i just want to hold one


         Killers having less than favorable things to say about other killers.

Danny Rolling on Gerard Schaefer: “This guy has got real problems, doesn’t he? Schaefer is a little too full of himself and we can easily figure out the content of substance he is filled with. It smells like something pooling in a sewage treatment plant. He is just a spooky little punk who gets his kicks out of intimidating people. He’s a bluffer. He wants anyone who has the displeasure of entertaining him to believe he holds a full house, but if you call his bluff, you’ll find he only has a pair of deuces – two pitiful excuses for being barely human.

John Wayne Gacy on Jeffrey Dahmer: “If Jeffrey Dahmer doesn’t meet the legal test of insanity, God help the one that does meet it. I mean, it – it has to really be something. If Jeffrey Dahmer doesn’t meet it, then nobody does.”

Charles Manson on Ted Bundy: “Bundy’s a rumpkin, Bundy’s a poop butt, Bundy’s his momma’s boy. Bundy’s out there trying to prove something to his own manhood. That’s got nothing to do with me. I don’t roll around with poop people like that. I stand with people that can stand with themselves.”

Edmund Kemper on Herbert Mullin: “He had a habit of singing and bothering people when somebody tried to watch TV. So I threw water on him to shut him up. Then, when he was a good boy, I’d give him some peanuts. Herbie liked peanuts. That was effective, because pretty soon he asked permission to sing. That’s called behavior modification treatment.”

[Tony turns around to see Bucky down on one knee]

Tony: Oh my God. What are you doing?

Bucky: Thinking about my future. I am deeply ridiculously in love with you. And above everything else, I just want to be with you forever. So Tony Stark, will you–

Tony: Wait, wait, okay? Just–I need to remember this. Give me a second.

Bucky: Tony–

Tony: No, no, no, no, hold on. Just–I need another second, please. I need to remember every little thing about how perfect my life is, right now, at this exact moment.

Bucky: [laughing] Are you good?

Tony: Yeah, I’m good.

Bucky: Tony Stark, will you—

Tony: YES!

[Tony kisses Bucky who then pulls back]

Bucky: Marry me?

Tony: Oh yeah, yeah!

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au for Jackson from Got7? I hope I'm not adding more stressed by requesting 😫 but I love your writing so I can't resist

i miss him!!!!! 

  • sculptor!jackson 
  • took one art history class in college and thinks he’s a Certified Historian on the subject. except mark was like name three great french sculptors and jackson was like,,,,,,,um henry,,,,baguette??? is my favorite
  • turns on music when he works and if you come in you’ll see him dancing, holding the chisel like a microphone
  • sculpts out of stone, can carry like a one hundred pound slab of alabaster no sweat
  • if someones watching him. he flexes when he does 
  • pretends to think deeply when someone asks him “oh why’d you sculpt this” but the answer is always just ‘because i felt like it’ don’t kid yourself jackson
  • works mostly for rich people who want sculptures of themselves or family members and it’s kinda funny to see him grit his teeth when they nitpick his art because,,,,,,,,,,,,when they turn around jackson is clenching his fist and he’s like,,,if they weren’t paying me the Big Bucks,,,,,,oh boy,,,,,,,,,
  • unexpectedly takes off his shirt when he works
  • whiCH is a sight you walk in on so many times because you’re his??? secrituary ??? agent??? kinda
  • and you’ll be like “jackson do you need me to order more sto- OH ,,, no shirt alert,,,”
  • and jackson is like “yeah yeah more stone, can you pass me the axe?”
  • and you’re just like covering your eyes with one hand and feeling around for the axe and jackson notices and he’s like WOAH THAT’S DANGEROUS
  • and runs over to pick your wrist off of the table and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,he’s shirtless he’s shirtless and three inches away from me,,,,,,,,,
  • and jackson doesn’t seem to notice your embarrassment ever
  • until one day when you’re telling him about an upcoming client and he pulls his tank top over his head and is like “can you pass me a napkin?”
  • and once again you’re averting your eyes, taking small steps toward him with the napkin
  • but jackson has already gone back to sculpting and he’s like “ahh can you dab the sweat off my forehead? it’s making it hard to work.”
  • and you’re like gflkbsdkf,,,,o,,,,,ok and you lean over and gently press it against his forehead to get the sweat off
  • and you make the mistake of looking at him,,,,,,a glistening god ,,,,,,the sweat like diamonds on his tan skin
  • and you almost forget to breathe for a second and when jackson looks up he tilts his head and he’s like “there’s some on my neck,,,,”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,ok,,,,,,
  • and he’s working on the stone so you think he’s just asking you to help him out as a friend but ,,,,,,jackson is also secretly trying not to scream
  • because you’re so close,,,,,,,touching him,,,,,,everytime he feels your fingers brush his skin he wants to jump up because it’s so,,,electrifying
  • and finally jackson stops working and sighs and you back away to throw out the napkin 
  • and jackson is like “ah it got on my chest too,,,, im sweaty all over”
  • and you’re like mlgbdfjsvf,,,don’t say tHAT ,,, outloud,,,and jackson looks at you and with a wink is like “do you want to help clean it off me?”
  • and you swear in that moment he’s flirting. he has to be
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,gaping and jackson turns the wink into a pout and he’s like “unless you don’t want to,,,,,” but you’re like uh uh ,, i,,, uh,,,
  • and he walks forward, taking your hand and pulling it toward him,,,,
  • when mark walks in and he’s like “jackson are you- oh,,,,,,,oh you guys are having fun excuse me.”
  • and he twirls around to leave and you’re like MARK NO WAIT and jackson is like tugging you toward him and he’s like “mark is right (: let’s have some fun (:” 

