i just want to have someone

Front end calls me because a customer is saying something was on the clearance rack and it’s not ringing up. The customer decides to come back to apparel and show me where it was hanging. The shirt in question was hanging on the wall next to a clearance rack, and it was incredibly obvious that someone pulled the shirt down, decided they didn’t want it, and stuck it on the clearance rack instead of reaching up to put it back on the wall, at least obvious to me but the customer wasn’t buying it. She just kept saying, “But it was on the clearance rack.” Yeah, but every other size and every other color is hanging on the wall. The sign doesn’t magically change what price the shirt is. I don’t even have proof that you aren’t just saying you found it on the clearance rack, so no, I’m not going to give it to you for $9 when it’s a $17 shirt.

I’m kinda pissed. The one specimen I had pinned up nicely and was a potential holotype is damaged now. I was gone over winter break, someone else handled my specimens and now my nice one is missing antennae & abdomen. I had already done a DNA extraction on it using just legs. Like this was a surprise specimen too that I found in a sample too???

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  • Victor: Yurio, I really know how it feels to think you can only find your strength on your own but believe me, one day you'll realise it's not enough and I just wanted to you to remember that no matter what Yuuri and I will always be there for you...
  • Yurio: geez, will you shut up I think I'll throw up
  • *five minutes later*
  • Otabek: hey, Yura, you know I'm always here for you, right?
  • Yurio: ...
  • Yurio: *almost crying* that's the most beautiful thing someone ever said to me


i’m a loving person. and i feel like there are plenty of relationships that i could have ended up with that would have been just fine. there are plenty of nice guys who do nice things and can make someone feel nice. it would have been Nissi and some nice guy.

but i thank God every day for this man. this man who is like no other man i’ve ever known. this man who cherishes me head to toe. this man who has been by my side on this journey to becoming the woman that God wants me to be. 

i could have been fine and happy with any guy. but with this man, I’m blessed.

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How did you learn to play guitar? Was ot through someone teaching you or self-taught? I have a guitar and piano and want to play both but I can't teach myself or havent found a good self teaching method and my parents cant afford lessons :c

I had a teacher because I was learning classical guitar, and doing musical grades but when I wanted to do my own thing the internet has great resources if you know where to look. A teacher would always help (even if its just a friend to start you off?), but heres some links I have found useful:

Guitar Notes Explained: A Guide For Beginners

Guitar chord chart

Strumming technique

Easy (pop) songs to practice with!

Hope this helps! 

When Michael posted that on Instagram everyone broke down into tears including me and I didn’t really know why but I think I’ve just realized why. He finally has everything I’ve been wishing for him to have in life. He’s achieved happiness with himself, he’s gained confidence in himself, he’s obtained good health, he’s who he wants to be and he’s with someone that he loves that loves him and he’s surrounding himself with positive people that support him and love him and I’m just so overwhelmed by it. I don’t know if this goes for anyone else but it was just like a slap in the face that everything I’ve been saying I want for Michael in life, he finally has, and he’s realizing it and he’s so unbelievably kind and humble about it. He’s stayed grounded and he’s stayed the incredibly positive person I’ve known him to be and he deserves everything that he has. He finally has what he deserves in life and I am so incredibly happy for him. Congratulations Michael. I love you.

things about love that i know yet need to keep learning

1. don’t chase after someone that doesn’t want to be chased
2. if someone can go to bed knowing you’re crying then they don’t care about you
3. if someone leaves you have to let them
4. you can’t keep giving 100% for someone who gives you 0% in return forever no matter how much you love them
5. just because you love someone with your whole heart doesn’t mean they’ll ever love you back
6. don’t be with someone who never asks you about your day
7. you can’t need them if they don’t need you
8. you deserve all the love that you give

Eleven facts..

I was tagged by a cool bean her name is @sonador-reveur.

#1. Loves rock and kpop with a burning passion.

#2. Only likes Japanese, Korean, punk rock guys. I have weird taste.

#3. Loves rainy and cold weather.

#4. I’m very shy and antisocial most of the times. For example when someone talks or messages me I don’t know what to say.

#5. Gets into fandoms and music just to forget about my problems.

