i just want to hug him do u feel me

mafia!BTS reaction when they get overprotective & jealous

(requested by anon: Mafia!au bts to getting jealous oor confessing for the first time… I have no idea.. But what is really important is that u point out how ruthless they r to others and kind to u and that its fluff and smut hehe)

EXO version

warnings: violence, swearing, various kinks *idk smuty-ish*

You were new to the gang. You were great with everyone except this one guy. You were actually scared of him bc he was the leader. That’s why u were sort of submissive towards him and he adored it. He treated u with exaggerated kindness and affection but that was one part of the time.. The other he just glared at u and was cold. But the way he acted when it was either his enemies or anyone who tried to come near u.. he was ruthless. And today a guy from the gang decided to do smthng he shouldn’t have and the word „closeness“ starts to describe it very well..


He stopped listening to the guy who was talking to him and he started to glare at the guy coming towards you. As u saw his face u got up, excused urself and went to Yoongi who was on the other side of the room. He was still glaring at the guy behind u so u sat into his lap and hugged him around his neck while caressing him from his ear to his collar bone and down to his shoulder. He was still glaring at the guy but soon closed his eyes as he hugged you back wrapping his arms around your waist really tight.


He was leaning against the table glaring at the guy intensely. Once u saw his face u knew he’ll blow up very soon. So u went to him as he was very near to u. U were by his side when he started walking towards the guy angrily. You quickly grabbed his hand hugging it around his upper arm. Your lips reached his ear. „Oppa..“ your soft whisper made him calm down and soften. He hugged you making you touch his neck with your lips on purpose.


You knew u had to make him calm down or otherwise the situation won’t end good. „I’m sorry but I think it’s not a good idea to talk to me in front of my oppa..“ The guy was shook by what u said not knowing of that kind of a relationship between u and the leader. He apologised and you slightly nodded while getting up and walking over to Jin. You just stood in front of him watching ur feet bc u knew he heard what u just said. He pulled u roughly towards him so that u bumped into his chest and rested your cheek on his shoulder. „Mine“ he whispered into ur ear. „Only. Mine.“


He just glared and glared after he couldn’t keep it in. He got up and appeared in front of the guy in seconds. He punched him fiercely. You stood quickly up and started moving Jimin away from the guy before someone srsly got hurt. „Don’t you ever come fucking close to her again, she’s mine“ he hissed as the guy went away. Jimin was shaking how furious he was. You hugged him while rubbing his head with ur thumb and with the other hand wrapped around his back. „Oppa it’s okay..“ you said softly as you kissed his cheek. Jimin hugged you back tightly as he moved his head to face yours, rubbing his nose softly against yours.


He just stared in disbelief. He knew the guy knew about his feelings, I mean everyone knew just didn’t dare to say that to u. He didn’t move or anything he just glared at u two. Once the guy went away you were about to get up but a tight grasp around you wrist stopped u. „Do u want me to fucking lose my mind and kill someone!?“ he said angrily. You placed your hand on his cheek caressing it. You kissed him softly trying to calm him down. He didn’t give into the kiss a lot and he was cold. You started moving away when Hoseok grabbed u around the waist and pulled you back with ur face inches away from his. „Where do u think you’re going?“  


He just gave you the come-here-before-I-kill-him-and-teach-you-a-lesson look. You didn’t think much you just went over to him and sat beside him on the couch. He patted his lap and indicated that u sit on him. You were a bit hesitant. He rolled his eyes and grabbed with one hand your legs and with the other your back and sat u on him. You were startled but you didn’t fight back. He made you fall down a bit by spreading his legs so that you were in a submissive-like position. You put your hands on his chest while he caressed your back as he wrapped himself around you. „My little princess“ he said while kissing your head making you giggle.


