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Ink Nemesis | 01

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Genre: Angst/Fluff || paparazzi!au; fake dating!au;

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Length: 9.0k

Summary: As an aspiring writer drowning under the public’s radar, a click of the pen is all you need to accept your supervisor’s offer to co-write an article for the SS - Secrets Spilled, a regular section of your company’s weekly tabloid; but fabricated stories and invasive details aren’t all that you write when you discover the renowned artist Min Yoongi’s dirty little secret. 

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wicked games [2]

Summary: Tom gives you the chance of a lifetime; the question is, will you accept it?

Pairing: CEO!Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 3,182 [I went overboard, forgive me]

A/N: I’m obsessed with this story, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! xx

wicked games [1]

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ask and ye shall receive (a comfort piece that’s longer than the original hurt whoops)

I trust you, Kravitz had said, because Taako had promised.

This - see, this is why Taako doesn’t make promises. Because even when he means them with every single fiber of his being, even when he’d rather die than see them unfulfilled, he still fucks up. He can’t trust Magnus, or Merle, or even Lucretia, and he sure as hell can’t trust himself.

Then he gets his memories back, and he understands why his chest is so hollow, why it had been so fucking hard to trust, and why he’s never going to do it again. He levels the Umbrastaff at Lucretia and wills it to shoot, to kill, just like it had killed Kravitz.

It doesn’t, of course. It saves its fire for the much larger battle it knows is coming, and Angus picks it up and casts a Fireball for some outrageous number of damage and fire, evocation, that was Lup’s school, Lup is in there, and he snaps it over his knee.

She’s back.

She’s back and it hurts like hell. He had been missing his heart for so long and he hadn’t even known it was missing and now he feels absolutely everything. Grief, rage, frustration, but joy, joy strong enough to make his eyes prickle, because Lup is back. She’s back, she’s back, Taako found her and they’re never getting separated, ever again.

But - wait.

He can’t promise that, now can he? Because the last time he promised something like this to someone he loved, he murdered them.

He picks the Astral Plane.

He has to find something. He doesn’t know what Reapers leave behind after they die, if they have a corporeal anything to mark their existence, or if he’s truly reduced Kravitz to nothing; but like hell is going to give up without a fight. Once this shit is over, he’ll tear the Plane apart looking for something, anything, to help him remember Kravitz.

(It was more than he found for Lup. For her, they could never even find a body.)

Taako makes a new friend, and they create the perfect dish, and their bond is fulfilled. Joaquin protects his plane admirably.

Taako claps his hands to the ring of black glass for the third time, and it turns instantly to shimmering sapphire.

Phandalin rebuilds around him. The windows are ghostly and glassed in death, the shutters frayed and wooden edges torn, the cobbled streets maybe a bit more jagged than they were in life - but it is indeed Phandalin. The grass beneath his feet grows greener and the clouds hang lighter and the sun burns brighter and lights illuminate the sky as the gods reassert their hold on the world.

Taako pulls himself wearily to his feet, not bothering to scrutinize his surroundings. Great, he did it - they’ll have their extraplanar reinforcements, and maybe Merle can heal them now, and once this day is over and done if he survives he’s going to sleep for an entire week.

“Taako?” a weak voice calls, and Taako’s heart freezes in his chest.

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My friend recently committed suicide and I found these chat logs with a bot on his computer

Trigger Warning: Suicide, Violence

by reddit user masnaTellsHisStories

One of my good friends recently committed suicide. He was a lonely guy, certainly depressed, stuff like that. But I was surprised to find out that he committed suicide. Not shocked, just surprised that he didn’t reach out to us.

I was recently at his home and was looking through his stuff. Eventually, I came across his computer. There was nothing on it out of the ordinary. Some pirated movies, some porn, various documents and some games. Eventually, though, I came across these chat logs between him and some chat bot. Take a look:

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My Story

After I posted my letter about starting a new job at Dreamworks I got a lot of messages and emails from people asking if I could talk about my journey more in detail and how I got here despite going to school in Pittsburgh for psychology and almost giving up on animation halfway through college. I know that I would have appreciated reading something like this a year and a half ago so I thought I’d share my story in the hopes that it might be able to help someone who is struggling. Plus: a detailed explanation of how social media has done so much for me as an artist.

Buckle in guys. Lots of text under the cut! 

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Final Exam Tips

If you couldn’t tell by the things I’ve been reposting lately, finals week has arrived. My first exam is at 8am tomorrow (wish me luck), and I wanted to share some tips and things I’ve learned over the years. Most of this applies to both college and high school, but everyone’s method is gonna be a little different. You do you boo. 

Self Care

This is super important. It may seem like you don’t have time to worry about these things but your body is just as important as your mind. Nurture it. 

  • Make your bed. Every morning. If you have to wake up early to give yourself more time, do it. Someone somewhere once said “the state of your bed is the state of your head.”
  • Brush your teeth. Floss if you can. I know it’s a pain in the ass but it’s literally 2 minutes of your time. 
  • Put on chap-stick. Bring it everywhere, to all your exams, leave some in your car, in your pocket. It’s never fun to have chapped lips. 
  • Wash your face. Morning and night, depending on skin type, etc. This is super important to wash away all of the dirt, makeup, and toxins your skin is exposed to. It also helps to wake you up and get you started. And if you’re anything like me, stress breakouts are always a possibility.
  • Moisturize. Your face, your arms, your legs, etc. A good facial moisturizer and body lotion can do wonders for your skin and your mood. Do a face mask too, if you really wanna pamper yourself. 
  • Keep your space clean. Where you sleep, where you get ready for bed, and especially where you study. This goes back to making your bed, your surroundings play an important role in your mood and state of mind. 
  • Eat Healthy. Don’t skip meals, your brain needs good nutrition to function. Take it easy on the sugar, you might be on a high for a little while but the crash is real. 
  • Drink. Water. Lots of it. I’m terrible when it comes to this, but I find that keeping a refillable water bottle on me, one that’s easy to take quick sips from, helps a lot. You need to be hydrated in order to function properly. Drink juice to help you stay awake if you’re not a fan of coffee or tea (Idk why but this really helps). 
  • Stay active. Keep moving, get that blood circulating. Whether it’s running, yoga, or a walk in the park, the movement is sure to clear your mind and get those endorphins kicking. 
  • SLEEP. 7-8 hours, ideally. No all-nighters. Don’t even think about it. I limit myself to one all-nighter a semester, and never on the night before an exam. Your brain works to learn and memorize at night, so get your rest and study in the process.Take catnaps between study sessions if you get tired during the day, but don’t sacrifice that sacred sleep for a few extra hours of studying that will haunt you the entire next day. 


Now that you’re all zenned out, you can fill your brain with all that dope knowledge. 

