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Holiday Extravaganza Part Two!

*Christmas Eve*

Haruhi: …huh. I didn’t realize it before, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to senpai’s house.

Tamaki: Ah! Haruhi, you’re the first one here, come in!  I hope it didn’t take too long to get here via public transportation!  I hear commoners have a terrible time with traffic!  

Haruhi:  … Tamaki-senpai, you sent a chauffeur.  Of course I had an easy time getting here.  

Tamaki:  Oh right!  hahaha, guess I forgot!  That’s it.  She thinks her Daddy is an idiot!  What now!  I musn’t look like a fool in front of my baby girl if she’s ever going to have a good time tonight!  Brave face, Suoh!  Talk about something you both enjoy!  

*awkward silence*  

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Tamaki:  This is not going well…

*Phone rings*

Tamaki:  Thank goodness!  Hello, you’ve reached the ultra-attractive Tamaki Suoh!  How can I charm you today?

Honey: Tama-chanI’msorrymoriandIweregonnacomebutnowwecantbutIwantedtoand…

Mori: Mitsukuni.

Honey: Oh. Sorry. Tama-chan, dad says we have to go over to America now to train the Navy Seals…but I wanted Christmas cake…so save me a piece, okay???

Tamaki: Ah, of course, Honey-senpai.

*hangs up and looks at Haruhi, who is texting someone* 

Tamaki: It looks like Honey and Mori senpai aren’t coming.

Haruhi: Oh? I just got a text from Hikaru, apparently he and Kaoru got dragged into modeling at their mom’s gala…so they won’t be here either. I guess it’ll just be me, you, and Kyoya-senpai then?

Tamaki: *fidgeting nervously* About that…Kyoya told me earlier he wouldn’t be able to make it, as he is assisting his father in closing a fairly important deal tonight. So then…that makes it just us…  Haruhi! Will you show me how the commoners spend their Christmas Eve?!?

Haruhi:  Uh… sure, but I don’t think… 


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Haruhi:  PUT ME DOWN SENPAI!!!!!  *deep breath*  Thank you!  Now I can’t speak for all commoners, but my dad and I always enjoyed taking a spin around the local ice skating rink.  

Tamaki: Let’s go!!!!!  Ooh, I also want some commoner’s hot chocolate!  I hear it’s instant!  

Haruhi:  *shaking her head*  Of course, senapi, let’s go before it gets too crowded.  

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*Tamaki walks Haruhi home*

Haruhi: Thank you, senpai, I really had a good time toni-what’s wrong?

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Tamaki: N-nothing, just um…what is that above your door?

*they look up to see someone has placed a sprig of mistletoe in the doorway*

Haruhi:  Huh… I wonder who did that.  Anyway, it’s just a small kiss.  I guess it won’t hurt.  *gives Tamaki a peck on the cheek*  Goodnight senpai, and Merry Christmas!  

Tamaki:  *short circuiting*  Ooh, Haruhi Christmas, Merry!  *falls down*  

*The next day*

Kyoya:  *incoming text message*  “So Kyo-chan, how’d the plan go?  - Honey”  *response*  I’d say that sprig of mistletoe Mori-senpai placed was the perfect touch.  Well done, men.  Make sure the twins are left in the dark.  We can’t have dissension in our ranks.  *smirk* 

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Merry Christmas, Tamaki, you dork.  

10 Reasons why Tamaki Suoh is the best friend you could ever have


1.) SO MANY ADVENTURES! Like one day you could just wake up and Tama would be at your door like “HEY WE SHOULD FLY TO ROME I REALLY WANT GOOD SPAGHETTI RIGHT NOW” and you’d just be like “…ummm…YES PLEASE!!!”

2.) Tamaki literally just wants everyone to be happy so don’t worry about not having someone to comfort you during hard times because Tamaki would be there for you 24/7 no matter what trying to make you smile.

