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After Ten Years Part 7

Part 6

(Sexual Content Is Present In This Part)

It was your first day back since the boys had returned and it felt like everyone’s eyes were on you. You read the article when you got home and saw that it was about you and Luke lying about how you weren’t together, and that last night was an official date.

 There were some blurry pictures of you holding hands, but nothing was for sure. Once class was over you were the first one to get up and leave the classroom. You were always known as Luke Hemmings best friend but now you could tell you were going to be known as Luke Hemmings girlfriend. You walked out of the building and saw Luke leaning up against a tree looking down at his phone.

 “What are you doing here?” You asked walking up to him.

 “I thought we could go get something to eat or just hang out,” Luke said putting his phone in his pocket.

 “Uh yeah. Do you want to go back to my place?” You asked looking at your wrist watch. “My parent are at work all day and I don’t have anymore classes today.”

 “That works. We could also go to my place,” Luke said smiling at you as you walked to your car.

 “You never get tired of that one,” You said shaking your head.

 “I don’t think I ever will,” Luke said getting in the passenger seat. You drove home, which wasn’t far from the school. You parked in the garage since your father wasn’t supposed to be home for a week. You and Luke walked into quickly invading the kitchen and gathering food and  drinks before moving to your room.

 “Nothing’s really changed over the corse of my tour,” Luke said looking around and sitting in your desk chair.

 “Probably because I am boring,” You said walking over to him.

 “You are far from boring,” Luke said smiling. You quietly chuckled as you leaned down and pressed your lips to Luke’s. Every time your lips met Luke’s it sent chills throughout your body. Luke grabbed your waist, pulling you on top of him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and played with the bottom of his hair as you ran your tongue over Luke’s lip ring.

 Luke moaned when you slipped your tongue into his mouth, deepening the kiss. You pulled away and held your arms up making Luke laugh. He carefully pulled your shirt over your head and you did the same to him, bringing your chest to his once your shirts were on the floor. Your phone started to buzz and you groan. Before you could go get your phone Luke stood up, wrapping his arms around you and carried you to the bed, laying you down on the bed.

 He hovered over you, looking at you before bringing his lips back to yours with more passion. You lightly bit down on Luke’s bottom lip and pulled away before bringing your lips back to his and slipping your tongue into his mouth. You ran your hands down his body and to the front of his pants, quickly unbuttoning them when you felt him started to get hard. Luke moaned against your lips as you pulled his pants down and messed with the waistband of his boxer briefs.

 Luke moved his lips to your neck and the down to your stomach, grabbing your leggings. He slowly pulled them down, kissing the waist band of your lace panties and then the top of your thigh. The farther he pulled your leggings down the father his lips went. “I love every part of you,” Luke said bringing his lips back up to yours.

 You smiled and grabbed his sides as he leaned over you. “Are you sure that you want to do this?” You asked between kisses.

 “Of course,” Luke said pulling away, “Unless you don’t want to. Then we don’t have to.”

 “No I want to,” You said smiling, biting your bottom lip. Luke smiled and slowly brought his lips back to yours as you dug through your nightstand drawer for a condom. You tried not to let Luke’s lips leave yours and you were successful. Luke laughed at your bad attempt but quickly grabbed the condom when you pulled it out. He quickly pulled your lace panties down, not trying to look at you too long, and then pulled his boxer briefs down and sliding the condom on him.

 “Ready?” He asked looking back at you. You nodded grabbing Luke’s shoulder and pulling him back to you. Luke kissed you with force, gently laying you down on your back. He ran his hand down to your thigh, separating your legs as he lined up with your entrance. He slowly pushed into your causing you to gasp and dig your nails into his back, making Luke moan. He brought his lips back to you as he made sure you were comfortable, letting you get used to him.

 Once he knew you were alright he started to slowly move back and forth. As time passed he got faster with his thrusts causing you and him to fill the room with your moans and names. Luke brought his lips to your neck, breathing in your scent. He quickly came after that and soon you came. “I love you so much,” Luke said between breaths.

 “I love you too,” You said brining your lips to his. Luke smiled and pulled out of you and laid down next to you. You grabbed your phone and saw that your parents had texted you. “My parents aren’t coming home tonight,” You said smiling.

