i just want to hug her and feed her cookies and just

I'm Sorry Part 4


Idle climbed the last set of stairs as he finally reached the rooftop. Going up was tiring especially when you have a backpack.

Idle sighed and opened the heavy rooftop door. He remembers this place.

“At least she got her happy ending…?”

He could still remember Colonna’s smile when she said that. It’s what inspired him to write more stories.

“Hey, Idle!” Colonna waved, sitting on a bench nearby.

“Hey, Colly!” Idle smiled.

“Remember this place, Idle?” She looked down, reminiscing the past.

“Yup. Thank you.” Idle said.

“For what?” Colonna wondered.

“I was inspired to write more stories when you suggested it. Remember?” Idle looked at her.

“For only one suggestion? Oh, please. Does a small suggestion affect so much?” Colonna raised her eyebrows.

“Yes. And I thank you for it.” Idle said.

Colonna looked down as a few tears strayed down her cheeks. “Thank you, Idle.” She hugged Idle tightly.

“Colonna? Did I say something wrong?” Idle said in worry.

“No. No, you didn’t. Just….” Colonna released her hug. “Thanks for being my friend. Despite everything.” Colonna was starting to have doubts in her plan. Why did she choose the rooftop again? It will make her regret this decision.

“Here. These are homemade cookies.” Colonna pointed her thumb at her. “My specialty.”

“Thanks.” Idle said as he opened. “Can’t wait to try it.”


“Almost there, guys!” Siren shouted.

“Right behind you!” Cray shouted back.

“We need to hurry or it’ll be too late!” Fresh panicked.

“Kindly explain?” Cray frowned.

“We have no time!” PaperJam said.

He and Siren pushed the heavy door of the rooftop and got out.

Once it was fully open, they saw Idle on the west part, hugging Colonna.

“We need to hurry!” Cil ran and opened the doors for them. Fastest way from east to west is the south hall. Since the shape of their school is like an upside down trapezoid, then it’s faster on the south hall.

“Oh no! Colonna gave him something!” Swifty panicked.

“Let’s go!”


“You sure you don’t want some?” Idle asked.

“Nah. I’m good. I just want you to try it.” Colonna said.

“It doesn’t have a weird ingredient, does it?” Idle closed his eyes, acting like he’s inspecting it with a giggle.

“What? Of course, not. What do you take me for?” Colonna acted offended.

“A friend who likes to feed friends with food that has weird ingredients.”

“Hey! I’m not that cruel!” Colonna pouted.

“Yes, you are. Remember the choco with frog meat?” Idle complained.

“Of course, I do. And Xahji avenged for you through mashmallow with pig feet.”

The two of them laughed.


“Why are they laughing?” Fresh wondered.

“I dunno.” Siren frowned.

“Maybe… False alarm?” PaperJam said.

“No! Fika would never lie about this!” Cray protested.

“Then let’s keep going.” Dance said as they headed for the last door. Which is locked.

“Great! Just GREAT!” Cil said irritated.

“So. Very. Great.” Siren kept banging himself against the wooden door, hoping to destroy it.

“Guys, let’s help Siren.” Dance also pushed against the door.

While PaperJam kept punching it in a tantrum.

“Guys, I see a poison bottle in Colonna’s pocket!” Swifty shouted.

“Oh no…..” Siren said and pushed at the door as hard as he can. “Idle!”


“I hope this tastes good.” Idle said as he picked up a cookie.

“Of course, it is. You will feel like you’re in heaven.” Colonna said. ‘Literally.’ She thought.

“Ok. I trust you on this.” Idle said as he opened his mouth to eat.


Just then, Siren and the others finally brought down the door.

“Idle, don’t!” Siren shouted as he grabbed Idle’s wrist to prvent him from eating it.

PaperJam, Cil, Cray and Dance tackled Colonna down to the ground.

“Siren? What’s the meaning of this?” Idle wondered.

“Good thing we got here in time. Colonna was about to poison you!” Fresh informed him.

“What?! But that’s not-” Idle started but Swifty cut him.

“Here is the poison.” Swifty took the bottle in Colonna’s pocket and threw it to Idle.

“Oh, Idle. I thought I’d lost you.” Siren hugged Idle who was stunned.

“Colonna? Is it true?” Idle looked ar her with sad eyes. His friend betrayed him?

“And so what if I did?!” Colonna shouted. “You took everything from me!” She was crying. And angry. With the hint for great envy. She only wanted to be with Siren.

“What do you mean, Colonna?” Idle asked conserned.

“Siren…..” Colonna looked at Siren with sad eyes. “He was supposed to be mine….” She let her head relax as she cried more. Her tears were staining the ground, the cookies long forgotten.

“She was behind all this.” Xahji said from behind them.

“Xahji! Snazzy!” Swifty said.

“Is your leg ok now?” Fresh asked.

“More or less.” She showed her leg to them which now has a bandage.

“We found out that Colonna was behind all that happened to Idle.” Snazzy said.

“The time where Siren found Idle all beaten up.” Xahji started. “We looked for the culprit in Snazzy’s class and asked for the caller’s number. He was still pretty spooked but he gladly gave it to us.” She explained and continued.

“I thought that the number was familiar but I didn’t stop yet. That time when someone destroyed Idle’s things.” Xahji stopped and lwt Snazzy continue the rest.

“I somehow managed to force it out the three of them. They gave me a crucial clue during the ‘interview’. They said that sounded like she was a classmate of theirs.” Snazzy crossed his arms.

“Xahji scrolled down her phone and finally saw a matching number. The number actually belonged to Colonna.” Snazzy said and glared down at her.

“And all those times where Idle was involved….” Xahji’s fist tightened.

“It was all her?” Swifty looked at Colonna with a mix of fear, hate and remorse. Where is the sweet, cheerful Colonna they once knew?

But the grips on Colonna loosened up a bit which gives her the opportunity to escape. Dance, Cil, Cray and PaperJam got knocked back by her incredible strength.

“So strong!” PaperJam groaned.

Colonna stood up, lifting her skirt up to reveal her trusty knife. She pulled it out of it’s sheathe.

“Siren-senpai noticed me…. At the worst time….” Colonna mumbled, her face covered in shadow. “I should have killed Fika from the start.” She looked at them, her left eye glowing a bright orange.

“Guys, be careful! She’s holding a weapon.” Xahji warned.

“Understood!” Everyone shouted in response.

Are you serious? You can never escape me!“ Colonna screamed.

“Colly, stop this!” Cray called for her.

“And why should I?” Colonna glared at him. Cray got scared and hid behind Cil.

“Y-you shouldn’t. Hurting others is bad!” Cil stuttered.

“Do you think I care? I already killed before!” Colonna bragged. She slashed her blade diagonally.

“This is dangerous! Stop this, please!” Dance called to her.

Colonna giggled creepily. “I think I’ll start with you.”

In a flash, Colonna was suddenly infront of Dance and slashed him across his stomach.

“Dance!” Xahji ran to him. “D, you ok?”

“J…. I’ll be fine….” Dance caressed her cheek. “I promise that I’m fine.”

“Xahji….” Dance looked behind her and saw Colonna ready to strike.

“Look out!” Dance shouted but it was to late. Colonna slashed down. They anticipated pain and blood but…. Xahji looked up and saw….

Oh no….

“Zee!” Xahji cought Snazzy as his arm bleeds rapidly. “Zee, please no…” Xahji hugged Snazzy and cried in his jacket. She looked at Colonna and widened her eye.

“Cry baby….” Snazzy teased as he felt Xahji push him down.


Colonna giggled as she licks the blood off of her knife.

“Poor Xahji….” Colonna sarcastically said. “Got her one good eye slashed by my knife.”

“Xahji… Xahji, oh my gosh….” Snazzy gasped.

“Zee…. I can’t see….” The blood was staining Snazzy’s jacket but he didn’t care. All he cares about is comforting his girlfriend.

“I’m right here, Xahji. I’m right here.” Snazzy hugged her tightly as she buries her head at the crook of his neck. “I gotcha.”

“We… Both do….” Dance was gripping his wound.

“We’re still not finished yet~” Colonna raised her arm to slash them again but PaperJam punched her in the face.

“Stay away from them.” PaperJam looked at her with hatred and anger.

“Or what?” Colonna teased.

“Or I’ll kill you!” PaperJam dashed to Colonna and was ready ro punch her but she dodged to the side.

“Kill me? How?” She said mockingly. “You can’t even land a punch on me.”

“Somehow….” PaperJam answered. In truth he is only buying time for Cil, Swifty and Cray to go to Dance, Xahji and Snazzy.

“Xahji, Snazzy, Dance!” Cil, Cray and Swifty ran to them while Colonna is busy fighting PaperJam.

“Oh my gosh… Xahji, your eye!” Cray touched Xahji’s eye. She hissed in pain. “Oops. Sorry…”

“Help me, please! I don’t wanna be blind…” Xahji begged.

“You will still see. I promise.” Cray assured her.

“Dance, oh my stars…. You’re bleeding!” Cil has a worried expression.

“I’ll be…. Fine….” Dance said, voice hoarse.

“No! You’re not fine!” Cil said.

“Prioritize Xahji… Please…” Dance begged.

“No… You should go first.” Xahji answered. “You suffered more than I did.”

“But J….”

“I’m perfectly fine… See? It’s just my eye….”

Dance didn’t answered but just nodded.

“What about Snazzy?” Xahji turned to him.

“I’m right here.” He pat Xahji’s head.

“I still can’t see you….” Xahji complained….

“He’s fine. It was just a scratch on his arm. Nothing unusual.” Swifty said calmly.

“How could you be so calm about this?” Cil asked.

“I am freaking out inside but I prefer to not show it.” Swifty responded.

“Oh…  I see…” Cray facepalmed.

“PJ, be careful!” They hear Fresh shout.

They look at the fight and it was very one-sided.

PaperJam already has many cuts and bruises but Colonna has none. That gal is skilled in fighting.

“Give up, PJ!” Colonna adviced him.

“Never!” PaperJam ran to Colonna and tried to punch her. But to no avail.

Colonna sent him flying to 5 feet away from her.

“PJ!!” Fresh ran as fast as he could to PJ. Colonna grinned and dashed.

Colonna raised her knife and slashed down.

Fresh screamed as he was cut diagonally across his back.

“Aaah!” Fresh stumbled and fell but PaperJam catched him.

“Fresh!” Idle and Cray ran for them to save them. But not before Colonna hits PaperJam.

She stabbed his left leg deeply while smiling crazily. She giggled as she hastily removed the knife that made PJ scream with pain.

“PJ….” Fresh mumbled before fainting.

Cil can’t stand to watch his brother and friends get murder by this…. Yandere! He was done. He won’t let his friends die because of her!

“Swifty….” Cil murmured before looking at his friend with glassy eyes. He doesn’t even bother to cover his blind eye anymore.

“Take care of them for me….” He asked and dashed to Colonna.

“Cil, no!” PaperJam tried to reach out to Cil but his injured leg hurt. He cain’t move even if he wanted to.

“Idiot.” Colonna smirked before she stabbed Cil on his right shoulder. Oh, how his screams were music to her ears.

“How stupid of you to try and attack me.” She pushed him down and stepped on his injured shoulder which made him scream louder. “Why even try?”

“Oh no…. Our friends are down…. What do we do?” Idle asked Siren as they slowly made their way to Swifty and the others.

“I…. Don’t know….” Siren looked down. “If only I had a weapon.”

Idle looked shocked at that. “W-what do you mean a weapon?”

Siren looked at Colonna and down at Cil. He can’t stand seeing her torture him anymore.

“Colly….” Idle looked at Colonna and ran to her.

“Idle, don’t!” Swifty shouted. Colonna look at his direction and smiled widely.

“Idle! It’s been a pleasure.” She faced him, completely abandoned Cil who’s slowly recovering from all the pain he’s feeling.

“Colly, let’s talk about this…” Idle stepped closer.

“Y'know, you should have let me kill you.” Colonna took a step forward. Cil took this chance to slowly stand up and sneak out of the rooftop.

“Colly?” Idle called for her. She didn’t answer and just raised her knife. “Don’t do this.”

“Too late.” She struck down but instead of Idle, she slashed….

“S….senpai?” Colonna regrets what she has done. She quickly dropped her knife as she lost her balance. She can’t believe that she slashed her very own senpai.

“Siren!” Siren fell down as there were many blood dripping down his chin.

“Idle….” He held Idle’s cheek. Idle’s tears were dropping to his face as he passed out.
Idle sighed and set Siren down with Swifty.

“My brothers….” Swifty murmured.

“Take care of them, Swifty. I’ll handle her.” Idle said to his best friend and walked to Colonna.

“I’m sorry…. I’m sorry…. I’m so so sorry….” Colonna kept apologizing to no one in particular. She looks straight at Swifty holding Siren. Her own tears are staining her now bloody dress.