3.) He’d make feel comfortable even when your outside of your comfort zone. He would probably force you to do some stupid stuff that he finds super interesting, but in doing so with him, instead of feeling super awkward dressed as a hoola dancer, he’d make you laugh and you’d end up really enjoying making a fool of yourselves

4.) He’s bilingual and would definitely have so much fun teaching you French if you wanted.

5.) Tama is Super, super, SUPER generous and would basically give up his house for you if you needed it.

6.) He’s impossible to push away. Have trouble letting people get close? Sorry my friend, but when Tamaki starts getting close to you, there’s no stopping him from becoming your confidant and your favorite person to confide in about everything.

7.) He would be super fun to do really stupid stuff with. Like, if you wanted to just color/draw all day while watching some obscure movie I feel like he’d be all over it. Also he’d probably try to take it to the next level by bringing some trophy for whoever colored the most pictures or something like that.

8.) He loves animals. Especially dogs. He’d be all for going to the dog park or a pet store and just staying there all day, fawning over all the adorable/fluffy animals.

9.) He 100% would take care of you if you got sick. Honesty, he’d probably become your temporary man-servant, constantly bringing you throat drops, tea, toast, soup, anything you wanted.

……..He’d probably end up getting sick too though so you’d have to take care of him next!

10.) He would ALWAYS be exited to see you. ALWAYS. There is no way this man would ever look at you, his friend, and frown or think “ugh…I just want some time apart.” No. He’d see you and be like “OMG IT’S *NAME*!!! *NAME* HI, HI, HI! LOOK IT’S ME, TAMAKI! DO YOU SEE ME? IT’S TOTALLY FATE THAT WE RAN INTO EACH OTHER! WE SHOULD HANG OUT AND DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW!!!”

He’d just be the most fun friend to have!!!!

300+ followers to celebrate! I never have been one to care for keeping track but there are just too many of you that I appreciate for any of you to go unnoticed. I thank you all so much for sticking with me and my muse for Tamaki as we venture through Tumblr together. Now let us celebrate with a few notable shoutouts to my baes! 

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kirishima for the weird hc thing

(in reference to this post)

What they smell like:

probably something crazy overwhelming like axe. Either that or actually really, really nice. And it’s just his natural smell.

How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc):

fucking starfished out, taking up the entire bed and drooling. He goes to bed at a regular hour and gets up insanely early to do his morning workouts. 

What music they enjoy: Emo music. Emo middle school kiri is one of my fav hcs and I hc him still listening to music from his emo days.

How much time they spend getting ready every morning:

about 40 minutes, 30 of which is on his hair.

Their favorite thing to collect:

things that he deems “manly” so tacky shit probably. I mean, have you seen his room? 

Left or right-handed:


Religion (if any):

Honestly, there are very few bnha characters I hc as religious and Kiri isn’t one of them

Favorite sport:

Boxing. And wrestling. He likes one on one sports the best.

Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc):

Local food. lol when he graduates UA and goes pro Fatgum and Tamaki always give him restaurant recs before he goes anywhere. Those two are total foodies b/c of their quirks and Kirishima always goes to the places they rec and eats the exact food they rec (he doesn’t even look at the menu lol he just hands the person a piece of paper fatgum wrote on and says “please make this” or something.) I’m pretty big right now on the hc of Kiri working at Fatgums agency after he goes pro and so does Tamaki so the three still keep in touch. I want those three to be friends for life haha and when they travel for work together Kiri always gets dragged (though he’s always happy to go) to restaurants and food markets and all that jazz. 

Favorite kind of weather:

As sunny as his personality.

A weird/obscure fear they have:

 This isn’t really weird but hurting someone with his quirk. His harden form kind of gives him claws and I hc him accidentally hurting (not bad, just a cut or even a scratch) a family member when he was little and still learning to control his quirk. He was holding his mom’s hand and got a little too excited about seeing a dog and his hand hardened. It was so minor she didn’t even get a scar but little Kiri cried for weeks over it.