 “That means I am staying right here,” Luke said kissing your shoulder.

 “I am totally fine with that,” You said smiling. Luke did stay the night but you spent most of the nights watching movies in your underwear and eating some popcorn. You would share kisses at points but you were just yourself. You fell asleep on Luke’s chest after the tenth movie that you watched. Luke was still wide awake and thought he was going to die if he didn’t get any water. He gently got up, being careful not to wake you.

 He walked into the kitchen, in his boxer briefs, and dug through the cupboards to get a drink. He looked out of the kitchen window at his house and sighed, knowing that he was going to have to tell you now.


hope you don’t think it sucks. this is kind of just a filler. it’s progressing. 

I started this story in honor of my favorite band leader’s love story. He met his wife at nine…and some other stuff but that would ruin the story…sorry that it sucked. I have high hopes for this and hope you took the time to read this awful story.

bc i’ve been feeling weird, here are some marauder’s mental illness headcanons, bc why not
  • depressed remus lupin, who has low days, and really low days sometimes, but doesn’t want his friends to worry, so he tries hard not to let on that he’s feeling bad. but of course they notice, bc whenever he gets into a state, he isolates himself, and reads like four times more books than he usually does, and basically doesn’t sleep or eat for a week straight
  • all of his friends have different ways of trying to cheer him up. peter just brings him a lot of snacks from the kitchens and asks for help on his transfiguration homework, partially bc it’s a distraction for remus, and partially bc he actually needs help on his transfiguration homework. sirius sort of compensates with remus’ melancholy by being extra boisterous and obnoxious. james probably gets it the best, and doesn’t demand anything from remus, but never really lets remus out of his sight, either. like, he’ll just sit with him in the library in silence, bc he realizes that remus needs some time to sort himself out, but he also doesn’t want him to be alone
  • bipolar sirius black, who can sometimes bounce pretty severely between manic and depressive states. he gets a little scary when he’s manic, bc he doesn’t have the best sense of self-preservation, so he plans really elaborate pranks that carry like, a 90% risk of severe injury, and james and remus have to talk him down a little bit, which he’s not thrilled with. he also has a tendency to over-commit himself with activities and schoolwork and extra credit work, and burns himself out pretty hard. (mcgonagall actually recognizes this pattern, and pulls him into her office and offers him biscuits and talks to him about proper time management skills occasionally)
  • his depressive states are different than remus’, bc instead of isolating himself, he just gets really short with people, and sleeps all the time. he ends up getting detention a lot, bc he skips classes and doesn’t turn in homework. his friends know they can’t really pull him out of his funk, but they do their best to get him to do the small things, like get up in the mornings, and remus helps him finish his homework (mb by doing a large portion of it himself, oops), and mostly just letting sirius know that he’s loved even when he’s in a state (which is something he really needs, bc he is really hard on himself, especially after the whole disowning thing)
  • ADHD james potter, who has about six thousand different trains of thought at any given time, and who gets really, really frustrated, bc he is so smart and so driven, but he just cannot make himself concentrate half the time, so he has a really hard time with things like charms or history of magic, that require a lot of repetition and paying attention (remus helps by giving james his history of magic notes, and sirius turns charms and datda practice into an interactive game/duel so it’s easier for james to participate)
  • james does a lot of physical activity as a way to sort of let go of some of that excess energy. quidditch is basically a godsend, bc it’s the only he really can focus wholly on something, and so he lives for games and practices
  • when he and lily get together, it takes lily a really long time to get used to james’ abrupt change of subject, or him seeming like he’s not paying attention, but eventually she understands that it’s just sort of how james works, and grows to love it
  • socially anxious peter pettigrew, who feels so inadequate next to his boisterous, extroverted friends, james and sirius, bc how the hell do they talk to people that easily??? peter, who struggles in class bc he’s too nervous to ask clarifying questions (so he asks remus later, bc remus is much easier to approach, and is pretty quiet too, and doesn’t make fun of him when he doesn’t understand things)
  • he has a hard time setting his own boundaries, bc he doesn’t like any sort of confrontation, or telling anyone no, so he sometimes gets sucked into things he doesn’t really want to do bc james and sirius don’t realize he’s uncomfortable. (again, remus is often his saving grace, bc remus recognizes when peter is anxious, and helps him through whatever crazy scheme their other two friends have concocted)
  • despite the misunderstandings, peter is still really grateful to be a part of the marauders, bc he always had a really hard time making friends as a child before hogwarts, bc talking to people is super hard, and he is terribly insecure. but james and sirius took him under their wing, and love him even though he sometimes does silly things, like asking for validation constantly, or apologizing too much
  • mentally ill marauders who understand each other and love each other and take care of each other always
  • there you go
  • the end

