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First Date with Zach Includes

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  • Your first date would 100% be at an aquarium
  • He gets all excited over the different creatures and tells you all these facts
  • “Did you know catfish have over 100,00 taste buds?”
  • Him dragging you to and from all the different tanks telling you about all the different fishes
  • Standing in front of the shark tank with his arms wrapped around you as he stares in awe at the sharks
  • Watching him run around like a little kid
  • Being in awe of how cute and nerdy he is
  • He would probably pay more attention to the fish than you
  • But you’d just kinda laugh and love how cute he can be
  • Afterwards instead of going out to dinner you go to his place and eat pizza
  • The two of you curl up on his couch watching some movie neither of you are paying attention
  • Him really nervously kissing you for the first time and smiling into the kiss
  • “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

Michael: “Any plans after school, Jacobina?”

Jacobina: “Just the usual, homework, watch some TV. Why?”

Michael: “I was just wondering if you wanted to grab some dinner? If you’re not busy, that is?”

Jacobina: “Sure! I love to eat! Shall we see if Wilf wants to come too?”

Michael: “Oh, he can’t… He’s busy.”

Jacobina: “Is he? I don’t remember him saying anything. But alright. Where are we going?”

We had black rice with or sautéed veggies for lunch today. It’s so delicious cooked with bay leaf, and more sticky than the brown rice we use. And the colour is just 🔮👌 Unfortunately both of my avocados didn’t make it today. 😓 They were too brown and weird on the inside. Hopefully I can get some good ones tomorrow as I can’t get enough of them here! 😬 I want avocado every day (especially on some crunchy corn cakes). Who’s with me? 😝

American kestrals have such a visually dramatic and frankly highly relateable process of maturation. 


“No, mom, I don’t even WANT a birthday party, I just want to eat pizza in the basement and watch Star Wars alone. Of course I have friends who would come if I invited them! I just don’t WANT to!”

“hey guys, do you-” *voice cracking due to onset of puberty* “do you wanna smoke some… some weed? No, no, me neither. That’s cool. That’s totally cool.”

“Oh, yeah, I GUESS I got that e-mail about the ten-year high school reunion… I just, tchhh… I mean, I don’t know if I’m gonna go, it’s like, I don’t really feel like I have anything to prove, you know?”

I’m really down today for some reason. And my best friend just called me crying bc the guy she was seeing slept with his ex so she’s a mess. I told her to come over after work and we can drink wine, eat ice cream, and watch whatever she wants. I want to be there for her but I also feel like I need my own comforting right now. Maybe being there for her will make me feel better who knows. I just want to be a good friend. I hate seeing her in pain. 

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Hope you don't mind me asking, does your meal plan focus on a set number of calories? I've been given a plan that focuses on portions, but struggling to not always chose the one I know is lowest in calories like if it's a choice between an apple or a bag of crisps, it's hard to not always chose the apple. How do you deal with food choices? It's hard to remember what I actually liked before anorexia and food rules 😐

Hi, mine on the unit whilst weight restoring didn’t. There was no measuring food or anything like that, just estimates to what we all needed.
There were some choices, such as what cereal you want in a morning, what jam you want or what you want for a snack in the afternoon etc.
What I would say is to listen to your body, not anorexia. If anorexia is saying “no crisps” then you should go and eat the damn crisps because who gives a fuck about anorexia? Not me.
Or, if you have to choose cereal or something, don’t think about calories or fat content, just think “do I want this? Or does anorexia want this?” However scary it might be, go for the first one. Always.
I don’t know if you’re weight restoring or not but I do think of weight restoration as a time to try all of the fear foods you have been starved of. I’m talking chocolate, cake, bananas, chips or crisps- take the risk. It will make it so much better when you’re weight restored, honestly. You shouldn’t be scared of all that anymore! Trust me, trying everything is worth it. You will not get fat, remember that.

Stay strong!

Excuses (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

Request: Literally no one asked for this.

Word Count: 1,234

Warnings: eating disorders, fainting, angst//, pasta, self deprecating thoughts???

A/N: I just wanted to write some angst. End of story. (btw thanks @potatolikesyou for your advice it was really helpful)

Summary: idk how i would write this… sorry.

Hercules was just too good for you. Why did he even stick around? He was so handsome and you were just there most of the time, kind of in the background, which was understandable. You weren’t the most outstanding person. But you just wanted to fit in… things needed to be better, you needed to be better, for Hercules. So far, the mornings went pretty smoothly. You just left earlier than usual, knowing that you didn’t have to eat if you weren’t there. Lunch was also pretty easy since you were at work, again you didn’t have to eat if you weren’t there. The hard part was dinner, this time you found yourself sitting at the table nervously playing with your food, tonight Hercules made pasta.

