i just want to hug her all the time

Funny story: I promised myself this go ‘round that I was under no circumstances going to analyze the Holby City: Winter Trailer.  At all. I was going to be very mature and watch the Trailer one time like all the normal people in the GA general audience who have watched it the way it was meant to be viewed. Once.  And that was going to to be that.

Apparently the actual, literal translation of I’m not going to analyze the Holby City Winter Trailer this time around is: Imma gonna watch that sucker 75 times, backwards and forwards, in slow motion, frame by frame, screenshot Serena’s scenes, catalogue and label blouses, earrings, hair-line and makeup, cross reference with spoilers and official synopses and a preview video to come up with some ideas.  Forget one theory. I’ve got six. I could blame @nicolaruth27 because she tagged me this morning and asked for some CSI level investigation, but that would be unfair as we all know I would have done this anyway.  In any case I’m shoving it all under a read-more, mostly to save my six, I can’t believe you’re hanging in you precious people followers who don’t watch Holby City and obsess over Serena and Bernie and anyone else in the tag who simply like to watch the pretty gifs and have no use for the rambling prognostications of the obsessed theories.

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Collection of thoughts I had during my second viewing of Rogue One:

-Anyone who doesn’t see that Cassian is bisexual is objectively wrong

-Bodhi talks way faster than I remembered and he never shuts up

-K-2so still made me laugh every time he speaks

-‘Cassian thinks so too’ why does Cassian not want to bring Jyn to Jedda? Is it just that he doesn’t trust her? Would he rather go alone?

-Chirrut and Baze were way gayer than I remembered like damn guys chill

-Cassian’s hair looks so soft I just want to touch it

-Bodhi died as he lived: alone and in a cargo ship

-The hug at the end makes me irrationally emotional? Like it’s not a romantic thing (to me) it’s just relief and gratitude and sadness and fear all poured into one action

-The music was better than I previously thought it was

-Cassian is a bit of a dick to people but I kinda love it

-Bodhi’s face throughout Jyn’s speech to the rebel council was so perfect

-Everyone deserved better honestly why did they have to suffer?


Even when a creature is her enemy, her animal loving heart cannot help but be endeared.

Other notable Walani things:

  • She asks the bunny men if they give good hugs.
  • When she sees a mosling, she says “Don’t you just want to pick it up and squeeze it?" 
  • No animosity for the gobbler. “He’s a doofy little guy.”
  • She calls koalefants “big guy” and encourages them to hang ten.
  • Her catcoon quote is the GREATEST. “It’s very independent and loves garbage. Me too!”
  • She loves all the birds in the reign of giants world, unlike SOME so called bird lovers who reject the crows for being too creepy. *coughs at Wilson*
  • When she’s looking at the cactus armor, she says “How can I hug trees wearing this?”
  • Cat Cap: “I can feel the spirits of catcoons that made it.”
  • I could go on and on forever. She has a LOT of cute quotes about the animals and lot of hippy-like quotes. Walani is the number one animal lover. Let her chill out and snuggle her animal friends.

Warning: This is a weird post, but I just want to say in my defense, I have been thinking about this for way too damn long and I just wanna get it out.

So we all know that Emma gets up on her cute-ass tiptoes to kiss Killian ALL THE TIME because of that lil height difference and bc she’s a fucking cutie pie ok.

But then there’s that kiss from 4x09 when Killian is all worried that she’s been sucked into the hat so when he sees she’s okay he just goes running to her and hugs her, then smooches the living daylights outta her. It doesn’t show their full bodies, but Killian does this little shuffle/wiggle motion that, to me, looks like he’s adjusting how he’s standing and also makes him gain a couple inches in height. PARDON MY SHITTY GIF:

So I have legit been thinking, in my mind, that this time and probably several other times, Killian adjusts his height to kiss Emma by just making his stance stupidly wide (instead of leaning down like a normal person) and looking like a dork. And I’m not sure why, but I find that idea really endearing?


Smol emma on tiptoes? Or less smol killian being ridiculous?