Jungkook came up to you and took you away from him. He lead you outside making you shake bc it was cold and your jacket was inside. He was looking in another direction when your soft, shaky voice scared him a bit. „Oppa I’m c-cold..“ you were shaking while looking at him. He closed the gap between you two and started taking his jacket off. „No“ you said and placed your hand on one of his as he took the jacket off. „Yes“ he said with a dark, dominant look which made you flustered. He continued taking it off when you all of a sudden hugged him and put his jacket back on. As you put it back on him, with Jungkook’s protests, he unzipped it and covered you with it from both ur sides as he hugged you tightly. „My kitten can’t catch a cold“ he said making you giggle into his chest.

xx oh wow this turned long I’m sorry not sorry eheh.. hope anon likes it, sorry for the long wait xx


Summary: Genos gets a minor upgrade, and Saitama is intrigued.

Words: ~1300

Rating/pairing: General. Saitama/Genos fluff, pre-relationship

Note: I wrote this mostly to try and get something written. It’s silly with just a touch of feels.

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Viktor glanced his way, tearing his eyes away from the flashing of the cameras to stare up at Yuuri. A thrill of satisfaction flared in Yuuri’s chest as he registered the way Viktor had to tilt his head slightly to look Yuuri in the eye, had to look up at him the way Yuuri had been looking up at Viktor for years.

There were thousands of eyes and ears trained on them but Yuuri couldn’t quite help himself. The satisfaction of seeing Viktor below him, looking up, was just too much.

“Enjoying the view?” He asked and it was petty, so petty to jab at the fact that Viktor was currently looking at the world from a much lower place than he was used to but Yuuri couldn’t regret saying it. It was worth it for the shocked look that appeared on Viktor’s face and Yuuri could even hear Giacometti snigger from the lowest platform on his other side.

ahh I have so many issues with this sketch but I don’t think I have the patience to redraw it so here have it before I destroy it beyond saving

a scene from 8th chapter of Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin :D hope you like it! Yuri being such an ass I love him// and my poor Victor having no idea why the man hates him sm :( can’t wait for them to sort things out!

I have broken my rule of not reading ongoing fanfics with this one but I have no regrets ╮(─▽─)╭

edit: I’ve seen some people saying that they hate when people are calling Yuuri an asshole so in case it might refer that to me - I do not think he’s an actual ass. I understand his feelings. Pls don’t think I don’t love him and want to hug him and tell him how valid he is. I just called him that in this situation, he was himself aware of how what he said could be received, that doesn’t mean I don’t understand his true nature, character, motives and emotions.

seventeen: when you’re sick

Anonymous asked: MTL what would svt do if their girlfriend was sick, but he really missed her so he still wanted to kiss her and hug her, but she says staY AwAY because she doesn’t want to spread her sickness, but he doesnt care because he missed her too much. <3<3<3

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  • literally joy incarnate
  • does not care if you’re sick he wants to be around you
  • if he has to risk getting sick to make you happy then so be it

S. Coups

  • have you ever seen him interact with another human being
  • you being sick won’t stop him from hugging you
  • nor will it stop him kissing you
  • moral of the story: nothing stops coups


  • since he misses you that much he wouldn’t even notice you were sick at first
  • he’d just attack you with the biggest hug ever
  • “wait. you’re sick?”
  • (he still doesn’t let go)


  • probably gave you the cold lbr
  • its kinda hard to escape his grasp bc of his long arms
  • so you let him hold you bc it makes him happy
  • it makes you crazy happy too, but you weren’t going to admit that 


  • doesn’t really want to get sick
  • also doesn’t like the idea of not touching you
  • his solution? a lot of hugs from behind
  • and a lot of kisses on your neck


  • totally wants to shower you with affection
  • but since you don’t want him to, he doesn’t
  • he does steal a kiss, tho


  • he gets pouty when you tell him not to hug/kiss you
  • when that doesn’t work he snuggles with you on the couch
  • you rest ur head on his shoulder
  • and he places a quick kiss on top of your head


  • he decides to put you to bed
  • if you’re rejecting his hugs there must be something really wrong with you
  • “i guess we can hug when you’re not on the verge of death”


  • becomes your doctor
  • makes sure you take your medicine and drink lots of water
  • hugging/kissing you isn’t as much of a concern as your health


  • not really into much physical affection anyway
  • but you are the exception
  • he feels like he shouldn’t just leave u like that 
  • so u get a gentle slightly awkward rub on the back   


  • “if I can’t hug or kiss you … what am I supposed to do”
  • “make me some soup or something. please.” 
  • “how the hell do i do that?”


