i just want to kiss everywhere

i always think of the aftermath like

u want me to piss on your face? ok i guess if u think that’s hot fine. And now what? we finished, you’re not horny anymore, there’s piss everywhere who’s gonna clean this up? me? YOU asked me to do it. What do you mean it’s my piss and it’s gross it was just on your face… what no i’m not kissing you you smell like pee… I know it’s my pee but it’s still gross no stop!!! what? did it get a little on yourr eye? jesus christ are you ok? well yeah i guess it’s supposed to burn babe its pee. wash it off, we’re not going to a doctor bc i got pee on your eye… what are you mad at me for it was your idea!!! smh next time we just missionary and that’s it. fucking pee. “pee on my face babe” fuck off with that now i’m mopping the floor rly pissed. Oh man was that a pun? could this day get any worse?

AU: Castiel's diary

Day 1: I ran into a person today. I mean that literally. Books everywhere.

Day 4: the person I ran into is in my sociology class. His name is Dean. We’ve been paired on a project. Joy.

Day 14: Dean is pretty cute…it seems all like an act though. Yet…somehow I think I’m kind of friends with him?

Day 20: Dean asked me out on a date. I thought he was joking and laughed…ooops.

Day 23: I think Dean wanted to hold my hand all night, but he would just blush and look away. I kissed him at the door.

Day 57: strange. A little over a month ago I didn’t know this person and now he’s my best friend…and my boyfriend.

Day 129: we had sex…amazing sex.

Day 162: Dean is so stupid. He pisses me the hell off…

Day 185: he’s not perfect…but he’s mine.

Day 202: he loves me.

Day 254: finals are comin up. I don’t see Dean as often…maybe I shouldn’t have moved?

Day 301: it’s been almost a year and Dean still gets nervous and asks before holding my hand. He’s such a dork.

Day 366: Dean took me out for our anniversary…he’s acting stranger than usual. I hope he’s missing me like I’m missing him. College is stupid.

Day 402: I asked Dean to marry me today. He choked on his beer and stared at me for three minutes. I think my heart stopped. Too soon?

Day 403: he had already bought a ring.

Day 500: thank god I’m a clumsy shit who runs into people.

Holes, by The Jane Austen Argument
from the album Holes

There’s a hole, a hole, a hole inside of me
the shape of you
it’s so deep , so deep, so deep inside me
that nobody can see it
when I try to fill it
with other people
none of them will fit
but I will try to keep trying

Maybe I think this one
This one can touch like you touch
Or laugh like you laugh
kiss like you kiss
smile like you smile
but no-one smiles like you smile…
No, nobody smiles like you…

It’s not just inside me the hole the shape of you
everywhere I look now
Is somewhere that you are not
Holes are always hungry
And they eat the things we want to keep

eat your life so slowly
eat profane and holy
eat it till you’re wholly hole

Maybe I think this one
This one can touch like you touch
Or laugh like you laugh
kiss like you kiss
smile like you smile
but no-one smiles like you smile…
No, nobody smiles like you…

I should learn my lesson
holes are the illusion
presence and absence and
emptiness and nothing

When I am gone my darling dig me a hole
let flowers grow above me
and wild berries
then laugh and forget me
and before I’m cold
let someone who loves you fill your…

I want to sleep with you. Innocently. I want to curl up next to you, skin to skin. I want to lay my head on your chest and listen to your heart beat. I want to plant little kisses everywhere possible. I want your hand on my lower back, rubbing circles after a long day of work. I want your sleepy smile looking down at me and your bed head to laugh at the next morning. I just want you. All of you.


breath·tak·ing  [breth-tey-king]
       1. thrillingly beautiful, remarkable, astonishing, exciting, or the like;
       2. astonishing or awe-inspiring in quality, so as to take one’s breath away;
       3. kim jongin

Taehyung As A Boyfriend (Gender Neutral)

