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In one of the pages Teru says something like:"Words aren't working?Then i have no choise.I will protect you" and thIS IS SO FUCKING CLOSE TO WHAT YOU DREW BEFORE AND I'M SCREAMING SO LOUD BECAUSE OF THIS



“you bought the flowers! well done!”
“you’re going to confess now?”
“just, isn’t it dangerous to go like that?”

OMFG!!!! SOMEONE HOLD ME AGAIN!! I am shock… like… I was right and all I ever wanted is happening (ofc not as corny as my version BUT STILL!)

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Could you please write something with Cassian taking care of lots of little baby Illyrians. (There is a serious lack of Cassian with babies fics in the world.) Pretty please! -Chloe

awwwwww the thought of Cassian with babies just warms my cold dead heart like no other!!

But, I think I am more suited to the headcanon thing. My attempts at fic writing are just me pretending I can write. Trust me. So here’s some headcanons for you Chloe

-Cassian is the baby whisperer. He’s one of those guys that everyone hates because all the babies want him. When he is walking through the camps or in Velaris the babies instantly hold out their arms like “I WANT THE TALL ONE GIVE ME TO HIM”. And while he is so good at making them smile, the real skills are in how he calms them down. Babies fall asleep on him instantly. It is not uncommon to see Cassian walking around the Illyrian camp with a baby on his chest, supported in one massive hand. He just goes about his business and the moms don’t care because “Thank the Mother, she kept me awake the entire night screaming”

-Once those babies turn into toddlers, he chases them around and throws them up in the air to heights that would be alarming if it weren’t for the fact that everyone knows he will catch them. Every time someone is trying to talk to their Commander™ he is also partially playing chase or hide and seek while saying “Continue with your report General, I’m listening!”

-The flying is the best though. Tiny Illyrians will line up for a chance to soar with him. He takes them up and holds them out below him by the waist so they can let their tiny wings spread while he gives them directions. “Okay now we are going to turn right, you need to help me! Lower your right wing!”… “I’m barely holding on anymore! how are you already so good at this! Look at you go!”

Our Love Is God (Part 4)

Summary: Someone’s past can change them for the worst. They can break and do major damage. School, parties, and family drama contribute. But what if you’re the one who can help hold everything together, and cause the storm.

A/N: This is a Riverdale/Heathers crossover. Unless you want one long imagine, this is gonna be in parts, so let me know if you want another crossover. Just DM me the show or song or prompt you’d want. This imagine also doesn’t correspond with the TV show, so that being said, Jason Blossom is alive and Reggie isn’t in the show (sorry).

Pairing: Jughead x fem!reader, feat. core

Warnings: Swearing, a bit of smut

I stumbled onto the sidewalk, wiping the tears from my drunken face. The night replayed in my head, pounding and crashing against my skull like the wave pool at water parks. My feet drunkenly carried me to wherever I wanted to go. After what felt like hours of tripping over my feet, I finally got to a secluded area. My hands reached for a lamp support and I looked up. The Drive-In. It was closed off with yellow caution tape around the entrance and the movie screen was blank with big rips in the fabric.

My feet took off again, and I felt a breeze of exhilaration rush through my veins. Thinking about what the demon queen of high school decreed, I picked up the pace, hopping through the tape. I saw somebody walking around, in all black. Being so drunk, I tried to run after them. My feet, once again, started stumbling and tripping over each other, so down I went. The ground was dirt and rock, and lucking I face planted in a pile of sand and soot. Heavy feet ran up to me, but my head was still face down. I was too drunk to move, so I laughed.”


Two strong hands hoisted me off of the ground, one arm was wrapped around my waist and the other held my head, wiping off the dirt. I giggled and tried slapping the hand away. My legs gave out once more and I fell into the man in black.

“I’m taking you home.”

The man bent down and picked up my legs, bridal carrying me out of the Drive-In. I looked up through my half closed eyes and saw a grey blur on top of his head. The night sky seemed to get darker as my head fell into the crook of his neck. 

I was shaken awake. The car stopped running and I yawned, stretching my arms. I looked over to see Jughead with a smirk on his face. He hopped out of the truck and went to my side, opening the door and helping me out. His hand never left my waist as he led me to the trailer. Poor guy, not even a real home.

