i just want to improve my coloring

Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach - Chap. 3, page 1

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A new chapter has commenced! ok. So uh colors are the bane of my existence I’m pretty sure. I tried to go with a color palette, but then I deviated away from that, and then I took a break to cry on the floor in fetal position because COLORS DON’T LIKE ME! Well uh they aren’t actually that bad, but I do struggle a bit with them. And that’s part of the reason I’m doing this comic in color; it’d be much easier to just make it black and white, but I want to improve my coloring.

Also I hope you like Undyne’s little invoking of Mettaton :)

Btw if you want to make a comic dub of this, please go ahead! I totally encourage it. Just please give credit to me and unrestedjade.

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

My lack of color is thanks to the fact I’m terrible with shading so I’m trying to make that my primary focus. I took this pose from an older piece of art I did last year so I can see the improvement.

Plus it’s been awhile so I wanted to give you all yet another naked Turian *more confetti *

When you’re an artist, you can only be yourself. You can take inspiration, you can worry your style isn’t good enough, you can feel insecure…but you have to know that your art is YOURS. And no one can take that from you. Comparing yourself to others is really easy. And I find myself doing it a lot. And I worry I’m not good enough as others. I know I’m not. But my art is MINE. It’s my style, my colors, my lines. My expression. 

I just want to say that no matter what kind of creator you are…to just create. Go slow, go fast. Sketch, color. Write, sing, dance. Just do it. Because you will continue to improve with each mistake, each line, each word. It’s too easy to doubt. And I doubt all the time. Sometimes I post knowing I can do better. So I just apply more effort to the next drawing. Sometimes I like the haphazard messes I make. Sometimes I like spending time on detail. All I know is that I love drawing. And I love characters. And I love being able to make one person feel inspired. 

There will always be somebody better than you. That’s just a fact. But no one can BE you. You gotta remember that. I try too, anyway. It’s easy to feel insecure. I have days where I feel great and days where I feel like I’m not going anywhere. But time moves. Each creation is progress. And you’ll get to where you’re going. But you gotta be you. And that’s all I got. 🌴🌴🌴


“Light and Dark, Love and Hate,

“They’re two sides of the same coin.”

Wow angst. Why do I draw this crap?? Alright alright, so, my friend who sits next to me in math really wanted to see me draw some sad stuff in my sketchbook and I was like; “Aw sure, why not” MISTAKE very bad mistake. I cried drawing this and people thought that I was crazy because I kept on crying and laughing. I don’t even know why I was laughing ok. I used a mechanical pencil and copic markers/copic multiliner to draw/color/ink this garbage. I only inked the colored ones btw. AND, the little scribble with the date next to it is the signature that I use in my sketchbooks


You like my art?
You just enjoy my shitposts and want to help me?
Commission me and get a free art!

My commission prices are HERE BUT

- For a lineart, you’ll get a free line art!
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I aim to get such table to save my back and improve in inked stuff so I need about 160$/200$ (depending on the prices I can get in time while french sales). It will also help me to have a better place to stream inked works!

Please consider commissioning me! Reblogs will be highly appreciated ;)

Hey everyone! I saw a bunch of other people doing these, so I thought heck, I’ll do one too! I’ve picked my favorite drawings from each month! 2016 was a big year for me, art wise. It was also a big year for me, mental health wise. I have many things I’m still working to overcome, but I feel good about the steps I’ve made so far. I want to keep working hard to improve both myself, AND my art for the future! Here’s some of my art goals for 2017:

  • Don’t shy away from opportunities
  • Try different things! Don’t focus so much on just one type of fanart, or just fanart in general! (I’m still gonna do fanart, I just need to do more on top of it!)
  • draw/paint from life more
  • paint more scenery!
  • draw in my sketchbook more, and doodle more!
  • try more dynamic, exciting compositions
  • play with color more!
  • do more traditional work!

Whew, that’s a lot of things! But I have a lot I want to improve upon. :) Here’s to 2017 being a better, fulfilling year!