  • probably takes it as a personal insult when you don’t want to hug him
  • “fine if you don’t want me to hug you i won’t hug you.”
  • patiently waits for you to give in and hug him


  • he’s not trying to get sick.
  • he has vocal chords to protect, come on now. 

- when he likes somebody


- a total fck boy

- just kidding

- but you think he is

- because of how he acts and talks

- ever since he saw you in freshmen year, jun was like !!!! omg!!!! look!!! its my future wife!!! 

- and he was a little dork back then awwww with his bowl cut awww haha

- but then sophomore year came and bOOM 

- he’s sexy

- like reAL SEXY LIKE–

- sorry

- you’re like really beautiful, reader

- so that’s one reason why wen jun hui fell for you

- you’re beautiful inside and out

- you’re kind but can be a bit blunt sometimes, which somehow makes jun thiNK ITS HOT???

- like since jun always acts so flirty around you, he’s always trying to wrap his arm around you and stuff

- and you’d always sigh and push him away

- but somehow 

- it just makes jun want you even more like boy istg

- jun would always just look at you with this dreamy expression and soft smile

- but once you look over, his smirk appears and his eyebrow raises

- and you roll your eyes at him because he seems too…. fCK BOY

- you’re really athletic and talented do things really effortlessly

- you play the piano, guitar, play volleyball, tennis, and dance– hip-hop and ballet

- and jun really admires how you do everything so perfectly yet effortlessly

- like he remembers clearly when he first came to the school, it was after school because he wanted to take a tour before his real school-day starts do he doesn’t feel flustered if he goes to the wrong classroom

- and he was told to just look around while his parents were talking to the principle

- and jun wonders upstairs but he stops in front of a room where there was soft music playing

- and he slowly peeks in and he sees you in your ballerina attire and you’re dancing so gracefully

- and when you turn around and open your eyes, jun’s heart like, stops, because you’re so beautiful

- and you blink 

- and he’s gone

- so you shrug it off and continue dancing 

- while jun’s behind the door and he’s blushing so hard

- so you get annoyed by jun ever since he turned hot and got so much confidence that he turned a bit cocky

- every time you walked out of your classroom to your locker

- jun would suddenly walk behind you and place his hand next to your head on a locker

- and you’d already know it’s him because 1, his big-ass hand, 2, his strong cologne

- you’d always just push him away and sigh in annoyance while jun just chuckles his annoying chuckle that souNDS SO GODDAMN ATTRACTIVE

- at first you got flustered when he first did this

- but when you saw him talking to other girls, you realized, or so you thought, it was his true demeanor 

- so after that, you brushed off your violent heart-pounding feeling from his flirtatious actions because you secretly already fell for him friCK

- but the thing is, jun only is original when it comes to you and he would actually mean everything he says

- unlike just saying, “lookin’ cute today,” “thanks pretty lady,” to other girls

- he would call you beautiful and gorgeous and would always stare at you with a soft smile and dreamy eyes when you’re not looking 

- but you’d just brush it off and tell him to stop

- okay story time

- one day in class, after-school, you were just helping the teacher out by cleaning up the room

- jun was walking by, glancing in each classroom, 

- and once he saw you, he took a double-take and grinned

- he walked in and grinned wider when he saw you with your headphones on, and your back faced towards him

- but he just knows its you because he had observed you for the longest time now lmao

- he goes behind you and just wraps his arms around you from behind and his chin is on your shoulder

- you drop the cleaning cloth that was in your hands and you scream

- and jun bursts out laughing before turning you around and pecking your cheek

- you gasp and shove him away

- “jun! you asshole!” 

- and he’s laughing so hard

- you frown and blush hard in embarrassment, storming out of the classroom

- jun pouts and follows you, “hey~ Y/N~”

- you point at him and shout, “don’t follow me!” 

