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Torn 21-Unofficial

Ok So I clicked on my word doc for Torn and it told me I had not touched it for 8 days. I was just going through and could not even write any of the story. I am going to go ahead and post a rough draft of some of the story. This is not even half of the story but I want to go ahead and put something out there for my lovelies who have been waiting. I am not tagging this as it is not the finish story. When it’s done I will tag and also put on FF net. Hope you enjoy. 

Torn Masterlist

Eric did not get off from work until well after midnight. He quietly let himself into your apartment, took off his boots at the door and hung up his coat on the coat rack. He found himself in your bedroom standing over your bed watching you sleep. As usual you had kicked off the sheets as he has noticed since having Abbey you were hot natured at night and could not stand the covers to be on you long. His body long to be against yours, he longed to taste your skin, he longed for your legs to be wrapped around him with your tight pussy sucking him in. Eric shook his head to clear it and walked to his daughter’s room. She was fast asleep on her back with the night light giving her an luminous affect. He leaned down and kissed her face before undressing to his boxers and crawling into the bed he found himself in most nights. Even though work kept him from you and his daughter during the day, he found he slept better when you three were under the same roof at night. As he laid down staring at the ceiling his thoughts landed on you and his daughter as they did all day every day.

You were woken by the sounds of Abbey wanting to be fed. You quickly got out of bed and headed to her room. As usual you saw Abbey’s father laying in the bed in her room. You longed for him to be in your bed with his body up against yours.

You cooed at Abbey as you picked her up for her feeding.

“Hey.” Eric said softly.

“Hey back. What are you doing awake?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“You want some company?”

Eric nodded yes as he sat up in bed. Even in the soft light of the night light you could tell he was tired. His eyes were red with prominent bags under them. You sat on the bed beside him and as Abbey nursed you found your other hand caressing Eric’s face. He let out a sigh of pure exhaustion as his eyes closed and his face leaned into your hand. You wanted to hold him and never let him go at that moment. You did not like seeing him like this. You both sat in silence as Abbey nurse for a few minutes.

“You want to tell me what’s going on?” You asked breaking the silence.

“It’s nothing to concern yourself with.” Eric opened his eyes and pulled back from your caress.

“Eric, you are exhausted. I am worried about you.”

“I’ll be fine. The last thing I need is for you to worry about me.”

You frowned at his response.

“Whether you want me to or not I’m worried.” You told him as you looked down at Abbey who was half sleep still latched on your nipple. You gently pulled her from your breast and handed her to Eric to burp like you did most nights if he was up during your feedings. You watched Eric hold his daughter, gently patting her back until a small burp escaped her mouth. Eric got up from the bed and put his sleeping daughter back in her crib. Eric sighed with weariness as he crawled back into the bed. You looked at Eric to find him gazing at you and in the soft light of the night light you could see the desire in his eyes. There was something more in his eyes as you scooted up closer to him in the bed and caressed his face . Eric looked intently in your eyes as your fingers lightly caressed his face and lips. You wanted so badly to kiss his lips. You shook the desire from your body as best you could and thought this would be a good time to have a long-needed conversation with him.

“I know you are tired but I have something to ask you. I need to do it while I have your undivided attention.”

“Go ahead.” He had a feeling what you were going to ask.

“What are we doing?”

“What do you mean what we are doing?” He asked with a slight frown on his handsome face.

“Us. What are we to each other?”

Eric let out another sigh and rubbed his hand over his face. Yep, here it was the dreadful talk of feelings.

“We are two people who care about each other and both raising our child together.”

“Do you love me Eric?”

Eric’s face gave a slight grimace.

“I love my daughter and you have my heart.”

“I know I have your heart but do you love me?”

“I already told you what you mean to me Y/N. I am not a man to repeat myself just to appease you. I am here for you and my daughter. What more do you want?” You could feel him becoming annoyed with you but you needed to know.

“I want you.”

“Do I have you?”

“What do you mean? You know you do.”

“No more Four?”

“No more Four.” You answered.

“Then you have me.”

“All of you?”

“You have all of me.”

“No more other women?”

Eric looked at you intently thinking how he would answer.

“Eric? No other women right?” Your heart started to pound in your chest every second he did not answer.

“No other women.” He finally said. You sighed with relief hoping he was telling you the truth. “Y/N you do know my needs and what kind of appetite I have.”

“Yes I do.” You looked from his eyes as the pure desire you had for him would reflect in your eyes.

“So you really might want to end your stupid challenge.”

“It’s stupid to you because you know you will lose.”

“No sweetheart. You know me better than that. I don’t lose at anything no matter what.”

“Ok Eric if you say so.” Please God don’t let that be a lie what he just told you about other women.

As you looked at him in the soft light you wondered would he ever feel the same for you as you felt for him?

You didn’t know what you had expected to him to say. It was not like he was going to profess his love for you and get down on one knee to ask your hand in marriage but you were disappointed. You loved this man with every fiber in your body and you just wanted more from him. Yes, he told you that you were his heart but you just needed to hear those three words from him.

“Y/N just trust me ok. I’m not going anywhere.”

“I trust you. Do you want to come lay with me?”

Eric raised his pierced eyebrow. “And do what?”

“Sleep.” You wanted him to hold you.

Eric shook his head no.

“What did I just say.” His voice was hard. “You know that would be the last thing we will be doing if I crawled in that bed with you. Do you want to do more than sleep?”

You got up from the bed. He was right and if you told him yes that would be telling him you wanted him even though you did with every cell in your body. You would not give him the satisfaction of losing the challenge no matter how silly he thought it was.

“You are right we better not. Good night Eric.”

You didn’t hear a response as you watch him lay back down in bed and turn his back to you.

 Eric was gone when you went to get Abbey to start the day. The bed was perfectly made as usual. He always made the bed better than you. You smiled at the thought of him tucking the sheets under the mattress making sure you could bounce a quarter off the bed. After feeding Abbey your tablet alerted you that your mom had arrived. You wanted to shout for joy. You missed your mom and could not wait to see her. You were also sad that you will have to leave your baby girl for eight hours a day as you returned to work in a few days. You missed work but you were going to miss Abbey more. Four stopped by and sat with Abbey as you and your mother unpacked and cleaned the apartment she would be staying in right across the hall.

“She is growing like a weed.” Four commented as he kissed Abbey’s fingers.

“Yes she is.”

The tension between you and Four was slowly subsiding with each passing day.

“Are you excited about returning to work? It will be good to have you back.” Four told you as he watched you clean the dust off one of the dressers in your mom’s new room.

“Yes, I am excited. How are the initiates doing?”

“They are doing good.”

You notice a change in Four’s voice so you stopped cleaning and looked over at your former lover.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. What makes you think something is wrong?”

You put down the dust brush, walked over to Four and lifted his chin up to face you.

“I know you Four.”

Four tried to look away but you held his chin firmly. You felt the realization as to why he would not look you in your eyes hit you in the gut.

“What’s her name?”

“She is just an initiate.”

“Just an initiate? I was an initiate. I can tell you like her. Does she feel the same?”

“I think so. It won’t be the same as it was with you and me. I will never love anyone the way that I love you.”

You leaned over and kissed Four on his forehead.

“I am so happy you found someone Four. You deserve happiness. What’s the lucky girl’s name?”


“Well that’s a pretty name. I bet she is lovely and I can’t wait to meet her.” A slight twinge of jealously stabbed at your heart but you were happy for Four. If anyone deserved love it was him. You wondered how long their relationship was going on and if he told her about you. You wondered if he would ever tell her if he had not done so already. You hoped not as there was no real need too. He was god father to your child and that was all she really needed to know. Lord knows you did not need another woman in Dauntless not liking you.

 You were finally done cleaning your mom’s apartment and you sighed from exhaustion as you flopped down on your couch.

“Mommy is tired baby girl.” Abbey responded to you with a string of coos and gurgles. You looked down at your tablet sitting on the coffee table when you heard the text alert sound.

You smiled at your tablet when you read Eric’s message telling you he would be home for dinner. Your eyes zoned in on the word ‘home’. You were tired and had not plan on cooking anything. You were just going to eat a sandwich but you quickly jumped up from the couch, pulled Abbey’s baby seat with you, headed to take a shower and then to the kitchen to cook for your baby daddy.

You had just finish cooking when you heard the keypad and the door open. The conversation from last night was still fresh in your mind and as you watch him walk in you hoped one day he would be able to say those three important words to you. Eric hung up his jacket, looked you up and down, clenched his jaw in sexual frustration and took a beeline straight to his daughter. Well hello to you too, you thought as you made his plate.

Eric sat down at the dinner table with Abbey sitting on his knee.

“Here let me take her while you eat.” You told him as you place a plate of hot food in front of him. Nodding Eric let you relieve Abbey from his knee. You grabbed your daughter and found your finger nails grazing the back of his neck and you were rewarded with a light shiver before his blue eyes turned to looked up at you. You smiled sweetly down at him before putting Abbey in her baby seat and setting it on rock motion. You grabbed your plate and sat across from Eric.

“Your mom settled in okay?” He asked before stuffing his mouth with steak.

“Yes, she is. I can tell she will miss dad though but he will be here on the weekends and vice versa.”

Eric nodded as he cut more off the steak you cooked for him.

“Are you ready to start back work in soon?”

“Yes.” You replied trying not to stare at his mouth as he chewed and licked his lips. It was becoming a strain on you having him around. His very presence turned you on and you constantly fought at the desire to jump him. However, you were bound and determine to have him concede.

“Y/N?” Eric put his fork and knife down on his plate and sat back in his seat.

You jumped out of your intimate thoughts of him and looked back up in his piercing blue eyes. A seductive smile played on his lips.

“I’m sick of your little game.” Eric turned around and looked at his daughter who had fallen asleep. “Abbey’s asleep. I can relieve some of that stress you are carrying around. All I need is five minutes and I will have you at release. Just say the word Y/N.”

You nearly moan at his words. You were so tired of fighting.

“Stop it Eric.” You told him as sternly as you could. You popped a piece of steak in your mouth and chewed it a little harder than necessary. Eric’s smile widen as he saw how you were fighting what you and him so desperately needed.

“I think I will need more than five minutes. You’re chewing that steak a little too hard. I will have to make you come several times to even come close to getting some of that edge off.”

“Oh my God.” You whispered under your breath as the image of him inside you popped in your head.