“Colly?” Idle came close to Colonna and hugged her.

“Wha-” Colonna wondered. Why is he hugging her.

“I…. Forgive you…” Idle hugged Colonna tighter.

Her tears bursted again, flowing endlessly. But she can not live with the guilt of having to have hurt her senpai… And almost killing her closest friends…. She gives up.

She sees the shine of her very bloody knife. As she thought of something.

She slowly took it and pulled it between the two of them.

She repeatedly apologized over and over and over again. Idle noticed, of course. He noticed Colonna’s change in movement.

“I’m…. Sorry…. Idle….” Her last words before stabbing the knife.

Idle gasped, eyes widening.

“Colonna… You….” Idle slowly let go of the hug to confirm it. He felt it. He definitely felt it.

He felt Colonna stab the knife to herself. She gave one last smile before falling front.

Oh no…..

Please, no…..


“What happened here?!” The voice of Error was suddenly heard. Idle and Swifty looked at him, seeing that he has companions. Palette, Goth, Qiull, Mr. Ink and Mr. Nightmare were with him.

“Mr. Error… I….” Idle’s tears have gone dry. His pupils have no emotions at all. His different colors are completely drained to gray.

“Call Ambulance. Now.” Ink commanded to his son.

He last saw was Nightmare going to him.

Hey… Can you hear me?


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Fic by @kojo-asuka127

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NAJ, Collona by @blogthegreatrouge
Idle by @reyindee
Siren, Swifty, Snazzy by Me

Five Times Ladybug Didn't Recognize Her Partner and One Time She Did

A sequel to Five Times Gabriel Agreste Didn’t Akumatize His Son and One Time He Did. I really wanted to leave it as it was, but I had to come back and give this a happier ending. And of course it ran away from me and got way longer than I meant it to.

I hope you enjoy!

“Is everything okay, kitty?”

Chat Noir looked over at her. “What?”

“You seem a little out of it.”

He shrugged. “No, just…” He sighed. “My dad’s not coming to something kind of…important to me.”

She frowned. “I’m sorry.”

“I mean, I knew he wouldn’t, but… I guess I hoped things would be different now.”


“It’s nothing.”

By the way he looked at her, she knew she shouldn’t press. After all, there was only so much they could share without revealing their identities. “Well…” she gently patted his shoulder. “Maybe you can ask some friends to come instead.” She wished she could attend, but without knowing who he was, that would be impossible.

Sometimes, keeping their identities safe was difficult and even painful, but she knew it was better this way. Once they’d discussed it, he’d even agreed with her.

Still, as Marinette watched Adrien play at his recital, painfully aware of Gabriel Agreste’s absence, she couldn’t help but wonder if someone had gone to Chat Noir’s event to support him the way she, Nino, and Alya had attended Adrien’s recital. She hoped so.

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The Cat Cafe(Yoongi)

Genre: Fluff/Angst 

Word count: 1,566

Request: Okay so what’s up.. I’m thinking of something as y/n is an exchange student that starts to study in Daegu and wants to get a job and then she finds a restaurant that needed a waitress and she applies and gets accepted however the restaurant is yoongi’s Mom’s new restaurant that just opened last week pls make it angsty and it’s (reader x yoongi) as he being an idol and his mom is very protective of him.. anyway add some of your magic to it and surprise me 😎😎❤❤

A/n: I want to make this a series cause it’s gonna take years for me to finish in one whole piece.

Part One//Part Two//

Scattered newspaper were all over your bedroom floor of the two-bedroom apartment you shared with your roommate. The apartment wasn’t much but it was just enough for you to live in. You threw the last sheet of the newspaper off your bed, sighing in frustration, it’s been a month since you’ve been looking for a new job and with your rent payment coming up you started to worry more and more. Being a transfer student, you didn’t have a lot of money after moving to Daegu. You, already stressed with studying and finding work, were on a breaking point and needed a break from the world for a bit. Taking your coat you walked out of the apartment, strolling down the street you glanced at the store window displays, a tiny sign caught your eye. 

‘Help Wanted’ 

The bold red letters seemed to speak out to you, as you looked at the store. It was a tiny cafe, a cute cat cafe. You smiled to yourself, when you saw the tiny cats that were cuddling with the customers, you wondered where the store was a couple weeks ago when you were walking down here. You walked into the store and headed towards the cashier, a lady in her mid-forties, smiled at you. “What would you like today, miss?” She asked as you smiled shyly.

“I was wondering about your help wanted sign, I would like to apply for a job here.” You explained, trying to sound as professional as possible. She smiled brightly.

“Great, do you have a resume I can see?” She asked as you smiled back, pulling your resume from your purse. She looked at your resume and smiled brightly. “When can you come into work?” 

You walked to the tiny cat cafe, opening the door you were greeted with the fresh smell of baked cookies and coffee. “Ah Y/n you’re here early” She smiled, as she took the fresh baked cookies out of the oven.

“I wanted to be early for my first day, do you want me to do anything before we open?” You asked as she nodded.

“Can you feed the cats? I want them to have some food in case we don’t have a lot of costumers” She said as she started to decorate the cookies. You took the cats out, putting some food in their bowls, stroking the cat as she purred and ate the food. You did this for the other cats, once you finished you headed to the kitchen to wash your hands. Putting your apron on, you started to help decorate the cakes and sweets. “What did I do to deserve an angel to work for me?” She praised, as you smiled. “Can you go grab some more flour? We should refill the day starts.” She asked as you nodded. Walking towards the cupboard you tried to get the flour, now on your tippy toes, you stretched your arm out to grab it.

“Need help with that?” A male asked as you looked over, seeing a boy not too far from your age maybe a year older at most, brown hair slightly damp with a towel wrapped around his neck. He smiled gently as he grabbed the flour for you, you smiled and thanked him. “You must be the new worker my mom hired, my name Is Yoongi, Min Yoongi and I live right upstairs.” He explained as you nodded. You couldn’t help but blush a bit, now that he was so close to you.

“Y/n, have you grabbed the bag of flour yet?” Yoongi’s mom called out, as you started to back away from Yoongi taking the bag.

“So your name is Y/n? What a pretty name.” He flirted, as your face heated up. 

“Y/n?” You heard her call again, this time she entered the kitchen. “Ah, I see you’ve met my son, Yoongi.” She smiled, as she gave him a hug. “Yoongi here is going to be a star one day, I wish he would just continue the business but I guess he was always meant to rap.” She smiled softly, as she grabbed the flour from your hands. “Let’s finish up before we open.”

You tried not to slouch as you waited for customers to roll in, there were already a couple customers chatting while petting cats, all of them were couples. You sighed, you wish you could see your boyfriend right now but he always had school when you didn’t and when you had school he would be studying and using his free time to study or do homework. You fiddled with a pen while you waited for a customer, suddenly you felt a tap on your shoulder. Looking behind you, you saw Yoongi, smiling, he had headphones resting on his neck as he grabbed a couple cookies from the cookie tray. “Hey! You can’t just take cookies out of there, they’re for the customers.” You explained, as Yoongi only grinned.

“Relax, it’s fine my mom always lets me grab treats. She thinks it’s a good thing that I’m eating while working.” Yoongi explains, taking a bite out of the cookie. 

“What are you working on anyway?” You asked him, as Yoongi grinned, placing his headphones over your head, grabbing his phone out to play the track. You started to hear a beat as the beat got faster, you started to hear electrical instruments, and soon you heard Yoongi start rapping, bobbing your head to the beat you saw the look of happiness within Yoongi’s eyes. Once the song finished, Yoongi took the headphones off your head, placing them back to rest on his neck. “That was super good, I didn’t know you could rap so good” You praised as Yoongi laughed.

“Thanks, I’ve been waiting for someone other than my mom to listen to it to see how they would feel about it,” Yoongi explained, as he grabbed another cookie before trying to escape but you grabbed his hand, keeping him in place.

“Where do you think you’re going? Give it back” You laughed, as Yoongi turned around patting your head as he handed you a cookie.

“Here have one, you’re probably hungry.” Yoongi smiled, as he picked up one of the kittens who snuggled up against him. “This one’s my favourite.” 

“He’s really cute” You commented, as you stroked the jet black cat, while it purred.

“Table for two please?” Someone asked as you looked over to see your boyfriend, Kiwoo. He smiled, as you smiled back.

“Kiwoo!” You smiled, as you walked to give him a hug “I thought you were studying for midterms right now?” 

“I am, I just thought I would visit my girlfriend while she was at work as a surprise since we never see each other.” He gave you a peck on the cheek as you smiled.

“Do you want some coffee? Or maybe some cake?” You asked as he nodded.

“How about one cup of coffee and one cup of tea and two slices of cake, for you and I?” He asked as you looked at the clock seeing that your break was in a minute.

“Yeah of course.” You smiled, as Yoongi put down the cat.

“Who’s this? Y/n” Kiwoo asked as he pointed at Yoongi.

“He’s my bosses son, he lives right upstairs from here, he’s really cool” You smiled, as Kiwoo nodded.

“Ah…I’m Kiwoo, Y/n’s boyfriend. Nice to meet you” He introduced, emphasising boyfriend.

“Yeah…whatever” Yoongi glared, as he walked back upstairs.

“What’s wrong with him?” Kiwoo asked as you shrugged not even knowing what that was.

A week later since you started your job at the cat cafe, you started to see Yoongi less and less, and even when you saw him he wouldn’t talk to you, he wouldn’t even glance your way. Yoongi’s mom caught on right away and noticed the tension when Yoongi would be in the same room as you. You got to work, decided to start icing the cookies, Yoongi’s mom stood beside you trying to help finish icing the cakes too. “Did something happen between you and Yoongi?” She asked as you shook your head. 

“I’m not sure, I don’t really know why he’s not talking to me.” You told her honestly, as she let out a sigh.

“I’m sorry dear, I thought you two would be the best of friends but I guess he’s having one of those weeks where he get’s moody.” She explained in hopes to cheer you up, you gave her a soft smile as she smiled back. “Now let’s get these puppies on the display case.” 

You grabbed the tray of cookies, placing them nicely on the display tray before placing it in the treat display case. Yoongi walked downstairs, letting out a yawn as he smiled at his mom giving her a hug. “Morning mom” He smiled, as his mom smiled back.

“Yoongi, I want you working with Y/n today, I’m going out to lunch with the girls and I want you to watch over the store while I’m gone” She explained, as Yoongi groaned.

“But mom I ha-” Yoongi tried to explain before being cut off.

“You can take a day off your music career to help your own mother.” She cuts in, as you can’t help but cheer on for the mother.

“Ugh fine” He groans, as he grabs the cakes placing them in the display case.

anonymous asked:

Could you write adrienette (or some variation of the love square) with number 75?

~I’m weak for Marichat, so that’s the love square corner we get.~Tay

“Don’t you dare bite me, I’m mad at you!” 899 words

If you asked either Marinette or Chat Noir how it even started, neither would know what to tell you.

Neither would be able to tell when Chat’s occasional visits turned into frequent ones, or when the jokes about him being a stray cat turned into him acting like one when he was around Marinette, but soon, late night cookies and conversation turned into scratches behind Chat’s ears and him nuzzling beneath Marinette’s chin.

“Are you always this touchy—like tactile?” She’s asked one night. They were sitting on the floor of her bedroom, the light of her lamp turning the room orange. “I mean, even when you aren’t Chat Noir?” He thought for a long while before answering.

“No, but I don’t know if the difference has to do with me outside the mask, or with Chat, or if it’s some combination of the two. It’s not that I don’t like touch when I’m not Chat, it’s just… different, I guess? I mean, there’s not many people to get touch from.  Home is… I mean, I have my friends at school, but even that is pretty minimal. I think it’s why I like being around you so much. You fit my level of tactile.” He threw her a smile and she contemplated him for a moment before reaching out and scratching his ears.

“Silly kitty, just looking for scratches.”

“Especially if they come from you, Princess.” He leaned into her hand, and soon, they were both laying on the floor, Chat’s head on Marinette’s stomach and her fingers gently combing through his hair. They whispered about school and tv and the ladyblog until it was late at night and Chat’s miraculous began to beep. Chat groaned and Marinette giggled.

“Sounds like it’s time for a certain stray cat to make its way home.” Chat groaned, pressing his head into Marinette’s stomach. It startled a laugh out of her. “Chat, that tickles,” she hissed, pushing at his head with one hand. He slung a hand over her hip and refused to move. “Chat,”  she whined. She felt him smile into her belly.

“Yes, Princess?” he purred smugly. She suppressed a giggle.

“Move, you stupid cat, or I’ll have to get you with a water bottle.” He gasped, scandalized.

“You would insult me so? Punishing me like some hand-biting stray?” Marinette snorted around a laugh, and, despite his tone, she could feel Chat’s grin against her pajama shirt.

“Chat, you are some hand biting stray.” He suddenly sat up, and looked down at Marinette, who leaned up on her elbows.