truthfully, the behind the scenes of strong woman do bong soon is probably the most solid evidence of how powerful n worldly park bo young is. I remember during oh my ghostess, a taken man JO JUNG SUK !!!!!!! was like ‘its so hard working with boyoung because she just does things that make you automatically want to smile n its hard to control your emotions while acting with her’ n its like bitch…..you get it too, good. literally in the behind the scenes hyungsik always laughs n smiles @ boyoung whenever she does something cute n its like how does one act with her for like 3 months n not fall in love with her ??????????? when bongsoon is holding onto the pole in some episode n minhyuk convinces her to let go in the behind the scenes hes like LAUGHING because shes soooo cute !!!!!! n everything she does hes like 😂😂😂 but thats real because who can truly act serious n mean around her when shes her. 

Fiercely 'Femme, Fat, and Asian'
A sociology professor analyzes the 'RuPaul's Drag Race' runner-up Kim Chi.
By Spencer Kornhaber

With the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 just around the corner, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite queens from Season 8, Kim Chi, as we conclude this week’s discussion on queering the map of Asian masculinity and desirability. Fiercely femme, fat, and Asian, Kim-Chi calls into question the toxic sexual racism and heternormative structures that hold us down and keep us apart.

      - Irving

P.S. It’s been a pleasure serving as your guest mod this week, for more discussions feel free to hit me up at @hipstirrednotshaken.

“Clearly someone like me is supposed to be lusting after someone like that. But I’m going to not just reject it, but I’m also going to throw some shade at it. And I’m going to redefine what it means to be desirable because I’m the one up here with all the attention. I’m the one that they should want.”

             -Kim Chi

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The newest article with Tessa and Scott solidifies for me that they are together. Especially the way they answered the question about their life in Montreal. Some quotes. "In Montreal we have our life set up." The "our life" not our lives separate from each other but our life as we are one. "We try to have a complete life and mature as adults as well." A single complete life together. I bet they are having a mature relationship together. The entire answer just screamed "We are together!"

I’m a bit obsessed with this new interview and Idk why. lol

(you can tell by me almost wanting to quote the entire thing…had to hold myself back)

I do love the “we” and “our”…not uncommon from them but I do think that when you see the interview as a whole you can tell (not that we haven’t noticed) how the comeback process has unified them more.

The proximity in locations.
The less traveling during training.
How involved they are in their vision.
The underlying storyline in Latch.
How they are focused on evolution.
How they talk of wanting to learn more.

This is a very unified goal that has so much projection to the future…and to me (personal opinion) maybe more than just the Olys.

The commitment they have made for this comeback is pretty huge.

Learning new techniques, the goals they speak of, the drive they have…

You really have to be so eye to eye, 100% with someone to commit in the way they have.

Not to say of course that this wasn’t necessary in order to compete with the current state of ice dance but this comeback is based on personal choice, after two years off.

To me all of this just seems sooo “together” that after all of this, it is very hard for me to imagine a split after all of this is over.

Takes something special to bring back two people in the way they came back especially in the current state of their lives they are in.

Regardless of whatever people think about their relationship, it is hard to deny that this all feels like a deeper level of commitment to what they love to do. That is what I am trying to say.

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Have you ever written a fic where shinichi is the ace one?

Do you know I don’t think I have?  I’ll see what I can do!  ;D  Under the readmore as always!

Shinichi froze up, eyes wide and dread closing his throat.  Kaito was holding his hand, and he looked like he… like he wanted to…

“Shinichi, I’m in love with you.”

He looked away, chest tight with anxiety.  This was bad.  He was going to have to tell Kaito, and then their relationship would be ruined.  One of the people Shinichi liked the most, the first person he’d loved since Ran, gone forever.

“Shinichi, Shinichi, are you okay?”  Kaito sounded like he’d been trying to get his attention more than just the twice.  “Hey, what’s wrong?  It’s not–I mean, you approve of Ran and Sera, so I thought…?”

