i just want to make all the graphics of this couple

Update about my situation

Hey guys! Thanks to all the money you’ve gathered for me on my Patreon we’ll be able to make the expansion we needed for our house! I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, that I am incredibly thankful and happy of every single one of your donations and support/messages that you gave me in my moments of difficulty. I don’t know what would’ve happened to us if it wasn’t for you guys

Now, this means that we’ll have to move to a smaller space, here’s a smol cami-graphic of what it’ll look like while people are building the new stuff

Yeah it’ll be rough to adjust to an even smaller space than what we were but it’ll only be for 2 months (at least) before we get the new expansion ready. Then I’ll move to one of the new rooms from the second floor and assert myself there until I die lol. 

That means, I might not be able to stream for a couple of days while I get my stuff moved I’ll be able to give updates with my phone in case I don’t have internet 

Once again guys, this would’ve never been possible without all your support and help. It is why I’m doing my best to have new videos each 3 days or some update and work on the animations you like to watch.

I’m grateful of having a community like the one you all are building that love to watch MY content. From all the really good artists, from all the professional animators on youtube that are far better than me, you chose to watch MY content. It is something I’ll never be able to pay back, but I’ll do my best to at least get a laugh from you (or tears muahahaha!) and try to make your day better if I can.

Thank you!

Heya all, sorry it looks like I’ve been dragged through a hedge, I’ve been currently trying to fix various graphics driver issues I’ve been having for the last couple of days and I swear it’s made me age 10 odd years, anyway, I just wanted to check in and say life is good, college is great, my friends are the best I’ve ever had and I’m making steady progress in the way of transitioning. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you have an even better new year

Ashley xox

I don’t want Ian and Mickey back together. I want Ian to leave Mickey alone. Sorry not sorry.

But since that’s not gonna happen, and since both of theses GAY ass boys have had extremely graphic sex scenes with WOMEN… but not each other, or other boys… they better fuck. And I mean FUCK. Not make love. Not cuddle. Not hold hands or give forehead kisses in bed. Not fade to fucking black.

They need to FUCK. Just like the straight couples in this fuckass show. I don’t even WANT it, but it needs to happen, after all this shit these tptb have pulled. Ian and Mickey need to fuck.

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  1. im in my senior year of high school and for our senior prank my grade is going to dump oil all over the school floors
  2. my name is a combination of peace (an) and comfort/able (yi) in mandarin chinese
  3. one time in sophomore/junior year i wanted to test out my pepper spray so i did it in class/after school and almost poisoned myself, my friend, and my photography teacher. we all drank a gallon of water and choked for 50 min
  4. i love to draw and paint and make graphics (even tho im still learning the latter)
  5. i enjoy sneaking onto rooftops it my hobby 
  6. when i was six i stuck my hand into a bucket of crabs and ONE SNATCHED MY FINGER AND WOULDNT LET GO FOR A GOOD 10 MINUTES AND I STILL HAVE A SCAR
  7. my two fears are death and darkness
  8. the only time ive ever vandalized was when i wrote on a trainseat that i loved sehun
  9. i really wanna dress cooly but i dont have any money to spend and when i spend the money i have i only spend it on shoes and food :( so i get all my clothes from goodwill
  10. the one time only ever when i stepped into a hair salon was when i was 7 and in china. 
  11. literally two days ago i just death dropped into a pile of rock hard snow at 1 am and hit my head really hard hmu if u wanna see the video its actually embarrassing and idk what i was thinking but it was the most interesting thing that has happened to me in 7 years

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              ♫ ♩ ♫ ♭ ♪   OKIKAGU BLOG   ♫ ♩ ♫ ♭ ♪ 「 沖田 総悟 ✘ 神楽 」 

               “……no one will take me as a wife now … “ 

                                                        I guess I’ll take ya’ then
                                       I give you are nice home where you can live
                                     a simple and quite life and have three meals a day
                                                          Behind bars that is 

Greetings! i just started up this blog which is for the couple okita sougo and kagura from gintama , where we can all spread our love through edits, graphics, gifs, picspams, fanarts, AMVs, fanmixes, fanfics, cosplays, anything you want for them
also there will be a okikagu month and reward for the first three winners !! since the blog with the url @okikagumonth is seem to be closed (last active was from 2 years ago and i tried to msg tem but nothing come )

I looking forward to start the blog !and you can find me on the tag #fyokikagu , if you want me to reblog something okikagu-related please make sure to tag it with the first five tags 

                                           ・。゚♦ ☆゚.♡ ✧ ✰ 。゚

also I currently looking for members. If you would like to join as admin in the blog , please fill out the form below :