  • Go to review days. Your teacher should explain what’s on the exam and what she expects of you, and if you skip you could miss out on important details like room and time. It may seem like skipping gives you more time to study, but you’ll be at a disadvantage in the end.
  • Summarize. Outline/summarize/prep class content expected on the exam. Being able to summarize content and place it in an order that makes sense shows understanding, and it’ll help you figure out what you need to work on most.  
  • Find study stations. Coffee shops, the campus library, bookstores, diners, you name it. Study anywhere but home, at least not alone. I sometimes crash at my friend’s place and we’ll have silent study sessions, keeping each other in check. 
  • Use a time management tool. I use the app Forest, or the chrome extension. When you use the timer, you plant a tree or a bush and it grows until the timer is up. I like it because when I use it on my phone, I set the timer for 25 minutes and I can’t exit the app or the tree dies. On chrome, you can blacklist certain websites that distract you, and if you visit that website during your study session, the tree dies. Don’t kill trees people. 
  • Prioritize. What exam do you have first? How prepared are you for it? Which exam will be the hardest/are you least prepared for? Use your sessions wisely and focus on the material you don’t know as well. 
  • Method. What works for you? Are you an auditory learner? Record your notes and listen to them in the car or while you work out. Kinesthetic? Rewrite your notes, make models, etc. Visual? Find good pictoral representations of your content and try drawing diagrams. It’s super important to find a study method that works for you, and everyone’s is gonna be a little different.
  • Come prepared. Buy pencils, scantrons, and erasers beforehand and come to your exam with everything you need (i.e. calculator). Hand lotion, chap-stick, and deep breathing are great ways to calm yourself before an exam. If you’re religious - pray, spiritual - meditate/center yourself, non of the above - have faith in yourself and your abilities. 
  • Dress comfy. If sweats are the way you roll, then go with it. If you feel more productive dressing a little nicer, have at it. 
  • Trust yourself. Stop second guessing yourself. Trust in your work. Honestly, we doubt ourselves way more than we should. Don’t underestimate yourself, love. You show that exam who’s boss. 
  • Celebrate. You’re done! Congrats on another exam finished, another day slayed, and another semester behind you. 
⇁ money shot (m)

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pairing⇁Yoongi x Reader 

genre⇁smut || pornstar!au

⚬ warnings⇁dom!yoongi, submissive!reader, verbal humiliation, spanking, roleplay, rough sex, cum play, dirty talk, this is porn ok and everything is consensual

word count⇁10.6k pwp 

[money shot] in a pornographic movie, refers to the sequence in which the male actor ejaculates onto his partner’s body

“Don’t look so put off. Min Yoongi’s indisputably one of the best in the industry. He’s extremely professional and experienced—and handsome to boot. You’ll be in the very best hands. He rarely works with newbies, so consider yourself special.”

or ; the author just really wanted to write a pornstar!au but got carried away;;

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BTS’ Kinks Masterpost (Based on Astrology) - Hyung Line

warning: long post of pure filth ahead 🥀
maknae line version here.


  • some of y'all have been sleep on this boys’ abilities and i’m about to show y'all why 🗣️
  • his mars and pluto are in highly beneficial placements 
  • not only does his chart tell me that he’s packin some heat, he also knows how to use it….

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[Article] Inside the mind of Bang Si-hyuk, the man behind BTS :

Big Hit Entertainment CEO on the group’s appeal to global audiences and why the boys won’t be recording in English anytime soon

The most important name in K-pop these days is undoubtedly BTS. The boy group, which debuted in 2013, has performed across the globe, most recently at the American Music Awards just last month. The global spotlight has fallen on this boy band that many fans around the world have fallen in love with.

Helping the group shine behind the scenes is Bang Si-hyuk, founder and CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, home to BTS. He recently traveled to the United States with the group to accompany them as they made media appearances in an effort to become more familiar to American audiences. On Sunday, he met with media at a press conference before the group’s concert at Gocheok Sky Dome in Guro District, western Seoul.

“Since we started to take on the new theme of ‘Love Yourself’ in September, we want to talk more about universal and essential stories,” said Bang. “I think BTS was able to show some dynamic stories thanks to this theme and we want [fans] to continue watching the group’s journey as it unfolds in the coming days.”

While he delivered hopeful remarks, he refrained from saying that BTS has reached their peak.

“It is too early to talk about success, and it is difficult to share any secret to success as of now, but it felt like I was part of Team Korea wearing a Taegeukgi [Korea’s national flag] embroidered on my chest,” said Bang, sharing how he felt during his 10 days spent in the United States with the group.

“We confirmed that BTS has fans from around the globe at the Billboard Music Awards in the first half of this year, and at the American Music Awards, which places its value on popularity, we were able to see that Korean music can be competitive in the home of pop music.”

Bang said that the group has grown as its members continue to communicate with fans their age with music about their life stories, including painful moments. He even made an album series called “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” after member Suga once said that he doesn’t want to be a grown-up.

“If they continue to go forward without losing their dreams, they can continue to be boys and that’s the basis of the stories of BTS,” he said.

Although Bang is the force that leads BTS, he doesn’t like to be called the “father” of the group.

“I don’t think any one can create artists,” said Bang. “The idea [of me being the father of BTS] makes the group an object, not the subject, and that’s against my philosophy. Also, I’m not married.”

Fans have contributed to making BTS expand its reach in the global community. Many fans watch the music videos online and then create their own recordings of themselves reacting to the group’s official videos. They voluntarily promoted not only the official videos but also their own creations, and that snowballed and created even more fans.

Even if fans want to hear more lyrics, BTS won’t be releasing songs in order to appeal to fans from particular cultural backgrounds or recording songs in English. Although the songs are written in Korean, many fans at American Music Awards sang along the group’s song “DNA.” Taking their global fandom into account, the group’s agency does take time to make BTS music more approachable, for example, by using Korean words that are easy to say.

“We will try to keep K-pop’s distinct characteristics that were set in the mid-1990s with visually aesthetic charms and powerful performances,” Bang said, adding that K-pop music can be familiar to those who don’t even know what K-pop music is, as K-pop is made up of elements of genres like hip-hop - something that most of the world knows well.

“If we teach English to singers and sign a contract with American companies to release albums, then that is no longer part of K-pop. It is like Asian singers making a debut onto the American market. That is not a sustainable model.”

Bang seems to understand what songs can go big in the market. The founder and CEO, worked as a chief producer for JYP Entertainment before starting his own company. He produced boy band g.o.d.’s “Sky Blue Balloon,” singer Rain’s “Bad Boy,” as well as singer Baek Ji-young’s “Like Being Hit by A Bullet” and “My Ear’s Candy” and more.

The producer whose interests range from animated movies to information technology takes inspiration from many elements of culture to create music.

“There is nothing new under the sun, [so I draw inspiration from things created throughout history],” said Bang. “So we put effort into researching cultural contents and look for ways to apply that into our music.”

Based on what BTS has been a part of in the United States, including being invited to American Music Awards, and elsewhere in the world, Bang hopes that K-pop continues to stay competitive and welcomed around the globe.

“I hope, with what BTS has achieved in the United States, I don’t miss the [chance] to create a well-made industrial model,” he said. “I hope the case people have seen with BTS is not just a one-time thing and more people to take it as an example. I want many to take that model and get inspiration or more ideas so that more K-pop singers can make their way to overseas markets.”

BY MIN KYUNG-WON [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]

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What happened to Pack West Wolfdog Rescue and the animals that died and the scams? I'd hate for it to be true from the little I saw online, because I had a ton of faith in them. They seemed so legitimate to me, but I really am not that knowledgeable on how rescues run.

What you saw was 100% correct. I’m going to copy/paste Sara Movahedi (rescue coordinator at In Harmony With Nature)’s post that she made here, because it’s too long to go into on my own. Sara may be somewhat of a polarizing figure in the wolfdog community, but she is honest and fair. Everything she has brought into the light about Pack West is fact, unfortunately. And more is coming out beyond even this. 

“A few months ago, I was asked by a friend to join the board of Packwest Rescue to assist them with some minor admin hiccups they were having. I had been aware of some of the issues surrounding PW for some time, but was hopeful that they would sort things out and carry on doing what they do. Upon teaming up with them, I made some discoveries that left me rather stunned, shocked, disgusted, and disheartened. I will list a few of them in this post, as the public (specifically wdc people) have a right to know what transpired, and the members of Packwest won’t be able to live in the light, until they can come out of the darkness.