The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail:

lol any carnival game that gives out stuffed animals as a prize Kiri is amazing at. He’s always wins a bunch and gives them out as gifts to his friends. He’s given Bakugou several. They all get blown up immediately. Kirishima will never give up hope though.

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Aw, okay. This one’s for you, enthusiastic little ladybug. Enjoy ~

Tamaki: “Truth or dare?” Kyoya asked you, and you visibly gulped. You weren’t sure which to go with; if you picked truth, he’d make you tell the truth about something big, you were sure of it, but if you picked dare, he’d probably make you do something just as big. You didn’t want to take any chances, but you let out a sigh. Begrudgingly, you muttered, “truth.” Kyoya smiled a bit, pushing up his glasses, and you were certain that he was counting on you picking that. Needless to say, you were on edge. “Is it true that you have a crush on someone in this circle?” That made everyone start to whisper, and your cheeks flush. “Y-yes…” You hesitantly admitted, not noticing how on edge a certain host seemed to be. “Oh yeah, and who might that be?” The twins were suddenly hovering over you with mischievous glints in their eyes. Gulping, you replied, “I answered the question! There’s only one question.” “You two shady twins, leave Y/N alone!” You felt arms around you, pulling you closer, and you realized it was Tamaki. “Pft. I guess that answers that,” Hikaru said flatly, Kaoru nodding in agreement, and you and Tamaki blushed. He reluctantly let you go, sitting beside you silently. You stole a glance at him though, and when you two looked away, you were both smiling.

Kyoya: You were screwed. That’s all you could think of. You had gotten roped into a game of truth or dare with the twins and now you were screwed. You’d foolishly chosen dare, wanting to be a little more bold, but you were regretting that decision terribly. The color still hadn’t fully returned to your cheeks. “I dare you,” Hikaru had said, a huge smirk on his face. “To steal Kyoya’s notebook.” “What!” You had squealed, begging for him to pick something else. “Uh, uh, uh, Y/N. ~ No backing out now. Get the notebook and bring it back to us,” Kaoru instructed before the twins pushed you forward. Now here you were, desperately trying to think of some alternative. Kyoya would kill you if you stole his book. But, when you’d walked to his desk in the back of the host club, you didn’t see him. Instead, right in front of your eyes, was his infamous black notebook. You reached out to grab it, triumphant, when you heard a voice from the doorway. “I hope those twins haven’t turned you into a thief, Y/N.” You jumped, spinning around and facing the man in question. “O-oh, Kyoya, I didn’t see you there,” you said, laughing nervously. “I was just, um…borrowing it?” “I see.” Kyoya looked amused at how flustered you were and he slowly walked towards you. “Yeah, so, I’m leaving now, bye.” You tried to run for it, but he grabbed your wrist. “I don’t like thieves, Y/N. You owe me now,” he said in your ear, making you turn even redder. “W-what do I owe you?” Kyoya chuckled, tucking your hair behind your ear. “I can think of a few things.”

Hikaru: “Alright, truth or dare?” Tamaki asked you and you shrugged. “Dare, I guess.” “I dare you…” Tamaki tapped his chin before a mischievous smile took over his features. “To kiss Hikaru.” “What?” The two of you shouted in unison, your faces redder than strawberries. “What’s wrong? Don’t make me change it to a French kiss~” You gulped before you glanced at the auburn haired boy who was looking anywhere but you. “I-I’ll just do it for a second,” you assured him awkwardly and he muttered, “just get it over with.” You closed your eyes and pressed your lips to his, making everyone else in the room squeal. You were surprised when he tugged your waist closer to his, roughly kissing you, before he let go of you, letting you stumble back from him as he looked away from you. Suddenly gaining confidence, you said, “alright, Hikaru. Truth or dare?” “Dare,” he said almost instantly and you smirked at him. “I dare you to kiss me.” He looked surprised before he chuckled, leaning into you again. “Alright, but you asked for it…”