#6. Book worm. (Stephen King)

#7. Likes to go jogging.

#8. Stopped jogging because of depressive feelings.

#9. Stopped showing up to school a lot even though this is the last year because of people I don’t want to see ever again.

#10. Is currently learning Japanese and likes to talk in the third person.

#11. Ships sangwoo x jail.

I guess I’m gonna tag some people. I hope you guys have a good day today. @rainy, @sangwoosbun, @philismyaesthetic, @mcrswsptv-trash, @viktorikiforov, @vicfuenteslittletooth, @hidekanesupportgroup, @piercetheveil-something-idunno, @yanderesimulatorheadcanons, @jngn-km, @bts-in-motion. Bye guys ^_^

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Also could you tell me more about the dark version of you/OC?

Are you asking about Sergeant Jack Morgan/Reaper or Rammyz the Clown

Sarg. Morgan was born outta the HABIT fan tournaments. 

More here: http://rammyzcosplay.tumblr.com/post/153893259929/where-could-i-find-this-said-everymanhybrid-copy

Rammyz the Clown 

A friend had painted a mask for a Joker goon awhile back and it became one of my favorite things I owned. I’ve always wanted to do something with it but Idk what. Last year I dragged @ferret-roulette into the woods and we did an unreleased clip sketch thing of me being incredibly edgy running around the woods and such. I also did random shoots around my old house in various outfits…I just really like the mask. So when someone did that giant sheet of Anti/Dark youtubers I was like, oh crap I sorta have one already and joked about adding the clown persona into the mix since…youtuber. @ferret-roulette did this awesome art of it to. I may make it a thing eventually. 

Okay so I just had a… weird experience.

About and hour ago, I had someone new follow me. Knowing that p*rn bots are a thing, I usually check blogs to make sure it’s not a bot (in which case I block them). This user didn’t seem to be a bot, but they didn’t seem to have anything in common content wise either, which struck me as a bit odd.

Next thing I know, this person is messaging me, telling me they want something from me. “Okay, that’s direct,” I think, but nevertheless write a polite reply, asking what I can help them with.

“Just a fanSign”

Maybe I’m ancient, but I had no idea what that is. God bless urban dictionary, who told me a fansign is “A picture taken by one friend for another friend. These kind of pictures include a piece of paper (any form), body part, and/or inanimate object with writing on it.” Which already sounds suspect, especially coming from a complete stranger.

I tell them I don’t do fansigns, and hope that’s it.

Nope, it’s not. “just one for a memory ☺ i don’t post it anywhere ☺”

Because that will sure convince me. A stranger’s promise that a picture I sent them (and I think we can all assume what kind of picture they wanted) won’t be posted anywhere, won’t be shared in any capacity. Right.

Thankfully they backed off once I reiterated I do not do fansigns, asking them to please respect my choice and not solicit me for more. Just to be safe, I blocked them to prevent further contact. I’m sharing this knowing I have followers who might be on the younger side. Please be careful online, do not share pics of yourself you would hesitate to put openly on your blog on the word of a stranger promising no one else will see them. Be vigilant, stay safe.

The girl I had a crush on

My intentions where to study you, what you’re like when you’re happy, angry, sad etc. listen to your choice in music and even read all your favorite books, so then I could start writing to you put in all my energy and effort. All this seems so long before reaching out to you but my reason was because with you I wanted to take my time because there is no doubt that you’re a story worth reading. And it just really feels like your heart is occupied, it took so long to come across someone like you and I don’t understand why things don’t work out even before they even start, but all I can say is this : 

Thank you for existing I’ve discovered new music and books that have impacted my life. These last two years that I been paying attention to you I’ve discovered I want to live life giving the best of me, because I’ve been depressed for so long and most likely without you even knowing, you brought color into my life by just being you. And if one day we ever cross paths I’ll just half smile because deep down inside life let me see the sweetest soul and then feel a bit sad because all I can do is admire. I’m moving on now 

So this is it. This is how I start my 2017 motivated to get out of what’s left of my depression and be someone that I love and can be proud of.

No okay this isn’t funny. If you do this, you’re actually an asshole.

