i just want to hug all of them


(( OOC: Hey dearies. Just wanted to apologize quickly… I get a lot of messages asking for advice and hugs, and I would love to get to all of them, but unfortunately, I just can’t…  

However I know how nice it is to have someone acknowledge what you’re going through… 

So for everyone that has messaged me, I’m sorry you’re going through a difficult time, I’m sorry I can’t always respond, but I read every message I get, and I hope everything will work out well for you all. I also hope that you guys will be able to find the comfort you need, even if it’s not coming from me.

Here’s a big hug for everyone who needed one, and I’m sorry it couldn’t be on an individual basis, but I hope this helps a little. <3 )) 

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Why do some people (like you) want to get beat up by strong women? I just want them to hug me and carry me and protect me with their strong arms, not rip and tear my guts out.

We are all very different people with very different needs.

I want my friends to look at me and feel happy. I want them to hold me tight when I hug them. I love my friends so much man….I just wanna hug them all and never let go. I feel so happy when they speak with me. It’s so great. So good. I love them

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How about a reasonably lengthed scenario where Luffy comes back after the timeskip and sees his S/O with a 2 year old boy that looks like S/O but acts just like him, but his son wont let him approach S/O becasue of how overprotective the little boy is! And lets say his S/O uses magic and he sees the kid like accidently teleport or fly into him ^~^ Sorry if its too much!

(I’m sorry if this wasn’t completely what you wanted, I wasn’t sure how to work it all in together ^^; I hope it’s good enough though

E/C = Eye colour and S/N = Son’s name)

Luffy grin fell. Not in a necessarily negative vibe, just in confusion. 

The moment he caught glimpse of his S/O his intention had been to scoop them up in the biggest hug he could muster. Why wouldn’t he? He’d missed them and wanted to hug them and let them know that they were never going to loose each other again! He had called out to them and they turned, a brilliant smile lighting up on their face.

He halted, because not only was his S/O glancing toward him with tear-brimmed (E/C) eyes, but so was the small boy huddled against their chest. Luffy’s head tilted and he frowned, confused at the small clone of his S/O. It had to be a clone right? Yeah, of course it was, why else would it look like them? 

The small clones head swayed to the side, mimicking his frown and tilt. Luffy smiled.

“Did you clone yourself?” His S/O laughed walking forwards and grabbing his left cheek, pulling it.

“No, dummy! Oh my god…!”  They were smiling, almost as though they had been anticipating the reaction. The small boy whined loudly, and only stopped when Luffy’s S/O released the rubber-man’s cheek and cuddled him with both arms. His S/O held the small boy out so Luffy could see. 

“Luffy… Meet your son,(S/N)…” They glanced down at the child in their arms. “(S/N), this is your dad…” The rubber man blinked owlishly at the small child. The child blinked back and held the stare.

Luffy grinned, before pouncing forward and enveloping his S/O and son in a big hug. The boy seemed huffy at the sudden closeness but made no attempt to disrupt the moment as Luffy leaned back to face his son and S/O.

“I’m missed you, I’m glad I can see you again.” He addressed his S/O who smiled and nodded, pressing their forehead against his. Luffy then turned to his son and smiled. “I’m glad I can finally meet you, (S/N). I’m always gonna protect you and your mum, okay? So don’t worry about anything!” He grinned. “If anyone tries to hurt you guys I’m gonna kick their asses!” His shook their head and the small boy laughed, obviously agreeing with his fathers statement.

Young Justice: Disordered

- Wow. The team is really depressed, I want to hug all of them at least ten times each.  

-Holy crap, Martian Manhunter really threw that in Batman’s face. That’s right, you hypocrite. You’re gonna need some ice for that burn, Bats. You’ve been dwelling on your parent’s deaths for five billion years, the team can afford a few weeks of trauma, you actual melted piece of plastic. 

- “Just leave me alone!” Gosh, Conner is such a teenager.

- What is with this kid and cowboys? How does he even know what those are? He and M'gann should really hang out and bond over their strange Earth obsessions.

- Sphere is so amazing, I want her to be my pet. She just randomly decided to become a vehicle and now Conner’s other bike must be sooo jealous of her .

- OMG Wolf in his teeny baby car seat. 

- Batman is so done with his team. I felt that sigh in my very soul.  