•I wanna cry thinking about how perfect he is
•so fucking cute and cuddly and perfect
•have you seen the video of TAE and that dog from when has purple hair and is kissing the dog. Yes he is that
•hugs everywhere
•cute box smiles for centuries
•tickle fights
•so much skinship it makes people sick.
•I feel like TAE isn’t the matching couple outfit person but he would want your style to be matching?
•Like if he is wearing a ripped shirt he would want you wearing one or like if he is wearing sweats he wants you to also
•Omg imagine TAE wearing a white comfy oversized sweater and like sweat pants as you snuggle on the couch he just engulfs you in his coziness. OMG literally crying
•"I love you Jagiiiiiiiii you’re so beautifulllllllll~~~“
•he will yell that happily while you two are in other rooms
•fights aren’t a thing
•yes TAE is goofy and cute but he knows when he has to be serious
•your mother loves him so much that they have lunch without you sometimes and they talk about you
•good things of course
•you guys are super close with each other’s family
•his mom makes you feel at home immediately with a large hug when you two first meet.
•his mom is like the most beautiful human ever and you cherish her cooking skills
•He watches you and his mom and dad talk and laugh and get along and one day he just knows you’re the one
•He sometimes needs you to tell him that you love him because he may be insecure sometimes and he needs to know you love him as much as he loves you
•sticky notes on everything from you two leaving cute and motivational notes on each other’s stuff.
•You like singing with him and he loves singing near you because you praise him so much for his beautiful voice
•he is always here for you and is your biggest fan
•a shoulder to cry on, someone who will always be there to make you laugh when you’re down and will hug and kiss you till you feel better.

Sexy time
• So you know how Tae is all cute and perfect outside of bed right?
•He goes from cute to sexy in a matter of nanoseconds.
•That dark and lustful look in his eyes makes you smirk as you drag him over to you.
•too needy to split from each other long enough to go to the bedroom
•You thought “maybe we should take our clothes o-”
•oh they’re already gone
•He is using every way he can into making you feel so perfect. He will focus more on you during sex because he wants you to get as much as he does out of it
•most of the time the first climax is just a warm up
•Sex is a mixture of rough and soft
•He would whisper dirty things in your ear and occasionally tell you how much he loves you
•He would want to be as close as possible to you
•He moans more than you do
•not like you’re complaining
•He wants you to tell him when you are close so that you both can cum at the same time
•When he finishes his moan would come out broken and long.
•He would roll over beside you
• Jagi you’re so perfect
•You would get close to him, sweat not bothering you
•You would kiss him and he would stare at you with all of the love in the world

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Hey! Maybe this is a little odd request but rfa + mc being self-conscious about their small lips and have a hard time kissing their so (because theirs aren't the plump, barbiedoll-like lips you always see everywhere) I'd be so glad if you did this !!! Thank u <33


  • he didn’t even notice it was something that bothered MC
  • until MC mentioned it
  • well not like mentioned it he just, realized they were acting a little down
  • once he finds out that’s what bothers him he’s really going to do his best to make MC feel better about it?
  • he just, really likes MC in every way they are and he wants to show MC that-
  • even tho he’s kinda clumsy he’ll gladly initiate every kiss (he’ll blush like hell tho)


  • she noticed MC felt self conscious about their lips from the moment when she leaned in for the first kiss
  • she realized that it was her cue to take the lead
  • she knows that beauty is more of what is on the inside than on the outside 
  • but she also tells MC that both their exterior and personality are what make them so adorable to her


  • he was able to tell MC felt self conscious about the whole deal after the kiss
  • he asked them what was wrong and he was very calm and serious. he’d never ever laugh at anything that might make MC uncomfy
  • whenever he sees MC kinda sorta wants to kiss he’ll most likely go for it so MC doesn’t feel embarrassed
  • also if MC wants he’ll share Hot Makeup Tips that can make their lips show a bit more but honestly?? he thinks MC looks flawless even without that


  • he doesn’t  c a r e
  • MC is beautiful in every sense? like nothing about their appearance could make them less attractive to him?
  • and he really likes how MC’s face looks altogether
  • he shamelessly admits so too. how can he say such smooth and sincere compliments and only blush a little bit?
  • also never worry about difficulties kissing because it was his plan from the very start to initiate the kisses and there’s nothing stopping him


  • this man fell in love with the first text MC sent to the RFA
  • and when he saw MC’s pic he fell in love again
  • do NOT doubt his devotion ok he’d do anything for MC
  • so small lips are literally not a problem
  • he lets MC initiate the kisses whenever they want
  • but if they’re having trouble he’ll gladly take over control!
The Way You Love Me - Marco Reus

“What is with your newfound affection for my shoulder?” I asked groggily, referring to Marco’s endless butterfly kisses.