Kaoru: The night was winding down and you were the last round of the game. “Y/N, truth or dare?” Kaoru asked you, and you let out a small sigh. “There’s no way I’m letting you dare me,” you said flatly, making him chuckle. “Okay, I understand.” He thought for a moment of a good question to ask you before he suddenly got serious. “If you had to date a host club member, who would it be and why?” Your cheeks flushed as you thought of just what to say. “Probably…” You glanced around the room, noticing all eyes were on you, before you looked at Kaoru. “Honestly? You.” He seemed shocked, as did everyone else, and you added, “I get along with you the most, I think. And I don’t think you’d be a bad boyfriend…”  Trying to lighten the mood, you added with a smile, “plus, I really like auburn hair.” Kaoru blushed, but he said nothing. Everyone began murmuring amongst themselves before Tamaki dismissed the group and everyone got their things together so they could leave. As you were walking out, you heard someone shouting your name. You turned around, facing Kaoru as he stopped a few steps in front of you. “What is it, Kaoru?” You asked, adjusting your bag, before he gave you a shy smile. “Well,” he began, rubbing his neck awkwardly. “I was just thinking if…maybe you wanted to make that truth a reality?” Your cheeks flushed, but you smiled. “I’d love to.”

Mori: “Y/N-chan, truth or dare?” Honey asked you and you thought for a moment. Honey wouldn’t make you do anything too bad, right? “Dare,” you decided, and he giggled. “I dare you to go up to Takashi and ask him for a ride!” Your cheeks turned red as you shouted, “what!” “Just do it,” he urged you before Hikaru chimed in, “yeah, don’t be a chicken, Y/N!” “Fine,” you muttered reluctantly, standing up from the circle. Mori-senpai was currently helping Tamaki and Kyoya hang some decorations within the Host Club room, so you walked inside to go meet him. You found him just as he was leaving and you blushed once he noticed you. “M-Mori-senpai,” you began, your heart beating rapidly. “Could you..give me a ride?” He paused for a moment and you felt your breath catch in your throat. You didn’t know what to do. Then, you felt yourself being lifted. To your surprise, he placed you on his shoulder and began to walk. “Everyone’s waiting in the rose garden, right?” He asked quietly after a moment, startling you, before you nodded. “Yeah.” He nodded as well before he began to walk in silence, letting you rest against his arm and shoulder. You were rigid at first before you began to relax, smiling to yourself. You could see why Honey got rides from him frequently; this was kinda fun.

Honey: “Truth or dare?” Kaoru asked you and you smiled. “Truth.” It might not’ve been the most daring of choices, but you were not going to challenge one of the devious twins. There’s no telling what they’d try to make you do. “Aw, okay.” Kaoru pouted for a moment before he snapped his fingers. “I got it! Is it true that you got caught napping on the Host Club couch with Usa-chan?” A few people snickered, making you blush, and you shyly nodded. “I did.” “Oh? And why did you have Usa-chan?” Kaoru asked, a slightly suggestive tone to his words, and your cheeks became redder. Before you could reply, though, Honey chimed in. “Because I let Y/N-chan use it, of course! Y/N-chan was really tired, so I suggested they use Usa-chan to help them sleep. Usa-chan always helps me when I’m sleepy,” he explained, making the other girls in the room ‘aw’. You glanced at Honey and smiled when your eyes met before Kaoru asked Honey, “truth or dare?” “Dare!” He shouted, clapping his hands, before Kaoru smirked. “I dare you to kiss Y/N-chan!” You blushed, immediately getting flustered. “He doesn’t have to-” Your objections were cut off as you felt soft, strawberry-flavored lips touch yours. Honey pulled back after a couple moments, giggling while he sat down and everyone else ‘aw’ed around you two. 