Don’t you lose! Don’t you lose! He was so damn cocky and sure of himself which was one of the many reasons you found him attractive but he needed to be brought down a level or two. Having him beg for you would be a start. You both ate in silence but Eric never took his eyes off you and the way he was looking at you had you squirming in your seat. You quickly finish your meal and got up from the table. You needed to get away from his heated gaze. You started to wash your plate when Eric got up, walked up behind you and wrapped his thick arms around your waist.

“Eric what are you doing?”

He didn’t answer but pushed your hair to the side to expose the back of your neck and gently kissed your exposed skin. His kisses turn into licks, his licks turned into soft bites and then back to kisses. You were becoming delirious at how good he felt and you were mad at yourself for allowing a moan or two to escape your lips. Eric spun you around, lifted you up, wrapped your legs around his waist, planted you on the counter and brought his lips to yours. You greedily accepted him.

“Can I take you here?” He whispered against your lips.

“Tell me you want me.” Even though your body was screaming at you your mind held steadfast.

Eric leaned in and kissed you harder and you felt his hard on between your legs. Your body instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist tighter pulling him even closer to you. As you both fucked each other’s mouth Eric started to grind against you and you found yourself bucking up to his grind.

“Oh….uhhh….Eric!” You moaned. He felt so damn good. You missed him. You needed him. His grind increased and you started to feel the familiar feeling of an orgasm rising as your hood piercing was hitting your clit just right. “Oh God Eric!”

“Come for me baby.” Eric nipped your earlobe.

“Eric you need to stop.” You said barely above a whisper. You didn’t want him to stop.

“I just want to see you come. I want to see your face.”

“Eric stop.” You said a little louder as an orgasm was about to grip your body and you pushed Eric away with all your strength.

“Fuck Y/N!!” Eric shouted at you. “You need to fuckin stop this! Do you want me to go to Mandy?”

Your body jerked at the very mention of her name.

“You told me no more other women Eric!” You yelled. How dare he throw her up in your face.

Eric grabbed your chin and lifted your face close to his.

“If you don’t stop this stupid, fuckin game I will go find someone else who would be happy to have me. Trust me Y/N it would be easy to find someone. All the young, new initiates that look at me with ‘fuck me’ eyes all day, every day.”

“You fuckin asshole! You didn’t mean a thing you said to me last night.” You tried to pull your face away from his grasp only to have him grab your chin tighter.

“I meant every word of what I said last night. This is on you. All on you.” Eric let go of your chin, went and kissed his daughter, grabbed his jacket and walked out the door. You still sat on the kitchen counter flabbergasted. That man never cease to amaze you at how well he could push your buttons.

“Asshole!” You shouted at the closed door.

Around two in the morning Abbey’s whimpers woke you up for a feeding. You quickly went to your daughter and was surprise that you didn’t see Eric asleep in her room. You frowned at the empty bed and wondered if he did indeed make good on his threat to hook up with Mandy or one of the initiates. He wouldn’t dare you thought as you nursed Abbey. You knew this was him fucking with you as usual. After Abbey fell back to sleep you grabbed your tablet off the night stand. You stared at it for a long moment before you dialed Eric’s number.

“What!” he answered with a sharp snap. You rolled your eyes, biting your tongue.

“Are you still at work?” You hoped he was at work or home alone and not balls deep in some bitch. There was a long silence on his end.


“It’s two in the morning why would I be at work?” He sighed frustrated at you.

“Why are you not here? Abbey will miss you tonight.”

“Only Abbey?” Eric inquired.

“You know I miss you.”

“I’ll be there tomorrow. I had things to do tonight.”

“I hope the things you were doing were not another a woman.”

Eric was silent.

“Eric? Are you with someone?” You asked as you started to panic.

“No, Y/N no one is here. I have not been with anyone.” He sighed into his tablet. You sighed with relief. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Without waiting for a reply Eric ended the call. You slammed your tablet back on the nightstand, crawled into bed and became more annoyed at him. To know that he specifically did not come and stay with you and Abbey tonight just to prove some stupid point began to piss you off. He can push your buttons and play silly games with you all he wanted but he will not put Abbey in the middle. Abbey was three months now and knew her father’s face. She was use to him being there when she woke up at night for her feedings. You sat up in bed as your mind started to think of a way you could get back at him. You smiled to yourself as you turned on the lamp on your nightstand. You will send him a pic to remind him just what he was missing out on. You quickly crawled out of bed and at your vanity pulled your hair out of its ponytail, ruffling it a little to add body and applied shimmering lip gloss Jen had brought you.

You pulled your tank top down to show off your ample cleavage. You had pulled it so low it was dangerously close to showing the tips of your areola. Crawling back in bed you put your forearm under your breast, pushed it up and squeezed your breast together. You grabbed your tablet with your free hand and snapped several seductive pictures. Picking the most seductive pic you typed in the text section of the message that you missed him immensely. You grinned as you sent the picture. You saw exactly when he viewed the picture and held your breath waiting for a reply. You saw where he started typing and then he stopped for a long moment and then started typing again.

 Quit fucking around and go to bed.

 His text read. You burst out laughing. That should have him wound up pretty tight tonight. You sat the tablet back on the nightstand, went to your bathroom to wipe the lip gloss off and pull your hair back into a ponytail. You hope Eric has a restless night you thought as you climbed back in bed.

 When Eric opened your message, and saw your selfie he gazed at your picture for a long time as his dick grew harder than a rock.  Your eyes were literally telling him to come fuck you. That little pout you gave with your lips shimmering just begged to be wrapped around his dick. He growled deep in his throat when his eyes landed on your cleavage. You knew exactly what you were doing and it took all of Eric’s strength not to march down to your apartment and give you what you were begging for in this picture.  Eric typed his response to you, threw his tablet on his nightstand and proceeded to his bathroom for a cold shower. He refused to relieve the pressure that was built inside him. The next time he came he would be inside you.  


Eric was so busy the next day at work typing up a report he barely was able to keep up with you through the nanny cam. You were a busy bee with cleaning, feeding, washing, and playing with Abbey. Eric did catch himself smiling whenever he heard Abbey’s little laughs and coos.  When he heard your shriek, he stopped typing and quickly looked over at the tablet. He saw you run out of your bathroom soak and wet. What the fuck?! He thought as he watched you quickly pick up your tablet and call maintenance. Listening in Eric gathered a pipe busted in the bathroom. He could not help but smile as you stood soak and wet in just your shorts looking frustrated. Eric zoomed in on your breast and licked his lips as your nipples were hard as a rock. You heard knocking at your door and quickly found a tank top to throw on to answer the door. Eric frowned when he saw the maintenance man walk in behind you with his eyes trained on your ass. You and those damn shorts, Eric thought. The way your ass looked in them was any man’s kryptonite.  Eric watched you exchange pleasantries with the maintenance man, grabbed Abbey and disappear out the room while he went to fix your pipe. Eric went back to typing his report and was nearly done when you came back into the bedroom. The maintenance man was done fixing your pipe and had called you back into your room. Eric, watch you as you walked in holding Abbey. It did not go unnoticed to Eric that the maintenance man was glaring at your ass as you bend forward to put Abbey in her seat and buckle her in.

Eric frowned as you both held a conversation. You laughed at something the man said and you touched one of his shoulders as you continued laughing. What was so damn funny? Eric thought as he watched you on his tablet. His anger started to build up as he watched you on the screen. Were you flirting? Eric, watch you cock your head to the side and twirl on a loose strand of your hair. Son of a bitch! You were fuckin flirting with the man. Eric jumped up from his desk to head to your apartment when Max walked in without knocking. Eric quickly pressed the home button on his tablet to hide the live image of your bedroom.

“Eric, here is the paperwork I need. Look over them, sign them and bring them to my office.”


Eric needed to get to your apartment before the maintenance man left.

“Sure.” Eric took the paperwork and started to review and sign. When he was done, he turned on his tablet and saw that the man was gone. You were getting undress for the bath you tried to take earlier. He decided he would address you later when he figured out how to bring up the topic without alerting you to his camera. However, the maintenance man was a different story. Everyone at Dauntless knew you were his and off limits. After turning in the papers to Max, Eric headed to the maintenance wing.

Eric stomped into the maintenance office and demanded to see the man who fixed your pipe earlier.

“That’s Ray and he has gone home for the day.” Ray’s boss told him. “Can I help you with something sir?”

“You can tell me his apartment number.”

“May I ask why?”

Eric did not respond but just glared until Ray’s boss reluctantly gave him the answer he wanted.

 Ray had just sat down with a sandwich when he got a text alert from his boss stating Eric Coulter was on his way to his apartment.

“Shit!” Ray muttered. Why did he fuckin take the maintenance call to your apartment earlier? He knew why he wanted to see you up close and personal. Everyone in Dauntless knew of the initiate who had two of Dauntless elites fighting over her and eventually giving birth to Leader Coulter’s daughter. Ray had seen you around from afar but he needed to see what was so special about you. He received his answer as soon as you opened your apartment door to him and smiled up at him. You were beautiful and he could not help check you out as he followed you to your room. Eric was definitely a lucky man and Ray knew just being within a few feet of you he could be risking his life. Ray slammed his sandwich on its plate as he heard a set of loud banging at his door. Ray swung the door open to an irate Eric.

“Can I help you?” Ray asked Eric perturbed.

“I don’t want you ever stepping foot in Y/N’s apartment again.” Eric seethed.

“What the hell are you talking about? I was doing my job and if I get another call I will go and do my job.” Ray snapped not backing down. Eric glared at Ray and Ray saw Eric’s eyes turn deadly. Ray knew right then that he was a fool to try to challenge Eric.

“Do you have any idea what I am capable of? You do not look or speak to her ever again. Do you understand me?!”

“Are you threatening me?”

An evil smile played on Eric’s lips. “Do I look like a man who threatens?” Ray realized Eric was not a man who threatens but does exactly what he says he was going to do. Eric Coulter was capable of anything. “Do I? Eric asked again stepping closer to Ray. Ray took a step back. Wow you must be the Hope Diamond for Eric to threaten a stranger to stay away from you Ray thought. Now his interest was really peaked about you.

“You got it Leader Coulter. I will not step foot in Y/N’s apartment or even look at her.” Ray said to appease the angry dauntless leader.

“Oh, and keep her name out your mouth.” Eric snapped before walking away. Ray smiled to himself as he shut his apartment door. Maybe just maybe he might take the next service request he sees for your apartment.

 You had just put Eric’s plate on the table when he walked in. You knew instantly he was in a pissy mood.