The other reason I’m posting this is to highlight what can/will happen when well-intentioned people take on more than they can handle, and more than they are qualified for, by starting something like a rescue, without first building the basic foundation to support it down the line. It seems every time I turn around lately, someone says they’re starting a rescue or opening a sanctuary… And it never fails, every time I see or hear it, I shudder and think about Packwest… how things went so horribly wrong, so incredibly fast. 

Please let this rescue’s experience be a lesson for you, and think before you decide to open a 501. There are laws in place, and there are penalties and punishments should those laws be broken… to say nothing of the personal loss you can expect should you be on the losing end of the deal. Your homes, your vehicles, your bank accounts, your ANIMALS….any asset you have is on the line should you violate the laws set forth by not only the state you live in, but by the federal government.

-Packwest agreed to take in 2 animals from a couple needing to rehome them in Nevada. Packwest charged the couple a $400 surrender fee, on top of $300+ for gas to drive to pick the animals up. The animals, Sylar (male) and Luna (female) were then transported back to Oregon.

*No self respecting rescue should EVER charge a rehoming/surrender fee. If my sanctuary did that, especially at $400 a pop, we would be rich with all the animals we have taken in. That isn’t how it works, that isn’t how rescue works, and its highly unethical.

-Upon returning to Oregon, the two board members stopped at a predetermined location in Oregon. The board president had a deposit down on a puppy from a local breeder, as she wanted an “ambassador” animal for her fledgling rescue. *This is especially difficult to understand…purchasing an animal *from a breeder* as the first act of a rescue organization.

-Upon arriving, there was allegedly a discrepancy on the remaining balance. The board member still owed $500 for the puppy, but didn’t have the funds. Since she had the $400 surrender fee and the $300 gas money the couple had given her, she used that money to cover the difference and purchased Ivar from that breeder, hours after “rescuing” Luna and Sylar.

-Sylar was sent to the home of another board member, simply as a temp foster. That board member, lived in a small rental home at the time and lacked the space and containment, and should never have taken on a foster. Her situation was further complicated when she adopted her personal wolfdog’s (Kochma’s) mother, Sorsha (later named Sadira) when the breeder decided to get rid of her animals. To make things even harder, the board member and her family welcomed a brand new baby into her home and life at the same time these animals were arriving and starting to settle in.

-Sorsha, an INTACT, VERY high content, VERY unsocial animal was first penned with her son, Kochma, also INTACT. After just a few weeks, the board member rearranged them and placed Sorsha in with her foster, Sylar. *It’s important to note that these changes in housing were all taking place at the very height of breeding season, weeks after these animals all arrived, very likely playing a big role in things happening the way they did. Shortly after being penned with Sylar, and while the board member was at the hospital with the new baby, Sorsha attacked and killed the foster, Sylar, in an attack that can only be described as brutal and vicious. The public explanation given by Packwest was that perhaps wild animals got into the enclosure and killed him.

-Approximately one week later, again at the board member’s home, her personal wolfdog, Kochma, an animal she had raised since he was a pup, suddenly killed his bonded pen mate, Alora, a lower content female, who was also intact. This is especially troubling since he had never displayed any sign of aggression, and was submissive to Alora until that day. It’s important to note, in this case, that the enclosure where Kochma and Alora were housed was in close proximity to Sorsha, where he most certainly would have seen her kill Sylar just days earlier. Again, the explanation (though not public since these weren’t rescue animals) was this was likely another wild animal. Alora had retreated into her dog house to likely tend to her wounds and/or hide from the animal she once felt so comfortable with, who now wanted to kill her… it was there that she was found the next day.

-While this isn’t directly rescue related, it’s important to know that Sorsha later went after the young daughter of that board member, ripping her arms open and trying to pull her into the enclosure. I would normally not mention this, as kids are off limits, but I’m doing so with her mother’s blessing, and to make a bigger point. It wasn’t until months later that they learned Sorsha had a history of attacking children, a history not made known to her by the breeder when she agreed to take the animal.

No responsible rescue would place more on the plate of board members, fosters, adopters, or anyone, who possibly can’t handle it. But when you’re overextended and trying to do things without a plan in place, accidents happen and people and/or the animals get hurt. Packwest should never have placed fosters with that board member, and failed them and those animals. The board member should have made it clear she could not take on additional animals as well. And as a point of fact, it’s incredibly irresponsible to not only house personal animals with new rescues, but also to do so when all personal animals are intact.

-Packwest, as of May 2017, was administratively dissolved as a result of failure to file necessary documents by January of that year. Since that time, they collectively continued to raise funds for the rescue. This is highly unethical, immoral, and illegal. The board members were not aware of the suspension status, and unaware yearly tax forms were not completed. This responsibility lies with each member, and claiming ignorance is no excuse.

-Fundraising efforts included despite them no longer being a rescue, among other things, photo shoots with one of the several “ambassador” animals listed on Packwest’s web page. Those included Tsura (owned by Tracy Hawkins) Kochma (owned by Sage Bohemia Grove) and Ivar, owned by Packwest/Sarah Bartell. This is a problem for MANY reasons, least of all being the fact that they were not a charity in good standing during some of the time these shoots were being done. Another BIG issue I pointed out to them, one I have pointed out to many people over the past year or two, is USDA guidelines governing exhibition, and what you are and aren’t allowed to do with your animals

.-I spent several days sifting through all the information and trying to process it all, and decided to ask the board members what they even wanted from this “rescue.” I was shocked to learn that NONE of them actually wanted to rescue. It seemed the bigger motivation was photography, and online education… and for at least one of them, it appeared perhaps (at least from the outside) to be money.The decision to dissolve this rescue was made at my suggestion, and all agreed. One sobering thing these ladies learned, and I’m sure each will share their personal feelings on the subject, is when you claim an ambassador animal is property of a rescue, or belongs to the rescue, or was purchased for or by the rescue…. when that rescue dissolves, that animal, regardless of who payed what for it and when, will be sold as part of the asset liquidation. When Packwest board members heard that, shit got real, REAL FAST.

-We were able to work it out where nobody lost their animals, however the board president did have to pay the rescue back for Ivar, and for the right to keep him. She also reimbursed the rescue for the $2800 raised by the public for the rescue’s truck… a vehicle deemed her private personal driver since they only did 4 rescues since their inception, 2 years earlier. To put that in perspective for you, I have done 4 rescues in the last 30 days. The money from Ivar and the truck were then donated (as part of the asset liquidation) to a legitimate 501, current and in good standing, and one the board chose privately, without any involvement or input from me.

-As far as Luna… she was being fostered by the rescue’s president, at her home, until she escaped one day while the board member was gone. She was found and posted on a local pet group, and members of the PW board were quickly contacted. At this point, I had not joined up with them yet, so I was only outside looking in. I immediately began trying to contact the board member/foster to no avail.Finally, Luna was returned to her, but by then, I had had enough. I arranged for a fellow rescue friend (who had been looking to adopt a female) to take Luna in, and made plans to have her IMMEDIATELY transferred to that persons care. Luna is currently in that home, safe and loved, and to this day, her new mom has yet to receive the first piece of paper about her. No vet records, no shot records, no nothing. Packwest’s explanation? They don’t know where any of it is.

