk in the fridge after use and hide shoes. but I trust him.

this guy sure loves a hat. still a little morally questionable at the moment. would probably be distracted from helping you out of danger by finding nice headgear. kinda scary face.

a very gentle soul. literally 4 years old, right down to playing dress up and asking difficult questions and being annoying.

now that’s a high quality moonman. A+. rockin that oven glove + fish bowl combo, truly the height of fashion. bakes really good cakes.

has an expression that just exudes smugness. gives off vibes of the one kid in the group project who did their work and is calmly watching everyone else fail.

very sneaky. would probably try to get you to explore abandoned locations with him. constantly 1 step away from doing something illegal. be cautious.

that’s a highly adorable grumpy frown. it seems that he doesn’t really know what’s going on most of the time. I can appreciate that.

10/10 kindly uncle material. looks like he would listen to all of your problems and give great advice. has the best snacks.

he hugs you whenever he sees you. I bet he complains when people go out without layers that they look cold. forces you to wear his jacket. very caring. smells like snow.

he swipes through your phone when you only intended to show him one photo. do not trust with your technology.

this guy likes sunsets and long walks on the beach, being shot at is optional.

that’s the face of a man who is fascinated by miniatures. probably has an entire tardis room devoted to model train sets. he spends up to 3 days in there at a time.


Imagine Cisco cheering you up.

You slung your jacket over your shoulders. You were utterly exhausted, mentally and physically, and all you wanted to do was go home and sleep. “I’m heading home, Cisco,” you announced, holding up your keys.

The scientist was on his feet and in front of you in an instant, snatching your keys. “Nope.”

You pinched the bridge of your nose, “Cisco, I’m not in the mood.”

Cisco shook his head, “No, you’re not leaving until I see you smile. I’m a tollbooth and that’s my price. One smile.”

You shot him a withering look, “Cisco, please, I just wanna go home.”

He crossed his arms, still blocking the exit. “Come on, [f/n], just give me a smile. I know work has been crazy and we’re all stressed but that’s no reason to be so down.” He flashed a grin, “Besides, what kind of friend would I be if I let you go without making you smile at least once today? Are you gonna make me bring out the jokes?”

You pushed your hair back from your face, “Cisco, come on, I’m too tired for this.”

“Fine. Jokes it is. If this doesn’t make you grin, I don’t know what will. Try this. Imagine a T-Rex trying to make its bed.” Cisco mimicked flailing around too-short arms and you couldn’t help the smile that crept up your lips.

Cisco’s grin was triumphant, “Ah, ah! Is that a smile?” he exclaimed excitedly, pumping his fist into the air. “Yes! Victory is mine!”

You ducked your head, a chuckle escaping your lips as Cisco pulled you in for a quick hug, pressing your keys back into your palm. “Get some sleep, [f/n].”

Gif Credit: Cisco