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hey so….. i just left a very abusive household after i came out to my parents as a trans person. my friends rushed me out as soon as possible (since they were intending on sleeping over) and now i’m staying with my friend until spring break is over. i dont think i want to go back to my home because im frightened for my own safety. but right now im in kind of a dilemma.

my parents paid monthly payments of $750 for my college tuition. it is likely they will stop paying them, and i’m already 2 months behind. i’m in desperate need of financial assistance, and my part-time job is not enough to cover myself. i’m already owing in $300 worth of credit card bills as it is.

i don’t… want to make a thing begging for help but i have no choice. please help me. i don’t want to just ask for donations. i’ll be willing to do fic commissions or art commissions. feel free to check my #fenfics tag or #fenart tag for examples, and we can discuss prices.

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i cant stop shaking

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Can I please have a sam doing B3

Guess who’s rusty because school decided to kick them in the groin? That’s right. Me! But, it’s spring break now and I hope to get back on a semi-consistant upload schedule like I was before!

Also, why would you guys want a sad Sam? This hurt to do.

From THIS meme, if you’d like to send a prompt as well! I already have a quite a few, but more is always welcome! I’m just going through them in the order I have received them.

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Who would’ve thought? - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested smut)


Shawn’s POV

Red solo cups, cigarettes, everything was scattered across the front yard of the two-story house. But what are you supposed to expect at a stereotypical high school party?

The entrance was wide open and you could already see the mass of bodies dancing. I had no idea why I’d come, I love parties don’t get me wrong, just this is a little overwhelming. Spring break only called for endless parties, hooking up and getting drunk. But tonight, that was not what I was looking for.

I walk inside and try finding a space where I could just breathe, but the only place it seemed to be was upstairs. I didn’t really want to go, not wanting to see anything I didn’t want to see, but if I were going to find her, it’s the best place to be. So, I make my way through the sweaty bodies, weaving carefully, until I reached the bottom of the stairs. I quickly walk up, before setting my eyes on the one person I wanted to see tonight.

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Never Let Her Go (Thomas JeffersonxReader)

This is a modern spin off of “We Know.” What if there was something more behind the confrontation. What if there was something personal James and Thomas had against Alexander and what if there was something Alexander wanted to keep more than his reputation?

Alexander stood, quaking and terrified, completely at the mercy of Aaron Burr, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson, because of what they knew. He timidly handed them the letter, knowing that he might be signing away his happiness in order to clear his name. 
He saw Thomas’s myriad of emotions: anger, confusion, a glint of hope.
It was a pivotal moment of a hurricane of emotions that had been going on for years. It had begun in the senior year of college.
Your head jerked up, your attention captured once again by his brilliance and his fiery passion. You grinned watching him passionately argue his case.

“Y/N!” Your friend said, jerking you back to attention. You to tried to hide your blush at being caught. He didn’t seem to notice.

“Hi Thomas.” You said, smiling at your friend as he slid into the seat next to you with his lunch.
He looked handsome as ever, his curls wild, his smile broad, and his eyes seemed brighter than ever. The only thing lacking was…

“Thomas, where’s Ashley?” You asked.

“Who?” He asked.

“Your girlfriend?”

“She isn’t my girlfriend. Wasn’t. Anyways, whatever we were she got upset with me for spending so much time with you, so she had to go.” Thomas said.

Your heart warmed. In all the years you guys had been in college, he’d had one or two girlfriends. He never let them interfere with your friendship. You didn’t date anymore. Not after a horrible experience where your boyfriend had cheated on you. That had scarred you. Even today, you sometimes felt as though you weren’t enough for anyone.

“But that’s not what I wanted to talk about…I got you something.” Thomas said, sliding your favorite dessert across the table to you. You smiled at his sweetness. You noticed his eyes wandering, and you followed them. You saw your other friend James Madison. For some reason he was sitting under a tree, quite a ways away from you guys. He was nodding at Thomas, seemingly encouragingly.

Thomas turned back to you.

“I, uh, heard that you’ve got a crush on somebody. Some strong feelings. Do you wanna tell me more about that?” Thomas asked, a sly lilt in his eyes.
Suddenly you realized that James had told Thomas about your crush on Alexander Hamilton!

“I can’t believe James told you. Well, for your information. It is indeed true. He’s extremely intelligent, and handsome and passionate….I don’t know what to do about it though.” You said.
Thomas’s grin nearly split his face in half and his eyes were so bright they rivaled the sun.

“Y/N you are amazing. You are intelligent, and sweet, and gorgeous, and supportive. Any guy would be lucky to be with you and if they know you well enough then they know that. Go for it.” He said.

“You’re right.” You said. Getting a burst of courage from Thomas’s words, you stood up from your chair.

Thomas looked confused and baffled. You didn’t notice, as you focused on Alexander, making your way to him.

“Y/N!” Alexander smiled when he saw you. He had finished his argument and had been sitting by himself writing something.

“Can I talk to you?” You asked.

Thomas couldn’t breathe. That’s what it felt like for a few seconds, like he was being smothered. He felt so helpless and powerless and utterly crushed.


“Thomas. What was that?” James asked.

“Yeah James! What was that? You said that she liked someone and said that I needed to make a move. I thought that you meant me. I thought you meant that she had finally realized her feelings for me!”
Thomas yelled angrily at James.

“No! I meant that she had a crush on Alexander and I wanted you to man up and tell her already before you have to go through the pain of standing her be with him! Thomas. I know you. You’ve loved her since senior year in high school. I still don’t know why you haven’t made a move.”

“I’ve been waiting for her. None of these other girls work for me. During high school she wasn’t interested in relationships. She wanted to get into college, this college. I wanted to help her. After that, I was waiting. Eventually she would see that we belong together…now all of a sudden she’s interested in relationships but not with me, her best friend, but with ALEXANDER?!” Thomas was alternating between mad and sad.