“Honey, are you okay? You barely touched your dinner.” He was chewing on his food, all you could think about was how many calories he was taking in. How was he able to eat that much and stay that fit?

“I just had a big lunch, that’s all.” It was the third time this month you used that excuse. Most of the time you would stay at work later in order to avoid having to do this, but you knew Hercules hated that you weren’t spending as much time at home.

“Do you want to save it for later?”

“Umm… yeah. That would be nice.”

“Okay. I’ll put in the fridge so you can have it for lunch on Monday.” He grabbed your plate placing its contents into a container, opening the refrigerator doors and putting your meal inside. “Are you sure you aren’t hungry? The lunch I packed for you last time is still in here.”

Fuck. You forgot to throw it away.

“Oh sorry, I ate out today.” He eyed you suspiciously.

“Okay, just don’t forget to take it with you next time.” You sighed in relief, sitting up in your chair and heading to the bathroom the take a shower.

The house was quiet this morning, the street lights were shining bright through the windows into your room where you layed down on the bed next to Hercules. We was snoring and you watched as his chest rose then fell again in a sort of rhythm, before checking your phone for the time.

4:57 a.m.

It was late. But that didn’t matter because you weren’t really that tired, not for the past two weeks or so at least. You couldn’t really sleep lately and you could tell that it worried Hercules, especially since you would be up till ungodly hours. Hercules began to stir, it made you panic for a second and you felt your heart begin to race, before he relaxed again. You didn’t want him to find out you were awake still so you headed to the other room to grab yourself a glass of water.

You got out of bed and stood up, feeling the cold floor nip at your feet, it was quite unpleasant. But it was okay, you were used to this, knowing that it would pass eventually. You pulled on some socks making you feel slightly better as you headed down the hallway and into the dark kitchen, you liked it better that way because the light hurt your eyes. You turned on the faucet watching the water run, it looked so interesting and the sound made you feel at ease. The way the liquid moved brought you into a trance, it moved so easily…

“Y/N?” Hercules came from behind you, immediately turning off the running water. The cup you were holding was overflowing.

“Uhh. What?” All of a sudden you felt dizzy, placing a hand on your head. You put the cup on the counter.

“Are you okay? You seem a bit out of it.” He said in a concerned tone.

“Y-yeah I’m fine.” You leaned back onto the countertop as an effort to keep your balance. “Why are you up? It’s so early in the morning.” You were trying to change the subject.

“I heard you get out of bed. But you didn’t come back for ten minutes and the water was still running, so I came over and found you here.” Were you really standing here for ten minutes?

“Sorry, I was just getting some water.” It wasn’t a good excuse and Hercules didn’t seem convinced because of the way you were standing right now.

“Do you want to sit down?” He came over to your side, helping you stand. His warm hands felt nice against your cold skin and you leaned to his touch, before stepping away from him.

“No I’m fine. I just have a small headache, it’s not a big deal.” You took a few steps forward, swaying side to side, before falling over. Your head hit the counter and all you could see was black.

Hercules sat with you on the couch, he had placed you head on his lap, inspecting you for any injury. A small cut was right above your brow, he began to panic after noticing this. You looked so lifeless in your unconscious state and he didn’t exactly expect you to fall down.

“Oh my god! What do I do?!” Thankfully, you mumbled a few things making him feel relieved to know that you were okay.

“Honey… is that you yelling?”

“Y/N, please tell me what’s wrong. You walk around all day, exhausted, you are coming home later, you’re not sleeping at night and, at first, I thought it was just work… but there’s obviously something fucking wrong. Or maybe I’m just going crazy!” You felt your heart sink.

“Herc… I’m sorry I just-” You sat up looking at him nervously.

“Just, what? Do you think I don’t know what you’ve been doing? I’m tired of hearing your excuses. I know you haven’t been eating, there’s nothing you can say to me that can make this situation better. I just never thought you could go as far as to put yourself in danger.” He covered his face in frustration then looked directly at you “Did you even think about how worried I was for you?”

“Yes! I think about that all of the time. I needed to do this though… you are so perfect and I’m not.” Your throat began to tighten. You decided to look away from Hercules and wrapped your arms around your waist, ashamed. “I know that I am not… what you deserve. Y-you are better off with someone else…”

“Shh. Y/N, no don’t say that.” He placed his hand on your shoulder, making you shudder. “That’s why you’ve got to take care of yourself. And you don’t have to change for me or anybody else. I will always love you.” Tears began to roll down your cheeks as he spoke. “You should only do what’s comfortable for you.” He turned you around slowly, bringing you closer to him. You looked down at your hands, avoiding his gaze. Before you felt him gently raise your chin, forcing you to look into his eyes. He wiped away some of your tears before speaking to you again. “You are more than enough for me. I couldn’t live without you Y/N, I love you.” It took you a moment to respond.