anonymous asked:

Ally, I was outside on my balcony and I saw a bird stuck to wall trying to get away because a nail got stuck in its head and I wanted to go tell my neighbors so they could maybe help him or give him water atleast but my family started to say just don't look and laughed at me and I started crying. How can people turn their head and ignore things when they could help? I'm never eating animal products again because I can't imagine how sad id be if I saw someone kill a pig or cow.

What a powerful moment you had 💛💛💛 not all of us have our eyes or hearts or minds open enough for that kind of realisation xx

“But I didn’t want to put more stress on you. you don’t need to care about my problems. They’re called my problems for a reason.” He brushes her off too easily, tipping his head back against the wall.

“I’m fine, just let it go. Just forget that I ever said anything, okay?”

          She had been eating from a bag of pretzels when she decided to call him. Honestly her heart had been hurting the entire day without him. She’d relaxed by the pool for hours and now after eating, showering. She decided to call it a night, already cuddled into nothing but Kai’s sweatshirt she laid in the sheets. 

                      “I’m not going to let it go. So you can talk to me about it or I can pack my stuff up, drive six hours and come get you to tell me about it. Pick your poison.”

  • A:It's 3AM, what can I do?
  • B:Um..Whatever you want.
  • A:I just want:
  • -to see him
  • -to touch him
  • -to kiss him
  • -to love him
  • -to sleep with him
  • -to make dumb videos with him
  • -to watch those dumb videos with him
  • -to laugh with him
  • -to love him, again
  • -to eat with him
  • -to drink with him
  • -to smoke cigarettes with him
  • -to hug him
  • -to see him, again
  • -to kiss him, again
  • -to sleep with him, again, and forever.
  • B:Okay..But..Why?
  • A:Because I really love him. 💞

Gee whiz if that isn’t predictable. Overall, Darren is my fav because his fandom has meant so much to me in the last few years. Listen Up and Hedwig and H2$ were major holidays for me (except Hedwig, you know what I mean) and through them I met a lot of awesome people. All Chris fans as well, mind you. And Darren’s product is more appealing to me. There’s more of it and I love musical theatre. 

That said, in terms of people I get and want to be friends with and conversations with, totally Chris. I feel like I’m on a much closer wavelength to him and my admiration for him knows no bounds. He’s amazing. So is Darren, but I feel like having to actually be friends with Darren and listen to him talk shit for hours and eat burgers with his mouthful and just never stop being an energizer bunny… yeah, Chris is more my person. Darren is my fandom. If that makes sense. 


She still didn’t order anything expensive, and she noticed neither did he.

“Have you thought about what to do now?” she asked him as they were eating.

“Nope. Doesn’t really matter, as long as I get a pay check.”

That thought made her sad. “Don’t you have dreams, Dustin?”

He looked at her surprised. “What do you mean?”

“Don’t you want to do something important with your life?”

“Sure I do. But that’s not reality, Angie, people don’t walk around doing things they burn and yearn for. That’s just the movies. Real people have boring jobs, which they have to do just to make ends meet.”

Light A Roman Candle With Me (Michael Clifford)

(To the anonymous person who requested this. Thank you for being my first request!  I did it about Michael, I just thought it fitted with him very well. I hope you like it) 

“Just spend an evening with me, just a lazy evening..”

Michael had been planning the entire date all week, he wanted to make sure it was perfect. Your idea of perfect was just laying on the couch, watching films while eating your favourite snack foods. You wasn’t really much of a big fancy meal at a restaurant, you thought it was much more fun getting to know someone in a comfortable place away from the crowds. 

