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Contemporary Romance - Jimin X Reader

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hi can i have a jimin scenario when he doesnt notice you in ballet class until he gets parterned up with you and falls in love with you?thank you!:)

A/N: Hi love! I hope you like this ^^ *The title is pretty sucky, sorry* Anyways, I honestly had no idea how to write this, so I hope it’s okay

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1942

Dancing was something you majored in. Specifically, ballet. You had classes after school that you attended once a week. Most of the time, you didn’t really want to go. Either being too tired from the heavy amounts of school work, or just because you wanted to go home and sleep. But, you pushed yourself to attend because your parents didn’t expect you home until later, and you didn’t have a good explanation on why you would be home early, and also because you were able to see Park Jimin.
He was an amazing dancer, better than most. He did ballet, hip hop, contemporary, and majored in all of them. Making both guys and girls, a little jealous. When Jimin danced, you could tell he put everything in it. He was dancing perfectly to the beat of the music, effortlessly moving around the room as he showed off his graceful structures. But other than that, he seemed pretty distant from the other people. He didn’t seem to talk to anyone before, or after class. He usually would just go straight home.

“Everyone! Please come over now. I have assigned you partners for your dance. No bickering about who I put you with, okay? You will be performing these at the end of the month! So please practice!” Your instructor said. Everyone rushed to the board, anxious to see who they were paired up with. You heard people whispering “Yes” to themselves when they got partnered up with someone they liked.

You waited for the crowd to die down and you glanced around the room, noticing that Jimin was doing the same. After everyone scattered about, trying to get basic steps for their song, you walked up to the board. You placed your finger on the list and scanned down until you found your name. You glided your finger across the paper, “Park, Jimin”

“Wait what?” You quickly turned around and bumped into him, almost falling. Jimin quickly caught you with his fast reflexes, and lifted you back onto your feet. Your bodies were so close, not even a foot apart. This gave you a little time to examine his body and his features. He was fit, to say the least. And you couldn’t believe you never noticed this before, but he was really handsome.
He brushed his hand through his hair, “You okay?”
“U-Uh yeah”
“So, I guess I’m your partner, huh” he was a lot more talkative than you thought, “Uhh, yeah… I’m-”
“Y/n, right?”
He knew your name? But how? He never talked to anyone, “Umm, Yeah”
“Cool, I’m Jimin. I’m sure you know that though”
You gave him a weak smile, “Class is about to end, but maybe we can meet up and figure something out?” You suggested. He nodded and gave you a small smile. You exchanged numbers, hoping to hear from him soon. He seemed like a really nice guy if you were able to open him up.

You met up the next day, grabbing a coffee before heading to the studio together. You worked for hours on the dance, Jimin suggested moves that would fit your body type. He was really generous towards you. Your heart began to beat fast whenever he touched your waist, or tugged you closer, his chest against your back, so he could teach you something. He noticed your actions and moved away, “I’m sorry, am I uncomfortable?”
“N-No! Not at all, I’m… just not used to having so much human contact”
“Oh… okay, I understand. Is it okay for me to continue like this then?” he placed his hands on your waist and you only nodded. You had no idea why your heart was beating so fast. You had just gotten close, so you couldn’t have had a crush on him yet, could you? You were stumbling over your feet as you began thinking too much. Jimin stopped and you looked at him confused, “Maybe we should take a small break, you’re tripping over your own feet” he laughed.
You blushed hard, “Y-yeah” You both sat down at the wall, listening to the music that was playing through the speakers, you couldn’t help but notice that Jimin was side-eyeing you the whole time. You tried your best not to blush as you chugged down your water, cooling yourself off.