“I-I… didn’t mean to make you worry… Herc I am so sorry.”

“I know.” He pulled you into a hug, only making you cry some more. But they were happy tears. A sudden wave of sleepiness hit you making you fall asleep in Hercules’ arms, finally getting some much needed rest.

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i don’t think i’ve ever made an actual post about this ( tho i’ve told some people about it ) & i’ll probably post a more well thought out headcanon post about it later, but basically eve’s ‘canon’ ending is that she dies. really early.

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hey love, just wondering, im starting the abc diet soon and was just wondering if you think i should be working out in addition to the diet?? also any tips on how to keep it hidden from my family? thanks lovely x

You should exercise alongside the diet. While it is not really a must, it will help you with the results, and strengthen your body. You might feel really hungry after the exercises, so drink a lot of water and exercise before eating your daily calories. If you really have to eat something, but don’t want to, eat few apple slices or mix in some grape juice with water. For keeping it hidden from your family, if your guardians don’t keep an eye on what you eat, or make the food for you specifically, find a meal plan that shows the food you “eat” and if anyone asks, just tell them you’re on a diet to feel better about yourself. Make it sound innocent and don’t show the meal plan unless they really insist. Once you show it, discuss it briefly, don’t panic if they make observations about what they saw you eat and give an excuse about how you replaced the meal in the plan with an alternative that is as healthy as the food in the plan. Also if you have family dinner that you must sit through, try to convince your guardians that you really want to stick to your diet, and want to prepare your meal yourself. Other than that, eat in your room, refuse offering for food, if you’re eating out, choose the healthiest and least fattening food possible and good luck, doll!

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Chris I used to be so good about eating healthy for running and to treat my body well, but now I feel out of control with food I feel like I always over eat and eat when I'm not hungry and eat junk food. I don't want it to impact my running times or fitness :( I went through a period of restriction my sophomore year of high school (I'm a senior now) and this year I just want a normal relationship with food and start treating my body food and eating right but idk how to find control again?

Hey anon! 



^ I would check out all of my answered messages there first and foremost. I’ve answered some really similar questions when it comes to kind of going on that rollercoaster of restriction, then binge eating, then restricting, back to binge episodes, and the cycle continues…

It sounds like you’ve kind of experienced that because of your past of restriction and now I feel like you need to just find a consistent balance of eating ENOUGH, every day, consistently! Try to look at food as fuel and nutrients and energy as opposed to it being the enemy, etc. And don’t be afraid to seek professional help from preferably a sports dietitian :)

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yooo u know some health shit?? bc i'm 120 pounds and 5'0 feet tall and i got some stomach rolls not that big but i don't want these rude ass bitches on me i just wanna wear a cute bathing suit comfortably 😭😭

i found that for the stomach area it really helped when i stopped eating sweets. no more chocolate (i mean of yourse you can indulge every now and then, dark chocolate is better) or creamy decadent cakes. up your vegetable intake and don’t eat any fatty dairy products (or any at all - when i went dairy free i lost soo much weight and fat). as for working out, find some sort of cardio like running that gets your whole body going because stomach exercises alone aren’t enough. however do those too, ballet beautiful has a really good video on stomach muscles (for a while i did 3 of those a day lol but u don’t have to exaggerate). anyway but moral of the story don’t change only bcs others are shaming you for something unless you really want to ya know? look out for urself xx

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Can you think of any foods that you can snack on and snack on without it being bad for you? I like to snack at night but I don't want to be eating pounds of nachos or chicken nuggets. Any thoughts on satisfying snacks that won't make me gain tons of weight?

UHHHH welp, I’m most definitely not the right person to ask bc there’s never a time when I’m not eating anything, and I have zero self preservation skills and don’t really care about my own well-being so I never really look for healthy options ^^;;

But my first thought would be some kind of vegetable, like celery or broccoli or carrots? Like, the kind you can get in those vegetable trays! Just by themselves with no dip or dressing or anything!

Apparently too many of some kinds of vegetables at once can be unhealthy too though, so then my next thought is like….plain popcorn with no salt or butter? Or those dried rice cakes! That all sounds kinda bland, but anything that has extra seasonings or anything is less healthy and higher in sodium!