“I really, really want to kiss you, but this is the only part of you I can reach,” he mumbled back, colliding his mouth with my bare skin once more.

“If you want a kiss, all you have to do is ask,” I said.

“Ok. Can I have a kiss?”

I laughed against him before flipping around to face him. “Hi,” I whispered into the small space between us before he latched his lips onto mine. It was a long, lazy kiss. Eyes closed, our lips just danced against each other in the familiar way they had done so many times before. His hand slowly inched toward the small of my back, before he finally reached it, pulling me to him tightly.

“I like when I can feel you everywhere against me,” he mumbled into my neck, where his lips were working.

“It feels safe,” I added, to which he hummed in agreement. It was a calm morning of intimacy, after last night’s frenzied lust. “Come back up here,” I chuckled, pulling his lips back up to mine.

“I’m right here,” he assured me, leaving a kiss on my forehead before resting his head back on the pillow. We lie quietly together, nose to nose, falling in and out of sleep. But when the sunlight began to intrude through the windows, we were forced to truly awaken.

“Good morning,” I sang, sitting up cross legged.

“Not yet,” Marco whined, laying his head on my thigh. I laughed as I ran my fingers through his soft hair.

“You know what, I think we should just spend the whole day in bed,” I suggested, not wanting to leave the warmth and comfort of his arms.

“Brilliant idea,” he mumbled, “but we’re going to need food.”

“Of course,” I agreed, leaving a kiss on his head before making a run to the kitchen. I gathered strawberries, whipped cream, and a bottle of champagne leftover from our housewarming party before going back to bed.

Marco peeped his head up when he heard me walk in and laughed at the things I was carrying. “Very nutritious breakfast you got there,” he joked, propping himself up on his side as I crawled into bed.

“Good enough,” I shrugged, handing him the bottle to pop open. I watched his bicep flex as he easily removed the cork and threw it behind him. I put a dab of whipped cream on a strawberry and fed it to him.

“I love you so much,” he laughed, whipped cream covering his lips. Smiling at him, I took a sip of champagne and took a strawberry of my own.

“What’s your favorite color?” I asked somewhat abruptly, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Mmmm, blue I guess. And yours is…purple?” he said unsure of himself. I nodded proudly and rewarded him with another strawberry.

“What’s your favorite book?” I also asked.

The Sun Also Rises. And yours is The Bell Jar,” he answered with ease.

“Your favorite film?”

“I like Rush Hour,” he said with a smile. “What’s with all the questions, sweetheart?”

I shrugged lightly and sighed. “Sometimes I feel like you know everything in the world about me and I know nothing about you.”

“Well that’s just cause you talk more,” he teased, earning a light slap on the arm from me. “Come here,” he beckoned, setting aside the food lying in between us. I curled up against his body, hiding my face beneath his chin.

“You know lots of things about me, things more important than my favorite color,” Marco began, softly stroking my messy hair. “You know what I feel like eating before I even say it. You know when I want to be left alone versus when I need to talk about something. You know how to drive me crazy walking around the house in one of my t-shirts. You always know how to fix things before I even realize they’re broken. You know how to love me.” He pulled my face to meet his and pressed his forehead to mine.

“I do love to love you,” I spoke centimeters away from his lips.

“Good,” he laughed, “Because I love the way you love me.”


CanCam December 2016

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh the boys are alllll grown up!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Translaton of Inoo’s part:-

“Basically celebrating with family" 
Christmas is my mother’s birthday. In the past, she always celebrated our birthdays as kids but now, I want to celebrate hers. If it’s a date with a lover, it’s crowded everywhere (lol). It’s also acceptable to go on a waking date. I quite enjoy walking. Hanging out walking aimlessly in places I don’t know. Christmas light-ups are pretty so from the evening we’ll go to an amusement park? I’m not so good with roller coasters so a ferris-wheel or something. At the top, we will kiss. No, not just at the top. We’ll kiss the whole time.

