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Hi! I found an article of yours on the Contiki website, talking about how you're not into drinking but still enjoyed yourself. I'm going on a contiki tour myself in April through Europe and I'm very concerned about the heavy drinking culture surrounding contikis. I'm not into drinking at all and would much rather sightsee than party, so I was wondering, from your experience, if you had any advice for me on my upcoming trip and what I should expect. Thanks so much! :)

The beautiful thing with Contiki is that you really can get the trip YOU want out of it.

I just returned from another trip with them through NZ and it was again, one of the greatest trips of my life. Just go in with an open mind, and a thirst for adventure. You will have the best time.

I want a girl that’s okay with silly dates. Dressing up and going to a fancy dinner is fine but I want a girl who’d be ready to go to the arcade at 4pm on a Thursday just because it’s there. I want a girl who’d go on NYC tour buses and act like a complete tourist with me. I want a girl who’d go to the movies with me and watch the newest Pixar films even if we’re the oldest people there. I want a girl who’ll go to the amusement park with me. I want a girl who considers playing wii sports all day a date. A girl who doesn’t need fancy dates, expensive nights and money to have fun. I want a girl who won’t complain about having dominoes for dinner because I can’t afford a fancy restaurant. I want a girl who’ll text me date ideas that include carnivals or karaoke night. I want a girl I’ll have fun with. I want a girl who won’t mind staying in all night watching movies together in a homemade fort. I want a girl who’ll cook meal with me but when we burn it we will look at each other and we know to order Chinese food. I want a girl who won’t give up on me because I’m broke, but when I want to spoil her I want her to let me. I want that girl.

@imaginationandfascinations This ones for you my dear :)

Daddy? (Josh Dun - Twenty One Pilots) (SMUT)

Word Count: 994


You were waiting for your boyfriend Josh to come back from band practice. He was preparing to go back on tour with Twenty One Pilots and you couldn’t be happier for all his success. However with long days and nights at the studio had put some stress on your sex life, Josh was tired when he came in and just wanted to cuddle and then sleep. You wanted to spice up your sex life before he went on tour for another three months.

You and Tyler’s wife Jenna were best friends and told each other everything. Last week the two of you had been talking about kinks you had while you were tipsy from drinking too much wine. You let slip that you had a small daddy kink but you weren’t sure Josh would like that sort of thing, she swore to keep your secret and called you a dirty minded girl.

“y/n I’m home.”

You jump off the sofa and run at Josh before throwing your arms around his shoulders and jump so he has to catch you. You kiss him roughly and he stumbles back against the door before he matches your passion and runs his hands through your hair. After a minute or two he pulls back with a smirk.

“Did you miss me little girl?”

You quirk an eyebrow, Josh never called you a little girl.

“What did you call me Josh?”

“Get on your knees little girl. Isn’t this what you wanted y/n? Now be a good girl and obey daddy.”

Josh lets you down and pushes you onto your knees, to say you were surprised would have been an understatement.

“How did you find out Josh?”

“Jenna let it slip today. Who knew my baby had a dirty side.”

You should have been mad at your friend but this dominant side of Josh was turning you on.

“I want you to suck daddy off little girl.”

You nod and pull down his trousers followed by his pants, his erection springs free. He was just as turned on as you were. You take him inside your mouth and start to bob your head up and down his shaft, with your fingers you play with his balls causing him to throw his head back and moan loudly.

“Fuck y/n, you know how to make daddy very happy.”

He tangles his fingers in your hair and forces you to take more of him until you feel his length touch the back of your throat and you start to gag as he deep throats you. In a matter of minutes Josh comes in your mouth and you swallow.

“Good girl, now clean daddy.”

You lick his length clean before he helps you stand back up. Next thing you know Josh has you pushed against the front door and his hand slides under your dress and he caresses you through your panties. You bite your lip and throw your head back suppressing a moan as Josh smirks again.

“Are you wet for daddy little girl? Did I do this to you?”

“Yes daddy I’m wet for you, only you can make me feel this way.”

Josh pulls down your panties and inserts two fingers inside you, you gasp as he adds a third and starts to pump them faster.

“You’re not allowed to come until I tell you little girl understood?”

You nod.

“I understand daddy.”

Josh continues his torture as you struggle to keep yourself together. He removes his fingers and brings them to your lips; you open your mouth and lick them clean. But before you can take a breather Josh thrusts his length inside you making you scream.

“Fuck daddy.”

Josh throws his head back and laughs.

‘Daddy is going to fuck you so good little girl. If you come you get punished okay?’

“Yes daddy now fuck me please.”

Josh fucks you roughly; this is what you’d wanted for a long time. You dig your nails into his back as a tingling sensation rises in your belly, you didn’t want to get punished because you were enjoying the sex too much. But you didn’t know how long you could hold it in.

You tighten around Josh and he chuckles against your neck where he was planting small love bites claiming you as his own.

“Is my little girl close?”

You bite your lip and nod afraid that if you said it out loud you’d come. Josh shakes his head and slaps your ass making you squeal in surprise.

“I asked my girl a question. Are you close?”

“Yes daddy.”

Josh nuzzles against your throat before pulling back and his pace slows down as he pulls out of you. He kneels down in front of you and you gasp as his tongue licks and flicks your clit.

“You did a good job for daddy little girl, now daddy is going to reward you.”

He skilfully teases and sucks working you up into a frenzied mess. It doesn’t take you too long to build up again.

“Fuck Josh…I mean daddy I’m going to come…”

“Come for daddy.”

You squirt your juices onto his face and he cleans himself up before standing back up in front of you. Both of your breathing is heavy as Josh pulls you into a hug and you smile against his chest.