- Poor Artemis, trying to be strong and not let her tough exterior crumble. It’s okay, Artemis, you can cry and break down if you want. You don’t have to be the tough one, we all know you’re traumatized too. 


- Excuse you Conner, but Sphere is a girl. (*whiny voice* “Did you just assume her gender? Omigod, so rude”)  

- Conner is so confused about these weird alien people. I feel bad for him. 

- Oh my goodness, I just realized that Kaldur’s voice cracked so badly when he said “general”. He was probably crying before or at least close to it and I want him to be okay.

- Kaldur'ahm no, you are a great leader and deserve all of the happiness in the world, you are perfect and I love you.

- You know what Kaldur needs? A hot tub. A heated bath with calming bubbles and hot water, perfect for relaxation because he has enough stress to snap a cinder block in half. Plus they provide lots of fun, something that he desperately needs. I will not stop until my son is okay again.

- You’re New Gods? What happened to the old ones? *rim shot and awkward silence*

- “I’m Con- Superboy.” *squeals*

- Wolf looked so offended that Bear tried taking his name. He turned away like “Do not gaze upon me, peasant. I am a better wolf than you will ever be”

- “Especially with the Federal Reserve conveniently located across the street…The government keeps money there?” You aliens don’t know anything. I like this episode because now Conner is the normal human trying to teach Earth stuff to aliens, which is such a cool reversal of roles.

- “Come on, partners. Let’s get in there guns-a-blazing and round up them outlaws!” Serifan is such a cute dork.

- “There’s a time to go in strong, and a time to go in smart” *wipes away a single tear* He’s come so far…

- Goshdarnit, Norman. Your mom is so lame, breaking up your top secret playdate like that.

- Poor Norman. That’s not your mama. 

- Okay but who wants to bet that Vykin plays the “stop hitting yourself” game with his team when he gets bored?

- Who actually would go by the nickname ugly? What kind of a person lets people call him that?

- I really pity Superboy right now. His new friends won’t listen to him. He finally understands how Kaldur feels every day.

- “I’m Ugly” Aren’t double meanings fun?

- Wally, what are you talking about you are most definitely not fine. You suffered so much during Failsafe and were h*ll bent on killing every single alien with your bare hands when you thought they killed Artemis. You need this therapy more than any of them, stop staying in so much denial!

- Wally choking because Dinah knows about his deep love for Artemis: 👏👏👏👏👏


- “Wally, you’re in denial.” “I’m comfortable with that.” This is how I approach life.

- I ship Dreamer and Moonrider, though I have not a single idea why. They barely even interact and yet if they got together I would probably cry.

- “Cooool. Wait, Sphere’s a ‘she’?” Finally he gets it.

- “It is time.” “Time for what?” Conner is so confused, save him.

- Infinity Man, more like Voltron. Wait… Vykin is like Shiro, Serifan is like Pidge, Bear is like Hunk, Moonrider is like Keith, Dreamer is like Allura. We’ve got four out of five Paladins minus Lance, this is no mere coincidence. I’m definitely onto something here.. 

- Wow, Ugly is such a bad friend.

- “Glad my team’s not that close” Ha.

- “Lower beings tend to fear intimacy” Wait, Bear, is that you? Sorry, I couldn’t see you because you’re so freAKING HIGH ON YOUR HIGH FREAKING HORSE

- “Look, I’ve been remarkably patient. Y'know, for me.’ Actually he really is so patient right here. If it were me I would have threatened to scream if they didn’t tell me what was going on by now.

- “He is seriously creepy.” *fist bump* True dat.

- “Hurting? Try traumatized.” I am shrieking in agony, I don’t even know how to type it. I’ll just stick with this volcano emoji: 🌋

- Listen to him stutter, he is so messed up I don’t even know how to handle it, my baby does not deserve this pain. He’s only thirteen. He shouldn’t have to be worrying about an emotional breakdown right now. 

- “The thing t-t-that drives him to sacrifice everything for the sake of his mission. That’s not me. I-I don’t want to be, the Batman, anymore” ASDFGHJKL I AM SOBBING. It’s so much worse because that’s exactly what happens in the second season. No matter what he does he can’t escape his fate of becoming the same leader his father is and I can’t even express my pain right now.

- “Kill the boy. And his little dog, too.” Did- Did Dasaad just make a Wizard of Oz reference?

- Sphere: *rolls away from problems* Honestly, same.