“To pursue my lover more than to be pursued”
Whether to go after someone or to be pursued by someone, I guess I want to be the one pursuing. I mean, if you meet someone you truly like, it’s a miracle. If I meet someone like that, I want to go after her. I’m a mail person more than phone calls. If there’s time to call, it’s better to meet. To spoil or to be spoiled… Hmm. It depends on the day. When tired or feeling lonely, you want to spoil and you don’t hate the thing that’s being spoiled. And of course I hope to get married! It would be ideal to one day be a husband and wife who raise great kids.

“It’d be nice to have a movie with 9 people”
Recently, I think the number of small kids at our concerts has increased! I feel happy when I see kids who are not even elementary school students looking at us with glittering eyes. Other than concerts, the thing I wanna do.. about that.. if the 9 of us make a movie, that would be interesting. 9 people whose lives have no relationship at all intersect by fate… A youth-group story is nice. Another funny thing recently, the members tried a face-swap app (note: I think this was for itajump). Although it was the first time doing it on location for a TV program, surprisingly, it was fun (lol).

but sometimes I get Mikey feels and I want to cuddle and wrap myself in blankets and have him kiss my face and fuck me roughly and passionate to soft but sexual music and then I have Calum feels and I want to have rough, hard sex with him anywhere and everywhere and then LUKE comes in and he’s like “I’m going to protect you and cuddle you and make you know I love you” and then ASHTON. the worst feels of all. they come in huge waves of hysteria and right when you need them the most because they make you feel so loved and worth something and he just says the right things at the right times and I just want to make love to him and hold his hands and kiss him and tell him how much he means to me and oh my god this bad is so far up my ass I can’t even handle it without crying.

but imagine daddy ashton with his little baby girl. He would place her little hand in his and compare their size. And he would grab her little feet and play with them, like playing footsie with her, only he’s holding her feet. I can imagine the first thing that she ever grabs is his hair, and when he cradles her, she’s so tiny in his huge arms. And he would giggle when she burbs, but imagine when she learns how to walk and she’s running around everywhere and he buys her those backpack leash things and he’s giggling at how cute she looks with a stuffed monkey on her back. But imagine the first day she’s home, when you bring her home after she’s born, and he’s so excited to carry her and when he does, he just cries and presses her against his chest and kisses the top of her head aND I NEED TO STOP BEcAUSE I WANt AsHTON TO fATHER MY cHILdREN UUGHH

*violently screams because of my unrealistic dreams*

He talks to your baby bump (5sos preference)


You were five months pregnant and you had a lot of whims. It was 10 pm and you wanted a slice of cheesecake, he had to go buy it just to please you. When he finally came back he gave it to you and sat next to you. “Hey little me, so you were hungry at 10 pm huh.” He said kissing your bump. Yesterday you both had gone to the doctor to see the baby’s gender and he said it was a baby boy. Michael had been really excited since then, he can’t stop getting the idea of having a little boy running everywhere and doing things he likes too. “I can’t wait till you’re actually here. I need a video game partner so badly.” You suddenly gasped at the feeling of the baby kicking. “Mikey the baby is kicking.” He looked at you and placed his hand on your bump. A smile forming as he felt the baby kick. “He knows I’m here. Hey there little man I’m your daddy and we’ll spend a lot of time together, me, you and your mommy. I’ll teach you how to play the guitar and how to play video games and I’ll teach you basically everything I know.” He whispered massaging your stomach with his palm and placing his head on it. “I bet he’s gonna have your green eyes.” You said. “And I bet he’s gonna have your stunning smile.” He added hugging you. “Michael stop, give me some space your suffocating me.” You laughed.