-Over the course of 2+ years, Packwest raised and spent money without any accountability as to where that money went. NO proof of purchases exists for several big items, like the truck for example. Only certain board members were granted access to the bank account, and no receipts were kept of transactions that were done. THAT IS ILLEGAL, AND A PROBLEM WHEN YOU ARE A 501c3.I asked the board (specifically the president) on numerous occasions to remove any and all Packwest references, and make it CLEAR to people that they are no longer a charity. I also stayed on her to follow up with the states of Washington and Oregon (they were registered in BOTH) to make sure dissolution documents were completed and filed as needed. She assured me she had it taken care of. I also asked her to make a public post to let people know the rescue was no longer active, and that never came either.Recently, I was informed that she was still raising money, still selling items through the website (now slightly edited to include they are no longer taking in rescues, but conveniently leaving out the part about dissolution) and still presenting herself as a charity org. After a heated exchange (mostly on my part really) she agreed to make the necessary calls to dissolve the org officially. She edited the website further, however it still does not clearly spell out that the charity is no longer active and funds raised through the online store will no longer be going towards a 501c3 wolfdog rescue, but actually to one individual person.

I have not posted this to smear these women or further place blame on them. They have been hearing me tell them how badly they screwed up for several months… most of them get it. They know how close they came to possibly losing their animals, and possibly even facing charges.

-Forms they should have filled out to start this org, they payed someone $2,000 to do it for them.

-Forms they needed to stay active and remain in good standing, never got filled out.

-Receipts were not kept.

-Money was mishandled and misappropriated

.-Records were not kept

.-People were bitten and told to lie.

-Paperwork and vet records for rescues was not kept.

-Personal animals were intact.

-A fox was sent to an illegal state, and when a sanctuary stepped up to take it, PW attempted to charge them money as well.

-Having funding and housing and caging set up BEFORE taking in a single animal in, was NOT DONE.Logic, common sense, honesty, transparency, planning, preparation…and sadly ethics…. all went out the window.I am posting this to highlight how hard it is to do this the RIGHT way. Rescue by itself is hard… but to open and run a 501c3, and keep it running, requires organization, planning, and a dedicated and qualified BOD…NOT a group of your best friends.

 Until I joined them, they had never even held a single board meeting, and didn’t even have set jobs/assignments within the board. Board members were not informed of what their president was doing, and when they were able to communicate with her, she reassured them she had everything under control. They didn’t know they were spiraling out of control quickly.

Please take a look at where good intentions can get you. Please think before you decide you want to do this, and if you decide that you do, first work with a reputable rescue in your area and learn the inner workings of 501’s. Learn the paperwork, the boring admin stuff. My dad used to always tell me that before you build a house, you have to set the foundation. If you try to skip the foundation and move on to the fun stuff, decorating, for example, all your stuff will fall down when the walls collapse, because the foundation below them wasn’t there, or was not strong enough. That analogy is true in all things, rescue included.

It is my sincere hope that this post has accomplished 3 things: 

Highlighted just a few of the hard realities behind trying to start and run a rescue responsibly;

Highlighted the absolute and unequivocal importance of preparation, ethics, honesty and transparency, ESPECIALLY when affiliated with a 501c3 dealing with animals;

Highlighted how good intentions are about as useful as good toilet paper without the proper foundation in place.

Please do not send money to Packwest Wolfdogs under the guise that it’s a 501c3. It is NOT. Please do not contact them for animals needing rescue, and please do not refer anyone to them for help…. or education. They cannot provide either. 

Thanks for reading.“

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like, imagine eddie working in a 24/7 convinience store during the night shift (like,,, 11pm-4am) and richie is a regular that just comes in the weirdest hours and buys the most bizarre combo of items and is always trying to flirt w eddie making puns with whatever items hes buying and eddie lowkey likes it (cue stan rolling his eyes)

lmaooo yes yes yes!!

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anonymous asked:

could you maybe write something with deaf Derek? like maybe he is used to people trying to communicate by writing on paper or texting but then Stiles comes along and learns sign language so he can ask Derek out!!!!! and like he learns enough to converse and Derek is just !!!!!!!! I just need pining Stiles and soft Derek <3

Thank you for the prompt, I hope you like this little fic! (On AO3)

Stiles takes a deep breath. He’s been working on this for weeks, he’s got this.

He walks up to Derek’s table and stands in front of him, hoping to catch his attention. Derek’s already done eating, and has just started looking through his class notes, so Stiles doesn’t feel too bad about disturbing him.

When Derek glances up, Stiles points to the chair across from him questioningly. Derek gives him a little smile, nodding.

He takes the seat, then signs Hi, I’m Stiles, making sure to mouth the letters as he spells out his name.

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You don't want to play fair? Fine! I'll just shut the whole thing down!

This happened in high school

For a little background about me, I was not the most outgoing person back then. I didn’t like to make waves, just wanted to sail through my four years and avoid as much drama as possible. The only time I really put myself out there was for Drama and Improv Club. It was my place, and where most of my friends were too.

Improv Club was basically a bunch of us Drama geeks getting together and practicing short form improv…like Whose Line is it Anyways. We were led by a cocky, sexist, ass of a senior. Let’s call him Dean. Dean had been a part of his old school’s Improv Club, and decided to bring it to life at our school. The drama teacher usual sat in the back of the auditorium, grading papers, to “supervise” us while he ran the show. He trusty side kick (a transfer from Dean’s old school), we will call him Rick, was also there to tell us what to do. Rick was also a cocky, sexist, ass, but he was a junior like me.

Dean and Rick clearly favored their close friends in the group. When it came to getting ideas for a skit, if Dean didn’t like the suggestion given, he’d say “I’ll put it in my pocket” meaning he didn’t want to act it out so….tough shit. You could go up there and have everyone holding their sides laughing, and at the end he’d tell you it was “an ok scene. We’ll work on it.” and list some bullshit things you needed to work on. He hated the idea of ANYONE being a little better at improv than him. There were several other seniors in our club (Important later), and for the few who weren’t besties with Dean and Rick, they would rip them to shreds with “things they could improve” when in reality all they really needed to was talk a little louder, or stop turning their back to the audience.

The end of the year rolled around and Dean announced that he got the vice principle to give us permission to have an end of the year improv show! We were all excited. Dean and Rick said they would come up with a roster for who would play which improv games. Dean mentioned that some of us who had a little more to work on would be in the pre-show that got the audience warmed up instead of the actual show. They assured us (and this is important) that seniors would be picked first to be in the show and, that those who were in the pre-show would have opportunities next year to be in the real show. Fair enough.

The roster came out. I was in the pre-show, whatever! But wait! Three of my friends, who were some of the best out our group, were stuck in the pre-show. Four of the five seniors in our group were also in the pre-show. The rest of the roster for the real show? All of Dean an Rick’s besties in the club included themselves. It wasn’t fair. The seniors who got stuck with the pre-show deserved to be in the real show! This was their last year! They didn’t have any opportunities after all this! Next year they’d be at college and back to square one if they joined an improv troop there.

I was livid. We had dealt long enough with Dean and Rick. Mess with me, fuck it. Mess with my friends and what’s right? Watch out! I pulled Dean aside after that club meeting. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. (For perspective picture a small 5 foot girl ready to punch a lanky 6 foot dude, and you have the scene)

Me: Dean we need to talk about the roster. You need to put the seniors in the real show. It’s not right!

Dean: Well they aren’t quite there yet. They’ll have other opportunities.

Me: Oh don’t pull that bullshit with me. They’ll be gone after this year and won’t get a chance next year. You know that!”

Dean: Listen, you’re in the pre-show, is that why you’re all upset? If you’re really that hung up about it I’ll wiggle you into the real show…


Dean: Yea….or what? You’ll tell (Insert drama teacher’s name)? She approved the roster.

Me: I’ll shut the whole fucking show down!

Dean: No you won’t!

Me: WATCH ME! You have until the next club meeting to change this, and if you don’t I’m getting this whole thing shut down.