“I like that side of you Josh. Maybe next time I won’t behave so well.”

Josh pecks your lips before smacking your ass one last time.

“I think I’ll enjoy punishing you babe. Now how about round two?”

You grin like a mad man before grabbing his hand and pull him towards the bedroom.

“I’m daddy’s little girl.”

Josh smirks darkly.

“And don’t you forget it y/n.”

He closes the bedroom door shut behind him and pushes you backwards onto the bed. Let’s just say you both went for more than two rounds and each round was more mind blowing than the last.

Love/Hate relationsip

           Ring Ring Ring. Who the hell could be calling you at four in the morning? You rolled over to look at your phone, hoping to shut it up. After your eyes adjusted to the light, you saw that you had a missed call from Louis. What the hell was so important that it couldn’t wait until morning and by morning you meant noon. You didn’t have to wait long to find out because he called again. “Hey YN, whatcha doing?”

           “Scuba diving. What kinda question is that?”

           “No need to be snarky.”

           “Louis it’s four in the morning, get to the point.”

           “Well I was wondering if you wanted to go on tour with us? If you do then you need to be packed and at the airport at 7.”

           “Of course I want to go. Why are you just inviting me now? I have almost no time to pack!” You were wide awake now. Your mind was going a million miles a minute. You needed to make a list and get everything together. “Louis I gotta go if I’m gonna get ready in time.”

           “Well I didn’t tell you because I wanted you to go and not have time to change your mind. Alright see you at the airport.”

           It took a lot less time to pack than you actually thought. You were completely packed by 5:30, so now you were just sitting and waiting until it was time to leave for the airport. Your taxi pulled up right at six. You threw your bags in the trunk, slide into the back seat, and closed your eyes until you got to the airport.

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How Vernon would react to news that you’re pregnant!
  • You’ve been married for a couple of years now, and it’s gotten to the point where you’ve talked about having kids, but you haven’t been actively trying to have a baby yet. 
  • He’s out on tour promoting Seventeen’s latest comeback, and it’s been about a month since you’ve seen him; and you only get to talk a few times a week since he’s so busy. 
  • One morning you notice that Aunt Flo should have visited about a week ago, but definitely did not. Suddenly your mind races back to the night before Vernon left and, come to think about it, there hadn’t been any…preventive measures taken. 
  • You take the test three times just to be sure, and you’re definitely pregnant. You go to call Vernon but you remember that he’s at an event where he’ll be busy all day. However, you want him to know as soon as possible, so you just take a picture of the three positive pregnancy tests and text it to him.
  • You don’t hear from him at all for the next two days, and even though that you know he’s very busy, he should have gotten the text by now. There’s no way that he’d just ignore that. You started to get worried, and sent a few little “hey, are you alright?” texts just to check in.
  • With no responses even still, you get into pajamas and go to bed. If you didn’t have a response by morning, you’d start calling other members of seventeen to see if maybe one of them would tell you what was up with your MIA husband. 
  • But as soon as you turn off the lights and roll over under the covers, you hear the sound of the front door unlocking, and the lights being clicked on. 
  • You bolt out of bed and into the living room, where you see Vernon standing there holding a bouquet of flowers. His eyes have bags under them and he looks completely exhausted, but as soon as he sees you his face breaks into a huge smile.
  • You tackle him into a hug, letting the roses fall to the carpet beneath you. He holds you against his chest as tightly as he can, and you only pull away to kiss him.
  • “Is it for real? Are we gonna have a baby?” he whispers, looking into your eyes. You nod, and he immediately pulls you back into his arms.
  • “Wait, Vernon, why didn’t you tell me you were coming home?” 
  • “I couldn’t get a flight back, so I might have taken one of the crew vans and driven for two days straight to get here. My phone was dead when I finally realized that I should have said something.” 
  • “…You stole a car to get here?” you ask, trying not to laugh.
  • “I borrowed it. I’m sure they’ll understand once I tell them that I needed to see my family.” he says, his eyes darting down to your stomach. He drops down to his knees so that he’s eye level with your abdomen, and lifts up your shirt a little to place a soft peck underneath your belly button.
  • “Hi baby. I know you can’t hear me but I already love you so much that I committed a felony.” He says, looking back up to your face, causing the both of you to crack up.

- Marcy

Critics pretend to get it and bitches just don’t fuck with him - Huey

My absence of fucks
Was a problem that we ain’t ever really get to solve
We just smashed and we scuffled - Mantra

And I don’t know who house to call home lately
I hope my phone break, let it ring
Toe to toe with the foes, new and old - Faucet

I just want my time and my mind intact
When they both gone, you can’t buy ‘em back - Grief

Raised up where every mouth that speak the truth get taped shut
Peep the evening news, my nigga, we don’t do the same stuff - Off top

Feel this cage when that acid fade
Face the same but your mind has changed - Grown ups

Brick out on the tour, got kicked out of the morgue
Spit cattle manure shit, shit, rally the Horsemen
Tally the corpses - AM // Radio

Falling victim to myself, middle finger to the help
When it’s problems I don’t holler, rather fix 'em by myself - Inside

I never was defenseless
I never hugged a fence
I pick a side and trust in it - DNA

Put your body down in water like a Lipton tea bag is
Switch to different fucking whip to let them piggies speed past 'em - Wool

- Earl Sweatshirt - I don’t like shit I don’t go outside

Imagine you and Michael are out for the day and it has been the best day you’ve had with him in ages.
Michael had just come back from touring, so with him being your best friend (that you may or may not have feelings for) you both wanted a day where it was just you two and no interruptions from the guys, fans or friends.