He used his free hand to unlock the door and led me inside. Jughead sat me on the couch and got me a glass of water. As he handed me the glass, I took the time to admire him. His hair looked ruffled and he had bags under his eyes. Tired, upset, and concern was on his cute face.

As I grabbed the cup from him, I felt a weird compulsion. I stared at the glass of water, thinking about my next move.

“You okay, (Y/N)?”

He leaned down to put his hand on my face, observing my face. Fuck, I wish I wasn’t drunk. I gave him a drunken smile and nodded. Jughead had a smirk growing on his face and then I snapped. I stood up, surprisingly steady, set the water on the coffee table and leaned in. My hands cupped his cheeks and I closed the gap between us. He was shocked and remained still, then gave a forceful kiss back. His hands went to my waist and I had to go on tiptoes to reach his mouth. After a few minutes of furiously making out, he pushed me back and we never reached the wall, instead he led me into the hallway and opened the door to his bedroom.

As I ripped off my blazer, Jughead pulled away.

“How’d you find me at the Drive-Inn?”

I put my finger on his lips and shh’d him. I pushed him down to his knees and put my hands on his broad shoulders.

“Listen, I’m hot, pissed and on the pill. Now loose your tighty-whiteys.”

He had a hard smirk on his face, then picked me up by the thighs and threw my onto his bed. He ripped off of his shirt and he went for me. As he kissed my neck, he pulled back up to look me in the eyes.

“You’re beautiful.”

I woke up in a hot mess of clothing and Jughead spooning my hips. His head was on my stomach and we were both naked. I leaned my head back on the pillow and let out a quiet laugh. My hand went into his hair and ran my fingers through his black locks. Looking around the room, I saw pictures of him as a kid with his mom, dad and little sister. His prized beanie was hanging from a lamp in the corner of the room. His messenger bag was hanging from the chair pushed into his desk, with papers overflowing from the drawers. Fairy lights decorated the ceiling and there were a few huge holes in the grey walls.

Jughead stirred and slowly began to wake up. He let out a yawn and began running his fingers across my hips and thighs. He twisted onto his chin, which rested on my belly button. He looked at my chest and smirked, replaying last night and admiring the purple marks trailing down my torso. We could stay here forever

The clock in his room started ticking, and something clicked inside me, too. Cheryl.

I let out a harsh gasp and whipped up, forcing Jughead off of me and getting out of bed. I looked around the room for my bra and shirt. Jughead sat up in bed, swinging my lace bra in between his fingers.

What’s the rush?

I whipped around the snatched the bra, putting it on and then clipping it.

“I’ve got to get to Cheryl’s house.”

Jughead hopped out of bed, walking over to me and wrapping his arms around my waist as I buttoned my blouse.

“You said you were done with Cheryl.”

I rolled my eyes and turned around to Jughead, and it took everything in me not to go for round two. Because, fuck, it was really appealing in this moment.

“Yeah, and that was a sweet fantasy world about Cheryl. A world where everyone is free. But now it’s morning and I have to go kiss her aerobicized ass.”

“No you don’t.”

Jughead turned around to grab his boxers and pants.

“I have to… I’m not strong like you. What are you doing?”

He sat on the bed and buckled his pants. He looked up through his black, ruffled hair.

“I’m coming with you.”

My eyebrows lifted and a grateful smile melted onto my face. As he stood up, I walked over to him and gave him a small kiss. Then I pulled away and patted his chest.

“By the way, you were my first.”

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you know how some people make twitter accounts for their pets?

I want you to look me dead in the eyes and tell me a modern day Maui wouldn’t make a similar kind of account for Mini Maui

“I told you I’d leave a light on
In case you ever wanted to come back home
You smiled and said you appreciate the gesture
I took your every word to heart
‘Cause I can’t stand us being apart
And just to show how much I really miss ya,…

If I should ever start forgetting
I’ll turn the lights off one by one
So you can see that I agree it’s over
But until then I want you to know
If you look south, you’ll see a glow
That’s me waiting at home each night to hold ya,..” 💙🌙

photo by  Michelle Brigante

Harry always puts on a brave face, he stopped for fans while home for a reason no one wants to be called home for. He smiled for pictures and even chatted for a bit with people all while dealing with such a giant loss. I just want to hold him and let him get it all off his chest, and tell him that he doesn’t have to put on a smile as if everything is okay, he can cry and scream and yell and just unload it all. I wish I could do that for him, just hold him while he lets it all out.

