i just want to frame every intelligent thought you so eloquently write

Wonwoo: Red

anonymous asked: Can u do soulmate!au with wonwoo? Thank u ♥

Summary: Soulmate!AU in which he’s an artist, you’re a writer, and you like to leave bits of inspiration on each other’s arms.

- Admin Syrup (omg sorry this took so long!! school is terrible ;__; also i’m bad with titles please bear with me lol)

The first thing that had appeared on your wrist, sent to you by your soulmate, was a single brush stroke in vermillion. An artist, you thought, before shuffling through your drawers for your favorite pen to write back to him. With the tip hovering over the wrist opposite of where the red mark had appeared, you wracked your brain for an eloquent phrase to write to your soulmate. Funny how you were an aspiring writer, but you couldn’t find any words.

So you settled for a simple phrase that got your point across: ‘Hello.’ Hopefully your soulmate wouldn’t think you were boring and stop contacting you. Luckily, your soulmate responded a minute later, this time in strokes of orange; you could feel the brush, as if he were painting directly on your skin.

‘My name is Jeon Wonwoo.’

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