He glanced over at you and headed straight for his daughter. As usual when he is in a pissed off mood he didn’t speak to you. Well you will not speak to him then. You decided you will eat your lunch in your room. You didn’t want to be around him when he was in a foul mood. You were just tired and did not have the energy to deal with him.

“Where are you going?” Eric asked as he sat down at the table and saw you head toward your room with your plate.

“To my room.” You replied as you continued to your room.

“Come sit with me.” It wasn’t a demand but an invite. That was a first. You turned around and sat across from him at your table. You both ate in silence for a few moments as you both listen to Abbey’s string of gurgles and oohs and ahhs. Eric looked down at his daughter caressing her cheek. You liked that Eric had pulled the baby seat next to him at the table. He wanted to be near his daughter. You watched him as his mood from earlier faded away as he leaned over and kissed Abbey.

“I saw that you had a maintenance request today.” He stated looking up from Abbey to you.

“Yes I did.” You told him as you stuffed your mouth with mash potatoes not offering him any more explanation.

“What needed to be fixed?”

You put down your fork and looked over at Eric. The tone of his voice was off. This was not just small talk. He was up to something.

“After I had filled the tub for a bath the sink started to make strange noises in the pipes. When I turned the water on it went everywhere. Ray fixed it in no time.”

You saw Eric’s lips curl with disgust at the name Ray. Was he jealous?

“Oh, you on a first name basis with the maintenance man?” he asked with a slight scowl on his face.

He was jealous.

“Are you upset over Ray being in my apartment? Eric, you can’t get upset over someone coming in my apartment to fix something for me. Hell, you can’t be mad at anyone coming into my apartment period. This is my apartment.”

Eric started to argue and you held your hand up to stop him.

“You know I will pack Abbey’s and my shit up in a heartbeat and move out.” You glared at him. Challenging him. Eric decided not to argue as he knew you would do exactly what you said you would do. Without another word to one another you both went back to eating and finished your meals in silence.  As you wash dishes Eric sat and held his daughter before leaving back for work.

You were so engrossed in cleaning and straightening your kitchen you didn’t hear Eric when he walked up to you. When you turned around to find him standing behind you, you nearly jumped out of your skin. You looked up at him not saying a word.

“I might be home late tonight.”

You nodded and returned to your task.

“Will I get another picture of you if it gets too late.”

You turned back to him and shook your head no. “You know who you have waiting for you.”

Eric’s fingers caressed your cheek.

“Indeed I do.” He said softly before planting a soft kiss on your lips. You were almost derailed and fought the urge to just climb him right where you both stood. The affect he had on you will always amaze you. You stood in the kitchen and watch him leave. You stood staring at the door contemplating conceding when he comes home tonight. You physically and mentally could not take it anymore. You needed him. Plain and simple. Abbey’s whimpers brought you out of your thoughts as you rushed to your baby girl.

You gently laid your angel in her crib for the night and checked around her princess theme room to make sure she would have everything she needed to keep her comfortable. You chuckled to yourself as you thought back on the argument you and Eric had about Abbey’s bedroom theme. Of course, you won. If it was up to Eric her room would be dark colors with the Dauntless symbol decorating her walls.  

You cut on her night light, you checked off the list in your head to make sure she would be comfortable as you did every night when you realized she did not have her monitor. You quickly rushed to your bedside and grabbed one of the pair of baby monitors and turned it on. You looked over at the teddy bear Angelina had gave Abbey and decided to put it in her room. You had become fond of the soft, pink teddy bear but it would look better in Abbey’s room and it really did not go with your décor.  You sat the baby monitor down as you grabbed the teddy bear and you heard a faint whirring sound. What the fuck was that? You sat the teddy bear back on the shelf to see if you heard the faint noise again. You looked around your room and you heard it again. Your head jerked to the teddy bear as you realized it was the source of the sound. What was that noise?

You grabbed the stuff animal and turned it around to look at its back. Maybe it was a talking bear and had batteries. You never did really check the bear once Eric put it on the bookcase in your room.

There was no opening for a set of batteries. You knew that sound came from the bear. You picked up the baby monitor and grabbed the teddy bear you were about to cut it open to see what the hell was that noise when you heard a loud feedback from the baby monitor.

What the…

You moved the monitor to the stuff bear again to hear more feedback. As you stood looking at the bear confused it finally clicked that it was a camera. Eric had nanny cam you! Who the fuck did he think he was to do that?! Did he think you could not take care of your child? You sat the bear back on the shelf and stepped away from the bear to not reveal any further that you knew about the camera. He did say it was a gift from his mom. Was this on her? No. You knew the father of your child. This was all him. You grabbed your tablet along with the baby monitor and texted Jen when you went to the nursery.

 For now on walk around in your underwear or nothing at all whenever Abbey is asleep. He will be begging for you in no time.

 Jen’s text read.  You found what she said amusing but it bothered you that he needed to have a camera in your room. Did he think you were still sleeping with Four? You had to think of something that would drive Eric insane. Wait you needed to back up. Could you handle Eric’s wrath right now? You sat on the bed in Abbey’s room and thought long and hard. You would not dare bring Four into your bedroom because you did not love him in that way anymore and you certainly wanted to live to see your daughter grow up. You looked down at your tablet when you heard the text alert.

 Remember that toy party we and the other girls had right before you found out you were pregnant?

Jen’s text read.


You still have what you brought?


Have your mom keep Abbey tonight. You get naked and use that toy on yourself. You know he will be watching and trust me he will be at your door in seconds. Challenge won!

 Your friend was an evil genius. When your mom arrived you made sure she came into your room holding Abbey and told you that she will bring her back in the morning.

 You walked your mom to the door and as you shut the door behind her you changed the entry code. After a few moments you heard your tablet alert in your room.

What are you doing?

It was Eric. Could he be any more obvious?

About to take a bath. What are you doing?

Working. What else would I be doing? What is Abbey doing?

You turned your back to the camera to hide your smirk.

She is spending the night with mom.

So you let my daughter stay the night with your mom without talking with me first?

You ignored his last text and made sure he saw you put the tablet on the nightstand. Eric mumbled a few curse words under his breath and sat the tablet on a stand next to his computer so he can view your bedroom at all times.

Eric started typing a report for Max when he noticed movement in his peripheral vision on his tablet. You had peeled off your boy shorts, tank top and stood in your underwear while digging for something in one of your drawers. Eric abruptly stopped typing as he watches you pulled out a phallus shaped object. What the fuck? Eric’s mouth fell open as you sat the object on the bed and peeled off your bra and panties. Eric swallowed hard as he looked at your naked body. You were absolutely beautiful. You slowly crawled in the middle of your bed giving Eric a good view of your ample ass. You laid on your back, spread your legs, gently pulled your lips apart and rubbed your clit with your index finger to get your juices flowing for your toy. In a matter of seconds you were wet, you grabbed the toy, pressed the button for vibration, spread your legs wider and slowly eased the toy in your pussy. You moaned as the feeling of being filled felt so good. The toy wasn’t Eric but it would have to do for now. You hoped by the end of the night Eric would be inside you. You started to squirm as you pumped the vibrator inside you. Eric sat frozen staring at the screen. It was intoxicating watching you pleasure yourself as well as pure torture. As Eric cock started to strain against his pants he decided he could not take the need for you anymore. Fuck the gotdamn challenge. Eric at times can be a patient man if he wanted too but he had just run out of patience with you. He did not have an ounce left in him. He was going straight to your apartment and fuck you. Eric quickly shut down his computer, grabbed his tablet and earphones. He did not need anyone hearing your moans as he made his way to your apartment. Eric literally sprinted down the halls as he continued watching you pleasure yourself on his tablet screen. If anyone was in his way they moved quickly out of his way.

Your moans became louder as you pumped the vibrator in and out of your wet pussy. Your climax hit hard and as your eyes rolled in the back of your head and you knew just at that moment what to do to give Eric a taste of his own medicine. As the juices flowed from your body and your walls grabbed onto the vibrator tighter you screeched out Four’s name. Eric stopped dead in his tracks when he heard you call out Four’s name. He watched as you came down from your orgasm, sat up in the bed, looked straight at the teddy bear, lick your lips and smirked. You knew! You fuckin knew about the camera! You bitch! He was going to fuck you up when he gets to your apartment. He was glad Abbey was spending the night with your mom. You were fucking with him and he did not like it.

 You had just put your underwear back on when you heard the sound of the keypad and knew it was Eric. You rushed up to the door as a smile of satisfaction displayed on your face as you heard the loud error beep from him entering the code. You were glad you had changed the code earlier. You heard a string of curse words through the door.

“Y/N!!!” He screamed through the door.

“What?” You yelled back.

“Open this fuckin door!!”

“No!” You stifled a giggle. You frowned when you heard him retreat from your door.

Oh fuck! There was no way Eric would give up that easy.

You went back into your bedroom to throw on some lounge clothes when you heard a loud banging at your door. You threw your clothes on the bed and ran to the front door in your bra and panties.

What in the fuck!

You realized Eric was smashing the code box with something. Before you could type in the code to unlock the door, Eric kicked it in almost hitting you with the door. His eyes were a blazed with fury. You looked down at his right hand and saw a hammer. He literally smashed the code box to get your door open. The door slammed shut behind him as Eric charged to you.

“Eric! What the-” Eric dropped the hammer, grabbed you by your legs and flung you across his shoulder as if you weighed nothing. You kicked and pounded on his back yelling for him to put you down. Eric threw you on the couch. You scrambled in a sitting position as Eric glared down at you.

“You think you’re being fuckin funny?!” Eric leaned over getting in your face.

“What are you talking about?” Trying your best innocence act.

“Oh you want to act dumb now. You know what the fuck I’m talking about.” Eric roared at you.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Eric. Spill it out!” You shouted at him.

“Did you know about the camera when the maintenance man came to fix the pipes? Were you trying to make me jealous or just acting like a whore.”

Your body instinctively jerked at the word ‘whore’ and you hauled back and slapped him across his face.

“You son of a bitch!” You moved to slap him again when he grabbed your wrists. You began kicking him, causing him to lose his balance and fall backwards on your coffee table with you on top of him.

The wooden table did not stand a chance under both of your weight and shattered to pieces. You were undeterred by the coffee table and took the opportunity when Eric let go of your wrist to punch him in the mouth.

Eric quickly rolled you over and pinned your hands to the floor. You winced as pieces of shattered wood dug into your back, your butt and the back of your thighs. You both were breathing heavy glaring at each other.  Staring into his beautiful blue eyes and his weight on top of you caused your core to clench and you instinctively licked your lips which caused a primal growl to escape Eric’s lips just before crashing his lips down on yours. Eric’s tongue probed your mouth deeply, exploring your entire mouth. As he kissed you one of his hands dug into the wooden shards to support himself as he used his other hand to unbutton his pants. He pulled from your mouth and pulled his pants and boxers down to reveal his massive hard on.

