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Frat Boy Pt. 4

part 1, part 2, part 3

Thank you guys so much for enjoying frat boy, I get so excited each time I hear your responses!  We can all thank @whathefuckeverr for this amazing edit :) Also thanks for being patient everyone, i hope it’s worth it.. ;) xx

He hadn’t held the door open for you.  Granted, you never really expected him to, but when it slammed shut in your face it nevertheless left a chill.

A nosy pedestrian gave you an apologetic glance, and you really wanted to tell them you were definitely not with him, not the guy that walked just as fast as he drove, mumbling a “come on” or huffing every few seconds when you’d fallen behind, not the guy who seemed to be rushing to get away from you, to the cover of the indoors.  But then the sky opened its mouth a little more and you started to feel a drizzle, the stranger was forgotten as you ducked under the awning.  And when you walked through the doors and saw Harry still clad in his practice uniform brushing off the stares that seemed to gravitate towards him, you thought, perhaps you wouldn’t completely mind if you were with him.  You waited a little awkwardly by the door along with the other normal people waiting their turn in the long line Harry had assumedly skipped.  He stood confidently, like he was standing in his living room and not like he’d just jumped to the front on one of Kean’s busiest nights, and you watched curiously as he spoke to the hostess who had the whole Urban Outfitter wardrobe and Tumblr girl pout going on.

The look you clearly weren’t going for.

When he gestured behind him with a little look your way, and the hostess followed his gaze, you offered a small smile and saw her brows knit together a bit in what you could only guess was distaste.  It stung, but you were more focused on the way he leaned towards her just the slightest to say something a little lower, and the way her pout suddenly turned up with a giggle from his huskily-spoken words.

And the way his smile broke into a smug grin as he took in her change of mood.

He broke his focus with the hostess to look back at you, still looking as smug as ever, and you cursed yourself for following him when he tossed his head to come closer.  Truly, it killed you a bit to follow this arrogant panty-dropper, and you mumbled little apologizes to the people you (not so elegantly) brushed past to get there.  You hated the stupid pangs of jealousy at his intimate actions with the hostess when in reality his words were completely meaningless, a means to an end.  Actually, you should be trying to warn the girl before it was too late and she was spread on his bed like a sloppy PB&J and thrown in the trash the next morning by a kid who decided he didn’t like the way the jelly and the peanut butter ran off the edges.

The hostess was quickly leading you through the filled tables to the only open space and when you saw it you wanted to roll your eyes.  The largest booth at the back of the room, and somehow it had Harry written all over it.  That hostess must’ve been a yoga instructor or an acrobat because you were downright struggling to maneuver through everything that quick and Harry, surprisingly, was gracious enough to wait for you.

“Why’d yeh wait by the door?” he asked.  And if you weren’t smarter, you would’ve thought you heard the smallest sliver of concern.

“It was too ridiculously crowded.  But it looks like that wasn’t a problem for you,” you observed.

“We’re friends.”  His tone was dismissive, but you couldn’t trust it.

His hand found its way to your waist to help you forward and you couldn’t quite swivel out of it in the narrow spaces between chairs and tables.

“This isn’t a date Styles.”                                                   

“Never said it was,” he countered.  “M’not cheap enough to take a girl here fo’ a date.  Plus you’re m’tutor now aren’t yeh? ‘M not that kinky.”

“Right, forgot you were rich.  Would you fly her to Spain for dinner then?” you scoffed, but you were cringing at how you couldn’t mask your sudden sour mood.

“Why, d’yeh like Spain?”

You almost seriously questioned if he would and mumbled a never mind.  You never really thought about how rich Harry was, you knew his family was well-known for something, and you were pretty sure it was a big something.  But you’d just never been sure what.  For all you knew, he could own half the oil rigs in Texas and own two private planes.  The rich weren’t exactly scarce in your town, actually it was normal for you to see Ferraris and Rolls-Royces at the grocery store on the daily, and Harry’s family was definitely situated at the top of the rich hierarchy.  You reckoned his family had a collection of exotic cars.

The hostess quickly called a waiter over to clear the table and her persistent glances towards Harry when you slid into the booth set you in a petulant mood.  He’d probably fly the hostess to Spain.  He’d probably be kinky with the hostess in Spain.