As Michael knew this, he planned it right down to the T. He lit candles, had all of your favourite snack foods prepared, placed carefully on the small coffee table. He had brought his collection of films down from his room, and sat them next to the snacks.  

You had been hesitant about tonight, you and Mikey had been friends for a long time, but you had never really thought about him in any other way. But Michael wanted to prove that you could be good together. He managed to persuade you to just join him for one evening, and see how it goes. 

You knocked on Michael’s door, exhaling, you took a step back and wiped your dress down. Waiting for him to answer the door, you looked around his garden. Small lights hung from his porch, flowers bloomed from the hanging baskets. 

Michael opened the door and smiled sheepishly, he had always been a little shy. Especially around you. “Hey, come on in. You can take your shoes off. If you want of course?” Smiling back up at him, you could tell he was nervous. “Hey, you.” Slipping your shoes off, you placed them neatly next to his that were already sat behind the door. He lead you into the living room, where you saw the candles, snacks, films and a fluffy throw over the couch. “Wow..” He looked around the room before glancing at you, “Like it?” Smiling as you stepped further into the room, you nodded. “You’ve done good, Clifford.” Slighting giggling, he lead you to the couch, you sat down as he offered you snacks. “Can I get you something to drink? Tea? I know how much you love that stuff.” Giggling back, you were impressed by how much he did know about you. “Tea sounds fine, thank you” You smiled as he rushed off to the kitchen to prepare your drink. Glancing over at the films, you tried to decide on which would you should watch.

Tonight, could be perfect after all. 

“At least we would know that the sparks didn’t glow
But we owe it to ourselves to try”

As the evening progressed, you and Michael sat side by side. Leaning back, he rested his arm around you. Giving you a chance to move in closer to him. Although, you hadn’t really thought about Michael in any other way than just your friend. You couldn’t deny that, being here with him tonight didn’t feel right. Because it did. Giving him a chance could just be the right thing you’ve done all year. 

It felt, right. Being with him. Enjoying his company, you felt safe and secure. In this moment, you was happy. There’s no harm in trying. He’s always been there for you, and you’ve been there through everything with him. So, it’s not like you didn’t really have nothing in common. In fact, you two probably had a lot more in common than you could even start to realize. 

“I hope you’re having a lovely time. I’ve wanted to try this with you for so long, so I was so happy when you finally agreed to it. I know we’ve been friends for years, and we’ve never really talked about dating or any of that other soppy stuff. But giving us a chance, we never know what might happen. But at least we trying.” Michael smiled. “I’m glad were trying this too, Mikey. I’m having a wonderful time”

You hadn’t been in a relationship for some time now, this was pretty much all new to you again. You hadn’t even thought about relationships, Michael on the other hand just wanted to settle down with a nice girl. You were that girl. He’s often told you, that he likes you. You would put it off, let him down gently that you just weren’t ready for a relationship just yet. 

As it got later, you and Michael had finished watching the films he had carefully selected. He sat up and faced you, while he stretched and let out a small yawn. “So, how about we just talk?” Sitting up to join him, you smiled. “Sure. Anything you had in mind?” He pondered for a few moments, before looking into your eyes. “About us. What comes next.” Slowly, moving your eyes to look to the coffee table you became hesitant again. “Okay, I guess. We could give it a chance.” 

“ Oh, I know, it goes on, it gets old “

You and Michael talked about what you wanted in life, you couldn’t really feel any spark between you. He just wanted different things, you both had so much in common. But he wanted to settle down, you just wasn’t ready for that. Not right now. He knew that. He smiled as you talked about your dream to travel. 

“I’m happy with what we have right now. And, I wouldn’t want to ruin that.” 

Michael listened to your words, at first he seemed a little down about it. But as he looked up to your eyes again. He nodded. “I, er. I agree. We’re friends. Tonight, has been special to me. Not only did I get to spend it with a pretty girl like you. I got to learn just a little more about you. We gave it a chance. That’s all we could ever do.” Smiling, you leaned in to hug him. Wrapping his arms around you, he embraced your hug. 