Easy - Hanbin scenario (Requested, angst)

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Anon said:  Can you write a scenario about fighting with B.I.?

- Dear anon you asked for this. So this is angst with no happy ending. Enjoy.

Genre: angst, slight smut
Members: Hanbin x You
Word count: 1482

“What do you want to do?” you spoke staring at Hanbin

Two of you sat on his bed. He leans back on his arm and leans his head to the side, thinking.
“Since guys will come like soon. Truth or dare?” his eyes fall on yours
“Just us?” you raise your eyebrows
“What you scared?” he raised one of his eyebrows
“No, I am not. Let’s play” you smile and make yourself comfortable on the bed, grabbing one of his pillows holding it in your lap.
“Okay. Truth or dare?” he sits facing you

You lick your lips and smile.
Hanbin looks at you and nods his head. Running his fingers through his hair, he stops for a minute.
“So like anything we can ask to do?” he asked
“Yeah I don’t mind anything” you nod your head

“I dare you to make a hickey on my neck” he leans back on his arms
You smiled and moved towards him. You actually sat on his lap. Both of you felt some tension between each other.
You lean down slowly, you had a small smile on your face. Slowly and softly you start kissing his neck. You started off with light kisses, then started to slowly kiss bit harder. Hanbin throws his head back a bit, letting you more access.
You finally find a spot and place your lips on his neck, starting to slowly sucking on his skin, not too hard, just the right way.
After few moments you pull away, and kiss the area few more times and move away.
You look at Hanbin and two of you smile at each other. You kept sitting down in lap, not wanting to move.
“Truth or dare?” you spoke, looking down at him  
“Dare.” He smirks
“I dare you to make out with me.” You said

Hanbin smiled, his hand is on your neck pulling you down towards him, he leans in slowly and you can feel his lips on yours.
First he started out slowly, one kiss, two… His tongue slides across your lower lip, with no hesitation you let him in.
His tongue slips inside your mouth, gentle but demanding, and it’s nothing like you ever experienced, and suddenly every square inch of your body dissolves into his. Your fingers grip his hair, pulling him closer. Your veins throb and your heart explodes. You have never wanted anyone like this before. Ever.

Your hands were on his face, as two of you kissed deeper, better. Hanbin felt your hips moving slowy against him.
Two of you were just getting started.

“Hanbin we are HOME!” two of you hear guys yelling downstairs.

Two of you pull away, catching some air. You quickly get off and sit on the bed.
Hanbin and you look at each other few times, and hear the door open.
“What two of you doinn?” Bobby smiled and walks to sit down between two of you
“Just been hanging out.” Hanbin spoke
You lick your lips and smile and nod your head in agreement.
“Okay okay. We got food, so boys and girls come eat” Bobby spoke.

Since that night,  Hanbin and you been meeting up for few times, but in secret.
“I have something to ask you” he said looking to the side at you
“Ask away” you said
“I was thinking. This is all if you want to, but since we been doing this for a while, do you want to be like friends with benefits?” his voice was a bit shaky but he kept it cool.
You look away from him and look at the sky, just thinking for a moment. Hanbin watched you, waiting for your answer. He runs his fingers through his hair, already feeling a bit nervous of what you will say.
“No one will know?” you look at him
“I am fine with anything.” He nods his head
“I mean, I don’t care if they know or not”
“Same” two of you smile at each other
“Okay, I like this” you spoke

In a way you knew this was coming. That two of you will be something. You already were since that night.
It was a deal. No feelings involved, and you respect that. Hoping you don’t get attached to him.

It started to show slowly. Dirty talking, sending nudes. It was something weird at first because Hanbin was your friend for a long time. And two of you getting this sides of each other was something new, but so amazing.

Soon as the night falls, it’s just him and you.
His lips attacking your neck, his hands going down your body. You letting out quiet moans, as your eyes are shut.
You nails running up his back, leaving red lines along. You back arching as his lips kiss down your body, as his fingers tease you. The way he fucks you makes you not want him to stop, ever.

It was all fun and games till it started to change.
Year passes by so quickly. Still two of you were a “thing”.
Hanbin a lot of times would be cold, wouldn’t be in a mood for anything. Would sometimes ignore you, push you away.
It all just started to make you feel like you were always used.
When the night comes, everything is so amazing, great, but during the day he’s a cold heart ass guy which hurt your feelings. He would have some stupid excuses who you wouldn’t believe at all.

