i just want to eat him

Anyone want a cat?

I don’t know what the fuck is up with my one cat but he takes it upon himself to shit in random locations. I saw him come out of the closet where the kitty litter is and run across the room. Didn’t think anything of it.

J comes walking towards me with something in his hand and he’s about to put it in his mouth. I ran over there just as he was about to eat it, see its cat shit, and screamed at him to stop. Washed his hands a couple times, sanitized them a couple times, washed his face and wiped out his mouth just in case. Omg I thought I was gunna vomit. Then I go into his room and the fucking cat shit in his crib.

I always said when I had kids I would never get rid of my animals because they’re my babies too but I’m this fucking close to just opening the door and letting whatever happens happen 😡

Reasons this dollar store merch is my fave:
-NATASHAAAAAAA IS THERE, thank goodness, I am so sick of seeing Avengers stuff without her.
-AND SAM! Can you imagine meeting Sam and not wanting him around all the time? Me neither. Get that man on the payroll.
-I like that Clint is the first line of defense in this battle. Hulk is nigh invincible, but he’s letting Hawkeye go first. You can handle this, little bow and arrow buddy! We’re all riiiiiiight behind you!
-Cap and Thor, THROWING THINGS. Hey look, there’s evil, let’s throw stuff at it. Boom. Projectile teamwork.
-the creeping sense that I, the person looking at this bag, am the villain of the piece. I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling metahumans and your trillion-dollar R&D budget.


Bree was working on the dinner she promised Tommy and was actually nervous. She never was like this before, but this was her first time cooking for a man who she was actually seeing. He told her what he liked to eat and she was making it with a few things that she liked as well. She wanted it to be perfect for some reason. She wanted to please him in a way.

She had just opened up the oven to see if the pasta was baking when she heard her door. Bree blushed furiously looking down at her attire. “Sorry I look like a mess,” she was wearing a tanktop with sweats, “You came earlier than you said you’d be coming. Not that I’m complaining of course,” she said walking over to him and kissing his cheek.


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also, eating offering anon again: i know marvel loki=/=loki, but is it ok if i use merchandise with the marvel character on it to honor/represent him? that way if my parents ask anything i can just say i like the character.

That is totally fine. I’ve seen a fair number of people mention using pop cultural figures and artwork to represent a number of gods, and the gods don’t seem to have problems with it. Some do it because they want a “stealth” altar, like yourself, and some because they can’t figure other sculptures/artwork that they like well enough to represent the god. I’ve also heard of people using pop culture figurines that aren’t the most obvious representation, because something about the character worked well for that person and their understanding of the deity (for instance, there’s some My Little Pony character that I believe some people have Loki associations with).

If you are worried about what Loki thinks, I encourage you to do some divination about it, but I do know there are other Lokeans who have used Marvel imagery to represent the Norse god, as well as Lokeans who have seen Loki appear to them using the Marvel character’s face.

Deities do not have fixed forms. Altars seem to have two main purposes: to give us a place of focus and a reminder of the gods/place to make offerings, and to give the gods a place within our own homes. (It is not mandatory to only make offerings at the altar, though; offerings can be made elsewhere.) People often have strange-looking associations with various gods, so “traditional,” myth-oriented imagery is not always appropriate. So whatever works for you to provide that reminder, and serves as a sign to the god that “You are welcome here” is okay.


zlukaka replied to your post: “Why would zombies want to eat other zombies? I mean, which would you…”:

I like the concept of zombies attracted to warmth. Stuffing their hands and faces into human guts. They would probably be just idly sun tanning during the day, but at night they would look for a particular temperature source like mosquitoes!

Yeah! Duane chews on a boiled wet rag when his cravings get too intense. Don’t tell him I told you.

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Imagine being pregnanta and you'd be so terrified. Not just from the birth, but also the fact that you would be raising a human. Harry would be so comforting, and would sing to your belly. Caressing it and telling you sweet nothings and kissing you

Harry would wake up with you, at 3am, because you have massive cravings for unusual things. You just in his t shirt, him in his calvins. You’d just eat, stuffing your face and he’d stare at you, thinking how lucky he is.