Friends. You and Michael are just friends. Perhaps one day you’ll both want the same things, but for now you’re both young. There’s still plenty of time for settling down. You had a lovely time with him, tonight. He proved that there was more to him that you first thought. You loved his company. He loved yours. 

“ Your heart isn’t breaking,
And mine isn’t making a sound.”

So, you and Michael both decided. You would stay friends. There was no heartbreak. No pain. No big disaster or fall out. It was a decision you both made together. One you were both happy with. 

Hugging him goodbye, he teased you about your choice in favourite snacks. 

“Whatever, Clifford. Maybe next time you can pick” Giggling as you walked away, he called out to you.

“Can’t wait.”


Soooo, here is the requested 5sos preference!
Fun fact: I actually hadn’t heard the song until just an hour ago. I spent a while listening to it, taking in the lyrics. 
I really, really hope the lovely anon who requested this likes it as much as I do. 

You was right about it being cute! 

And, of course I hope the rest of you beautiful people like it too. Feel free to message me at any time! 😊 Have a lovely, beautiful, relaxing, peaceful day. ❤️


On the way to Mostar from Sarajevo. It was freezing outside, white all over the field, snowing like hell. We were on the road with a car. From far, we saw a man next to the road, with some weird jars. So we stopped for curiousity. He was selling kind of juice and honey. Guy was so nice even though it was so cold outside and he looked totally frozen. Frankly I wanted to buy all of his jars, but we didn’t have so much bosnian money on us, so at the end I bought 1 bottle of juice and 2 jars of honey. Still eating the honey, it’s amazing and it was so cheap. Bosnian people are just lovely. 

*Taken and written in february 2015, still eating the honey, still amazing. And I’m not %100 sure, but 2 weeks ago when I was in Bosnia again, I think I saw him near road! I couldn’t stop because it was too late.

Helsa Week Day 4 (July 2) Family

Victorian!Helsa (inspired by Peter Pan)

“Mr Westerguard!” Elsa Westerguard called for her husband.
“Yes, dear?” Hans replied, setting down his newspaper and standing up.
“There’s a child at our front door,” she stated.
Hans raised an eyebrow and looked out the front door. “Indeed. Do you need anything?”
The little boy scratched his head. He had tussled, curly brown hair and wide brown eyes. His expression was in a delicate pout and Elsa tried not to squeal at the sheer adorableness of him.
“I just want some food, for me and my sisters,” he said tentatively.
“Of course, darling!” Elsa smiled.
“Why don’t you and your sisters come inside and eat dinner with us,” Hans offered. “If that’s all right with Mrs Westerguard.”
Elsa nodded happily. “What’s your name?”
“Alexei,” the boy grinned, showing off his baby teeth. “I’ll go get my sisters!”
“Go tell the cook to prepare a larger meal,” Elsa nudged her husband lovingly.
Hans pecked her cheek. “As you wish, Mrs Westerguard.”
Soon Alexei returned with his sisters in tow.
“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven little girls!” Hans nervously adjusted his eyeglasses.
“This is Greta, Adelheid, Helga, Amalie, Henrietta, Odette, and Corinne,” introduced Alexei.
Elsa’s eyes widened in delight. “Do you think we could keep them, Mr Westerguard?”
Hans took another look at the homeless little children. He tilted his head, making strange, thoughtful expressions that made the youngest of them, Corinne, giggle.
At last he said, “that depends on what the children have to say about it.”
Elsa and Hans cheered along with the children, all grouping together for one big hug.
“Oi,” the cook clanged a wooden soon against a pan. “Dinner’s ready.”
The happy company gathered around the table for their first feast as a family.
While the cook set the food on the table, he noticed Corinne staring and giggling at him.
“What’s so funny?”
“Your nose looks like a carrot,” the three year old laughed.

A/N: I had fun writing Helsa as an improper British couple. (And Olaf as a grumpy cook)

So something scary fucking happened to me!