He slid in beside you and his hands brushed against yours as he did so, a tingle running up your sides from the gentle touch.

“I know m’not into role play, but you’d still look sexy in a pencil skirt,” he murmured lowly.

You practically choked on air, and before you could mumble an incoherent what? his eyes were already back on the hostess.  Bright with laughter.  And anything but innocent.

“You’re all set.  Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you,” she said.  And the way she looked directly at Harry with a coy smile and nonchalantly leant down to accentuate her ample cleavage made you think that yes, she really did mean anything.

“Thanks Em. ‘M glad you’re workin’ tonight,” he said warmly, with that crooked smile that could charm the knickers off your gran.  Em.  The intimacy in which he spoke those words was twisting the knife lodged deep in your stomach.

Was everything that came out of his mouth this seductive-sounding?  You weren’t making this up were you?  You couldn’t possibly.

“The usual?” she asked, in that familiar way that made you grit your teeth with annoyance.

“‘M not sure yet, we’ll get back to yeh soon,” he sent her a little wink and you swore she actually swooned.  A small flustered smile befell her and Harry was watching it all, his charming persona never faltering.  “Well when you figure it out you know where to find me,” she said, turning her head and wiggling her hips a little too much when she walked away.   Her long blonde hair was perfectly curled and you were envious of how it seemed to fall so naturally, swish each way when she walked.  For a moment, you regretted throwing your hair in a bun.

Harry suddenly ran his hands up and down his face once and leant back with a sigh, your body tensing just the slightest when you sensed his arm fall just above your shoulders.

“Do you treat all your friends like that?” you asked.  You couldn’t help it, the seed had been planted and it was going to nag at you all night if you didn’t just ask him.  Besides, there was no harm in it - nothing was ever going to happen between him and you so there was no need to be bashful.

You saw the tug at his cheeks.  “Yeah, friends. I stop in every now and then.” He stopped to think a moment. “She got sloppy drunk once but that night was just a mistake all ‘round I reckon.”

“I imagine you have a lot of those,” you mused.

“I’ll never be with a woman too fucked up to enjoy it,” he said shortly. “She came onto me and she was proper embarrassed about it all the next day when I told her what ‘appened, apologized and everythin’.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

He shrugged before looking at you with an amused glimmer lighting his eyes.  “You’re the one who wanted to know.”

“I never-” your denial faltered.  Had you asked him?  “You don’t need to tell me about your sex life,” you said quickly, covering up your previous hesitation.

“The glares yeh were givin’ her said otherwise, but don’t go on and blush about it, m’flattered s’all.”  The cocky grin broke across his face and the knife you’d felt in your stomach quickly melted by a fire you weren’t quite sure you wanted to acknowledge at the moment.

“Glad we’re inside though, startin’ t’rain now innit?” His eyes never left you, and you felt forced to look outside the windows now wet from their natural shower.

“Yeah,” you sighed.  It hit you for a moment where this conversation was going and suddenly you laughed loudly.  “I refuse, absolutely refuse, to talk about the weather with you Harry.  Let’s…” You reached for your bag that wasn’t there.

“Study,” he finished for you.

“Right, but-”

Your bag.

It wasn’t there.

“Frick,” you muttered.  Harry quirked an eyebrow. “I forgot the books,” you whispered as the realization sunk in.  You could’ve sworn you’d brought them to the field, but you’d been in such a rush to get over there and then you’d ran back to put on a light coat of makeup… they were in your bag on your bed.  Along with your wallet.

You were an idiot.

Harry hadn’t said anything, but as he took in your crushed face, he barked a laugh and shook his head a bit.  “That’s classic, absolutely classic.”   Your hand shot out to shove him, but he dodged it and it only made your scowl deepen.  “Harry!  You’re laughing at your own failed English grade right now,” you whined.

His laughter subsided but only after mumbling an unbelievable under his breath.  “S’alright, we can still talk about it yeah?  ‘M sure yeh got loads of stuff in that pretty head o’ yours.”  The word pretty slipped out before he could stop it, and unnoticed by you, everything about him froze. 