“It’ll be okay, Thomas. You know how Alexander is. Chances are he’ll mess up.
They’ll break up. It’ll get better. One day, she’ll be happy, because of you. You’ll make her happy.” James said, trying to comfort him.

Thomas locked the door to the emptying classroom, cornering Alexander after the debate.

“Hamilton. I need to talk to you.” He said.

“Jefferson, I think you got it all out in the debate.” Alexander responded.

“It’s not about that. It’s about Y/N.”

Alexander stopped. A small smile appeared on his face.

“You want to talk about my Y/N? My amazing girlfriend?” Alex said.

Thomas felt a knife twist in his heart when Alexander called you his. Alexander knew this.

“You love her. And I can see why. She’s amazing. And you know what? You missed out on a great girl. Once in a lifetime. She’s been friends with you for years and you never made a move. I did. And now she’s mine, and I’m not letting her go.” Alexander said.

Thomas felt like he’d just taken a fury of blows. He was almost doubled over in pain from the truth and the impact of Alexander’s words. Yet, he maintained his composure.

“You better make her happy. Give her the world, because she deserves it. And I’m letting you know now, if you ever, ever do anything to let her slip from your grasp, if you ever jealousies e her happiness, heaven hell me I will, take her and I will hold onto her and cherish her. You understand. You ever let her slip…” Thomas trailed off in fury and pain and longing.
Alex smirked.

“I’ve got to go. I have a date with the most amazing girl in the world tonight.” He said, walking out the door, leaving Thomas wallowing in the pain of heartbreak.

In one way James had been right, Thomas thought, smiling,mad he saw you. You looked radiant, more beautiful than the sun, as you walked down the aisle in your white dress, towards the later where he stood. His heart ached with love for you. Even as you joined hands with Alexander and made your vows to him.

It was painful being up here. Being in your wedding party. He should’ve been the groom, not one of the men of honor, but he was your best friend and when you’d asked him and he said yes, you’d been so happy. James was right. In the end, Thomas had made you happy, just not in the way that he wanted. James had been wrong. Everything didn’t turn out okay. Alexander was no good for you. Thomas knew that. He’d always known that. You didn’t realize it until months after the wedding.
Thomas barely noticed. His heart had shattered the moment you said, “I do.”

Alex was never home. At first you could understand. You guys were both hardworking. Yet, it began to hurt when he would be gone for days at a time, then come home and still not be there…

You spent more time with Thomas than with Alex. Just like when he’d been dating, the same rules applied, you never let your significant other ruin your relation- friendship. You guys had set expectations of time you were supposed to spend together and you held each other to that. That’s how you ended up spending more time with Thomas than with Alex.

You couldn’t help but notice how similar Thomas was to Alex. Handsome, intelligent, passionate…. You’d always loved him as a friend. You couldn’t help but wonder if the similarities between him and Alex are what drew you to love Alex.

You pushed he thought away as you prepared for the spring break trip with your family. Surely this is a way you could spend time with him. You reserved two tickets and two spots at a resort in the Bahamas. That night was one of the few nights Alex was at dinner. You had coerced him into a date night.

“Hey Alex. Guess what?” You asked.

“What?” Alex asked, not even looking up from his phone.

“Well you know how we haven’t had the chance to spend a lot of time together.”

“Yeah. I do wish we had more time to spend together y/n.” Alex said looking up from his phone and putting it away in his pocket.

“Well next week is spring break, so I booked us some spots at a resort in the Bahamas!” You said excitedly, beaming.

Alex’s smile turned a but uneasy.

“Uh, about that. I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it to spring break. I need to work.” He said. You felt your heart drop in disappointment. You barely heard his excuse about getting a plan through Congress and how much pressure he was under.

“I’ll make it up to you Y/N, I promise. When this is all over I’ll take you wherever you want to go. It’ll just be the two of us for two whole weeks. All that alone time with you sounds like heaven. I love you…”

His words said one thing. His actions said something totally different.

“What are you doing for spring break y/n? I know that you took off and that your plans with Alexander fell through. I figured that everyone else already has plans by now…” Thomas trailed off.

“You’re absolutely right. I guess that I’m just going to lounge around the empty house.” You said.

“Well, I have a place in France and I know of many fun things to do there. Would you like to do come with me? It’ll be just like good old times. Remember our senior trip in high school?” Thomas asked.

“Yes! Thomas I’d love that. It sounds like so much fun…but I don’t really know if that’s appropriate.” You said, trying to stay loyal to Alexander. This trip sounded too close to being romantic and that wasn’t right. No matter how much that twisted evil part of you longed for it. Longed for Thomas.

You ended up going to the Bahamas with Angelica. Alex stayed home. Where Miss Maria Reynolds walked into his life.

That brings us back full circle. Alex stood in a room, cornered by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Aaron Burr. They knew what he’d done. Despite all the money he’d paid, he was still here in the second situation he most feared. If Thomas had his way then the first situation he most feared might happen and he couldn’t bear the thought of that.

They read the letter. Aaron looked mildly appalled, James looked furious, Thomas had a myriad of emotions on his face.

“Whaaaaa-” he trailed off.

“How could you do this to Y/N?” James asked, furious. Thomas was as well. You were their friend and Alex had hurt you. They were both mad. They knew how much this would hurt you.

“What the hell is your problem Alexander? You have the most amazing girl in the world and she still wasn’t enough for you. You don’t freaking deserve her! I always knew you didn’t.” Thomas yelled.

“He’s paid almost $30,000 to keep this hidden.” James said. Realization dawned on Thomas as the room cleared out.

“You didn’t pay all that money to protect your reputation. You were trying not to lose her. You remember years ago, I told you if you ever let her go….” Thomas shook his head, a wry smile forming on his face.

“Wait! No! Please!” Alexander cried.

Slowly, he lowered himself to his knees.