- jun just smirks and wiggles his finger and he jogs up to your side, grabbing your hand, “no can do, beautiful.” 

- you press your lips together into a firm line and push him away

- “jun! I’m serious!” 

- jun doesn’t take you seriously LOL

- he continues clinging onto you and grinning

- you stop in front of the janitors closet and open it

- jun smirks and raises his brows, “oh, so you do want to kiss me.” 

- you hiss, “shut up jun, no one wants to kiss you.” 

- jun pretends to be hurt before he laughs

- “i’m helping the teacher clean up the classroom so i need more supplies. don’t get too cocky, asshole.” 

- jun just watches you before whistling and opening the lights in the closet before closing it behind him as he walks in

- you gasp and widen your eyes before looking at him 

- “so, shall we–” 

- “jun! you dumbass! no!” 

- you almost cry because you immediately try and open the door 

- jun just raises his eyebrows, “what’s wrong? why–” 

- you sigh and face-palm before shouting, “you stupid– this dOOR ONLY OPENS FROM THE OUTSIDE” 

- jun widens his eyes before muttering, “let me try.” 

- and immediately he fking boDY SLAMS HIS BODY AGAINST THE DOOR LMAO IM 



- and you’re standing there, crossing your arms and looking at your watch before crying out, “it’s almost 7 and the janitor doesn’t come in this hallway until like, 10.” 

- jun’s just like, “why?”

- you kick his shin and he cries out while you huff and sit down in the corner, frowning

- jun just pouts and tries to sit next to you but you push him away and hug your knees

- jun sits near you and just stares at you

- the closet is surprisingly cold dont ask ok its for the story 

- let’s just say it helps the longevity of the products for cleaning :–))

- you and jun stay silent, just hearing the sound of breathing from both of you

- you glare at jun when you saw him stare at you

- jun suddenly mumbles, “why do you hate me so much?” 

- “because you’re annoying,” you’d respond almost immediately

- jun would shrug, “but i didn’t even do anything that’ll hurt you.” 

- you frown, “you’re still annoying. you won’t ever leave me alone and you’re always shouting into my ear.” 

- jun would just crack a slightly smile, his arm resting on on of his legs 

- “yeah. i never leave you alone, huh?” 

- you’d just nod and stare at him

- “I can leave you alone if you’d do something for me.” 

- immediately you scream, “perVERT” 

- jun just widens his eyes and actuaLLY BLUSH LIKE , “NO THAT–”

- jun just sighs and mutters, “look, do you want personal space or not?” 

- you just stay silent before looking at him

- you slowly nod

- jun would stare at you and the look in his eyes mELT YOUR SOUL


- and you blush

- jun just licks his lips and mumbles, “come closer.” 

- you refuse which ends up with jun shuffling over

- you blush really hard and hide your face behind your hoodie


- and jun just slowly wraps his arm around you and pull you to his chest

- and you widen your eyes like !!! what r u!!!

- and he’s hugging you tightly with his head buried in your neck

- you want to push him away but knowing jun, he’d refuse

- you just sigh and sit, trying to ignore your heart violently beating against your ribcage

- then jun would softly speak

- “why do you always push me away? i know i may be annoying but that’s the only way i can get your attention away from boys who go for the nice-guy approach.” 

- you freeze and feel his arms tighten around you

- “do you know how cruel you are? do you know how many times I’ve tried to confess to you, but you always push me off and curse at me?” he’d say, his voice going softer, “you’re so beautiful, did you know that? you’re the most beautiful person ever.” 

- you redden and just slowly wrap your arms around him because his words are making you melt and he would shift so his lips were slightly brushing against your ear

- “do you know why i actually take the time to do my hair and get nicely dressed with nice clothes? to try and impress you. but no, you ignore me and shout at me, telling me to leave you alone.” 

- you feel a bit bad, so you’d place your hands on his chest and slowly pull away, staring at him with unbelieving eyes

- “you might not take me seriously, but i truly mean every word, Y/N.” jun would whisper, staring into your eyes as he places his hand on yours and the other, cupping your cheek. 