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sorry i was just imagining one of my girl friends (haha, not girlfriends, I am Not Gay omg) with short hair and started swooning but that’s just because it reminded of guys haha right? i am Super Straight and i Am Not Attracted to Her even though every time i hug her i get butterflies in my tummy. plus like it’s not that i want her to get a haircut like her long her is so beautiful and i love when she asks me to braid it for her but not because i like being close to her it’s because we are Friends and that’s how all Gal Pals feel. anyway as you were saying?

mass effect mom headcanons
  • Ashley: “I’m calling the principal” when you tell her your teacher embarrassed you. Made you take karate until you broke your wrist. Gives bear hugs and reads you bedtime stories until you complain you're too old. Has a picture of you as her phone background. Wants to speak to the manager.
  • Liara: Definitely the leaves notes in your lunchbox with pintrest quotes and kisses you on the forehead in front of all your friends. Bought you “Baby’s first archaeology set″ and liked playing with it just as much as you did. Always making you try her new quinoa recipes. Always up to date on the Tea™ “I think you need to take some time to meditate”
  • Samantha: Goes to the pet fair 'just to look' but comes back with 3 dogs and a hamster. Sends you funny pictures of them while you're at school. Only has a minivan ironically and never lets you win at checkers. "I'm totally a cool mum"
  • Miranda: Privately interviews all of your friends (she means the best). Gets your prom outfit professionally tailored. Her relationship advice is always “dump them”. 100% waited for you in the living room sipping wine when you tried to sneak back in after curfew.
  • Jack: “You’re not allowed to fucking swear” KNOWS for a fact you're better than everyone else’s stupid kids, but sometimes gets a little too competitive (translation: banned from PTA for the next 6 weeks) Shovel talks everyone you bring home. Probably cried after she dropped you off for your first day of school. It can be hard when your mom just loves you so much.
  • Chakwas: Argues with your school nurse when they won't give you an Advil. She gets more excited about action movies than you. All she had to do was glare at those kids who were bothering you and you never saw them again. Generally laid back because she trusts you, but its hard not to notice her rolling her eyes when you do something against her advice.

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Your posts give me the feeling that Rob wouldn't mind dragging you to a sleepover to have a pillowfight or something. I just love to read about your conversations. What I wouldn't give to be there to witness one of them. I do wonder what Rich does while Rob is busy fangirling all over you, though.

I FORGOT ABOUT AN EMBARRASSING THING THAT HAPPENED and this reminded me as ridiculous as that is

a friend of mine wanted to know if i wanted to be a part of her r2 op–every time i try to talk to rich, rob doesn’t let it happen

he just doesn’t

so the plan is that she would hug rob, i’d run past, and i’d finally get to thank rich for the kind words he said about god’n’gabe on stage in atlanta. in short, it went like this:

friend: [stands in front of rob as i rush past him to rich]

me: hey! i just wanted to thank you for what you said about god’n’gabe during atl. i’m scout!

rich: oh, you–YOU’RE scout! that’s great! love the work.

[photo op ends, i have accomplish my goal, we are walking awa–]

shrill voice from behind me: SCOUT! hey!!!

me: ?????????? 


so mostly rich just stares into the void of space when i’m around

Anonymous said:

Your interactions with Rob are goals tbh

easy to accomplish! just mutter “please don’t embarrass me in front of my friends, dad” and he’ll be like, “[LOUDLY] WHAT FRIENDS? I WANNA MEET THEM”

I’m not confirming this, I just wanted to share it with y'all.
It says: “I spoke with a girl that had dinner with Ally last night, & she said they asked her about C, Ally answered: I really don’t want to about that”

None of this must be easy for any of them. Again, I’m relieved they got to be at home with their families & taking some time for them. Right now, the worst we could do is trying to pressure them into speaking about it. If anyone finds any of the girls on the streets, at the mall, etc. Give them a hug. They’ll need all the strength & love.

From the not critically acclaimed or even slightly acclaimed fanfiction author Silent_Specter (aka @thattallnerdybean​) comes the ultra angsty Post-Medusa Supercorp fic that nobody really asked for, but got just the same, Three Days.

From it’s overabundance of dramatic cliffhangers, to it’s possibly bad grammar/spelling at points because I didn’t have the time to beta this shit at all, to it’s also most likely NOT nearly enough amount of Sanvers, Three Days will definitely make you want to curl up in a ball and cry tears of something.

Here’s what readers are saying about Three Days:

“WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” says  Grumpy_TeddyBear

“I just wanna hug her oh no”- writes krystalgoderitch

“Screams.” - screams Local_Asshole

Catch up now and don’t miss the (probably-not-satisfying-to-all-the-readers-because-holy-shit-now-there’s-all-this-not-real-pressure-but-kinda-real-pressure-oh-my-god-*has-a-panic-attack*) final chapter!


Percy’s got a pro hair stylist to do his hair for date night this week.
He will be the best big brother.

I’m dedicating this to all the people who have been having a rough time recently. I hope it makes your week a little better or at least makes you giggle. I want to put a big shout out to @percyyoulittleshit because she really made me smile the other day and I want to try and return the smile :) and to @solbabydraws because her percabeth art and kid sister art gives me life. You guys inspire me so much 💙
Keep being awesome and stay safe everyone.

could you do a newt scamander imagine, something the reader and him are best friends and he takes her back to New York to visit everyone and he’s just very protective over her, maybe because he likes her and wants her by his side all the time. idk just very fluffy and cute! I love your work babe! you’re an amazing writer(:


can you maybe write a newt x reader in which the reader has a sleepless night because of nightmares or because something’s bothering the reader and newt gives her comfort? Something like that would be nice! I love your blog!