Eric pulled at your underwear and with one strong jerk ripping them off causing you to yelp. That will leave a sight burn on your waist bone. You squirmed under him in anticipation.

“Don’t you dare fuckin move!”

“Tell me you want me. Tell me you need me!” You moaned as you lifted up to lick and then bite his neck. Eric shook his head no in defiance. You started to push him off you.

“Y/N! Don’t!” Eric’s voice was full of lust as he grabbed your hips to keep you in place. Eric took his time and slowly took in every single curve on your splendid body. As he watched you a simple moan escaped the back of your throat and Eric knew at that moment you had the power to make him beg for your pussy.

“Eric! Tell me you want me!” You grabbed one of his hands and put it on your hot and wet pussy. Eric groaned as he inserted two of his fingers inside you. Your walls gripped his fingers and you let out a loud moan deep in your throat and when he looked into your eyes you saw in his that he had finally conceded.

“If you want this pussy Eric tell me you want me and you need me.” You demanded refusing to back down.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Eric cursed as he buried his face in your neck. “I need you!” He mumbled against your neck before biting down sending shivers up and down your body.

“What I can’t hear you?!” You gasped with a smile playing on your lips. Eric lifted up and looked you deep in your eyes. His eyes were blazed with fire, his skin flushed  as his need and desire for you threaten to spill all over you without him even being inside you. His jaw clenched as his eyes bore deep into yours.

“I need you Y/N. I want you.” Eric finally admitted his voice full of need.

“Challenge won.” You smiled up at him. Eric growled as he pulled back and in one swift motion filled you to the hilt. You let out a small cry of pleasure with slight pain. The sensation of your pussy being stretched so wide almost sent you into an instant orgasm.

You forgot how full he always made you feel. It was a feeling you vowed never to deny yourself again.

“I’m going to fuck that smile off your face!” His voice a deep baritone filled with lust.

“Bring it!” You challenged as you spread your legs wider for your man, your walls tightening and gripping him, pulling him even deeper inside you. Eric beat your walls harder than he had ever before. It had been way to long without you he thought as his thrust quicken and became harder.

“Fuck you are so tight!” Eric groaned. “How can you be so tight just having my baby?” Eric pumped deep into you as you leaned up into his ear and purred. “I will always be tight and right for you Eric.” Your teeth clamped on the barbell in his right earlobe and pulled gently as you nipped it. Hearing you say you would always be ready for him stirred something inside Eric causing him to push in even further inside you and to show just how tight you were your walls grabbed his thick cock. You were awarded with a string of moans and groans of pleasure with a few curse words in between.  Smacking sounds and heavy breathing filled the living room.

“Come for me Y/N.” Eric whispered in your ear as he reached down and pulled on your hood piercing and rubbed your harden nub. The combination of him telling you to come and his fingers on your clit sent you over the edge and you felt the ripples of your orgasm seize you. Your nails dug into Eric’s muscular back and you knew it would leave a mark even though he still had on his black t-shirt.

Eric knew you were coming as your pussy became even wetter and more slippery.

You literally screamed his name as you came. Your eyes began to water as you rode out your orgasm. Lifting one of your legs for deeper access Eric’s frantic thrusts let you know he was on the verge of coming. You watched with excitement and pleasure as Eric’s eyes rolled in the back of his head and his body shuddered. You were thrilled you still had this power over him. As Eric came with each spasm he shot loads of cum deep within you. Tears rolled down the side of your face as he collapsed on you causing your skin to dig deeper into the broken wood. You barley noticed the pain as you silently cried. You were happy and content. Eric lifted up after he caught his breath and looked at you. He knew your tears were not tears of sadness. Without a word he leaned down and kissed and licked them away. Eric’s mouth moved to your lips and he softly pulled on your bottom lip giving it a little nip with his teeth. Neither of you had the need to say anything to one another as Eric kissed your lips and made his way to your collar bone. You moaned as you felt him become hard again inside you. You bucked up toward him ready for round two when he slowly pulled out of you.  Eric pulled his pants and boxers off his body and rose up from on top of you and rid himself of the of his shirt. You laid spent on the shattered coffee table ruins. He really laid it on you. You gazed up at him as he stood looking down at you. He was breathtaking as his cock swung up, vein-covered and hard. He reached his hand out to you and you grabbed it tightly as he lifted you off the floor with ease. As your adrenaline subsided a little, the pain from the coffee table began to stab at your back. Noticing the frown on your face Eric turned you around and brushed off any wood shards from your back. He leaned over and licked and kissed each bruise he saw. You closed you eyes and focused on how good his tongue and lips felt on your back.

“Take off your bra and go to the arm of the couch.” Eric instructed. “I’m not nearly done with you.”

(Trust me there is more smut!)

You woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon. You were disoriented for a second as you tried to figure out why your apartment smelled of bacon. You reached over for Eric to find his side of the bed cold and empty. You rolled over and lifted your tablet to see the time. It was pass nine-thirty and you had not slept this late since having Abigail. Eric really wore you out. As you sat the tablet back on your nightstand you noticed a glass of water and two pain pills. You grabbed the pills and chased them down with the cool water. You braced yourself as you slowly crawled out of bed. Your body ached all over especially your center. You hope the meds will work fast.

“Breakfast!” You heard Eric call. How did he know you were up? Wait….Eric made breakfast? You slowly walked to the bathroom to freshen up and throw on some lounge clothes. Slowly shifting into the kitchen, you stopped at a standstill as you watch Eric put a plate of food on each end of the table. What the hell was going on? Eric rarely cooked for you. He did cook for you when you were recuperating from Raven’s wrath and as soon as you were able to stand up and move around he had stopped.

“Are you working today? It’s Saturday?”

“I always work. You know that. Now sit.”

You looked at the hard wood seating that made up your chairs at your table set. There was no way you would be able to sit down without being in uncomfortable pain. Seeing your hesitation and discomfort Eric grabbed a pillow off the couch.

“Did you take the pain pills?” He asked as he put the pillow on the chair for you. You nodded yes as you slowly sat down. You shyly looked up at Eric as you were always slightly embarrassed to physically show just how much he had ravished your body. A slight smile of amusement caressed his lips as he knew you were embarrassed. You had no idea how hard it was for him to get up this morning as well. Eric was used to working his muscles with exercise and sex and expected a little soreness but for the first time in his life someone had fucked him into another stratosphere and his body screamed with every movement. Eric always knew you had a tiger inside you but he had to admit you shocked him last night and he was not easily shocked. You had pulled out your claws and showed exactly what you were made of. It was a complete contrast to the shy woman in front of him now.

As he watched you eat he found it a humorous that you had no idea the deeper imprint you left on his very existence. Yes, you won the challenge and he knew you found joy in that victory but last night became more than some stupid challenge to him. You swallowed him whole last night. Your essence, your soul, your very being and he could not get enough of you. The very thought of him ever losing you caused him pause and frighten him. The feeling was worse than the night you were stabbed and he thought he lost you and his child or the pain he would never outwardly admit he felt when he saw how bad he hurt you when you found Mandy between his legs or when you went back to Four. So as usual he refused to dwell on any type of pain or feelings. He did what he did best, he compartmentalize the feeling and cause his own share of pain on someone. That is exactly what he did to you when he let Mandy play house with him. However all that changed as soon as he pulled his daughter into this world.  You looked up at him and smiled causing his heart to pump harder in his chest. Eric as usual kept his face hard as stone successfully hiding the reaction of something as minute as your smile had on him. Eric knew he would never allow anyone to know they had any type of power over him and you certainly had a power over him. He already told you that you had his heart and he would not give you any hint that you had much more than that. You both ate in a comfortable silence. Eric was done eating before you and got up from the table.

“I’ll have someone come and clean up the coffee table and bring another one.” He told you looking away from your beautiful face to the mess on the living room floor.

“Thank you.” You said barley above a whisper as your mind remembered the pieces of wood stabbing your back as he drove himself deep inside of you. Eric returned his gaze to you just as your body shivered at the memory.

“You cold?” He asked walking up to you.

“No. I’m fine.” You looked up and your eyes wandered to the red bite marks and hickeys on his neck that aligned between his neck tattoo. You also saw your nail indents and scratches along his forearms.

Eric was about to respond when you both heard someone knock on your door.

“It’s mom. Oh my God the table! The smash keypad!” How on earth were you going to explain that? Eric put his plate in the sink completely ignoring your current state of panic. You stood up from the table just as your mom used her backup key and walked in with Abbey.

 (Look who is back.)

You started to sprint to get to work in a timely manner. You would have to cut across the chasm to get to your office faster. You smiled when you saw Tris walking toward you.

“Hey Tris! You heading to training?” You stopped and gave her a quick hug.

“Yeah. I had to escort one of the initiates to the infirmary. I’m glad it wasn’t me this time.” Tris said smiling at you.

“Oh, I remember those days. It seems like yesterday I saw my fair share of the inside of the infirmary due to training.” You frown when you saw the smile leave Tris’s face. Out of your peripheral vision you saw someone running up on you and Tris. You turned around in time to see Mandy throw liquid from a glass bottle at you. You instinctively turned your back to shield Tris and to keep whatever was being thrown at you from hitting your face. As the liquid hit your back burning through your shirt it took a second for your brain to register that she just threw acid at you. A howl came from your mouth as the acid ate at your upper back. You grabbed the chasm railing to keep from falling over.

 “Tris! Run!” You shouted. Tris took off back toward the infirmary to grab someone for help just as Mandy charged at you and knocked you on your back. You screamed in pain as the rough steel of the chasm’s bridge scraped your back. As much pain as you were in you were able to block most of her punches. It didn’t take long for Mandy to get the upper hand as she straddled you and rain down hard punches to your ribs and face.

“He is mine! Not yours!” She screamed at you. You were able to get a punch to Mandy’s face hitting and splitting her bottom lip. You had to get her off you before you both fell off into the chasm. You head butted her head stunning her enough where she fell backwards off you. Mandy quickly grabbed the railing as she rolled off the chasm.

“Oh God! Don’t let me fall! Please don’t let me fall!” Mandy screamed as she held onto the railing. “Help me!”

You got on your knees and reached down and grabbed one of her hands.