Dean gave me a smirk that only people who think they are the shit get, when really they are just plain shit. My friends were scared of me for a day or two after that. They never thought quiet little me would ever get into someone’s face and lay it on them. The next club meeting rolled around, and SURPRISE Dean and Rick didn’t change a damn thing. So I kept my promise. The next day at school I excused myself from study, and spoke to the vice principal. She was not happy with what she was hearing and immediately pulled Dean and Rick out of their classes to meet with her and I. They were shocked to see me sitting there. At one point Dean tried to flip it back onto me.

Dean: Ma’am I think this is just about her being upset that she is in the pre-show. This is all just a misunderstanding.

But she saw through his bullshit.

VP: Gentlemen I expect a new show roster on my desk by the end of the week, with all the seniors included in the show. Now if you don’t agree with that, we’ll just have to cancel it. And if I find out this is happening again, I will have to shut down the whole club!

They agreed and we were dismissed from her office. They weren’t too happy with me, but in an attempt to suck up they asked if I wanted to be included in the real show on the new roster. I smiled and said “You can actually take my name completely off the roster. Now that this has been all sorted out, I want nothing to do with this show!”

Dean seemed a little pissed that after all the trouble I went to I didn’t even want to be in the show. Just to put the icing on the cake, I didn’t even show up to the last few club meetings. When asked I didn’t hold back the truth. I would not be going back to improv while Dean was in charge. The next year Rick took over Dean’s position, and when it came time for the end of the year show, he made sure to do what was right.

Infatuated (M)

Warning; Explicit language & Smut & contains descriptive sexual references e.g fingering 

Pairing: University!au Jungkook x reader

Genre: angst, smut, romance & fluff

Word count: 18.7k


Inspired by a fic by: @exobtsmut link to her story: here

please check her story out!! it is amazing!! <3

I give full credits to her for the content & ideas used in this one-shot! 

A/N: *proceeds to dunk myself in holy water* I hope y’all are ready for some fuck boy Jungkook. I just want to also put out there that Jungkook is a little forceful in this scenario, if this makes you uncomfortable. Please, just exit the story! But, as for everyone else i hope you enjoy! <3


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Your eyes were wide open watching them frantically rush to their classes. Them, as in students. You held your breath as your eyes danced from person to person. Students hurriedly walk past you in all sort of directions, cascading around you. 

You sighed quietly to yourself as you checked your timetable for the tenth time that morning. “Criminology building 17.1.45… building 17.” You whisper to yourself as you try to mentally burn your timetable into your head. Your eyes squint as you read your schedule repeatedly.  "Period 1. Crime & Criminal Justice unit: Criminology; Lecture room 17.1.45 at 9.00am.“ You sigh with one last reluctant look of the small paper. Your eyes shift towards your wrist and you almost let out a gasp at reading the time display on your analog watch.


"Fuck." You groaned folding the paper and hastily shoved it back into the front pocket of your denim jacket. You clear you throat and then proceeded on making your way around the University. Your anxious eyes scanning the spacious area for building 17. You stop dead in your tracks, pausing your search for a few seconds to reach back into your front pocket for your schedule once again.

“It would say 17 on the building wouldn’t it? it would right?” You say more to yourself than anyone else. You pull the sheet of paper back up to your face falling deep in thought.


"You better not be late again today, Jeon.”

“Of course not Ms. Park! What do you take me for?” He scoffs, face displaying some emotion. He’s acting like anything the professor said actually hurts him. When it couldn’t be further from the truth. He didn’t give a shit. He never did and never will.  

“I am being serious here, Jeon.”  She empahsises his name in distate, her eyes glaring into his own. His face displaying disinterest as he scans each girl walking past him. Girls either giggle, wink or blush as they meet his lewd eyes. The professor clears her throat obnoxiously loudly, trying to get his attention back on her. Jungkook almost rolls his eyes but holds himself back as he sluggishly places his hands into the pockets of his black, ripped skinny jeans. 

“And so am i.” Jungkook replies casually, finally meeting her gaze. Ms. Park scrunches her face in anger and ignores his snarky comment. She sighs, before strutting off. Her black red bottom stilletos clacking against the corridors of the University. Jungkook chuckles to himself as he watches her hips sway down the corridor. He rolls his eyes in annoyance. He yawms and stars turning to make his way to his morning lecture. “So, fucking annoying-"  

His eyes land on your figure. He pauses and watches you look down at something in your hands, before lifting your head to scan the area. He chuckles to himself in amusement. His eyes cannot help but shamlessly check you out. "Damn.” He whispers, a smirk plastered on his face, before he makes the decision to slyly stride over to you. 

You were so focused on your timetable that you do not notice a boy halting to stand directly behind. His tall frame creating a shadow of you with his body towering over yours. He bends down slightly to read the sheet of paper in your hands. He cannot help but breath in your sweet scent. 

“Oh, a Policing student.”

He says casually. You almost drop your schedule in shock his voice coming from proximity behind you. The particularly attractive smooth voice echoed in your ears. The boy flinches when you turn around swiftly to face the stranger. You felt heat rush to your face as you stare in awe at the seriously handsome boy in standing in front of you. He stares back at you. Admiring your features, lips tugging into a small smirk.


The boy chuckles as he peers down at you in amusement. His perfectly shaped lips pulling into a beautiful grin before looking back up at you with a soft gaze. You shyly bite your bottom lip and you shuffle on the spot in nervousness.

You curse yourself in your head as you try to gather your emotions and calm yourself. The expression on his face is one of amusement and your face flushes in embarrassment. Watching anxiously as the attractive stranger step a little closer towards you. 

The boy covers his mouth with his hand, his perfectly shaped almond eyes crinkle up on the sides oh, so, adorably as he bites back a laugh. “Sorry did I scare you?” Your heart sways at the sound of his smooth voice. The boy creeping all sorts of scenarios in your head that you almost forget to reply. “uhh No! Um actually I am kind of um lost.” You clusmily reply, forcing yourself to hold your uncertain gaze with his. 

His grin quickly falls into a smirk and you almost felt yourself fall into dismay, as he reaches his hand out towards you. You stare at the outstreched palm of his hand in front of you completely puzzled. You hear him chuckle which makes you even more confused and embarrassed. “Wha-” He smirks once again and reaches forward grasping onto your timetable. He gently takes it out of your hands to read it himself. “Sorry, please let me take a quick good look at this.”

Your face flushes in embarrassment and you nod in haste, before motioning him to read it. He smiles as his dark eyes leave yours temporarily to scan over your schedule.

You take this opportunity to admire his features. He was tall, you were guessing about 178cm tall. He was fit and built to perfection. His hair swept to side and was exposing his beautiful forehead. He wore street casual style and you didn’t miss the earrings on his ears or the beauty spot under his lip or the slight scar across one of his cheeks. “He is so out of my league.” Your eyes glaze over in admiration, as you felt your heart race as he finally meets your eyes again with an amused expression painted on his face. 

“I know where this building is. I’ll take you there ____. Since were going the same way anyways.” His velvety smooth voice rings deliciously in your ears as you nod eager for help, especially from this attractive stranger. You try to relax your already pounding heart as the sound of him saying your name sounds better than it should, you stop mid nod as you want nothing more than to take him up on his offer.

“If it’s okay with you. Thanks." He watches you closely and you do not miss the way his eyes scan down your body from your hair to your toes. He smiles genuinely at you as he steps forward swiftly and ruffles your hair affectionately. You look up at his gorgeous face in front of you and felt adrenaline shoot through your veins. 