“Princess, you wound me with your words.” He took one of her hands and pulled it to him. He kissed her knuckles gently. “But, if you are to see me as some hand biting stray,” he looked up from her hand to meet her eyes.

“You wouldn’t—"

“I should at least earn the title.” And with that, he bit the back of her hand. Marinette jerked her hand back with a snort of laughter, but pulled it too far, slamming her elbow into the hardwood floor. She groaned, clutching her elbow and rolling onto her side. Chat slapped a hand over his mouth to smother his laughter while Marinette swore at the floor, rubbing her elbow while trying to keep from laughing. Chat swallowed back his giggles, and reached out to Marinette, tugging her up into a seated position.

“Are you okay, Princess?” He asked. She stuck her tongue out at him.

“Stupid cat,” she muttered. He smiled.

“Want me to kiss it better?” She laughed.

“I don’t trust your mouth,” she said with a smirk.

“Too clever?”

“Too many teeth.” Chat laughed and pulled her to him in a hug.

“I’m sorry, princess. I didn’t mean to make you hurt yourself.”

“I really will get you with a spray bottle.”

“I could bite you again, you know,” he threatened. Marinette rolled her eyes.

“Don’t you dare bite me, I’m mad at you!” He leaned down and nuzzled under her chin.

“Not too mad, I hope.”

“I don’t know; you bit the hand that feeds you cookies. They specifically say not to do that.” Chat fell backwards in a dramatic swoon.

“Had I known that my chocolate chip cookies would be in danger I never would have bit you!” he cried. Marinette laughed and leaned over him.

“Serves you right, using me for free pats and cookies. And this is the thanks I get.”

“Marinette, you do know I appreciate you, right?” He asked, suddenly earnest.

“Oh, Chat of course. I was just joking, I didn’t mean to—“

“No, I know. I just wanted to make sure. I really do love spending time with you.” He smiled at her, and she smiled back. They looked at each other in the lamplight for a long minute before—


Chat sighed.

“You should get going, Chaton,” Marinette said as she got to her feet, dusting off her pajama pants and offering Chat a hand.

“Why are you always right,” he asked, allowing her to pull him up. They both went out onto the terrace and Chat perched on the railing.

“Good night, Chat Noir.” Marinette said with a small smile.

“Good night, Marinette,” He responded, smiling in kind. He stood up on the railing and gave her a two-fingered salute, before pulling out his staff and bounding away across the city.

Birthday Surprise (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Hello! Since it’s Remus’ birthday, I was  wondering if you could do a young Remus and reader, where the reader throws  him a party and gives him a surprise just the two of them later? Fluff is  always great, and whatever else you feel would fit :) hope this isn’t too  vague, thanks!! Xoxo

I had something plan for Remus today because  of his birthday  and your request really help me structure out a plot so thank you  so much for requesting it and I hope you like it! xx


You were beyond grateful that Peter was the worst when it came to Defense Against the Dark Arts, even though it was his birthday, you knew Remus was kind and selfless so he wouldn’t say no his best friend when he asked for his help for their upcoming test later on in the week. Thanks to that Remus was going to spend the whole day with him in the library tutoring him. You were currently barking out instructions to your fellow Gryffindors,

“James, that streamer needs to look cheerful, it looks bloody limp and I won’t stand for it.” You yelled at the poor boy who was carelessly throwing the streamers around the stairs that lead to the dormitories.

“Y/N, the house elves are wondering if you needed any more sweets.” Lily asked as she entered the common room while balancing two trays full of cookies. You rushed over to help her, leading her towards the food table.

“No, I think we have enough, we probably have enough to feed the whole school!” You said cheerfully.

“Hey doll! Where do you want the banner?” Sirius called out to you, his wand pointed at a floating birthday banner. You directed him towards the middle of the room, he nodded and did as you instructed.

Soon enough the common room was filled with excited faces, all of them eagerly waiting for the party to start. Remus was liked by all, no one hesitated when you asked them if they would like to help you set up a small birthday party for him. They all knew there would be nothing small about this party, you and Remus were the definition of couple goals. For Valentine’s Day he filled your room with countless of different color roses, and had heart shaped boxes of chocolate delivered to you in the classes you didn’t share with him, for Christmas you spent a whole week knitting him a scarf and a sweater, many of your friends would find you in the astronomy tower asleep in the early hours of the day. They knew this party would be just as special as the things you both did for each other.

“Pads, I know no one has ever told you this, but blow. Blow like you mean it.” You said as you approached Sirius and his sad attempt of a balloon.

“Hahaha, very funny. It’s not my fault that when I try to blow them up with magic they explode.” He muttered.

In less than an hour the room was decorated, it was now time to put into play part two of your plan. You needed Remus to be completely surprised, and surprising Remus was not an easy task, luckily you and James had an elaborate plan. The Gryffindor quidditch team was in need of a new beater, you had been pretending to be practicing with James for the last week, and today you told Remus that you were going to be practicing while he was tutoring Peter, and he walked you to the pitch this morning before he went to the library with Peter. Remus has been walking you there, seeing you practice and waiting for you outside the locker rooms every afternoon for the last week except for today. It was the perfect plan, James told the rest of the team and they went along with it, it was a complete lie that they needed a new member, but the current beater was away visiting family so it worked out perfectly.

“Remember James, you got to really sell it, but don’t get carried away. He won’t buy it if you tell him I cracked my skull open.”

“I know, I know. I’ll just tell him you took a nasty fall and we brought you to the common room and you’re waiting for Madam Pomfrey.” James said, rolling his eyes as you fussed over him. Remus knows that you hate hospitals, it wouldn’t be a surprise to him that you refused to go to the hospital wing in the castle. James set off and you started lighting up the birthday cake candles as the others around you hid.

“REMUS! REMUS!” James wailed as he charged through the library doors and towards the table where Remus and Peter were sititing.

“James, keep your voice do-” Remus began to say as he looked up from his notes.

“IT’S Y/N.” James interrupted, at the mention of your name Remus stood up, a worry look washing over his face immediately.

“What is it? Is she okay?” he questioned as he hastily gathered his things.

“She fell off her broom, a bludger knocked her over, she’s in the common room waiting for Madam Pomfrey with Lily and Pads.” Remus sprinted out the room, James and Peter following behind. Part of James felt guilty for lying to his best friend with something as serious as this, but the other part was extremely excited to see his face when he sees the party you have for him.

He practically screamed the password to the Fat Lady and barged in, the room was pitch black and before he could ask, he was met with thunderous yells and cheers.

“SURPRISE!” he was shocked, frozen on the spot.

You and Sirius emerged from the middle of the crowd, carrying an enormous chocolate cake with too many candles.

“Happy birthday, love!” you cheered. Your plan had worked, you had successfully surprised your boyfriend.

“So you’re not hurt?” he whispered.

“I’m sorry love, but I needed to truly surprise you.” You answered, he started laughing, James grabbed your end of the cake so you could go and congratulate the birthday boy properly. You basically tackled him into a massive hug, throwing him slightly off balance.

“I can’t believe you did all of this for me.” He said, voice full of awe.

“Well I did have some help.” You responded, you led him towards the cake so he could blow out the candles.

“BLOW REMUS, BLOW.” Sirius cheered, making Remus blush, you laughed at his antics as the rest of you sang ‘Happy Birthday’ dramatically and off-key.

“Don’t forget to make a wish.” You whispered in his ear.

“What more could I ask for?” he said before kissing your cheek and blowing out the last of the candles.

The party was still in full swing even though it was well past curfew, you still had one more present for Remus so you politely excused yourself and Remus from the group and led him towards your room. Of course Sirius made some cat-calls as he saw the two of you heading upstairs but Remus flipped him off, laughing.

“Okay, close your eyes and put your hands out.” You instructed. He nodded, an eager smile playing across his lips. You placed a neatly wrapped box on his hands.

“You can open them now.”

“Another gift?” he asked.

“Well even though the party was my idea, it was a group effort, this is not.” You said motioning to the box, prompting him to open it. He opened it and gasped as he pulled out a beautifully decorated scrapbook. It filled with pictures of the two of you, starting from before you were when you finally became a couple in third year, going to the Yule ball together, the countless adventures you had with him and the marauders, and everything in between.

“Y/N, this is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.” He breathed out, eyes glistening and full of love.

“Well Remus, you happen to be the best thing that ever happened to me.” You said with a soft smile.

He set the book down carefully and closed the distance between the two of you, capturing your lips with his own. You spent a few minutes enjoying each other’s company, but the silence and your far too many to count kiss, was soon disturbed.

“Oi, stop fooling around and come join the party.” A voice called out from outside your room.

“YEAH, I’M FAR TOO YOUNG TO BE AN UNCLE.” Another one called out.

Leave it to Sirius and James to ruin the moment, you both laughed as you opened the door, Remus promptly swatted their heads as you both made your way out, making you laugh.

The party carried on into the wee hours of the night, Sirius somehow got a hold of a few bottles of Firewhiskey so the party was even louder than before; James was trying to lead a conga line like he had seen in a muggle party once and Lily was trying to control him. You and Remus both laughed as you partied on with your friends.

Remus’s birthday was a success and you couldn’t be happier.

Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader-What do you mean?

Thank you @juanchachi for requesting!! I changed a few things and I hope you like it! 

“What do you mean, ‘I can’t go to the party’?  I have attended many of your galas before and I do not understand why I cannot join you to another?” asked Damian.

His father sighed and said, “This is very important for Wayne Enterprises and your brothers are not able to come.  They usually are the ones who watch over you during these events, but since thy are not here, you are staying here with Alfred.”

“Why do you keep treating me like a child?!?” Damian shouted.

He grit his teeth and walked away, hoping not to break anything fragile during their fight.  He clenched and unclenched his hands while traveling up the stairs.  Titus was by his side in an instant and nudged his hand.  Damian looked at his companion and smiled.  Titus could always calm him down whenever he was in a mood and he was thankful for that.  Alfred watched the youngest of the family stomp up the stairs with Titus in tow.  He looked over to Bruce and shook his head.

“He needs a companion other than Titus, Master Bruce.  Do you think we can contact him and ask to drop her off?  They are around the same age and will have to get to know each other eventually.”

“I know.  I’m just worried that he will scare her off,” Bruce said.

“If I know Miss (Y/N) correctly, she will be the one who scares him away,” Alfred said with a slight smirk crawling onto his face.

Bruce laughed and shook his head, “I think she has spent too much time with him if she’ll scare Damian.  I’ll call him and ask if he can drop her off before patrol before I leave for the party.”

“I’ll go fetch the camera.”


“What do you mean, ‘I have to go spend time with the Demon’?  Are you trying to sentence me to death?” you asked your dad.

“I know that he’s a pain in the ass, but you’re gonna have to deal with him until Bruce finishes playing ass-kisser at the party,” your dad said with a gruff voice.

“And what will you be doing while I’m going to the first annual Wayne Hunger Games?” you questioned while folding your arms.


“I could be out there with you and make life so much easier.”

He rolled his eyes and threw you over his shoulders, “You’re going and that’s final.  If you even think about escaping the manor Alfred will contact me, and I will drag your sorry ass back there.  Do you really want to have a bad first impression?”

You laughed and said, “I’ll give him hell.”

“That’s my girl!!”


Your dad had driven you to the manor on his motorcycle.  You had your bag packed with all of the necessities: clothing, weapons, back-up weapons, a taser, two cellphones, random supplies and some books.  Isn’t that what everyone needs when seeing a Damian Wayne in the wild??  

“Welcome, Miss (Y/N).  It’s wonderful to see you again,” Alfred said with his heartwarming smile.

You smiled and ran up to hug him, “It’s nice to see you again too, Alfie.”

He chuckled and waved to your father, who just nodded and drove back to the city.  You watched him travel down the road until you could no longer see him.  Alfred then guided you through the entrance and into the kitchen where a wonderful aroma was coming from.

“Did you make cookies?” you squealed.

Alfred chuckled and nodded.  He grabbed the plate and offered.  You grabbed the one on the top and bit into the sugary goodness they call a cookie.  

“You gotta give me this recipe.  Dad can cook, but he can never replicate your cookies,” you said while grabbing another cookie.

“As long as you don’t give it to Master Grayson I will,” he responded.
“Awesome!!” you shouted.

“Who is this Pennyworth?” a voice asked behind you.

You turned around and saw Damian Wayne standing at the entrance of the kitchen with a scowl on his face.  You heard a bark and felt something bump into your hip.  You looked down and saw a dog nudging you.  You smiled and scratched behind his ears.  He licked your face and walked to Damian’s side.  You laughed and wiped the slobber off of your face with your jacket.  

“I’m (Y/N).  It’s nice to meet ya,” you said while holding your hand out.

He looked at your hand and walked passed you.  You dropped your hand to the side and frowned.  You knew that he was a ‘Demon’ from your dad, but you finally get why they call him that.