“Thank you! Thank you!” Mandy said in relief as she felt you lifting her up. Her other hand let go of the railing and grabbed your wrist as you grabbed her forearm with your other hand for a better grasp to pull her up. You started to pull up with all your strength ignoring the pain you were in. As you pulled her up you looked at her face and for a split second a wicked smile displayed on her face. My God! This woman was certifiable. You knew at that moment she would stop at nothing to hurt or kill you. You thought of Abbey and Eric as you let go of her forearm and your hand began to relax its grip in her hand. It was either going to be her or you that would end up dead. It sure hell was not going to be you. Mandy eyes widen in fear as she saw the stone expression that surfaced on your face and felt your hand letting go of hers.

“No! No! Don’t!” She shrieked as she tried to tighten her grip on your wrist. You could feel her hands slipping from your grip. You started to pull from her grasp. “You bitch! I hate you!” she roared as she realized that you intended to let her fall.

That was the final nail in her coffin. You yanked your hand from her grasp and froze as you heard her screams as she fell into the chasm. Her screams seem to go on forever until you heard her body hit the rocks. You couldn’t move as your body was frozen in place as you stared down at her mangled body. Your mind was trying to comprehend that you just killed someone when you felt an arm wrap around your waist and pull you from the edge of the bridge.

“Y/N?! Y/N?! What happen?” Eric’s voice slowly reached your brain and registered. You looked up at him slightly confused. The adrenaline you had felt started to subside and the pain from your acid burn on your back came back in full force. It hit you so hard that your body and mind could not cope and you started to scream in agony as you grasped at your shirt trying to tear it off your body. Eric quickly turned you around and saw the acid eating through your shirt.

“Shit!” Eric grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled it over your head.

“Eric what happened?!” Four jogged up to you and Eric. Four stopped short when he saw you screaming in pain in just a black bra. “What happen to her?!” Four started to panic seeing you in such pain. Eric bent down, lifted you by the back of your legs and swung you over his shoulder. He did not want to aggravate your back as blisters were starting to form.

“Oh my God!” Four gasped as he looked down in the chasm and saw Mandy’s lifeless body. “It’s Mandy.”

“What?!” Eric quickly looked over the chasm as he started for the infirmary. “Fuck!” What did you do? Eric took off as fast as he could to the infirmary. Your cries turned into loud whimpers

“Y/N concentrate on my voice. Don’t focus on the pain. Just concentrate on my voice. We are almost there.” Eric proceeded to talk to you as he rushed to the infirmary and you tried hard to zone out the pain and concentrate on his voice. Just when you thought you could not take it anymore and was going to slip out of consciousness Eric crossed the threshold of the infirmary. Dr. Davis was on duty and saw Eric as soon as he entered.

“What happen?!” He asked as he rushed up to you and Eric.

“Her back. It looks like some type of sulfuric acid.” Eric told him.

“Gurney!” Dr. Davis called out. In seconds, you were lying in a prone position in the gurney. You closed your eyes and grit your teeth as they pushed you into a room with Eric close behind. You screamed as a nurse unclasped your bra and some skin came off with the bra band.

You let out a louder cry of pain as the doctor flushed and irrigated your back with water.

“I know it hurts Y/N but we have to get the acid off your back before it completely eats through your skin.”

“Give her something more for the pain!” Eric yelled in frustration. It pained him to see you in pure agony. Dr. Davis instructed one of the nurses to administer a strong narcotic analgesic. It took instant effect and Eric sighed with relief as your eyes close into unconsciousness. Here you were fighting for your life yet again because of him. He knew that Raven and Mandy were crazy but he was not aware they were at the level of crazy to come after you like they did.

The first face you saw when you came to was Eric’s.

“Don’t move.” He told you as you tried to sit up. You realize you really could not maneuver as you felt the bandaging wrapping around the top part of your torso.

“Abbey?” You asked hoarsely.

“She is fine. She is with your mom. They were here earlier but I sent them home until you wake up. I didn’t want Abbey here. Y/N, I need you to listen to me. I know you are in pain and groggy from the meds but I need you to listen to me carefully.” Eric leaned in closer to you. “Max and a couple of leaders were here earlier to see you and I need you to tell me what happen. They have video of the attack. I watched the video and you can see where she grabbed the railing when she rolled off the chasm. The angle of the camera only shows your back and it shows a quick jerk of your arm as if you snatched your hand away. This leaves the question if you let Mandy go on purpose or if she slipped from your grasp.”

“She was going to kill me.” You told him before a spasm of coughs hit you because of your dry throat. Eric poured you a cup of water from the pitcher that was sitting on a tray at the end of your bed. You gulped it down in two large swallows.

“She fell from your grasp as the pain from your back caused your grip to weaken and you know longer had the strength to pull her up. That is what you will tell them. Do you understand me?” You felt pain in your hand and looking down you realize Eric had it in a death grip. As the fog of the medicine began to wear off more you realize Eric had fear in his eyes. That was one emotion you never thought you would see from him. He was afraid for you.

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Hi Emma, I'm a first year law student who just finished HSC last year. I'm completely over my head in terms of study techniques - they basically don't exist. My main concerns are what notebooks to use for everything, what stationery, and obviously mainly how to go about studying. I understand that it's something I have to figure out myself, but I just can't - how do I start organising everything??? I still end up freaking out the night before due dates and I hate it.

Hey! For notebooks, I’d recommend purchasing the A4 poly Arc Notebook from Staples.com.au. Here is a link. I used it for all my HSC and the last two years of uni. It’s fantastic and I love it. It is a little bit expensive but honestly, it is the best bit of stationery I have ever purchased. For pens wise, I’d recommend getting your hands on a pack of Staedtler 432 ball pens. They’re available at Officeworks or Big W. They’re nice pens, a great set of colours and easy to hold. Muji pens are also nice but gel so if you’re a leftie, not always fantastic. I think highlighters are important too. My favourites are the Zebra Mildliners (I purchased them from the UK Amazon site) and Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters (from Officeworks). I don’t think you need to go over the top on stationery. Just a small selection of things that you will actually use! For organising here are a few things you could try to do - you may already be doing some of it so just ignore those:

  • spend a full day/weekend going through your desk - throw out old stationery that doesn’t work, pile up unused notebooks, and recycle old scraps of paper! Make sure anything you might have from HSC is away (unless you need it) or you’ve recycled it. Try to get your desk only for university. If you’ve got drawers make them for certain things. I have one for things I use regularly (post-it notes, usbs, stapler, etc), stationery in general (to-do pads, stickers, etc), a drawer for uni (my binders, course information, etc), spare stationery (unused notebooks, diaries) and a drawer for accessories/spare paper for my Arc notebook. I recently did a clear out of my desk (it was supposed to be a ‘tidy’) and it took me like 4 hours). You’ll feel so much more clear and organised once it is done. I’d also recommend tidying your desk once a week - making sure everything is in it’s correct place - and then clearing it out properly each semester.
  • organise your laptop/desktop - have a folder for the year > add in a folder for your semester > add in a folder for each class > add in a folder for each week and general stuff. I find it so much simpler to have it super organised instead of having one folder to drop files in. Remember to save things in the actual place and the correct name!!!! 
  • try OneNote (if you aren’t already) - honestly, it is the best note-taking app you can have and it’s free! Everything is automatically saved, it doesn’t create a million different files per class, easy to format, etc! If you prefer writing notes that is your choice, but I find typing much easier for university! Here is a post on how I set mine up.
  • find a planner - again, a kind of simple one but if you’re not using it properly then it shows! Find somewhere (either a notebook, your phone, your computer) where you can write down what is due. Always add in reminders two weeks, a week, a day before something is due. That way you won’t be as likely to forget. You can also use it to make schedules for working on your assessments. If you can say, set yourself 2 hours every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday to work on an assignment due that coming Monday you’ll have more chance to get it done - rather than just winging it over the weekend! You could also check out my printables so you can plan your time without spending money!!
  • plan as much as you can - for big assessments this is key! I will also spend a few hours drafting up what I want to include in it. Sometimes I’ll spend a day (not a full day, just part of it) planning it out, finding my references, my main points, evidence and then breaking up the structure and word count. Then I’ll go back either the day later or a few days and start working. It makes tackling assessments much less stressful if you’ve prepped before hand. 
  • have a binder per subject - since you’re doing law I assume you get a lot of worksheets/readings/case studies that are printed! Get yourself a 4 ring large binder from Officeworks, some extra wide dividers and thick plastic sleeves to house it all. I do the same and I put my notes from my Arc Notebook into plastic sleeves once I’ve finished with them.
  • determine a notetaking system - I organised mine during HSC and still use it. It makes life a million times easier if you can just understand your notes. Mine is here if you wanted to look. Other people use the Cornell method! 
  • organise yourself with a productive and efficient study method - try to find out what type of learner you are by taking this quiz. Then use this infographic to help determine what would be best for you! My study routine is here.
  • use productivity apps - these are so helpful, I cannot stress that enough! I love the app ‘Forest’ for keeping me off my phone and focused. Here are some apps to try.
  • Other things to help: beating procrastination; preparing for a new semester; managing your time whilst note-taking; revising notes; overcoming self-doubt; staying focused in lectures/class.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with everything! xx

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Hi. Not to creep u put but I found your blog and was scrolling through like heaps and was wondering if you could post more stuff about house hunting. -your new anonymous follower

hi! not creepy at all although i am about to disappoint you: i don’t really have the right temperament to watch ‘house hunters’ or any other reality show by myself. conflict makes me nervous and i have an extraordinarily low threshold for second-hand embarrassment.

the only conditions under which i can make it through an evening of house hunters are if i’m watching with friends who are bothered by the same things i am, alcohol is involved, and if we all agree it’s ok to spend the whole time yelling at the screen (”PLEASE PLEASE STOP SAYING YOU WANT ‘PLANTATION CHARM’ WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU” “SORRY ABOUT YOUR DOOMED RELATIONSHIP” “GHIRARDELLI IS NOT ‘THE MOST ICONIC PART’ OF SAN FRANCISCO, FUCK YOU!”)

the post about the wife who wants a castle and the husband who wants a floating orb was, in my own way, an attempt to work through my lingering discomfort. i had to leave out the most bonkers stuff that actually happened during the like six episodes we watched, including:

  • a couple who works out their conflict by talking in cartoony stereotypical italian accents, complete with fake italian names. the empty look on the realtor’s face when she explained to the camera, ‘uh so i’ve met lucenzo and luchenza…’ was a piece of very sad modern art
  • a dude who wanted to live so far out in the middle of nowhere that we got real concerned the episode was gonna turn into a murder mystery
  • a woman who believes in ghosts to the point where she wouldn’t move into a ten year old house without conducting a sage ceremony
  • seriously more than one person on this show (and it’s always the wife or girlfriend, it’s never the dude) who just wants that “plantation charm.” listen, you were born in the eighties, how nostalgic can you possibly be for an era where it was legal to own human beings like property? one of these plantation enthusiasts was looking for a house in montana, which wasn’t even a fucking state during the civil war. IF YOU WANT BIG WINDOWS OR SOMETHING JUST SAY YOU WANT BIG WINDOWS YOU DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING BRING ONE OF THE WORST EVILS THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER COMMITTED INTO YOUR FUCKING DESIGN AESTHETIC, BRITTANY, HOW DOES THIS POSSIBLY FEEL LIKE A THING IT IS OKAY TO SAY

if i get invited to another house hunters party, i may post more about it. otherwise, probably not. i don’t really like how that show makes me feel inside.