Jimin went off to get the both of you some food, leaving you in the room. You decided maybe it’ll be a good time to practice, your head won’t be full of Jimin. You cleared your mind as you started the music, making sure you used all the tips Jimin taught you. The room was getting hot and stuffy from the ventilation being broken, and from you dancing. You grabbed your bag and opened it up. You quickly changed into shorts, the feeling of your leggings sticking to your legs by the sweat, wasn’t pleasant. You tied up your hair and noticed that there were sweat stains on your shirt. You fanned yourself before trying the dance again. You didn’t notice Jimin coming back and walking in on you dancing. He paused at the door frame, watching your figure move gracefully through the room. He smiled to himself, he knew you could do it. But then he frowned, realizing that he was the problem. He was greedy when it came to you, and he had no idea why. Every time he was with you, he was possessive and shooed other boys away with his stares. He didn’t want to change partners. He liked you, you understood him.
Little did you know, Jimin had noticed all the little things you did ever since you got paired up. He noticed the small, shy smile you give when people clap after your performance, he noticed the red rose tints in your cheeks whenever he came up and talked to you. He noticed that you didn’t like sweat, at all, and that you always brought an extra pair of clothes with you
He stared at the black razorback that was showing through your sheer white shirt. He shook his head, stopping and scolding himself for thinking about any impure thoughts.
“I knew you could do it” You jumped up at the sound of his voice, quickly running over to the speaker to pause your music, “Now, come eat. Then we can continue” You nod shyly as you made your way over
“So” He munched on his sandwich, “You don’t need any more tips, you have it down perfectly. At least, your part of it. Now all we have to do is try it together and hope for the best that our footwork lines up” he smiles.
“I really like your smile” you mumbled out. Well, that came out of nowhere.
“What?” he asked, almost choking on the piece of bread, “N-Nothing!” You shoved the sandwich into your mouth, hoping that you wouldn’t say any more embarrassing things. He giggled at how cute you were. He held his hand to your mouth. You stared at him with wide eyes and he stopped mid-way when he realized what he was doing. He quickly moved his hand away, “S-Sorry, you had a bit of mayo on your cheek…” You quickly rummage around your bag for a tissue, wiping off the leftover residue on your mouth.

Practicing with Jimin really helped you and him become great friends. The performance day was coming up and you and Jimin had his one in the bag. You practiced almost every day, making sure that everything was perfect. By this time, you didn’t hide your feelings for him anymore. He really warmed up and opened up to you and you gladly accepted it. He had a fun personality. You almost scolded yourself for judging him by the way he acts without even talking to him first. You didn’t deny the fact that you had a crush on Jimin. You also didn’t deny the fact that you thought maybe he liked you too and that something would develop from those feelings. But, you had to shove them down for now because it wasn’t time to be confessing. Especially when a performance is so close.
“Y/n! Wait up!” Jimin called after you. You turned around and he collided into you, “oh! Sorry!”
“It’s fine” You laughed as you brushed yourself off, “what’s up Jimin?”
“Are you… can you hang out right now?”
“umm” you check the time on your phone, you didn’t have to go home right away. You much rather spend your free time with Jimin, “Yeah, I can”
“Great.” He pulled you by your hand and led you down the road to a close by shop. He got you your favourite food and you both sat outside on a bench. It was a nice day. It was warm out and the sky was clear, allowing you to view the beautiful sunset. Jimin pulled off a move on you and slipped his arm around your shoulder. You happily accepted, resting your head into the crook of his neck. He was happy when he was with you. But he knew that it wasn’t the best time to confess to you now, but he would. After the performance.


“Jimin and y/n please” Your instructor called. You both stood up, this is the day you have been practicing your heart out for. You both gave smiles at each other before the music started. As soon as the first beats played, you and Jimin turned into completely different people. You moved as one, making your performance swift and gentle. People clapped and shouted, cheering you guys on. You smiled at Jimin once the dance was over, still holding his hand in yours.
He invited you out one Saturday, you were sitting by the window of your favourite café.

“Y/n” He broke your train of thoughts and you gazed up at him. You gave him a questionable look and he looked down shyly, “We’ve been hanging out for a while now, and you’re a really great person, and I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and-” you giggled, “Jimin, what are you doing? You sound like you’re moving away and you’re never going to see me again”
“What? N-No… that’s not what I meant to- I mean, I just… I really like you” his cheeks heated up at the sudden confession, he was waiting for an answer and grew more impatient and worried the longer you stayed quiet.
“What do you mean?” He stared up at you. Did you really not get his confession? He shrugged it off and tried again, “I like you, like, Love-like you…”
You surprised yourself when you realized you were being so oblivious. You took  his hand in yours, “Jimin, I like you too” you gave him a gentle smile and he wished he could hide the goofy grin on his face, but he couldn’t. He was too happy to.
“So does this mean you’ll be my girlfriend?”
You nod shyly and he jumps up into the air, not caring about the other customers in the shop. You giggle at his sudden outburst. He quickly takes you outside taking you by the hand, intertwining them, “I’ll be the best boyfriend ever, I promise”

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