“Jerk face,” you muttered under your breath while grabbing another cookie.

“I will leave you two alone then,” Alfred said and walked off, abandoning you in the kitchen with an asshole and his adorable dog.

“I hope that father didn’t adopt another sob story,” Damian said.

You whipped your head toward his direction and said, “Excuse me?  Listen here you shit stain, your father did not adopt me or pick me off from the streets.  I happen to live happily with my badass dad and have respect for those I have around me.  Before you say anything from that shitty mouth of yours, how about you stop your judging and actually get to know the person you spoiled ass.”

You grabbed the plate of cookies and walked out of the kitchen.  Damian just stood there with a horrified expression painted on his face.   He never expected that colorful of a vocabulary from someone his age.  Titus nudged his side and walked out of the kitchen.  He scowled once again at the thought of you stealing his companion.

Saying you were pissed was an understatement.  He did not have the right to assume you were just another sob story that was taken off of the streets by his father.  You weren’t trying to overreact, but your anger got the best of you.  You sat on the very comfortable and expensive couch in the living room and ate Alfred’s cookies while watching your favorite movie and scratching Titus’ ears and head.  He was nuzzled to your side and rested his head on your lap.  You wondered how a nice dog could belong to the bag of dicks that was in the other room.
“Titus!  What are you doing?  I hope you are not feeding him those diabetic disks that you call food,” Damian said while walking up to you and Titus.

“Yes.  I’m feeding your dog Alfred’s most delicious cookies in the world that I only get to have every few months,” you said sarcastically while returning your attention to the movie.

“Your sarcasm is not appreciated, brat,” he hissed.

“Are we starting the name calling game? I have a lot of great ideas for your names and I don’t think you’ll want to hear most of them,” you said while smirking, “assbutt.”

Damian’s face went from angry to confused.  You tried to hold it in, but you bursted out laughing, stood up, and walked to the kitchen to return the plate.  Even if Damian is not friendly, he’ll be fun to mess around with until your dad comes to get you.

“Who is this?” Damian asked while holding your locket.

Your eyes widened and raced to take it out of his hands.  He held his hand high, but you knew how to win this game.  You turned around and walked away, but turned back around and tackled him to the ground.  You pried his hand open, took the locket and put it back on your neck.

“You had no right to take this,” you said while leaning up against the counter and shoving another one of Alfred’s cookies in your mouth.

“Who is in the locket?” he asked once again.

“My dead family. You happy now?”

You took another cookie from the second plate and ate it.  You didn’t like to talk about your old family because it brought up too many memories.

“What happened?” he asked.

“My parents and siblings were murdered five years ago and my grandfather died due to natural causes a year later.”

“Did they get the murderer?”

“Why were you talking about your father earlier?  I thought you said that he was-”

“My adoptive dad you idjit.”

“I’m sorry.”


“I’m sorry that I said those things to you.  It was irrational and unfair to you.”

“Apology some-what accepted,” you said while smirking.

“I guess that will suffice.  Where did you learn to fight like that?” he asked.

“My grandfather was a boxer and he taught me everything he knew before he passed.  I also took many self defense classes because of my parents, but I perfected most of it while I lived on the streets and when I was adopted by my dad,” you said while pulling yourself up on the counter.

“Did you look up to him?”

“Yup.  He was my role model and basically took care of me when my parents couldn’t, which was all of the time,” you said while faintly smiling.

“How did you meet your adoptive father?” he asked.

“I busted into his apartment and tried to steal some food.  He tried to stop me from leaving and received a fist to the face.  If his friend wasn’t there he would’ve been knocked out on the floor with a nasty headache.  He gave me some more food while he asked me how long I’ve been on the streets and offered for me to stay awhile.  That was about three years ago.”

“Maybe we do have some things in common,” he said.

“Care to explain?”

“I was raised by my mother and grandfather and I looked up to him like you did to your grandfather.  Now I live with my father and Alfred.  They saved me from a very dark future.”

You nodded, “I guess if I never ran into my dad I would become a criminal and get my ass kicked by you and your father.”
Damian’s eyes widened, “You know about that?”

You rolled your eyes, “Of course I do.  Do you even know who my dad is?”


You smirked and said, “Better not ruin the surprise then.”


“Miss (Y/N), your father has arrived,” Alfred said.

You smiled while jumping out of the couch and running to the entrance.  He was talking with Alfred while you jumped on him and gave him a hug.

“You didn’t miss me too much did ya?” he asked.



You looked behind you and saw Damian with a shocked expression on his face.  You and your dad laughed.  

“Did he do anything?” Jason asked while glancing at Damian.

“Yup but I used by colorful vocabulary and everything turned out well.”

He held out a fist and you bumped it.  You let go of him and dropped yourself on the ground.

“Go get your stuff.  Roy is at home with a bunch of junk food and over fifty movies, so get your stuff and let’s get out of here.”

You squealed and ran off to the kitchen to grab your bag and pack all of Alfred’s cookies.  Jason watched you run out of the room before glaring at Damian.

“If you ever hurt her, physically or mentally, I will kill you slowly and make sure they will never find your body.  Not even Bruce will be able to find you.  She will be visiting more often due to me being out on missions and you better not do anything again.  You got it?”
Damian gulped and nodded.  

“I got everything!! Let’s go!!” you shouted.

“Bye (Y/N)!” Damian shouted.

“Bye Damian!” you shouted.

Alfred put a hand on Damian’s shoulder and said: “Be thankful she did not overreact when you said all of those things to her.  Master Tim was not as lucky as you when he first met her.”

anonymous asked:

Could you do a headcanon about boys taking care of Candy when she's sick, please? I love your headcanons <3

ILYSM FOR THAT, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW ANON LET ME LOVE YOU. Yes, thanks so much for the fluff and v kind words. I breathe in fluff daily, like, you don’t even know. Anyways, on with the headcanons. Enjoy!


  • Is suddenly a doctor.
  • Has felt all types of sicknesses from his allergies
  • NOT playing this game
  • Makes it a mission to make Candy feel better
  • Is strict, Candy CANNOT stay up late and HAS to eat soup
  • Suddenly can cook soup
  • Always checks on Candy, questions her
  • Feels over her forehead a lot
  • Refuses to let Candy get up, she needs to ‘rest up’.
  • Gets kinda irritated if he notices that Candy’s getting sicker
  • Scared to get sick from her, he’s struggled enough in spring
  • Will kiss Candy anywhere but the lips
  • Sleeps at the end of the couch
  • Hates to do it, but he distances himself from Candy since if he’s sick too - no one can make Candy feel better
  • Had to battle Candy to spoon feed her that nasty grape medicine
  • Gave the “this is out of love” speech to her many times.


  • Knows the basics of colds and fevers, he’s ready.
  • Teases Candy when she complains - but comes with a quick apology.
  • Can make some badass soup.
  • Likes to spoon feed Candy.
  • His soup is the bes t.
  • Again, Cassy is such a worried mom. Will never admit it.
  • Not even close to tempted to kiss Candy. It’s cold but, he hates being sick.
  • Doesn’t kiss her on the lips, he’s not playing that game
  • Let’s Candy wear his tanktop to keep cool, takes some pictures too
  • Keeps Demon away from her - he’s not risking his other babu’s life
  • Secretly getting advice from Lysander.
  • Has a fan around her if she gets too hot,
  • Very experienced with fevers
  • Colds are nightmare.
  • CAN’T STAN D VOMIT he has to leave at that part.
  • Will watch any of her movies, even if they’re horrible to him


  • So lost, so confused.
  • Wraps Candy up in a blanket, keeping her warm.
  • Wishes he was the blanket sometimes.
  • Keeps a distance from her, he doesn’t like being sick.
  • Is really good with tomato soup.
  • Apologies when he has to give her that disgusting medicine
  • Washes his hands a lot after leaving the room.
  • Doesn’t allow her to get up, he’s at her service
  • Jam-packed with tissues, they’re just like BOOM - in his pocket.
  • Gives her mints for nasal congestion.
  • Sometimes forgets to give her a trashcan.
  • Is so disgusted with colds, but he loves Candy too much for that.
  • Gives Candy less kisses, usually cheek kisses when she’s sick.
  • Hugs her often, since it’s a lot safer.
  • Has her go to bed earlier, knows she gets sad about it so he risks his life and sleeps on the couch with her.
  • Accidentally gets himself sick.


  • He’s taken care of a sick Alexy before, he’s got this.
  • He doesn’t got this.
  • Let’s her wear his beanie, for when he’s not there.
  • Wears a surgical mask for shxts and giggles.
  • Checks on her a lot more than Candy expected.
  • Can make some nice soup, it’s kinda burnt though?
  • Doesn’t give Candy the medicine, says it’s ‘too horrible’ to do that to her - half-joking btw,,
  • Actually wore on a darth vader helmet for ‘safety precautions.’
  • Binge watches movies with her.
  • Let’s her walk around, he watches her though
  • Doesn’t avoid her, such a risk taker.
  • Side hugs Candy a lot, attacks her cheek with kisses.
  • Always checks her temperature, has one of those red temperature sticks.
  • This boy is NOT here for the vomit, he leaves
  • Always finds the best way to make Candy laugh.
  • Can’t help but kiss her…and accidentally get himself sick.
  • Still thinks it was worth it.


  • No surprise that this boy is a doctor and a worried mom in the making.
  • Totally prepared, but a little too prepared.
  • Refuses to leave Candies side-
  • Constantly checking her temperature.
  • Likes to purposely cup her cheeks to check her temperature sometimes.
  • Hates how he can’t kiss her.
  • Keeps her on a healthy diet, sleeping schedule, this boy is the best
  • Sleeps on the floor next to her, he just has to be awake
  • Wishes he could have the sickness instead,,
  • Seriously feels bad for Candy, wants to make her better ASAP.
  • Doesn’t let Cookie near her.
  • Fed her the horrible grape medicine.
  • Cuts the pills for her -
  • Gives her his pillows and blanket, he won’t let it spread back to her
  • Cleans eVERYWHERE
  • Doesn’t mean to fall asleep, he accidentally passes out.
  • So exhausted
  • He deserves to be cuddled for as long as he wants.

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Hc for MC (who's really into physical affection and sweet talk) making coffee and cookies and bringing them into the room? :D

Sure! Thanks for requesting <33 I didn’t really put that much sweet talk or physical affection in some of these i hope you don’t mind-


  • Zen smells the coffee and cookies before you enter the room, he knows whats up
  • as soon as you enter he’s already walking towards you
  • seeing you come up to him with a tray of coffee and cookies he can’t help but smile and engulf you in a hug
  • probably from behind bc the tray lmao
  • “You’re too cute MC, gosh.”
  • he’ll ask you to feed him the cookies
  • once he eats some he’ll bring you onto the couch and you guys will cuddle while watching tv aww


  • the first thing he does other than say thanks is down that coffee
  • he’s probably been going longer than 48 hours without sleep cause of LOLOL
  • he needed to be caffeinated or else you’d risk him killing someone
  • once he finishes his coffee he’d realise and properly take in what just happened, smile and blush awkwardly and squeeze your hand while saying thanks another time
  • he eats his cookies like a hamster - fast, little nibbles
  • it’s the sorta “I want to savour this because it tastes good so i’ll eat in small bites but oh gosh it’s so yum I just want to eat the whole damn thing” situation


  • more coffee yes please
  • it’s impossible for Jaehee to get sick of coffee it’s like physically impossible
  • she’ll smile gratefully and take them, then sit you down so you guys could share
  • all while having the adorable teeny tiny blush on her cheeks that always makes you smile
  • she really likes it when you make her coffee because it feels a lot more special than regular coffee
  • you even put a little heart on it and Jaehee just died on the inside
  • she says thank you with a kiss to the forehead~


  • his heart skipped a beat as you walked into the room with the tray
  • “For…me?”
  • “If it was for me, I would’ve eaten it by now.”
  • he sits you down on his bed and insists you have a cookie before he takes anything
  • eventually you do take a bite of a cookie, and Jumin swoops in and removes your hand from it while it’s still in your mouth, then carefully takes a bite of the cookie really seductively
  • you blush because of how close your faces are
  • next thing you know, the tray is on the nightstand and his shirt is on the floor-


  • “Aww, MC you’re so cute in an apron~!”
  • he will take away the tray of coffee and cookies and place it on a table so he can hug you tight and entangle his hands in your hair
  • he wants you to feed him the cookies with your mouth
  • after a couple cookies he’ll just laugh and start scoffing them down himself
  • you guys are now just talking and joking as usual while eating and then you go “Nyaan~”
  • Seven lets out a choking noise and he spills his coffee all over his shirt
  • so he removes his shirt
  • you’re sure as hell he spilled it on purpose but hey you’re not complaining

You didn’t specify whether you wanted V + Saeran with it so I left them out, usually I’d put them in but I’m honestly too lazy right now smh though do hmu if you want the as well!!

anonymous asked:

I may have sent this already, but anyways... AU where one is a vampire and other's best friend is The Slayer.