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I don't mean this in a mean way but.. seeing your art makes me not even want to try to draw anymore

mm..I want to make it clear that this is overall..a pretty bad comment.
I don’t think it’s a complement, but if you did intend it to be a complement then..oh gosh. yeah it’s just really negative and passive aggresive.
No artist would feel flattered that someone else doesn’t want to pursue their art anymore cause of them. 

but yeh. I’m not mad at you, but I don’t appreciate this at all.

(also edit: please don’t reblog this! if you want to talk about it more, please make your own post about it! I don’t want something so personal getting so much attention, I know they’re on anonymous, but..still . yeah)

So I a while ago I was talking to @dana-in-wonderland about editing random Mike screencaps for fic/imagine/headcanon writers to use since everyone is using the same stuff. You all deserve (and need) some new Mike images to work with. 

Tbh I was just looking for an excuse to edit some Mike and I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted to edit first.

Not sure how many are below the cut. I started at 80 and took off as I went through. I tried making a separate page on my blog for them but it was highly frustrating. They don’t have to be used fics; you can make icons out of them too. 

Also if anyone has any Mike requests let me know.

Tagging (anyone who might be interested): @seekret-fanfic @svuoneshots @specialfictionsunit @missjennifercole @leanwithitwriting @0iseau @madcapsvu @thranduilsperkybutt @svuniversefan @writingsvun @evs14u @thirstyforimagines @locke-writes @ladyzootie @law-and-order-smut-victims-unit @raul-is-papi (I know you have a Mike request) 

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From the Studio that brought you Captain America: Civil War-

The Red Team, the first action-packed Superhero movie to feature An Avenger, A Vigilante and An Antihero- Coming July 2017

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What's going to happen to them once they get back? I'm concerned for them because even though certain things that happened are inexcusable I don't want it to ruin their careers after all the work they put into it. I'm new to the kpop world so I don't know how they handle these things

[IMPORTANT EDIT: I have learned that my information regarding the legality of Yugyeom drinking was incorrect. I sincerely apologize for spreading misinformation!! Also:

Korean fans, fansites, and news sites appear to be currently ignoring the pool party incident. ( x ) This means that GOT7 will hopefully not face a horrible backlash in Korea]

Hello, my dear. <3

I completely understand your concern. Honestly, it is very hard to say at this point what will happen to the boys when they get back because there hasn’t been a situation quite like this before where the boys were out of the country when the incident occurred. Being a 15 hour flight away from the company (at the very least) has put a delay on everything getting handled and dealt with, and it’s made tensions even higher. However, there are a few things that must be kept in mind that will play into how everything goes down. I just ask that everyone keep in mind that these are only my thoughts, opinions, and hypotheses based on my experience and research over time.

1) I’m going to say this plainly, and I know a lot of people might get offended, but Bambam saying the n-word is only the issue that it is in America and in some other parts of the Western world. For the Korean fans, Bambam’s bad decision is not going to be a huge issue. His mistake means more for the company than it does for the fans.

Now, this is not to say that it’s not a huge issue and that it doesn’t need to be addressed and addressed thoroughly, because it is a huge issue, but everyone needs to understand that the very first thing that they teach you in a basic Anthropology class is that the sense of ethnocentrism that we are raised with that gives us the idea that something that is commonplace in our culture should be common place everywhere, is wrong. Cultural difference means that something that is common, inescapable knowledge in one culture could never even be heard of in another culture. I mean, does everyone reading this know how horribly offensive and terrible it is to pass food between chopsticks for Japanese people? Not knowing doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you uninformed. It shows that you’re not from that culture. The same is true for Bambam, and let’s keep that in mind. Bambam is not a bad person, he is uneducated and misinformed.

2) Yugyeom’s drinking was a poor decision, but it was not illegal. This post goes into more detail on the ins and outs of that statement, but it’s important to understand that Yugyeom did not do anything legally wrong. (EDIT: Underaged drinking is illegal in California in all contexts.) However, it is the issue with Yugyeom that might cause the biggest issue for Korean fans

(UPDATE: Korean fans are ignoring the pool party scandal, so this is not proving to be an issue.)