“Omg Y/N!! You have no idea how much I’ve missed you, I thought I was gonna lose my mind if I had to stay with just the guys for any other couple of days!” Michael giggles, the giggle that usually sent butterflies swirling in your stomach.
“Well I’m glad I can be of your service to get you away hehe.”

Just as you were about to go into a coffee shop, a tall slender guy with blonde hair, brown eyes and freckles stops you.
“Hey, erm, this may sound weird, but can I have your number?” He asks, the guys voice sounds low and rough. Sexy, but not Michael.
“Who’s asking?” You say, crossing your arms.
“Alexander. Alexander Pierce. So can I have your number?” His tone becoming irritated at my questioning.
“No, sorry.” I smirk.
“Why not?! You’re hot and i want your number!” He raises his voice, taking a step towards me.
But before he could get too close, Michael steps in, looking as if he’s gonna kill someone.
“The lady said ‘no’! So leave her alone!” Michael growls at Alexander, making him back down real quickly.
“S-s-orry man! My bad, didn’t know she had a boyfriend.” And with that, he hurries off.
Both you and Michael start laughing when Alexander is out of earshot.

“Y/N, you sure know how to draw all the guys in!” Michael chuckles.
You light punch his arm and say, “no I don’t!”
“I think you’ll find that you do!”
You look up at the tall red head and raise a finely styled brow.
“Oh yeah? Like who?” You say, challenging Michael. You know he wouldn’t be able to answer you because you literally repel the entire male population.
But that didn’t stop Michael from stepping closer to you, taking your face into his hands and looking deep into your brown eyes that turned a gold in the sun. “Me.” Michael whispers, his warm minty breathe hitting your face. You find yourself moving in closer to him, as he was as well. To build the tension further, you could both feel the spark that was errupting between you both as your lips had become an half inch from each other. Butterflies were fluttering like crazy in your stomach, the temptation becoming non-existent. As your lips meet in the middle, a fire like feeling alights between you both! Your lips moving in sync, in a rhythm, in a pattern. Nothing in this world is better than being with Michael right now, you think to yourself, nothing!

You accidentally give him a boner (Luke)


Anonymous said: “can you do some thing where you like "accidentally” give him a boner???“

yes :) you didn’t say which boy you wanted to I just went for Luke, if you want me to do the other boys too just send in a request! x


The boys are having a few weeks break before they go back on tour again, and you decide to make the best of the time you have with each other. You met them through your best friend Luke, whom you have known since you were little kids, and now they’ve all become your best friends.

You and Luke have always had a very intimate relationship with each other, not minding sleeping in the same bed during your many sleepovers or cuddle on the daytime. Luke is your absolute best friend and you have missed him like crazy when he was on tour, thousands of miles away from home. 

You had given him the biggest hug of all times when you’d met them at the airport earlier, there to pick them up. Now, a few hours later, you are at Luke’s house with all of the lads, catching up and spending time together. Luke is lying on the couch while Calum, Ashton and Michael are occupied with playing fifa on the tv (like they haven’t done enough of that on the tour bus). 

You plop down onto the couch next to your best friend, cuddling in to his warm and big embrace. "I’ve misses you Lukey.” You say, feeling safe and content in the arms of your best friend as you wiggle a little to get closer to him, you back to his front. 

“I- I’ve missed you too.” He responds, sounding restrained.

“Are you okay?" 

"Yep. ’m fine. Totally.” He assures but you can’t help but hear the low groan that escapes his mouth. You move again, so that you can get a better look at him, but he grabs your hips firmly, stopping you. “Please, don’t.” He says.

“What are yo- oh.” You cut yourself off as you feel something hard (that definitely isn’t his knee or elbow) poke you in the bum. “Luke Hemmings, are you h-” You start, trying to not let a little laugh escape your mouth, but he cuts you off.

“I can explain! I promise!” He pleads, suddenly blushing. “I’ve just been on tour for so long, without anyone to cuddle or, you know, be physical with. And it is hard to get a little alone time, if you know what I mean, when you live on a bus with a bunch of other dudes. And you look really hot today and your bum i-” He explains.

“Okay! That’s enough, I get it!” You say, not wanting to hear your best friend talk about your bum or his sex life anymore. “Just go do your business." 

He nods in relief, getting up from the sofa while concealing his crotch with his hands, though you absolutely clearly felt his boner poke your bum. You shake your head and laugh as he sprints off to the toilet to sort his situation out. 

A/N: I’m so sorry, this was rubbish, but it is in the middle of the night and I’ve just ran out of inspiration. send in a request if you want me to do the other boys too. I’ll try to complete as many requests as I can this weekend x

Feel me by Selena Gomez

Verse 1:

No one loves you like I love you 

Never cheated, never lied 

Never put no one above you 

I gave you space and time 

Now you’re telling me you miss me

And I’m still on your mind 

We were one in a million 

Our love is hard to find 


  Do you stay up late 

 Just so you don’t dream?


 Every time your lips touch another  

 I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me

 Every time you dance with somebody 

 I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me 

 Do your days get a little bit longer 

 Nights get a little bit colder 

 Heart beat a little bit louder x2

Verse 2:

When you’re running, what you run to? 

 Where do you go to hide? 

 She ain’t giving you enough to get you throught the night 

I won’t be caught up in the middle of your highs and lows 

 Baby, as long as you’re not with me 

 You’ll always be alone.


Do you stay up late just so you don’t dream? 