If anyone knows of anything else that’s okay to snack on a whole bunch without it being unhealthy, feel free to leave em in the replies!! I’m kinda curious myself haha

letsbreakwaves  asked:

Hi, I love your blog! Just wanting some advice on how to start and if there's anything in particular you recommend doing to speed up the process to become thin?

Thank you!! 💕

The best advice I can give for starting out is just to figure out what your goal is and what your timeline is and then do the math to figure out how many calories you can eat a day. It’s all about the math really. Realistically you shouldn’t drop below 1,200. But I’ve had a hard time following that rule.

And drink LOTS OF WATER 💦

But stay safe! I hope this helps you.

[TRANS] ‘Seventeen’ Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Interview (P1)

Scan © myheaven0624
JPN - KRN © mondomizel1
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


- Why are you called “the destruction god”?
JIN: He might seem intelligent and cool, but he’s actually very slow and clumsy. He breaks all kind of stuffs in our dorm from electronic equipment to kitchen tools. That’s why we call him “destruction god”. (laughs)

- What’s your favorite place?
RAP MONSTER: The lake park nearby. I really like going for a walk at the park on nice days.

- What do you want to do in Japan?
RAP MONSTER: Shopping!! There are many clothing brands I like in Japan. If I go to Japan for work, I can’t eat out much, not to speak of shopping… But it’s okay. I’m not upset. I want to travel off-work to Japan and have fun as much as I want some day!


- What are you interested in these days?
JIN: Nintendo DS. I always play it whenever I can, in my room or in the car. I have to fly a lot because of the world tour, so It’s a perfect way to kill time.
JIMIN: I bought one right before going to Japan because of Jin-hyung too. Just a few more week and other members will be into this too for sure. Except Suga-hyung. (laughs)

- You’re called the trendsetter of the group, is it true?
JIMIN: Once Jin-hyung is into something, other members will somehow be into it too. It happens a lot. The only exception is Suga-hyung, he’s way too unwavering. (laughs)


- What are you interested in recently?
There’s a convention about music equipment from all over the world, I watch the videos from that convention and check out the newest equipment. I’ve been liking up-to-date equipment since I was young. I adopt computers or electronic equipment faster than anyone else. 

- Any episode that can tell you’re like a music maniac?
His room is flooded with equipment. Those music equipment emit so much heat that his room’s hot like hell!! No one would be able to stand it without air conditioner. We plan not to come near his room in the summer. (laughs)


- Tell us J-hope’s secret!
A secret would no longer be a secret if it’s disclosed. But if I have to tell one… He gave me a present not long ago, a watch I wanted to have, as a surprise. He even put in a handwritten letter ♡

- What is the main choreography point in ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’?
The ‘blood, sweat and tears’ chorus. The dance move of stroking from the neck to the face like wiping tears!

- If you can live one day as another person, who do you want to be?
Jungkook. I want to be young. What do I want to do? Hmh, I think I would do nothing like a maknae would!


- Where does your nickname (Slow Jimin) come from?
The reason we call him that… It’s because Jimin’s always late. (laughs) He wakes up late and does many thing slowly. He tends to be slow.

- Anything you were slow on recently?
May 8th is Parents’ Day in Korea. It’s like ‘Father’s Day’ and ‘Mother’s Day’ in Japan, a day for children to express their gratitude to parents. I wanted to give them something on that day, but I kept thinking of what to give to make them happy… Two months passed and now I still can’t decide what to give. I’m late with presents too. (laughs)


- If you can live one day as another person, who do you want to be? 
V: No one. I know the members too well so there’s probably nothing I want to know from becoming them. And I know every secret of Jimin and Jungkook. Right? Right?
JUNGKOOK: …….Right. (laughs)

- What is V’s secret?
JUNGKOOK: He sometimes pretends to be cool. He’s always playful but on some certain days he can be cool depending on his mood. I was saying “Those who are good at English are so cool” and he suddenly spoke in English. He started to appeal himself “I’m cool right?”. It’s cute.
V: That’s right. I’m cute ♡


- If you can live one day as another person, who do you want to be?
JUNGKOOK: Rap Monster-hyung. He’s really smart. I want to be smart too!

- No one can beat me on this!
Listening to music. I listen to music all the time. Also I don’t lose when it comes to passion. My heart is flaming more than anyone else!! I’m warm-hearted ♡

- Tell us Jungkook’s secret!
Secret.. Does he have any? We live together all the time so I don’t know what is a secret anymore. (laughs) Should I say it’s that Jungkook has a lot of greed? Not like doing as he pleases but in a good way. He’s greedy like “I want to challenge this to improve myself”!


I’ve been planning this post for a good while now.