“I can’t lose her. I’m begging you. I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to try to take her, but she’s happy with me. I can make her happy, I swear just-” Alexander looked like he was on the verge of tears.

“You remeber when you ditched her during spring break. I invited her to Paris. With me. Just us. Alone.” Alexander gasped, looking up at Thomas in anger.

“She said no. She declined my offer saying that it would be inappropriate. She didn’t want to do anything that could possibly resemble disloyalty to you. And you repay her by going and bringing another woman to your bed! You don’t deserved her. And you know it. You knew what this cheating would do to her. You also know that she’s not going to be able to forgive you for this. You’ve let her go Alexander.” Thomas said, leaving the room.
When you found out you were numb, shocked. At first you were angry. How dare he?! Then you were just sad. How come you weren’t enough for him? Were you truly never enough for anyone? You packed up your clothes into a suitcase. You had a job, you had money, you didn’t need Alexander and this empty house that he had bought.
“Y/N?” Alexander cried, when he came into the house and saw you.
“How could you?!” you screamed at him.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it I promise you. We can fix thi-What are you doing?” he asked gesturing to your suitcase.
You ignored him and continued moving towards the door.
“NO! Y/N please.” He fell to his knees in front of the door.
“I love you.” He whispered, tears running down his face.
Your heart broke at the sound of the tender lie he had whispered too many times. You walked around him and slammed the door behind you, breaking down once you were outside.
On the other side of the door, Alexander brushed his lips, remembering when he had kissed you goodbye that morning. It was the last time he would ever kiss you.
“Y/N. Come over. I’m not going to let you wallow in a hotel room by yourself during a time like this. If you’re not going to be with Angelica or Eliza or James or any of your other friends, then you are going to be with me. You are not going to go through this alone. Get down here to Monticello.”
You hung up with Thomas and drove out to Monticello.
He was there to greet you with a pair of sweats, an array of your favorite snacks, and a large fleece blanket. He’d gotten quite a few tips from Angelica and Eliza.
“Why am I never enough for anyone? Why can’t anyone love me?” you asked after 2 minutes of crying on Thomas’s shoulder.
“Y/N. It’s not a problem with you at all. I love you. I’ve always loved you. When Charles cheated on you, Alexander cheated on you, I still loved you. I’ve always loved you. And all of this time I’ve sat by and watched these guys who don’t deserve you…You are enough. You’ve always been enough, more than enough to me.” Thomas blurted.
You pulled away from him, wide-eyed.
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Not now. You need time. We both need time. Here, I’ll call Angelica. You can stay with the Schuylers. I’m calling them now.”
Your friendship didn’t suffer. Thomas was still there for you, like he had been before. He helped you through the tough transition of the divorce. Your friendship continued as though nothing had happened…but in the back of your mind, his confession was still there. The seeds had been planted, and in spite of everything else, they grew.
A few months after the divorce, you and Thomas had your first official date. He was an amazing boyfriend. Just right for you. For once in your life, you’d found the right man, who realized your worth and realized that you were more than enough.

Going on a Tumblr break until Saturday, because this new week is going to be a mess with a really cool course I’m taking and a number of projects leaping to the next stage, needing care and love. And it’s finally spring. I want to walk, bike, just stand outside and *not* freeze.

See you all in a week and I miss you and my many fandoms already 😎

Kisssssss (for those who like kisses, and all)

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Companions react to losing the ring (the dead spouse's ring) Sole gave them

I love this prompt! Especially because I always make my romanced companions wear the ring :3 I’m assuming since it’s such a valuable item, that it was meant as a romantic gesture, so for Codsworth and Strong I’m just going to write it as if they were just given it to hold for a while, so that Sole wouldn’t lose it. For everyone else I’m going to write it as if it was given as an actual gift. As of request of a follower, for this post X6-88 will be romanced!

Also, this ended up being WAY longer than I ever intended. The post I broke up into two parts I thought was stupid long, and that was with five characters each. I only used three so far and it’s already as long as each of those. So I’m going to break up this reaction into four parts, because I don’t want this post to devour people’s pages/news feeds. Sorry this took so long by the way, I’ve been busy, but now I’m on Spring Break so I’ll have ample time to write. Thank you all for your support, I hope you like this.

Part 1:

Cait: “Oh fuck me!” She grumbled as she looked at her finger. Sole had given her the ring less than a day ago and she already lost it. Knowing how happy Sole was when they gave it to her this wasn’t going to be something Sole let go lightly. Shit, she should’ve just refused the damn thing, but Sole looked so happy. No point in hiding it, Sole was already looking over at her with wondering eyes. “Cait, what’s wrong? ” I uh, fuck there’s no point in beating around the bush here, it’s just going to make me look like an even bigger arse. I lost the stupid ring.“ “You lost the ring? How?” “Who cares? It’s just a little piece of metal.” This wasn’t a fight she wanted to have, but it was happening regardless. “Who cares? I do! That was the last thing I had of Nate’s/Nora’s! And I trusted it with you! Doesn’t that have any significance to you?“ “Your dead lover’s ring? Excuse me if I don’t cherish your hand-me-downs of love. You know what? I probably lost it when you had me digging in that stupid garden earlier. Maybe if we were doing something useful instead of wandering in your past this wouldn’t have happened.” She yelled and walked out of the front entrance of their shared home in Sanctuary. She would have slammed the door if there was one. She didn’t mean any of it, she was just upset, and she knew she was in the wrong here, but fuck if it wasn’t kind of insulting that everything they did involved a huge part of Sole’s life with her now dead spouse. She walked past the entrance to Sanctuary and sat on the partially destroyed bridge. She sat there for about twenty minutes. She was calm now. She didn’t want anything to change between her and Sole over something so literally small. she got up and walked over to the garden she had started earlier. It wasn’t that big, she could probably find the ring. Did it really mean that much to either of them? Was it really worth all this trouble?

