i just want to hug this cosplayer

FFXV Fandom Friday!

Welcome to FFXV Fandom Friday, where I’ll be showcasing three creators in the fandom per week across various platforms! <3 This’ll be the first week I kick this off, so I’ve got a super cool lineup for you all!

If you’re looking for some absolutely awesome watercolour art, Cael’s got it nailed. What I love most about these pieces is the array of warm vibrant colours mixed in with cool counterparts that blend amazingly well! Check out Cael’s pages on the links above!

Next up, and moving briefly into the cosplay side of the fandom, is Yuuma! I stumbled across Yuuma right back when I first entered the fandom, and the above Prompto images re-appeared on my dash recently! I think we can all agree that the cosplay is absolutely spot-on and amazing! That gaze though in the first photo O: So intense! Check out Yuuma’s pages in the links!

And finally, Rah-Bop! Rah-Bop’s art is absolutely beautiful, and they do a great job of depicting creatures from the FFXV universe in amazing detail! - I mean, don’t you just want to hug that baby fluffball? Not only this, but Rah-Bop does some amazing artwork for fanfics that are absolutely jaw-dropping! So make sure to go check out those links!

That’s it for the first FFXV Fandom Friday! Let’s get the word out about artists, cosplayers, and more! Spread some positivity and love in the fandom!

I met so many nice cosplayers!!!! There was a really gorgeous Kanaya that I asked to take a picture of and I got nervous but if ur the Kanaya just know that you really portray your character really well. You seem very intelligent and kindhearted and you nailed her accent! I really wanted to ask you for a hug because like Kanaya, you seemed really comforting to me and really nice, but I just got so scared.

edit: please support the cosplayer. their URL is shriika

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Your Toru is so cute!! I really want to cosplay her but I was trying to figure out how to go about making myself look invisible, and I figured a morph suit in black or green ( something easily photoshopped out) would be the best... but it would look weird at conventions. Would you say this cosplay is best for photo shoots?

DEFINITELY A photo shoot only type thing. ALTHOUGH I DID find some cosplayers who brought toru along  by dressing a headless mannequin and just hug-carrying her around. XD 

This is a redraw of this photo I took of these amazing cosplayers! (again. redraw of cosplayers, not the actual voltron characters. I do not do whitewashing. I just want to point that out for those of you who may believe this is supposed to be the actual voltron characters) 

Do not repost or use anywhere
Do not remove artists comments
More under cut

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Look at these AWESOME PEOPLE cosplaying my designs at RTX!!!!! Casual Texas [cosplayer] (she’s even doing the pose god bless), King Gavin [cosplayer], Casual Theta [cosplayer], and Guns For Hire Felix! I’m not sure who Felix is so tag you if that is you!!!!

YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOUR COSPLAYS!!!! Thanks again guys I’m so super honored and happy to see my designs come to life you are all awesome! Let’s do it again 2015!


I’m just going to have to accept the fact that I will always look emotionally constipated or angry with the world 😂😂

Thank you so much NYCC for an awesome time, and everyone for the sweet comments.

We were laughing like mad, and I just wanted to share some highlights of cosplaying Deku~

☄ A person wearing a Pikachu kigu approached me and asked for a hug, to which I said yes, and when they hugged me they whispered that I, ‘Deku’, was a precious cinnamon roll too pure for this world, and I died!!

☄ NYCC attendees pronouncing Midoriya as 'MiDOORiya’. ngl this had me cringe at first, but it was a bit funny.

☄ Deku finding other Dekus and doing the finger gun thingy.

Boundaries and the differences between ‘friend’ and ‘fan’ in the cosplay community

Okay, time to get serious, folks.

In the last year I’ve suddenly found myself friends with some pretty damn popular cosplayers. I don’t say this to be a braggart, I have a point to make, promise. In my conversations with these excellent human beings there’s a topic that comes up quite a bit and that topic is the unsettling reactions they sometimes receive from their fans when they meet them at events.
Now whilst the majority are, I’m sure, genuinely positive experiences for all parties involved, there are a few situations where lines have been crossed.

Having experienced similar things myself and having been a part of the cosplay community for seven years this year (and having seen this sort of thing a lot in that time), it seems fair to say that this is pretty common among cosplayers, their fans and casual con goers. 
There appears to be this perception that popular cosplayers are celebrities, just much more accessible ones. And that apparently makes it okay to treat them in a way you would not treat, say, Scarlett Johansson. And more importantly, in a way you would not and should not treat a perfect stranger.  