Every time its final image pops up on my phone unexpectedly, I go “WAUGH!” and then giggle like a drunken hyena laugh in a cool and collected manner.

Y’see, I got to see a lot of impressionism on this trip, included some lovely Van Goghs.

That said, though… every artist has their strong suit.

Some are masters of the human form, or of light, or of color. The surreal, the cerebral, the gentle or the bold. Some can apply their unique perspective to anything.

Some, however, just shouldn’t paint babies.

Because this baby wants to eat my soul.

Little things you can do to feel better if you are trans and you can’t really transition right now

For guys

  • Baseball caps? Those are good.
  • Short haircuts. If anyone questions, say it’s for convenience.
  • For your neck: fang pendants (very badass). Or a dapper lil bowtie.
  • Big ass stompy boots.
  • Those cool belt buckles. You can get a basic one or something with a cool design (like a dragon!).
  • Don’t shave. Let your body hair grow. Unless you feel uncomfortable.
  • Buy some spicy-smelling perfumes or other cosmetics. Or if there is something that says “Forest” on it, this one is also good.
  • If you can, try some weightlifting. It will make your muscles better and release some of that sweet sweet testosterone. But remember, fat and skinny men are also very handsome, so if you can’t, don’t sweat it.
  • Eat plenty of protein for a testosterone boost. Also, zinc from seafood - like shrimp and salmon especially - will help that chemical magic. Leafy greens, pomegranate, coconuts, garlic also help. Watch out for soy and tofu! They raise estrogen. And raisins are great, but dried apricots are not.
  • Remember that no matter what you are 100% man (unless you are a demiguy/bigender, then you are 50% man or whatever it looks like for you, that is still very cool, and if you are genderfluid and currently a dude, that’s still very good and valid).

For gals

  • Kitten ear beanies are so pure and good (just like you).
  • Let your hair grow to a nice length. If anyone questions, say you found a new style.
  • For your neck: simple crystal pendants (very pretty). 
  • Crystal bracelets!
  • Lil ballet flats.
  • Shaving can make you feel a whole lot better. Remember - some cis girls also have to shave!
  • Just a little bit of lip balm goes a long way. Oh! And clear nail polish!
  • Sweet-smelling cosmetics are your best friend. You can probably get on eBay or in your local store a nice bottle of vanilla body mist.
  • Google some exercises for a bigger butt, if you want to try it. If you can’t, remeber less-curvy women are also beautiful.
  • Eat plenty of soy, flaxseed, sesame seed, dried apricots… I know that those give you a bit of extra estrogen. Apparently coffee can also do it? Getting estrogen from diet is harder. Just eat a lot of tasty fresh food. Remember to treat yourself.
  • Remember that no matter what you are 100% woman (unless you are a demigirl/bigender, then you are 50% woman or whatever it looks like for you, that is still very cool, and if you are genderfluid and currently a lady, that’s still very good and valid).

For nonbinary pals

  • Simple beanies.
  • Google “androgynous/unisex hairstyles”. Look how many cool options you have! You might tweak one to your needs, like make it longer, or shorter, or add some cool hair dye…
  • For your neck: scarves. They come in many colors and patterns, cover up your neck so you don’t get cold, also you can hide your neck bump or lack thereof.
  • Friendship bracelets!
  • Trainer shoes.
  • Baggy hoodies are really nice.
  • You can shave and don’t wear makeup. Or rock the beard and eyeshadow look. Or really, anything else.
  • Cosmetics? Citrus and lavender are considered unisex scents. You can also wikiHow to Make Perfume and mix some scents you like at home.
  • Exercise, if you are healthy enough to do it, is good. Try running and yoga. Remember, media sells us the myth that androgyny=thinness, but it’s bullcrap. Fat, curvy, muscular people can all be nonbinary and/or androgynous.
  • You can look up the guys and gals sections too. Maybe you will find something that helps you.
  • Remember that your identity is 100% valid and true, no matter what. Yes, any kind of identity. No matter if it’s a neutral void or a mix of everything, no matter if it’s stable or changes. It’s valid because you are valid.

me: i want to draw some self-indulgent pastel goth garbage

my goblin brain: make it mika

I deactivated my Facebook recently. I barely text people nowadays. I wake up, eat and shut myself in my room each day. It’s not because I hate the world. It’s not because I want to brood. It’s not because I am some sad soul longing to be away from here. Okay, I guess I am a bit of each but mostly I am just tired. Tired of all the noise around me, tired of people telling me how I should be, and tired of having emotions for lovers that are temporary. I just need some quietness in this loud world that talks too much but speaks so little sense. So, please leave me in my solitude. I have already given the world too much attention, now let me be.
—  AM // in my silence