OMG. I don’t even want to be pregnant ever, but this just… made me want to. Of course, if it’s with H. Cos he would be having sympathy pains, run out at 4am to get you ice cream to find you home, asleep, cravings over - and enjoy some to himself as he pulls your head up gently to place back in his lap, watching you sleep.

He would be the best before, during, and after the baby.

(also, I’m enjoying this whole theme of picturing him in his calvins - let’s continue with that)

Hurts. me.

She’s Gone - Part 4

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Request// Oooh a part 4, how about his mom comes home and Scott insists she stays at his place which means Liam stays there too and is practically attached to her and the pack is super protective of her and when she moves they question what she’s doing and at first she finds it really sweet how they take care of her and then later she finds it a little restricting and accidentally shouts at Liam upsetting him and he shuts her out and later she apologises & it ends in hugs and cute forehead kisses for him.

When I was told I could go home I was relieved. I spend to much time in the hospital. I was sat on the hospital bed, with Liam sat by my side. He still never left my side. He didn’t want to leave me alone in case something happened to me. It was hard to just get him to go to the cafeteria to get something to eat, so telling him to go home was out of the question.

Liam was snuggled up next to me on the bed watching a film on my laptop until Scott and Stiles barged in making a whole lot of noise. I just gave them the death glare.

“Sorry,” They said in unison. Liam got off the bed and helped me sit up. 

“Right Y/N I insist that you stay at my house until you make a full recovery, and so I can keep an eye on you,” Scott told me. Which brought a wide smile to my face, as he was so caring.

“Scott, Can I stay too?” Liam asked

“Yeah sure,” Scott told him. Liam and Scott helped me to the Jeep and they helped me get in the back. Liam made sure I was comfortable then we set off to Scott’s house.

“Are you in any pain mom?” Liam asked me.

“No, just like a dull ache. I will be fine. But thank you baby” I told him but the whole journey home Liam never let go of my hand. 

When we arrived at Scott’s house all 3 of the boys helped me into the house and got me to the sofa. I loved that they were so caring, that they wanted to look after me. It was the usual job for Scott and Stiles. Whenever I come out of the hospital they look after me, keep checking up on me. But on the other hand, all this was new to Liam. He was so scared and nervous. He never wanted to leave my side. 

Scott and Stiles came back with pillows and blankets for me so I could rest on the sofa.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’m not making you sleep here. You are staying in the guest bedroom so you don’t have to go upstairs” Scott informed me. Placing the pillows behind me and the blanket over me and Liam. 

“I think we should just watch movies all day” Stiles suggested, and we all agreed to.

After around 10 minutes of telling no to Star wars, we finally said yes to “I Am Number Four” Which was one of my favourite films. Liam snuggled up to me and kept making sure that I wasn’t in any pain. 

But halfway through the film, I really needed the toilet. Liam was still snuggled up to me, I nudged him a bit, but he shot up.

“Are you okay? Are you in pain, I can take it away, I will do anything you want. Are you hungry? Do you need a drink? Just tell me I will get it!” Liam insisted while Scott and Stiles sat up making sure I was okay.

“Sweetheart just calm down. I’m okay I just need the toilet” I told him, as I went to get up all the boys came and helped me and helped me get to the bathroom.

“I am going to by myself boys. I will be okay” I do find it really sweet how they are taking care of me and making me comfortable. It is so sweet. As I came out of the bathroom, all three boys grabbed hold of me and helped me back to the sofa, Scott tucked me in and like usual Liam snuggled into me. As Stiles went into the kitchen. Then after around 15 minutes he came back in with a bowl of soup.

“You must be hungry Y/N,” Stiles said coming towards me.I sat myself up, with the help of Liam. And held out my hands to grab the bowl off Stiles

“Thank You” But instead of handing me the bowl he sat on the floor and got a spoonful of the soup and started aiming it to my mouth.

“Stiles you are not feeding me. My arms still work. But thank you” I laughed

“Are you sure. I will feed you I don’t mind” Stiles asked

“I’m sure but thank you, Stiles,” I told him as he handed me the bowl and I fed myself. When I finished Scott took the bowl out and tucked me back in again. This went on all day. At the start, I found it really sweet, but it was starting to get a little bit annoying. I couldn’t do anything for myself. I understand they were worried about me, but seriously they were going over the top. I needed a drink and I was going to get it myself. I nudged Liam and yet again he shot up. Asking me a million questions.