Everything was going through your head. You just felt so used. Just used and thrown away.

Being home, you sat on your bed.

Leaving your phone aside, you lay down, you wanted to cry, but why would you? You are just friends with benefits after all. There are no feelings involved.

After couple of hours, Hanbin nicely asked you to come and meet him to tell him what is going on.
You walked to your spot, he was already there.
Hanbin looks up at you and you sit down next to him.
“What is up?”
“What is up?” you look at him and laugh
“Why are you like this?” Hanbin was confused
“I am feeling so used right now” you spoke trying to be calm
“Yeah. Like I feel you actually go around and fuck around with other girls, while I just sit at home.”
“Y/N shut up. The fuck you are talking about?”
“Are you fucking serious. You are not being used-“
“I AM though. I am. WHY do you always have lame excuses not to hang out with me over the day, just like we used to?” you look at him, your voice shaking
“We don’t even like do anything anymore. Like at all.” You tear up a little bit
“Why did everything change. What happened?”
Hanbin takes a breath and looks away.
“I… I been with someone else” he looks at your eyes and sees your heart breaking.

He knows you liked, even loved him for a long time.

“So I was used. All the damn time.” You nod your head looking down
“You never cared about me” you added
“Y/N of course I did.”
“Since day one you never did. Don’t lie Hanbin.”
“You fucked around with me till you got sick of me. You are such a headfuck man.” You laughed
“I know it’s wrong from me that I didn’t tell you before.”
All girls will see what actually fucking asshole you are” you started to get angry
“Y/N, calm down” he said
“Calm down? Calm down Hanbin, really?”
“I am fucking sorry, but shit happens.” He raised his voice a bit
“Don’t you ever, but EVER talk to me again! I HATE YOU”
You stand up and start walking away, but Hanbin grabs your hand, stopping you.

“You know what. I planned on to be even more fucking cold and heartless towards you. To crush your little fucking heart into pieces. That you beg and try to fix everything.” He got close to you, being so cold.
“You were too easy to get on. A girl who would do anything just because you were so desperate.”
“You think I didn’t know how boys just used you and threw you away like a piece of garbage. Yeah they did it because you are again, too easyyy. I fucking loved to fuck you around, fuck you, see and learn everything about you.” He breathes
“But I got sick of you, like everyone else did. You weren’t fun anymore. I wanted something more fun again.” He looks at your eyes
“So hate me all you want. And yes I never cared about you, since day one, never.”

“That is the truth. Thank fuck I won’t see you ever again.” He said and walked by pass you, sliding his hands in his jeans pockets.

just vhope things

- taehyung holding hoseoks tiny (six ring sizes smaller, to be exact) hands with his larger ones
- taehyung calling hoseok his baby
- hoseok getting flustered about taehyung calling him his baby
- bubble baths that involve them washing each others hair, soft kisses and neck rubs
- hoseok giving taehyung menial tasks to do around the kitchen, because he wants to feel useful when hoseok’s cooking but can’t cook to save his life
- taehyung feeling guilty after stealing some cookie dough off the pan while hoseok’s got his back turned, and then showering hoseok’s cheeks with kisses as an apology
- them being caught in the rain, and taehyung insisting he stand out in the downpour while hoseok uses the umbrella… despite there being plenty of room for both of them underneath it
- candle lit dinners of lunchables and little ceasers breadsticks
- them dancing around their living room to taehyung’s collection of old chet baker records
- slow, intense sex that’s full of taehyung worshiping and adoring hoseok for all he’s worth 
- them having a christmas tree and plenty of gifts set up despite it only being the two of them and their dog
- hoseok coming home from work to see taehyung slipping more gifts under the tree with a bashful grin, knowing full well that hoseok knows it’s more expensive designer clothing/jewelry neither of them needs 
- them taking every possible opportunity to brag about the other to their colleagues, friends, family, random people who stir up conversation with them on the sidewalk, the cop pulling them over for speeding 
- “see, officer, my husband, he’s great! he can cook, and he’s got his own youtube channel set up where he dances and makes music, and he isn’t very popular yet but i know he’ll get there someday. and his eyes! he has the most beautiful big brown eyes. you could get lost in them, i swear. do you want to see a picture of him? yes, i know i’m still getting a ticket. anyways, he’s my lockscreen, look.”