Name/nickname :
Age :
place : 
Links to your edits/gifs :(if you can make edits and all )
How often will you be able to update?:
why do you love okikagu : (if u want XD )
You can send your application to @sparckle-cat , Please send an ask if you have any questions or concerns, and I will get back to you as soon as i can , I hope you’ll join me! Thank you so match for your time & Good Luck for ya all 

please reblog the post !and help okikagu spread the world! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

look at them they look so TV COUPLE OF 2015, right? lol that’s why you should go [VOTE] for these two deserving idiots right now haha

okay okay i know, it’s just a poll, that’s true.

but guys, colin really wants us to win. i mean, how cute is that (i’m voting for that alone)

and we really want that interview right? (i lied, i’m voting for this too)

here’s the thing, we were in the lead but we’ve been dropping reeeaalllyyy fast. so basically we just need to keep voting as much as we can for the next 10+ hours. (we can do this just for today!)

remember we are not just up against olicity (which are gr8 and dedicated peeps btw), we are also up against anti-cs people who will do EVERYTHING to make sure we don’t get in the next round.

how not okay is that? so how about a last day surge of votes for our otp? and if you’re the type who doesn’t feel like showing your love for your ship via voting like a crazy person (like me), just remember: COLIN RLY WANTS US TO WIN and every time you feel like not voting or tired from voting, just think about his sad face when he finds out we didn’t come through for him </3

and before you ignore this post, do it now, think about his sad face


Hello guys! So about a couple days ago, I hit a very lovely follower milestone! So, this is kinda late due to me having exams and all that lame stuff….Anywhoo, I would have never expected this blog to have this many followers since I made this blog purely because I was bored and couldn’t fall asleep lol. Okay well moving on, ever since joining, I’ve met/made so so many friends and it’s so great because everybody is super lovely!! The people I follow are extremely talented individuals and I admire all of them so much and so I thought I would make a lil follower appreciation thingy. So yeah without further ado, here’s just some wonderful blogs that deserve lots and lots of love and thank you so much! (✿ ♥‿♥)

Sideblogs: @dailyfreegifs || @allanimanga

bold = lovely lovely mutuals ♡  || italics = gif/graphic goals tbh ♡

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Hey everyone it’s nini here again. I just wanted to update yall about whats going on.

First off i wanna start out by saying i need money! I truly hate writing these posts, but my depression came back in full force and i want to like scream all the time. my mom is on tamoxifan (sp?) since she had breast cancer a couple years ago and right now her body is kinda not cooperating with it. im nervous because shell need another surgery im sure and im just really scared! our bills are increasing and idk how were going to pay them. 

currently i owe my college $80 and i owe therapy (which i no longer go to) $150

im starting a mary kay business so i will hopefully be making $$$ but its a very daunting task for me! i have a wonderful mentor and team but its super scary because as you all know i deal with severe anxiety and depression. another way im gonna be making money hopefully nwithin in the next month or so is through graphic design for a friend of mine. 

i would really appreciate it if you all could reblog this and commission me for digital art or donatge to my paypal naalston23@gmail.com

my pricing is negotiable as my drawings range from $5 to $30 depending on detail and whethter or not you would like color and shading. please see my tagged/commissions!

thank you all in advance, please dont like this post as it does not help me at all!!


Hi guys! I just recently hit 1.2k followers! I had actually intended to make this when I hit 1k a couple days ago, but I got caught up in some requests, ehe. *sweats* Thankfully, I finally got to making this follow forever! pls forgive me for this gross, hasty, messy excuse of a graphic lmao  _(:3」∠)_

In all honesty though, I am so undeserving of you guys. Thank you so much for accepting this trash can of a blogger. ;-; Ever since starting this blog a few months ago, I’ve received lots and lots of positive feedback from you guys. Your kind words and praise mean a lot to me, and they motivate me to continue making even more graphics.  (´; ω ; `)

In the beginning, I watched from afar and saw all these beautiful edits from the talented bloggers on this site, and I always yearned to be like them. Since then, I’ve been able to meet and talk to several fun and wonderful people. It makes me ecstatic to be able to interact with you guys. ^_^ 

tl;dr - you guys are hella rad and i love you. also you guys make nice af edits, you da bomb

So without further ado, here is a bunch of wonderful people who have blessed my dashboard with their beautiful posts! ╰ (o^▽^o) ╯ 

bolded - lovely mutuals (☆▽☆)

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Sorry if I bolded/spelled your url incorrectly! You can always message me if it’s wrong and I will fix it asap. Again, thank you guys so much! I would never have gotten this far without you all. Also, I hope you all have a merry Christmas and happy new year! :D

~Biteiesu’s November 2015 FF~

Hello everyone! Even though my last milestone was just a couple months ago, I hit my next hundred really quickly~ So I decided to make another ff!! I actually wanted to do something kpop related cough bts seventeen cough but this just kind of happened. welp. I just want to thank everyone so much and because of you guys I’ve finally been able to become more active on tumblr. I’m super motivated to make more graphics now. (୨୧•͈ᴗ•͈)◞ I’ve also been able to become a lot closer to a lot of mutuals so I listed all my mutuals here! I hope we can chat sometime~~~

Italics: mutuals 。◕‿◕。

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Hey beautiful sunflowers! Please forgive my poor attempt at a cute banner and very bad choice of words. Anyways, so I tried to do one of these things a while back but since I was super irrelevant back then (still am, mind you, but there’s more people following me now so here’s hoping you guys want to partake in this) not a lot of people paid attention to it.