Sole was sitting in their old house. It had been two hours since their fight, and Sole was feeling kind of dumb for letting something so stupid get the better of them. Cait walked in. She was covered in wet dirt. “Cait! What…” on her left ring finger was the ring. Cait didn’t let them finish their thought. “I know what I said. I just didn’t want me fucking up to tear us apart. God I’m insensitive sometimes, but it’s only because I love you, and I don’t want to be alone again.” Cait was laying it all on the table. If she wanted to get over this, she had to be honest. Not just with Sole, but with herself. She was terrified of losing Sole, and when she lost the ring, she felt like she was losing them. “I get it. It wasn’t about the ring, it was about what it represented. I’m sorry. I just want us to be together.” “Oh Cait.” Sole stood up and opened her arms for Cait to hug her. And Cait accepted the invitation. “I’m just glad I have you. The past is the past, and I’m sorry I was trying to pretend like I could hang on to that. I love you, and all I want is for us to get over this and be together, even stronger than we were before.” Sole exclaimed while they were in each other’s embrace. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Codsworth: He was so happy when Sole entrusted him to hold onto the ring. Sole was heading out to scavenge for parts, and they didn’t like taking anything small or valuable with them. They were constantly taking things in and out of their pack, and they didn’t want to accidentally drop anything. The ring meant a lot to them, and after dropping it once and almost not realizing it, they didn’t take any chances. They handed the ring to Codsworth and told him not to lose it. “Not a worry Sole! I will take the greatest of care with such a valuable and meaningful item!” Sole could trust Codsworth, they’ve never let them down before, so they headed out. They said they might not be back for a couple of days so Codsworth shouldn’t worry if they didn’t return right away. Codsworth planned to surprise Sole by shining up the ring. Sole put on a strong face, but Codsworth could hear their quiet sobs late at night. They felt alone, and he knew how much they missed Nate/Nora, so he figured they would appreciate the gesture. Codsworth found a clean rag and polish and prepared to clean it over the sink. “Sole’s going to be so happy! And after everything they’ve gone through, they deserve this. They deserve to be hap-” Codsworth was interrupted by the sound of clinging, what he soon realized to be the sound of a metal ring falling down a steel pipe.

…“Oh dear.” Was all Codsworth could say, just above a whisper. He tried to fit his appendages into the drain but they were too big. “Oh no. Oh no! OH NO!” Codsworth was beginning to freak out. “What shall I do? I told them I would protect it! Not a worry Sole! I will take the greatest of care with such a valuable and meaningful item! If by great care I meant drop it down the sink and lose the only memento of your beloved now dead spouse, I’m doing a marvelous job!” What would Sole do? Oh how he had let them down. He had to think of something! “Think Codsworth, what could you do?” Nothing was coming to him. Well at least he had a couple of days to figure this out. “Hey! Sorry, I left my 10mm in my bedroom. What are you doing Codsworth?” OH NO. They came back early! Quick! Think of something! Anything! “I um… well… you see mum/sir, I… OH I CAN’T DO IT! Mum/Sir, I dropped your ring down the drain! I only meant to polish it to surprise you, and now it’s gone forever! Oh I’m a failure!” Codsworth was yelling and sobbing out his response. And while he blubbered on, Sole calmly walked up to the sink and kneeled down in front of the cupboard under the sink. While Codsworth showed no sign of letting up his apology, Sole leaned back, sitting on the floor, arms back to support them. They lifted up their foot and kicked at the pipes inside of the cupboard. The pipe flew off and bounced around the cupboard until it landed outside of the cupboard and next to Sole. Codsworth had stopped by this point for he was confused. “Um, mum/sir, I am sorry, but, what are you doing?” Sole picked up the pipe while standing up and tilted the other end towards their unoccupied hand. Out poured their ring, and Sole sat down the pipe. “There! It’s ok, see? You didn’t do anything wrong Codsworth, you can stop crying now.” “Mum/Sir, you know better than anyone that I am not physically capable of crying.” “You don’t need tears to really cry buddy. Anyway, thanks for trying to help me. Maybe don’t hold it over a hole next time.” Sole joked while flicking the ring over to Codsworth. “No trouble at all.” Codsworth noted as they caught the ring. “Um, Sole?” “Yeh?” Sole turned around to face Codsworth. “Stay safe.” “Thanks Codsworth.”

Curie: Curie loved that Sole gifted her their ring. It was a tradition she had read about, but since she left Vault 81, she had yet to see any practicing members, and concluded the tradition must be dead. But now her and Sole both wore their rings, and she had yet to be seen without it on. Something about wearing this little piece of gold made her feel special. She knew that it had once belonged to Sole’s now deceased spouse, but it only made Curie think Sole loved her all that much more - to give her something that had meant so much to them. So Curie wore the ring with pride. She had been wearing the ring for about 2 months. Whenever it reflected light and caught Curie’s eye, she would be reminded of Sole’s thoughtfulness, and she became giddy with a little smile forming on her face. She continued to do experiments and research in the lab she built with Sole. Sometimes she was worried she would lose the ring amongst all of her equipment or in the field during research. It would occasionally slip down her finger because it was just a size too big, but she had yet to drop it.

“Now let’s see… I believe zat is everything.” Curie had gathered all the chemicals she would need for her experiment. She read of an experiment in an old-world science journal of “lightning in a bottle” and she was most interested in recreating such a marvel of nature. “Bio-ethanol, Sulfuric Acid, and…” where was it? She had added the previous chemicals to a beaker, but she was missing an ingredient. “Ah Potassium Permanganate. Perfect.” The Bio-ethanol and Sulfuric Acid were clear, and Potassium Permanganate was supposed to be a deep purple, but because of a previous experiment, was now a light brown color. None of the properties other than appearance would be different. So little sparks of light should appear in the beaker and make the solution look like a stormy sky. She poured in the chemical, but the reaction was nothing like she had expected. A dusty red mist quickly rose from the glass and a fog began to fill up the room. Curie furiously fanned the mist with her arms. “What iz zis?!” She jumped back and her hand flew over her nose and mouth. “I ‘ave made a ‘orrible mistake!” 