Although South Korea has a very active drinking culture and Yugyeom is legally old enough to drink there, the Korean idol culture has a lot of rigorous standards for idols, and being seen looking drunk is definitely a big no-no. Even long-debuted groups like SHINee and even Super Junior with older members still get negative reactions when fans believe they’ve caught their idols drinking and let’s not even start on the standards for girl groups, and B1A4 can’t even include the world ‘alcohol’ in their music. As such, Yugyeom being caught on camera the way he was is going to be incredibly, horribly, and likely irreversibly damaging to his reputation and his career. For many Korean and other non-American/Western fans, Bambam’s inappropriate use of the n-word will likely be largely forgotten in time, but Yugyeom’s perfectly legal (EDIT: not legal in the state he was in) consumption of alcohol at a party could haunt him for years. 

3) The responsibility for the actions of Bambam and Yugyeom is going to fall heavily on Jaebum. 

Not only is he the leader, which is a role with heavy implications in Korean fan culture, but the two boys caught in this scandal are the maknaes, which means that Korean fans will see it as being even more the responsibility of the older members, and particularly the leader to have kept them in line and protected them. He as much as Yugyeom and possibly more than Bambam is likely going to be the victim of a lot of hate and aggression from the Korean fans and antis and he will also be held the most responsible by the company and probably JYP himself.

4) Most decisions made by the company are going to be made based on financial estimations and determinations

This is a hard point to acknowledge, but it needs to be considered. As hurt as everyone is and as much as people what justice for the very wrong actions that Bambam, Mark’s friends, and even Mark himself took, this is not actually going to be the primary concern of the company. The primary concern of the company is going to be making sure that they don’t lose too many fans and hence too much income. So what does this mean? The company is going to focus on soothing the hurt feelings and anger of the people who contribute the most to the group. While I expect JYP to definitely make sure that includes all the fans hurt by Bambam’s words, we have to remember points 1 and 2 and please do not blame the boys if they don’t make the statements that you are wanting and hoping for. Because this leads me to the final and most important thing to remember:

5) From this point on, the boys are no longer in control of what they are allowed to say or do. All of the communication from them, from their families, from their managers, staff, etc. is going to be monitored and controlled by JYPE as much as possible.

This is in order to minimize more damage and to give JYP the full control needed to deal with the situation in the way he decides is best. But everyone needs to understand that the boys literally cannot make statements right now. The company will not let them. I guarantee you that Bambam has been beating himself up at least as much as 90% of the people sending him hate for the last day and if he could apologize, we’d probably have about a million messages from him already. The silence on Bambam’s end and that parts of the other boys is not his decision. It is the company’s. There is also no telling how long the imposed silence will last. Someone screwed up in DAY6 and all the members lost their SNS privileges. We will have to wait and see what happens with GOT7.

I am far from an expert on Korean culture and the Korean entertainment industry and these are all just the things I expect from experience and research, but I can tell you that this situation is no longer in the hands of any of the members, and probably not their managers (honestly, I expect we’ll be seeing new managers next time we see the boys…). However, I don’t believe that this is going to end their careers. I think it has certainly damaged their reputation and has hindered their progress when they were finally starting to get somewhere, but BTS, MissA and MAMAMOO, as well as others, have had similar issues to the Bambam one, and there have been dozens of drinking scandals (including an underage one with EXO’s Baekhyun that he survived), and these groups have all managed to survive. I also don’t think that JYP is going to change anything regarding the JYP Nation concert, though the most likely change would be to give Yugyeom’s solo to someone else. However, I do think that there might be a delay on any further promotions while JYP waits for some of the dust of the storm to settle.

I also expect an apology, or multiple, from the company and possibly from the members themselves if JYP thinks that’s the right move to pull. However, whether Bambam and Yugyeom offer personal apologies or not, I beg everyone to keep in mind that it is not their call. I promise you that they are both incredibly sorry. This is the boy who felt guilty and terrible when he almost used an offensive sign during their LA concert, and the boy who cries when he thinks his group is fighting because of him. If all you want is for them to be sorry, you have it. I have no doubt that the most lasting consequence of this incident on the group will be the emotional scars and verbal abuse that will follow them forever.