“Of course, ____. I have class now too so just follow me. We are actually in the same lecture this morning”. You wanted to hold your breath the entire walk to the lecture but the need of oxygen, the necessity of air, ruined that thought. You wanted to die of embarrassment at the loudness of your breathing. What’s wrong with you?  You could practically feel the smugness in his voice as he spoke to you and you never once took your gaze off his broad back. He seemed popular, as you observed him on your way to the lecture in dead silence, not trusting your voice. 

He knew a lot of people or did they know him? You had no idea but the one thing you did know was that you felt uncomfortable at the envious stares being pointed your way, as thristy women glare on the side lines. It is almost like people make a path for him. Women squeal when being in his presence and boys are glaring in jealousy. You only hum or nod when answering his questions and almost faint at how beautiful he looks as he turns back at you every now and then to smile at you or wait for your response to his questions. He seems to notice your nervousness so he starts to make jokes to ease your tension. You do not miss the cocky aura that followed him though. 

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some reddie headcannons no one asked for

so sara and i were talking aaaaaannnddd… these happened. we apologize for nothing.

co-written with the lovely @turtleneckrichie !!!! go follow her right now you fools

hcs about Eddie’s journey with last names <3

  • Okay but hear me out
  • Richie and Eddie end up accidentally moving in together
  • Like Richie gets his own place ASAP bc this boy loves to be independent.
  • He’s so excited to have his own house but tbh he’s a slob!!!!
  • Eddie is always over bc “RICHIE U HAVENT DONE DISHES IN A MONTH”
  • “Eds it’s only been four days”
  • Eventually Eddie just ends up sleeping over? all the time? cause Richie is so bad at adulting?
  • Eds has a permanent parking spot in the driveway
  • Yeah Richie isn’t complaining bc that’s his boy
  • At first they aren’t together
  • But u can’t just… be pals when ur constantly cleanin house together
  • Trust me it takes a special kind of love to scrub toilets as a team
  • Yeah so all the losers kinda just accept that they’re together bc… they’re meant to be
  • K so like they go on dates but they don’t call them dates per say
  • “Just 2 bros hangin out at a fancy restaurant (three tables apart cause they’re NOT GAY)”
  • “Rich stop”
  • Eventually they accept it and Eds asks Richie out officially
  • Cause Richie is still in denial like he loves this boy? How did he not know? WOW HIS EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL okay seriously how did he not realize
  • Eddie is beyond happy bc like they have their own place? And they’re boyfriends?
  • Bc as soon as they start datin Eddie is like boy BYE and ditches his mom’s place!!!
  • (Richie is hella thankful for him getting away from his mom)
  • (And Eddie’s general attitude/vibes perk up so much bc he’s not!!! In a toxic environment anymore!!!)
  • Like, they make plans based on each other’s schedules bc they wanna hang out all! the! time!
  • “Sorry Stanley I’m hanging out with Eds on that day”
  • “Richie that day is THREE WEEKS AWAY”
  • Eddie high key always makes arrangements for things for the two of them
  • Like this boy is 100% the guy who uses “we” when answering questions
  • “Eddie, you wanna go to the movies with us?”
  • “We’d love to Mike!!!”
  • “I- okay. Yeah. Shoulda known.”
  • So it’s super late n they’re snuggling in bed, bein all lovey and stuff
  • And Eddie decides that he’s gonna stop using his last name
  • “Rich, I think I wanna change my last name.”
  • “To Tozier, I hope?”
  • “Why are you like this”
  • “Yeah but seriously if you wanna do that then go for it babe!!”
  • (Eddie lowkey already made an email account w/ Tozier as his last name just to try it. He liked it a lot indeed)
  • Richie is so supportive like Eds is pretty much completely in love w him at this point
  • Even when Eddie tried to take up scrapbooking.
  • “Literally no one likes scrapbooking why are you even doing this”
  • “Richie stop it, let me focus”
  • “Can I put glitter glue all over your face?”
  • “Richie no you’re an adult”
  • He most certainly signs his book (with glitter glue, at Richie’s request) as E.T. bc those are his initials now
  • And YES Richie makes so many jokes about it
  • “You know babe, your initials are E.T. now”
  • “Richie it’s three in the morning go to bed”
  • “RICHARD go to SLEEP”
  • Eventually Eddie’s driver’s license expires and it’s time for him to visit the DMV
  • Yes, he definitely signs his renewed license as Eddie Tozier
  • “Wait, Eds, have you had your name legally changed yet??”
  • “No?????”
  • “Then… isn’t that identity fraud??”
  • “Hey Tozier, why don’t you shut up and don’t get me arrested. Just say we’re married”
  • “Okay… Tozier (:< ” *HEART EYES INTENSIFY*
  • Eddie doesn’t mention it but suddenly everything in his life is Tozier Tozier Tozier!!!
  • He even orders his magazine subscriptions w/ Richie’s last name
  • “Babe did you subscribe to… Ryan Gosling Source Weekly??”
  • “You… used my name to get magazines of ur celeb crush…”
  • “Ya and I used ur credit card so watch out for that on the bill”
  • Richie is still whipped™
  • So he’s like “well what would Eds want for our one year anniversary?”
  • And he gets AN IDEA
  • He’s like “ok let’s change Eddie Spaghetti’s last name legally” bc he actually wants him to be a Tozier!!
  • So Rich does all that legal stuff just for his Eds to have his last name be Tozier!
  • And when their one year is comin up Richie just puts the certificate in a lil box w some cute blue wrapping paper and has Eddie open it
  • Eds is like on the brink of tears he loves his boy? So much?
  • Yeah and later on they go on a nice dinner date and surprise surprise!
  • Richie gets down on one knee and Eds immediately is shook
  • Cue confused and a lil bit sad Richie
  • “BAbe i’m literally proposing what ru doin”
  • Eds WHIPS a little box out of his pocket and shoves it in his face
  • Everyone in the restaurant is laughing. So. Hard.
  • Like the whole freaking wait staff is just like “christ these two, whatta mess”
  • So they’re a mess and Richie puts the ring away so Eds can propose bc HE WANTS TO SO BAD
  • “Richie Tozier, we may already have the same last name but like, I can’t get enough of you so please marry me.”
  • “Yes of course I’m gonna marry you, Eds! I won’t let a bod like yours get away so easily”
  • “Richie literally I just proposed can you just,, not for like,, one moment please and put on the ring”
  • Richie demands his Own Proposal bc he wants to say he was the one that proposed
  • “Just think of it Eds… when my aunt asks us who popped the question we can both say “i did” and not be lying! It’ll be the perfect way to confuse my family!”
  • “Richie we just.. Got engaged u don’t have to do it a second time”
  • Richie 100% does the whole friken… stands on a chair clinkin a glass
  • “We all just saw you guys get engaged….”
  • Eddie has never rolled his eyes harder
  • “Eddie Tozier… will u be my Eddie Tozier…. But like for reals now??”
  • Eddie is just that “I GUESS” meme
  • Yeah the whole restaurant claps, again
  • (Cause Richie demanded that they all clap for them again)
  • Eddie is blushin hardcore bc his boy is so extra?? How is he so lucky???
  • Richie makes a Big Show of putting the ring on him
  • He just somehow… does… like no one understands how bc it’s just a ring??
  • But like… he is so graceful abt it and its such a Soft gesture
  • Eddie feels like a fool bc he’s fumblin so much n almost drops his??
  • But Richie just smiles n says “You got this Tozier” <3
Denial (Jungkook smut)

Words: 1713

Warning: Rough, detailed sex. 