Natasha sprang back to her feet, backflipped over the snarling vampire to land behind him and in one smooth move jabbed backward, the stake unerringly finding its way to the vampire’s heart.

She flipped her hair and spun to face the next charging vamp –  she dusted two more but her attention was focused more on the older man fighting at the other end of the abandoned factory than the creatures she was killing.  “This is all your fault!”

Phil swung and decapitated another vampire with this sword. “How is this my fault? He got captured mid-day. He’s your responsibility when the sun is out.”

Natasha leapt high, swung on the rope and landed just in front of the next wave of thirst mad fledglings swarming the floor. “It’s your fault because he was talking to dark magic creatures about vampires.”

Phil sighed and took a moment to brush off his suit before the next vamp reached him and he decapitated that one as well. “I’m sure the fact that he’s best friends with the Slayer has nothing to do with why, of all the smorgasbord of humans ripe for the picking, they chose him.”

Clint wriggled around in his bonds but it did him no good. He was wrapped up in ropes like a pig to be roasted on a spit and hanging from the ceiling by a chain with a hook on the end. “Hey guys?  A little help?”

With an easy roundhouse kick Natasha sent three vamps flying backwards, two of which impaled themselves on wooden crates. “I’m a little busy, Clint!”

Phil glanced around the room and then back up at Clint. “I’m sorry, but I think you’re safer up there for the time being.”

“You guys DO know that I can fight, right?”

Phil took out two more of their attackers and still didn’t have a scratch on him. “Of course you can. We just prefer that you don’t.”

“Nataaaasha, tell Phil I can fight.”

“He can fight, but I didn’t bring his bow because I didn’t know I was going slaying tonight. Tonight was supposed to be about Bronzing and boys.” She glared at Phil. “Real boys. Ones with pulses. Ones that can take Clint out on dates and go to his archery competitions.”

Phil’s calm facade slipped and he snarled as he plunged his sword through two vampires at once.

Clint called down, “Hey Nat, maybe now is not the time to have this fight again?”

Phil growled, “Clint is free to do as he pleases. I’ve kept my half of the bargain.” Phil was slicing through the last of the vamps like he had a personal vendetta against them and Clint knew he shouldn’t find it sexy, but damn he looked good doing it.

Natasha sighed and staked the last vampire. “I’m just looking out for him.”

Phil rolled his shoulders, sheathed his sword, and shot his cuffs. “And I’m here assisting the Slayer to slaughter dozens of fledgling vampires because…”

Natasha rolled her eyes and pushed the button on the wall to lower Clint to the ground. “Because against my better judgment, I haven’t killed you yet.”

Phil chuckled, “I do admire your confidence.” But there was no heat to his words. He was focused completely on Clint, and it was hard for Clint to breathe.

Phil didn’t seem to be having that problem. He leaned close and breathed in slow and deep.

Clint swayed on his feet and leaned in towards Phil, he could feel the cold radiating off him and despite all his promises to Nat, he wanted.

Phil chuckled softly. “Really Clint? Now is when your heart starts to race?” He steadied Clint with one hand and with the other untied his ropes.

Eye to eye, they were so close Clint could make out every fleck of color in Phil’s gray-blue eyes, but with every beat of his heart more of the blue was being obscured by black as Phil’s eyes dilated with hunger.

Clint leaned in a little closer and puffed out a breath of hot air over Phil’s mouth. His eyes flashed black and his grip on Clint’s shoulder became painfully tight. “I’ve told you not to do that,” he growled.

Clint shivered and leaned forward, “But I like–”

Natasha’s hand on his other shoulder cut him off and yanked him back two full steps. “Clint! Do not taunt the vampire! Oh my goodness,” she waved her stake vaguely in Phil’s direction, “You do know if you bite him I will stake you; and after you’re dead, I will tell all of the dark underworld that the big bad Phil Coulson secretly wore Hawaiian shirts and had a collection of bad ‘90s pop music, right?”

Phil glared at her. “Again, I admire your confidence. But as we’ve reached an agreement whereby neither of us will attack each other provided I don’t,” Phil made an air quotes gesture, “make a move on Clint, we will happily never have to test that.”

Clint groaned. “You know, it’s entirely possible that we could,” he made vague awkward gestures between himself and Phil, “you know, without it leading to biting.”

Natasha cocked her head to the side. “Yeah… you say that, but since it’s never happened in the history of ever, I’m going to go with ‘no’ and keep my best friend alive. But thanks for coming out.”

Phil sighed and reached out to squeeze Clint’s hand. “You know that is part of why I agreed to her deal.” He ran his other hand through his thin hair, looked around the abandoned factory, and squeezed Clint’s hand a little tighter. “That and you have a remarkable gift for getting yourself into trouble and I like being notified when you need rescuing.”

Their eyes met. Clint’s heart did a flip flop. “My knight in a suit of armor.”

Phil smiled and then laughed and his eyes crinkled in a way that made Clint want to touch.

Natasha huffed. “What am I, chopped liver?”

Without letting go of Phil, Clint smiled and wrapped his other arm around her. “You just don’t appreciate my puns and the kiss reward really wouldn’t work with us.”

Natasha groaned but hugged him back. “How did I end up with a gay best friend with no sense of fashion, a terrible sense of humor, and with terrible taste in men. Aren’t you supposed to have at least one of those?”

Clint shrugged. “Guess I missed the memo? But I do bake a mean batch of cookies.”

Natasha perked up. “Ohh will there be cookies? Good slayage deserves good cookies and there was rescuing on top of that.”

Clint looked at his watch. “Can Phil come? The next episode of Riverdale should be on Netflix by now.”

“No. I am not chaperoning you two while you talk crazy theories about that silly show.” Natasha let go of him. “But I will cash in my cookie debt tomorrow. Tonight can still be about boys and Bronze for me.” She pointed her stake at Phil. “Just remember, no biting, no tasting, no,” she made a grossed out face, “no nothing that Steve would disapprove of.”

Phil tugged Clint a little closer and Clint went willingly. This was still okay and it would be so much fun to watch together instead of having to just text each other, he almost giggled with excitement.

Natasha huffed, “Ugh. Terrible taste in men!” She looked at Clint fondly. “Stay safe, make sure he walks you home, and call me when you’re home safe.”

“Yes mom.” Clint would have rolled his eyes but he was already turning to look at Phil. “You ready to go?”

Phil tugged him eagerly towards the exit and wrapped his strong arm around Clint’s shoulders. “I bought hot chocolate just in case you were able to come over.”

Natasha turned and headed in the other direction. “I do not need to see this. Stay safe!” And with a wave, she was gone.

Despite the cold night air and the cold body beside him, he felt safe and snuggled into the hug. “Hot chocolate?”

They rounded the corner and suddenly Phil pressed Clint up against the wall. The brickwork scrapped rough against his skin even through his shirt, but all of that was a muted sensation compared to the press of Phil’s cold hard body against him. His lips were as cold as the night air, but soft against his own; he cradled Clint so gently in his arms in stark contrast to how possessively he forced his way into Clint’s eager mouth. His kiss was a whirlwind of soft lips and hard tongue, gentle arms and hard cock thrusting against his hip. Clint moaned and thrust back against him. He was lost to the feel of Phil, he surrounded him, he was his world—

Phil yanked himself away with a growl and hunched over trembling just out of arm’s reach.

Clint’s self-preservation was enough to keep him still but he cursed a blue streak in his head. He pressed back against the wall and tried to regulate his breathing, wishing he could will his body into not taunting Phil with the scent of arousal and desire that must be rolling off of him in waves.

Time passed slowly, his future hanging in the balance with each tick of the clock as Phil fought a war within himself to both keep Clint alive and kill him.

When Phil turned back towards him, he was still in full vamp face but his trembles were controlled to small twitches. His fangs glinted in the starlight and Clint felt a shiver of fear run through him.

If Phil lost control… if he pounced…

Clint was frighteningly aware of just how helpless he was to escape and that literally the only veil of protection keeping him alive was Phil’s own willpower fighting against his instinct to taste, to feed, to kill.

Phil licked his lips and shuddered. “I do wish you would stop getting captured quite so often, Clint.”

Clint’s lips twitched in a small smile and he shrugged. “Would Sundays and bank holidays work better for your schedule?”

Phil moved towards him but pulled himself back.

Phil was always so calm and composed. Mid-battle. Mid-banter. Mid-negotiating for his life against insurmountable odds. But in this moment his hand trembled as he reached out to stroke Clint’s cheek. “I just want to keep you safe.”

“I know. Both you and Nat want to keep me safe. But the creatures of the night aren’t going anywhere and I can fight.”

Phil’s vamp face faded away and he closed half the distance between them. “I know. I just wish I could do more. And I’ll get you another bow. I don’t want Natasha to be the only person you can go to and I’ll start taking it with me when I go out so if something like this happens again I can give you something to fight with.”

Clint leaned into Phil’s touch and Phil cupped his palm around his cheek. “You’re going to carry around dozens of pointy little wooden sticks?”

Phil stroked his thumb over Clint’s lips. “If it will keep you safe? Yes.”

(the end)

Eyes on Me, baby girl.

Kim Jiwon/Bobby iKON       x        You (reader)

Fluff / lil bit of angst / lil bit of smut (????!?!?!)

You just finished cleaning your house and baking cookies until 7 boys barge in. One of them was your boyfriend, Bobby.

“Heeeyy.” You greeted them with your tired face

“Did we bother you? I mean, we can go back..” Donghyuk shook his head

“No, no. Come in boys, I just finished baking cookies.” You smiled, let them in one by one.

You hugged your ex-crush, Kim Hanbin,

“How are you?”

“I’m good, as good as you.” You smiled and laughed. You liked Hanbin and Hanbin liked you too but the timing wasn’t right, until you found your Mr. Right named Kim Jiwon aka Bobby.

“Well,” Bobby showed up between your hug with Hanbin. He looks awkward.

You let go of Hanbin’s hands, face Bobby and you smiled.

“How’s the hug?”

“Your hug is the best.” You walked towards him and rested your body on his chest, “I miss you so much.”

“Me too, what’s my girl doing this afternoon?” He pinched your nose

“Mmmm I just finished baking.” You two went inside your house and looking at the boys.

Donghyuk approached you, “Have you read this?” he handed you a poem book.

“Yeaaah, it’s really good.” And you two fell to the conversation about the books.

Suddenly, Bobby sat beside you and rested his head on your shoulder,

“Hmmmmm” he groan.

“What’s the matter baby boy?” You rubbed his jawline almost got cut by it.

“Talk to meeeee” You’re aware that he’s jealous of Dongdongie.

“Wait, wait,” You continue to talk with Donghyuk about the poems and author.

You finally get up and joined Hanbin and Jinhwan playing cards. You laughed at Hanbin’s facial expression and Jinhwan aegyo that annoys Hanbin. And soon Junhoe made a sexy expression that makes Hanbin cringe.

“You even laughed with another boy?” Bobby whispered into your ears almost succeed in turning you on.

Bobby took your body and hug you from behind, the flying butterflies never die on your stomach everytime he touched you. His scent– that you’ve been missing all this time.

“Hey Y/N! Come hereee.” Yunhyeong and Chanwoo screamed your name.

“What’s wrongg??”

“Try this lipbalms!!!” Yunhyeong smear the new lipbalm on her lips.

Bobby can’t stand it anymore. He took the lipbalm and threw it at the floor, “Don’t touch her lips.” Bobby said coldly and went to the kitchen.

Now you’re fully aware that he’s really angry and jealous. You hugged him from behind,

“Baby boy..” You draw on his sixpacks.

“Go. I’m going to spend my time alone.” He said, enjoying your touch but keep lying because of his pride.

“No, I’m done with them…” You feed him a marshmallow one by one, at first he rejected it, and finally your finger successfully in to his mouth.

“I’m going to spend the rest of my day with my boyfriend. I’m done with my friends…” You circled on his sixpacks.

He turned back, stared at you, and went to your bedroom. You followed him with a light step.

He sat on your bed. You stood on the door.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous. You look hotter.”

“I may look cute to you, but I’m afraid.” He stared at you with a serious look and husky voice.

“..Babe.” You sat beside him, stroking his face gently.

“I mean. Look at me. I’m ugly, I’m just an ordinary boy. Ordinary boyfriend. Look at Hanbin’s charisma, Jinhwan’s and Junhoe’s sexiness, Donghyuk’s cleverness, Chanwoo’s cuteness, and Yunghyeong’s face. I’m just nothing compared to them…”

“I don’t want to lose you, I want to be your love. I can’t lose you– I don’t want to, I can’t even ima–”

You kissed his lips.

