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you. are. everything. part 2!

“i don’t need a friend. i don’t need you”.

and with those venomous words said, he crawled away from her, leaving her behind all alone.


ivar hated that he did that to you back then, he now knew how much you wanted to be friends, to make him happy and feel better. but he was so blind and full of self hate to realize that.

you just wanted to do good. and he had to act like an ass.

he honestly still beat himself up over it all these years later.

he remembered the first time you both actually bonded.


it had been months and months since the incident in the clearing.  but guess what?, she still hadn’t left him alone.
but, she did learn some bounderies. she didn’t talk as much around him, she didn’t really beg to play as much, but it still irked ivar to no end.
ivar now could…tolerate her, to some level. he still loved to tease her, but she just laughed happily at his sly comments. which irritated him.

it was meant to hurt her, not amuse her.

though, one moment last week made him actually laugh and feel content in her presence.

sigurd was making the nastiest comments about ivar possible, even making fun of (y/n) herself.

one comment, he guessed, got to her. but it wasn’t about her, it was about ivar.
she jumped up from her chair and kicked sigurd. hard.

ivar couldn’t help but laugh loud. he didn’t think the little catholic slave had it in her. not only to kick someone, but a prince no less.
she turned towards ivar and shot him a smile, glad that she made him laugh. but their happiness was short lived.

“what is going on here!?”. it was her mother and her owner.

the girl turned to her mother, looking very shy more quiet than ivar thought possible.

sigurd was sitting on the floor, holding his leg and crying dramatically. aslaug then came in, her dress flying behind her.

her eyes immediately landing on her children.

(y/n)’s mother turned towards the queen and bowed in respect, her hands shaking with fear.

“my queen, i apologize for my daughters behavior”.

aslaug looked between her and the children in front of her. ivar was stiffling his laughter and sigurd was still crying in pain.

aslaug stepped over to sigurd and helped him up, taking a look at his leg. there was already a bruise forming.

aslaug sighed and pressed a kiss to her sons head, pushing his hair back from his head.

“please forgive me, my queen. i should have been watching her more closely”.

“do not worry. he will be fine. please, just, leave us” aslaug said with a wave of her hand. the woman nodded and glared at her daughter furiously.

she turned towards ivar and shot him a small smile and wave, before being dragged away by her mother and slave owner following close behind. a deep angry frown upon his face.

ivar felt somewhat sorry for the girl who was just trying to protect him. but he never said anything. even when he heard her getting her bottom smacked, and her cries of pain.

the next week after that, she was completely fine, happy and back to her annoying self. but ivar, was not so fine.

his legs were paining him beyond belief. the tears begging to be released, but ivar held them back. not wanting to show weakness.

he remembered laying in his bed, writhing and moaning in pain. he also remembered hearing his door creak open.

it was her, his annoying little ‘friend’.

she came in holding up a book. ivar said nothing as she crawled up beside him. he was in too much pain to insult her and tell her to leave today.

she opened the book and started to read aloud to him.

he was still in pain, but somehow, her reading to him made him feel a bit better and distracted from the pain.

she looked….different.

ivar shook his head from the thought and continued to listen to her less annoying sounding voice.

this continued on for weeks as his legs continued to pain him.

she read him anything he wanted to hear. eventually he got tiered of hearing the same books, so he started asking her about anything and everything.

her religion, her old village, where she came from, did she like it there. everything he could think of he asked.

then he started telling her stories, of his gods, what he believed in, why he was so sour about life.    

and she listened, she actually listened, she laughed and smiled when he was being funny, and comforted him when he needed it.

he never had someone listen to him so intently. she was actually interested in everything he had to say she laughed and smiled when he was being funny,
and comforted him when he needed it.

he never had someone listen to him so intently. she was actually interested in everything he had to say, something no one had really done before.

days and weeks went by and (y/n) stayed longer, and longer. she’d read, talk, laugh, and play with him whenever he wanted.

he actually found himself enjoying her company. of course, though, he never showed it.

he was starting to find her laugh and voice and overall demeanor less annoying than before.

but one day, he got news that made him wish he’d have showed his liking of her company.

the large, brutal viking man that owned both her and her mother decided to train her.