Every time your lips touch another 

I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me 

Every time you dance with somebody 

I want you to feel me, I want you to feel me 

Do your days get a little bit lonely

Nights get a little bit colder 

Heartbeat a little bit louder

Days get a little bit longer

Nights get a little bit colder

Heartbeat a little bit louder


I bumped this request up a bit just to fit in with Valentines day


*Even though he loved performing he would have liked to stay with your on Valentines day, he wanted to treat you and make the night special but he said he would make it up to you when he got back, and you both settled for a Skype dinner date instead*


*He had jet lag from the long flight and had to catch up on sleep before the concert, so he face timed you just before he was meant to go on stage and wished you a happy valentines day and said that he would be home soon, but you didn’t mind too much you wished him luck on stage and said you couldn't wait for him to get back, which was likewise for him too*


*He was about to fly to the next state in America so he send you a video message before he got onto the plane to wish you a happy Valentines day and that he was sorry he couldn't make it but when get got back from tour he would make sure you would have another valentines day but this time he would be with you to spend it*


*He was looking in the mirror getting ready for his internet date with you, he had missed out on some sleep just to make sure you saw each other on this day*


*He was going to go on stage but made sure he called you as he had missed your text*

BH: “Hey jagi try not to miss me too much it’s not like I’m missing you or anything…”

CY: “He is lying he does miss you, just saying”


*He serenaded you by singing a love song to you through face time which ended in you blushing and then you complimenting him on his voice and them him blushing*


*He spent most of the day talking to you and started taking you on a tour around the hotel, later he ordered room service and told the members to leave him alone so you guys could talk before he got on stage*

C: “When I get back then we will do something special okay”


*He was in a different country but he planned something special for valentines day so he intended to get back as soon as possible, even though he was later than planned he surprised you towards the end of the day and carried out the plans he had made for the day after instead*


*The time zones between where you guys where were so drastic that he had to wake up at a specific time just to send you his love, but he missed his alarm so when he woke up he rushed to his phone and made it in time before valentines day for you was over*


*He planned a date for you guys when he got back to the  country, he just decided that remaking Valentines day was the perfect solution*


*He got on the earliest flight possible to come and see you, and surprised you when he got back to your home*

Y/N: “Lu what are you doing here??”

L: “It may be the end of valentines day but I least I am here for some of it”


*You had decided to go out with your friends on Valentines day as they were single so you face timed Xiumin before going out and told him where you were going*

XM: “Your going out, what if you find some attractive man on this day?”

Y/N: “No one is more attractive than you”

XM: “Well we are going for a night out when I get back”

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How would dok2 and jay park react to finding out his girlfriend is pregnant with triplets while he's on tour?

Dok2: I think he wouldn’t like the fact that you told him while he was touring. I think he would just straight up come home when he found out, because he would be so worried about leaving you alone with the 3 kids in your tummy, even tough they’re still small. He would have preferred it if you told him face to face, but he would be excited nevertheless.

Jay: I think he would be speechless and not knowing what to do, should he go home to you or continue touring? You’ll be on his mind all the time now. He would want to be with you right now of course. I think just like Dok2 he would be worried and if he can’t come to you, he’ll try to fly you over, because he needs to see you.


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So you want Harry to go "Hey everyone, so excited for my own music, can't wait to go on tour alone... All the love H" ? Or would that make you complain about him ostracizing the band and pushing solo Harry? Make up your mind lol. Also, honestly, who does that? Why do you need *Harry's* excitement if he's probably super nervous? I just don't get it

No? I literally? I’m not going to sit here and write the same thing I’ve written 6 times today. Go read. It doesn’t that’s to be my blog but it’s gotta be something so you can get your self better with critical thinking.


Okay this one is for Anonymous hope you like it ❤️ If you want one just request and so promise I’ll have it out!

“Babe I need to tell you something.” Nash said sitting down next to you. “So do you remember when I went to that party at Cam’s” He began. You knew what he was going to say even before he said it. “Well. We all got really wasted and I cheated on you.” He said. Even though you knew this was coming, hearing the actual words felt like you entire world was caving in. You had around waiting for Nash when he was on tour, you were loyal and you never cheated on him, the thought never even cross your mind.

You were at a loss for words. You opened your mouth to speak but no words came out. Instead tears began to fall and once they did, they didn’t stop. “Babe.” Nash said reaching towards you. “Babe?! Don’t you dare call me babe you cheating ass. Nash I would wait on ends like four months at times and I never EVER cheated on you. And this is what I get? The one night I don’t feel like going to a party with you is the night that you cheat on me.” You were flaming now, pacing back and forth across the room as Nash sat on the couch listening. The tears kept falling and you kept talking. “Nash how could you be so inconsiderate I really thought that you loved me.” You said “I do love you!” Nash said coming up to you. “Obviously you don’t fucking love me if you went and cheated on me. You were obviously not thinking of anyone else but yourself when you were in bed with someone else. You’re a horrible person, all this time I sit here alone, missing you, wishing that time could just speed up and I could be in your arms again, but I don’t want to be in your arms because they were with someone else.” You said. You wish you could walk out then, but you weren’t done.

“Babe, Y/N, can you at least let me explain myself? I love you so much, more than you will ever know and when that happened I was so drunk. Hell I didn’t even know my name, But what happened wasn’t the Nash you know, and you know that. Just please I will do anything. Please.” Nash says the tears streaming down his face.