The international cosplay community has been excellent at tackling the notorious ‘con creeper’. We’re all familiar with the phrase 'cosplay is not consent’, but a much less widely discussed topic is this newer culture of idolising popular cosplayers to the point of objectification.

To me it seems that there are two obvious forms that it takes, the first being the illusion of friendship. The second being the illusion of something more than that, or, at the very least, that romantic or sexual advances are desired and will be appreciated.

In the first of its forms it seems to be most prevalent among young female fans (aged 13-16 ish). This sounds relatively harmless but I can promise you that being followed around all day at conventions by fifteen year olds that you barely know, or stalked -for want of a better word- on all your online accounts (even private ones), is hardly harmless. Outside of the cosplay community and the internet these things would be considered social taboos, so why are they okay here?

Something that I really think needs stressing is that just because you follow someone’s cosplay Facebook or Instagram does not make you their friend. It is totally one sided. You may feel like you know each other because you see everything they post but chances are they only really know your name and that you like their cosplays. With that in mind, being approached at a convention with the exaggerated familiarity usually displayed is pretty unnerving.

The second form of this illusion of familiarity does fall under the 'cosplay is not consent’ umbrella. The same as above applies here also, you do not know the people you follow and they do not know you.
To that end, you cannot and should not hug them, touch them or their costume/props without their permission, ask them out, make lewd comments or take their picture without asking. These things are harassment and just because we as cosplayers put ourselves out there, regardless of the size of our following, it does not mean we waive the right to personal space and boundaries.

If any cosplayers with personal experiences of this sort of thing want to add to this post, please feel free to do so. It’s a topic that I believe needs to have some light shed on it as it can have quite serious and negative ramifications for the cosplayers involved.

tl;dr: just because you follow someone, that doesn’t mean you are friends with them. Treat popular cosplayers and cosplayers you meet at cons with the respect you would afford a stranger and by all means be excited and enthusiastic but try not to breach their personal space or make them uncomfortable. Please and thank you.

Adventures at _______con.

My first convention experience! Oh this one is…definitely one to be remembered. Not going to this con ever again, no siree.

So I want to my first ever con for my birthday this Thursday, July 30th. It was a nice and popular con, where I was assured by a really good friend that it’d be fun. So I oblidged, and soon I was going as 2p Italy from the anime Hetalia. Nothing special, really, and not great compared to many cosplays at the convention.

I went with two friends: An Aoi Asahina and a Talent Swap Touko Fukawa. I would have gone as Daiya Oowada, but the reason why I didn’t is another story involving a weeb, but that’s for another time.

So we were walking around the second day for Linecon, when all of a sudden this girl just grabs me from the line we were in and hugs me. Tightly.

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this pretty much sums up my day *U* THIS IS THE BEST DEADPOOL COSPLAYER EVER *drools all over keyboard*

i couldn’t stop staring at him, wanting to hug him and never let go and just  GAAAAAH and he gave me the tightest hug evrhjwbfjhwefjkewhfkjew

PS: i hugged him around 6 times in two days (because damn it i am in love) and he had boobs of steel and booty to die for

Lately, I’ve been noticing some disgusting activity within some fans and fandoms, and honestly, I’m way past the point of fed up with it all. So many creators are no longer feeling comfortable doing what they love to do and enjoying the things they used to love because bad fans are spoiling it for everyone. No, not everyone is a bad fan, but that doesn’t excuse that kind of behavior.