“It’s not you,” Shinichi blurted.  “It’s not–I don’t mind, that is…  It’s not that you like boys, that’s not it.”

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Truth or Truth, Okita, if you could be cured from tuberculosis by wishing it on Hijikata, would you do it? Why?

No,” snaps Okita emphatically, looking murderous. “All I want is to be useful to Kondou-san, so I couldn’t do anything to hurt him like that. He’s poured his heart and soul into the Shinsengumi, and as much as I hate to admit it, Hijikata-san does a lot to hold it together—so I’ll be damned if I kill Kondou-san’s dream just because I want to live.” He sighs, his eyes softening slightly. “And besides,” he adds, so quietly his voice is more of an indistinct mumble, “I… I’d miss Hijikata-san, too. I’m the one who got this disease, so I have to be the one who deals with it, for better or for worse. That’s just the way it is.”

Dear Louis & Harry,

I want to thank you. I want to thank you for who you are! You are breathtakingly strong, fiercely protective over your loved ones, extremely kind and have the biggest fucking heart! All of these character traits make you an inspiration!!!

You have been exposed to so much oppression, pain and suffering over the last years. This isn’t fair and it pains me and so many of your fans. But seeing you fight for yourselves, your relationship, your family, your friends, Niall and Liam and us fans is just indescribably impressive and inspiring!

Seeing you fight for freedom has helped me and many other fans to keep holding on and fight for what we believe in.

The last couple of years have been really hard for me but whenever I felt like I had reached my limit and there was just no strength left in me, I thought of you and said to myself if Louis and Harry can be so strong and fight all the ugliness around them, so can I.

I wish there was a way I could help you, fight for you and protect you. But I can’t. It makes me feel helpless and I can’t imagine how many times you and so many people that support and love you, have felt that way!

What I can promise you is that i’ll do as much as I possibly can to support and defend you to the best of my ability and for as long as I possibly can. You bring so much sunshine, hope and love to the lives of so many people. Probably, you find this weird not understanding how you manage to impact our lives. But you just being you is what touched all of us.

We never met and most likely never will. I’m the kind of person that would never walk up to you because it would make me feel incredibly intrusive and uncomfortable and most likely you wont see this post (even though, who knows with your lurking tendencies 😉).

I wish you all the best and (though i have no idea if this stuff actually works) i’m sending you and your family’s so much love and strength and I hope in someway, somehow it reaches you!

Stay safe and much love from a fan of yours 😘

(I want to say thank you to my sister and @alarriemadridista who proofread this post and encouraged me to post it. You were so supportive and you are just really awesome 💖)

(To anyone feel free to add something positive to this. No matter if it’s words, a drawing or something else. However if you have nothing nice to say please don’t say anything, at least not on this post.)


When I was nine years old, I traveled across the US with my dad while he moved from New York to California. We stopped at a lot of National Parks - with our loyal cockatiel along for the trip, often snuggling underneath my chin while I napped in the backseat - including Yellowstone.

At the gift shop, I found this book. Even though only my relatives ever had dogs and I was mostly raised with cats and other small pets, I was one of those kids that got twinkly-eyed over wolves.

Anyway, I really wanted this book. It always broke my heart that we demonized wolves - something that my mom instilled in me (along with a general ‘be kind to ALL animals, not just your pets’ attitude). It’s less than 500 pages, but remembering holding this book in my tiny 9 year old hands, it certainly felt much, much larger at the time. I tried to read it - the Yellowstone bookmark is actually tucked away into the pages - but it kind of turned into skimming which turned into pretending. I don’t recall understanding most of it at the time.

And I mostly forgot about it until we got the dogs. I was so, so determined to read it when I was little. It felt very special to me.

I took a picture of the price because I definitely remember thinking it was expensive, because of its size and fancy adult knowledge and the fact that it was in a gift shop at Yellowstone. When I pulled it off the shelf today (the first time I’ve touched it since I asked my mom to ship it to me, not long after I got Asher) and noticed the tag, I laughed. $10! I suppose it was originally $25, though.

While I eagerly await my Samoyed book, I’m going to try poking around in this. Is anyone interested in what might be in here? I can share the table of contents. There’s some other resources in the index, too.

Dear Charlie,


I don’t know what to do with myself.

I’m ashamed (!) of myself. I don’t know what to do. It’s too much and not enough at the same time.

You know, I can’t keep promises. Some people can deal with every single thing happening in their life but I just can’t. I hope one day to be like them.

I’m holding my tears right now.

And tonight I’m not gonna sleep. Coffee, stress and sadness will keep me company. For the first and last time, I hope. I don’t like coffee. And stress is a word I barely use. I don’t want to talk about sadness.

Is it possible to change in one night? Because I have to.

I’m crying right now.

And tomorrow, I hope, I’ll have changed. I’ll get ready and won’t be late. Just to prove that I’ve changed. I’ll send you another letter then and, I hope, you’ll be proud of me. Because I already know what I’ll write.