You sat against the wall, falling to the ground, your head in your hands. You were torn, of course you loved Nash, you loved him more than anything, but he cheated on you. At the time he wasn’t thinking of you, he wasn’t thinking about the relationship, he was thinking about him and the girl. How were you ever supposed to trust him again? He did the one thing that all guys promise they would never do at the beginning of the relationship. He promised that he would never break your heart, but right now your heart was shattered into a million pieces. If you let him walk out that door, there goes everything that you had ever put into the relationship. “Get out.” You barely said above a whisper. “What?” Nash said devastated. “Get out. I can’t be doing this right now.” You said. Your head still hid in your hands, but you heard Nash’s footsteps come closer and then fade away, the door open and close, and the love of your life walking out the door.

The rain outside poured down, just like every sad movie. You went to the couch and buried your face in the pillow wondering if you made the right decision. You cried, and you cried, and you cried, until you fell asleep. When you woke up you went to the bathroom and noticed that you looked like death. Your hair was flying in every different direction, your make up had run all the way down to your cheeks, and your eyes were puffier than you have ever seen before. You re-put up your hair and wiped off the excess make up and went outside to go to the mail, the rain now gone. When you opened the door, you saw a wet, tired Nash sitting under the little porch that you had.

“What are you doing here?” I realized that once I left I forgot my keys, and then I didn’t want to com back in here so I kinda just sat under here.” Nash said pointing to the porch. “You must be so cold.” You said. “Ehh yeah kinda.” Nash said. “Well your soaked, so obviously your cold. Come inside.” He got up water dripping from him. “Are you hungry? You know go take a shower and change into fresh clothes and I’ll cook something.” You said. Nash smiled. He came over to you and gave you a big hug. You didn’t fight it even though he was soaked. You just forgot about last night and just remembered how much he meant to you. 


It was the middle of the night and you were on the tour bus. Harry laid asleep next to you with arms around your waist.

You had a lot on your mind and thoughts just running wild. Harry was a good boyfriend but sometimes felt as if he wasn’t around much or there for you often. He was always busy. On tour, in the studio, or with the lads. You often felt forgotten at times.

You just laid there next to him in, thoughts running through your mind still but trying to brush it off so you could get some sleep.

That morning you woke up and the tour bus was parked at the venue they were playing at. There was no one else on the bus. Harry was gone and you just started feeling sad all over again. You woke up with a really bad headache and there was no medication so you find a piece of paper and write,

‘I’m going out because no one else wants to be around. Be back later!’

And left it on the table and exited the bus and down the road. You found a gas station and went in. You grabbed some medicine and a drink and checked out. You walk out then take the medicine.

You didn’t wanna go back just yet so you continue on down and found a cute shop and looked around for a while. Then you found a bench outside and sat down.

Your phone buzzes and you get it out of your pocket. It was a text from Harry that said,

'Hey babe. Where are you? I saw the note. Please come back.’

You rolled your eyes then put the phone back in your pocket. It kept ringing and it was Harry still calling you. You never answered.

After an hour you decide to go back to the tour bus and see if Harry was around. As you approach the bus, you hear Harry talking to the other lads.

“Babe!!” Harry yells with hurt in his voice. “I was so worried.” He said looking at you. You smile and sit next to him. “I had a really bad headache and I had to go get medicine then I thought I’d look around.” You said looking down. “I’m just glad you’re okay. And I know I need to act more of a boyfriend. I’m sorry baby.” He said giving you a kiss on the lips. “It’s okay Harry.”
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Pregnant - Ashton

Requested - “Can you do a one shot where me and Ashton are married and we get into a fight but it’s like right before he goes on tour. I’m pregnant but I haven’t told him and I was going to but we then we had the fight so I couldn’t. While he’s on tour something goes wrong with the pregnancy. My friend takes me to the hospital and calls Ashton and him and the boys come. You can finish it however you like”

Apparently when given my own choice of ending, I make it incredibly depressing. I’m sorry, I just thought it’d be interesting to write! I hope you don’t mind 😬
I think this is the most serious thing I’ve written..


“I just wanted to talk to you about something” you laugh, but there’s no humour in your voice.

“All I said was ‘can we not talk tomorrow?’!” Ashton rubs his hand over his face, “I’m tired, I need to go to sleep, we start the tour tomorrow.”

“What, you think I don’t know that?” Your eyes flash with anger, “you think I don’t know you’ll be gone for the next four months?!”

“It’s my job! I don’t want to leave for so…”

“Just go to bed,” you shut him off, not wanting to continue with this argument, “you’re right, you need sleep.”

“Are you coming up?” He holds his hand out to you.

“In a minute” you look from his outstretched hand to his face. He nods and walks up the stairs to your bedroom, leaving you slumped against the kitchen worktop. You can feel the tears stinging behind your eyes as you can’t help but think of the next four months alone. You could quit your job and go on tour with him, like he always wanted you to, but you didn’t want to give that up. You adored your husband, and you were so proud of his career, but you needed your own too. Your life couldn’t revolve around following him from country to country. You had a family, friends, a job you loved, you had a life and you needed the stability of it. You were fine with him touring, you missed him, but you managed and joined him when you could. Now there wasn’t going to be just the two of you anymore though. He didn’t even have the time for you to tell him that you were pregnant, never mind actually raise another human being. You sighed, heavily, knowing that if you didn’t go to bed now, it would just be less time with him before he left.


“I can’t believe you haven’t told him” Y/F/N shakes her head.

“We had a fight before he left” you shrug, “and I don’t want to tell him over the phone, I want him to be here.” You feel the tears at the back of your eyes.

“Y/N, you’ll be almost 6 months gone by the time he gets back,” she says, gently, “you need to tell him.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I will…” You pause, an odd feeling passing over you.

“Y/N?” Her eyes fill with concern.

“Something’s not right” your eyes are wide as they look at her, “it feels…Y/F/N, something’s wrong!” You can feel the panic building.