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Can you do another one with the reactions of the s/o coming home bloody and bruised but with mercy , symmetra and zarya ? If you don't want to do it twice that's fine :)

Anything for you, darling! Mercy is my wife so I’m always down to write something with her. I’m glad you liked that one and wanted it with other characters! Thank you!

Mercy -
You just managed to make it back safely. You close the door and lean up against. Mercy walks in, not knowing anything is wrong. Once she sees you, she goes into full doctor mode. She rushes to your side, making sure everything is okay. She bandages you up where needed and takes care of you. Once she’s satisfied that you’re okay, she asked what happened. She holds you as you explain you were robbed. She doesn’t try to go after then, that’s a job for the police. She’s just happy that you’re safe in her arms.

Symmetra -
After bursting into the house, you double check that the door is locked. You don’t think they followed you, but you just want to be sure. Symmetra comes out of the living room to greet you. Once she sees the bruises on your face and blood on your clothes, she is immediately at your side. She leads you into the bathroom to gets you cleaned up, and bandages as you explain what’s wrong. She wants to hug you and tell you how glad she is that you’re safe, but she’s too scared she’ll hurt you more. Instead, she simply grabs your hand and helps you hold ice to your bruises. Later that night in bed, she whispers how happy she is that you’re safe and here with her.

Zarya -
You scramble into the house and yell for Zarya. She runs to the door once she hears the panic in your voice. You quickly explain someone attacked you outside and stole your purse. She quickly checks to make sure you’re alright. Then she runs out after then. A few minutes later, she saunters back into the house with your stolen possessions. She proudly tells you that she left them with more bruises than you have. She wraps you in a big hug. She seizes a bit too tight for your sore body, but you don’t mind. She will always protect you no matter what.

Love Square Hide and Seek - 3

Ladrien joined our game today.

“Lucky chaaarm!”

Hanging out on top of the doorbell.  This was one of the toughest.

Who is that atop the curtains?

“Hey Princess, can you hold my staff a minute?”

“Oh no you don’t.  Gotchya, you nasty bug.”

“I sure could go for a cat nap right now, how ‘bout you, Kitty?”
“You nap, Princess, I’ll keep watch.”

“Miraculous Ladybug!”
“Yes!  Life is suddenly so flavorful.”

I take both closeup and perspective shots for most of these (because I’m just that weird), and would be happy to pick the versions people want to see.   Do people have a preference? 

Harribel but in Claymore attire, for no other reason but … idk, I blame the short hair and that I drew her before in her released form and actually it made no sense to hold her sword like this, so I remembered the other manga AND WELL, idk she seemed fitting.


Several days ago I called Trip Advisor to check on a booking, since I hadn’t gotten a confirmation email.

I am pretty sure I sounded like a cranky, racist old lady on the phone because between the phone cutting out constantly and the call center person’s heavy accent I couldn’t understand most of what she said. We managed to get through that call. They had an old email address.

Today I got another call to go over the change. To my email address. Still problems understanding. She wanted me to confirm my incorrect email (?) AND my phone number (the one she just called me on). Then she put me on hold. After a few minutes she came back to say they are working on the problem and will call me back after 3 days to give me an update. On the correction to my email address.

I apologize if this is stupid, but why would it take 3 days and the involvement of the the IT department to correct my email? Shouldn’t that be something the call center person is empowered to do?

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11. Pleaseeeee 💝💝

You didn’t say with who.. so I hope Ashton is good with you?

11. If you keep squeezing that hard you’ll break my hand.

I hate this. “You know I hate this right?” I asked Ashton as I sat in the chair at the doctors office. We were waiting for the doctor to come in, and Ashton was here because I had to get a shot. Not just one shot though, one flu shot, and one shot for something I don’t even know what for. Ashton chuckled and nodded his head.

“Yeah I know. But you have to get them done. It’ll be fine, you can hold my hand if you want.” Just as Ashton said that, the female doctor walked in with her hair in a bun, and the shots in her hand. I grabbed Ashton’s hand and yanked him to me. I squeezed really hard and squinted my eyes.