So please, everyone, be patient as we wait for a statement and an apology, be understanding towards the boys, and please let’s stop the hate. They never meant any, and they’ve already been given enough.

💔 Reposting this from @tuesdaybassen. “I’ve been pretty quiet about this, until now. Over the past year, @zara has been copying my artwork (thanks to all that have tipped me off–it’s been a lot of you). I had my lawyer contact Zara and they literally said I have no base because I’m an indie artist and they’re a major corporation and that not enough people even know about me for it to matter. I plan to further press charges, but even to have a lawyer get this LETTER has cost me $2k so far. 〰 It sucks and it’s super disheartening to have to spend basically all of my money, just to defend what is legally mine. ⚡️ EDIT: Some of you are asking how you can help. Repost and tag them, on Twitter, on Insta, on Facebook. I don’t want to have to burden any of you with the financial strain that comes with lawsuits.”

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I just want all the preteens out there to know that you will drastically change throughout your teen years. You will not look the same as did at 14 when you’re 18. How you look now is unique to your age and stage of development - you’re totally normal and not ugly at all.

The models that you see all over social media are at least in their 20s, and have experience with posing, makeup, lighting, and editing. You do NOT need to look like them to be worthy of life and happiness. You might look different than them, but that is because you are GROWING! Now is the time to discover what you like and who you are. It’s time to find your passions, not to worry about how you don’t look like that IG model with 1m likes on her selfie.


Just a quick little something @anonfanfic and I put together. Special thanks to @clexabrasil for the footage of the song.

maya is gay: ski lodge 2 edition

I’m still trying to figure out how an episode that hetero managed to be twice as gay, but here goes.

First of all, this quote: “I felt like I needed to be sure of what you were feeling. […] We’re feeling things, we’re growing up. I just wanted to make sure what you were feeling.” 

This girl literally said she wanted to be sure of what Riley was feeling, twice. She wanted to try and feel what Riley felt. Do you know how common it is for young gay girls to copy other girls around them and try to make themselves believe that they like guys just as much? Maya said she did it to see if Lucas was good enough for Riley, and while that may have been half the reason, it’s so obvious that she did it to see if she feels the same way about boys, in general, the way Riley does. And then, you have this interaction:

Riley: “You can’t just ask me?” 

Maya: “Not about this kind of stuff.” 

Maya can’t ask Riley about feelings because, as she said, Riley doesn’t know what she feels, but even more so, Maya doesn’t know how she feels either. Pair this with her quote from True Maya, “I don’t know what I like anymore” and nothing about this seems straight, okay.

And then, oh my god, Maya literally says the words, “I don’t want a nice guy?…Yikes.” That right fucking there is a girl questioning herself and what she wants. But, then she brushes it off to focus on what’s right in front of her aka Lucas. And speaking of Lucas, she actually tells this boy to go find Riley and tell her he loves her, and when he questions the word love, she says, “Just say it, we like it.”

You know what Maya said to Josh moments before while talking about Riley? “I love her.” She told Lucas to tell Riley he loves her because she knows how powerful those words are because she said them herself, about the same damn girl

And finally, even though this post is about Maya, I just have to point out Riley in the final scene. They made it a point to have her say “Our first boyfriends, Maya. Who knows how long that’s going to last?” and then they had the nerve to fuck me up and have Riley tell Maya that she is her extraordinary relationship. And the way Maya looks at her after she says that like, “Damn. I don’t want a nice guy. I want this nice girl, right here.”

Listen, at this point, if Riley and Maya don’t end up together, I’m gonna have to sue Michael Jacobs for the most awful and manipulative queerbaiting of all time.

Hey there! I’m doing a follow forever because I just hit 600+ followers! 

I’d like to thank everyone who’s following me for being there. I truly appreciate it and it means A LOT to me! I really, really, really want to thank you all for your support, your comments, reblogs, likes, your hilarious tags and for your asks. Your brighten up my days and I just plain love you all!

I also want to say a huge thank you to everybody that makes my dash look so damn wonderful every time I log in. Gifs, edits, text, meta, fics, news, memes… You guys are amazing, so thanks for making my time here be so entertaining, inspiring and beautiful!