“It’s okay, just breathe!” She tries to calm you down, but her eyes fill with fear as she looks down.

“What? What is it?” You look down and see the blood seeping through your jeans. Your breathing speeds up as you realise what’s happening, “the baby..” You manage to breathe out, before everything turns black.


“Ashton! ASHTON!” the panicked sounding voice of a runner rushes onstage, stopping in front of the drummer.

“What?!” Ashton’s eyes are full of confusion, “what is it?”

“Your wife” the man breathes heavily, out of breath from his dash through the arena, “she…she’s been taken to hospital.” Ash didn’t need to hear any more, he ran off the stage, his mind only focused on making his way back to you. The runner explained what had happened, to the other confused looking boys and with a quick explanation to the disappointed fans, they followed after their band mate.

“What happened?! Where is she?! Fuck, I need to get back! I need…I need to be with her. What happened?!” His thoughts and actions are erratic, he can’t handle knowing you need him, but he’s a thousand miles away.

“We’ll book you on the next flight” their tour manager tries to calm him down, “you three go with him, he needs you.” She nods at the others.

“Mate, mate, listen” Luke walks over, placing his hands on Ashton’s shoulders, making him stand still, “it’s going to be okay, she’s going to be okay.”

“What happened?” Ash turns to the runner, his breathing shaky, “you haven’t told me what happened!”

“She’s had a miscarriage” his eyes are full of sympathy. Ashton almost chokes as the mixture of shock and devastation hits him, the nausea rising inside him.

“What?!” Calum’s eyes are wide, matching everyone else’s in the room, “I didn’t know she was pregnant.”

“Neither did I” Ash’s voice cracks, “I need to go home. I need my wife.”


“Y/N, your husband is here” you hear the nurse’s kind voice beside you. You’ve been staring at the wall, unable to talk to anyone. You just wanted Ash and he hadn’t been there.

“Y/N?” You hear the familiar voice, the only voice you’d wanted to hear. That was all it took for the tears to fall.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” you sob, “I-I lost our baby” Ashton climbs beside you on the bed, his arms wrapping around you as he pulls you into his chest.

“No, no, my love” you can hear him trying to control his emotions, “don’t you dare blame yourself. These things just happen, Y/N.”

“B-but I should have been more careful, I-I was meant t-to look after our baby and I couldn’t!” It’s hard to understand your words through the tears.

“This is not your fault, this is no ones fault” he soothes, his hand rubbing circles on your back, trying to calm you down.

“I’m sorry” you repeat, hiccuping.

“You have nothing to apologise for,” he shakes his head, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry I wasn’t here. I’m sorry I’m never here.”

“Don’t say that, I didn’t tell you” you sniffle against his chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispers.

“I…was scared of telling you, I was scared that I’d be raising a baby alone while you were travelling the world, I was just…scared,” you breathe out, “I felt alone.” You hear Ashton swallow, his voice breaking as he breathes out heavily.

“I’m your husband, you should never have to feel like that” he presses kisses to your temple, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“I lost our baby” you repeat, the hurt hitting you all over again.

“No, please don’t say that” he lifts your chin to look at him, his eyes look devastated, “listen to me, this is no one’s fault. These things just happen, love. We will be parents, we’re going to have a baby. Everything is going to be okay.”

“You don’t know that” you shake your head.

“Yes, I do. I promise you, I’ll make sure everything is alright,” He presses a kiss to your forehead, “we’ll be okay.”

Finally gone. - Michael Clifford imagine

Requested: No ( This idea just appeared in my mind)

Summary : He brings you with him on tour,but things don’t go as planned and you end up hurt.

I haven’t written anything in a while here on Tumblr,but this is a short story that i thought of.If you guys like it,i may post a part 2 for it,so leave your opinion in my ask box (  here  )

It had been a few months since you boyfriend,Michael Clifford,had asked you to come with them on tour.At first you were hesitant to agree,but he gave you those puppy eyes and you just gave in.He said it would be the best time of both of your lifes.He said that he will love spending every day with you and sharing all these memories.He said that that there is nothing more that he would want more than just be with you,

But i guess everything changes..

You were sitting backstage,waiting for the boys to finish another one of their shows.Scrolling through you twitter timeline,you replied to some of their fan questions when you saw one tweet that made all color drain from your face.

Last night Michael and the boys went out,like they always do.You didn’t like clubs,it just wasn’t your thing,but you also didn’t have anything against Michael going without you.You trusted him and thought that he wouldn’t do anything more than just party with the guys and have a few drinks.This picture proved you wrong.

There he was,looking amazing like always,his eyes were glassy and he had a drink in his hands.There was a huge smile plasstered on his face as he was looking at a beautiful blonde,who was sitting on his lap with his hand around her waist.They looked like they were having the time of their lifes,you thought that it was supposed to be you,who shared laughs with Michael,then again..he has been so distant for almost a month now.Everything you said pissed him off,it was like you annoyed him all the time like you were some kind of gum stuck to his shoe and he wanted nothing else than just get rid of you.You tried your best to be nice to him,help in any possible way,but he ended up saying that you’re bothering him and he can’t focus.So you just gave up,you both barely talked and most of the nights you ended up sleeping alone,since he was out all night partying.The boys didn’t know what was up with him either,he didn’t talk to them about you always just changing the subject.