Curie ran outside and bumped into Sole. “Curie! You ok? I heard you shout.” “I’m fine, but… Sole, what could I ‘ave done wrong? I must ‘ave mixed chemicals, zat was certainly not Potassium Permanganate. What could I ‘ave possibly used? …Zat smell, like burning chlorine… Zats’s it! Nitric acid! I knew I recognized it. I’m glad I got out ov there while I did, that stuff is deadly. We should take care to make sure no one goes in there until the gas clears out.“ Sole looked concerned. “Okay, I’ll stand out here until the gas clears, but you need to be more careful Curie, I don’t want you getting hurt, you mean too much to me for me to just stand back and let you hurt yourself.” Curie grabbed Sole’s hand in reassurance. “I’m sorry, it was a simple mistake, I just need to read the labels more.” Curie gave Sole a small smile. As she looked at their hands she noticed something was off. Her eyes grew large as she figured it out. “My ring! Oh no!” Curie swiftly retracted her hand to inspect it further. “It must have come off in the commotion! Oh what if it landed in a beaker?! There are many precious metal dissolving chemicals in there! Oh it could ‘ave landed anywhere! Wait, was I even wearing it inside? I believe so, but… Oh Sole what ‘ave I done?!” Curie was frantic and starting to shout. Sole was stunned. They had never seen Curie so dismayed before. “Curie, Curie. Calm down, it’s ok.” “No it iz not Sole! I may ‘ave just lost the one thing you ‘ad left of Nate/Nora. I know what it meant to you, what it meant to me! Oh I’ve ruined everything! I ‘ave to go back for it!” She turned towards the building and was about to run inside when Sole grabbed her arm. “Curie, you think I care about that thing enough for you to risk your life? I love you. That’s what that ring meant. We can always get another ring or something for you to have, but I can’t replace you.” Curie gave a small sad smile to Sole, and Sole pulled her in for a hug. As Curie looked down at the ground, she noticed something shiny just next to Sole’s boot. “Oh?” Curie bent down and picked the reflective object from the gravel. “It iz my ring! It must ‘ave fallen off when I ran into you! How beautiful!” Curie’s face lit up as she slid the ring back onto her finger. “We do not ‘ave to worry now Sole, fate ‘as brought the symbol of our love back to me” Sole smiled and planted a kiss on Curie’s lips. “See I told you, it wasn’t worth worrying over, it would find its way back.“

No Promises - Monster Woo [Part 3]

Young Woo and yourself continued on with each other for a couple weeks. While you still went on dates and he walked you home almost everyday, he only allowed himself to enter your home on the weekends, claiming that he didn’t want to tire you for work the next day. While he was sweet, once that clock struck 2 am, he would excuse himself to go home, not trusting himself to sleep next to you all night without fulfilling all of those fantasies he had of what he could do to you.

Thursday nights you always found yourself at his studio, watching all of the practices. Woo often taught classes throughout the week and of course found time to practice, but Thursdays were his day to really go hard. His crew was normally there and practicing for upcoming performances and you had to admit you absolutely loved watching it.

About two hours into the practice, Woo noticed that you were not grading papers or preparing your lesson as you normally would.

“Baby, what’s up?” He slid down the mirror to take a seat next to you. He was wearing a tank top that was loose, allowing for glimpses of his toned body.

“Nothing, oppa. I just don’t have to work tomorrow. You know, spring break starts so I’m all free, all week.” You hinted, bumping your shoulder with his. “So I was wondering if after this we could go back to my place, you know, if you want?”

Young Woo smiled at you. “You like me that much?” He joked. To be honest not being with you every night was torture on him. All he wanted to do was wake up next to you or kiss you while he was buried deep inside. But you were a sweet angel and he had a dark side.

“I kind of already told Trees I would go out with him. He’s feeling neglected. But I swear to you, tomorrow 5 pm, my ass will be knocking on your door.”

You couldn’t argue with that. Friends were important and you had been stealing a lot of the “Woo and Tres” time recently. So you leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek, making him blush from the public skinship. A couple of the guys chuckled after seeing this, but after the look Woo sent them, you doubted that any of them would try to tease him.

You went home shortly after and made dinner. With Netflix on in the background you went about cleaning the place and finally binge watched until you phone notified you.

It was close to 3 am now so seeing Young Woo’s name pop up brought a big smile. You opened the text which was a drunk video of Tres singing and Woo next to him laughing his assistant off. Clearly they were enjoying their night.

Woo - I miss you
You - you seem to be having fun
Woo - suju
Woo - soju
Woo - yummy
You - it’s yummy until the morning
Woo - don’t remind me. just kiss me. Noooow.
You - oh my god. you’re drunk oppa
Woo - yes I am. Drunk in love~

You actually laughed. Never would you have thought that Monster Young Woo would have the drunk habit of doing aeygo. It’s hard enough to imagine a sober Woo pulling off cute acts but drunk? You would have guess he’d be mean or grumpy but never cute.

Your phone lit up and you noticed that it was a video chat from Woo. Answering you looked at his tired expression, noticing the way he smiled when your face appeared.

“You should be sleeping, angel,” he slurred at you.

“I can’t sleep with you texting me, silly,” you pointed out with a huge smile on your face.

Young Woo gave a pout, making the butterflies in your tummy return. He then showed you a finger heart, making you giggle at the polar opposite man on the screen before you.

“Baby, I promised to drive…but then. Then there were shots and Tres and shots and funny thing is now I think I’m drunk. But I’m really close, swear.” The phone moved to show a red faced and drunk Tres. You noticed that they seemed to have left the bar and we’re walking in the street now.