I also want to thank all of you for believing in me and supporting me. <3 You all give me the boost I need to keep moving forward! I want to keep working hard!! 

zenzyx  asked:

Hello there first wanted to say I love your art so much I was just browsing through someone's page and I saw your blog and scrolled through your art tag and kind of started crying inside. Everything you draw is so beautiful (especially the MP100); coloring, composition, style. everything ;_____;; You are my new art/mob inspiration thank you so much for existing


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I don't consider myself very Artistic™ and I can't draw for the life of me, but I do have a lot of photoshop experience and I like to mess around w/ vectors to curb anxiety. You, your positive attitude, and your gorgeous and wonderfully colorful art have inspired me to download unity and try to get back into coding/practice more kinds art. You seem like a really sweet and hardworking person and I just wanted to thank you!

DO IT. Please do explore and experiment with as many mediums of art as you can! Part of my goal with everything I’m doing is to inspire folks to get out there and make art and always improve. And I wanna entirely eliminate the misconception that only certain people can make games. All the tools and tutorials you need are right there on the internet, most of them free. You just gotta go for it. Thank you and I’m glad I could inspire you 💖

@itsonlylavender Hai ^.^ 

I wonder if you’d be willing to critique my chocolate/caramel pallet, and see if you had any input on improving it..? Still thinking about the syandana and armor bits, but may change those to white (chocolate)… and I suppose the current power color could be considered raspberry or raisin. I just wanted a little color beyond the various browns :P

All current colors are from the twilight pallet :B

Some thoughts. 

I think I should start improving a bit more, I wanna draw my own characters and start my own projects, for that reason I need to practice a lot more! Of course I want to continue drawing fanarts because I love doing it … is just that I think I need to be better about painting my drawings because I have NO technique (my own technique) and I would LOVE to have one… I wanna learn how to draw funds and how to correctly use colors and brushes … also I wanna have my own color palette!!!! for that and MORE I need to practice more, more and more! I absolutely think I can do good and interesting things if I propose do it, so I’ll upload more “varied” content to my tumblr (without leaving aside my fanarts, of course! ❤ ) So I hope to have your support and love (´ヮ`) I’d be really grateful! ~ Thanks

Prices are flexible depending on what more or less you want (or if you just have money issues, of course!) and I work traditionally and digitally. For traditional, I can use a few different media but predominantly watercolors. Let me know if you want something different, though! I can do nsfw but not porn, anthros, realistic portraits, etc. I do have limits of course, and I’ll definitely let you know if I don’t feel comfortable fulfilling your request. You can message me here on tumblr or email me at kyarystyles@gmail.com


1 character: $5 

+ 1 character: $2

Simple coloring/lineart

1 character: $10

+ 1 character: $3

+ background: $2-5

Fully lined/colored (more examples at the very top of this post!)

1 character: $20

+ 1 character: $10

+ background: $2-15


EDIT : I tweaked the image a bit with some Instagram filters and I realized how muted the colors are in the original picture. Also looks too soft and not defined enough. I will definitely do better next time. In the meantime, I decided to show you both pictures.

Look at my mad landscape skills!!! Hahaha

Ahhh, I’m trying to improve, I swear, it’s so hard. I want to be able to paint beautiful landscapes too!

This is a very quick one, worked with grayscale and then added some shades. I have mixed feelings about it. Tried out some new brushes, just let my mind flow and see what would come out.

Art © Blueem

I am the worst at choosing colors. Once in kindergarten, I got in trouble for using every crayon on one flower. I made it stripey. I’m trying to learn color theory, but my instinct is always to go for ALL THE COLORS, and then I just make a mess.

I like the mess. But no one else does. And I do want to improve, which means restraint. Restraint isn’t much fun.
Hello darlings, if I could steal a minute of your time~

I made a short survey which you can find here:

Woo Links!

If I could get people to give it a moment, there’s like 7 questions just on your opinion and some general info. I am curious about what you think of the blog and need ideas on how I can improve.

There are also some general questions about you as a follower, like age, favorite color, hogwarts house, etc. just know that these questions are purely for my entertainment, I just want to know more about you. I don’t get to see who submits the form so know it is anonymous and just for general info purposes!