“Just do it Miss, get it done with.” The doctor giggled and Ashton chuckled as he rubbed his thumb over my hand soothingly. The doctor walked over to me, rolled up my sleeve, and rubbed some cold thing on my arm where the shot would go. I flinched and squeezed Ashton’s hand even harder than before. “Ah, Y/n, if you keep squeezing that hard, you’ll break my hand.“  You growled at him and he laughed.

When the doctor gave you the shot, you whimpered and squeezed his hand even harder. Luckily, the second shot wasn’t as hurtful as the first one. The doctor put a Band-Aid on you and asked if you wanted a lollipop. “Hell yes, Ash? You want one too?” You asked as you looked over at him. He nodded his head as you two walked out of the office and into the hall. You both grabbed a lollipop and you finally noticed Ashton’s hand.

“Oh my god, Ash, I’m so sorry!” You saw some faint bruise marks on his hand but he shrugged it off. “Don’t worry about it, if I were that scared of something, I know you would hold my hand and allow me to do that to you.” He giggled as I smiled.

“Thanks Ash, what else could I ever look for in the bestest best friend in the whole wide world?” He smirked and put his arm around my shoulder as we walked out to the car. “Well, nothing actually, considering I’m ruggedly handsome, and super smooth, and I’m so much nicer, and funnier, and-” He cut himself off with his own laughter.

“It’s true Ash, you are literally the perfect best friend, love you.” You smiled up at him as you got situated in the passenger side of the car. “I love you too Y/n.” He said and gave your hand a hard squeeze, just like the one you gave to him.

You recited what he had previously said to you, "Ah, Ashton, if you keep squeezing that hard, you’ll break my hand.“ 

Thank you for this request, if you’d like to make a request for a bestfriend!5sos blurb than go ahead! Me and @5sosfan1020 are doing it all tonight and some tomorrow. You can request here, and see everything else we wrote so far here. You can also write your own and tag bsf!5sosBN or tag us @bubblesirwin and @5sosfan1020

Where are these nice people who randomly give away a Sunchaser? Most of the people I meet on FR are cold or greedy. The one time I opened up on the forum about finding out that I have cancer and taking a break, someone pretended to be nice to me until they asked me if they could “hold” my stuff. I’ve been having trouble trusting anyone on the site since then. I didn’t want any gifts and I mentioned that in my post. I just wanted to talk to people. I’m sorry for venting about it here years later.

An anonymous poem

I’ve never really been good at poetry but I scrambled together something… I’m just a bit lost and need to be heard, hope you’d like to read it.

Distractions keeping me awake,
Doubts, worries and fears,
Mind so filled with negativity,
Nights only consisting of tears

You shouldn’t feel like a burden, they say,
You’re not allowed to, they say,
But no one can stop me from feeling that way

All this effort wasted on me,
Why can’t they see?
Only holding everyone back,
Due to everything that I lack,
Open your eyes and evaluate
There’s no reason at this rate
Unintentionally, but that’s no excuse
We just keep on blowing this fuse

No longer do I want to stay this way,
No longer should they have to pay,
Lift the burden of their chests,
Because they’re the ones I love the best

To infinity and beyond,
My love for him beats it by far,
With our chemical bond,
It’s more than just who we are,

But despite all that,
There’s obstacles in our path,
Incapable of giving him the world he deserves,
Knowing that, is a curse

Because I’m broken and damaged beyond full repair,
Of this, I’m fully aware

I won’t allow him to fall down with me,
Ring on my finger but facts in my head,
How selfish can I be,
Knowing I’m impossible to wed

Should’ve stopped it when I had the chance,
For the future of his,
I need to wake up from this trance,
Keeping my distance was my expertise,
Yet, here I am, head over heels

I’m addicted,
To the pureness and wholeness of our love,
However, conflicted,
To the restrictions I’m keeping it on,
No matter how much we overflow,
In our feelings for each other,
In the end I know,
I’ll make it suffer

My fear of the future I can’t bring,
A beautiful and healthy family to raise,
Domed by my broken wing,
Refusing our blood through this maze,
Of pain and despair,
That’s one thing I’ll never let happen,
I swear

Though the battle has grown tiring,
Too long gone,
Endless of crying,
It all should’ve been done,
But with you I’m enduring,
So, here I am,
With the thread of hope you’re securing

But, oh, how I wish I’d never let this happen,
For the best of you,
I should’ve stopped the passion,
And now, to not fall through,
I need to step aside,
I even want to

Separated and independent,
A burden to myself only,
Without my own resentment,
I can finally be lonely

My hopes and dreams I’ve shattered,
None of it no longer matters,
I just want simplicity,
And not this constant negativity

Only a life on my own,
That is what interests me


I have two things to discuss really quickly with everyone regarding the event and honesty day.