Today is Anthony Ramos’ birthday and in honor of his happy day Nina has asked me to write a lil Lams fic! And how can I say no to her?! So she gave me a prompt, and this is what happened… of course it’s slightly angsty, but fear not, children–– there is PLENTY of cute ;))) Tw for discussion of depression! Your safety and mental health is much more important than a fic, kiddos! <333

John checked his phone for the fifth time in ten minutes. Still nothing from Alexander. Normally he was fine with not hearing from his boyfriend for a while. It happened frequently, with all the odd hours Alex pulled in the library studying and in the communications building, working on the school paper.

But John knew Alex wasn’t in the library, and he wasn’t working on the paper. He knew because when he’d asked Alex, Alex had said he wasn’t going to either place. When Laurens then asked where, exactly, he was going, Alex just smiled.

Well, he didn’t just smile. No. It was that face-eating, giggly, giddy grin that had so often graced his face when the two of them started dating. It still peeked out now and then, but nowhere near as often.

John knew it was silly, but he was worried. What was Alexander up to that he couldn’t tell John–– who he told everything–– about, and why was he grinning like that?

John hated where his mind went. He hated that he had that little self-confidence.

You’ve got so many issues. Of course he’s looking for someone better. You’ve seen the way he looks at Jefferson, at Eliza, at Maria. Hell, even at Burr sometimes. You were fun for him. But fun has to come to an end, and, naturally, that end is when the fun ain’t so fun anymore.

John thought of all the ways he was lacking. He had little self-confidence, a tendency to get into unnecessary fights, and lately he’d been pretty depressed. But he’d been hiding that from Alexander for the most part.

It’s because you let him in that one time last week. It’s because you let him see just a bit of your biggest weakness.

It had been a bad night. No, John had had bad nights. He’d struggled through those on his own for years. It had been an awful night. A night when every moment felt like pure agony. A night when he felt so, so tired, so weighed down, that he just wanted to sleep, but every time he shut his lids his mind sparked, catapulting thoughts in a million directions.

Alexander had found John standing in the hallway between their bedroom and the bathroom. He’d gotten out of bed to get a drink of water, or maybe even to make some tea, but as soon as he was up, he was so tired, yet he knew if he went back to bed, well… the cycle would start again.

“Babe, why’re you just standing there looking like a zombie?” Alex asked from the bedroom.

“I thought you were asleep,” John said.

“Ha, funny joke. I was drafting my next take-down of Jefferson’s outrageous ideas in preparation for the next student council meeting. But enough about me. Why’re you just standing there?”

“So tired.” Words felt like too much.

“Come back to bed, baby.”

“Can’t sleep.” His mouth was full of sand. His head was full of sand, too, and it was pulling him down. He just wanted to sink down, down, down…

“John? John?”

When had Alexander gotten up? When had he placed his hands on John’s shoulders?

Alex guided John back to their bed and laid him down, then snuggled up next to him.

“I can’t cry,” John whispered.

“It’s okay,” Alex said.

“It’s been like this for months. Nothing makes me cry anymore.”

“Not even that video of the koalas I sent you?”

“No,” John said with a sigh.

Alex kissed his forehead. “It’ll be okay, baby. You’ll be able to cry again some day.”

John was jolted out of the memory by his phone buzzing. Finally.

Alabama Hammerman <3: Heeeey baby! I’m coming home in twenty. Be ready ;)

John Laurens: Be ready for what?

Alabama Hammerman <3: You’ll see! <3

John logically knew this was a good sign. Maybe Alex hadn’t been too freaked out by his depressive episode. Maybe he wasn’t thinking of the kindest way to ditch John.

He’s just waiting until after your birthday. He’s too nice to do it before then.

John’s birthday was in two days. His father had asked him to return home for it, and since it was on a Friday and his father was paying for the plane ticket, John didn’t have much grounds for protest. Alex had said they’d celebrate when John got back on Sunday night.

Alex was home faster than John had expected.

“Hey, babe! Ready?”

“Where’re we going?” John asked as Alexander took his hand and led him out the door.

“To that new cafe I was telling you about,” Alex said.

“Oh,” John said.

“What’s up?” Alex stopped and faced his boyfriend.

“Tell me the truth, Alex,” John whispered. “It’s okay.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“It’s okay if you’re… done with me. You don’t have to wait until after my birthday to end the relationship. I mean, I appreciate the gesture, but it’s fine. I’m sorry if I scared you the other nigh––”

“Woah, woah, John!” Alexander exclaimed. He grabbed both of his boyfriend’s hands in his own. “Where is this coming from?”

“You’ve been so evasive lately. I just figured that it had all been… too much. And that’s fine! I know I’m weak, a mess, pathetic––”

“John Laurens stop it!” Alex said. “You are none of those things. Why would you think that?”

“Because of last week, that one night!” John shouted as if it should be obvious.

Alex’s face fell. “Oh, baby, depression isn’t a weakness. It doesn’t make you a mess or pathetic. Come here.” Alex opened his arms and John fell into them. He wanted to cry. He felt like he needed to cry, but he couldn’t.

Alex stroked his hair for a moment. “I’m sorry I worried you. I really didn’t mean to. If you come with me I can explain everything.”

John nodded and let Alex lead him the few blocks to the cafe. Alex stopped John from going in. He pulled his boyfriend toward him and kissed him hard. “Happy birthday, baby,” he whispered as he pulled away.

Just then the door swung open. “SURPRISE!” the entire cafe shouted.

John looked from the various people gathered inside to Alexander, then back at the people. All of their friends were there, and even their non-friends, like Jefferson and Burr, were there with party hats atop their heads.

John turned back to Alex. “This is what you’ve been doing?” he whispered.

Alex grinned–– that giddy, giggly, goofy grin–– and nodded.

“Oh my god,” John said. “Oh my god.”

Before he knew it, John Laurens was crying.

Alex kissed the tears off of his freckled cheeks and ran his hands through John’s curls. “I didn’t mean to make you cry,” he murmured.

“No, no, it’s… I’m… they’re happy tears,” John said with a laugh. “And they’re tears,” he said with another laugh.

The boys knew that one good cry wasn’t the answer to John’s problems, but it was still a victory. And the face-eating smile on John’s freckled face was an even bigger victory.

They spent the afternoon laughing, drinking coffee, and eating the cake that Laf had baked for the special occasion. John unwrapped presents from his friends and let Alex fix as many bows as possible to his curly hair.

By the end of the afternoon, John had a plethora of bows on his head, an armful of turtle-themed goodies, and a huge smile on his face. Alex helped him carry his presents back to their apartment, then gathered John in his arms as soon as the gifts were set down.

“John?” he whispered.

“Alex?” John whispered back.

“I love you, John Laurens.”

John gasped. It was the first time Alex had said that to him. John had been longing to say it, but he’d been so afraid. He hadn’t understood how someone like Alex could like someone like him.

Whether he understood it or not, he knew it was the truth. And until he could understand that, he was going to take Alex’s word for it. That would be enough.

John took a deep breath, then said the very words that had been on the tip of his tongue for weeks now.

“I love you, Alexander Hamilton.”

roseofenglandstuff  asked:

Hey there. I have a question about Yuri on Ice ep 5. At the tournament, there are only 4 male skaters in the tournament and a huge bunch of female skaters. At the press conference, Yuuri is the only man on stage. Is the men/women distribution really that different in figure skating in Japan? Also, I sent you an ask a while ago and I just wanted to know if you happen to know what I asked. I forgot about it but remembered there was something XD Anyway, thanks for your awesome blog.

Thanks for sending this! It’s a good ask to get me back into writing after being sick and busy for weeks.

Yes, the distribution is skewed towards Ladies, although it’s not as dramatic as the distribution of skaters in Singles vs. Pairs & Ice Dance. Figure skating is considered a “feminine” activity by the general populace – much like ballet or ballroom dance. The viewpoint is definitely getting better, but it’s only relatively recently that the Men’s discipline has had the spotlight shone on them. Daisuke and Yuzuru have mentioned this before when talking about their early skating days.

But your question has two points, so I’ll address them in order:

  1. The number of men in the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu Taikai
  2. The distribution of men in figure skating in Japan

1. Regionals & Press Conference

You can check the past 2016 results and registration for the Chu-Shikoku-Kyushu competition here. It’s actually a huge competition that spans days with the Juniors, Novice A, and Novice B groups also competing – which is why we see all those people waiting to draw numbers. 

Keep reading

TFW Preference - After Glow


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Even though you’ve both finally caught your breaths, Sam doesn’t pull away just yet. You cradle him with your arms wrapped loosely around his shoulders as he nuzzles to your neck, peeking his warm tongue over the dark marks he had made along your throat. You could feel his hot breath and his lips curl up into a soft smile when you shivered underneath him, still sensitive to his little touches. His weight wasn’t uncomfortable at all. It’s warm, safe, shielding. 

There’s a soft ache of soreness on the spots where your thighs connect to your hips, but it feels good. One of Sam’s arms moves to support his weight as his other tenderly moves down the curve of your breast, over the line of your waist and gently massaging and pressing all over to ease your still trembling muscles. He always takes care of you.

After another long moment, Sam finally shifts to your side. You snuggle close, tangling your legs with his, and cupping his face to kiss his swollen lips. You run your fingers through each other’s hair, breathing at the same rhythm. He tells you to rest, that he’ll be right there right beside you when you wake like he always is.


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Dean eases you down from your high with heavy kisses as he moves to spoon you. His firm chest is pressed to your back and an arm is tucked under yours when he pulls your body close. His hand is just over your heart and he chuckles that it’s still beating rapidly.