And now there you were,on the edge of breaking down,tears streaming down your cheeks.The show must have ended and you could hear the four boys through the hallways.You couldn’t let them see you like this with your eyes cried out and puffy cheeks so you grabbed your bag and headed to the door,but it was too late.Right when you pulled out your hand to grab the doorknob it swung open with Ashton standing in front of you alongside with the three other boys behind him.The three of them had their mouths open and eyes looking at you in confusion,the only one who seamed like he didn’t care was Michael,he just pushed past all of you and sat on the dressing room couch grabbing his phone and not paying any attention to you.

Suddenly you felt a hand around your wrist and you had been pulled out of the dressing room,you turned around to see Ashtons hand around yours,Luke and Calum still looking at you worried.Ashton shut the door behind the four of you leaving Michael alone in there.

‘’Are you okay?’’ Calum quietly spoke up.

‘’Yeah..uh..I-i’m tottaly fine.’’ But you weren’t and the tears came back proving it.

‘’Well,obviously you’re not okay.So stop lying and tell us what’s wrong?’’ Ashton asked a little bit harsher than intended,but gave you a soft smile as an apology.

‘’It’s nothing,I’m not feeling good today,thats all.’’ You tried to brush it off. ‘’I think I’m going back to the bus to get some sleep.’’

‘’You do that,get some rest.We will be there soon as well,i don’t feel like doing anything today.’’ Calum smiled at you,but still not believing anything you’re saying.

’Okay,see you later then.’’  You started walking away from them,giving one last glance over your shoulder right when Michael opened the dressing room door and you could barely hear him say - 

‘’Is she finally gone?’’

And with that,you knew there was no way you would be going to the bus.

How to Choose Your School

There are a LOT of music schools out there. Like, a lot. Most public universities have a music department, as do liberal arts schools. That means that when it comes to choosing your school, you’re going to feel at least a little overwhelmed at the sheer number of options available to you. However, if you keep a couple things in mind, it will be a lot easier.

  • Remember learning is the goal, not the name. If you desperately want to go to Berklee because it’s Berklee, but you’ve never toured there or met with a teacher, you might want to back up. You’ll have access to a lot of resources and good teachers at Berklee, but resources and good teachers abound everywhere. Your goal is to find a school that fits you, and your personality, well. Not just a name that will impress people. That won’t matter if you don’t have the skills to back it up.
  • What is the school’s atmosphere like? I happen to live about twenty minutes away from one of the best conservatories in the Midwest, and it really is a gorgeous place. The problem is, it’s also very, very competitive, to the point where its graduating classes are noticeably smaller than its freshman classes. Some people thrive in environments like that - I wouldn’t. I know people who do go there, who transferred from Juliard, because Juliard is even worse when it comes to competition and in-fighting. My school, though, with its small, high-quality music program, is a place where I know people and don’t have to worry about anyone coming after me. That’s where I thrive. Find a school whose atmosphere fits you.
  • How much does it cost? Unless you receive the good scholarships, at lot of private conservatories are just out of the price-range of a lot of people without incredible, jaw-dropping amounts of student debt. I had acceptances to several schools, many of which I really did like. The problem was, I know that as a music major, I’m realistically never going to be making giant piles of money. I weighed the pros and cons of every school, and went to the one that was offering me a full ride. Did I think that it was where I’d go back as a junior in high school? It was actually pretty firmly on my ‘not in a thousand years’ list. Do I regret choosing it? Nope! I’ve met my wonderful boyfriend, my amazing best friends, and a whole pile of neat and career-advancing people, and gotten the chance to be a founder of at least two new club organizations so far. High price tags don’t mean better quality - sometimes they just mean higher prices.
  • What are your goals after college? If you’re planning on grad school, I’d really recommend going to a cheaper university. People really only care about the name of the last school you went to once you’re done, and even then it only matters if your skills back it up. If you’re planning on jumping right into the music world from your Bachelor’s, then a more costly education could be worth it for the perks of those four years. Maybe. Honestly, though, just find a place that will teach you to be the best you can possibly be, hopefully without the mountain of debt some people have.
  • What other programs does the school have? You might eventually change majors. You might even do it in the first semester you’re there. Awful thought, I know! If you go in with a major in mind, it’s almost always impossible to think of changing it - until you get there. In my freshman year alone, I can name at least three of the forty or so admitted to the music program who changed majors before Valentine’s Day, and that’s only the ones in the voice program. Make sure your school has at least one or two other good programs that you might be interested in, so you have options if you get overwhelmed, or even if you just want to learn something new!
  • Will you be okay living wherever the school is located? If your school is in Miami and you’ve lived your whole life in rural Wyoming, then you might have some problems adjusting - to the weather, if nothing else. Wanting to expand your horizons is great! But if you have a history of homesickness, maybe don’t go to the school a six hour plane ride away. If you’re MOGAI, maybe avoid the Deep South. You want to be safe, mentally and physically.

If you keep these in mind, it’ll hopefully make finding the right school for you a little bit easier! 

You pass out backstage - Harry

A/N: Hello lovelies, another prompt written for you. I hope you don’t mind that I combined the two but they were just very similar and I didn’t want it to get boring with two very close prompts :)

It had been quite some time since you had actually been available to see one of the boys shows and you were perhaps too excited when he told you their last show of the tour was going to be back in London and asked, more like begged, you to come, though you obviously didn’t need too much convincing. However the day before the concert, you felt yourself starting to get ill. It started out as just a light headache and flushed cheeks, but by the morning of the concert you could feel that you had quite a bad fever and the pressure in your temples was getting worse with each step you took.  You knew that a concert was the last place you should be when feeling like this, but when Harry called, excited about when you were arriving you couldn’t find it in yourself to say no and instead you found yourself pushing through the headache and getting ready for the concert.