Since it is set to end TOMORROW the 22nd of June I recommended to refrain from posting anymore starters ( event related ) and just replying to those in the tags nyu:eventstart. Now if you want to you may start posting NONE event starters, but also of course you may continue party threads - or move them to fit in a after part situation! This is up to you and whoever the thread is with if you decide to drop them or continue. But I wanted to say thank you for the success of the event and just say we are allowing none event starters to begin.


This is one that holds a significant importance today which is Thursday is HONESTY DAY and while we want this to continue to be a thing a member approached us saying they felt their muse was being attacked. Honesty hours/days are meant for fun and to add drama of course, but do not turn it into a witch hunt by attacking someone verse having fun do not abuse the anon feature, keep it respectful.


How was I supposed to tell the boys? How could you explain that their father would never read them to sleep again, would never hold them, never give them little kisses to make them smile. They’re just babies. They could never fully understand that Macaron was gone… I don’t think I was ready to understand.

Later that day a lawyer came by. Apparently Macaron had always been prepared for something like this. He left behind a will with a bunch of letters. There were some for the boys. Each one labeled for a specific birthday. He knew this could happen, and even though he was gone, he wanted Jam and Jelly to have a little piece of him even so. And there was one signed to me…


I’m sorry, if you’re reading this, then it means a job went sideways. At least that’s what I hopped happened, and not some freak accident with you by my side. This way the boys only lose one of us and not both. I know that doesn’t make it better. But you know I’ve never been good at words. Me confessing my feelings was a mess, how am I supposed to write this to you?

I just want to tell you everything… when I confessed my love for you. I was hiding a secret. Bubblegum was in love with you too. I knew and yet… I plowed right past him and took your heart for myself. It was selfish, but looking back I probably still would have done it. I wouldn’t have changed the years we’ve been together for anything. Those boys are amazing and wonderful, just like you.

I’m telling you this because… maybe I can make it up to my brother now. I want you to be happy Teri, and I know there’s something you feel for him as well. I’ve always known. I want the boys to have both parents. It may take time. and I know it won’t be easy right away. But you deserve to have the big family you always imagined. If I can’t give it to you, my brother can. Let him take over where I left off, but know, I will always love you, no matter where I am.

Love always,

Macaron Lillium


Do this:

List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or as little detail as you’d like. Then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever. 

I was tagged by @white-rainbowff ;3; <3


  • Stickers [On Hold]
  • Pins/ Keychains- soon hopefully?? 
    • Suggestion on what you want to see?? 
    • Wolf Kylo was one
  • SlugAdmiral for @eustacefrog - i need to color
  • Kalluzeb- soon…. :/

Supplycowboy (They get their own section)

  • 3 NSFW- need to ink
  • 1 NSFW - in the progress of coloring…..ha this one is for @white-rainbowff
  • A sad comic - Part one is complete (sketched), working on part two…
  • Sexy Lyste in lingerie- inking
  • Poster boy Lyste- sketching
  • chibi doodles for @white-rainbowff and @the-devils-beast - almost complete just need to finish up tarkin and then color it
  • Eli carrying sleep lyste - inking
  • Another sad comic- need to think about it then sketch it

Crochet list (HONESTLY if you can guess who the gifts are you are really talented):

  • Surprise tsum tsum for Beasty (only one i’m revealing since she know about it)…..almost done….almostttt!
    • SW care package: 0/1 
  • Gift for Rainnjnononojn
    • SWR care package: 0/6
  • Gift for Chkjuhihuihuih
    • SWR care package: 0/2
  • Gift for Chrnujnunuin
    • SWR care package: 0/2
  • Maybe more SWR care package but i’ll see…i’ll see.
  • AT-AT for myself….haha that will be for next year. 

I’m going to tag people who have been tagged in the past..lol. @festeringsilence​   @the-devils-beast​  @thesociallyanxioussociopath