“Oppa, where are you?” The concern was and apparently enough to make Woo show back up in the screen. He smiled wide.

“We decided to go home. But my feet didn’t ask my head and my shoes don’t have GPs. So no we are walking,” he stated as if it made andrepparentre the sense in the world.

“Noona!” You heard Tres yell while he shoved his face closer to Woo to appear on the call too.

“Tres oppa, you do know that I’m a solid five years younger than you, right?” You joked.

Tres thought it over and seemed to figure it out. “Sim!” He yelled, referring to you being a teacher in a cute way.

“Yes, Oppa. But where are you two going?” Keeping them on point was proving to be a challange.

“My head wanted to go home. And Tres wanted to go to the studio. And my other place..you know, that one you reaaaaly like wanted to go see you. So my feet are just going.” He nodded. In the background you noticed what looked to be the building across the street.

“Oppa, are you here?” You got up to look out the window where sure enough you found two stumbling men outside on the street. “Don’t move. I’ll come get you.”

You shoved your feet in your tennis shoes and headed out to get the duo. You got outside and we’re greater with Tres trying to do a body roll and Woo demonstrating the proper technique.

“If you do it like that all the girls while be screaming and jumping. You won’t be able to go anywhere without -” Woo noticed how Tres was shaking his head and nodding in your direction. Woo turned around to see you standing with your hands crossed over your chest.

“Really, Kim Young Woo? That’s your trick, huh,” you acted mad but the way he shoved hind hands in his pockets, leaning back on his heels and looking down.

“Angel. Babe. It worked with you didn’t it?” He smiled up at you and you just rolled your eyes.

“Come on boys, let’s go inside.” You lead the way but felt Woo’s hand slide into yours. Leading them to your apartment you closed the door behind you.

“Goodnight’ Tres. We’ll be in the bedroom. Don’t bother us, okay?” Young Woo practically yelled as he tried to drag you to the bed.

Pulling back on his arm, making him stop his progression.

“Oh no, Woo. You are four stops past drunk and so is Tres. We aren’t doing anything while your like this especially not with him singing on the couch. You two get to share my bed. I’m the only one sleeping on that couch.”

He stared at you with his mouth slightly agape. “You being bossy is pretty sexy.”

Woo gave you a tequila scented kiss and drug Tres to your bedroom while you got the blankets ready for the couch. While giving up your bed wasn’t the most ideal night in your eyes, there was no way those boys weren’t going to be severely hung over tomorrow morning, making the place closest to your bathroom the safest place.

“Goodnight, Oppa. Just know that this doesn’t excuse you from tomorrow night.” You yelled down the hall.

[To be continued]

Meeting His Family

Band Member: Ashton Irwin

Word Count: 1,700+

First Meeting | First Date | Meeting Your Parents

You were currently in the warrior position beside your boyfriend in your evening yoga class. He’d been wobbly for most of the hour, which was how you knew that he had something on his mind. Usually Ashton was pretty solid, so you were kind of worried about what he could be thinking about because it wasn’t test time for him nor did he have any big projects coming up.

“What’s up with you?” You asked once the instructor called it a night, watching your boyfriend carefully as he rolled up his yoga mat.

“What do you mean?” He responded instantly, only glancing up at you briefly before putting his yoga mat in its bag.

“You were off-balance the whole hour and usually you’re pretty balanced so I was just checking on you.”

“I’m fine, love. Trust me.” He murmured, pulling you in close so he could kiss the top of your head. “Am I staying with you tonight or…?”

“I’d like it if you came over. Tomorrow is Saturday and I’ve got readings to do that are due Monday, but a lazy morning with you sounds pretty good.”

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Mistletoe (Until Dawn x Reader)

Relationship: Josh Washington x Male or Female Reader

I’ve never done a Until Dawn x Reader before so please be patient with me it’s been a while since i’ve done a fic (three years to be exact). If you want me to continue I will just pop me a message and i’ll consider it though I do already have an idea for part 2. Merry Christmas!~ (Just saying i’d love to see more Josh/Male Reader so this will split off into two versions of itself later if its continued)

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: AU. Emma and Regina are in college. They meet over spring break on a beach somewhere

“You cannot say no to this.”

Emma sighed as she lay back in the soft hammock outside the beach bungalow. “Pretty sure I can, Rubes.”

“It’s the Spring Break Beach Bonfire,” Ruby whined. “Everyone who is anyone goes. Why did you even come down here with me for Spring Break if you weren’t gonna go to the parties?!”

“Because you wouldn’t stop whining,” Emma told her, chuckling, “kind of like now.”

“Why don’t you want to go?”

“Because a drunken beach fire where I’m just going to be left on my own while you run off with your flavor of the night sounds lame as hell,” Emma answered. “I won’t know anyone, and I hate having to fend off tipsy guys who are fully clothed, let alone tipsy guys who are already halfway naked on the beach and thinking every chick wants them.”

Ruby glares at her. “You used to be way more fun, you know?” she teases, poking at Emma’s shoulder as she stands next to the hammock. “We had a blast freshman and sophomore year at the U, and now that we’re seniors, we’re supposed to be living it up, but you just want to study and sleep all the time.”

“Maybe because some of us aren’t general studies majors,” Emma deadpanned. “I have essays constantly. I’m tired.”

“So let loose tonight,” Ruby told her. “Get out all of that stress for a night and then you can go back to being a boring essayist who never leaves the dorm when we get back to the U Sunday night.”

Emma let out a long sigh. “Fine. If it will get you to shut up, I’ll go.”

“Yes,” Ruby exclaimed, fist-pumping. “We’re gonna have a blast.”

“Sure we will,” Emma drawled, closing her eyes and trying to let herself drift off into a sun-soaked nap.

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anonymous asked:

Honestly? It feels like you post a lot of things just for attention. Your "passport photo" is definitely not to the requirements of the US government, but you posted a nicer photo of yourself just to be like "oh look how good I look" and your post about your "friend" is a childish cry for attention.