But right now, I really don’t know what to do with myself.

Sincerely yours,

The Ashame(d)less Glitter

Things I Think Newbie Tarot Readers Need To Know

1. You can store your decks in whatever way you choose. There’s no real right or wrong way, aside from tossing them in the trash. 

2. You don’t NEED a “sacred space” to read. You can read hanging upside down on the monkey bars if you’re up for a challenge.

3. You don’t need to be a witch to read tarot. I say again, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A WITCH TO READ TAROT.

4. Tarot cards hold as much power as you let them. Some view them as sacred items, others view them as just a fun card game. No one else can tell you how to view them, that’s just a personal thing.

5. There is no real *set* way to read. The majority of the reading is intuition-based, so trust your gut.

6. You don’t need thousands of decks. (Though, I mean, you may want them.) The amount of decks you have/don’t have doesn’t measure your abilities.

7. Don’t get put off by people who think your reading was irrelevant in their life. Sometimes, readings take time to actually manifest. You’re doing great. Don’t let this deter you.

8. The amount of times you cleanse your deck is ENTIRELY up to you. Some people do it after every reading. Some people do it..well, maybe never. The choice is yours.

9. There is no right or wrong way to shuffle your cards. At. All.

10. Sometimes reading for yourself can be hard. It’s okay to have someone else read for you. Seriously.

11. Don’t be intimidated if you’ve just started. We’ve all started from day one. 

12. You may run into some elitists, and while you shouldn’t punch them in the face, you should make sure what they say doesn’t make you uncomfortable in how you do things. This is all YOU, not THEM. 

Feel free to add on to this if y’all have a little something to put. 

straight ppl things:

  • outright, obvious discomfort
  • assuming your s/o is your best friend. just love holding hands and kissing them. “you two are such good friends! i want a friend like that” 
  • assuming coming out is a one time thing where you invite everyone you have ever came into contact w/ + will ever come into contact w/ to a party and get on a stage and announce “hey! i’m gay” and everyone claps and that’s that
  • weird invasive questions about your personal experiences
  • “maybe someday you’ll realize that this was just a phase and you’re just kidding yourself! we all go through phases”
  • “haha so did you ever have a crush on me/don’t get a crush on me or anything… jk”
  • “i love you even though i don’t support your actions and you’re inevitably going to hell (:”
  • “you’re so brave for-”
  • “so how does your family feel about-”
  • treating you talking about the shit they do (even if you say it lightheartedly/in passing) as if you went directly into their home and broke all of their dishes, individually, one plate at a time, as they stood there and had to watch
when i tell people i want to spend the rest of my life with you
they think i mean that i plan on marrying you
but i have no plans on getting down on one knee for you
my plans with you include holding your hand as we walk through life together
my plans include being your friend
your best friend
as you are mine
after all
we don’t need rings and a piece of paper to prove our commitment to one another
we just need love.
—  Anonymous said: hi! could you please write something on platonic love?
(cc, 2017)
Headcanon with Lance and Lotor

Lance and Lotor meet for the first time in the heat of battle.

Lotor knocking the bayard from Lance’s hands and kicking him to the ground, where his helmet falls off from the impact.

Lance glares up at the masked Lotor, who walks up with sword in hand. Out of respect for beating the Paladin, Lotor removes his visually blocking mask.

Lance let’s his glare fall away and into a small laugh, leaving Lotor to question in anger.

“What’s so funny?”

“I was just thinking “What a nice way to go with a beauty in my sights.”“

Lance closes his eyes, as he doesn’t want to see his end come. After awhile, he opens his eyes as Lotor is gone.

Lance looks around, lost and confused. Then he gets yelled at by Keith, telling the Space Case to move it.

Lotor is behind a corner, holding his chest and freaked out because no one has ever called him a beauty and when someone does call him that, it’s from a Paladin.

*cue Lotor to try to bring Lance to the other side. ..

I hope you are doing well, this is the only thing that keep me sane. The thought of you happy is everything to me. I know things don’t worked the way we wanted. But I love you so much, no matter how much time pass, I’ll always be here waiting for you. Being yours no matter what, you are my first true love and also the last one.
—  I promise I’ll always be here when you need a hand to hold and someone to talk. You aren’t just someone I love, you are my best friend, my favorite person, my life, my everything.
With You

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, Angst

Word Count: 4K+

A/N: Holy shit, guys. This is the longest one shot I’ve ever written and I’m not sure what happened, but it just took on a mind of its own. Like, who am I? Anyways, enjoy!

You were never one to hold back, especially when you wanted something. In this case, it was someone. In fact, the more the object or person of interest resisted, the more determined you were; you always enjoyed a challenge. From the moment that Bucky Barnes first stepped foot out of the elevator doors, you were drawn to him.

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