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Admin Time: Excuse me whilst I CRY MY EYES OUT! This was submitted to me a long time ago, and I have wanted to post it for everyone, but I didn’t want to do that until I thought I could make consistent posts, as to not give you all false hope. I remember that this was submitted by someone, but for some reason it no longer tells me who. So, lovely who created this beautiful post, just contact me and I will properly credit your blog <3

Goes into corner and starts crying again

Lelouch reacts to Code Geass characters wanting to hug him

As requested by nynynightmare.

So a couple of lists back we had all the characters reacting to Lelouch randomly dishing out hugs. Now the roles are reversed. How might the world’s most despised man react to this sudden display of affection?

1. C.C.

Lelouch: You want a hug?

Lelouch: In front of the Black Knights?

C.C.: I just…I really need someone now, you know? [fake sobbing]

Lelouch: You’re a terrible actress.

C.C. Oh, Lelouch, why else would you think I wanted a hug? Surely it couldn’t be to make anyone jealous…

Lelouch: Well, I don’t see why it would.

2. Kallen

Lelouch: P-please Kallen, let’s be professional…

Kallen: Hm. You didn’t seem to mind about professionalism when you hugged C.C..

Lelouch: Wh-

Lelouch: Wait a minute.

C.C.: [mischievous laughter]

3. Tamaki

Lelouch: Why are so many of my subordinates trying to hug me today?!

Tamaki: Huh? I thought this was some kind of hugging booth you were running, Zero!

Tamaki: I told the rest of the Black Knights and everything…

Lelouch: Is that…is that a…line?

Tamaki: Yep!


Lelouch: Well shit.

4. Tohdoh

Lelouch: Right, next! Let’s get this over wi-

Lelouch: Tohdoh?

Lelouch: I did not expect to see you here.

Tohdoh: I’ve seen some shit.

5. Milly

Lelouch: Since when do you ask for hugs? Usually you just slide tackle people and inflict them upon them forci-

[Milly slide tackles Lelouch and inflicts a hug on him forcibly!]

Milly: Like that?

Lelouch: …Yes.

Lelouch: Keep your hands to yourself, please.

Milly: Aw!

6. Suzaku

Lelouch: …And there’s no catch?

Suzaku: No, Lelouch. I just want a hug.

Lelouch: …And you won’t stomp my face?

Suzaku: Not doing Zero Requiem otherwise…

Lelouch: Okay, okay, geez!

7. Charles

Lelouch: Too little too late, father.

8. Rolo

Lelouch: …Of course. You’re my little brother, aren’t you?


Rolo: Oh, thank you big brother!

Lelouch: It’s alright, Nunnally…

Rolo: What?

Lelouch: Nothing!

9. Nunnally

Lelouch: [delivers the most overbearing hug of all time]

Nunnally: O-oh, thanks big brother!

Lelouch: I’ll never let you go again!

Nunnally: Um…

10. Schneizel

Lelouch: [thinking] Schneizel wants a hug? Is he trying to incapacitate me, maybe knock me out mid-hug? No…physical violence isn’t Schneizel’s style, this must be some kind of mind game…

Schneizel: [smiling pleasantly]

Lelouch: Maybe trying to convince me over to the Britannian side? Surely he knows that a hug won’t be enough to wash away my hatred for Britannia…or maybe he hopes to somehow negotiate?!

Schneizel: Um…


Schneizel: Lelouch?

Lelouch: [runs away]


Schneizel: Oh.


The very very VERY text-heavy feature in 2D☆STAR continues with an interview with our favorite rainbow boys!

The TRIGGER interview can be read here, and other previous translations here.


Their individuality increases their charm seven-fold!!!!!!! They want to be idols that will deliver smiles to their fans…or rather, they will be!

IDOLiSH7 talked a lot about their private lives in the last issue.  This time, after their participation in the music festival, they look back on their time since their debut.  Though they were “very disjointed” at first, we can see just what made them the popular idols we know!

How do you relax before a recording?

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