Um, excuse you, the lady at the post office told me I could smile or not, I don’t even post pics of myself all that often anymore, it wasn’t a “look how good I look” I was just happy with how it came out and wanted to share it.

The reason I even HAD to get a passport was bc over spring break I’m going on a short term mission trip to Mexico, so excuse you, it is legit. 

And yeah, my post about my friend was my feeling sad, I wasn’t crying for attention. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to post my own personal feelings when I’m sad or down on my OWN blog, besides the fact that I’m on my period so I’m already just emotional.

And who asked for your honest opinion, anyway??? I didn’t do any ask games and ask for this, if you don’t like me, just


1D Song Preference 2: You & I

Harry: You and Harry had been invited to a costume party andhad yet to pick out a costume. The two of you wanted to go in couple’s costumes. So today, the pair of you were browsing through the costume section at a party store. “Oooooh why don’t we go as Cinderella and Prince Charming!” you suggested, upon seeing a plastic tiara that inspired your idea. “Nah,” Harry replied, plainly. “How about this!” he exclaimed, grabbing a ketchup bottle and mustard bottle costume. “Eww, no, I like my idea better,” you responded. Harry sighed. “Y/N,” he said, “Liam and Sophia are going as a prince/princess duo already. We don’t wanna be like them.

Liam: You and Liam just got back from a trip to Ikea. You bought a desk for your home office and the two of you were now assembling it. “Is it really necessary for Ikea stuff to have so many pieces?” you whined as you laid everything out. “I know, right? It’s like one of those hundred dollar Lego sets,” Liam responded, as he began piecing together some parts. After a good 3 hours of labour, the two of you had completed the desk. “Thank God that’s over,’ Liam said relieved. “Yeah, it looks good,” you said. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you saw a random piece on the floor. You picked it up to inspect it. “Uh oh,” Liam said.  “What even is this for? It’s not like the desk is wonky or anything,” you said. Liam took the piece from your hand and inspected it himself. Then he walked around your desk inspecting that too. “I figured it out!” he exclaimed. Then the two of you proceeded to add the missing piece to the desk.

Louis: You, Louis, and a few mutual friends were out at a pub for karaoke night. You all had a few drinks in your system  and were waiting for your turn to sing a song. “Hey Y/N,” one of your friends said, “I dare you and Louis to sing Photograph by Nickelback.” “What? No! I don’t even know that song,” you objected. “It’s okay, love,” Louis said, “it’s karaoke so you’ll have the words up on a screen. Besides, I’m not one to back down from a dare.” “I know we’ll have the lyrics, I understand karaoke. I just meant I don’t know how the song goes, like by tune,” you explained. “I see. But it’s okay, babe. I know how it goes,” Louis said. So the two of you sang the Nickelback classic, Louis sounding perfect as always, and you horribly out of tune. Needless to say, your friends, and all the patrons of the pub, were highly amused.

Niall: You and Niall were attending a fancy shmancy charity event in a fancy shmancy hotel. Niall had invited his brother and sister-in-law to tag along and they gladly did. The four of you stood chatting with someone very important when a waiter came by and handed you all a glass of champagne. Then, another waiter with a near empty tray came by. “Are those onion rings?” Niall’s brother asked as he reached out for one of the rings. “No, it’s calamari! And it’s delicious!” you exclaimed. “What’s calamari?” Niall’s sister-in-law asked. “It’s squid,” Niall explained. Niall’s brother and his wife both grimaced. “Well, more for me I guess!” you said happily as you reached for the last ring on the waiter’s tray. “Y/N,” Niall said, “let them have it, please, they never tried like us.” Then, turning to his brother and in-law he said “please give it a try. Like my princess said, they’re delicious!”

Zayn: Your sister was spending her spring break away from college with you and Zayn in your shared home. “So, how’s school going?” Zayn asked her one night, while you guys were having dinner. “Oh, it’s really great! I love film so much! Actually, for my final project in on of my classes, we have to make a film of whatever we want! We just have to make sure we apply everything we learned in that class.” “Wow! That sounds like your kind of project, sis!” you said, happy for your sister. “Yeah! I know we’re only half way through the semester but I already have most of my film done. Actually, it’s on my laptop! If you guys wanna see what I have so far after dinner, I’d love to show you!” “Sure, sounds good!” Zayn said.  So once dinner was over and the dishwasher loaded up, the three of you plopped down on the sofa in the living room to watch your sister’s film. As it turned out, your sister had made a documentary about the lives of postal workers, and it was like a three-hour film. About two hours in, you whispered to Zayn “oh my GOD I am so bored. I don’t think I can keep my eyes open any longer.” “I’m struggling with that too babe, but we have to do it for your sister. We can make it ‘til the end,” he responded. But shortly after that exchange, the two of you fell asleep. Postal workers aren’t that interesting.

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A/N: I’m still writing about Zayn because to me, he will always be a member of One Direction.

Hello Heartache part 2

 I kinda liked how the first part turned out, so here’s part 2! Hope you enjoy it, and please send in some title ideas!

*Y/N’s pov*

 After what happened last night with Harry, I didn’t bother cleaning up the mess on the coffee table, I ended up falling asleep on the couch because I was afraid that he would leave and be so pissed, he wouldn’t say goodbye. It was 9 in the morning, and the sun peeking out through the blinds woke me up. It took me a few minutes, but once I was awake, I realized that I hadn’t heard Harry come down the hallway. Maybe he didn’t leave? Or maybe he was mad at me because of the ‘little argument’. Either way, I still didn’t want to say goodbye like that, and I know we’ll see each other soon.

 I heard footsteps echoing down the hall coming towards the front room, and then I see Harry standing at the edge of the wall rubbing his neck nervously. 

 "I’m sorry about last night. Really I don’t want to leave, but I kinda have to, this is big, I’m finally meeting her parents" he says while walking over and taking a seat next to me on the couch.