You were singing to your baby bump when Ashton arrived home. He had bought some clothes for your twins, both of them are baby boys. “That’s beautiful babe.” He said when he heard the way you sang. “I read that you need to bond with the baby by doing things like singing or talking to him.” “I wanna try it. What do I say?” He asked. “Just what you feel and that you can’t wait to hold them, something like that.” He rubbed you stomach and kissed it softly. “You little guys are the best thing that could have happened to me in my whole life. I asked for a baby but two babies were more than I could imagine, my love for you two is bigger than my passion for music. I would drop out everything just for you two, I wanna make you guys happy.” He said bursting into tears. “That was beautiful Ash.” You hugged him and wiped his tears. “Babe, you’re the reason I am the proudest man in the world. You’re giving me two little angels, we’re gonna give you a hard time maybe.” He said. “I know you will.” “I still can’t believe we’re gonna have twins.” He rejoiced. “I just hope you help me changing the diapers and telling them bed stories when they can’t sleep.” You said. “I promise, we’re gonna have the best family, I love you three so much.”


“Are you gonna be daddy’s little girl? I bet you will.” Calum whispered to your stomach. “She already is daddy’s little girl, just looks at how crazy the daddy has gone over her.” You said. “I’ve gone mad for two beautiful girls, my wife and my little girl. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you too.” He kissed you. “She’s gonna get handsome boyfriends.” You joked. “Hell no, she won’t until she’s 30 or until I’m dead, most likely never in life.” You laughed at his reaction. “What a jealous dad she’s gonna have, but remember she’s gonna grow up one day.” “Stop, you’re getting me emotional, let’s just not think about it yet. She’s my baby now, and I won’t let any boy hurt her.” He stated. “She’s gonna have the best dad ever, there’s no doubt about it.” You smiled at him and he glanced at your exposed stomach. “I will aways take care of you and even if I’m away I’ll be always keeping an eye on you, so don’t you dare to sneak out with boys in the future.” He said to your stomach touching it carefully. His sweet word made tears form in your eyes, he was really going to be a great dad. “Calum, I’m hungry I’ll go make a sandwich.” You said. “No, I’ll go make your sandwich you should go rest.” He said. “Calum I’m just pregnant, it’s not like I’m sick or something.”


Today was the day you went to the doctor to see the baby’s gender. “Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Hemmings. It’s a girl!” The doctor said. You and Luke wanted a baby girl so this were really good news for you too. When you were at home you noticed Luke was kind of worried. “What’s wrong?” You asked him holding his hand. “It’s something irrelevant.” He said. “It’s okay, you cant tell me.” “It’s just that I’m scared of not having enough time with her, I really want to see her grow up, I don’t wanna miss any part of her life.” He admitted. His singing career was just starting to take off and his agenda was always full. “You won’t, there are many ways to stay in contact, we can Skype, I can send you pictures of her, we can even tour with the band if management let us.” You said. “But how will she know I care about her if I’m not even there for here.” He sighed. “Just talk with her at any time telling her how much you love her, you can start now.” You said placing his hand on your stomach and he smiled at you. “Hey sweetie, I know you don’t know me yet and I haven’t seen you but I love you so much. Words are not enough to explain myself how much, I just wanna let you know that you can always count on me. I swear I’ll take you with me when I’m away, I wont miss any day of your life.”

That facebook group with the admin that stole the art from won’t let me be done with this. They’ve been spamming me everywhere.
Their owner keeps IMing me on tumblr telling me to make a public apology for “bashing” their group. Their version of “bashing”, being that I said I was stolen from, and that they might’ve had even more stolen art on their page. I don’t want anything more to do with it. I told them if people are sending them messages I’m not the one who told them to. I just made a warning post. I’m not going to kiss their hands and thank them for removing the art that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.
I replied maybe once or twice, and they’ve sent me a ton of messages. They just kept spamming me out of nowhere.

They sent me  IMs on facebook too. I just blocked them on tumblr and as soon as I went on facebook to block them, I see this absolute GEM

I never was “seeking to ruin the page”. I don’t care about their page. But this is disgusting, they’re just trying to turn it around to make me look like the bad guy. I’m so upset I’m fucking shaking.
They’re claiming to me that they’re “sorry”, while they’re writing this in the background. I don’t have time to try and be the civil one here. They want me to do damage control on their group when I’m the one who’s had their work stolen.

How can they send me messages now, asking me to apologize and be nice to them, when they’re calling me an asshole on their group?
I don’t know why I ever post my fanart online to begin with. I just want them to keep my name out of their goddamn mouths.