- “i have liked you– loved you for so long, and do you know how broken I actually get? It hurts but i just keep trying. no matter how stupid my antics get, i thought i could’ve just caught your heart with my words.” 

- jun would then smile softly, pressing his forehead against yours, “it looked like it worked at first, but as time passed, i realized how annoying I got and how cocky i seemed. I’m sorry.” 

- you’d stare at him 

- and finally a soft smile appears on your face

- “jun, you’re so dumb.” 

- jun would chuckle lightly, “I am, huh? and you’re the reason why. my brain won’t work whenever i’m near you.” 

- you blush again and avoid his eyes

- and you would feel his face move closer and his lips slightly brush against yours

- you’d lean closer because of your feelings overwhelming you, and you’d kiss him lightly

- he’d grip onto your waist with the hand that was on your cheek and he would kiss you firmly

- you’d cup his cheeks and kiss him 

- and you’d realize that he did actually like you 

- when you both pull away, jun had the biggest, genuine, smile on his face

- you’d just smile shyly at him and hug him, your head resting on his chest

- and he would kiss the top of your head and mumble, “i dreamt of this moment but not in a closet.” 

- you’d blush so hard and just look at him


- and you’d just lean up and kiss him again

- and he’d shut up and kiss back immediately

- and you’d pull away and just stare at him



- there stand the old man, sighing

- “youngsters these days istg” 


- you would look at jun and you both would laugh with red cheeks

- and you’d both stop in the middle of the hallway and just stare at each other

- “did you… really mean it? like… i mean..” 

- jun would just smile, “i understand if you feel a bit suspicious but i really do mean it.” 

- you’d blush and just mumble, “sorry.” 

- but jun would just rub his neck and be like, “soo… do i still have to keep up with the ‘leave you alone thing’ orr…” 

- and you’d just chuckle and walk past him, your shoulder bumping his arm as you glanced back

- “just don’t be annoying and cocky anymore because you don’t have to.” 

- jun would just grin and jog up to you, playfully bumping your shoulder, “really?!” 

- you’d just roll your eyes, “don’t make me regret it.” 

- he’d grin so widely, “you won’t!” 

- cue jun suddenly grabbing your face and kissing you

- and you’re like !!!omg!!!

- but you’re grinning against his lips and lightly smacking his chest

- and he’s just kissing the life outta you ok he jusT REALLY WANTED TO DO THIS SO LET THE BOY BE

sorry if it seemed a bit rushed omg :c this was my third writing for today :’–)


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

7.) Admirer!Vernon

8.) Admirer!Hoshi

9.) Admirer!Woozi

10.) Admirer!Jun

11.) Admirer!Seungkwan

12.) Admirer!Chan

13.) Admirer!DK

evakerlitvet  asked:

In screaming and feeling 725 things all together at 7:49am. First off all, wiss, how do you manage to make the most heartbreaking moments hilarious? I nearly laughed at some of the saddest moments just bc of a sentence. LYNN. How could u do thaaat! I mean she must've told Even about isak's relationship with Mentally ill ppl right? Simple but sth that'd hurt Even the most? Idk. Isak struggling is KILLING ME. All I want to do is to reach out for him and hug him. Vilde's playlist!that was awesome♡♡

Hiiii love 💛💛 haha I’m glad you enjoyed it. Gahh Lynn. Lol. I planned it all along but then I realized it made her look psychotic bit oh well. Lol. Haha
I’m glad you liked Vilde’s playlist idea hahahaha. I really wanted to include her. Isak will be happy soon 💛

Thank you for reading ilyy thank you so muchhh for always messaging me

anonymous asked:

Hi ^^ first of all I really love ur blog and your love for Jikook, thank u so much for let us always update! You're so precious! Can I share u smtg? I dont think "Jimin makes Kookie jealous on purpose" and it's kinda offensive towards other ships... Imagine if Taekook shippers say that Jungkook hugs etc Jimin just to make Tae jealous, I personally would hate it... u dont need to reply I just wanted to let u know, if you find this suggestion unnecessary please ignore this, I respect your POV :)

If u follow me u may already notice that I hardly post any asks, but if u send me messages directly, I’ll definitely reply it in details, cuz I do find that’s just my opinions and I don’t want to public it, but here… I have to post it cuz it’s really a big thing.