he said his reasons wre because she was too “wild” and “wayward” and “troubling”.

this made ivar mad. she was just adventurous is all. a bit annoying, as well. but trouble? no, not in ivars eyes.

but he never said anything. and of course, that didn’t change anything.

the first weeks he hadn’t seen her at all. but after another week she was allowed to visit him, for only a few hours.

it angered ivar that she was pushed so hard, she could barely keep her eyes open when she’d visit him. could barely sit up normally from being so sore.

and……the bruises.

large finger shaped bruises covered every inch of her arms. sometimes her legs and throat as well.

ivar knew that this man who owned her could be very harsh and extremely
frightening when angered.

he hated how much this angered him, and how much he actually missed her company. he missed her reading to him, and laughing with him, just talking with him.

he hated it. and he hated himself for feeling like this.

so, ivar had formed a plan. one morning, ivar crawled from his bed and to his mother.

she smiled warmly at her son, until she saw his troubled expression. a mix of anger and anxiousness.

his words had shocked her.

he watched as his mother took in his request. her brows furrowed and mouth slightly open in thought.

he asked his mother to buy her from that man.

aslaug had never seen her son close to another child. or any child for that matter. to most people, ivar and this girls relationship couldn’t even be considered close, but to aslaug this was close close.

she stared at her son for a moment, processing his words.

she wanted her son who was in contant chronic pain to be happy. that’s all she wanted for ivar.

so, she agreed.

y/n) could not have been more excited nor thrilled. of course, ivar made aslaug promise not to tell her it was his idea in the first place to buy her.

he didn’t want her to know how much he liked her company.

and after two years of her living with ivar, the two were inseperable.

and after ragnar left, ivar relied on her even more. and she was there, no matter what.

ivar now considered her his closest friend. his only friend really. and he was fine with that. she was all he needed.

he found out more and more new things about her as she grew with him. even from a young age, she had quite a thing for hiding stray animals in the shed and pouting till he made her release them.

she grew into loving her training, but only when ivar would train with her. they both   were growing into the best warriors in kattegat.

ivar could see the newfound love and deep emotions for training, but somehow she still kept that beautiful innocence she’d had ever since she was a child.
as years went on ivar found himself feeling new things for this girl, his best friend.

he remembere one night, a few weeks back. his legs were killing him. thumping and aching. no relief could be found no matter how he lay.

he couldn’t help but let out a painfilled sob.
he remembered hearing the sounds of footsteps thumping along the hall outside his room.

it was her, he could tell.

she slowly opened his door and slid in carefully. all the training they had been doing causing her to lighten her steps.

she was wearing the thinnist, most revealing nightdress ivar had ever seen. he had little to imagine what her body looked like in the nude.

she really had grown into a womans body. her hips wide, her legs and arms toned just right. she really was a woman, no longer a girl.

she slowly slid into his bed and crawled closer to him. she helped him move closer until his body was laying on hers. his head resting on her chest, her hands rubbing down his bare back and through his hair.

“i heard you all the way from my room” she whispered.

ivar rubbed his nose along her neck.

“sorry” he hissed out, gasping loudly from the pain in his legs. she hushed him and hugged him even closer.

“no, ivar. do not be sorry. i just want to make you feel better”.

she then started humming, so softly. ivar closed his eyes tight, trying to concentrait on her lovely voice instead of the pain.

it was then in that moment that ivar realized how much he really needed her with him. all these new feelings for her. what did they mean?

he didn’t know whether to be calm and accepting of these feelings, or be terrified and try to forget how he felt.

here’s part 2! i hope you guys like it! sorry it’s not very good. lots of love and thanks from me!

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Because I’m tired of seeing this constant stupid ass idea that turning literally anything gay somehow improves or makes it better

it doesn’t
turning someone gay for no damn reason
doesn’t make them interesting
doesn’t make them a better person or character or make them more attractive
making a blatantly straight character want cock shoved up their asses doesn’t make them a better character

it just makes them fucking gay
Imagine if straight people took this attitude towards gay characters. Everyone would be all over their asses
but noooooooo
you can’t argue with gay people can you? You homophobe! Disagreeing with someone who’s gay means you hate gay people!