- Aw, M'gann is a white martian and so ashamed, I want to hug her because she has no idea how awesome she is.

- Dinah accidentally attacked her fellow children?! I am appalled.

- Oh no, Voltron punched Wolf!

- Oh no, Voltron punched Wolf again! Color me twice disappointed.

- “Sphere, you’re beautiful!” Conner is such a good pet owner.

- “We bonded, okay?!” I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW

- “Everyone I care about dead or traumatized, and I’m happy. How do I get past the guilt of that? How do I live with myself?"😭😭😭😭😭

Five Things

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Five things you’ll find in my bag backpack (I don’t have a bag atm)

  1. appointment book
  2. handkerchief
  3. umbrella
  4. plasters, adhesive and other first-aid assorted items
  5. pens

Five things in my bedroom

  1. BOOKS. tons
  2. dog posters
  3. various clocks, most of them stopped, some just out of time
  4. paper model of Astérix’s village
  5. tons of Astérix drawings/sketches

Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life?

  1. have a dog
  2. have a proper library
  3. travel more
  4. take a driving license
  5. go somewhere where I can see snow. seriously I never saw real snow in all my life it’s ridiculous

Five things that make me happy

  1. reading
  2. my friends <3
  3. dogs
  4. listening to music
  5. sunrises

Five things I’m currently into

  1. Charles Dickens books. Lately I’ve been loving to read them.
  2. taking walks in the rain between classes
  3. Poe Party. definitely Poe Party (also a theory I had was right, I feel so clever rn xp)
  4. learning German
  5. Le Petit Prince musical. those songs are beautiful <3

Five things on my to-do list

  1. methods group work
  2. immunity group work
  3. study for genetics test
  4. catch up with study in the other courses
  5. study

Five things people may not know about me.

  1. I keep plants on the balcony and taking care of them helps me relax
  2. I keep being silly because I like people to laugh/smile, even if it is at me
  3. when I finish reading a book (if it is one I bought and not a borrowed one, of course) I sign it if I liked it, but not if I didn’t
  4. I hate seeing myself in skirts and never ever wear them
  5. I always read for at least 5 minutes before going to sleep

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Chara, either we cuddle or I'm covering you in Temmie Flakes and unleashing the entire village on you. Is that what you want? An uncountable number of strange creatures swarming you? Or how bout we just hug this out?

* Would it kill you to respect my boundaries for once?!

* I do not like being touched! That is all there is to it!

* Hugs do not make me feel calm or reassured. They make my skin crawl. I hate them.

* I will tolerate them from certain people, but definitely not you.

Whenever I hear about another documentary or article bitching about how social media is destroying lives, and are we all just obsessive narcissists who want to be liked, and people online aren’t *real* friends, I want to make my own documentary.

It would be full of people talking about the first time they found other people like them, people they could really talk to and who understood. There would be so many clips of online friends meeting each other in person for the firsttime at airports and conventions, with all of the tears and laughter, and immediately hugging and talking like they’ve never been apart.

Online friendship is not screaming into the void waiting for someone to ‘like’ your post. It’s staying up until 3am talking over a messenger about books and movies, and music, or comforting your friend because they’re sad, and knowing they’d do the same for you. It’s group hugs at the train station when you finally get to meet in person and feeling like you’ve been doing this forever. It’s making art for someone because you want them to smile, even f they’ll never see it.

Online friendship is friendship, not some inferior form of it. And I am so sick of people who don’t get it being snide and trying to analyse it. 


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

Presenting Grease Monkey Hologram Buddies in DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SPACESHIP

I’d say this was inevitable after that one anon of discerning taste and the ensuing highly nerdy 5 minutes total I spent around these parts today. This is kinda rough but probably as done as it’s going to get. Click for a better look at some really sketchy machinery.

Also featuring the warmup doodle “If you don’t like welding you’re a smelly peridot”.

I think this speaks for it self and describes Shiro rather well (also I never EVER do the ‘daddy kink’ but…. look at him, I rest my point)

Voltron Legendary Defenders 

NOT MY ART: Space Dad(ddy)

i really just wanna be loved by someone and be able to cry about things that hurt me in the past and finally let go of all that has been building up and dragging me down. i want them to hug me and tell me its okay and in my heart be sure that this good thing is gonna last. that finally, its all good to stay