You can send the form as many times as you want and can see the responses of others once you’ve submitted, so it’ll be fun to see what everyone thinks!

Thank you guys so much! Please shoot me an ask if you have questions!


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If you haven’t read @the-subpar-ghost‘s Drifting Stars, you’re missing out on some neat Ford/Mabel bonding and portal!Ford/Multiverse shenanigans.

And also some neat ambiance. I mean… This has to be the first fic where I just want to put the computer down to draw some background and especially play with lighting effects. Which explain why it’s pretty messy, those are like… Probably my only two drawings where I tried to play with Lights and Colors. I didn’t even sketch beforehand, only applying colors out of nowhere.

First one date from the beginning of the fic, chapter two. At the time, we didn’t know Mabel’s hair had been cut off which is why… yeah. Long hair here. The characters aren’t very detailed because they weren’t really the focus, I just wanted to be able to color fire and campfire. It… turned out pretty good after some tries. The bottom has unfortunately been cut, I’ll see if I can find it again and rescan it.

Second one is from the most recent chapter. I wanted to draw sunlight, with the characters somehow hiding in the shadow (pretty literally for poor Mabel). Ford’s one is reaaaaally bad. I mean, Ford is pretty good, but the room ? Yeesh.

Also a pencil!Mabel from this morning. Unfortunately the brown pencil I used had some strong reddish undertone and scanning it just… amplified it. She’s wearing a Sweater with the Big Dipper on it because obviously she would make one. (I like @x-i-l-verify headcanon about Mabel obtaining space yarn and knitting new Sweaters)

Carmilla Discussion:

I know I’m late to the party (like years late) but I JUST discovered this post [x] from the Producer regarding the lack of people of color in Carmilla and I am so thankful that I did.

Before getting into this I do want to make very clear that I love Carmilla. But just like with anything else it’s not without criticism. That doesn’t mean that it’s a “bad” show for having flaws or that I’m “hating” on it because I point it out. Constructive criticism is needed in order for improvement otherwise problems will continue to go unnoticed and unresolved. By pointing out these issues it can help with identifying and changing things that need to be fixed. 

So, having said that, one of my biggest criticisms that I had with Carmilla was their lack of people of color. It was a very noticeable issue in Season One as almost everyone was white. With a show that was so progressive in showing queer representation it was disappointing that there was such a prominent absence of POC (as well as any queer POC).

Being someone who wasn’t in the fandom when Season One was released I wasn’t sure if this topic was ever discussed. All I ever saw were some fan posts here and there commenting on this issue. That is why I’m glad that I found a post (from the Producer) publicly discussing this. 

What I respect about how she addressed this issue was that it wasn’t a defensive post. Instead, she recognized and stated that “we failed” in that department and were going to work on improving on it in the future. A statement that I usually don’t care for since anyone can say it. However, they stood by their words as Season Two was definitely an improvement in representation. Granted, I still had some criticism over the characters that they played (since not only do we need representation but good representation) and their lack of screen time in future seasons. But, overall, what was comforting to me was that they were aware of this problem, listened to fans, and worked to improve the show. A refreshing departure from many let downs I’ve had with other series.

There have been several shows that I have given up all hope on having them improve in their diversity/representation because they have shown no actual effort in doing so. From my experience, it’s usually creators spouting out empty words without any action, them ignoring the fans criticism, or flat out trying to justify and defend their choices. That is why I’m thankful to the Carmilla creators on this issue as they proved that they were listening and willing to work on it.

I’m glad that this topic was addressed in the beginning and I hope that it continues to be improved on for the film as well (along with other issues). I have faith in them. A big reason as to why I love Carmilla.

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good morning, I just wanted to drop by to say 1) your username is so great 2) your gifset of dnp + colors is so beautiful I want to die 3) in fact I think your coloring is always so great 4) I think your blog as a whole has such a lovely vibe 5) I also went through your colors tag and it made my mind explode with beauty. Hope you're doing well and have a nice day!

this is probably the nicest ask i’ve ever received omg thank u so much :’) 💕