Jungkook x Reader

Check it out: Days of the week smut

Originally posted by dream-bts

It’s been three months since I last fucked you, and I’m not waiting any longer"

 You had been dating Jungkook for a couple years now. You loved him, and he loved you as well. Your relationship was awesome, you rarely had a fight, but your sexual life… shit. You mean, the sex was awesome but that was so… vanilla. Sometimes you needed something different, something ruder, and you were sure Jungkook could never be the daddy you wanted. You could just tell him but you were shy about telling him everything you wanted to do.

   Frustrated about it, you had an idea. Not that it would be easy to you, but you would avoid giving him sex only to push him to his limits. You would tease; you would kiss him and stuff, but wouldn’t let him do you. And that was what you had been doing.

  You constantly got naked in front of him after you showered, bending over to “grab something”, exposing yourself for him. You kissed him every time, touching him and grinding yourself onto him, but that was all. Of course he asked what was happening. You often gave him excuses. “Jungkook, not now, I’m tired”. “Sorry babe I have a headache.” “I’m not in the mood”. You could see he was getting frustrate as well, but you wanted him to react. You wanted him to lose his shit.

The days passed by, and nothing happened. He kept trying to do things, but he didn’t do anything new. He didn’t push you; he didn’t try more whenever you said “no”. He just accepted and that was not what you wanted. You wanted him to make you beg for him, to make you his sub.  

  Three months without sex. Three months without having him inside you. Wasn’t he affected?

He was constantly trying to have you, caressing every part of your body whenever you started to tease him. You made him think he would get it, and when he didn’t, you could see the angriness in his eyes. He was about to explode.  You just needed to push him a little further.

   You were on your kitchen, washing some dishes. You were wearing only your robe with nothing underneath. You were waiting for Jungkook, to try one last time. He arrived from the studio. He was all sweated, his wet hair falling sexily against his forehead, his muscles calling your attention. You wanted to jump on him, to kiss those pink lips, but you managed to control yourself.  He was the one who had to do something.

  “Hi, Y/N” He greeted you, pulling you toward him, hugging you. He pressed himself against you, making you feel his toned chest. Suddenly, he pushed you backwards till your back hit the wall, locking his eye with yours.

  “What the…” you tried to say when he cut you off with a kiss. His lips forced yours, making you open it for him, his tongue entering your mouth right after. He did bite on your bottom lip roughly, making you whimper.

  “What is going on? You’re gonna tell me right now” he already yelled. You had to admit, you were kinda scared by his stare. You had never seen him that way.

 “What? Nothing is happening, what are you talking about?”  You asked cynically. You would not tell him.

 “Why are you avoiding me? My touch, my lips…my dick” he said, pressing his pants against you with the last word. Shit, he was hard. Finally.

 “I told you. I’m just tired, Jungkook, I’m not in the mood” you said, trying to look tired.

 “Tired, Y/N! Bullshit. You don’t want me anymore, is that it, huh? How come we don’t have sex for months? Shit.” He said. He looked you up and down, and you realized your robe had opened. You were exposed. Your boobs, your pussy, everything. His eyes darkened.

 “Jungkook, please. I don’t want to do it right now. I want you, but not now. Excuse me” you said, teasing. That night you would get what you wanted.

 “No fucking way. You are my girlfriend, I want you. It’s been three months since I last fucked you, and I’m not waiting any longer" He said and with that, he kissed you again. His hands flew straight to your but, squeezing it harshly, earning a groan from you. You let your robe fall completely, giving him better access to your body. His lips made their way down to your jawline, sucking purple marks on it, your hands playing with his hair. Shit, that was what you wanted.

 “Jungkook, stop it” you tried to sound convincing but you failed. You needed that as much as he did. You could feel his bulge poking you over his pants, and you couldn’t wait to feel it inside you. He stopped the kiss and pushed you down to your knees.

“Take off my clothes” he said. You fumbled with the buckle of his belt, his hands smoothing your hair back as he waited. When his pants fell off, his bulge was already visible against his boxers. You took it off as he took his shirt.

“You know what to do” he said once he got completely naked. You wrapped your hand around the base of his dick as you teasingly licked his tip. You alternated between stroking and sucking, and then he grabbed you by the hair.

 “You are trying to tease me? Really?” he said, and forced himself all the way to the back of your throat, making you gag instantly. You tried to pull away, trying to push him back by his thigh but he was way stronger than you.

 “Fucking take it. I’m gonna fuck your mouth the way I should fuck you” he groaned as he pushed in and out, his grip on your hair tightening.  You had never seen him this way. He had always been so kind… But you loved it. You managed to control your breath. “Finish” he said and pulled you by the arms back to your feet. He grabbed you by your thighs and made you straddle his waist, his dick making contact with your pussy but the empty feeling making you whimper. He carried you toward your bathroom, his lips never letting yours. He let you fall on the fluffy mattress, your legs spread open. He went between your legs, his lips found your chest. He kissed and sucked on your sensitive nipples as he put his hand up your thigh, caressing your pussy. You moaned.

He went downer, finally stopping where you wanted the most.

He kissed inside your thighs, his finger teasing your entrance, not pushing in.

“Jungkook please, just touch me” you said. You needed to feel something inside you.

 “Tell me what you want. I’m not gonna do anything till you tell me” he said, pumping his dick, the pre cum dropping. Shit. You got red. You were so shy about telling him what you wanted.

 “I want you… to suck me” you whispered. He let his finger slide in teasingly slow, your body shivering.

“You’re gonna regret denying me what I deserve” he said. He gave you a long, deep lick, you moaned his name. He pushed one more finger, scissoring them inside you. His tongue kept working on your clit, the pace of his fingers increasing, your stomach burning, but whenever your edge came close, he stopped.

 “Jungkook, please! Let me cum!” You begged.

 “Why should I? You didn’t let me” he said and pushed two more fingers. 4 fingers inside you, being pumped slowly. Bastard. You were paying for what you did.

 “Please, Kookie, I need it. Make me cum with your fingers” you said.

 “When you ask like this… it’s hard to deny” he said and pushed his fingers deep inside you, pushing in and pulling out in an incredibly fast. You squirt all over his face and fingers, letting out a loud moan. Your body relaxed, you had won what you wanted.

 “Don’t relax. I’m not done. I’m the one who deserves to cum” he said and placed himself between your legs, not wasting time to push in. The oversensitivity made you whimper, you needed a time. He pushed in and out instantly, supporting himself with one hand aside your head while he grabbed your neck with the other.  Your eyes were locked with his.

 “Look at you… whimpering. You’re a little whore for my cock, aren’t you?” he groaned as he fastened himself. He stopped, but only to change the position.

 “On all fours. Now, I’m gonna pound you from behind”. When you did, he slapped your ass all of sudden. “Are you gonna do this again?” he said and slapped your other cheek, his other hand pulling your head back by your hair. “Are you gonna deny me?”

 “N-no, Jungkook, please.” You begged. Shit, you wanted to feel him inside you.

 “Please what?” he said, “You gotta be more specific”

 “Please just fuck me. Fuck me hard and good” you said.

 “You’re a little whore. As you wish” he said and pushed in again. He growled as he moved his hand from your hair to grab your neck, pushing your hips back against his as he thrusted. His balls were smacking soundly against your thigh, the room filled with sounds of sex.

He pounded harder, hitting that sweet spot sending you over the edge again, till his pace started to grow erratic and you knew he was close too.

““Cum for me, Y/N. Let me feel your walls tighten around my dick, let me cum inside you” He whispered in your ear, and that was enough for you. You cummed all around him, the grip around his dick pushing him to his edge.

“Oh my…” you whispered against his neck. You were laying, your head resting against his chest as he caressed your shoulder.