1) As u mentioned Tae, I stan Kookie but I can’t find any romance between TaeKook tbh, they are friends, friends for games, friends for kidding/joking, friends for doing some ridiculous things together, and they are cute, their friendship is cute, that’s my opinion.
Even though I hardship JiKook/KookMin, I have to admit/do find that VMin’s more romantic than TaeKook, u can unfollow me but that’s really my thought.

2) About the ‘offend other couples’, tbh this is JiKook/KookMin blog, why mention other couples here?😅And why do other shippers of other couples come to JiKook blog and watch it’s videos then say it’s offensive…?😅

3) About the thing Jimin plays with other members to make Kookie jealous, can I say it in another word? Jimin needs Jungkook’s attention and he does know that if he does something too much close/intimate with another guys in front of his bae, his bae will notice it and get jealous (stop talking with his new friends aka Seventeen members, Yugyeom,…and come back to him, like a lost puppy😅). He knows Jungkook well and he also knows the way how to handle his own jealousy by showing to Jungkook that “Do u feel uncomfortable when I hug another guys? So why u dare to do it, right in front of me?”

Moreover, the way u treat your boyfriend is totally different from the way u treat your friends/your family, isn’t it? I also prepared a really long post as evidences to show u that Kook treats Jiminie differently, OK I decide not to post it, just want to emphasize that I can find evidences which means Kook really does it, he really treats Jimin differently, not as hyung, not as friend, not as family or member, he treats him as his lover, it’s getting more and more not-so-subtle since last year: 2016 (coming of age time….)

Don’t know what I’m saying now but yep, I really mean it, thanks for sending me this ask tho~^^

svt reacting to thunderstorms

s.coups - he’d probably scream with you and probably hug you as a reflex (let’s be honest as manly as seungcheol is he’s still a sweet dork inside)

jeonghan - tbh he’d just get this little !! shock !! when he hears thunder so he’d kinda like grip onto your arm a little like the way airsick people do to plane armrests 

joshua - he’d just laugh it off and offer to play you a song on the guitar or something and kinda pet u like he would pet a cat

jun - he’d probably laugh a little at you being scared and in his super smooth voice probably say something like “you’re older than me you shouldn’t be scared by these kinds of things. I don’t mind though, it’s cute”

hoshi - he’d hug u or something tbh he’d probably find storms really entertaining like “WHICH THUNDERCLAP WAS LOUDER MINE OR URS” and just go “bOOM BOOM” really loudly until you started to laugh 

wonwoo - he wouldn’t even notice. he would probably be asleep or something but if he did realise he’d just throw an arm around you and pull you closer and go back to sleep. 

woozi - he’d probably yell out something like “THANK GOD I LOVE THUNDERSTORMS” and try his utmost best to make you feel the same way (probably by cuddling up to you and playing soft music in the background)

mingyu - he is a huge puppy he’ll just hug you and be all “it’s okay it’s okay do you want me to cook you something to calm you down? Do you want a hot drink? Mother is here” 

dk - he is the sun he will dispel all rain within 1000 metres of him even if there was a thunderstorm he’d give u like his megawatt smile and the clouds would dissipate immediately. precious sunshine child

the8 - probably the only one who straight up isn’t startled by thunderstorms and uses this to his advantage and tries to calm you down with his calm. probably also thinks rain smells nice 

seungkwan - tbh his reaction to thunderstorms is mostly “ooOOHH MY GOD” but he wants to act cool around you so he pretends he’s not afraid and he’s all “look even though i’m younger i am fearless” but when the slightest rumble is heard in the distance he jumps like 50 feet in the air 

vernon - he’d probably offer u an earbud and play some calming music until you became less agitated 

dino - like seungkwan, but is ACTUALLY COOL AND MACHO. would offer u his jacket if the situation required.