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“It’s so nice to meet! I feel like I known you all my life already since of Newt’s never ending thoughts of you!” Queenie pulled the British woman into a hug, Y/N giving Tina and Newt a nervous look. “Oh honey, I’m a Legilimens! I can read your mind without even intending to, I’ll stop if you want!”

“That would be good, thank you.” She smiled, but the thought of Newt thinking about her while he was away did bring butterflies to her stomach. Queenie seemed not to follow her own offer as she grinned at Y/N widely, whom only looked down with rosy cheeks. Newt has taken Y/N back to New York to meet Queenie and Tina. It was actually more of a bet, Y/N wouldn’t believe that Newt made some friends. Not that Newt was unlikable, ha, she was head over heals for the man. He was just awkward and shy. They met all the way back at their third year at Hogwarts and if it wasn’t for Y/N’s slytherin hotheadedness she would’ve never know what’s it like having someone as caring as the hufflepuff by your side. Newt, the pushover he was, was getting picked on so of course Y/N stepped in. But that’s not when their true friendship was born, sure, they became acquainted and stared hanging out as much Newt’s shy demeanor allowed it. It was only when they were paired up in charms, Y/N staying too long at the hufflepuff common rooms than she was allowed. Newt was going on about what he read in some old book, all nervousness away as he explained the complicated magic in deep though, not noticing that Y/N has completely fallen asleep on his shoulder. You see, Y/N has been a victim of night terrors all her life and this particular week she has been dreading sleep so much she didn’t sleep at all. So really, what else could’ve happened, the boy’s voice  was just so lulling, and the foreign feeling of having someone next to you to keep you safe was just so nice, she couldn’t help falling asleep. So that became their thing, on really bad nights Y/N would sneak into Newt’s room, crawling into his bed to cuddle as his cheeks burned bright red. But that was until he got expelled. During the time she was finishing school they never saw each other, she was a mess, not sleeping at all. Only a few years ago has their paths crossed again, mind you, a very kleptomaniac creature has brought them together, as they both were trying to obtain it, they have been together even since. Not close enough to sleep together though, that was before, they were kids, didn’t know how intimate is sleeping with one other actually was.

“So I totally lost the bet, you do have friends besides myself.” Y/N stated climbing down the ladder into the magizoologist’s brief case, him throwing her a small smile before he got back to prepping for the creatures’ dinner. Y/N sat on the last step of the ladder, admiring the man in front of her. It hurt, not too bad, but it did, looking at him so close, so grown up and strong. Don’t get her wrong, she’s thankful that they’re back together, but her feelings are getting the best of her. “I saw a tea shop down the street, I’m gonna go check it out.”

“Don’t.” The wizard’s attention now retracted to the woman standing up who only gave him a questioning look. “I mean, go tomorrow. It’s late and it’s not safe here, they hate witches.”

“Witches they forgot about, you told me yourself. And it’s not like I’m gonna whip my wand out in plain sight.” She mused, Newt sighing because went it came to Y/N he was protective, possessive even. He showed it rarely directly, that’s why the witch was so bemused at him, but he’s always been like that. The fact that he can’t help her with her night terrors anymore break his heart more than anything. 

“Y/N, please.” He said, the woman still standing her ground, arms crossed over his chest. She knew that he was going to give in, he’s never the one to fight, but nevertheless she pressed on.

“I don’t understand what’s your problem right now, I’m just gonna get some tea. You’re being ridiculous, Newton.”

“Okay, okay, go.”

So naturally she didn’t.

She laid in bed, too afraid of sleep. It was nearly four hours later, she was supposed to be sharing the bedroom in the Goldstein apartment together with Newt, but he didn’t seem like he was gonna come out of his case any time soon. She pursed her lips, having the wizard in the same room would be enough for her to fall asleep, but she couldn’t even have that anymore. Their argument, if you can even call it — so stupid. But she still didn’t see his side, hell, she just wanted some tea - actually to get out and not have to be with him because she can’t be with him in the way she want - but tea. Why’d he care?

“Y/N?” She jolted up, hand going at her chest as she breathed in startled. Newt was stood in front of her, an apologetic look in his eyes. “I didn’t mean to wake you-”

“Wasn’t sleeping.”