“Who the hell called this beautiful soul ‘nothing’?? You have it all inside your soul, Bobby. You are perfect in my eyes, you’re the most wonderful creature God ever create. I’m just playing with my friends– your friends. My heart belongs to you– the one and only, you.” You stroked his hair.

“Don’t leave me.” He hugged you tighter than ever.

“Thank you for telling me that.” He smiled and look at you the way you like it.

“Promise me that you’ll keep your eyes on me, baby girl.”He finally stroked your hair, your back, and he turns you on.

“I’m all yours.” You smirked and gave him the naughty look.

“Your lips tasted like heaven.”

“Thanks to Yunhyeong???” You laughed in your kiss.

“Not. the lipbalm. But your lips. Your lips only.”

He pushed you to the bed and tasting you all for himself.

Did I Say That Out Loud?

I was supposed to be working on Chapter 6 of A Weekend in Paris, but this popped into my head after seeing a prompt list that @sand1128 had reblogged. So, as it seems to be my thing, here is some extra sweet and fluffy Rucas…enjoy!

Did I Say That Out Loud?

Lucas Friar was a happy guy. He had a lot going for him at 16. He had a great group of friends that included his two best friends, Zay and Farkle. He had just finished his freshman year of high school with awesome grades. He and his father seem to have found some common ground and he wasn’t on his case all the time. He had a summer job for a local animal clinic. He would be cleaning cages and feeding the animals that had to stay over for treatment, all while gaining some valuable experience. He was hoping to save what money he made for a car. The icing on the cake for him was his girlfriend. Riley Matthew was the most caring, understanding girl in the world, and she was his.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do RFA+Saerran coming home to smol MC that made them cookies while they were out? Thank youu😘

Aww such a cute request ^-^

I´m so tiny so that is 100percent me

I hope this is to your liking Anon.

I took the liberty to add the whole minor trio as a bonus they all deserve cookies !


  • When he comes home he already smells the fresh baked cookies.
  • So that what you been up to while he was out ? He thinks
  • Zen goes to the living room and sees a plate full of fresh baked cookies and they all look like music notes and it looks so cute to him.
  • Then he sees you still in a apron and you look so cute he goes over to you and hugs you and then he just picks you up and cuddles you some more because you are so sweet.
    You pout a bit since you don´t really like being picked up like that but that makes you only even more cute to him.
  • Zen really enjoys the self made cookies even when they not part of his diet but they are the best think ever to him.
  • He feeds you the self made cookies and gives you a kiss.


  • When he comes back from the store he smells cookies how did you do that so fast ?
  • He finds you still in the Kitchen decorating the cookies you just made.
  • They all in random animal shapes and they look really cute.
  • He asks why you made them and thinks they must be a present for someone.
  • You smile at him and tell him they for him.
  • Yoosung first thinks he forgot his own birthday or something but no you just felt like baking him cookies.
  • That is just the sweetest think ever he finds them all so cute and he almost don´t want to eat them but you insist on it.
  • They taste really great to him and he kisses your forehead while you standing in front of him.
  • Yoosung shares the cookies with you even when they where all for him.
  • Also takes a picture of them and sends them in the chat to make everyone jealous it works.


  • She is very late home and is very tired.
  • Then she smells the fresh cookies and sees you while putting them in a box to keep them fresh.
  • Jaehee asks why you made cookies and you tell her they for her and Jaehee finds it so cute of you.
  • You also made her some coffee and she really loves you for that.
  • Jaehee tries one if the cookies and they are really good she loves them and is really glad you made them just for you.
  • She also gives you some since you made so many anyways.
  • Jaehee finds it so sweet that you made cookies for he she later thanks you with a kiss.
  • She takes some to work with her since they just so tasty and they give her a energy boost.


  • When he comes home from work he smells the cookies and he thinks you asked the chef to make some.
  • He knows you like sweets so it would not surprise him.
  • Jumin finds you in the kitchen still decorating the cookies you look really cute to him in your apron.
  • He sees that the cookies are all cat shaped he finds it cute that you make cookies and its even more cute how they all cats.
  • You tell him there are all for him and makes Jumin speechless how can you be so sweet.
  • You give him a cookie to try it and he finds it really tasty he loves it that you baked something just for him.
  • Jumin thinks they are the best cookies in the whole world you think that is not true at all.
  • Jumin hugs you tightly and asks you to make some again some time and of course you will gladly do that.
  • He tells everyone how sweet you are to him.


  • He was only out to wash his car so he is really surprised when he smells cookies when he comes back.
  • He looks for you and you are just bringing the cookies to the living room.
  • You smile at him and he wonders how you baked cookies that fast.
  • He wants one and comes over to steal one from you but you tell him they for him anyway so he ca have them all.
  • At first thinks you are kidding him but you are too sweet to that so he takes one to try it and they are really delicious.
  • He is very happy that you made cookies just for him you the cutest think ever too him.
  • He picks you up princess style and gets with yon the couch and their you eat all the cookies together.

Spoilers for the minor trio -aka V Saeran and Vanderwood - just in case


  • -he can see in this because I want everybody to be happy-
  • When he comes home to you he thinks something smells really good.
  • You come to him  with a wide smile and he sees the cookies you made for him.
  • He is really glad that you made something home made just for him and the cookies all look really good to him.
  • You offer him one and he gladly takes one and they are really tasting great.
  • He loves that you just desisted to just bake something for him to him you are the cutest think ever.
  • You two sit on the couch you sit in his lap and you feed him your self made cookies.
  • V will differently get more cookies from you in the future.


  • When he is coming home he already is wondering what you are up too when you not greet him.
  • He looks for you and he finds you in front of the oven waiting for cookies to be done.
  • Saeran asks you why you make cookies.
  • You tell you wanted to bake something sweet for him.
  • Saeran finds that so sweet from you he loves sweets and he waits with you in front of the oven till the cookies are done.
  • Then you both decorate them with chocolate and wait till they cold enough to eat.
  • Saeran thinks they the best think he had ever eaten and he definitely wants more selfmade cookies from you.
  • Later he kisses you and tells you you are much sweeter then the cookies you made.


  • When he comes home and he smells cookies he feels like you planed to kill him -old habits die hard
  • You just smile at him and tell him they for him and he is so surprised that you made anything for him.
  • You offer him one he tries a bite and they are not tasting bad actual they are really delicious.
  • Quite surprising to him he says he is glad you thought about him.
  • You are glad he likes the cookies you tell him they all for him he feels really overwhelmed by your sweetness.
  • He gladly eats all the cookies you gave him and he hopes you will bake some more in the future for him

Take a look at my Masterlist my requests are open so drop by !

Preference "How they take care of you when you get sick"

(Hope I got this request right and you all like it :D Yay for our fave being so caring of us XD PS. I tried my best to make them all different :) I love Simon’s XD also I took out T-Dog for this one and put in Benjamin cause I felt it would be little more different this way :D Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d take it upon himself to take care of you alongside his doctor and make sure you have the best resource. He’d then stay by your side and talk about anything to make you laugh and forget about your sickness/injury. “Hey Y/N…remember when I totally scared the shit out of you when I entered the shower with you! Yeah what a day that was! You need to get better soon…It’s boring out there without you…that’s why i’m staying, here!”

Daryl- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d stay by your side to take care of you with whatever you need and reassure you by always giving his hand for you to hold before going to sleep. “Y/N…do you need anything else? Like a wet towel? Some more cough syrup? Do you want my pillow too? No? So you’re ready to go to sleep…here hold my hand…”

Rick- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d take care of you by preparing you a warm bath. He’d sit beside you outside of the bath and help you wash while trying his best to comfort you. “You’ll get better soon Y/N…After this i’ll wrap you up in a towel…get you in your pj and you’ll go to sleep, alright…”

Merle-Whenever you’d get sick, he’d try to help you with whatever you need and usually stay by your side at night and offer to read you a story. “Alright Y/N…Get ready for me not leaving your side for a real long while…and get ready to hear my voice until you fall asleep…Yep I’m reading you to sleep…So which one should I read?”

Glenn- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d get you every blanket you need to keep you warm and stay by your side to make your bed comfortable. “Here Y/N! I got you this, hope it keeps your warm…Do you need anything else? Here let me make your pillow comfortable too!”

Carl- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d help you get better and try to get you to forget about your sickness by bringing you comic books to read together. “So Y/N I know you’re sick and all…but staying in bed doing nothing is really boring! So how about we read some comics! So which one you want?!”

The Governor- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d start to worry and get you everything he believes you need to feel better and sometimes even going overboard and just spend the day holding you. “I’m not letting go of you until you get better, Y/N…It’s been days since I haven’t seen you go out and I can’t spend a day without you anymore so I’m staying here…”

Abraham- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d try to cheer you up and make you believe you’re tougher than your sickness and you’ll get better soon. “Y/N, I know you’re sick now…but you gotta remember you’re not a bitch! Alright! That little cold of yours is going to pass and then you’re gonna get your ass up and I will take you out on a date!”

Eugene- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d help the person taking care of you by getting them whatever they need to get you better and suggest games to play to distract you. “So I hope you’re gonna get better Y/N…I really hate that you can’t get up from your bed…But at least we can spend the day together, here I got these games for us to play!”

Ron- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d want to see you smile more and beg his mom to bake you cookies and offer to help her as much as he can. “Y/N, I got you some cookies! My mom made them for you…and I helped her as much as I could…I wanted to make them special for you…I just want to see you get better soon…”

Jesus- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d baby you from start to finish, spoon feed you your meals and make sure you take your medicine properly. “Alright, Y/N open your mouth! I’m serious! There’s no way i’m letting you eat this on your own…If I did that I know you won’t take your medicine…Come on let me take care of you properly…”

Dwight- Whenever you’d get sick, knowing how you hate the taste of medicine, he’d always make you his delicious sandwich in order to trick you into taking it. “Y/N, look what I got! It’s your favorite sandwich! Here you should try it! Come on! You’re missing out! I put a lot of effort and love into it, like I always do…Could you at least just take a bite out of it!”

Morgan- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d let you rest as much as you need and cook you your favorite meal and promise to stay by your side afterwards. “Y/N…You don’t need to get up…Please, you need some time to rest to get better…Here I got you this…Well I made it, knowing how much you love it…Don’t worry I didn’t sneak in any medicine in it…”

Shane- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d take care of you as much as he can and he’d make you feel better by giving you kisses and hugs. “You’re gonna get better babe, I promise…Don’t worry, I don’t mind kissing you all over like this…At least I can hear you laugh and see you smile…It’s better than hearing your little nose being all stuffy!”

Milton- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d take it upon himself to get you better and knowing how much you hate taking medicine, he’d make some tea for you and trick you into taking some. “Y/N, I made you some tea…It’ll keep you warm…What? No I swear it’s just tea…There’s nothing else…Just drink it…Please…Fine i’ll take sip out of it just to prove it to you…Here, delicious…happy…”

Aaron- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d go on every run to get you whatever you needed and always come back to take care of you. “I’m sorry I spent the day out…I just had to get you this…Denise said it’ll make you better…So I just had to find it…Here try it…Please…I promise i’ll stay right here after I won’t leave you…”

Gabriel- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d pray for you to get better and spend the day next to your bed holding your hand. “You’ll get better Y/N…The lord won’t take you away from me…I know he wouldn’t…and I’ll be staying here until you get better! So do you need anything else? I can go and get it for you if you need it!”

The Wolf- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d threaten and kidnap the best “doctor” and get them to get you better. “You’re gonna make my Y/N feel better! She’s been sick for some time now and I can’t take it…So get her better now…Do whatever you need! And if you need me to get something for her just ask me!”

Noah- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d go steal some medication from the cabinets for you and convince you by any means possible for you take it. “Y/N…I got some medicine I think it can help you…Here take it…Please for me just take them…It took a lot of effort for me to get them…Yes I stole them but that doesn’t matter I did for you…”

Simon- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d tell Negan to let him spend the day with you and he’d try to make you laugh to cheer you up. “Alright, Y/N! I got on my knees and begged Negan to let me stay with you until you get better and he said…yes! From the way you’re looking at me…I know what you’re thinking…No I didn’t suck his dick when I got on my knees, alright!”

Ezekiel- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d get you his best healers and treatment. He’d let Shiva stay near you to keep you company and in hope she’d cheer you up. “Y/N, I promise you’ll get better soon…I have the best looking after you…and i’ll always be by your side when night comes alright…Also, Shiva will be staying right here with you…she can keep you warm!”