Gee can’t wait for the turning Michael myers gay
spongebob gay
everyone must be gay otherwise why do they exist then??
Ikindawanna image a universe where the tumblrshits get their wish: EVERYONE is gay. What then? How the fuck you gonna have kids if, by your own logic, all the men want cock in their asses and the dykes, I mean lesbians just wanna scissor all day. Didn’t think this one through did you tumblrettes

Let’s be honest
if Pennywise had a sexuality, and he probably doesn’t, he’s either a demon alien or satan, or just doesn’t give a shit. Why would he??? he’s a monster clown that eats children.
it would probably be straight or asexual
no matter how much u tumblr fucks tell me it isn’t so

not every man wants dick in them and not every female is a lesbian
99.9% of the world is straight
something like 1.0% is gay
So it’s blatantly obvious every movie character is straight or asexual BY DEFAULT
until proven otherwise by the show ITSELF.

Good fricking lord

And because
honestly don’t know why I bother f*cking saying this anymore because no one reads it
I’m not posting this because its about gay
I would have this same reaction if the trend was ‘lets turn ____ into a ____, it improves them!’ in relation to race or some other stupid shit I’d have the same reaction

art by me


it makes me so sad

so f*cking sad

just look at his face

he’s trying so hard to hold back his tears. 

he wanted his group to win. 

they have worked so hard for this comeback.

 they’ve been through a lot of shit. 

it’s so sad that he is trying to smile to make us feel better.

 to tell us is not our fault. this group deserves all the love of the world.

 they are so talented and yet only a few people appreciate it.

i’m not blaming anyone.

i just wanted to share his sadness. 

their sadness. 

to me, they are n.1. 

i’m gonna support them no matter how many prizes they win. 

they make music that reaches people and makes them think. 

and i’m grateful for that.

 you did great guys. you are great.

don’t ever forget that.

stan B.A.P

I’m just annoyed Hering all these director’s trying to make there own Superman and Batman and so on just keep what you have make new movies use the same actors and make them better if you’re going to listen to every fan on how they want there hero to be then there is no excitement or thrill when it comes to super hero movies you’re going to confuse new fans keep it the same and just continue the story


*waves crashing* 

*cough* *cough* 

It’s here guys!  This will be another inconsistently posted story on my blog, but i’ve been wanting to do this one and the Genesis Project for so long.  It broke my heart to just put them off to who knows when.  I thought it would be better to post just a little then nothing at all :)

A huge thank you to @simlishprincess again for making this adorable banner and for providing me with the next generations spouse.  I can’t wait to finally use her! ♥

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If CS Lewis was so sexist, then why did he make his most critical and pivotal character - the one that discovered Narnia, led their siblings into Narnia, and unabashedly guarded their faith until their dying day - A LITTLE GIRL? Let alone a little girl who would grow into a woman called THE VALIANT QUEEN. Just saying. Like, c'mon fandom, we can do a hell of a lot better for CS Lewis than calling him a sexist because we're superimposing our modern lens on how he described Susan's materialism.

exactly!! like i don’t want to be mean to anyone who thinks it’s sexism because i think we’re all entitled to our opinions and we really do come at from different places so that’s fine. but just don’t dismiss actual canon and what he’s really said to prop up your view

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I don't know if now is the best time to say this, but you make me want to be a better person. You are so kind and sweet and patient and you just give off this wonderful vibe. You're an absolutely wonderful person and you deserve all the best things in life.

♡ there is never, ever a bad time to share such a wonderful thing with me! thank you so so much, you are such a sweet being, and it makes me feel a lot better to know i am looked up to. keep being kind, angel. 😌🕊🤞🏻

To F, who wrote this

When I was younger, I had something called selective mutism. For the longest time I wouldn’t talk to members of my family who I loved very much. I grew out of the whole ‘selective mutism’ thing when I was around 11 years old with the help of my year five teacher. He was the first person who didn’t try too hard to bring me out of my shell. He just appealed to my sense of humour and I found myself easing up around him.

Into my teenage years though, I still struggled hugely with social anxiety. I hated going into shops, onto the bus, answering the phone, meeting new people. It ruined my years at university because I wasn’t outgoing enough to make friends. All I wanted to do was watch TV in my room.