So I was leaving my class & former classmate was waiting for me because he wanted me to help with a portraiture assignment he had & I said yes. After we were done I was walking the opposite direction than him & he’s just says it’s this way! So I tell him my bus is that way. He just said I’m giving you a ride! I told him no I’m taking the bus & he just grabbed my wrist & I was just trying to pull away but he wouldn’t let go. He kept saying I’m giving you a ride & he started pulling me the other way & I just kept telling him calmly no it’s okay I’m taking the bus. Finally he let go but he started walking with me & now he wanted me to go eat with him. I told him I had to get hone to take an online test for my class he’s just like there’s internet here so I said yea but my book is at home.He kept walking me & asked me what bus I was getting & I told him I was actually getting the train & he kind ogre got mad & he’s just like you said you were taking the bus! That’s not the bus! & I had to explain to him that I take the train to get to my bus. After that he was just making sort of like growling noises because he was mad & wanted to drive me home still. We started walking down the stairs to the subway & he asked me if the class I was taking was easy & I said yes. When I told him that he grabbed my wrist & started trying to pull me up the stairs & said you see you can hang out with me & I just said No & pulled away. At a certain point he couldn’t go on because he didn’t have a tap card. He asked me to hang out with him next week or some other time & I just said sure so he can leave me alone. He still wouldn’t leave me alone he just kept saying Give me a date! & I said idk I’m always with my friends idk when I’ll have time.
Anyway I know it’s really long but I just had to tell someone because I’m really creeped out & I almost had an anxiety attack

pls love kim seokjin. he’s adorable and honestly works so hard to take care of all the members. he cooks a lot because he enjoys it. he films videos of himself eating because he doesn’t want fans to worry about his/bangtan’s health. this poor guy has been called a pig, useless, and otherwise implied that he doesn’t play an important role in bts, but i think he’s like the glue that holds them together. plus he works so hard just to keep up with the others, and works even harder to try to improve. please love him.

pls love min yoongi. he’s so passionate about music; it’s his life. he has even said that he wouldn’t know what to do with his life if not for music because it’s the only thing he’s good at. people say he’s lazy and cold but that’s not true at all. you can tell he loves all his members and his fans. he’s really a compassionate person. he’s just introverted and it’s hard for him to express himself. please love him.

pls love jung hoseok. he’s just so passionate about dancing. he’s had to work extra hard to improve in rapping because he was the only one that started out as a dance major. he’s energetic and keeps the mood up, but when the moment comes to be serious he will be. people have said that he’s rude and/or over-the-top, and tbh depending on the situation there’s no excuse for that. but please know that he’s a good person. please love him.

pls love kim namjoon. not only is he dedicated to music and work, he’s also really smart. he taught himself english and he’s fluent. he’s pretty quiet but he’s actually a really weird kid. not to mention that despite his reputation as god of destruction, he’s really responsible–i mean, he’s the leader. sure, he’s done and/or said problematic things. but don’t let that deter you from who he is as a person. he’s really kindhearted. please love him.

pls love park jimin. he’s the sweetest person you could ever imagine. he’s patient, kind, openhearted, understanding, and willing to listen. i don’t think he would ever make fun of people. ever. plus, he can sing and dance. really well. i don’t even know how or why people would dislike him. please love him.

pls love kim taehyung. he’s genuinely kindhearted. he has odd tendencies and outbursts but that’s just because he’s a really open person. he gives everything when he gets to know people and that’s why he’s pretty sensitive. also, his voice. please love him.

pls love jeon jungkook. he can sing, dance, rap, you name it. he’s not called the golden maknae for nothing. he’s also actually pretty shy. it may not seem like it because he sasses the members all the time, but he’s pretty quiet and reserved. lately we’‘ve seen him start to open up and that’s good. people say that bts is too jungkook-centric, or complain about his sudden “change in personality” but 1) think about the stress that he’s put under because he has all these roles and responsibilities and 2) there has been no change in personality. he’s always been weird. he’s just showing it more. please love him.

tl;dr - all the members of bts are precious and please love them

The signs as things my sister has yelled at my dog
  • Sagittarius:sometimes you're cute, but sometimes I just want to rIP YOUR HEAD OFF.
  • Pisces:aww yes come near me, come near me if yOU WANT TO DIE.
  • *This was inspired by things I've yelled at my cat KITTEN EDITION*