Basically, I wanted to do something like tumblr awards but not exactly, instead of having just a couple selected people win things I thought it’d be fun if everyone who entered this could win something so it’s a giveaway but I’m doing it in the style of a raffle.

Meaning, I’m going to take all the urls that reblog this, put them all on a randomizing generator and depending on the notes, dividing it into seven equal-ish parts and each of the people in their corresponding groups will receive a prize!


  • Graphics || first batch of selected urls will win a graphic of some sort, can be a character/ship/show/movie etc..
  • Moodboards || second batch of urls will win a moodboard edit and these can also be of a character/ship/show/movie or they can be personal ie. based on their url or name.
  • Aesthetics || third batch will win an aesthetics edit that can be of a character/ship/show/movie or url inspired or based on their name.
  • Picspams || fourth batch will win a picspam of a character/ship/show/movie of their choosing based off of these memes
  • Gifsets || fifth batch will win a gifset, however this one’s a bit tricky since I only have a few shows and movies to gif from so if you don’t particularly like the shows I have it can be of your celebrity crush and such.
  • Icons || sixth batch will win an assortment of 6-10 icons of a character/ship/show/movie of their choosing.
  • Drabbles || finally, the seventh batch will win a drabble for a ship and a prompt fill of their choosing.  


  • reblog this post to enter!! (likes do not count sorry!)
  • must be following me (also please do not follow me if you will then unfollow me once you’ve gotten your prize…trust me it’s happened to me plenty of times and it’s a kind of a crummy feeling, i am doing this for my followers who deserve all the nice things and love okay so don’t be a d***)
  • this post must reach at least 35 notes 
  • you have until the 20th of june to enter!
  • I reserve the right to refuse to make an edit/drabble of things I am not comfortable with for example ships/characters I am not fond of, and I ask that you respect this please do not get upset if I do not want to make you an edit/drabble of something that makes me uncomfortable

That is all I have to offer!! I hope you guys think this is fun and will participate.

P.S Keep in mind this will be a lot of work for me, I don’t really mind, but just bear with me if I take a little too long getting to all of these things (assuming this gets any notes) but I will try my best  to do them all okay!!


i’m only a couple of days short of finishing my exams and i want to get back into graphic making over the summer but i have approximately 0% inspiration

i made another post like this a while back but a lot of those blogs have now either changed to a non-spn url or been inactive for ages so i figured i’d start fresh ♡

  • you don’t have to be following me (though obv i’d be super happy if you do want to!)
  • pls pls have a supernatural related url because that’s all i can make
  • reblog this
  • i might not be able to do everyone’s but i’ll make graphics for whichever urls i find inspiration for
  • i just want to make more graphics tbh

you can check out some examples of my graphics here if you like

We’re almost halfway through the hiatus, but I’m sure we all miss our favourite Grey’s couple dearly. That’s why we decided to put together a Jolex appreciation weekend. It will take place July 17th - July 19th.

Rules? There really aren’t any! We have 4 suggestions for each day but the categories are merely guidelines. You are free to turn graphic ideas into gifsets and vice versa. Or if a category inspires to make a fanvideo, just go for it. You can be as creative and free in your interpretation as you want to. Any form of participation is welcome (gifsets, fanfics, graphics, videos, metas, etc…)

Day 1

  • fanfic: New Beginnings
  • gifset: Jolex + “almost” moments
  • graphic:  A (tumblr) quote that reminds you of them
  • discussion: Why Jo Wilson is an amazing and underrated character

Day 2

  • fanfic: AU of a scene on the show
  • gifset: Favorite quotes
  • graphic: Jolex + touch/emotion
  • discussion: What makes their relationship so special? Why are they your OTP?

Day 3

  • fanfic: Jolex + hurt/anger
  • gifset: Jolex + happy scenes
  • graphic: Jolex + looks
  • discussion: What do you think s12 will hold for them? What would you like to see?”

Please make sure to tag your posts with #jolexweek and #jolex, so we and others can reblog your things. Reblog this post to spread the word and don’t forget to have a lot of fun :)

PS: Feel free to send us an ask, if you have any questions.