First of all, your entitled ass doesn’t get to decide whether or not you think someone “needs” skim/non-fat milk. That is the customer’s choice, and you respect that whether your high and mighty ego likes it or not.

Second of all, I don’t get “skinny” because I want to be thin. I get it because I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and I have basically since I was born. You know what happens when I drink full cream milk? Stomach cramps - and not just average stomach pain cramps. I FEEL the pain from INSIDE. Ever felt a stabbing pain from inside your gut? It’s excruciating, and most of the time I am hobbled over because I cannot walk.

Even if I didn’t have IBS, YOU DON’T DO THIS. It’s beyond douchebag-y, and it shows how much of an entitled ass you are. Get off your high horse and if you ever gave me full-cream milk (and I know), I will ensure I stand next to you while the cramping and agony you have caused me passes via a gas that would rival a smoke bomb. I have no shame admitting that.


Well, this is what I get for still not having a scanner. Sorry guys, I really tried to clear it up, and as you can see, tried to make it a bit better in SAI, but, I´m no good at clearing up photos xD You know, I might just colour the whole thing in computer. But then the whole purpose of pen portrait kinda ….disappears, haha. So for now, this will have to do until I either scan it somewhere, or find someone who can clear up the original photo nicely.

I have some extra Volcanion codes that expire on January 31st. I completely forgot about these. I already promised one to a personal friend but I don’t need the other two. If you want one, like this post and I’ll just pick someone randomly. If no one wants them, I’ll probably just end up redeeming them on my other games.

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Do you have any advice for gender fluid people who want to change their name? I've been wanting to go by something else for a few months but haven't found the courage to start x.x

Honestly you gotta just go for it. That’s what I did. Just have your name, become accustomed to it by saying it to yourself or thinking of yourself as that, and then one day tell someone that you’d prefer to be called by it. Start with friends or even complete strangers if it helps. You can do it.


why do people say ‘she/he loved you so much’ when someone passes?

do they suddenly stop loving once they pass? is that the end of their love for you? does love actually have an expiration date?

i think if you want to console someone who’s recently lost someone who they shared a love with, you should say ‘he/she loves you so much’. it’d be a whole lot more comforting.

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Hey! Love the show. I just wanted to say thank you for how Sam has been portrayed so far... as someone who didn't really have a first kiss until 22, that aspect of her character is super relatable! I've never really seen that in media unless they're making fun of it, so thank you. ❤️

Thank you!! I agree, it’s not something we see a whole lot in media, but it totally does happen. We put so much pressure on teenagers to hit these milestones, but there’s no right time to have your first kiss or first romantic relationship IMO (even, as Chloe said, if that time is never. That’s also cool!).  

If you had a quarter for every time you fell in love, you’d have enough put aside to take that permanent vacation to Europe you’ve always wanted.

You try to convince yourself that you’re just a romantic - someone who sees love in almost everyone and everything. But you also know, deep down, that it will never be something you’re good at. In the end, you settle for calling yourself a hopeless romantic, since it’s the easiest.

It seems as though any and every girl who’s ever given you attention is a potential soulmate. You try so hard to be yourself AND what she wants at the same time, it’s no wonder they all ended up leaving you behind for better people. Better things.
You’re stuck in this emotional hole that you just can’t seem to escape, no matter how much you beg and plead for them to stay.

Unfortunately, as time passes, you become colder. Disinterested. They don’t see it - no one ever would - but you only find pleasure in leading these girls on until you grow tired of them. “They’ve fulfilled their use,” you tell yourself in the dark recesses of your mind. “They no longer need me, and I no longer need them.”
Even worse, however, is that you do not realize that She is still out there. And so you continue to play this pointless, hollow little game of yours.

And when you find Her - and She finds you - you will break down into bitter tears and self-inflicted curses in the end.
You let her get away, the one person who could save you. So now you are irredeemable, with nothing left but your sullen solitude and wretched remorse.

You can take all those quarters you saved up and go wherever you’d like.
But there is nowhere you want to stay anymore.
Nowhere but her arms.

—  M.o.A.

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describe your dream girl

I really don’t have a “dream girl.” I just want someone I can go on road trips w and makes me wanna be a better person.