“About that, I’m sorry about earlier. I’m just really protective of you, okay?” He looked down, Y/N’s heart swelling because she hasn’t seen him this shy with her in years. “And I see the bags under your eyes, I know that you haven’t been sleeping. And knowing you, plus the sleep deprivation, I’m worried that something might happen while you’re on your own.” He explained, eyes tracing everything but he in the dim room. “C-could I, might I — might I sleep with you? Like we used to, not— not like sex! No, just ugh, actual sleep? To help you?” Y/N smiled now, Newt rambling on as he finally raised his head to look at her. She scooted over, patting the sheets next to her as he only nodded, coming over to lay next to her. After a few moments of just resting next to each other he put his arm around her, Y/N turning to put her head on his chest as she smiled widely, thanking that he couldn’t see that in the dark.

My heart shatters into a million pieces every time I think about Clarke Griffin and how much she’s been through and the difficult choices she’s had to make and the fact that no one respects or appreciates her and blames her for everything. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Clarke is a helpless victim at all - she’s brilliant, resourceful, manipulative and cunning and I truly think she’s a survivor and that she has the spirit and drive to not give up and to push through no matter how much she feels like giving up. But somebody for the love of God please give her a break. And a hug. 

Me: I'm fine.

What I really feel: I don’t fucking understand why the hell when Stydia is rising they’re separated by the riders. They’re made for each other and they deserve to be together. 
I just want them to kiss, hug, and love each other and stop saving their lives. 
Because I get that she’s been ignoring him for a long time but just when she realizes about her feelings he’s gone and erased and she’s the only one who feels that he’s missing.
She remembered the last thing that he said to her. Like WHAT THE FUCK?! Just be together between lightnings from the riders and all that shit omg please stop this now.

I feel like I say this way too much, but I truly hope that this will be my year to hug Taylor. To finally look her in the eyes to tell her thank you for the profound impact she’s had on my life. I don’t need the picture. I don’t need some creative pose. I don’t need to plaster it all over social media. I just want that little bit of time I’ve been waiting for over the last ten years.

Happy birthday Nekophy
(throws confeti at you)
So…yeah..her is a bad drawing for you~ cause i haven’t enough time (because of homework~) to do a decent drawing for you..but that did not stop me to do a drawing for my SEMPAI!! So hope you are going to have a awesome birthday cause you are just so kind and cute thats all i want for you (*sends sempai a hug*)
The drawing is supossed to be Goth as a human girl..yeah…(-’-’-)(Bad english sorry)
Goth belogs to @nekophy

Smol Mystic Messenger headcanon:

Saeran hasn’t had a lot of contact with any kind of animals, what with being sick all the time and then being locked up at Mint Eye for probably years. Of course, animals, especially domestic pets, are proven to have very positive effects on people with all kinds of mental problems and illnesses, and the first time he gets to touch a pet (maybe he gets to pet Elly someday or something) he immediately just melts because ‘holy fuck why is it so soft I’ve never felt anything so warm can I hug it or rub my face on it or something how do I even with this what are these feelings’
Jumin never lets either of the Choi brothers near his cat after that, even though all Saeran wants to do is hug her all the time and is surprisingly gentle about it.

I decided to make a lovely piece for Blue Diamond because she is just truly amazing and her emotions struck me quite well. Also this is considerably a gift for @amberfigueroa because she is a awesome friend I wish I had time to talk with. Sadly I will be shipping out soon and I will be on hiatus. But stay alive and be sure to watch the Steven Bomb when it comes out. I want SU to get support and attention.

tbh one of my favorite concepts in ace attorney worldbuilding is the idea of apollo meeting franziska and he expects her to be her usual insulting, whip-wielding self that he’s heard horror stories about

only for her to do a 180 on him and treat him decently, whether it’s because she’s aware of all the shit he’s been through or if she’s doing it as a roundabout way to screw with pheonix’s head or some combination of the two

and at first apollo wonders if the stories were exaggerated, only to see her pull her usual acts with other people, leaving him very confused

I just wish there was a possible way that I could explain all the love I have for Taylor. When I say I love Taylor, I don’t just mean “I love Taylor”, I mean I LOVeTayLOR AND I WANT TO LATCH ONTO THIS GIRL LIKE A KOALA AND giVE hER AN 85 YEAR LONG HUG AND WHEN MAMA SWIFT SAYS “that’s my baby and i’m real proud” I FEEL THAT TIMES 15273811931313 AND I WANT TO SHOW UP AT HER DOOR EVERYDAY WITH A BASKET FULL OF SOFT KITTENS, WARM COOKIES, SCRABBLE BOARDS, AND ALL HER FAVORITE THINGS. Like no, you don’t understand that I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT, okay? You kinda get it?