Dale- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d let you rest as long as you want in his RV and keep an eye on you as much as he can. “Y/N…Just stay in the RV alright…I don’t want you to come out for no reason…You need some rest to get well, so go back in, take some meds and go back to sleep…please…”

Benjamin- Whenever you’d get sick, he’d get the help you need and sneak into your room to keep you company. “Hey…you okay? I know Ezekiel probably wants me out there but…I don’t like knowing you’re all sick and alone like this…So i’m gonna stay here with you…until someone catches me…”

Michonne- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d help take care of you and as everyone would leave you alone, she’d sneak in some snack to make you feel better. “Hey Y/N…I know you’re sick and all but…I got you these…I know how much you love them so…Eat…Come on…I won’t tell anyone…”

Maggie- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d stay by your side until you’d get better and just spend the day in bed with you. “I don’t care Y/N…I’m staying here in bed with you until you get better! You can’t just tell me to leave…besides you’ll be needing my help for everything so it’s just better if I stay close!”

Andrea- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d wrap you in a blanket and get you everything you need to get better. “Here you go, Y/N! It’ll keep you warm enough…and soon you’ll get better! Well at least I hope…Do you need anything else? I’ll get it for you…”

Jessie- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d prepare you your favorite meal to cheer you up. “Y/N…you’re awake? Here i think it’s time for your meal…So is it good? I hope you like it…I made it myself…I mean I know how much you love it so I just had to make it…”

Beth- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d stay by your side and let you lay on her lap and sing you to sleep. “Come here Y/N…I promise I’ll stay here and keep you company…I’ll even sing you to sleep if you want to…”

Sasha- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d reassure you that you’ll get better and would get you a warm towel for your forehead. “You’re gonna be alright Y/N…I swear…I’m right here with you and i’m not leaving you…Here let me change that towel for you…”

Rosita- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d spend nights sitting by your bed side and talk to you about her day in hopes to brighten your mood. “Hey, you alright? Because of you I spent the day out on a run…and It was really boring! I’m serious without you there’s nothing much to do out there…So get well soon! And I don’t care what you’re saying i’m staying right here with you!”

Enid- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d spend her day hanging out with you and cheer you up by convincing you to draw with her. “Y/N since you’re sick…I thought of spending the day with you…Hope you won’t mind! Hey, how about we have those silly drawing contest you used to do with me!”

Tara- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d go on a run and get you what you needed as well as making you some hot chocolate. “Y/N…Hey…Here I got this…You’ll get better if you take it! I promise…If you take it i’ll give you this…your favorite…Hot chocolate!”

Carol- Whenever you’d get sick, she’d want to see you get better and knowing how much you love her cookies, she’d sneak in some medicine in them to get you take some. “Y/N…I know you’re sick and this is probably the wrong time…but I made some fresh cookies for everyone…and I want you to be the first one to try them…”

Pastry Chef MC

RFA + V/Saeran in a relationship with MC who happens to be a baker/pastry chef. This has nothing to do with the fact that I, the writer, went to culinary school for pastry chef-ery. Nope. (FYI, requests are open, I know this is a newer blog but I’d love some requests. ^^ I’m in the process of moving so they might not be super fast, but! The option is there.)


  • impressed, tbh
  • he doesn’t normally cook, even though he can, and never bakes, so he thinks it’s cool that you do that for a living
  • he usually didn’t eat many sweets, bc they aren’t healthy and his health/physique is super important for his job
  • but he can’t say no to your baking
  • has to add on an extra workout on days you bring home sweets
  • suddenly, he’s bringing sweets for everyone during rehearsals, too
  • he totally brags to all of them about you
  • his new favorite thing is your cupcakes
  • especially your Irish Car Bomb cupcakes
  • there’s Guinness and Irish whiskey and Bailey’s  o h  m y
  • he likes it even better than your goldfish shaped bread


  • he’s thrilled!
  • he loves to cook and bake and always asks for tips to help him be better
  • asks you to decorate LOLOL themed cookies for him and some of his gaming friends
  • you love this dork so much
  • he loves helping you when you bake at home
  • will legit watch you work as if it’s the most interesting thing ever
  • “you should be on one of those baking shows!”
  • decides to surprise you one day by taking one of your recipe books and baking something special
  • he totally messes up the presentation but it tastes great and you love him for trying
  • his favorite thing you make is…pretty much anything chocolate
  • truffles, petit fours, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate frosting all of it


  • okay but this is PERFECT
  • i mean she opens a bakery cafe ffs
  • she handles the coffee and you handle the baked goods
  • you were super thrilled to be her partner
  • it wasn’t just her dream, but yours too!
  • you were able to give extra help in picking out a menu
  • you two constantly drop off baked goods left over at the end of the day to the rest of the RFA
  • but also to homeless shelters
  • she teaches you to roast coffee beans and you teach her some of the more complicated pastries
  • her favorite thing is your tiramisu
  • coffee and pastry all in one and it’s perfect for her


  • doesn’t really like sweets that much
  • but that doesn’t stop him from trying everything you make bc he loves you so much
  • N O T  a fan of the usual work hours
  • early mornings and late nights and weekends and holidays
  • MC just quit and spend more time with me”
  • but you want to work bc you love it and you don’t want to be totally dependent on him
  • so this boy goes and ends up buying you a bakery Sarah and Sugar round can be seen exploding in the distance
  • “Now you’re the boss and you can come spend time with me and Elizabeth 3rd whenever you want”
  • even allows you to steal hire Jaehee finally the girl gets some rest and is thrilled
  • his favorite thing is your scones
  • not too sweet, and they don’t take you long to make so bonus


  • “OMG CAN YOU MAKE HONEY BUDDHA CHIPS” it’s the first thing he asks you
  • why even, you have a whole warehouse of them jfc
  • loves to “help” when you’re in the kitchen
  • which really means “stand around and mess with the cook”
  • “Is this sharp?” as he RUNS HIS FINGER DOWN THE KNIFE SAEYOUNG WHY it was sharp and now he’s bleeding
  • banned from “helping” after that but he still yells questions from the other room
  • you do let him help decorate cat shaped cookies though he has so much fun
  • ends up reprogramming Catbot to be able to help in the kitchen and it is way more helpful than Saeyoung tbh
  • “Bringing sugar over meow~” “Oven is preheated meow~”
  • his favorite thing is this hard candy you make for him which is basically Doctor Pepper and pure sugar
  • it’s made from one of his favorite things and you always let him break it up WITH A HAMMER what’s not to love


  • doesn’t really have a sweet tooth
  • but that doesn’t matter bc BREAD
  • you find out he loves bread and so there’s always a fresh loaf in the bread box
  • his eyes are bad but he always insists on taking photos of all the things you make
  • your portfolio has never looked better tbh
  • he can’t really help very well but he’s always willing to try
  • barring that, he’ll sometimes just hug you from behind if what you’re making doesn’t require a lot of movement
  • it still makes it more difficult but you love it so you’ll never tell him
  • his favorite thing is pain de campagne (country bread) and you make it for him all the time
  • but to keep him from getting sick of it, you make him new breads he’s never tried before often he loves them all


  • omg
  • no one has ever really baked him anything before, he’s not used to this kind of treatment
  • but you bake for him ALL. THE. TIME. my poor deprived bby let me feed you
  • cookies whenever he wants???
  • secretly a little jealous when you make things for other people
  • when he finds out you know how to make ice cream from scratch
  • he  l o s e s  i t !!
  • so excited when you teach him how now he can make whatever ice cream he wants
  • the ice cream machine becomes his favorite new appliance
  • his favorite thing is when you break up cookies you baked and put them in his ice cream
  • he loves eating it in the winter while you two are wrapped in a blanket and cuddling
Celebrate Me Home - Harry Styles

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Character/Person: Harry Styles

Fandom: One Direction

day 23!! christmas is getting so close omg??? this is barely even christmas themed lol but i hope you enjoy this!

Celebrate Me Home - Kenny Loggins

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“It’s good to have you back, H,” Gemma, Harry’s sister, smiled warmly and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Especially ‘round Christmas.”

“Thanks, Gem.” He replied, his dimple becoming visible as his lips widened. His arm was wrapped firmly around the bottom of (Y/N)’s spine to keep her next to him at all times. The first few buttons of his nice patterned button-down top were loose, revealing the top of his chest and the slightest peek at the tattoos on his collarbone. “Who threw this party?”

As (Y/N) looked around, she was amazed that this many people could fit into Harry’s childhood home. Family and friends were packed in like sardines to welcome Harry home after five years of hard work on tours and press trips. Red decorations were hung and strung everywhere, and the air smelled like Ann’s infamous chocolate chip cookies she made every Christmas.

“Mum did, of course.” Gemma revealed, and Harry nodded knowingly. “She means best, you know that. She just wanted to celebrate you home.”

“I know. Where is she, anyways? I’ve barely seen her,” Harry commented, and (Y/N) stretched her neck to where she last saw her boyfriend’s mother.

“I think she was readying the food in the kitchen, last I saw her,” (Y/N) announced, looking back to the Styles siblings.

“Thank you, babe.” He nodded and grinned, pecking the top of your head.

“And you, (Y/N), how have you been?! I haven’t seen you since the concert in London!” Gemma gushed, taking her brother’s girlfriend’s hands into her own. “You look absolutely amazing, where did you get this dress?”

“Don’t smother her, Gem,” Harry said, giving a playfully pointed look at his sister.

“Nonsense, H. I’ve been great, how are you? You look killer as always,” (Y/N) responded.

“I’ve been lovely, thank you!” Gemma replied. “But really, Topshop? ASOS? Where did you get this, it’s beautiful!”

“Well, actually-”

“I bought it for her.” Harry stated smugly, a smirk on his face.

“Wow, H. Nice job,” Gemma nodded in approval.

“Isn’t it gorgeous on her?” Harry praised.

“Stop it.” (Y/N) blushed, hiding her grin in the her boyfriend’s side.

“Adorable.” Gemma observed. “Who knew my dorky brother could be such a gentleman. Did you know that in year seven Harry once-”

“Alright, I think we’re gonna go say hi to mum again, great speaking with you!” Harry rushed out, interrupting his sister’s embarrassing story and pulling (Y/N) in the direction of the kitchen.

“What was that?” (Y/N) inquired.

“I’ll save that story for later.” Harry responded, searching for his mom among the crowd. His eyes brightened when they landed on her, slaving away in the kitchen, practically drowning in plates of food.

“Oh, Ann, let me help you with this,” (Y/N) rushed out of Harry’s grip to grab a plate from Ann’s hands  just as she was struggling to carry not one but two heavy plates of turkey.

“Thank you, (Y/N), you’re too sweet.” Ann thanked her genuinely, giving her son’s girlfriend a side hug. “How are you enjoying the party, Har?”

“I’m enjoying it lots. Thank you, mumma.” He smiled lovingly. “Do you need help? You’ve got enough food to feed a country here.”

“No, it’s alright. I’m almost finished anyways,” She declined.

“At least let me help set the table, yeah? You’re sweating,” (Y/N) insisted, grabbing a towel from a nearby table and handing it to her.

“If you absolutely insist, sure. That would be lovely, thank you (Y/N).” Ann replied, taking the towel gratefully and dabbing the sweat off her forehead. “And how’ve you been? My son treating you well?”

“Very well. I’ve been very good, how are you?” (Y/N) answered, making Harry wrap his arm around her once more and rub a hand along her back.

“I’ve been very lovely, thank you!” Ann grinned, and (Y/N) could see the obvious similarities between Harry’s and Ann’s smiles. “You are so great, (Y/N), really. When is Harry ever going to tie the knot?” She asked, smiling widely.

Harry blushed. “Not telling. But it will happen, trust me on that.” He answered, making (Y/N) blush as well.

“Oh, my baby.” Ann cooed. “All grown up; already have an amazing career and the love of your life. I’m so happy for you, both of you.”

Once she went away to grab more utensils, Harry spun (Y/N) around so they were facing each other, (Y/N) having to look up due to Harry’s towering height. “I was being serious. I know we haven’t discussed it much but I fully intend to marry you one day.”

(Y/N) smiled bashfully before letting her eyes meet Harry’s. “I would love to marry you.”

Harry grinned, his eyes lighting up in joy. “Now, just for precautions, do you like silver or gold engagement rings because-”

“Harold,” (Y/N) interrupted with a giggle. “Whatever you get me will be amazing. Now stop worrying about me and enjoy your party! It’s for you, after all.”

Harry let out a breath, staring adoringly down at his girlfriend. “I love you. So, so much.”

“I love you, too.”

agoddamnrayeofsunshine  asked:

so I know Hunk from the voltron family has his teddy bear from keith but do lance or pidge have any extra special toys that they're attached to?

This is the perfect prompt to show how Keith got the idea that Pidge and Lance just hated him, but adored Shiro instead! 8D Take note, they don’t call them “Daddy” here yet. They basically did not address them at all.

[The Voltron Family] Mr. Cuddles was a big brown teddy bear Keith had for lil Hunk on his very first day. It was Hunk who decided the name for obvious reasons—the bear was his cuddle buddy when Daddy Keith wasn’t sleeping beside him. It was actually only Keith who had surprises for the kids. 