But it does get better. I am so much better now. I enjoy meeting new people, and whilst I do still get bouts of anxiety it is now only mostly with people who make me nervous - not everyone I meet, like it used to be. I even had the courage to travel Australia by myself. Ask anyone who knew the kid with selective mutism or the teenager with horrible people skills and they wouldn’t believe you.

I can’t tell you how I got better. It just got better with age. I surrounded myself with people who brought out the best in me, people I felt comfortable with. I threw myself in at the deep end a little, and got a job in a nightclub where I had to interact with door staff who made me wittier and a little bit more confident. Where I had to talk to strangers every week. I was absolutely terrified for the first few months, but it worked. 

All I can tell you is, don’t be around people who make you worse. I know that sounds like stupid advice, but like I said, it was all about the people I chose to have in my life that had a positive impact on me. They helped me overcome it, helped me be me. And I wouldn’t change me for anything.

It can get better, don’t worry.

- K

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Just read the newest chap and I love the nicknames! CAP and TWS!! Good fic!! Did you edit the tent scene as it seems different from the excerpt you did or is there two similar scenes? :)

I definitely did some editing. TBH the excerpts I’ve shared from Buried have just been rough Ideas of what I wanted to put in the fic?

So not all of them will make it into the story since it has already changed from what I expected it to be– seriously my fics have lives of their own and pay no attention to what I want. So rude– and the ones that DO make it in are going to be edited to fit the flow better!

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can u tell us about ethan??? its just so cute when u talk abt ur bf <3

he,,,, is so stunning. you havent seen stars until uve looked at his eyes and also his freckles are so so beautiful and i want to kiss him all the fucking time and im so gay, i feel like he can do so much better than me i feel like im a let down and , im in a depressive episode so this gna be sad but , i honestly feel like he deserves so much better and im so in love with him but im so afraid im not enough or that im too hard to love and that im a shitty person that makes him feel shitty idk. im just. rly sad rn i wish he was here to hold me and tell me everything is going to be alright im just rly sad.

Since November, more than two dozen women - of all ages, but mostly in their twenties - had approached me in restaurants, theaters, and stores to apologize for not voting or for not doing more to help my campaign. I responded with forced smiles and tight nods. On one occasion, an older woman dragged her adult daughter over by the arm to come talk to me and ordered her to apologize for not voting - which she did, head bowed in contrition. I wanted to stare right in her eyes and say ‘You didn’t vote? How could you note vote?! You abdicated your responsibility as a citizen at the worst possible time! And now you want *me* to make *you* feel better?’ Of course I didn’t say any of that.
These people were looking for absolution that I just couldn’t give. We all have to live with the consequences of our decisions.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, “What Happened”


I wanted to draw Keith having a pet dog growing up and I was like, ‘okay, he’d probably have a rottweiler, or maybe a German Sheppard?

but when i started drawing I was like no this kid is gonna have a floppy mop dog.

All I want from this reboot is more domestic father Donald with his boys


love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
it takes and it takes and it takes


NOCTIS WEEK | Day 7: Free choice / Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Noctis!


I bet my whole life for Seductive Doctor Jumin to win or any theme as long as its Jumin I wont complain, lol at least this once aaaaa
This is a rushed comic I am sorry;;

!! Again, this is dedicated for JHPS && Certifiedhoeforhan peeps you guys is2g always makes me thirsty for Jumin all the time AAA !!

Go vote for Jumin if you haven’t, guys !!
Here is the link

The white road

I am 24 when my doctor tells me that I was abused. She doesn’t tell me what happened to me, or plant any memories that weren’t already there. She takes what I have told her and she puts it all inside those six letters, that one word.

Before she takes my memories and gives me that word, I tell her that I have made the appointment because I want to know why I can’t stand being touched. I tell her that I’m 24 and I’m sick of flinching when shop assistants hand me my change, just in case their fingers brush against my palm and there is that fire again, the one that rushes up from my bone to the membrane of my skin any time it comes into contact that I wasn’t expecting. I tell her that I have been trying to do this properly, from dating to everything else, and it’s like I’m blocked. It’s like I’m missing a piece of myself that makes me an adult, or perhaps even a human, and I don’t know where it’s gone.

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