He kisses the curve of your shoulder and you can feel the little butterfly kisses of his long eyelashes on your soft skin before he nuzzles to your hair. A giggle escapes your lips when he kisses the little spot behind your ear and then the ticklish spot on your neck. He just smiles, squishing you closer to his body and keeps making you laugh for the rest of the night.


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Cas is smiling, his eyes are closed, and you stare at the soft lines of his face and his dark eyelashes as he traces slow circles on your back. His eyes slowly open when he hears you hum and whisper a verse, lips pressing against his cheek, and you’re smiling. He closes his eyes again when you move your arm underneath his head and your hand runs though his dark hair.

I’m finding it hard to believe, we’re in heaven,” Cas just continues on, voice a little hoarse. He’s heard the song only come from you, almost like tradition in these quiet, sweet times. You have told him once before that it is a popular song, and yet the only version he wants to hear is the one spilling out of your soft lips when it’s lyrics as true as those.

A/N: For @meangreenlimabean, hope you like it! I’m trying to get back into writing, and I know I haven’t done these in aaagggeeesss, but yet here it is. This has been collecting dust in my drafts since forever, time to dust it off, am I right???

mbti as lorde songs

isfj - the love club

i joined the club and it’s all on
there are fights for being my best friend
and the girls get their claws out
there’s something about hanging out with the wicked kids 

esfj - ribs

you’re the only friend i need
sharing beds like little kids
and laughing ‘til our ribs get tough
but that will never be enough

intp - magnets

uh-oh, dancin’ past the point of no return
let go, we can free ourselves of all we’ve learned
i love this secret language that we’re speaking
say it to me, let’s embrace the point of no return

entp - tennis court

don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk
making smart with their words again, well i’m bored
because i’m doing this for the thrill of it, killin’ it
never not chasing a million things i want

isfp - bravado

i was frightened of every little thing that i thought was out to get me down
to trip me up and laugh at me
but i learnt not to want
the quiet of the room with no one around to find me out

esfp - no better

i’ll pull the trick if i want to
i’ll pull the trick and it comes true
i’m chewing gum and it’s killing you
we’re getting dead and it’s the right way to do it

intj - royals

my friends and i—we’ve cracked the code
we count our dollars on the train to the party
and everyone who knows us knows that we’re fine with this,
we didn’t come from money

entj - million dollar bills

we can leave the house lead the party let the people know
go drown the colors of our minds and watch the cars go
it’s not about just being out with all our people
‘cause we can get in trouble just by going free throw
and now i’m letting you know

infj - 400 lux

i love these roads where the houses don’t change
where we can talk like there’s something to say
i’m glad that we stopped kissing the tar on the highway
we move in the tree streets
i’d like it if you stayed 

enfj - team

we live in cities you’ll never see on screen
not very pretty, but we sure know how to run things
living in ruins of a palace within my dreams
and you know, we’re on each other’s team

istp - glory and gore

delicate in every way but one (the swordplay)
god knows we like archaic kinds of fun (the old way)
chance is the only game i play with, baby
we let our battles choose us

estp - yellow flicker beat

and now people talk to me, i’m slipping out of reach now
people talk to me and all their faces blur
but i got my fingers laced together and i made a little prison
and i’m locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me

infp - a world alone

all my fake friends and all of their noise, complain about work
they’re studying business, i study the floor
and you haven’t stopped smoking all night
maybe the internet raised us
or maybe people are jerks

enfp - buzzcut season

the men up on the news
they try to tell us all that we will lose
but it’s so easy in this blue
where everything is good

and i’ll never go home again
favorite friend
i live in a hologram with you

istj - still sane

all work and no play
never made me lose it
all business all day
keeps me up a level
all work and no play
keeps me on the new shit, yeah

estj - white teeth teens

if you want we’ll help tonight to split its seams
give the bruises out like gifts
you’ll get the picture of your dreams
i won’t be smiling
but the notes from my admirers
fill the dashboard just the same


a wound unmended - a matt x elektra season 2 fanmix 

(these songs are meant to roughly track with matt x elektra’s relationship over season 2, from college!mattelektra to reunitedtenyearslater/lovehate!mattelektra and then stabmeintheheart!mattelektra at final fight in 2x13. this art’s been kicking around the drafts for a while and while it’s not my favorite, i wanted to get it out of my queue so i could start playing around with some fresher ideas. enjoy!)

01 _ young god - hasley
but do you feel like a young god? / you know the two of us are just young gods / and we’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath / and they’re running, running, running

02 _ pull me down - mikky ekko
oh i heard you were trouble / and you heard i was trouble / but your name is a wave washing over me / no games just a slave to you totally

03 _ loyalties among thieves - new politics
the story started as a monologue / but it got better when you came along / just us… / bonnie and clyde have come alive again / but we all know just how the story ends / we know…

04 _ crazy in love remix - beyonce
baby your love’s got the best of me / baby you’re making a fool of me / you got me sprung and i don’t care who sees / cause baby you got me, you got me…

05 _ shadow preachers - zella day
you make me wanna love, hate, cry, take, every part of you / you make me wanna scream, burn, touch, learn, every part of you

06 _ love on the brain - rihanna
oh, and baby i’m fist fighting with fire / just to get close to you / can we burn something babe? / and i run for miles just to get a taste / must be love on the brain

07 _ us against the world - coldplay
the tightrope that i’m walking just sways and ties / the devil, as he’s talking, with those angel’s eyes / and i just want to be there when the lightning strikes / and the saints go marching in

08 _ like a river runs - sia
when i fall asleep i can see your face / what i lost in you i will not replace / and i could run away, i could let them down / and i know you’re gone but still / i will remember your light

anonymous asked:

Hi Megan...i was wondering if i could ask for some advice if it's not too much trouble? I really really love reading/watching different adaptations of batb and I've wanted to take a shot at writing my own. But there's so many versions out there already that i feel daunted and too timid to even try. People say i should make it "different" enough to stand out but i don't want to stray too far from the original themes. Did you have any similar fears before beginning your own adaptation?

Hey Anon!

I definitely feel where you’re coming from! When I started BATB, I was really just reading/watching every version I could get my hands on (this was before high speed internet, so I mostly relied on interlibrary loans) and just synthesizing what beats were always present and how they differed.

I think the trick is to just slam out that first draft without a critical eye – just get your ideas down on paper, go off on wild tangents, write scenes out of order and don’t censor yourself. When that’s done, you’ll probably be surprised at what you came up with while you were just letting yourself write organically. Then, you can come back in with the hedge clippers and prune away the messy bits –the parts that don’t further the theme, or are too indulgent –and in your next pass you can begin to flesh it back out and make that leaner, tighter story shine.

My first draft(s) were too influenced by other versions, but I probably couldn’t have written them if I hadn’t been so in love with what other creators had done with the story. Every time I reworked what I had, my own voice came through a little louder, and I began to see the themes I wanted to explore more clearly. Through revising and editing, I began to lose the parts that were too similar to other takes and find the one that was my own. 

I’ve said it before, but I think if you speak honestly in your writing, the truth of it comes through. Emotional honesty resonates with people. They know when something is contrived. As long as the story you write is one only you could have written, you’ve achieved something. <3

Okay I was in our dining room and Obi was in the back yard, when I look out the window and see a guy with a shotgun sitting in his car at the end of our driveway. So I assume he’s one of those people who just shoots mean looking dogs (which made perfect sense at the time), so I let Obi in and lock both the back doors. So Obi and I are inside, and this guy just appears inside with his shotgun, and I’m telling him, “dude, I locked both doors I obviously didn’t want you in here???” What really sold me on it being real was my phone crashing every time I tried to call 911. So then my sister shows up, and apparently this guy tells her he’s been watching me and he just wanted to meet me. So I’m yelling at him about how rude breaking and entering is when my mom gets home. I tell her to call 911 because this guy just came in our house with his shotgun after I’d clearly locked both doors to keep him out, and you know what she says? “Well maybe you should just go out with him once.”

i’m still sorting through threads which i’m bringing over from my old accounts, but i’m going to throw out a tentative lyric starter call in the mean time while i work on longer drafts ( please specify a muse ! )


So, couple weeks ago I decided to make a solar dehydrator as a rainy day project. I went with a down draft style. I think It turned out pretty good, but I am kind of struggling with how to dial it in. I am starting out with just a black box for heat and draft. I’ve seen designs for cans, corrugation and painted mesh, but I want to get some base temperatures and drafts before I spend the time and modify it. I also have a solar powered vent fan from another project that I could add. The vent is also assisted by the shingle roof section, and I may change that. So, this is my setup before modifications. I am posting in hopes of getting some advice from people who have one themselves and have already worked things out.

I will repost the tweaked final design

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I feel like I don't even want Harry romantically or sexually I just want him to be a big brother friend who cares a lot and would come pick me up late at night if I needed it

I feel like he’s probably a great friend – a real ride or die type, which is why when you cross him somehow it’s dunzo for real. I think if you’ve got a friend in him, and when the road gets tough ahead, and you’re miles and miles from your nice warm bed (I had to), he does what he can to help if he’s available (provided you’re not taking advantage of his good nature, cause we’ve all got limits). x

Just Getting Started

Originally posted by wugalaxy

Title: Just Getting Started

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Wu Yifan

Genre: Smut

Note: Because I’ve been having Fan Fan feels.. Hope you liked it, and just a little spoiler, there’s a Jongin smut in my drafts that I’m 99.9% done with so get ready for that too..


“Done.” You murmured to yourself, setting a fork on the second plate. You grabbed both plates in your hand, setting off to your boyfriend’s office.

He told you he needed to finish up some stuff for a meeting at work, and you let him hide out in his office to complete it. You wanted to pull him away from the work, tho. So you came up with a nice, homemade, Chinese dinner.

“Kris, I made dinner if yo-” You pushed the door open with your shoulder, but you were startled to see that your boyfriend wasn’t working, but the opposite. Playing; specifically with himself.

You jerked around, hiding beside the doorway. He hadn’t seen or heard you, as you still heard the groans eliciting from the room. You slid your head around the door, peeking in at his exposed figure.

He was still fully clothed, but his zipper was undone just enough so his cock could be pulled out. His head laid back on the chair as his eyes were screwed shut and his mouth agape. His hand moved in fast jerks, starting at the very base to the top and curving, repeating quickly.

You licked your lips and gulped, the very sight soaking your panties. You couldn’t help but set the plate on a dresser beside you, pulling your shorts to your ankles.