Lance = Stuffed Bunny
Pidge = Stuffed Piglet

See, Hunk adored Mr. Cuddles. He carried it EVERYWHERE. To the point it seemed like it was his best friend. It made Keith smile, seeing how attached to the bear his new son was. He was happy to see how a gift from him is being appreciated and loved. 

Pidge and Lance were a different story. The kids were downstairs with their Daddy Shiro trying to bake cookies, so he decided to start on the house chores. When he went to Lance’s room, he saw the stuffed bunny under the bed, neglected and dirty. He frowned as he took it out, tapping to get rid of the dust. Perhaps, Lance just misplaced it and has forgotten about it. He proceeded to Pidge’s room and looked for the piglet only to see it on the floor near Pidge’s headboard. Perhaps Pidge elbowed the piglet causing it to fall. Keith picked it up and decided he’d wash them so they would be fresh and clean.

After having the stuff toys washed and dried, he placed them on their beds so Lance and Pidge would see them immediately, sitting there waiting for them. Keith smiled at the thought.

The following morning, he came to wake up the kids. He was done preparing breakfast, while Shiro was making the kids their mugs of morning milk.

Keith: Pidge, sweetheart. Wake up. Time for a spot of breakfast. *caresses her cheeks* *smiles at his new daughter*
Pidge: *turns around* *opens eyes* Hmmm?
Keith: Good morning. *smiles and gives her a morning kiss* *picks her up and carries her* Let’s go get your brothers, yeah?
Pidge: *nods and goes back to sleeping on Keith’s shoulders*
Keith: *spots the stuffed piglet on the floor again and frowns* Do you want to hold your piggy?
Pidge: *shakes her head* *sleepy* No. I don’t want it.
Keith: Oh… I… I see. *frowns in sadness*

Next was Lance.

Keith: Buddy, time for bre—
Lance: *jumps out of the bed* *stuffed bunny gets kicked and stepped over when Lance runs out* Yay! Foood!
Keith: *sighs* *picks up the stuff toy and places it back on the bed*

Last was Hunk, and Keith’s heart melted at the sight of his eldest son hugging his teddy bear so tightly while sleeping peacefully. 

Keith: Hey, baby. *brushes Hunk’s hair* Wake up. Time to feed your tummy. 
Hunk: *opens his eyes* *sees Keith* *smiles* G'morning. *nuzzles Keith’s hand*
Keith: Morning. Now, cmon. Get up. There are bacons and eggs.
Hunk: *gets up and gives Keith a morning kiss* I love bacons and eggs!
Keith: I am aware. *chuckles* 

So the three of them went down stairs, Keith carried a sleepy Pidge using his right arm, while the other held Hunk–who was carrying Mr. Cuddles with him. Lance was already down there, sitting in the breakfast table chatting happily with Shiro. Keith could see how much the boy admired his husband. When Shiro spotted them, he took Pidge from Keith’s arms. The lil girl woke up and was suddenly energetic upon seeing her new Dad. Lance and Pidge were both trying to get Shiro’s attention and Shiro gladly gave them what they wanted. Lance even hugged Shiro so tight and gave him a morning kiss, to which Shiro chuckled. Pidge nagged Lance because he was supposed to share Shiro with her. Keith couldn’t help but feel a little left out. 

Hunk: *squeezes Keith’s hand* Can I have milk?
Keith: *looks down and sees Hunk* *smiles sadly* Of course you can, Hunk.

Little did Keith know that during that moment, little Hunk made it his duty to make sure his Daddy Keith wouldn’t feel left out. He was going to make sure that he was well-loved like how Shiro was loved by Lance and Pidge. It didn’t matter if it was only him, because he knew he didn’t like seeing Keith sad.

So this was basically the start right after they got adopted here. How Keith’s insecurities with the kids started. (x, the page where the prompts started ) Oh damn it was supposed to be a happy prompt but this was just perfect for it! I’m sorry for turning it this way TAT

Study Break: Tadashi x Reader

“Oh, I’ve got one! Best laugh?”  Wasabi asks the group.  You all hum as you think about it.

“I think I’m going to have to go with Honey Lemon, on this one,” you state.

Your blonde friend widens her eyes, “Me?”

You laugh at her surprise, “Yeah!  You have a Tinkerbell laugh, it’s so cute!”

“I don’t know, (Name). It’s pretty adorable when you snort while you laugh,” Tadashi says, sitting next to you on the couch, causing everyone else to burst into laughter.

You glare playfully at him and elbow him in the side.  “Hey, you promised to never bring that up again!”

He shrugs nonchalantly and leans forward to take his steaming mug off of the coffee table.  “I made no such promise,” he claims, hiding his smiling mouth behind the mug as he observes you over the rim.

You roll your eyes and laugh with your friends anyway.

Earlier in the morning, you decided to open your apartment up as a study place for your friends. You were all currently taking a break by sitting in the living room around the coffee table.  Somehow a game got started up where you all tried to determine who had the best attributes within the group.  It was all just fun and games, but it was also interesting to find out exactly what all your friends thought about each other and how much you all notice each other’s little quirks that make each of you so special.

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Sweet Sensations (MATURE) (Christmas Series #3)

She shook her hips to the music coming from the speaker on the counter, making sure her arm continued to mix the cookie dough. She watched the chocolate chips swirl through the mixture.

“I love these ones,” Justin muffled, she could tell he had a mouth full of cookies. “They’re not too sweet, but they don’t have that nutty taste like the other ones,” he said.

“Isn’t it a shame I didn’t ask you to be my cookie taste tester?” she replied, not turning to look at him.

“I have excellent taste in cookies, if you wanna impress your family, someone’s gotta help you out. Now, the first batch, they tasted like shit, while the second is what an orgasm would taste like, if you could taste it so they’re winning so far.” His words were followed by loud crunching.

“Thanks for that,” she said. She heard his chair screech across the floor, and soon felt his presence behind her. “May I help you? You’re not eating the cookie dough out of the bowl again, step back,” she warned, pointing the wooden spoon at him.

He grinned as he leaned down and took the end of the spoon in his mouth, licking the cookie dough that hugged it.

“Ew, Justin, that’s disgusting!” She yanked it away from his mouth and glared at him.

“You asked for it. Is there any frosting going free? That shit was good.” He licked his lips, still not reaching the crumbs dotted around his mouth.

“No, Justin, I need that for the rest of them,” she said, feeling as though she was speaking to a little kid when in reality, it was her boyfriend. She tried to shove him away but he was ten times more built than she was.

“C'mon, just a little,” he muttered, moving his head towards her shoulder.


“Literally just a dip of my finger, that’s it, I won’t take any more than I should.” His lips came into contact with her shoulder and his lips were hot.

She rolled her eyes but she knew he couldn’t see. “The tiniest bit.” She reached over into the corner and pulled out the covered bowl of cookie frosting and took the lid off. Before she could do anything, Justin pulled a cookie out from behind his back and dunked it into the bowl, causing a large scoop of frosting to pile aboard the cookie. Justin chuckled as he pulled away.

“How did you fall for that?” he laughed. “Is it because I kissed you? I know how weak you get when I show you affection, I’ll keep that in mind for future reference.”

“I thought Christmas was about giving, not lying and stealing,” she huffed and he let out a loud laugh, it caused her heart to skip a beat.

“You know, this cookie frosting would taste a hundred times better on you.”

“I’m sure it would,” she said mindlessly as she evenly placed the dough onto the baking tray.

“How about we try it?” he said and before she knew it his hands were around her waist and the sweet scent of frosting was invading her nose. “I could lick you up nice and clean after we’re done,” he whispered.

And that was how she came to be thrown down onto their bed, watching Justin yank his shirt over his head before he slid his sweatpants down his legs.

The bowl of frosting sat innocently beside them as Justin’s hands hungrily groped her boobs through her bra.

“Oh my God, I can’t wait,” he grumbled, roughly pressing his lips to her chest, just between where his hands were. “You’re going to taste so sweet, so full of candy and all I have to do is fuck you into it falls out.“ 

She rolled her hips up in response; feeling her want and desire for him growing by the second.

She didn’t have to ask him to take off her remaining items of clothing; his hands were quick to do the job. Growling, he grabbed the bowl full of sweet goodness once her underwear was discarded carelessly to the floor.

His fingers dipped into the mix, making sure they grabbed a decent amount before moving towards [Y/N]’s lips. "Open up, princess.”

Her lips parted for him to slide his fingers between them. She purposely pressed her tongue along the length of them and his eyes burned with fire - deep, dark fire that threatened to set her alight. “God damn, fuck. I need you covered in this shit right now.”

He did what he wanted. He didn’t hesitate as he scooped the pink frosting with his fingers and slapped it against my stomach. She gasped at how unusually cold it was and he grinned.

“You’re my little treat, aren’t you? I can eat you until I’m full, feed on you as much as I want,” he rasped as he leaned down and licked the frosting, although it was so thick, she didn’t feel his tongue touch her skin. “And it’s what I intend to do.”

She tried not to beg him, she tried not to give him the satisfaction of having her need him. Instead, she laid as still as she could, clamping her teeth down on her bottom lip. The room was getting hotter.

“You know I adore you. Oh, I adore you so very much, more than you could ever understand, but somehow, having you covered in something so delicious and looking so vulnerable, it makes you even more beautiful.”

“Justin..” she whispered, gripping the sheets underneath her.

“Good girls are patient. Be patient and I’ll give you what you want.”

She whimpered and threw her hips up, although it only caused him to clench his jaw and pressed his palms against her hips to hold her down. “Don’t get greedy, there’s plenty to go around,” he smirked with lust in his eyes, it mixed with the fire.

He moved his lips back to her stomach and began to eat the frosting off of her. She let her hand run along his neck and down his hard back, she could see the muscles working in his back as he held himself up above her. She was sure if his skin got any hotter, her skin would burn.

He moaned but didn’t stop his actions. Even though he was evidently committed to getting the frosting off of her, he still left tiny patches of pink scattered around her skin alongside a coating of saliva that shined in the light.

“It tastes so fucking good,” he muttered, almost managing it all. He pulled away, and sighed before licking his lips.

Quickly recovering, his hand delved into the bowl once more, it came out covered in pink and she licked her lips. It moved South of her body and she almost cried out then and there, it was almost impossible to keep silent when it touched her clit. She felt the friction as he smeared the frosting across her.

“Perfect,” he whispered. He shuffled and repositioned himself so he sat directly before her, licking his lips. “Hm.”

Instead of placing his lips were she wanted him, he pressed them against her inner thigh, leaving sweet minuscule marks. She hummed.

“Now, I’m going to eat you out until all of this frosting is gone. If you haven’t cum by then well, that’s not my problem. Understand?” he asked, looking at her with pure adoration. “Then let’s go. You better get there fast, babygirl; I’m hungry.”

She thought he shouldn’t be hungry considering how many cookies he’d scoffed, but she decided against say anything and focused on the pleasure she was seconds away from getting.

He started by running his tongue from end to end and it caused her to quiver beneath him. She felt her thighs shaking and she was sure Justin saw it because he let out a low throaty groan while his tongue kept itself busy.

She wanted more, she craved a higher sensation that she knew Justin wasn’t going to be quick to give. She thrusted her hips up so her clit hit his nose, but it did nothing except result in Justin’s nails digging into her skin even harder.

After having travelled around the surface of her clit, only managing to capture a minute amount of the frosting, it slithered back into his mouth which - finally - wrapped around her swollen clit. She moaned when she felt the shock.

Her wetness and that of Justin’s mouth mixed together and blended with the texture of the frosting, it all ended up down Justin’s throat as he attacked her clit like a starved animal would its first meal of the week. Meanwhile, all [Y/N] could do was moan for him and tug at his hair.

“You better be getting close,” he muttered before immediately diving back in. His thumbs moved around her thighs and parted her even more so that his tongue could reach deeper parts of her. She appreciated it as she felt her stomach tighten.

It was as though the room was closing in on her, as though a clock was ticking and she had only minutes left. She could feel her cheeks buzzing as heat spread around her body, she wondered if Justin felt the same.

“Come on,” he muttered. The sounds of his lips smacking together and against her turned her on even more, she thought it weird that such a horrible sound could be so erotic in certain situations. “Fucking cum. Don’t hesitate, don’t put it off, don’t disobey me. Cum. For. Me.”

As soon as he finished speaking he resumed his dedicated sucking of her clit and she cried out louder than she had done all night. She could feel tears in her eyes at how sweet the sensation was as she came.

Her thighs shook uncontrollably, even under his tight grip, and her hands scratched at his scalp in attempt to have something to grip onto through the intense waves of pleasure.

“Holy shit, holy fuck,” she stuttered, feeling it make one more journey around her body before settling. “Oh my God.” She relaxed for the first time since they’d made their way up the stairs.

“Since you bake cookies every Christmas, let’s do this every Christmas, too. You provide the cookie frosting, I’ll provide the tongue,” he chuckled, bringing his lips to the inside of her thigh one more time.