If you like a certain piece an artist worked on, there is usually a way for you to enjoy it without hurting the artist, and it’s almost always usually the same methods no matter the platform the artist decides to upload their art. For artists on Tumblr, you find the artist’s own Tumblr and like and reblog from them. Unless it is from an account the original creator gave permission to post, you should always check and make sure the source from the legitimate Tumblr artist. If the artist watermarks their url or name onto their works, it’s even easier! For artists on Twitter, you like and retweet from the original artist’s Twitter account and ONLY their Twitter. Not from fandom Twitters, not from your friends tweeting about how much they love this art – from the original Twitter only. If you see art on Tumblr and the source says it’s from a Twitter or Pixiv account, make sure the poster has actual proof of permission to post the art! This is typically a link to a screenshot with a message of permission. There have been rumors of people who say they have permission but they really don’t! If you ever see art on Instagram – almost 99% of the time it is REPOSTED and especially WITHOUT PERMISSION. Don’t EVER support these reposters; so many artists are frustrated because they’re trying to report reposters, but have ended up getting punished themselves, which is downright insane. It’s so simple – if you like the art, you find the original artist’s webpage, be it Tumblr, Twitter, Pixiv, etc. If you can’t find the source, don’t repost the art asking for the source – it can possibly spread. Do a reverse image search to try and find some clues. A lot of artists are friends with one another or know each others’ styles, you can try asking one of them if they know the source. And if you can’t find the source after that – I’m sorry to say, but you’ll have to give up. Reposting the art and saying “I don’t know the source, sorry!” isn’t gonna cut it. Reposting without an artist’s permission is definitely not gonna cut it. If you really liked it, you’d go out of your way to find the original source and continue supporting them from whatever platform they’re on.

Both artists and writers have been personally disrespected by fans as well recently, and that is not okay at all either. If an artists makes a statement about their work – for instance, they say they don’t want something reblogged because it’s still a work in progress and they just wanted to share what they have so far, DON’T reblog it! If an artist says they don’t want to draw a certain pairing or even a certain fandom, DON’T question it. Don’t ask why they won’t do it, don’t ask if they can do it for you. They’ve made it clear they don’t want to do it, so don’t give them even more of a headache and thinking they’ll make an exception for you. They won’t. Writers as well have been getting a bunch of flak from their pieces. Writers go through hours upon hours of research to write about the things they write about. If you don’t feel comfortable with what an writer or artist works on for whatever reason; you don’t like the ship, you don’t like the topics they write about, etc., DON’T bother the creator by raging out on them. They aren’t spending all these hours that could be used somewhere else to please or anger YOU specifically. You can choose to ignore them and never see them again. And if you DO decide to bother them about it – especially if you decide to personally attack the creator and comment about who they are as people, calling them terrible names or wishing bad things upon them – shame on you. You deserve to be blocked by them, and most definitely will be.

Cosplayers are not safe from bad fans either. It’s great to appreciate their cosplay – most people spend countless weeks preparing for the big con to show off their work. And even if they bought their cosplay, everyone’s spending money that can be used for other necessities or recreational resources that are being put into this costume because they love the character or series it represents that much. People go through so much to try their best to cosplay and they deserve as much respect as any other fan making an effort to contribute to the fandom. Many cosplayers feel great about themselves when someone comes up to them and tells them they love their cosplay or the character they’re cosplaying. However, cosplayers also have personal space that needs to be respected. In no way should you EVER make comments about their body; size, skin, etc. Although they love the appreciation you have for them, you are not the #1 person they’re trying to please when they’re cosplaying, so your snarky comments are irrelevant and hurtful. Calling them out because they’re dressed as your favorite character is absolute wrong as well. Never is it okay to yell across the hall, “HEY!! YOU’RE MY WAIFU!!!” at a cosplayer. It is embarrassing, degrading, and downright disrespectful. Personal space and body respect also applies to photos and touching. Typically, if you want to hug a cosplayer because you respect them that much, you ask them first. 9/10 times they will say yes. If they don’t, you’ll have to suck it up, because they have a right to their body. If they do let you hug them, don’t you dare think about touching them inappropriately. When you’re taking pictures of them either, you have to remember that they’re real people and not just sex symbols or 3D versions of your 2D fantasies – I don’t care how “scantily clad” they are. If you’re taking a picture or video of a cosplayer just to zoom in on their chest or crotch, you deserve the worst.

In conclusion: don’t do it. Don’t be that person that ruins it for everyone. Think about common courtesy before you do something stupid. Have fun and enjoy what you like with others, but be respectful to everyone doing their own thing.

If anyone else needs to add something, go ahead and do it.

Tips and etiquette for PAX South

With PAX South coming up next week, I thought I’d make a con etiquette/advice post for those of y'all that aren’t that familiar with the con scene!