Once you arrived at the venue, and managed to shake off Harry’s concerns and questions of why you looked so pale, you found yourself curling up in the dressing room for what you planned to be a short nap while the boys were busy with their meet and greet and sound check. It was a couple of hours later that you were woken up by the loud arrival of the boys back in the dressing room, which had you rushing to push yourself up and act like you hadn’t just been asleep. “Hey love you ready for the show?” Harry asked, flashing his signature smile your way, “Of course” you agreed giving him your own smile in return. You followed the boys out to backstage area and tried to look fine as you waved to Harry when he ran up onto the stage, before you leaned heavily on the railing of the stairs. You sank slowly onto the steps and watched the show from that spot, slowly feeling your fever worsen, blurred edges starting in your vision.

When it neared the last song of the show, you knew you had to stand up to hug Harry when he came off stage. But when you stood, you were overtaken with dizziness, your vision nearly completely blurring. “Are you alright Miss Y/L/N” You heard Harry’s bodyguard ask from beside you, as you saw Harry’s concerned face swim into your vision, coming off the stage just before you felt yourself start to fall, your vision going black.


Harry’s bodyguard caught your limp figure as you crumpled towards the ground, looking up to see Harry rushing towards the two of you as the last bars of the last song rang out behind him. “Someone call an ambulance” the security said as he transferred you over to Harry’s arms. Harry began stroking your hair gently and talking to you in a soft tone until your eyelids fluttered open to look around the room with hazy eyes only a few moments before the ambulance arrived. Harry didn’t get the chance to say much before you were loaded into the ambulance, him beside you on the way to the hospital, the rest of the boys following behind you in one of their cars.

“Harry” the boys called out when they rushed into the waiting room making the youngest member turn around to look at them, worry etched into his face. “She alright mate?” Niall asked, ‘not sure yet, they haven’t really told me anything yet” Harry replied. “She’ll be fine, people pass out all the time, you said she wasn’t looking well earlier so it’s probably just because of that” Louis tried to comfort. Harry nodded but was still relieved when a nurse called out his name, “she will be fine’ the nurse told him when he stood, “she had quite a high fever and was dehydrated because of this, which is why she passed out, but we have given her some fluids and her fever is reduced now.” Harry let out a sigh of relief, “can I see her now?” he asked. “Of course, she’s been asking for you, she’s fine to go home now, so she’ll be out in a moment,” the nurse told him with a reassuring smile.

You walked back out into the waiting room only to be engulfed in a hug by your boyfriend, quickly followed by the rest of the boys of the band. “Sorry Harry” you mumbled tiredly, “don’t be ridiculous love, lets get you home” Harry told you, wrapping an arm around your waist and leading you to the car, the rest of the boys filing in after you.


Only a few moments into the car ride you were fast asleep, your body slipping to the side, ending up curled into Louis’ lap who was sitting on the opposite side of you to Harry. The car came to a stop outside Harry’s house and he turned to Louis “sorry, let me take her from you” Harry said reaching out for you. Louis shook his head, “don’t worry I’ve got her” he said, curling his arms around you, “go open the door I’ll be right behind you.” Louis followed Harry through the house, laying you down on the bed and leaving with a quiet goodbye to Harry. Once alone Harry lay down beside you pulling you close to his chest, “baby, don’t do that all again, you scared me Harry said in a soft voice. However he wasn’t expecting the mumbled apology that came from you making him pull you closer, kissing the side of your temple and lulling you back into a deep sleep again

A/N: Hope you liked this one, please let me know, I would love your feedback! I am working my way through your prompts, I’m sorry if they seem sporadic but I work a lot and have to fit in writing when I can. 

Alright, it was indeed your brother, or some other guy friend that’s the boys’ management had hired to keep them in shape, or at least do a sit up from month to month, but you went along on the tour with him as an assistant.  And at first Calum just wanted to show off a bit, ending up saying something about how he and Ashton were going to go run a hike somewhere.  You’d been through this kind of situation in the past, merely smirking softly as you requested, “Mind if I tag along?” And when Calum said run, he had actually meant to walk, and when he said hike, he wanted it to be a pretty short distance, but you on the other hand knew exactly what you were doing when you picked a five mile track, and jogged like he ran.  “Okay,” He panted, half-way through as you, smiled down at him chest-heaving a bit, “Alright, so, maybe exaggerated a bit on how often I run.” He nodded slowly, punching his hands up off his knees to stand upright and look at you with a grin that was filled with energy he shouldn’t have had, “But, hey, you and I could do this a lot, right?  Running buddies, right?”  

Touring!5sos blurb night!

EXO Reaction when the AC is broken and you walk around in your underwear

Well There are still so many asks to answer! But I’m going to post a reaction because we don’t want to spam you with only asks. Enjoy, Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Thank you summer thank you! This is the best gift after a long tour” *Loves seeing you like that*

Kris: *Decides you will be his muse* “Before the AC is repaired… mind posing for me?”

Sehun: *Follows your example and gives you that melting look*

Tao: “What’s with you?! You are all sweaty! Go go!”

Kai: “We should do something about this heat… probably take off more clothes*

Xiumin: “So you missed me huh? We should do something about this situation” *Probably thinking about showering together instead of repairing the AC*

Baekhyun: *Attacks you*

Luhan: *He just stares at you, not sure what to do*

Chen: “Wait.. when did you buy those little panties? I don’t remember seeing you in them!”

Kyungsoo: “Please god make it hotter so she takes all her clothes off!”

Lay: “Jagi? Where are your clothes?” *Doesn’t notice the AC is broken and it’ so hot inside*

Suho: *Daydreaming*