So, in celebration of this milestone, here’s a “tiny” list of all the blogs I’m following. All of them are pretty awesome, so check them out!

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good news!!! i’ve finally added more products to my online shop! these are things i made all the way back in march for sakuracon, but i’ve been so busy i haven’t had a chance to sell them online. and i just set up a brand new printer, so i’ll be able to sell anything i want without having to worry about driving to a print shop to get everything done!

there’s a bunch of new prints, including original limited edition screenprints, and some new stickers as well. i’m definitely going to focus on adding more products over the next few weeks and months, but consider this a reopening after months of inactivity.

check it out, and buy something!


Treasures of the Multiverse: Character Creation

After a few months of planning and schedule conflicts, we were finally able to get together for the first session of my Magic themed Dungeons and Dragons campaign, which I have titled “Treasures of the Multiverse”.

I know others have been asking about how I was going to run this, so I’ll give a point by point plot summary of each week sometime after each campaign. The optimist in me wants to say I’ll put them out every Thursday without fail, but the lazy pessimist in me knows that’s just not true. Either way all content will be labeled with the tag “Treasures of the Multiverse”.

I’ll post session 1 summary in a later post. For now, here’s what we did in terms of character creation.

I had four players, which I personally think is the optimal number for Dnd. I started them at level 7, under the 5th Edition rules. A few used homebrew classes or options, subject to my approval. They could use any books, but I treated Unearthed Arcana like homebrew, meaning it was fine with my approval.

In addition to normal character creation, players chose a home plane. This could be any plane we’ve seen in the story or that has been on a Planechase card. Then, I had each player roll a d20 to see which plane they first Planeswalked to. For these, I only used settings that had a significant amount of story already attached to them. I also included the Forgotten Realms as just another Plane of the Multiverse, because lets be real it probably is.

The planes in italics required a secondary roll of the appropriate dice to see what the plane was like when they landed, i.e. if Mirrodin had been corrupted.

Edit: Someone pointed out that I forgot Innistrad so I replaced Serra’s Realm and shuffled some things around.

After we had that established, the players added a section to their character sheet called Known Planes. This is broken down by how well they know each plane on the list. I requested they write: 1 Home Plane, 1 Very Familiar Plane, 2 Seen Casually Planes, and 2 planes they had just heard of. This section will be added to as the player explores, and is used to determine success while planeswalking. Here is the chart:

That’s about it for character creation, if the player in question is already familiar with the lore of Magic. If a player is only vaguely familiar with the lore, they have the option of choosing less planes for their Known Planes chart.

If the player has never played Magic or even heard of it, that’s great! One of my players had watched us play Magic for years, but never played himself or read any of the lore. For him, I didn’t have him do anything special in terms of character creation. Rather than going through and telling him about the lore of the game, and having him do research, I decided to let him learn about it along side his character. I’ll talk more about it when I write my report of the first session, but the campaign kicked off with his Spark igniting.

For that reason, I have also decided to include the Forgotten Realms as part of the Multiverse. Players will be able to Planeswalk to and from there just like any other plane.

Well that should be it for the character creation side of things. Keep an eye out for my session 1 report, and feel free to use any of this in your own campaigns!

Toxic~ Chapter 8

Genre: Angst

Pairing: ???

Warning: (M), Language

Length: 2343 words

Summary: “No strings attached”- that’s the rule I followed. Until it came to bite me in the ass.

Part: 8/?


A/N: hey guys, i just wanted to say thanks once again for following me! I’m on 2640 followers- once I get to 3000, prepare yourselves for another angst oneshot! i’m also thinking of doing a following spree as I need some new blogs to follow:) Also, to all of those asking, i do apologise for rushing the end of all the series i had. I have a lot to do (in rl lol) and people wouldn’t stop with the asks, so i did it to shut them up lmao. i do apologise, and maybe when i have time, i’ll come back to edit/expand on them. anyway enough rambling, please anticipate future updates! :)

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Sometimes, I just want somebody to hold
Someone to give me the jacket when it’s cold
Got that young love even when we’re old