 “Are you ok? I’m sorry I was a little rough…” he started to say.

“No, no. That’s what I wanted. That’s why I avoided you. I wanted to push you to your limits” you admitted.

 “You could just ask, don’t you think?” he asked.

“Well… if that’s what I win for teasing you, I think I’m gonna do it more often” you answered.

Imagine seeing Steve again and telling him he has a son

A/N: To make it short: I watched the infinity war trailer. I almost died because of Steve. The beard inspired me to write this. Btw have you seen Tom Hollands livestream? I love this dork 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader 

Warnings: Fluff and a tiny smidge of Angst 

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Your heart was beating in a rapid speed as you saw Steve step towards you. So much time has passed since you saw him the last time and you really wished you would´ve seen him again under other circumstances and not because the world was attacked by Thanos. 

“Hey doll.” he said with a calm voice as you felt tears forming in your eyes. 

“Hey there Lumberjack.” this made him chuckle as he reached you and placed his hand on your cheek, slowly caressing it with his thumb. 

“I´m so sorry for everything that happened Y/N. I should have told you earlier about yours and Tony´s parents and I will never forgive me for treating you that way. Your powers were already enough you had to deal with and I only caused you more stress.” He put his forehead against yours and closed his eyes as a tear rolled down his cheek. 

“You maybe can´t forgive yourself Steve but I can. I understand know that all you wanted to do is keep me safe and somedays I really wish you never told me in the first place but what happened,happened and we have other things to worry about.” He nodded and placed a soft kiss to your lips that immediately sent chills down your spine. 

This man was all you ever wanted in your life and no one. Not even some purple alien could  tear you two apart again. “We´re going to fight. And we´re going to win. Together.” Steve started to walk, expecting you to follow him but as he noticed you still standing in your spot he turned around and looked at you in confusion. 

“Y/N?” you looked down at your hands, playing with your fingers. 

“Steve there is something I have to tell you. I wanted to tell you earlier but you were gone and I had no idea where you where and I was just-” he suddenly shushed you by placing one finger against your lips, which made you look up to him. 

“What happened?”, his voice was filled with concern as you pulled out your phone from your pocket,looked through your pictures until you found the one you were looking for and showed it to Steve. 

“2 weeks after you left I found out that I was pregnant. I named him after my father and Bucky. Howard James Rogers.” You stared at Steve and saw the shock in his face. He took the phone from your hand and looked at it closer, slowly stroking over the display with his finger. 

“He is..he..I´m a father?” You nodded and saw that Steve was at the verge of crying which made you pull him into a tight hug, so he could burry his face into your neck. 

“Tony made sure he is in a safe place. He´s waiting for us to save the world and he is waiting to finally meet his father.” 

Steve lifted his head, a soft smile appearing on his lips, as he pulled you closer and pressed your lips together, kissing you with all the love he had for you. 

“For you. And for our son.” 

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A/N: ahhhh guys I can´t wait for the movie anymore. Can we all just appreciate that Bucky has longer hair than I do? And I won´t even start with Steve because this man just gave me a heart attack. 


Here it is…the AU I’ve been hinting at lately!!

It’s called Tied Dimensions! I’d give you a basic summary but it’s all already written out below, so you can just read that and get the gist :’) I just think the whole concept is super exciting so.

Read and enjoy!! (It’s from Keef’s POV btw)

My world ended about two hundred and fifty years ago.

We call it World’s Terminus. An unexplained phenomena that plunged the world into darkness and terror, without any prior warning. Nobody saw it coming. Therefore, nobody was prepared. There isn’t much one can do when the world begins to fall apart around them, except run and cower and hide—that is, if you can even make it that far.

I’m what comes after World’s Terminus—what remains of humanity from our planet’s collapse. Billions of people were wiped out from the incident, and the rest were left to rebuild society and start anew. Not that it was easy, considering everything important had been destroyed in the turmoil.

The one really sad thing about my existence is that, even though the world’s population is alarmingly low and needs all the life it can get, I was abandoned. Cast out. Not needed.

I live at a dingy old orphanage on the edge of a broken town, along with the rest of humanity’s unwanted. We’re a gang of angry, depressed misfits who curse what our world has come to, and wonder where it all went wrong. Not that we’d be able to change the outcome, anyway. It’s way too late for that.

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Let’s Talk Mexico:  Why the Long Name?

A common stereotype in entertainment is to have a latino with a long-ass name. 

While this is commonly exaggerated, it’s actually rooted in reality and I’ll try my best to explain the naming traditions in Mexico as well as to answer a common question when it comes to Coco: 

Where does the “Rivera” last name comes from? Imelda or her husband.

For this particular entry, I’ll ask my neighbors to help me, as they come from Oaxaca where plenty of traditions are still alive. 

Thank you, Itzel and Araixa. 

Basic Naming Structure. 

The basic naming structure of Mexican and many latino names goes as follows: 


So, if Martín Pérez Campos and Leticia Cruz Zaragoza have a kid, their kid would normally be called something like: 

Arturo Pérez Cruz.

Rebeca Pérez Cruz. 

José María Pérez Cruz. 

María José Pérez Cruz. 

And that’s as simple as it gets, because sometimes names just keep going and going. 

What happens is that the Mexican law is a little…loose when it comes to naming your baby, which means you can get creative with it. 

That translates to compound names. 

So, María José could become “Mariajosé” and then you’d be shoving a middle name after that, so you’ll end up with a:

Maríajosé Alondra Pérez Cruz

Or maybe the parents are very religious, so they add a “de Dios” somewhere in there:

Arturo de Dios Pérez Cruz. 

Or if you really want to name your child a kick in the nuts name, then you can go with something like this:

Mariajosé Alondra de Dios Pérez Cruz. 

If that wasn’t enough, sometimes last names can be compound too, which leads to jewels such as: 

Arturo Pérez-Campos Cruz

Arturo de Dios Pérez-Campos Cruz

Jose María de Dios Pérez-Campos Cruz.

And so on. 

This only takes into consideration the basic structure already mentioned at the beginning of this post, where the dad’s last name is the one that comes first. 

Nowadays, it’s entirely possible to simply choose what last name you want for your kids or what order you want to put them in.  

(As a fun experiment, feel free to comment some of the most outlandish or just plain long names you’ve heard.)

Naming Traditions

After reading the previous explanation, you can see why the Rivera name is a little confusing to Latino audiences. 

After all, the Rivera last name would come from Imelda’s husband and it would be lost with time.

Using Coco as an example: 

Socorro Rivera LastName - Her daughter Elena would be Elena LastName Rivera, and then her daughter would be Luisa LastName LastName.

Socorro LastName Rivera - Her daughter Elena would be Elena LastName LastName. 

So what’s going on? 

A tradition still alive in small towns or in very traditional places is that last names are fixed if you’re a respected member of the community.

So, in this particular case, every kid born to that family would have the same first last name and any person marrying into that family would adopt it. 

If this is the case with the Riveras then it’s entirely possible that Imelda Rivera, who was in fact respected and feared in her community, established the name of the family which then was given to every member as part of their tradition. 

It goes unsaid that the Riveras are a very traditional family, so everyone adopting the last name Rivera would make sense in this context. 

Please keep in mind that this is just one possible explanation.

As I mentioned before, names are never cut-and-dried when it comes to Mexico and there are many other explanations behind the Rivera last name. I’m just focusing on this particular one, as my friends from Oaxaca are sitting right next to me and they’re far more familiar with traditions than I am, as I’m a city slicker through and through.

If you know different naming traditions do add them to this post and I’ll make sure to reblog them or to queue them so people can see them.