 I nodded, not even bothering to look at him. I didn’t want him to see the hurt in my eyes, Harry knows me all to well. He won’t stop asking me whats wrong, until I tell him. And I don’t really want to tell him how I feel. I needed to stop thinking I ever had a chance, and just get on with it. Move on, and find a guy of my own.

 "When do you leave?“ I whispered

 "Around 1, we still have some time together” I knew he was trying to lighten up the mood.

 "Are your bags packed?“ I asked turning around this time and facing him.

 "Yeah, I got it all done last night, maybe we can go for a late breakfast down by the shore?”

 I nodded. “I’ll get around right now then” before getting up off the couch, and making my way down to my bedroom. I was afraid of looking in the mirror, because my hair was a rats nest, I had dark circles under my eyes from getting up at 5:30 for school yesterday, and I had some rice in my hair. How attractive is that?

 Since I took a shower last night, I don’t need one until tonight, so I go and get some black leggings, my black bralette, and an over sized t shirt. I didn’t care it was only breakfast, I put on mascara, and my hair in a messy bun. I walk out into the kitchen by the bar making sure I had my phone, keys, money, and stuffed the, in my bag.

 "You ready?“ I yelled down the hall towards the guest room Harry was staying in.

 "Yeah” he whispered behind me.

 I was scared to death and quickly turned around and gasped, when I saw that out noses were almost touching, and he’s giggling up a storm because of my reaction.

 "Don’t do that!“

 "I’m sorry” he said putting his hands up in defeat

 "You’re so lucky I didn’t kick you" I yelled walking to the front door, slipping on my converse.

 All he did was laugh. I turned around and there he is with his face all red, and I roll my eyes at him.

 "Come on, its already 10" I said opening the door and locking it, before making my way down my sidewalk that lead to my car. The heat wasn’t as bad as yesterday, its maybe in the high 80’s. I slip on my sunglasses and unlock my car door, quickly getting in and starting it. Once Harry’s in I turn on the AC and pull out of the driveway, making a left and down the road towards my favorite cafe’.

 "So what time do you leave again?“ I ask trying to start up a conversation between us.

 "Around 1, so we have an hour and a half until I have to be at the airport”

 It sucks that he has to leave, but if their vacation ends in a week, whats the point in going? Kendall and her family live in LA too, so we could have this week together until they get back and he’s all hers. I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t want to start up another 'fight’, if you can even call it that. I just want to enjoy the last hour and a half with him. No Kendall, no Greece, just us.

 "I can drop you off if you want, are you leaving from LAX?“

 "Yeah, if it isn’t to much of a bother” he said glancing over at me. I couldn’t help but blush and nod, turning my attention back to the road.

 I pulled into the parking lot, thank god not many cars were here, and paparazzi were no where in sight. I let out a heavy breathe before putting the car in park, and getting out, making my way behind Harry into the little cafe’. He held the door open for me, and a lady was there to take us to our seats and menus. We ordered our drinks, water for me, tea for Harry.

 I looked to see what they had, but decided to go for my usual, and put my menu down and looked over at Harry. I loved the way his eyebrows furrowed when he was deep in thought about what he’d want to eat. Or how his fingers grazed lightly over his lips. I don’t know how a paper thin menu can make his arm muscles flex, but I couldn’t help but stare. His cross necklace hanging lowly between the v of t shit. Or the wings of the swallows that peeked out a bit. I couldn’t help but take it all in, I wanted to remember him. And I wanted him to remember me.

 "I think I’ll have the sausage egg sandwich" he said folding up his menu, I looked away before he caught me staring at him. I just simply nodded and when the waitress came and handed us our drinks, and took our orders, that’s when I got annoyed of Harry’s phone beeping every 5 seconds. 

 "Just take the call" I said annoyed

 He looked at me with furrowed eyebrows, before swiping his finger against the screen and bringing it up to his ear.

 "Hello? Hey I’m leaving in like an hour I’ll see you soon okay? Wait, what? No, I’m out at breakfast with Y/N, but I thoug-, Kendall can’t I eat and then-. Fine, I’m on my way now. Bye" He huffed into the phone, and gave me a sad look.

 "My jet came in early, because theres going to be a storm coming in, listen, when I back next week, we’ll have some me and you time okay?“ 

 I just rolled my eyes and laid a 50 on the table, got up grabbed my keys, and made my way out of the cafe’.

 "Hey, hey Y/N! Wait, dammit!” he yelled trying to catch up to me.

 "What the hells your problem?“ he asked gasping for breath

 "The problem is the last hour we have, you have to leave. How the hell are you suppose to get away from the storm, if you going right into it? You probably will get there even later, and when you do come back, you’ll make an excuse to be with her every minute of everyday. Once I’m off spring break, I won’t get a chance to see you, you’ll be touring!”

 I turned back around heading to my car unlocking it, waiting for Harry to get in the seat, even though I was pissed at him, I wouldn’t leave without him. I started the car and started heading to the airport, listening to the radio play the newest songs out. It felt good to let it all go. I didn’t care if I was going beyond the speed limit, I just wanted him to leave already so I could get over it.

 "I’m sorry?“ he whispered

 "Is it suppose to be more of a question than an answer?” I snapped.

 I didn’t care. I pulled into the LAX airport parking lot, stopping in front of the entrance. 

 "There, bye" I said pointing to the doors. He didn’t even look at me, and got out of the car, grabbing his bags and slamming the door behind him.

 I knew I was a bitch, but it seemed as if Kendall was an even bigger one. She’d call and ruin something that was going actually decent. I started to cry while I made my way down the highway, I didn’t know where I was going. All I know is that it’ll be a while before things go back to normal for me.


 Dramatic, I know its not the best,probably not that long either, but tell me if you like it!
 I need ideas for a 'title’, so message me!