“Liam, I’m just going to get a drink,” I told him getting up.

“No…no…no it’s okay sit back down I will get it you,” He told me. 

“Liam it’s fine I can get it,” I told him.

“No you need to rest mom,” He told me but then I snapped

“For crying out loud Liam. I can get a drink myself!“ I shouted at him. I regretted almost instantly. He was trying to help. He looks so hurt. He didn’t say anything he just ran off upstairs, with tears rolling down his face. I didn’t mean to shout at him. It just felt like I couldn’t do anything. I felt so bad, I had to apologise to him. 

I started the walk up the stairs. Neither Scott or Stiles stopped me. Even though it was painful I had to do it. I hurt Liam so much. When I got to the top of the stairs I felt so proud of myself. Until I heard Liam crying. I walked over to the room he was in and he was lay on the bed crying. He faced away from the door so I couldn’t see his face. I sat on the bed next to him.

"Liam baby. I’m so sorry” I told him feeling broken. But he just shut me out. He never said a word to me.

“Sweetie listen. I never meant to snap at you. I just got annoyed that I couldn’t do anything for myself. You know what I am like. I don’t like people running around after me. To be honest I felt worthless. I needed to do something. I shouted of took it out on you. I know you were scared. I know what happened to me was terrifying for you. Seeing me like that. Thinking I was dead. Think that I left you. I’m so sorry Liam. Liam, you like my son. I love you so much and I would never leave you or mean to hurt you” I let a few tears escape from my eyes. I placed on of my hands on his back rubbing it up and down. He turned around and his eyes were red and puffy from all the crying. He got up and crawled over to me and I pulled him into a tight hug.

“I’m sorry baby,” I told him 

“I just wanted to help you,” Liam told me

“I know, and I’m so grateful for all the help you gave me. I shouldn’t have snapped at you” I told him hugging him tighter and placing a kiss on his head

“It’s okay, I was just so worried about losing you. I have never had someone like you before. You like a mom to me and when I found you I thought you were dead. I thought I lost you forever” Liam cried into my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around him tighter and he wrapped his arms around my neck. We sat there for around 10 minutes in silent. I ran my fingers through his hair as I rocked him. Then I looked down at him.

“I’m never going to leave you, baby”

Some of the food made and blogged about by Kim Seokjin

Please take a look at this spread of food goodness, and then go VOTE FOR JIN to be Cooking King!!

Bread (sort of) “No. If I apply jam, it could still be tasty.”

Smoked Ugly Duckling with Seasoned Chives “Doing this and that, it’s plausible for you to make marinated chives”

STEAK  “ I’m taking a proof shot with a steak I made for the first time and… I wonder who’s going to get married to the steak, and wouldn’t the person to be married to it be so happy? Yes, I think so, they’re going to be really happy.”

Carbonara “Firstly the amount of noodles is heaps..!”

Firm Pumpkin Broccoli Mushroom BeefIndeed today as well, I eat the things I feel like eating.

Bangtan-mu Rice “ Don’t worry even though it looks like this it’ll taste good”

Bangtan Pork “ Well anyways after doing this and that we all ate well”

Rice Cake Soup “This year we’re poor so no meat”

Chicken Titties Fallen and Drowning in Chili Paste-jin (CTFDCP-jin) - “2 hours prior to beginning of practice No one has eaten a meal yet so this is CTFDCP-jin that I’m making now”

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Don't you think Jimin lost some weight? :/ his thighs look a lot skinnier and it worries me..

Yeah i noticed this .. it kind of started in May :”((((( but he said to us not to worry and i just :”)))

i want my sunshine to be happy, to eat sleep and just rest enough i also want to wrap him in a blanket and tell him how precious he is 

- Jia

As much as I love angsty and sad headcanons for Jason that involve him smoking and drinking, how about more interesting headcanons such as:

  • Jason constantly spending any money he has left on Neapolitan ice cream. He gets at least 4 pints of it and both Roy and Kori are constantly angry at him because he eats all of it AND makes himself sick.
  • Jason taking online classes for college. He ends up becoming an English major with a minor in journalism. He likes Shakespeare. Not even ironically, he adores Shakespeare. He can quote any book off the top of his head. While he’s not a Romeo And Juliet fan, he’s a huge fan of The Tempest, Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing. 