  • For those of y'all staying in a hotel, look up your check-in times and check in as early as possible. All the hotels in the surrounding area are probably gonna be filled with con goers, so the earlier you can drop your luggage off in your room, the better.
  • Hotel elevators, especially in the Hyatt, are going to be PACKED 24/7. There’s really no way to avoid this, but be prepared to wait for a long time and don’t be afraid to squeeze in with a bunch of strangers.
  • If you’re picking up your pass, try to get in line as early as possible. The lines are probably going to be very long, so try to snag your pass before the time of any panels you’re going to!
  • Food offered in the hotels and the convention center is going to be on the more expensive side, so I suggest packing your own lunch (like sandwiches) to save some money.
  • Speaking of food, there are a bunch of restaurants along the riverwalk right across the street from the convention center. There’s also the food court in the Rivercenter mall, but finding a seat may be a bit tricky.
  • Carry a water bottle with you! You’re going to be doing a lot of walking, so remember to stay hydrated. Thankfully this con is taking place in the winter, so you don’t have to worry about the horrific San Antonio heat, but staying hydrated is still important.
  • Bring a small backpack or a large purse to carry all your stuff in, but NEVER set it down somewhere. Theft isn’t uncommon at cons, unfortunately.


  • ALWAYS ask someone if it’s okay to take their picture, no matter if it’s a cosplayer or an official guest of the con.
  • Please don’t be rude to the con staff. They’re there to help you and make sure that things are running smoothly, so don’t harrass them.
  • Are you excited to see certain guests, like Markiplier or Roosterteeth? Great! When you get a chance to meet them, PLEASE remember that these are real people. Don’t scream at the sight of them, or try to hug them without their consent, or tell them you want to do lewd things with them. That’s just creepy.
  • I hate to even put this here, but there’s no reason to be rude to anyone, including other con goers, or just curious citizens that want to know what’s going on. Be considerate of others.
  • REMEMBER STRANGER DANGER. I hate to say it, but there is almost always shady characters present at large conventions, so be wary of who you meet. Don’t go anywhere alone with someone you just met.

And that’s everything I can think of! Please spread this around to others you know are going to be attending PAX South, and if you have anything else to contribute to this, feel free to add it on!


I want to stress that just because a person is in cosplay, does not mean they ARE the character. What I mean by this is, do not expect someone who’s cosplaying a very outgoing character to be outgoing themselves. Do not expect a person cosplaying a character with one sexual orientation to also be that sexual orientation. And just because you think their CHARACTER would like a hug from you, does not mean THE COSPLAYER wants a hug from you.

Please be able to differentiate between a character and a person cosplaying a character. If the person seems uncomfortable with whatever you’re doing, stop doing it.


Okay, lemme tell you a little story about these two shop owners at AX11.  I have no idea who they are, but I met them while I was walking around around the Exhibit Hall and I happened upon a booth selling cosplay wigs.  Of course, since Ouran is my favorite anime, I deeply wanted to get a picture of the two shopkeepers as they were dressed as the duo of Tamaki Suoh and Kyoya Ootori (favorite BroTP ever, I might add).

As I approached the booth, the Tamaki cosplayer/shopkeeper was making a sale, and she was making the sale COMPLETELY IN CHARACTER.  There were “this wig would look stunning on you, princess; though, why would you want to cover up that beautiful hair you already have–ah! such is the price of good cosplay!” and “It’s currently priced at $50, but for a lady such as yourself I could discount it $5."  Honestly, the Tamaki was flitting around from customer to customer selling way more than just wigs.

The Kyoya cosplayer/shopkeeper was near the register counting receipts, so I approached her and asked if I could take a picture of the two of them, and her reply was, "Of course, but only if you don’t mind waiting until the moron over there finishes making me–I mean us–a sale.  These wigs don’t sell themselves you know.”

I kept my composure and waited, then the two of them took forever to pose because Tamaki wanted to take one hugging Kyoya, and Kyoya, of course, wanted no part of that, so they ended up settling on striking their own poses, and I took the picture, thanked them both, and moved on.

It was probably my most favorite thing that happened at AX11, and that’s what memory is making me laugh on Day #8.

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that cammy cosplayer not your wife you stupid slut you just wish you looked like her. i bet you don't even know her.


Of course I want to look like my precious baby Ikuy. She’s hot as fuck.

But please

continue to tell me

how we don’t know each other

and how she isn’t

my precious wife

We have the best platonic best friend wife relationship and I’ll be getting more kisses and gripping hugs and butt time then you could ever wish for anon. Lol peace nerd.