Your mischievous plan burned in your head and you smirked. Slowly, you walked into the room.

“I thought you were working?” You mumbled, smirking as you walked towards him. He opened his eyes wide, grabbing a book beside him and holding it over his exposed self. “What are you doing…?” He stuttered, watching you carefully.

You look towards the book that covered his dick and moved it away, placing it behind you on the desk. You climbed onto his lap and sat on his thigh. “I should be asking you the same.”

You pulled his arms away from his dick and he went from embarrassed to dominant instantaneously. The lust in his eyes increased tenfold as his hands went to grip your ass, his teeth shooting to your neck.

“Yifan..” You moaned, scooting up to grind your clothed wetness onto his exposed dick. “Fuck.” He groaned callously, his large hand coming down onto your ass sharply. You whimpered.

“You’re a bad girl, watching me play with myself, hm?” He scolded, his voice suddenly deepening. You whined, pulling your loose shirt over your head and throwing it to the side.

Before, your mission was to try and be dominant with Yifan for once. But once he was pressed against your pussy, hard and thick, you lost all thought. The only mission now was to fuck him so hard you wouldn’t walk tomorrow.

You tugged at the bottom of Yifan’s shirt, wanting it lost too. He grinned. “Nope, bad girls don’t get what the want.” He mumbled, turning you around and pushing you against the desk. You bent over it, sticking your ass up prominently in front of his face.

He chuckled. “You’re so bad.” Was all he could whisper before he ripped your panties in half and his tongue was pressed flat against your slit. He lapped up the juices he had put there before, cleaning you up so he could slowly and teasingly slide his index finger into you.

“Yifan…” You mewled, pushing your hips back to catch more of his finger. All he did was laugh and lick his lips, adding another digit. His slender fingers began to pump in and out of you quickly and his tongue flicked at your clit.

“God, yes.. Kris~!!” You yelped, your head falling and your mouth gaping. Your pit began to bubbled which caused your hips to grind to his fingers.

You were on the verge of release and your walls tightened. He felt so and he pulled his fingers out, using them to pull his jeans the rest of the way off. He slid his shirt over his head and walked back up to you.

Both of his large hands grabbed your ass, squeezing and pulling them apart. He let his cock fall between the two cheeks and he pushed them back together, leaning forward so his breath tickled your neck.

“Mm, you like that?” He whispered and took your left earlobe between his teeth. His hips bucked and the head of his cock peeked out above your ass. “You’re a dirty little girl, aren’t you?”

“Please, just fuck me already..” You could barely breath as sweat built up on your forehead and you closed your eyes. “If you say so, princess..”

You were pleased as the head of his cock was suddenly shoved into you. “Yifan..” You choked, his thrust sending your hips crashing into the desk. He wrapped his fingers through your hair and yanked your head back. His other hand held your hip in place tightly as he began bucking his hips at an even, fast pace. You felt your orgasm from before begin to build back up and your stomach tightened.

“You’re such a little slut, hm. Walking in on me jackin’ off and thinking it’s an opportunity for me to bang your brains out.” He mumbled dirty words into your ear with a low, husky voice as his hips beat into you from behind. “Yeah~, you’re a little whore.” He growled.

His own words and your pants for air must have been his own pleasure as he released a long groan, his head falling into the crook of your neck and his teeth grabbing at your skin. His thrusts became sloppy but more powerful, his cock twitching inside you. Just the feeling of its jerk was enough to push you off the edge and you came all over Yifan’s cock.

He moaned and pulled out, turning you around a pushing you onto your knees. He continued to jack himself off, and you waited patiently with your tongue out. His cum painted your mouth, the excess dripping down your neck. The rest of his release spilled out slowly and he groaned, his head flying back.

Once he was finished, he collapsed backwards into his chair. He continued to mumble profanities as you got up and wiped the sticky substance off your face. “Now get to work you horny fuck.” You chuckled, throwing the shirt at him.

He smirked and looked up at you. “Wait, you thought I was finished with my work? I’ve just gotten started, princess.”

❰❰ ooc:  important update and semi-hiatus ::

Hi my loves! Just wanted to give you all a quick update. First of all, I’m sorry I haven’t been very active lately. I know I’ve got a full ask box and plenty of drafts to get to, (and I will, don’t worry!) but RP has kind of taken a backseat to my health lately.

I’m having surgery in two days, so I’ll be on a semi-hiatus until I’m out of the hospital and well enough to start writing again. I’ve also updated my rules and info. From now on, this blog will be mutuals only. If I do end up dropping a thread, please understand that I’m just trying to keep things as stress-free as possible during this time so I can heal and still enjoy RPing. Contrariwise, I completely understand if you want to drop a thread because your muse has lost interest during my absence. Again, no stress!

I’m not sure how long I’ll be off the grid, ideally I’d like to be back at it in two weeks or so. In the meantime, you’re more than welcome to message me on here, Discord, or Skype, I’d love to hear from you. Thank you guys for understanding, I can’t wait to start writing Cor again. ♥

( For those who don’t have it, my Discord is: cxivanquish #1438 )    ❱❱

Here is the transcript of the USA Today interview with Rian so you don’t have to dig up like I did because I was confused about what people were talking about today. If you prefer to read it on their official site, just click on the link. I’ll let everyone draw their own conclusion, but to me, this interview doesn’t confirm (or refute) Sky!Rey at all. All I know is that I can’t wait for ep.8 :)

It’s like rolling up for a lightsaber lesson with Obi-Wan Kenobi when Star Wars: Episode VIII writer/director Rian Johnson says the magic words: “Anything you want to know! What do you want to know?”

He’s playing with us a little, of course. The follow-up (in theaters Dec. 15) to all-time box-office champ The Force Awakens is still a top-secret project (now in post-production) but one that Johnson is tackling proudly while playing coy when it comes to reveals.

“The creative work has felt like play,“ says Johnson, whose previous work includes the high-school noir mystery Brick and time-travel drama Looper. "It’s felt resonant and meaningful because it meant so much to me as a kid.”

In one of his first interviews about Episode VIII — conducted before the death of Star Wars star Carrie Fisher, who had finished her work on the movie — the filmmaker teases about what’s to come in the galaxy far, far away.

Director Rian Johnson, seen at last year’s Star Wars Celebration, is now in post-production on ‘Episode VIII.’ (Photo: Ben A. Pruchnie, Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios)

1. Tonally, Episode VIII will emphasize fun.

Johnson is aiming for an enjoyable experience rather than a darker middle chapter in the new trilogy. “I want it to be a blast and to be funny and to be a ride the way The Force Awakens and the original Star Wars movies were.”

2. Fans will find out more about their 'Force Awakens’ heroes.

Episode VIII continues where The Force Awakens left off with the journey of Jedi-in-training Rey (Daisy Ridley), former Stormtrooper Finn (John Boyega) and ace X-wing pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac). “I wanted to know more about each of them, and that doesn’t just mean information or backstory,“ Johnson says. "Figure out what’s the most difficult thing each of them could be challenged with now — let’s throw that at them and dig into what really makes them tick by seeing how they handle that.”

'Force Awakens’ heroes Finn (John Boyega, left) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) face new challenges in 'Episode VIII.' 

3. Rey develops a strong connection to Luke Skywalker.

The new film from the start will explore the relationship between Luke (Mark Hamill) and Rey, who shows up on his remote intergalactic island with his old lightsaber “both not knowing what’s going to happen and also having a lot of expectations in her head about how this is going to go,” Johnson says. “It very much feels like what we all go through in adolescence, the dawning of this new chapter of our lives.“ The director adds that the deepening of familial themes in Episode VIII is "a huge part of especially Rey’s character, something that was a really powerful part of her setup and something I really wanted to dig into with this.”

What we know about Carrie Fisher’s next 'Star Wars’ movie

4. Luke Skywalker is the “emotional entry point” into Episode VIII.

A longtime fan of Hamill’s enigmatic Jedi, Johnson thinks “What’s going on with Luke Skywalker?” is the essential question at the heart of the new film. “I’m approaching it with a take that I hope feels honest and real and is going to be interesting to folks and make sense.”

5. Episode VIII already has a title.

The director knows it. In fact, he’s had it locked in his mind ever since he started working on Episode VIII a couple of years ago. “It was in the very first draft I wrote,” Johnson says. So how bad does he want to get that big secret off his chest? “I’ll just blurt it out right now!” he jokes. “All in good time, my friend.”

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) revealed himself at the end of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ but plays a major role from the beginning of 'Star Wars: Episode VIII.’

Short Hiatus

(( I’ve thought about this for a while and I really have no motivation to rp at the moment. I don’t want to push myself either. I really need to get my life situated too since I recently graduated. My apartment is a mess and I have no help with cleaning it either so it just makes me not want to clean it myself. Don’t worry! I will be back shortly! You’ll know I’m back when threads from me find themselves out of my drafts to your dashboards. I might pop in once or twice to send out memes to peeps, but other than that, don’t expect much from me for a bit. You can still find me on my personal blog. If I have recently liked a starter call for any of my muses, please write it up. I will put it in my drafts. Again this is going to be short since I love each and every one of you and I want to continue with RPing, but real life, and my mental health come first. ))

anonymous asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send it to the last 10 people in your activity! ❤

Okay: Five things that make me happy!

One ~ As soon as I’m done here I get to finally play Kyoto Winds today!  Of course, me trying to choose a route is like:

Above–me hearing from all the guys. (Yes, there’s a joke in there.)
Below–me checking out all the guys and trying to decide on just one route.

Also, this is me not answering the question “But you said you WEREN’T going to play Saitou’s route first?”

Two ~ Playing the new Hakuouki game is actually psyching me up to get really into my main story again (probably draft a chapter between routes).  And I SO wanted to have the central part of my Gajevy fic finished before now–sorry folks!  I do know what’s going on, I’m just behind!

Three ~ I really, truly appreciate the great people I’ve met through tumblr and FF.net and just through writing and sharing things I enjoy.

Four ~ My family is indulgent about my love of video games, anime and fanfiction.  (Downside:  My parents are very computer literate and might read my fanfiction…)

Five ~ Seeing my little lilac shrub (at roughly 5′ or 150ish cm it’s still not quite a tree yet!) start to bloom yesterday was great!

Oh and here’s “the Happy” to pass along:

Stand! Bow! Aye!

I wanted to spend tonight making more Chilton gifs, buuuut I found out I apparently can’t go without a migraine for more than a few days right now (thank you weather!). So instead of giffing, I’m just gonna pop some pills and curse my existence