  • As a follow up to that, when Riddler decides to do a Shakespeare themed Riddle, Jason solves it within the first 10 minutes. Bruce isn’t exactly shocked he always knew Jason was a smart kid, but really? 10 minutes?

  • Whenever Jason is at his absolute lowest point and can’t sleep, he always pulls out one of the many books he has tucked away and reads them until dawn. His favorite book will always and forever be Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. 

  • Even though Jason never really celebrates his birthday, the second Kori and Roy attempt to make a cake for him he jumps up to help them make a Tres Leches Cake. Surprise! He’s actually a phenomenal baker. That’s the moment Roy Harper and Koriand’r fell in love.

  • Damian and Jason aren’t super close close. He’s not close with Steph either. However, Jason wakes up to both Damian and Steph punching the shit out of him on the day of his birthday in order to celebrate. He was too delirious to fight back and ended up hitting Damian with his lamp. They spent the better half of the morning in the hospital with Bruce scolding them. All in all, it’s the best wake-up call Jason has had in a very long time. It made him feel like he was part of the family again.

Fred Armisen met Prince when he played on the show (SNL). Earlier in the evening, when Armisen had asked Prince if he was okay with the impression, Prince had rubbed his arm and said, “It’s cool.” Then later that night, Prince held a private after-party.

“It was really not fancy,” said Armisen. “Just a buffet and a D.J. He was sitting alone at a table and eating macaroni and cheese, and I went up to him and sort of was like, “I think you’re the greatest.” And I did it in the way that people say things when they want to hear a compliment back. And he turns to me and goes, “You know what else is the greatest? This macaroni and cheese.”

- Fred Armisen, Vulture (2011)


when jimin does v app live alone, you get:

  • a shy cutie who doesn’t know what to do at first
  • and decides to fill the slight awkwardness with ramen making
  • determined jimin wanting to prove that he’s eating plenty (bless his heart we all needed this)
  • and then he’s eating
  • professor chimz deciding to do mandakko by himself
  • only to get all confused with how to properly explain the phrase he’s trying to teach
  • and then he gets all flustered and embarrassed when the words just won’t come out right which is the most precious thing ever
  • but he’s impressed that he’s actually gotten his point across to army
  • and praises army for being smart for understanding omg he’s so cute
  • bb jimjams reassuring us again and again that he’s eating enough
  • and that we really really don’t have to worry (I felt personally called out bc I freakin worry bout this nugget enough to lose hair ok)
  • playful park jims scolding the younger army’s for not sleeping (how can that adorable scolding face be taken seriously like you are just a puppy pls)
  • and feigning so much hunger and fatigue so that we’ll go sleep so he can go eat
  • basically you get the most precious being on earth taking the time out of his own free time to talk with us, reassure us of his well-being, make us smile and giggle at his shy, adorable antics, and prove yet again that we do not deserve this golden hearted ray of sunshine.

anonymous asked: andreil and the cats? 

im sorry i dont know how add tags to asks when you post them (does this make sense pls someone help me)

  • it is my religion that neil and andrew fight over the cats a lot
  • not in the “i want to hold him” “fuck off, i’m holding him right now” kinda fight im talking the “neil, cats are only meant to eat two times a day (is this right I DONT KNOW i dont have cats), he’s not like your fatass. stop giving him treats. neil i said stop-”
  • neil never stops giving the cats treats. the cats are fat. neil is the worst. omg he also sneaks them people food bc he feels bad bc.. he might’ve.. tried some of the catfood once.. and it was shit (only him and sir know)
  • andrew has never been rough with the cats physically but it isn’t past him to snap at them to “get the fuck out of my way” or “get the fuck off of that” or even “stop fucking purring it’s annoying”
  • “andrew, stop, theyre just cats they don’t know any better, just leave him alone.” or “don’t be mean to him, he just wants you to pet him”
  • cue andrew looking into the camera like its the office bc he’s in love with a emotionally and physically damaged man child who comes to the defense of their obese cats (who are doing things that him and neil both agreed they weren’t supposed to do like be on the counter or go in their closet)
  • here i go i got carried away again smh

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